12.31.18 Reflections on God’s Blessings 2018

Monday, December 31,2018 – This year’s Reflections on God’s Blessings is a bit different. We did not travel any in 2018 so there is nothing to share in that aspect of our lives. My brain no longer has the ability to do all the things I use to in creating this post. Regardless of that I hope to cover all I can since we’ve had some fun, interesting and a couple of life changing events in 2018.  This year this summary is mostly just a way to help me remember the past year but you are welcome to check it out!.

In January of 2018 we had six inches of snow at our home in Amite, Louisiana.

In February 2018 we discovered that the plumbing pipe from the house to the septic tank was not the quality we asked for when the house was being built.  That has caused problems for our renters in the past so Roy dug up all of the old not good quality pipe and put down some high quality pipe. This photo shows both pipes.

We planted several vegetable plants along the fence line. Pretty much none of them did anything.  We learned a lot of lessons and decided to plant a real garden later in the year  

We went to Hammond’s Mardi Gras parade.  It was beautiful and lots of fun!

Chip and I chaperoned Madisyn’s school field trip to Liuzza Farm and enjoyed picking strawberries.

In March 2018 Madisyn had her 9th birthday party and Kallie had her 17th birthday party!

Chip’s family attended the Metairie Saint Patrick’s Day parade with us. Madisyn was loaded down with all the loot she caught!

This is all the food we caught! Yes you catch food in our St. Patrick’s day parade. Carrots, cabbage, lemons, potatoes, bananas, onions and garlic!

I made homemade Easter candies for our grandchildren. I didn’t make the Peeps but everything else I made!

In April 2018 I found a new style of rock painting and really love doing these!

Roy’s cataract surgery done last year did not turn out right and his vision is worse.  We got second opinions from two different doctors to determine what is wrong,  It was determined that Roy needs to get a good pair of glasses to see if that will correct what is off.  The original doctor gave us the additional money we paid to have a multi focal lens put in.  Roy would not go get glasses but after the first of the year I think he just might!!

Roy, Madisyn, Misty and myself went to see Kaylon Willoughby in Ponchatoula High School’s production of Steel Magnolias.

We went to our youngest grandchild’s house for her birthday and loved playing with the little ones.

Madisyn and her best bud Olivia came to visit for a couple of days.

The beginnings of my rock village.  Lots more were added to it after this!

In May 2018 we enjoyed going to our church’s Family Day picnic!

Roy and I worked many days and weeks putting together this Dora Instruction Manual to help our renters when they are on the road. 

We went to our oldest son’s two oldest daughters dance recital.

We also went to our only grandson’s baseball game and end of season event.

A big life changing decision was made in May 2018. The last year of travel was 2017.  It got very difficult for me to make the plans of what to see and where to stay. I had several meltdowns because of that and around April and May we decided we weren’t going to travel any longer.  We also decided we wanted to move into the house we were renting.

The Fleur de Lis in our floor inside the front door.

All the furniture in our motor home is built in so we basically had no furniture and very little else to move into the house when we moved out of the motor home. Chip and Misty let us use some of their used furniture until we could slowly purchase new and used furniture, etc. throughout the year.


In June 2018 I started painting a medium size rock for each of our renters to help them remember their adventure with Dora.  They all loved them!

I love spreading God’s word and His love through my painted rocks.  I’ve started taking medium sized ones and writing a scripture on them and hiding them!

Roy and I became Louisiana citizens again and got our Louisiana Drivers License here.  Dora and Boots also became Louisiana residents and got new Louisiana license plates. We were able to register to vote in Louisiana while we were here! South Dakota was good to us but Louisiana is home!

Our church had it’s first Senior Adults luncheon which we attended.  It was wonderful and there was a lot of us!We learned that many people rent out their RVs.  We had never heard of that. After moving everything out of Dora we outfitted her with lots of goodies to make it easier for those who we hoped might rent her!

Our first rental booking happened almost immediately.  Unfortunately it resulted in Dora being involved in an accident. What a great way to start out  This is part of the big scratch that went down the passenger side, along with the awning being torn off.

From June to December 2018 we had a total of 10 rentals from the longest of 16 days to the shortest of 3 days.  A few LSU and racing tailgating rentals. One rental went all the way up the east coast to Maine and back to Louisiana by way of Texas.  Another went to the northwest and back.  A few to the central part of our beautiful country.

Dora made four trips to Dixie RV between rentals to have the accident damage repaired.

During that same time period we made our first attempt in years at growing a garden. Roy dug all of the grass up where the garden would go in the back yard and where we would transplant our 8 blueberry bushes to next to the house.  He replanted the grass in an area that didn’t have much grass.  This along was a huge project.

I started all of the vegetables from seed a couple of weeks before the garden was ready.  The only vegetable bought as a plant was our Big Boy tomatoes.

Roy then created the frame for my vegetable garden. We added mulch, fertilizer and moss and tilled all that into the soil. We grew radishes, tomatoes, cucumbers, green onions, okra, bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower and brussell sprouts,

We had freezing weather early in the year so a lot of the garden’s crops were picked early.  Good thing because the cucumbers, tomatoes and okra were pitiful looking after the freeze.The photo below was the cucumber vines a week before the freeze.

This is the cucumber vine after the freeze.

The vegetables we picked early included a lot of cucumbers which I pickled.  Yes I pickled something! They are really tasty!

In July of 2018  The work to repair Dora’s damage to the exterior wall  from the first rental’s accident was completed!I had partial knee replacement surgery done by Dr. Peter Blessey.  The surgery went great and the recovery was smooth.

In August 2018 the specific drone that Roy wanted to buy, DJI Mavic Pro 2, finally was available to purchase.  Roy ordered his right away and here it is below.    

Zelda, the drone flying in the sky.

Roy can take photos and videos from Zelda and he watches what she sees when she travels from this iPad

We planted two grape vines that crawled up and over this lattice arbor.  Didn’t make grapes this year but we’re hopeful for next year!

One of our favorite things to do since we moved into the house was watching the hummingbirds play while we drank our morning coffee on the front porch.

In September of 2018 both our son’s families took me out for my birthday.  We ate at our always favorite La Caretta with our oldest son’s family. With Chip’s family we ate at a new restaurant in Amite, Boot Hill. Both meals were amazing!

We were invited to Madisyn’s new school’s family dance.

In October 2018 we attended the Hammond Northshore Regional Airshow

The ladies at our church, plus my daughter in law Misty, got together to paint crosses and angels on canvas.  Lots of fun!

In November 2018 my son Chip bought me 63 pounds of river rocks for painting.  I got to pick out all of the rocks myself.

We had Thanksgiving with our sons and their family at our house. So much to be thankful for this year!

In December 2018

Christmas dinner with our sons and their family was at Chip and Misty’s home. What a blessing it is to be able to be with all of our immediate family at Christmas time!

Madisyn came home with us and spent a couple of days.  We made homemade apple pie and something new called Christmas crack!

These were some of my Christmas rocks with Santa on the front and on the back a message about Jesus Christ.

The accident on the first rental followed by many mechanical problems everything seemed to snowball.  Because of that, the stress of negotiating, explaining and general communicating with potential renters (at least 50 potential renters) before, during and after the rental, the huge amounts of money we had to put out to fix things while the renters were on the road, all the deep cleaning of Dora after every rental, Roy constantly fixing things on Dora, washing sheets, towels became too much.  We made the decision to stop renting before we got more in debt fixing things.  Our last rental was in mid December to a great group from state of Washington who flew here to travel along the coast.


We are spending New Years Eve at home snuggled up watching a movie.  Can’t think of a better way to ring in the new year.  We’ll be asleep before midnight and will sleep as late as we want on the first day of the new year.  We can do that as retired old folks and we love it!!

Links to our Reflections on God’s Blessings for 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, and 2012 are below.







Happy New Year everyone from Roy and Rosalyn Chauvin!
We are looking forward to all that God has in store for us in 2018!

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12.31.17 Reflections on God’s Blessings in 2017

December 31, 2017 – Roy and I just completed our fifth year of living on the road and at home in Amite, Louisiana.  As in past years, we saw many of the beautiful sights God blessed America and us with.  We traveled 5,172 miles through many of the central and western states, traveled Route 66 from Williams, Arizona to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, then headed home to Amite, Louisiana! Here is a map of the path we traveled this year, 2017.

Each year putting this particular blog post together is a big undertaking. However, each year this blog post reminds me of the wonderful adventures Roy and I were blessed to experience during the year. As always we are excited to share it all with you.

I had a difficult time this year putting this together.  Places we stopped at and things we saw are not really in exact order.  Even a couple of blog post topics I just knew I wrote about, I learned I didn’t.

Here it is! Our 2017 in one place!

Each month of the year below is a link to Dora and the Explorers posts for that month. If anything below makes you want to find out more, please click on that month’s link to take you there! It will open in a new window so you can always come back to this page.


The most important thing that happened to the United States in 2017 was the Inauguration of President Donald J. Trump!

Roy got more involved in remote airplane flying and built a box in the truck bed to keep his new remote control plane in.


We had a leak in the top of the passenger side slide out in our motor home. Roy worked diligently to fix it and this is me giving a little help!


Roy continued his construction management job in Baton Rouge.

Roy developed pneumonia which really took a toll on him.  After several rounds of antibiotics and lots of rest plus lots of prayers he got well and was able to get back to living his life!


Chip’s wife Misty, his daughters Kallie and Madisyn and myself drove to Vacherie, Louisiana to visit Oak Alley Plantation on the banks of the Mississippi River. We enjoyed lunch there, toured the plantation grounds and the plantation itself.  We had such a great time of fellowship that day!

We celebrated the love of God and His love through our lives on Red Sunday at our church, Trinity Baptist Church. Roy and I are on the fifth row from the front.


The Chauvins from Amite went with the Chauvins from Ponchatoula to uptown New Orleans to ride a streetcar and see a Mardi Gras parade.  The streetcar ride going and coming from the parade was very cool.  We saw many of the huge mansions along St. Charles Avenue. I haven’t ridden a streetcar since I was much younger.  After putting this blog post together I was reviewing it and realized I put several pictures for this one event.  Couldn’t decide which to cut out so here they all are!





20170218_150843We finished that day off  by visiting the church I grew up in, Roy and I were married in, and we all went to until we moved to Hammond,  Harbor Community Church (previously Lakeview Baptist Church.)


MARCH 2017

I created handmade birthday cards and handmade Easter candy for our family this year.

Dora was treated to a whole new set of shoes (tires) this month.

Roy dug a 150 foot trench to our storage building so that we can have lights, an outdoor spotlight aimed towards the pond, and an indoor electrical outlet.

We had our last Sunday with Bro. Bob and Mrs. Janice Adams at Trinity Baptist Church. Their genuine love for our church members has shown in everything they’ve done during the 18 months of dedication and service to our church.

Madisyn had her 8th birthday at the local bowling alley.

Kallie had her Sweet 16 boiled crawfish birthday party.

Three of the houses Roy was restoring were completed.  Here’s one of them

Roy’s one month follow up x-ray from when he had pneumonia came back clear!

Dr. Valdes added Toujeo (insulin injection) to my diabetes medicines.  At my visit with Dr. Noguchi (eye specialist) the scans of the back of my eyes show the macular hole that previously appeared to be growing was now getting better!

APRIL 2017

Roy completed replacing parts on the wonderful zero turn radius one of his house remodeling customers gave us.   We added a hammock to our little slice of paradise in Amite

Roy and I began getting our medicines in MedPaks from Thrift Town Pharmacy in Amite.

Chip and Misty got us a new mini motor bike to ride around the various RV parks we visit.

We picked blackberries down the road from us and in one picking almost filled an 8 quart pot with them.

It’s always a fun time when we get a visit from my sister Harriett, and brother in law George! We’re two sassy chicks!

Our sons and their families gathered at a nearby campsite for dinner and fun. Roy, Madisyn, Misty and I went to the Strawberry Festival in Ponchatoula.

Roy and I enjoyed a lot of delicious crawfish this month, mostly at B&J Seafood in Hammond.

MAY 2017

Me passing out, an ambulance ride to the hospital, a 5 day stay filled with several tests, and two units of blood resulted in finding out I have a bleeding ulcer.  Our original plans were for us to leave Louisiana a couple of days after I was hospitalized.  This postponed getting back on the road by several weeks.

Jeff Craddock, owner of Absolute Auto Glass replaced Dora’s two front windshields!

Roy put up a rustic fence for me! We plan to decorate it with metal art on the fence and in the garden.

We took some of the time we had to stay in town to attend church with our son Chip and his family at Soul’s Harbor Church in Hammond.

I developed a staph infection in my elbow which resulted in six doctor visits, having it drained many times and a lot of pain and strong medicine.

For Mother’s Day Chip’s family brought a huge box of boiled crawfish, potatoes and corn. Misty’s mama Vickie and Misty’s brother’s children Haylee and Connor (who live with Vickie) joined Chip, Misty, Madisyn, Kalie and us for our family Mother’s Day.

Roy added a Search feature to our Dora blog!

JUNE 2017

After over a year of searching for a new Pastor at our church Trinity Baptist, the search committee presented Bro. Avery Dixon to our church in June of this year.  He preached a Sunday morning sermon and we shared a delicious meal together. Afterwards there was a time for the congregation to ask them questions and the church voted to call him as our Pastor.  And he said yes!!!

This month was my introduction to and falling in love with painting and hiding rocks to bring happiness to others. Some of the first ones! This hobby became something I’ve done almost every day this year!

I became lightheaded earlier in the year and with everything else happening I didn’t address it until now.  I had another MRI, a Holter Monitor test and a carotid artery ultrasound. It turned out the lightheadedness was due to my dementia medicines so I had to get off of them.

My sister’s family came to visit one day and we had so much fun!

June 22nd we had the last visit to all three doctors and were given the okay to get back on the road!!!

Here we are getting ready to pull out and get back to our traveling!

We called this our Route 66 journey.  We started out heading north then west and then getting on Route 66 in Arizona going eastward to Oklahoma City, then we headed home.

First stop was Chicot County RV Park in Lake Village, Arkansas

On to Hot Springs National Park – Gulpha Gorge Campground

We visited Hot Springs Mountain Tower

https://rosalynandroy.files.wordpress.com/2017/06/mountain-tower.jpgRoy removed a broken slide motor and put in the new slide motor.

We went to Garvan Woodland Gardens, the 210 acre botanical garden of the University of Arkansas is nestled in the picturesque Ouachita Mountains of Southwest Arkansas.

We headed to Shirley, Arkansas. It is near Mountain View, Arkansas which we love!  We stayed at Golden Pond RV Park and visited several places while there.  First was the Chow Hall  BBQ which is right in the RV park!

Roy discovered a local remote control flying club called Lake Area Fun Flyers Squadron. They let him fly there and he enjoyed it a lot!

We discovered an amazing creek called Weaver’s Creek where we gathered a lot of rocks for painting!

Natural Bridge near Clinton, Arkansas was beautiful and very historic.

Once again we visited Mountain View, Arkansas strolled around downtown and enjoyed listing to the music played there all around town! We enjoyed eating again at Kin Folks BBQ and having ice cream across from the town square.

We went to Clinton where we found The Pottery Shop and picked out a cool piece of metal art for our garden back home!

We went to Cherokee Village, Arkansas to visit some life long friends and family, John and Barbara Tate.  We had a really nice time of visiting and catching up with them.

This was when we changed our travel plans from traveling Route 66 from east to west to doing the exact opposite later in the year when the weather will be cooler there.

Roy’s plane got stuck in a tree at the flying field.  After several unusual type attempts to get the plane out he finally got it out using a fishing pole and line.

Roy made friends with several guys at their local flying field, this one is Rick and to say he is a talented flyer does not do his flying abilities any justice.  We both enjoyed watching him fly.

We had to replace the hitch pin that holds our TOAD (the truck we tow behind the Motor Home) locked in place. We also had to replace the rear air conditioner blower motor.  We also had a flat tire so we purchased two brand new tires which makes all four tires new on Boots our Toad.

Next we went to Branson, Missouri where we stayed at Treasure Lake RV Resort for almost two weeks.  We’ve stayed there before and really enjoyed it both times.

We visited the College of the Ozarks in Hollister, Missouri where students work to pay for their tuition. While there we visited the Keeter Center which houses a lodge, dining room and fresh ice cream shop!

We also toured the Ralph Foster Museum at the College of the Ozarks.  We saw the original Beverly Hillbillies car, very cool. We kinda looked like hillbillies that day so we felt right at home!  We hid several painted rocks around the campus!

While in Branson we also went to see the show and eat at the Dixie Stampede.

We also went to the Sights and Sounds Theater to enjoy seeing the production of “Moses.”

We explored downtown Branson where we found Dick’s 5 and 10 which is a unique place with gifts you won’t find anywhere else, one-of-a-kind collections spanning generations, toys from yesteryear, items for the home, games, hobby supplies, sewing, an aisle of the quirky and fun and so much more.

We then discovered Peter Engler Designs. Roy found him a new buddy! He costs $22,000 and took 5 years to carve!

In Ozawkie, Kansas we stayed at Perry State Park for two nights. They are right on a huge lake which was simply beautiful.

We then stayed at Fossil Creek RV Park for three nights, one night in Sutton, Colorado and then two weeks in Monument, Colorado at Colorado Heights RV Park.

AUGUST  2017

We love Colorado Springs and were so happy to be back there!  A friend of mine from high school in New Orleans and her husband (Sue and Lou) were staying at the same RV park (Colorado Heights) as us so we got to visit with them and had a nice time catching up!

Focus on the Family welcomes visitors to the ministry’s Welcome Center in Colorado Springs.

We revisited Garden of the Gods’ to see that amazing and natural creation of the one and only God.

Ghost Town Museum was created in 1954 from a desire to preserve Colorado’s Wild West era for generations to come. This ghost “town” is an indoor collection of the very structures that were left to decay around the Pikes Peak region, all looking much as they would have 100 years ago.

The Colorado Springs Flea Market was the biggest, best organized flea market we’ve ever seen!

Pike’s Peak was a highlight of our last stay in Colorado.  This time there was very little snow, low clouds, and hail.  It was still a wonderful trip up the over 14,000-foot high mountain.

We also went back to Santa’s Village at the North Pole, the amusement park located on the way up and down from Pike’s Peak.

The Manitou Cliff Dwellings are comprised of Anasazi ruins that date back 800 to 1000 years.

Magic Town in Old Colorado City is a 3,000 square/foot, 1/6 scale miniature city. Simply amazing and fun!

Our friends, Sue and Lou, and Roy and I met up again in Pinedale, Wyoming where we again stayed at the same RV park.  We all went to the Pinedale Aquatic Center which we loved from our last visit.  It’s a pool, lazy river, super slide and hot tub!

Terry Bison RV Park in Cheyenne, Wyoming was a very cool one night park we loved!

We were blessed to be able to see the Rocky Mountains and Mount Rushmore in the same week. The first photo below is from a beautiful location we enjoyed going up the Rocky Mountain.

The next is a panoramic photo from the top of the Rocky Mountain road called Old Fall River Road.

We stayed in Three Flags RV Park in South Dakota. This is one of the views from our trip to Mount Rushmore.  We got up close and personal which was a surprise!

While there we went into Sturgis, South Dakota to see the city famous for their annual motorcycle rally. Roy brought our mini bike with us just so he could take this picture!

There is an awesome place called Wall Drug in Wall, South Dakota.  We spent hours going through the place which was nothing like what I expected.


Roy bought a cool windmill for me while we were in Wyoming for my birthday.  It will go in our garden when we get back home.

When we went from Wyoming to Utah  you could immediately tell you weren’t in Wyoming any longer. Wyoming has some mountains but mostly hills. Utah is one giant mountain after another and is so beautiful.

We took a trolley tour of Salt Lake City which included the Mormon Tabernacle. The trolley was a great way to see a lot while letting someone else do the driving!

We toured the Utah capitol building where Rosalyn addressed their congress!

From there we went on to Bryce Canyon National Park, in southern Utah.  It is known for crimson-colored hoodoos, which are spire-shaped rock formations.  We took the free (for Seniors) Bryce Canyon shuttle bus to see as much of this beautiful place that we could!

Here’s what we saw leaving Bryce Canyon, going through Red Canyon on our way back to Paradise View RV park in Panguitch, Utah.

Next we went towards the Grand Canyon and boondocked over night on the road between the North and the South Rims. There is no better place to boondock than this!

We only visited the South Rim this time.  Every inch of the Grand Canyon is amazing and took my breath away yet again!

This is when we started our real Route 66 journey!  Route 66 starts in California and goes all the way to Illinois. We drove the portion from Williams, Arizona to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

We stopped at the Jack Rabbit Trading Post on Highway 66.

Holbrook, Arizona where the Wigwam Motel was a motel chain in the United States built during the 1930s and 1940s.

We next spent seven nights at Hidden Valley Resort in Tijera, New Mexico. We drove through the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert in Arizona.

We saw many lava beds along the interstate.  That is what the black hole is in this photo.

Sandia Peak Tram in the Cibola National Forest affords an 11,000 square-mile panoramic view of the Rio Grande Valley and the Land of Enchantment.

We really enjoyed the Musical Road which is part of Route 66 where you ride along it at 45 miles per hour and hear “America the Beautiful”.

We enjoyed dinner that night at the Route 66 Diner in Albuquerque, NM

At Gabriel’s Restaurant in Sante Fe we enjoyed having guacamole fixed for us at our table!

We discovered our first Trader Joe’s in Santa Fe and loved it!

The Blue Hole in Santa Rosa. The Blue Hole is one of seven sister lakes connected underground by a vast system of water.

Route 66 Auto Museum also in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. Many old cars and Route 66 memorabilia.

The Route 66 Museum was closed but we did get a photo!

The Blue Swallow Motel brought me back to the times I’d go on vacation with my parents.


At Jack Sisemore’s Traveland we enjoyed seeing all of the really old and some famous RVs in the RV Museum. This is the Gornicke’s RV from the movie RV.

National Route 66 & Transportation Museum in Elk City, Oklahoma was one of the last Route 66 sites we saw before leaving Route 66 to head south!

Back we went to Golden Pond RV Park in Shirley, Arkansas.  Roy flew with the remote control group there, we both gathered a couple hundred rocks from the creek we like and we enjoyed BBQ from Chow Hall.  We even brought home some BBQ Ribs, Baked Beans and Potato Salad.. There was no water in the creek this time!

While in Shirley, Arkansas we also went to Clinton where I got a metal Cow for our garden!


When we got back home in Amite we visited with both our son’s families and were so happy to get back to our home church family.

Here’s some of our metal yard art in our rustic fence garden.


Roy found out the cataracts in both eyes are at the point they need to be taken out.  The first eye will be done in December.

Roy installed a system (he designed it) that will lock all the drawers when the motor home’s engine ignition is turned on. This solved a big problem we had while on the road traveling.

Had my first visit with a possible new neurologist, Dr. Patricia Morgan. I’ve seen her a few times since then and am not a fan.

Here’s the rocks we collected during our last stay in Arkansas.

Madisyn’s school had a Veterans Day service were Roy and other family members that were in the military were honored.  Roy is speaking and Madisyn is standing up in this photo.

Misty, Kallie, Madisyn and I helped our Misty’s church’s Thanksgiving Servolution putting together 1,200 meals.I’m the only person in pink.  They all have red SERVE tshirts.

We enjoyed a family Thanksgiving get together with Misty’s family first and then with our oldest son’s family at Chip’s house.

Misty, Roy and I went to Ponchatoula High School’s presentation of Annie to see Gracyn and Kaylon Willoughy! They and the play was awesome!

We had dinner with Chip’s family for Misty’s birthday at Mi Patio!


God gave us a very surprising and unusual winter snowfall.  We had six inches of snow which made everything here so beautiful.  This is down by our pond.

Roy and Chip pressure washed our rental house and it looks great!

Our neighbor Daniel gave us his paddle boat.  We’re waiting for some warm weather to take it out for a spin around the pond.

I had a three-day video ambulatory EEG/EKG to see if I was having seizures and the results show I am not!

Our granddaughter Madisyn sang in the 3rd-grade chorus at Ponchatoula’s Christmas Lighting. We were there and were so proud of her!  We had hot chocolate afterward at the Methodist church with Madisyn.

Roy’s first cataract surgery, on his right eye, was Tuesday the 12th.

Our oldest granddaughter Kallie made a profession of faith, giving her life to the Lord.  She was baptized at their church and we were blessed to be there! The absolute highlight of this year.

Christmas at Trinity was very special this year.  It always is! The Children’s Choir and the Adult choir put on beautiful musical presentations.

We were also treated to an evening of songs sung, instruments played, and a lot of Christmas music blessings.  Even Ms. Louise Traylor sang for us.  The hit of the night!

Christmas Eve 2017 was spent at our son Chip’s home with his family and our oldest son’s family.  The hugs and sweet voices of our six grandchildren were the very best part of my Christmas!  They are also the very best medicine Roy and I could have!

In case you’re curious, Yes I still am very happy that President Trump is leading this country.  More on that in a separate blog post!

Louisiana is experiencing below normal temperatures as this year closes.  The first of 2018 will see lows in the teens for several days!

Louisiana is also very excited about the amazing play of our New Orleans Saints.  It’s been exciting to watch them this year. At this time we know we’ll be in the playoffs but not if we’ll lead the division.  Either way I just know they’ll make it to the Super Bowl again and make the beginning of 2018 oh so exciting!

Our plans for the future are simple.  Not as much traveling.  We’ve seen everything we wanted to see, some of it twice.

divider can be used for easter also.

Links to our Reflections on God’s blessings for 2018, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, and 2012 are below.







Happy New Year everyone from Roy and Rosalyn Chauvin!
We are looking forward to all that God has in store for us in 2018!

12.31.16 Reflections on God’s Blessings in 2016

December 31, 2016 – Here we are again reflecting on God’s blessings. During our 2016 travels we explored all of the eastern states all the way to the top of our country in Maine, all around New York state and back down to Louisiana. Here’s a map showing where we traveled this year. Almost 6000 miles of travel through 20 states!!

2016-states-visitedEach year putting this particular blog post together is a big undertaking. However, each year this blog post reminds me of the wonderful adventures Roy and I were blessed to experience during the year. As always we are excited to share it all with you. Our 2016 in one place!

Each month of the year below is a link to our blog’s posts for that month. If anything below makes you want to find out more, please click on the link to take you there! It will open in a new window so you can always come back to this page.


Roy designed signs for Dora, our motorhome, and Boots our truck. We ordered them from Build A Sign and love them!

20151231_132735 dora-sign-on-rvOur son Chip and Misty were married giving us a new daughter in law and a teenage grand daughter!!


Roy and I traveled to Tennessee for Roy’s full knee replacement surgery. Quite successful! Plus we got to enjoy a little taste of Tennessee snow!



Nothing much happened except Roy had a kidney stone – don’t worry there will be no picture of that!

MARCH 2016

We were given over 1000 flower bulbs, mostly tulips. That involved digging 1000 holes and planting them! So well worth it when we got to see them starting to bloom


Along with the 1000 bulbs, we purchased and planted three satsuma trees, two fig trees and eight blueberry bushes. Chip’s family helped us with this and this is Kallie (new teenage grand daughter) digging away!

12806257_10207043993032577_4101209079089110733_nWe took our motor home Dora to Metairie, Louisiana (where Roy grew up) the night before the St. Patrick’s Parade and stayed there overnight. Sunday we were joined there by Roy’s family. We’ll be back for the 2017 St. Patrick’s Parade in Metairie. Hope more of the family can join us then!

12814496_907413912710041_968367528670057839_nThe Amite Oyster festival in our hometown of Amite is always fun. We enjoyed the most delicious funnel cake there! 20160320_144841Kallie’s 15th birthday was celebrated at Kirin Japanese Cuisine in Hammond. We enjoyed our first ever Hibachi meal!


Madisyn’s birthday was celebrated with everyone going to see Zootopia and then afterwards we enjoyed cake!


Roy installed a television in one of our storage bins so we can watch television outside!! It’s gotten a lot of use throughout the year!


We left home and headed to Mississippi where we enjoyed our time at TLC Wolf River in Pass Christian, Mississippi, some time on the beach and exploring the area. We discovered the All You Can Eat Dungeness crabs on the buffet at the Treasure Bay Casino. Wow oh wow!


Wilderness RV Park in Robertsdale, Alabama

Orange Beach, Florida where we played in the sand on the beach

20160406_163105Alabama and Florida border where we enjoyed dinner at Flora Bama Restaurant. We enjoyed eating our chicken tenders and fried shrimp on the second floor overlooking the beach!

20160406_171852Roy cooked his first large pot of gumbo and it was amazing! It’s good to pass this Chauvin tradition along to my hubby!

20160413_100801-mediumStrawberry Festival in Loxley, Alabama.

Dora’s dashboard air conditioner has been putting out only coolish/warmish air since we got back on the road. We took her to B&D Truck Repair and within a few hours we had her back blowing cold air!

APRIL 2016

Roy and I celebrated three years living on the road!!

Madisyn had her first softball game and Misty and Chip were great about sending us updates and photos throughout the game. About halfway through the game it hit me. We have no business being away from home while she’s playing ball. We loved so much the many years our sons played ball and have always hoped she would follow in her daddy’s footsteps and play ball. So after just having finalized our travel plans through the east and north east we cancelled those and headed back home to watch Madisyn play softball!

MAY 2016

We spent a lot of our time traveling from Amite to see Madisyn play ball in Ponchatoula. It was so much fun and I wouldn’t have had this time spent any other way!20160414_173607-largeAlmost as soon as we got home Roy dug holes for and buried several railroad ties for Dora to rest her legs (tires) on.

20160416_125232-medium 20160416_144932-mediumWe were able to get some family fishing time in with Chip’s family and some time having Madisyn visit us!

20160423_123529-medium20160523_1516191Madisyn was sick one week and Grannie had the opportunity to take care of her. We got creative!

13177240_10101962342187824_6631574096151514038_nRoy’s interest in flying remote control planes was renewed this year. He flew a few times with his cousin, Chris Fox and our brother in law, George Roussel.

20160514_123825Kallie graduated from Junior High, and Madisyn graduated from first grade. We got to see both events since we were home!

kallie-and-grannie13254111_871628906297162_7702818923828793419_nWhen softball season came to an end we hugged and kissed everyone and headed back on the road to start, once again, our Northeast Journey!

img955135This is our home in Amite and Dora’s parking space when we pulled out!

20160529_081518-mediumOur destination when leaving home was Briarcliffe RV Resort in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

We ran across this amazing peach farm and factory, Lane Southern Orchards. We toured the factory and bought a bunch of fresh peaches!

20160530_161521Our home church, Trinity Baptist Church now has Live Streaming for the Sunday morning Worship hour. We have deeply appreciated Bob Anderson making it possible for us to watch our home church on our computer each week starting about this time in 2016.

20160529_105405-mediumJUNE 2016

Hardeville RV Park, near Savannah, Georgia

The Savannah Wildlife Refuge

Hilton Head Island in South Carolina

20160602_181354-large seapines-reservationsThe scene from Forrest Gump where Forrest sits on the bench waiting for the bus to arrive was filmed here. They removed the original bench and replaced it with a nice big concrete bench!20160607_155551-largeSavannah Waterfront district was awesome

20160603_172616-largeTybee Island, Georgia

20160605_163940-largealighthouse3We feasted at Paula Deans restaurant The Lady & Sons in Savannah.

20160607_152946-largeWe joined Boondockers Welcome this year. It is a website that allows RVers to stay with home owners at various places around the United States and Canada for FREE!. We stayed at our first Boondockers Welcome host’s home in Delaware.

In Virginia we saw:

Historic Fredericksburg, Virginia

We stayed in New York State a total of five weeks. Our first stop was at Mountaindale at Hilltop Farms Campsites.

Orange County Choppers – two old folks quite giddy getting to meet Paul Teutel, Sr. from the television show.

20160616_140545 20160616_143157Woodstock Festival Site and Museum – The 60s and 70s hippie in us loved this!

20160616_155815 20160616_164623Bear Mountain State Park in New York

Touring New York City was the fulfillment of a life time dream. We rode on subways and trains, toured the September 1, 2001 exhibits, road the Staten Island Ferry and saw the Statue of Liberty.

20160613_124228 20160613_12585220160613_161323-large 20160613_170815-largeThen we went on to Seaport RV Resort in Old Mystic, Connecticut. While there we:

Toured the USS Nautilus Submarine and Museum in Groton, CT

20160620_135500Enjoyed our first lobster roll at Sea View Snack Bar in Mystic, Connecticut

20160620_163724Shopped at Olde Mystic Village

yosNewport, Rhode Island – Cliff Walk and 10 Mile Ocean Drive – one of the prettiest places we visited.

20160622_141028 20160622_141856Saddleback Campground in Northwood, New Hampshire. While there we saw:

Strawberry Banke Museum in Portsmouth, New Hampshire – a unique really old village where everything is still like it was in the early 1800s.


Kennebunkport, Maine where we ate lobsters at Nunan’s Lobster Hut – scrumptious!

20160625_182136Next we stayed at another Boondockers Welcome home in Vermont for a week. These folks were very kind and even cooked a Vermont style dinner for us one night!

While there we saw:

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream factory

Cold Hollow Cider Mill

Braggs Farm Sugar house

Rock of Ages Granite Quary – amazing place to visit

20160629_134351Hope Cemetery

20160629_154736Robbins Nest Covered Bridge

20160629_123140Ladder 1 Grill in Barre, Vermont

Twin Ells RV Park in West Chazy, New York. While there we saw:

Lake Placid Olympic Center

20160706_144832We ate Lobster Rolls at McDonald’s – yes McDonald’s!

20160706_140054Ausable Chasm – known as the Grand Canyon of the Adirondacks

ausable-chasmJULY 2016

Doubleday Campground in Cooperstown, NY. We went there specifically to visit the

MLB Hall of Fame – a baseball lovers dream come true!

head_atrium_hof Three Valley Campground in Holland, New York.

Niagara Falls was the highlight of this year’s adventures. I could sit next to the falls and listen to the roar of the water all day long!20160711_16104120160711_121807 20160711_115649A young couple we met in Indiana a couple of years ago were at Niagara when we were, so we met up and had a great time catching up!

ashlimansandchauvinsBeaver Meadow Family Campground in Java Center, New York.

While there we saw:

Goat Island at Niagara Falls – the island that lies between the falls

goat_islandThe Museum of Neuroanatomy (Brains) at the University of Buffalo in New York was a special visit! Yes that’s me holding a brain!



Rondout Valley RV Resort in Acchord, New York

We attended our first RVing convention, representing RVillage.com at the FMCA Convention in West Springfield, Massachusetts

20160804_105025 20160804_105347We got to tour several 2017 motor homes and do a little dreaming! We found we still love our Dora the best!

Quakerwoods Campground in Quakertown, Pennsylvania.

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania we saw:

Several things including the Liberty Bell

20160808_152113Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed

20160808_140708Gettysburg Battlefield Resort in Gettysburg, PA. While there we saw:

The Gettysburg Battlefield a few days – a lot of history there20160811_15355620160812_120642 President Dwight D Eisenhower’s home.enhs-slideWhile we were away, rains poured and flooded our hometown and several other towns in southern Louisiana, including our home church and many close friends homes. As of the end of 2016 some are still not back in their homes.

13912439_10210465221293997_1454897772140764450_n 13921002_10210601954904557_3874118268839856408_n 13925192_10210465222214020_7083271139729733073_nThe most delicious place we’ve visited is Hershey’s Chocolate World in Hershey, Pennsylvania. We enjoyed the 4D Movie and the Chocolate Factory tour. Lots of fun and delicious chocolate!

20160815_124712We toured Washington DC on a double decker Big Bus which allowed us to see so much of our nations capitol.

20160819_134835We saw the Smithsonian Museum of Air and Space and awesome buildings such as the White House, the Capitol, Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial 20160819_141700 20160819_161753 20160819_16202220160819_123023Discovered the fun of picking fresh peanuts and boiling them while at a Boondockers Welcome host’s home in Virginia. I’m now hooked on boiled peanuts.20160826_195611Roy also enjoyed being able to walk out our motor home’s door and fly his remote control plane any time he wanted to!

20160825_1851071Briarcliffe RV Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC where we saw:

Barefoot Landing with lots of fun stores to shop in and entertainment to enjoy!

20160904_131806 The area is beautiful and we spent another day enjoying Broadway at the Beach.

Boondockers Welcome host’s home in North Carolina. Dorothy and Tommy were wonderful hots and we even attended worship with them at their church. They cooked an amazing North Carolina Style BBQ dinner for us topped off by the most amazing banana pudding!!!

While there we drove to Charlotte to meet my boss Deborah and her husband Aaron. They cooked for us too and we LOVED the time we got to spend getting to know them better.

deborah-and-rosalynWe also toured the Billy Graham’s Library which was quite a blessing!

billy-graham-librarySEPTEMBER 2016

Yonah Mountain Campground in Cleveland, Georgia near Atlanta. We were busy while in this area seeing:

The Atlanta Braves play one of their last games in Turner Field

braves-10-jonesSeeing Cabbage Patch babies being born at BabyLand General Hospital in Cleveland, Georgia

cabbage-patch-hospitalThe amazing alpine like town of Helen Georgia

Anna Ruby Falls in the Chattahoochee National Forest


Sherman Oaks Campground in Gatlinburg, Tennessee where we saw:

Two amazing days at Dollywood

dollywoodAte at the Apple Barn Restaurant and shopped at the Apple Barn and Cider Mill


Toured Bush’s Beans Visitors Center

bush-beans-with-dukeWe toured the town of Pigeon Forge

Westward in Tennessee we went towards the Memphis area. We stayed at Big Buck Camping Resort in Hornsby, Tennessee and we saw

Mud Island River Walk in Memphis, Tennessee

We mailed in our presidential election ballots to South Dakota voting for Donald Trump!

Played in Tennessee cotton fields!

cotton-in-tennesseeRoy’s 9 month post op visit with his orthopedic surgeon in Bartlett, Tennessee went great.

On our way back to Louisiana we stayed on the Mississippi Gulf Coast at TLC Wolf River Resort for two weeks:

Enjoyed the beauty of the coastal beaches

coastal-beachGobbled up dungeness crabs at the Treasure Bay Casino buffet


Chauvin’s RV Resort in Amite, LA – yes that’s us and that’s our home for a few months!

We have a new President Elect Donald J. Trump – yippee hooray! America got it right this time!

This image released Friday, July 15, 2016, by the Donald J. Trump for President campaign shows the new campaign logo for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his running mate Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. It features an interlaced blue "T" and "P" next to red stripes that evoke the American flag. (Donald J. Trump for President via AP)

Roy and Chip installed new headlights in our sweet truck Boots! Yay she can see at night now!

chiproyWe attended our great nephew Joseph’s wedding to precious Brooke!

josephs-weddingRoy gave our house a good pressure washing

rvillageappRVillage came out with a cell phone app and we have almost 55,000 members!

My work with RVillage was cut back, a lot!

Roy took a full time job as a Construction Project Manager for Henry Homes


Christmas Day was split between our youngest son Chip’s new home and our oldest son’s home. The very best Christmas a girl could ask for!

divider can be used for easter also.

I don’t feel like I say this often enough but living and traveling throughout our country is absolutely a blessing that God has given to Roy and me. I think Him every morning and every night for allowing us to do this. We are far from wealthy people and know our travels have to include a lot of free things. However, its getting to see the amazing things in this country that is most important to us. We don’t have to eat at fancy restaurants, see Broadway plays, stay in fancy places or do everything there is to do. We are simply happy with what we can see and do what we can do! We will do this as long as we can. When He starts showing us signs that it’s time to stop, we will. We are seeing signs that we need to be home a bit more this year so our 2017 travels will not start for a few months. When we have plans set we will let you know!

That’s it! God Bless all of You and I hope your 2017 is the very best year yet!divider can be used for easter also.

Links to our Reflections on God’s blessings for 2018, 2017, 2015, 2014, 2013, and 2012 are below.







Happy New Year everyone from Roy and Rosalyn Chauvin!
We are looking forward to all that God has in store for us in 2017!


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Wacky Wonderful Wednesdays published on Wednesdays

Some Things I Learned About Dementia published randomly

12.31.15 Reflections on God’s Blessings in 2015

January 1, 2016 – When reflecting on all the blessings God has bestowed upon us this year once again we were back on the road traveling. During this year’s travels we explored all of the western states from the top to the bottom of our country. Here’s a map showing where we traveled this year. Almost 8,000 miles of travel!!AZARCACOIDKSLAMTNVNMOKORTXUTWAWYxlg

The western states of America are huge states, so traveling through them took quite a while. There are huge deserts, almost no grass, beautiful mountains and canyons, cactus, caves, volcanoes, tumble weeds, dust storms, very low humidity, and so much more there that this old Louisiana couple were blessed to experience. There were fun days, learning days, oohs and aahs days. Each new day brought with it a breathtaking adventure and we loved every minute of it. We always TRY to rest in between adventures. Sometimes that doesn’t work out and we are on the go everyday. We appreciate our down time when those resting days happen.

Each month of the year below is a link to our blog’s posts for that month. If anything below makes you want to find out more, please click on the link to take you there! It will open in a new window so you can always come back to this page.

January through April 2015 found us in full construction mode building our new house in Amite, Louisiana

January 2015

February 2015

March 2015

April 2015

From the slab, to the framing, adding plumbing and electricity, then sheet rocking, roofing and siding, painting, wood trimming, appliances, bathroom and kitchen equipment, counter tops, cabinets and doors finished up the house. Roy built our storage building and the water well shed to match the house. Pine trees were pruned and thinned out and seemingly tons of dirt were brought in and pushed around all over the property. A gushing waterway was harnessed and a nice grassy area created in the back by the pond.

On the RV side there was a patio poured, gravel pad created for Dora and full hook ups installed! Landscaping for the house and our RV space wrapped it all up. What a wild and wonderful experience that time was.

Madisyn’s 6th birthday, Easter with the family, Madisyn’s kindergarten graduation all took place while we were home in Amite and we madisyn grannie paw paw loved being at each one! We got to spend lots of special time with Madisyn fishing in our pond, rolling down our hill and planting flowers and plants. In addition to getting to visit with many friends and family while we were home we ended our time home at our church’s annual picnic at Camp Living Waters where we ate, swam, slid down the large slide and visited!

We found wonderful folks to rent our house to and we started making traveling plans.

In early May we set out to live on the road again. This year’s journey took us through every state out west. Our route took us through: Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and back to Louisiana.

Month by month here’s where we traveled to and what we saw! A link to that month’s main page in the blog is provided next to each month. If something catches your interest and you want to see more about it you can click on that and go there!

May 2015



While staying at Angler’s Holiday Mountain Resort in Mountain View, Arkansas the river waters rose to overflowing.

We enjoyed:

20150515_194710Banjo and guitar pickin in the square several times

Melons Country store

City Park in town

Ozark Folk Center State Park in Mountain View

Loco Ropes Zip lining

Blanchard Springs Cave



While staying at Terra Starr Park in Checotah, OK( near Tulsa, OK) we traveled to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma to see Matt and Alanna Traylor and their girls! We visited with them and went to church with them.


We also enjoyed:

20150528_144252Oklahoma Renaissance Festival in Muskogee, OK near Tulsa

Myriad Gardens OK City–One of Oklahoma City’s public spaces, offering its visitors a 15 acre natural escape in the very heart of the metro known as downtown Oklahoma City.

Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory within the Gardens grounds

Outdoor Symbolic Memorial in Oklahoma City where the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was bombed on April 19, 1995

20150528_141205While staying at the Shawnee Exposition Center in Shawnee, OK we visited with Susan Randels, my childhood pastor’s daughter, who was my dear friend throughout my childhood and my youth!

June 2015


While staying at Spring Lake RV Resort in Halstead, Kansas we toured the City of Wichita and we enjoyed:

Wichita River Fest a big festival around parts of downtown Wichita. We got free bottles of Sweet Baby Rays there!

STRATACA Underground Salt Museum – A Journey Into The Dark – a subterranean adventure 650 feet below the earth’s surface in Halstead

The Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center in Halstead

Along our travels in Kansas we stopped in Meade Kansas – Dalton Gang Hideout


Shady Grove RV Campground in Seibert, Colorado – our least liked park and city. No internet, nothing at all to do and nothing within many miles of us! When you’ve just arrived in Colorado that’s not the place to be stuck at!

Between Seibert and Monument we toured the Buffalo Bill Cultural Center

While staying at Colorado Heights RV Park in Monument, Colorado we enjoyed:



Garden of the Gods

Pikes Peak by car – Boots!

Pikes Peak by Cog Railway

US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs

Red Rock Canyon

Palmer Park

Olympic Training Center in Manitou

North Pole in Cascade, CO

Cave of the Winds

We drove to Denver, Colorado to enjoyed:

Sports Authority Field at Mile High Denver Broncos and

Colorado Rockie’s stadium Coors Field

Diamond Campground in Woodland Park, Colorado was our favorite park along our travels. The park itself was nice but what made it for us was the friendly seasonal folks who lived there from May to October every year. We may like to do that in the future!


20150628_175108 - Copy

While staying there we enjoyed:


Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine and the Heritage Center – under ground mining

Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mining Company (CC&V)in Victor, Colorado – open pit mining

July 2015


While staying at Wind River View Campground in Boulder, Wyoming we enjoyed:


20150712_142907Big Piney Chuckwagon BBQ at Sublette County Fairgrounds for 4th of July

Pinedale Aquatic Center where we enjoyed swimming and playing

Green River Rendezvous and Pageant

Rendezvous Historical Tour

Pitchfork Western Fondue

Native American Drum and Dance Performance in Boulder

Rendezvous Beard Shaving

While staying at Gros Ventre Campground (a National Park Service campground) near Grand Tetons we enjoyed:

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Grand Teton Mountain Range – Jackson Lake Dam Not far from our campground is a beautiful 44 mile scenic route around the Grand Teton|

While staying at Canyon Campground – a United States Forest Service campground (part of Gallatin National Forest which connects to Yellowstone National Park) we enjoyed:

Two days of touring Yellowstone National Park – Old Faithful Geyser


August 2015


OB-AP050_HUTCEL_20070829115328While staying at Conestoga Campground in White Sulphur Springs, Montana where we enjoyed:

Castle Museum and Carriage House, known by locals as ‘The Castle’.

Springdale Hutterite Colony and the Hutterite’s Farmer’s Market

We did not see a Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, KMart, Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Burger King or other big chain stores in over a month.

Glacier National Park – four hours from our park so it took a very long day to tour it

While staying at Indian Creek Campground in Deer Lodge, Montana – town with lots of museums, we enjoyed:

Frontier Montana Museum

20150811_094036 (Medium)Yesterday’s Playthings Raggedy Ann and Andy and other dolls

Old Prison Museum and Montana Auto Museum

Cottonwood City was a neat little replica of Deer Lodge in the old days

Left Deer Lodge, Montana and traveled to the RV repair shop at Western States CAT for several hours having a new alternator installed


Stayed overnight at Walmart in Smelterville, Idaho


Stayed over night at Walmart

Tri County Batteries shop in Kinnewick, Washington – replaced four house batteries



While staying at Cascade Meadows RV Resort in La Pine, Oregon we enjoyed:

use 11The Peter Skene Ogden State Scenic Viewpoint, in Terrebonne,Oregon

Newberry National Volcanic Monument in Deschutes National Forest

High Desert Museum in Bend, Oregon

Lava Land and Lava Butte

Lava River Cave in Bend, Oregon – a cave I had a difficult time in

La Pine State Park, in La Pine, Oregon

lc 2 (Medium)

September 2015


While staying at Kamp Klamath RV Resort in Klamath, CA we enjoyed:


X26 - Copy (Medium)

Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park

Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park

Pacific Ocean

Gold Bluffs Beach in the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

Trees of Mystery

Fern Canyon, an unforgettable natural wonder that Steven Spielberg chose as a location for Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World.

While staying at Lighthouse Marina and RV Resort in Isleton, California, we enjoyed:

rosalyn hillary roy ggbvp8 (Medium)  wpid-20150915_134158.jpg

Meeting my boss Hillary in person after working for her for over a year and a half

San Francisco Bay Ferry from the Port of Oakland to Pier 41 in San Francisco

Fisherman’s Wharf

Dungeness Crabs

Mumm Napa winery tour and tastings

Golden Gate Park, Conservatory and Golden Gate Bridge

Lombard Street – crooked street

San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge. A beautiful structure that goes through Treasure Island in the Bay

Drove to Fairfield, California to tour the Jelly Belly Jelly Bean factory

Mumm Napa winery for a tour and tastings

Stayed at Desert Palms RV Park in Bakersfield, CA

While staying at Riviera RV Park, in Las Vegas, NV we enjoyed:


paris casino frontmm39 (Medium)

hr4 (Medium)

Strolling the Las Vegas Strip and seeing:

Bellagio, Mirage, Flamingo, Harrah’s, Ceasars Palace, Paris, Venetian, MGM Grand, Circus Circus, Binion Hotels

High Roller ferris type wheel

Hershey’s Chocolate World and an M&M Chocolate World

Fremont Street

Hoover Dam

I think you can see that September was our busiest month!

October 2015


20151002_150531 (Medium) Grand Canyon – North and South Rims

Slept one night in Marble Canyon on the road between the rims


20151006_140834Arizona City, Arizona – Met Curtis Coleman, Founder and Owner of RVillage which I work for. We stayed at Curtis’ home playing grandparents to his doggie Augie while he was out of town.

Stayed overnight in Fort Willcox RV Park in Willcox, AZ (where we had a homemade apple pie waiting and free waffles and coffee for breakfast!!)


While staying at Edgington RV Park in Alamogordo, NM, we enjoyed:


20151019_170116 (Medium)

Carlsbad Caverns

White Sands Monument

Cloudcroft, NM

McGinn’s Pistachio Tree Ranch

Old Apple Barn


Bishop’s Landing RV Resort in Willis, TX – love this town. If I ever had to live permanently elsewhere I believe this little town would be near the top of my list!

November 2015

December 2015


Chauvin’s RV Resort in Amite, LA – yes that’s us and that’s our home for the holidays!20151115_164252 - Copy

While home for the holidays we were extremely blessed to be allowed into the lives of Chip’s fiance Misty and her daughter Kallie. Chip proposed to Misty soon after we returned and we’ve been able to spend time getting to know them and learning to love them. Kallie is a super cool teenager with beauty inside and out!

useWe spent time with all of them over the holidays fishing, playing and visiting. Thanksgiving was spent with my sister’s family!

20151213_110846We got to enjoy so many of the Christmas activities at our church. Our new Pastor and Minister of Music are wonderful gifts from God. We attended Christmas Eve Candelight Worship Service there with Chip’s family and it was perfect! Being in God’s house with family is as good as it gets!

20151205_161404Our family visit to Celebration in the Oaks at City Park in New Orleans was a highlight of our time at home.

Gasoline and Diesel prices fell throughout the year.  This is what it is now in Louisiana!




divider can be used for easter also.

h20162016 will find the Chauvins headed to Tennessee for Roy to have full knee replacement surgery. Exploring various parts of the East going all the way up to Canada and all along the east coast is our travel plan for 2016 and 2017. Shorter trips than before, with a month or so at home in between, is the only change. As you can see above we saw so much this year it was way overwhelming. We’d like to not be overwhelmed and get to enjoy each stop more. We are still committed to living in our RV since we love it!

We hope to bring our granddaughters along with us on some of our summer travels.

My work with RVillage increased a lot this year so we are better financially rvillage_badge_300x200-findus1situated to continue seeing this beautiful country of ours!

That’s it! God Bless all of You and I hope your 2016 is as super dooper as we hope ours will be!

divider can be used for easter also.

Links to our Reflections on God’s blessings for 2018, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2013, and 2012 are below.
Happy New Year everyone from Roy and Rosalyn Chauvin! We are looking forward to all that God has in store for us in 2016!


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01.03.15 Who read Dora and the Explorers blog in 2014???


We want to share with you some stats on our blog Dora and the Explorers for 2014.

Because we didn’t travel all year I began writing about topics other than traveling in 2014.  This brought many new followers to the site which is kinda neat!  Now that we’re in the construction phase of our house a whole different group of followers are signing up!  The plumbers are here today putting in the underground plumbing so the next post will be about the work that’s been going on since I last wrote.

I hope YOU are included in some of these totals below!!!  Please help us grow our blog by sharing with your friends and family!


Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
2013 693 504 673 1,311 1,577 1,290 1,184 741 889 1,030 725 673 11,290
2014 648 705 882 1,002 780 806 991 1,180 722 1,214 1,016 1,094 11,040

goldimagesTOP ALL TIME POST with 319 views is Conroe, TX here we come

TOP TWO 2014 POSTS were:

I will clean my house today, ooh, look! a book! with 165 views and
Hallelujah!! He Is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!! with 146 views



More to the Music: ‘Mary, Did You Know?’
Wacky Wonderful Wednesdays 11.19.14
Mother’s Day present – a true blessing!


TOTAL 2014 COMMENTS: 73 – I love to hear from ya’ll.  Please help us top this number in 2015!


Country Views
United States FlagUnited States 9,342
Brazil FlagBrazil 271
Canada FlagCanada 212
Germany FlagGermany 162
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 144
Australia FlagAustralia 106
India FlagIndia 74
Russian Federation FlagRussian Federation 46
France FlagFrance 43
Italy FlagItaly 39
South Africa FlagSouth Africa 39



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01.01.15 Reflections on God’s Blessings in 2014

2014 GRAPHHIC2014 wasn’t the travel filled year we would have liked.  We did travel to Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Texas but that’s the extent of our 2014 RV travels.  We stayed longer in our home state than we originally planned because of selling our sticks and bricks house, which finally happened December 3rd, 2014.  Probably near the top of our list of God’s blessings this year was the house sale.

I’ll break down the highlights by month starting with,

vector-color-dot-background_134330483January 2014 – Spent time in Mississippi at TLC Resort in Pass Christian.  Kim and Chip came to visit us there and Chip and Madisyn came to visit us.


vector-color-dot-background_134330483We discovered the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and enjoyed touring it which included a visit to the pottery buildings,


vector-color-dot-background_134330483In mid January we traveled to Florida.  Our first stop was at Suncoast Designs in Hudson, Florida to have most of our windows removed, refinished/resealed, and reinstalled.   A lot of “fog” had built up inside those windows and when they reinstalled the windows they looked new.

cb 1


vector-color-dot-background_134330483With the window refinishing complete we headed to Bee’s RV Resort in Clermont, Florida.

bees lake

vector-color-dot-background_134330483Three highlights of our stay there included

vector-color-dot-background_134330483vector-color-dot-background_134330483vector-color-dot-background_134330483vector-color-dot-background_134330483vector-color-dot-background_134330483vector-color-dot-background_134330483vector-color-dot-background_134330483Discovering Abracadabra Ice Cream Factory where they use a mixture of cream and sugar, add the ingredients you want to the mixture and then hit it with some nitrogen,

abra bsplitabra smoke

vector-color-dot-background_134330483 Attending our first RV Park Worship Service and found we really like that concept, and

vector-color-dot-background_134330483Taking our first wine factory tour and having a blast.  It was at Lakeridge Winery and Vineyard where after the tour we enjoyed their wine tastings.  We ventured outside, where we discovered a sprawling lawn with a bandstand on one side, a food court on the other and people sitting on the lawn enjoying the food and the music.  Roy got a gyro and I got a vegetable plate, sat on the grass enjoyed the music and had a good time!

lakeridge in front

vector-color-dot-background_134330483While in Florida we made a trip to Universal Orlando and had a wonderful time there as always.  We walked, rode and played as much as two old folks with aching bones can do and enjoyed every minute of it.  Here are pictures from that adventure:

Universal Day One

Universal Day Two

horizontal line

vector-color-dot-background_134330483February, 2014 – Visited our friends Russ and Annie in St. Augustine where we parked Dora in the yard next to their sticks and bricks house which is just a couple of blocks off the Atlantic Ocean.  We heard the beautiful ocean sounds from our RV and enjoyed some beautiful times on and around the ocean beach. Russ took us one afternoon for a ride in their car on the beach.  What a fun experience that was! We enjoyed some good quality visiting time with our friends and even attended Annie’s yoga class for cancer patients.  A first for Roy and I. We spent two days touring St. Augustine.  Some of the things we saw were the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum, The Fountain of Youth Park which is a big place with lots of exhibits and beautiful peacocks, Flagler College, Castillo de San Marcos, St. George Street (a walking shopping street), and San Sebastian Winery where we took a tour and enjoyed our first ever class on wine tasting, St. Augustine is an amazing old town steeped in history and we enjoyed every minute of touring it.sa beach roy and russ2014-02-01_15-27-37_481vector-color-dot-background_134330483From St. Augustine we headed to Arrowhead Campgrounds in Marianna, Florida where we enjoyed seeing these beautiful bald cypress trees.


vector-color-dot-background_134330483We spent Valentines there and enjoyed a Valentine’s Dinner with a nice group at Arrowhead.


vector-color-dot-background_134330483We had Dora weighed for the first time and found she is well below the maximum weight limits!


vector-color-dot-background_134330483In February I posted a blog post about Things I Deeply Believe in.  You can read this post at https://rosalynandroy.com/2014/02/12/what-i-believe/


vector-color-dot-background_134330483Around this time in early 2014 we joined the RVillage family as followers and as part-time occasional employees.  We love RVillage and encourage any  RVer or  hope to be RVers to join – FREE – RVillage.com. Check it out!RVillage_Logo_YouTube-300x113

vector-color-dot-background_134330483On to Robertsdale, Alabama for two weeks at Wilderness RV Park.  We enjoyed a Mardi Gras parade in nearby Mobile with Amy, Richard and Ricky Geist. Very different from a New Orleans parade but still lots of fun!

vector-color-dot-background_134330483Roy revised our Dora and the Explorers logo and this is the result – cool right!!

vector-color-dot-background_134330483Late in February we came back westward and stayed at TLC Wolf River Resort for three weeks. One of those weeks we were blessed to have Madisyn stay with us.
2014-03-07_10-55-48_179vector-color-dot-background_134330483This visit included Madisyn’s 5th birthday and associated parties (yes multiple!)
madisyn birthday with boys

horizontal linevector-color-dot-background_134330483March and April, 2014 – Once the excitement of Madisyn’s birthday was over we spent some time in our own sticks and bricks driveway.  It was the time of year that I usually did gardening pruning and preparing them for their glorious blooming in the spring so we did that this year to get the gardens ready for putting the house up for sale in early summer.

vector-color-dot-background_134330483We moved over to Jellystone Yogi Bear for a while and of course got some good visiting time in with Chip’s family.  yogi2

vector-color-dot-background_134330483Roy created new business cards for us.

Dora and Explorers business card

vector-color-dot-background_134330483We made our way to San Diego, TX at the end of March where we stayed for 6 weeks tending a ranch for a couple visiting Europe.  We fed peacocks, chickens, guineas, dogs, cats and watered flowers and vegetable plants and mowed the grass.  In between we explored the ranch on the ATV and were amazed at the flowers and beauty we found in that dry place.  We disliked greatly the heat (one day in April it was 106 degrees), strong winds and sand storms that seemed constant.  We did like the solitude and being in a totally different place than we were use to.



vector-color-dot-background_134330483We went to Corpus Christi and toured the USS Lexington, a naval flight carrier that is now a museum in the water there.



Whilevector-color-dot-background_134330483 settled in Texas for a while we took the time to replace our RV toilet.  We were tickled with this new addition!2014-05-08_18-13-25_585

horizontal line

vector-color-dot-background_134330483May, 2014 – As we left the ranch I drove Dora for the farthest I have so far! 2014-05-12_16-39-09_396


vector-color-dot-background_134330483Bishop’s Landing in Willis Texas – beautiful wonderful resort.  We enjoyed some peaceful time there feeding squirrels, enjoying the cool breeze off the lake and exploring the area.  Seeing a crawfish festival nearby captured our attention.  It was interesting and big (like all of Texas is) and we paid $6.50 a pound with a small piece of corn and half a small potato. I’m pretty sure they cook it quite differently than we do.  They put red pepper on it after it’s cooked and it didn’t taste like it was cooked in salted water.2014-05-17_13-35-32_28

vector-color-dot-background_134330483We arrived back in Louisiana to end May.  We found the most delightful place at Quiet Oaks RV Park in Kinder, LA.  This is by far the quietest, most restful, well-maintained, yet quaint and pretty RV resort we’ve stayed at.

vector-color-dot-background_134330483This isn’t our RV in the picture but it shows how pretty the place is.


horizontal lineJune through early December – 2014

vector-color-dot-background_134330483We spent the months of early June through early December with our RV parked in our side yard in Hammond Louisiana while our sticks and bricks house was on the market.  The first month and sporadically throughout the rest of the months we spent time doing work on and in the house and gardens.
vector-color-dot-background_134330483Roy took a full-time temporary job at Southeastern Louisiana University repairing computer hardware for which I am most grateful!  This is what he looked like by the end of most days after working at Southeastern all day and then working at the house all evening.
blog 4
vector-color-dot-background_134330483In his off time, in addition to the mountains of work done on the house, we did the following:
vector-color-dot-background_134330483Roy had a successful surgery to remove lumps from his chest and back.
vector-color-dot-background_134330483We traveled to Mississippi to visit Walter’s Peach Farm and stock up on peaches and nectarines.  My first time freezing peaches was really successful and we’re still enjoying eating them!
one box peaches
peaches all
vector-color-dot-background_134330483I helped with our church, Trinity Baptist Church’s Vacation Bible School, and as always received a blessing from being with these amazing children.
vbs program sing
vector-color-dot-background_134330483Roy pressure washed Dora’s RV engine.
vector-color-dot-background_134330483We spent time with Madisyn doing all sorts of things.
vector-color-dot-background_134330483Later in the summer I helped with Trinity’s “His Kids Special Needs Day Camp”.  These children are exceptional bright lights and I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with them.
vector-color-dot-background_134330483I learned about getting greatly discounted pricing on brand name prescriptions which made my year!
vector-color-dot-background_134330483I learned a lot about online job searches and even got involved (knowingly, so I could document it) in a job scam.  Was kinda fun seeing how it unfolded!
vector-color-dot-background_134330483Madisyn’s first day of big school (kindergarten) made us realize how very fast she is growing up. madisyn kindergarten
vector-color-dot-background_134330483We started our search for our new home.  We looked in all the surrounding towns at houses on land and land alone where we might build, or put a modular home on to rent out.  Our wonderful real estate agent Jamie Johnson guided us well!
vector-color-dot-background_134330483We were reminded why living in Louisiana during the summer is NOT FOR US!
hot as hell
vector-color-dot-background_134330483August brought football season and we just knew it was going to be “the big year” for our teams; Southeastern Lions, New Orleans Saints and LSU Tigers. More on that later in the year!
vector-color-dot-background_134330483I wrote more blogs about topics close to my heart than I did about our travels.
vector-color-dot-background_134330483In September I started a new blog post called Wacky Wonderful Wednesdays to bring some smiles, giggles and a warm heart to those in need of it. Check it out at: wackywonderfulwednesdays.wordpress.com  It is published every Wednesday.  At first it was part of our Dora and the Explorer blog, but later in the year it moved to its current location.
vector-color-dot-background_134330483We saw Madisyn practice in her cheering class and attended her Open House night at big school.
vector-color-dot-background_134330483We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Kim, Braxton and Bentley better.  They have blessed our lives immensely!
vector-color-dot-background_134330483Showed support for our New Orleans Saints with our new family socks!
sainits socks
vector-color-dot-background_134330483Went with Chip’s family (Kim, Madisyn, Braxton and Bentley) to Ms. Heather’s Pumpkin patch where we played with the children and enjoyed the time together.  This little family brought so much joy to our lives this year.
10345933_937298572950296_3547940643093031943_nchips family picture
vector-color-dot-background_134330483We became RVillage Ambassadors which is a new role we’ve accepted to spread the RVillage word as we travel – when we get to travel again!!
vector-color-dot-background_134330483One of the air conditioning units had an electrical fire and stopped working totally, and the other stopped working properly.  Roy diagnosed the problem and replaced the needed parts again proving his brilliance once again!
vector-color-dot-background_134330483We made the decision to replace our old Splendide Washer/Dryer unit with this brand new beauty!  Larger capacity and it works great!
vector-color-dot-background_134330483I attended a concert by William Carey University Chorale at our home church, Trinity Baptist Church. AMAZING!
vector-color-dot-background_134330483Roy replaced all our ceiling light fixtures with new LED lights and covers.
vector-color-dot-background_134330483My eye specialist diagnosed my left eye with having macular degeneration but thankfully it’s not bad enough to  need treatment.  It causes the vision in my left eye to be slightly wavy, but the right eye is fine and helps that from being too big of a vision problem.
vector-color-dot-background_134330483We received two stinky offers on the house which we rejected.
vector-color-dot-background_134330483Late in October we received a good offer FINALLLLLLLLY on our house from a nice young couple and WE ACCEPTED!!!
vector-color-dot-background_134330483After an extensive property search and a couple of near misses we found our little slice of Heaven here on earth on Rohner Road in Amite, Louisiana abound 15 minutes up I-55 and another 15 minutes down Highway 16 !  Almost an acre, on a pond, cows as neighbors, rolling hills, babbling brook.  What else could we ask for!
god is good all the time 2
Decidevector-color-dot-background_134330483d upon a set of house plans for our new small house and decided to hire Ronnie Glover as our Construction Project Manager for the house we’ll build on the property we found in Amite.
vector-color-dot-background_134330483In November I started a third blog about “Some Things I Learned About Alzheimer’s”.  It started out on Dora’s site, like the Wacky Wonderful Wednesdays one, but moved to its own site at :   rosalynsalzheimersblog.wordpress.com .  I hope to share our experience caring for Mama with Alzheimer’s and other people’s information that was shared with me plus helpful info I find on the internet.
vector-color-dot-background_134330483We purchased a Onan Generator Auto Start control for when we are boon docking.
vector-color-dot-background_134330483At Thanksgiving I helped with Chip, Kim and Madisyn and their church Soul’s Harbor, serve over 2000 boxed lunches to people in the Hammond area at Thanksgiving Servolution.
thanksgiving servolution 20141115_112931
vector-color-dot-background_134330483Attended several worship services with Chip and Kim at Soul’s Harbor.  Amazing church growing fast and moving into the building above this month!
vector-color-dot-background_134330483Roy especially, and me a little, spent extensive time checking off the items on the home inspectors nit picky list.  These new buyers wanted and got a perfect house!
vector-color-dot-background_134330483We enjoyed hosting our last family gathering at the house in Hammond.  My sister’s children and grandchildren joined our family at our very empty house.  Our large back patio was fine for all of us to fellowship and enjoy each others company which digging into banana splits!
20141102_162619 20141102_162813
horizontal line
December, 2014  was indeed a busy month.
vector-color-dot-background_134330483We said goodbye to our sticks and bricks house in Hammond, turning it over to the new owners in early December. A bitter sweet moment leaving behind good and not so good memories at this beautiful place we called home for several years. This is the best move Roy and I as a couple could make and we thank God for His constant presence with us through out this process.
vector-color-dot-background_134330483We parked at Berryland Campers in Hammond for a few days and enjoyed a wonderful visit from our RV friends Russ and Annie.  We showed them around our hometown and took them to church with us which we all enjoyed.
vector-color-dot-background_134330483Russ and Annie went with us to see Trinity’s Children’s Choir Christmas music presentation.
 vector-color-dot-background_134330483Russ and Annie at Chip’s house meeting his family.  The little boys just feel in love with them!20141207_145649
vector-color-dot-background_134330483We  signed the documents making us the legal owners of one beautiful piece of property in Amite, Louisiana where we will build a new house along with a pad with hookups for our RV.  With all our permits obtained, the slab form built and the well completed, we sat for a couple of weeks without any construction because of the hard rains and holidays when the workers wanted to be home with their families.
vector-color-dot-background_134330483We spent our time wisely chopping, sawing, mowing and finally manicuring (not finished with that yet) the bushes, weeds, small trees to create a beautiful setting for our new home.  Roy spent almost every day for two weeks on this and I helped!  My main job was clearing out the massive amounts of heavily thorned bushes and vines around the pine trees.  The picture below is before I started!
vector-color-dot-background_134330483View of the pond from under the pine trees after I cleaned out all the brush from that area. I’m about 2/3 way finished now!
pond from hill by trees
Our son Chip was in “One Night in Bethlehem” a scene by scene drama of the events surrounding the birth of Christ.
chip soldier and madisyn
We went with Chip’s family to see the “One Night in Bethlehem” presentation and recommend it highly for future years in Hammond.
We received a blessing when hearing our church, Trinity’s Adult Choir Christmas music.  Such a glorious thing seeing these people I love so much lifting their hearts in praise of their Lord!  And they got new choir robes – whoot whoot!
tbc christmas choir
vector-color-dot-background_134330483Our Southeastern Lion’s didn’t make it to the playoffs, LSU’s Tigers played in only a very minor bowl game and unfortunately our New Orleans Saints will not play in a playoff game this year.  Very disappointing season for the Saints, but like we use to say for years, There’s always next year!
Madisyn was in her first parade in Ponchatoula, LA for Christmas with her dance class, so of course we went and enjoyed the time there with Chip’s family.
madisyn christmas parade
vector-color-dot-background_134330483We experienced three weeks of boon docking at our new property before we got utilities hooked up (weather, holidays) and learned a lot from it to prepare us for the future when we go out to the deserts!
vector-color-dot-background_134330483Dirt was spread all around and the forms built for our house and for the patio next to our RV!!  Gravel for the RV pad and for the houses driveway was spread.
20141220_085948 - Copy20141220_085919 - Copy
vector-color-dot-background_134330483My Facebook account was hacked (from my phone, left unattended!) for the first by these goofy people!
goofy chip kim madisyn
vector-color-dot-background_134330483Our well pump was completed giving us water, though only in theory, since we didn’t have electricity to get it to the RV for a while.
vector-color-dot-background_134330483Attended the Loranger Christmas Parade with Madisyn, her mom and family.  Enjoyed jambalaya and hot chocolate afterwards at their church River Rock. Madisyn sat on Santa’s lap afterwards and whispered into his ear her Christmas wish list!
vector-color-dot-background_134330483Madisyn was in her first ever Christmas play at River Rock Church which we throughly enjoyed watching, then eating with their church family afterwards.  She’s the only one in green (with a white jacket) in the picture!
madisyn singing river rock
vector-color-dot-background_134330483Our Chauvin family Christmas gathering was at Chip’s house this year (way larger than our RV) with plenty of space for the kiddos to enjoy their new toys.
vector-color-dot-background_134330483RVillage.com went from brand new to over 12,000 followers this year!  RVers are loving it! I’m thinking they will go  over 13,000 by early 2015. 12688
vector-color-dot-background_134330483We went through variations of digging out the ditch by the pond and putting a culvert in.  A sudden flood of water from nearby properties draining into our pond caused a emergency situation with Roy in the middle of it trying to save our culverts from floating into the pond.
imageClick on the picture below to see video of the water flowing into the pond right past the culvert!video-from-water-fall_fmt1
vector-color-dot-background_134330483Roy had to remove the culvert (after the storm passed) and hand dug (with a shovel of course) the ditch deeper, wider and more level, put the culvert (which is actually two culverts put together to get the length we needed) in and secured it in a way only his brillance could come up with!!!  This man’s abilities know no end!
vector-color-dot-background_134330483We obtained a 911 address for Dora which is now 60124 Rohner Road, Amite, LA 70422.  Here’s our new mailbox!
Ovector-color-dot-background_134330483ur year ended with us getting power and water to the RV and not soon enough end to our boon docking experience here.!
vector-color-dot-background_134330483We ate dinner with our church family on New Year’s Eve – yum, yum!
That’s our year in review for 2014.  When I started this post I thought it would be short because we spent so much time parked in our sticks and bricks yard but I was wrong.  A lot has happened this year.
We’re moving in the right direction with our home and our lives.
I am most thankful for the addition of Kim, Braxton, and Bentley to our family (not they aren’t married yet but they will be).  They have returned a joy to our lives that’s been missing for a while.  We have a family again and it is a good one.  I know God will bless us all as the years continue.
I made a New Years Resolution, first in many years, to let go of trying to fix a situation that has caused great heartache and stress in recent years.  Not saying I love the people in the situation any less, just that trying to fix the situation is a thing of the past.
After spending three days working on this year in review blog, I’m making another one.  That is to work on the 2015 year end post a little each month, so it’s not overwhelming early next year!
Links to our Reflections on God’s blessings for 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2013, 2012 are below.







The plans we’ve made so far for 2015 are only two – build the house and rent it out, then travel out west for many months!
Happy New Years everyone from Roy and Rosalyn Chauvin!  We are looking forward to all that God has in store for us in 2015!
2014 2015


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01.04.14 Who reads Dora and the Explorers blog???

10344729855_533c81cb40Well, I don’t know exactly who, but the stats Word Press collected show that people from the countries below have viewed the blog throughout the year 2013.  Still can’t imagine why they are visiting but they are and I am astounded by all the countries they came from!!

The post I wrote about our RV buying adventures with the criminals and cops in Conroe, Texas back in October, 2012 has received the most hits by far of any post.  I don’t know the exact number, but every day I see the stats and at least one (usually several more) person has read that one  each day.a danced seizures



United States 10,619
Canada 206
United Kingdom 30
Germany 27
India 23
Australia 21
Philippines 20
Japan 16
Mexico 15
Brazil 15
Russian Federation 13
South Africa 12
Ireland 12
France 11
Spain 8
Italy 8
Switzerland 8
El Salvador 7
New Zealand 7
Jamaica 7
Ecuador 6
Singapore 6
Republic of Korea 6
Netherlands 5
Taiwan 4
Israel 4
Norway 4
Indonesia 4
Poland 4
Panama 3
Pakistan 3
Greece 3
Turkey 3
Egypt 3
Belgium 3
Thailand 2
Nigeria 2
United Arab Emirates 2
Czech Republic 2
Maldives 2
Peru 2
Costa Rica 2
Qatar 2
Sweden 1
Bulgaria 1
Lithuania 1
Austria 1
Saudi Arabia 1
Tunisia 1
Portugal 1
Argentina 1
Morocco 1
Antigua and Barbuda 1
Denmark 1
Latvia 1
Malaysia 1
Puerto Rico 1
Viet Nam 1
Slovakia 1
Chile 1

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

12.31.13 Reflecting on God’s Blessings in 2013

new yers 2014Happy New Years to everyone!  My New Year’s resolution is to travel more – I think this is one we’ll keep!

What a year of blessings 2013 has been.  It hasn’t all been blessings but I am choosing to write off the bad things. I’ve forgiven those who have hurt me, prayed for them and now it’s time to put them in the past. The blessings below are just some of what God has provided for us this year but I do want to share these.


-Living in Northern Minnesota for the summer with its magnificent beauty, perfect weather and a new culture for us to learn about.  Living with the loons, chipmunks, lots of wild blueberries and raspberries all near the beautiful lake that is Lake Kabetogama.

-Making friends with Russ and Annie Johnson in Minnesota.  We worked together, shared fun times and we plan to visit them in Florida very soon!

-Making friends with Nichole and  Ron Aschliman’s family in Indiana.  They blessed us so much by inviting us to their home and farm for dinner and fellowship.

-Seeing so many of God’s creations around the USA this year.

IMG_20131009_132931_274 fod7 (2) IMG_20130904_135204 fishing roy rosalyn minn roy rose twins  rickspic4Being able to take a nap on occasion when others in my pre-RV life were at work.

-Being able for the first time in my life to read and read and read whenever I wanted to

-Being able to spend countless happy moments with my husband Roy in our adventures.

-Being able to come back to Louisiana for Thanksgiving and Christmas and re-connect with those who matter most to us.

-Seeing my son in a wonderful relationship with his girlfriend Kimberly. We are looking forward to seeing what their future holds knowing they are both dedicated to following God’s will in their lives.

-Meeting and getting to know Kimberly’s twin sons, Braxton and Bentley and cuddle and kiss on them.

-Reconnecting with our precious granddaughter Madisyn. Spending time getting to enjoy the growing young lady she is puts a smile in both our hearts.

-Being able to attend different churches throughout the United States and learn about their beliefs, experiencing different worship styles and fellowshiping with other Christians from those different churches.

-Establishing a new hometown in Madison, SD which oddly enough is similar to our real hometown of Hammond, LA

-Receiving personally autographed pictures of Drew Brees!

-Being able to help at Kabetogama Methodist Church’s Vacation Bible School

-Finding our wonderful real estate agent Jamie and her getting a contract to sell our rental house before it ever went on the market – full price and a cash sale too!

-Our son Chip taking care of emptying the rental house, doing repairs inside and outside, going to the Act of Sale for us and much more!

-Jamie also finding a renter for our own sticks and bricks house and finding them to be wonderful renters since then.

-Living in an area for several weeks where the Amish live and getting to see them up close, even doing laundry with them.  Learning about their lives and developing a respect for them.

-Worshiping God again in our home church.  Hearing our choir sing for Christmas was a highlight of our return to Louisiana.

horizontal line

Each of the places below were blessings as we discovered parts of our beautiful country.

Vince Schute Bear Sanctuary in Minnesota where we watched bears in their natural habit quite up close

Soudan Ore mine a mile below the surface in Minnesota

The headwaters of the Mississippi in Itasca State Park in Minnesota

The Corvette assembly plant and national museum in Kentucky

Eating Chicago deep dish style pizza for the first time in Chicago

Seeing pro MLB Louisville Slugger baseball bats being made in Kentucky

Learning about cheesecake making at Eli’s Cheesecake Company and winning our own whole cheesecake in Chicago

Saw a Minnesota Twins game in Minneapolis

Visiting Soldier Field in Chicago

Visiting Wrigley Field in Chicago

Visiting a bank that Jesse James robbed decades ago in Indiana

Attending our first ever Callithumpian parade in Decatur, Indiana and a 4th of July parade in International Falls, MN

Seeing hundreds of miles of corn fields along all of the highways and in any available planting space throughout 3 states

Floating down an underground river in Lost River Cave in Kentucky

Touring both the Winnebago RV and Fleetwood RV manufacturing plants learning more about how these huge moving homes are put together.

Touring the South Bend Chocolate company in Indiana and sampling some of their goodies

Walking the 500 stairs in Mammoth Cave in Kentucky and surviving!

Experiencing a great deal of awe at the Field of Dreams in Iowa

Met Dr. Schnell who treated Roy’s hurting knee in Minnesota

Getting to experience the glorious changing of leaf colors while the new cold weather traveled south with us!

Toured Lake Superior from the water on the Vista Cruise Fleet in Duluth, Minnesota

Toured Duluth, Minnesota by land on the North Scenic Railroad

Toured the Great Lakes Aquarium in Duluth, Minnesota

Took an amazing pontoon boat adventure in the freezing cold in Voyageurs National Park to the Kettle Falls Hotel and Restaurant and the Ellsworth Rock Garden

Ate at the amazing Lambert’s Restaurant in Branson

Saw the production of  Joseph (from the Bible) at Sights and Sounds Theatre in Branson

horizontal line

I am exhausted just listing all that and yet we did that all since May of 2013.  This change of lifestyle has been a huge leap of faith for both of us but looking back on all we’ve seen, done and experienced this year makes me certain it’s the right thing for us to be doing. We’ve learned and done so much and experienced so many adventures that I love writing my blog about and hope to continue to do so!

We’ve stayed in town for the holidays long enough to be here during Mardi Gras king cake season and are enjoying one right now.  We hope to leave Louisiana next week sometime and are starting to make plans for seeing and doing more adventurous things as we continue our travels in 2014.

horizontal line

Links to our Reflections on God’s Blessings for 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, and 2012 are below.







Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

01.01.13 Reflections on God’s Blessings in 2012, Looking Forward to 2013

What a year 2012 has been. Those closest to us, who lived it with us, know that 2012 was a challenging one for Roy and I. Some challenges were too deep and private to list here. Only with God’s support and guidance did we not cave under the pressures that presented themselves in 2012. I want no one’s sympathy. It’s just what happened this year. We’ve addressed all the challenges as best we could.   100_2687

Our cherished family dog Nacho died this year, the wrong man was elected President, the Saints bombed and our country seems to be growing increasingly dark and turning away from God by leaps and bounds. Our staying here in Hammond isn’t going to change any of our personal challenges so we’ve made the decision to make 2013 and beyond years to look forward to.

This past year also brought about some exciting new developments. I’d much rather focus on these cool things than the ugly parts of 2012! We’ve received much love and support from family and friends this year. We learned many life lessons this year. Roy and I took a Computer Science course together at Southeastern Louisiana University and both made an A. We enjoyed the hours of studying together and walking to class holding hands! We took a fantastic Christmas trip to Disneyworld with our precious granddaughter Madisyn in our new home and we all made it back in one piece, even Dora. rcrcmcmickey

As a result of all the brain tests I found out that my IQ is extremely high which if you knew me you might be surprised to learn that. Also my eye surgeries resulted in my not needing contacts or reading glasses AT ALL!!! We’ve sold all of our household furniture. We thought that would be hard to do but it’s been fairly easy. We met some criminals in Texas and some wonderful policemen who got our money back! We found our home for the future, Dora the Explorer. rvmain

The month of November was dedicated to naming things we are thankful for and I had way more than 30 days of big things to be thankful for. We were handed lemons this year and made lots of sweet tasting lemonade from it! We are a truly blessed couple and with God’s guidance are planning for a wonderful 2013 doing our best in all we do for His Glory and making ourselves open for wherever He leads us.

The scripture below makes it clear that Gods ways and plans for us are far higher than our plans so we MUST leave 2013 in his hands. Isaiah 55:8-9, “’For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,’ declares the Lord. ‘As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.'”

We plan to head west once we take to the road, seeing Texas one region at a time. We can’t really make too many plans now because the timing of our travels starting will determine what area of the country we head to. If it’s still cold we will stay in the south until the heat reaches our tolerance point! We have contacted the North Americans Mission Board to find about doing campground ministry. They’ve provided us some general information and as we get further into our traveling will be able to add more details to that plan. If this is what God wants us to do he will make a way for it to happen!

Our invitation hymn Sunday morning was especially meaningful to me. It’s what I strive for but fall short of many times. I’ve included the lyrics below in case you’ve never heard the song. It’s a perfect depiction of the life a Christian should live.

Living for Jesus, written in 1917 by Thomas Chisholm

Living for Jesus, a life that is true,
Striving to please Him in all that I do;
Yielding allegiance, glad-hearted and free,
This is the pathway of blessing for me.
O Jesus, Lord and Savior, I give myself to Thee,
For Thou, in Thy atonement, didst give Thyself for me;
I own no other Master, my heart shall be Thy throne;
My life I give, henceforth to live, O Christ, for Thee alone.

Living for Jesus Who died in my place,
Bearing on Calv’ry my sin and disgrace;
Such love constrains me to answer His call,
Follow His leading and give Him my all.
Living for Jesus, wherever I am,
Doing each duty in His holy Name;
Willing to suffer affliction and loss,
Deeming each trial a part of my cross.

Living for Jesus through earth’s little while,
My dearest treasure, the light of His smile;
Seeking the lost ones He died to redeem,
Bringing the weary to find rest in Him.

Happy New Years everyone!