10.26.18 Hammond Northshore Regional Airshow 2018

Friday, October 26, 2018 – Roy and I, Chip and Misty and a couple of their friends from church went to the Hammond Northshore Regional Airshow on Sunday afternoon, October 21st.  We made the mistake of not going on Saturday and only going late on Sunday (had to stay home until the weekend renter brought Dora back) so we missed most of it!  What we saw was fabulous and we will definitely correct our mistake at next year’s show!  The following is information I gathered from various sources along with photos we and others took this weekend.

Coming off of a 26 year hiatus, the Hammond Northshore Regional Airshow was back on Saturday, October 20 and Sunday, October 21. The theme of ‘Freedom, Then and Now’ honored the Hammond Airport’s heritage as a WW2 fighter pilot training base. Here’s how everything was laid out.

The show featured Skip Stewart, one of the most entertaining pilots in the world and his Prometheus BiPlane.  The AeroShell Aerobatic Team has been performing for over twenty-five years, amassing thousands of hours in front of airshow fans all over North America. Also performing were the world record holding Shockwave Jet Truck, the all female Misty Blues Jump Team, comedy act by Greg Koontz and the Alabama Boys and Big Air Insanity FMX Motocross Team.

Shockwave Jet Truck

Skip Stewart Air Shows

Helicopter rides were available at $45 a person and for all the kiddos there was a Kids’ Zone with flight-themed bounce houses and slides.

The Grand Finale each evening was the F-22 Raptor which is rare to see. The F-22 Raptor is the Air Force’s newest fighter aircraft. Its combination of stealth, super cruise, maneuverability, and integrated avionics, coupled with improved supportability, represents an exponential leap in war fighting capabilities. Although over 300 airshows requested the F-22’s presence, the Raptor is only making 23 appearances nationwide this year and Louisiana is one of them.


10.21.18 when life gets a bit dark, try this secret, by Ann Voskamp

Yes, our New Orleans Saints have won 5 in a row and beat the Baltimore Ravens today.

Our quarterback, DREW BREES, threw his 500th and 501st passing touchdowns joining quarterback royalty. He’s also now had a win against every team in the league including the Saints (when he was with San Diego). We’ve got the best and we love that guy!

Now for today’s post!

When life gets a bit dark, try this secret, by Ann Voskamp

For thirty spins around the sun, these nine old nanas kept a secret from their men.

They did it in the middle of the night.

When that old ball of sun sunk down low and pulled a cover of dark up over the backside of the world, those nine nanas creaked open their back doors and made a their way through the cracked dark.

They called them Drive-Bys.

They did it because of MaMaw Ruth. I had my own Grandma Ruth; I knew about women named Ruth who make clandestine meetings with grace.

“MaMaw Ruth would read in the paper that someone had died and she didn’t have to know the family,” is what one of the Nine Nanas, Mary Ellen said. “She’d send off one of her special pound cakes. She just wanted to put a little smile on their faces.”

It was a girl’s night for Mary Ellen and her four sisters and their three girlfriends, sitting around a table reminiscing and laughing loud over old times.

“We started thinking about what we could do to make a difference like that. What if we had a million dollars? How would we spend it?’ she said.

Those nine women knew it:

We’re not here to make an impression —- we’re here to make a difference.

All from the new Thanksgiving Collection

The size of our houses, our wallets, our closets, our trophy case and our cheerleading squad doesn’t make any difference compared to the size of our hearts.

And frankly: The positions that we take don’t make a difference like the love that we give.

The positions that we take don’t make a difference like the love that we give.

We may be known for many things but we will be remembered only by one thing: our giving love.

Anyone can have any size of heart they want.

Those Nine Nanas began brainstorming around a kitchen table, and it was one of the sisters who came up with the idea: start doing their own laundry instead of using the dry cleaner. They sat there and came up with a list of scrimping and saving and shaving their lives clean.

“So among the nine of us, we’d put aside about $400 a month.” 

Then came part two of the Nine Nana Plan: How do you make a difference? You make a difference — by doing things different.

You can’t make a difference by climbing the exact same ladder everyone else, by living exactly the same as everyone else, by consuming the same, buying the same, striving the same, dreaming the same. 

You can’t make a difference until you listen to the world differently than everyone else does.

You can’t make a difference until you listen to the world differently than everyone else does.

That’s what those Nine Nanas did — they started leaning in and listening at the local beauty shop or where they picked up their groceries.

And when they heard about a widow or a single mother who was in need, guess who would anonymously pay a utility bill or buy new clothes for the children?

Those Nanas would ferret out where that hurting person lived and send a package with a note that simply read, ‘Somebody loves you’ —- and the love they sent always had to come with one of MaMaw Ruth’s special pound cakes.

In the middle of the darkest night, love is always coming for you.

In the middle of the pitch black night, those Nine Nanas drove slow through neighbourhoods looking for fans stuck in windows.

“That told us that the people who live there? Don’t have air-conditioning,” Mary Ellen said.

‘Or we see that there are no lights on at night, which means there is a good chance their utilities have been turned off. Then we return before the sun came up, like cat burglars, and drop off a little care package.’

For 35 years, these love stealthers have been breaking the dark.

35 years. 9 women. 4 am pitch black. Whipping up MaMaw Ruth’s pound cakes. Sending pound cakes all across the country to people making a difference in their community. Opening up the phone book and sending pound cakes to complete strangers.

35 years of hundreds of pound cakes delivered in the dead of night — and no one being none the wiser.

There are women who do not need to be noticed out on the street corners to have their backs patted — because there are women who know those who work in the dark are the ones shattering the dark in ways those in the spotlights never can.

There are women who work in secret because they know you always make real and giving love in secret.

There are women who don’t let the right hand know what the left hand is doing because hands that move unbeknownst are most known by the Beloved.

That which is done in secret, that which is broken and given in secret, is a practicing communion.

That which is done in secret, that which is broken and given in secret, is a practicing communion.

Live eucharist. Practice communion. Taste koinonia.

Mary Ellen didn’t know when her husband started puzzling over the extra mileage on the car. Didn’t know when he started scratching his head over withdrawals from their savings account of not small amounts of cash. Pulled out his highlighter and started charting a path through their confounding bank statements.

Mary Ellen and those Nine Nanas just knew they had to gather their men and ‘fess up’ to what was suspected: an affair of the heart.

It could start a revolution and change the way this world revolves: What if the world focused on affairs of the heart instead of spending our one life on business affairs?

Kiss open wounds. Caress the bruised back of the broken. Embrace suffering because this is how you embrace the broken-hearted Christ.

Frankly, though, the husbands had had it — they wanted in on the eavesdropping and the drive-bys and the night gift-blitzing the town.

They wanted in on writing down addresses and anonymously paying utility bills.

They wanted to deliver a pound cake and press beauty out of the world.

They wanted in on the giving and the getting joy, they wanted in on breaking a thread or two of themselves to weave strength and hope into where the fabric of society was weak and torn, they wanted in on breaking out of the emptiness of themselves and breaking into the fullness of koinonia and community.

Those 9 husbands looked at how their wives were breaking and giving themselves away — and they wanted to break into the happy abundance of all that.

Small gifts of kindness are contagious. Start a joy epidemic.


Sometimes you just want to break out of yourself and break into the sacred space of the other. And that Sacred Space of the Other you seek is found when you give to the Other.

The Nine Nanas said that:

“This is our way of giving forward.” Mary Ellen nodded. “We want to make sure that happiness happens.”

The way forward —- is always to give forward.

The way forward —- is always to give forward.

Life happens. And grace happens. Gifts happen. Happiness can happen. Love gives. Live given.

I do this: bake pound cake.

Bake a pound cake and pound out of hopelessness.

Bake a pound cake made in any old kitchen — and bring it out into the dark and pound out of your pitch black and out of yourself and break the isolation.

Taste Koinonia in the middle of the dark.

The sun will rise.

This and so many inspirational articles can be found on Ann’s website at https://annvoskamp.com/

10.19.18 PAINT NIGHT PARTY at Trinity Baptist Church

The ladies at Trinity Baptist Church gathered for a PAINT NIGHT PARTY as part of our Women’s Ministry!  All the supplies, snacks and sandwiches were supplied!  Doesn’t get much better than that!

Our amazing professional artist and church member, Rebecca Bankston Willoughby giving us detailed instructions on how to paint our canvas, cross and angel.

Here’s the ladies who enjoyed this evening together creating cross and angel paintings, even without power for part of the evening!  That’s me in the red shirt at the table.

Here’s the young ladies that joined us.  Madisyn (my granddaughter), Mia, Gracyn and Ryleigh painted crosses and angels right along side us!

We had two choices. Either to paint a cross and angel for free and donate it to the Family Fall Festival next week where they will be sold in the “Country Store” to raise money for our kids camp.  Or we could buy our own work for $10.  Mine was so amazing (not) that I bought mine.  My angel actually looks like Cousin It from the Addams Family!

These are the ones that will be available for purchase at the Festival.

Yall come to our Family Fall Festival at Trinity Baptist Church 42062 Pumpkin Center Road, Hammond, LA and purchase a painting to benefit our kids program!

Come and join us October 28 @ 5:30 pm7:30 pm for a time of food, fun, and fellowship. We will have games, inflatables, climbing wall, cupcake walk, country store, selfie photo booth, hot dogs, face painting, trunk or treat (7:00-7:30pm) and many other fun things. There will also be a chili cook off benefiting the kids camp fund. Come and join us for this amazing event!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


10.20.18 Renting Out Dora – Part Seven – Renter’s review and some comments

Saturday, October 20, 2018 – So the last rental that I shared with ya’ll was with the 3 young men who went to the races.  Their photos were in the last post.  They went through Outdoorsy and left us an awesome review that I just have to share!

Reviewed on Oct 17th

We had an absolute blast with Dora! The trip started after meeting Rosalyn and Roy at their lovely home outside of Amite. I cannot stress this enough for first time RV drivers: GET THERE EARLY! Roy and Rosalyn know their rig inside and out. There are so many bells and whistles, that it can be a little intimidating just walking in and seeing the airplane style cockpit. But like I said, Roy and Rosalyn are pros and they will patiently walk you through all of the different features on the RV. Also, read the manual before you get there. All of the information is in there and it’s better if you know a little about everything before you see it. When you do the test drive, be confident and follow Roy’s instructions. He really knows what he is talking about and will help you feel comfortable about driving the rig. The rig itself is very comfortable and has all the amenities of home. I cannot recommend renting with Roy and Rosalyn enough!

Thanks so much for that you great guys!

I posted on the RVShare and Outdoorsy owners facebook groups about the six part posts about our experience renting.  Got some nice responses and an interesting one from a very experienced rental gentleman. They said it was okay for me to share this here so check it out!

This positivity and encouragement is just what Roy and I needed to keep going with our rentals

A young couple just picked Dora up for this weekend to enjoy LSU tailgating.  They are experienced RVers so we’re hoping for our second straight wonderful rental.

Ya’ll have a great weekend!

10.17.18 Tangipahoa Parish Fair 2018

Click to enlarge. These words of wisdom are great!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018 – The Tangipahoa Parish Fair 2018 was last weekend.  The school children were allowed off of school the Friday of that weekend.  We’ve lived in Tangipahoa Parish (that’s like a county in other states) for over 30 years and have never been to the fair.  We went this year and took our granddaughter Madisyn to it.

The day started with the Tangipahoa Parish Fair Parade.  We have parades for everything in Louisiana and each fair has a parade.  We live in Amite, Louisiana which is the parish seat for Tangipahoa.  The parade went through the downtown of our small town.  All of the schools in the parish were represented by their cheerleaders, dance teams, flag teams and bands marching in the parade.  There was a lot of candy and lots of beads thrown and we caught a bunch of it! Here are some photos of the groups that marched.

I thought this tractor with the umbrella and flags we just adorable! 

I love horses in any parade.  This is all there was in this parade but they were very pretty.

We love this little munchkin so much and love taking photos of her with us!  She’s growing up so much I’ll have to stop with the “little munchkin” thing I guess.  Probably won’t though!

Madisyn is in 4H at her new school and this was their display in the 4H building.

That wraps up this exciting event in our lives! Probably not the most exciting event ever but any time we spend with our grandchildren is very special! Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


10.15.18 Update on the Chauvin Produce Company

Monday, October 15, 2018 – I am really pleased at how well our fall vegetable garden is doing.  Some of what I planted are not fall vegetable/fruits, like the watermelons and cantaloupes, but it was seeds from giant watermelons and delicious cantaloupe so why not, they didn’t cost us anything!  The cantaloupe vines have several flowers.  The watermelons have dozens of flowers on long 10 foot plus vines with four little bitty watermelons forming!  The biggest watermelon was like a marble yesterday and today it is the shape it will eventually be like a pecan.  I planted a couple of peanuts down by those plants just to see what would happen.  They have sprouted and have several leaves already!

The marble size watermelon

The regular garden has grown and grown.  I’ve already harvested a dozen nice size radishes and several green onions.  Where I pulled those vegetables out, I planted new seeds and in the case of the green onions new onion sets.  One vegetable that did absolutely very very little was green onion seeds.  I cleared those out and planted additional bell peppers.

The cucumber vines, okra plants and tomato plants are doing fabulous!

These were taken about three weeks ago.

These were from yesterday. The cucumber vines are at the bottom of the picture.  They are growing up multi colored ribbons leading to a wire thing where the cucumbers can grab on to as they grow. The three Big Boy tomatoes are on the right and the okra are to the left near the other end.

The okra are well over a foot high and needed some support so we located what we had around the house (tall sticks) to put next to each plant.  A couple of our medal hangers for the hummingbird feeders are holding two of the plants up.  It’s an odd collection but it works!

I am also growing bell peppers, lettuce, green onions, carrots, turnips, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and broccoli. The only plant that wasn’t started from seeds are the tomato plants. 

I know that it might have been too late to start some of these vegetables from seed but it’s been a wonderful learning experience so far.  My brain has had to work really hard researching all of what’s involved in growing each of these plants and that’s a really good thing! I am happy to be able to still do that, for now!  If the lessons I am learning now make me better prepared to plant them next year at the right time, that’s a good thing.  If they do grow and produce this year before our first frost that’s a great thing!  I read a lot about tips for growing the different vegetables.

One thing I thought was cool but I ended up doing wrong was with the bell peppers.  I read that they need additional sulphur in the soil and that you can put a match stick upside down with the sulfur end in the group near the plant.  My plants were tiny and I put the match stick too close to the tiny plant and the little bell pepper plants withered, from I guess too much sulfur too close.

I have been surprised at how much effort it takes to keep this little garden going well.  Just pulling weeds is a daily job.  The compost and manure in the soil make the weeds go wild with growing!  I have everything growing on hills and am not sure they all should be.  That’s another matter to be researched.

Anyone with tips to help our little produce do as best they can, please share! Next year I am planning on planting peanuts, potatoes, egg plants and some of the ones we are growing now.  Any recommendations on what to plant in the spring in the south, let us know!!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



10.14.18 Trinity Baptist Church’s 65th Anniversary Old Fashioned Sing Along

Sunday, October 14, 2018 – Last evening we were blessed to attend Trinity Baptist Church’s 65th Anniversary Old Fashioned Sing Along. I don’t have pictures of everyone who sang but I have a bunch.  I got so caught up in the music that I forgot to click that “take the picture” button on some of the singers.  The congregation sang several old hymns throughout the evening.  I love the old hymns and they made my heart smile to sing them again!

After the singing, young Gracyn Willoughby shared with me that she found my blog while searching the internet.  Seems I wrote about her cousin, Caroline doing something at our church and my blog popped up in the search. She thought that was neat so I told her I’d write about the singing event and she liked that!.

Here’s the photos of most of those who shared their love for our Lord through song.

Our choir sang two beautiful songs, led by Teddy Forrest!

Juanita Watts, such a pure clear voice singing Praises to our Lord

Wilson Watts sang two beautiful songs, while photos of Trinity members over the decades, were shown on the big screens

Mia Dixon accompanied by her dad Pastor Avery Dixon and brother Aiden Dixon

George Martin singing one of my favorites “I Can Only Imagine”  George sang that at my mama’s funeral.

Gracyn Willoughby, beautiful young voice

Raylea Willoughby – Our Ole Miss soon to be graduate and future Supreme Court Justice!!

Ms. Louise Traylor, one of our two remaining original charter members from 1953 when Trinity was formed.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

10.12.18 Renting Out Dora – Part Five

Friday, October 12, 2018 – With all of the things happening to our renters and us having to purchase and repair so much we have made absolutely no profit off of the first five rentals and are actually in debt from them!  We continue to rent hoping to at least pay the debt off!  While we haven’t made any profit, renting Dora has paid the motor home’s monthly note for four months and will again this month.  That’s a great thing!

Some of the issues we’ve had: financial losses, all the hard work Roy has had to put into repairing Dora, dealing with Dixie RV and the insurance company’s recent issues that I didn’t even write about, and how much time and hard work it takes us to clean her inside and out each time and get her ready to go. Every time we think we’ll stop renting out Dora we start having several inquiries and more booked rentals.

One thing we’ve changed is we no longer have a “cleaning fee” being charged if they do not return it in the same extremely clean condition they found it in. We found out that our version of clean and theirs is different.  I want it like I want it and they think they’ve done enough to not have to pay it. We now charge a Prep and Sanitize fee up front to get it ready for the new renters.  That is non refundable and is always charged up front. I learned on the RVShare Owners Facebook page that this is how other owners handle it.

Another thing we’ve learned is that sometimes renters just do not understand that if there is more than two people in the motor home while they are driving, that the people in the driver’s and passenger’s seats will be quite comfortably cool and the others will not.  The two roof top air conditioners do not run while you are driving, just the dashboard a/c.  If the people sitting somewhere other than the two front seats want to say nice and chilly they will have to run the generator.  At some point they realize that doing so will make them go over the 4 hours of free generator use per day.  We’ve been fussed at about that and told our air condition doesn’t work well.  That was the renter who left with four and came back with ten people! Roy did a thorough review of the air system and it works just fine, they just do not understand. We believe that people think our motor home is suppose to be like a tour bus or a Greyhound bus where everyone in the bus is sitting in air conditioning.

The excess generator use is especially a problem for people who are not hooking up to utilities but are parking at places like a tailgating lot at a football game.  They know they have to use the generator while tailgating if they want power, but when you add using it while you travel that’s a lot of hours and they are not happy because they have to pay for the excess use.

The same renter who said our air condition didn’t work well also said the front end was badly out of alignment.  When we put all new tires on her recently we had the front end aligned.  No one else has mentioned this and Roy drove Dora when that rental got back and her front end is fine. A motor home is a house that drives down the road.  It makes noises as it hits little and big bumps and just plain ole while she’s driving on smooth highways.  She does squeak and after that rental Roy spent an entire day under her greasing up everything that could possibly squeak.  She sounds better now so hopefully no one in the future will mistake some squeaks and the normal feels of driving a big bus down a highway for her needing to be re-aligned.

Dora just got back on Tuesday from Dixie RV where she got a new awning (from the accident) and they buffed out the paint jobs she’s had (from the accident) and some scratches. She looks wonderful with her new awning and it makes her cooler inside which I know will make her and all future renters happy!  The repairs from the accident the first renters had took 4 months to complete (since we had to bring Dora there between rentals for repairs) in 4 different visits to Dixie RV, $100 in diesel going back and forth from Amite to Hammond, and loss of one rental of $2000.

We have six future rentals already booked and paid for (to the company).  These six are to LSU tailgating weekends, Talladega racing this year and next, and family vacations.  Two of the six are for next March and April. There are two other week long rentals that have said they are definitely renting Dora, just haven’t pushed the “Book Dora” button!

Just a couple of hours ago we finished doing the walk through and training for three young men who are now on their way to the races (Dora’s not racing of course!!).  Dora’s was spiffied up and all ready for them when they arrived.

I’m going to wrap this one up here.  This was going to be the last part.  Since I want to share about the effort, time and paper work that is involved before the rental there will be a part six!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

10.13.18 Renting Out Dora – Part Six

Saturday, October 13, 2018 – We received this message from our current renters last night.

“Made it to the race track safe and sound! Dora was great, no issues at all!! Thanks again for the great tutorial and driving lesson. ………………….Thanks again and enjoy the weekend!!”

What a wonderful message to get.  I had to share it after what we shared in the last five posts!

Here they are during their training on Friday.

There is so much that goes into renting out Dora.  To give you an idea of the effort, time, work involved, here goes!

There a lot of “back office” work involved. Every time a potential renter shows interest in Dora we communicate with them.  I usually communicate through my laptop but I’ve gotten pretty good at doing this from my phone when we’re away from home so they are responded to very promptly which counts.  I don’t want them going on to the next RV to rent it without me giving it my best try!

If they don’t actually book her we may only have 2-3 contacts.  We ask them lots of questions to get a feel for if we want to rent to them or decline.  If they do book and pay, we communicate with them no less than four times before they come to pick her up.  We have a lot of information to pass along to them plus we send them the website contract, our personal contract with them, a form we all fill out when they pick Dora up and a form we all fill out when they return Dora.  We also ask them to read one of our blog posts about driving big motor homes like Dora.  We feel that the more educated our renters are the better their experience will be, and the safer Dora will be!!

I communicate or am doing paperwork with either an interested possible renter on Facebook, RVShare.com or Outdoorsy , or a new renter or an upcoming renter at least some time out of every day.  Some Monday mornings I am doing rental related work a couple of hours or more.

We also have the 3 hour in person training where they learn all about Dora. That’s usually before the pick up date. They also get a refresher and they learn to drive Dora the pick up day. We go over every aspect of every system and feature in Dora in depth, from front to back, inside and outside.  My portion of this training is much shorter than Roy’s portion.  When he finishes every time we have a rental he is exhausted, mostly from all the talking and answering questions!  Of all the things involved in renting Dora I think the training is the part we do the best.

In the early days of the renting adventure we spent two solid weeks creating an instruction manual for the renters on all things Dora!  It’s been updated after just about every rental with lessons learned and is always on the dashboard when the renters come to pick Dora up.  They and all adult members of their traveling party receive a .pdf version of the instruction manual as soon as they book and then a couple of weeks before they pick her up.

Sometimes we have a “come check out Dora” day or two when we open her for viewing by anyone that may be interested. Appointments are needed.  It always helps interested folks make up their mind about Dora when they walk in and see how spacious she is with the slides out and how pretty our big girl is!

Here’s where the next big work come in –

When Dora returns from a rental the big job of cleaning her begins.  All the bath towels, wash clothes, kitchen towels, sheets, pillow cases and bedspreads from three beds are collected and taken inside our house for a sanitizing hot washing, drying and folding.  The pillows are sprayed with disinfectant and aired out. The bath mat and front floor mat are taken out and sanitized in the house. They are all kept inside the house until the day before the next rental when they are taken out to the motor home and the beds, etc. all made up for the next renters. All of the utensils, silverware, pots and pans, glass pans, metal pans are washed, dried and put back in the drawers, shelves after the many drawers and bathroom cabinets have been sanitized and the cabinet shelves have been vacuumed. The shower and bathroom are high priority for sanitizing and airing out!  The kitchen appliances get a good scrubbing and cleaning.  Even if they aren’t used they accumulate dust, grime and need to shine again!  The walls, windows, sofas, countertops and all wood surfaces are sanitized.  All the mirrors (there are a lot) are cleaned and shine.  We supply RV toilet paper, paper towels, plates, bowls, small plates, solo cups which all need to be refilled after each rental based on how long the next renters will be gone and how many people will be traveling in Dora. The dish washing detergent holders are refilled and the hand cleaning soap in the bathroom is filled.

I was almost finished this post and then realized I didn’t even mention that I mop and vacuum everything when she comes back.

We make sure that everything is working like it should. If something was broken during the rental, it needs to be addressed before the next rental.  This includes, all the drains, all the faucets, all the appliances including the washer/dryer, the built in vacuum system, all the televisions, the satellite system, the awnings, the fold out beds, GPS system, rear back up camera, and more.

The outside is a whole different animal to get cleaned!  It takes Roy several hours to clean the exterior, tires, roof, windows, etc.  Inside all of the storage bins are checked, always require cleaning which is very difficult and requires a lot of bending over and inside the storage bins to do it.  I do that part which between the interior cleaning and the bin cleaning takes me two half days to complete.

Before the next renter picks up Dora we work from the back in the bedroom to the front door getting her ready for pick up.  All three bed sheets, pillows and bedspreads are put on all the beds.  The bathroom and the shower are wiped down with Clorox wipes.  All the kitchen surfaces, sofas, dining table, drivers and passenger front seats are all wiped down with the wipes.  The entire drivers area dashboard and instrument panel is cleaned thoroughly.  Moping and vacuuming is done again. There is more than this to take care of but I’m tired just writing all this so!

Roy always cleans anything on the exterior and tires that may have gotten dirty since the last rental.  Since she’s been back and forth to Dixie RV in Hammond each time after she rents she always comes back with some dirty spots.

We’ve had things go missing over the course of the first rentals.  Our really nice fold up stainless table left, just found out that the First Aid Kit left, a towel left also.  We’ve found some little treasures (a new floor mat, kitchen utensils, basic tools, etc. ) left behind for us by renters as well so that’s cool!

When you see that we charge $150 for Prep and Sanitization I hope you can see it is well worth it.

I keep a folder on each rental with all of the forms, ready for them to sign when picking Dora up. That means monitoring the website for when the forms are ready, down loading them to save in a folder on my computer just for their rental, printing them out, and assembling them for the folder.

In addition to Dora being listed on RVShare.com and Outdoorsy.com, we now advertise her (for free) in several Facebook groups and on Facebook’s Marketplace.  My son Chip helped me a lot setting up the Facebook groups. Now I just answer any questions that come in about it.  It does require a little work every few days.

We’ve learned so much and feel that we have improved all we do taking care of Dora and having her ready for renters.  We’ve learned more about what we need to teach them and what we need to emphasize to them in their training, and what we expect from them as renters.  If we didn’t include so much “free” with a rental (sheets, towels, shampoo, kitchen utensils, small appliances, toilet paper/paper towels, dishes, cups, outside chairs and lots more) our work would be cut by a lot.  However all that seems to appeal to a lot of the renters and was probably one of the deciding factors in their choosing Dora to rent.

We’ve started giving our renters a survey when they return.  We want to get an idea of what attracted Dora to them in our listing, what they liked most about traveling with Dora and what they liked least, and some other questions.  We give it to them in a stamped self addressed return envelope to encourage them to return it! We are definitely in the learning phase so this information has been helpful.

When we started this I thought what we were charging was awfully high but we now know that our rate at this time is low for renting out a big Class A motor home.  When we have a little more experience we will adjust our rate so that this wild and crazy ride we are on becomes more profitable.

I never thought I’d ask for prayers for a motor home but Dora needs to behave and she seems to be turning in that direction.  Please pray for Dora and for us!  We love her and she’s loved us.  This hasn’t started out quite like we hoped it would but we’ll keep trying!

That it for now folks on our experiences renting out Dora!  I plan to share this with other folks thinking about or already renting out their RV (whatever type) to others.  The young men who have her right now said they will send photos we can share of their time at the race track!

Ya’ll come back, now ya hear