11.22.16 Scriptures of Thanksgiving


“I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.” Psalm 9:1



“Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness.” Colossians 2:7


“Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our “God is a consuming fire.” Hebrews 12:28-29


“Thanks be to God for his inexpressible gift!” 2 Corinthians 9:15


“We give thanks to you, Lord God Almighty, the One who is and who was, because you have taken your great power and have begun to reign.” Revelation 11:17


“I will praise the name of God with song, and shall magnify Him with thanksgiving.” Psalm 69:30


“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever. Give thanks to the God of gods, for his steadfast love endures forever. Give thanks to the Lord of lords, for his steadfast love endures forever; to him who alone does great wonders, for his steadfast love endures forever; to him who by understanding made the heavens, for his steadfast love endures forever; …” Psalm 136:1-5 (*)


“Amen! Praise and glory and wisdom and thanks and honor and power and strength be to our God for ever and ever. Amen!” Revelation 7:12


“Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!” Psalm 107:1 (*)


“Giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,” Ephesians 5:20


“The Lord is my strength and my shield; My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped; Therefore my heart exults, And with my song I shall thank Him.” Psalm 28:7


“And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body; and be thankful.” Colossians 3:15


I may do this another day if time permits.  A lot of change and upheaval are going on in our life right now.  We’re use to a pretty regular daily life and that just isn’t happening right now a long with turmoil and things I’d prefer to not make public.  Please keep Roy and I in your prayers.  God is our Lord and that we know to be true.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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11.17.16 We’ve been busy since we’ve been home

Thursday, November 17, 2016 – Roy and I have been busy working on our property since we got back to Amite, Louisiana.  Digging up weeds, planting flowers (mostly pansies and mexican heather), pruning rose bushes, painting some things, pressure washing the house, storage building, and Dora our motor home. My hands are full of scratches, scrapes and look atrocious but I’ve enjoyed the digging, clipping and cutting and the finished product.

20161114_111346 20161114_111309

All of the large and medium rocks we brought home with us from each state we visited have found their home in the gardens.

20161117_114541 20161117_114537

Our fig trees are still small but they have about a dozen figs ripening.  The satsuma trees have about 6 nice satsumas.  Madisyn enjoyed picking and eating one on Sunday! The blueberry bushes finished producing months ago so now we’ve covered them with piles of leaves protecting them till next years crop starts.

20161111_151311 20161111_151226

Some of last year’s bulbs are beginning to sprout.  They are now covered with pine straw to protect them from winter freezes.  You know that one hour per month overnight when the weather goes below freezing here in Louisiana!


We planted three of these to the right of the house and they got so large Roy separated them and planted one in a cluster of trees near the pond.  20161111_151142

The gardenias are blooming and quite happy with the pine straw added to the beds.20161115_145003

I cut off the tops of the pretties red blooming roses who are also happy with the pine straw bedding.20161115_144955

Our pond water is way way low now.  Way different than the photos our renters sent us after the August flooding when it was 3 feet over the culvert.  It’s been so dry here I’m surprised anything has lived but it’s getting a good daily watering now so things are starting to recover and bloom.  I’m quite thankful to our renters for the watering of our fruit trees and rose bushes that kept them healthy through the drought.

After the flood


This is from on top of the culvert looking out into the pond.  There is approximately 15 of dry land there now.  I think it needs a deck now!img959933

We’re planning to stay home well into the summer next year.  We’ll hopefully have more family time together, more time to enjoy our beautiful property while still getting two to three months of traveling away from the South during the hottest of the summer months.

One day last week I visited one of my doctors and had a wonderful lunch with some of my favorite ladies from work at Southeastern Louisiana University.  We ate at La Caretta in Hammond which is one of my favorite lunch places.  Three of the four of them (Jacqueline, Cindy and Donna) had their homes destroyed in the August flooding.  They shared the progress they are making and while all three have not been able to live in their homes since the flood, they should all be by Christmas!  The fourth lady, is my buddy Sandy.  For years she and I have planned to live together after our husbands are no longer with us.  I had a wonderfully heartwarming experience being with these wonderful ladies again.  I can’t believe I didn’t take any pictures, I know right??!!

Madisyn and Chip came to visit us Sunday which put a major smile on my face and in my heart.  She has always been able to do that and hasn’t lost her touch! The love that flows through that little girls arms as she wraps them around me is the best medicine anyone could get!

First two are she and Roy’s favorite position!  When we lived in our house she use to tuck up under his arm on the sofa recliner.

20161113_173721 20161113_172943

She created a blog with me about a year ago and Sunday asked if she could create a Silly Sunday with Madisyn blog.  Here she is working on it!20161113_171804

Roy and Chip visited outside by the campfire while Madisyn and I played with crafts inside.20161113_163522 20161113_163312

My great nephew Joseph got married to Brooke the first weekend we were home.  The wedding and reception were beautiful and best of all we had a grand ole time visiting with family. When I was a child I grew up having family gatherings with my sister’s husband George’s family.  That included his brother Bobby and his absolutely wonderful top notch wife Marilyn.  We got to visit with them at the wedding!

George and his daughter Dana’s daughter Annie!


My amazing and beautiful sister Harriett, her granddaughter Annie, her husband George and my niece (her daughter) Dana (the groom’s mom!)20161105_215638

Roy and our precious Annie!20161105_215328

Roy wanted a photo of the ladies!  Marilyn, Harriett, Dana, me (Rosalyn) and Annie! I love these ladies!!20161105_215146

Our wonderful great nephew Joseph and his beautiful new wife Brooke!20161105_213007

Our nephew (Harriett’s son) Greg and his simply beautiful daughter Sally!  Greg is wearing the flowers Sally wore in the wedding.  Marilyn’s husband Bobby is on the left!20161105_210828

Can’t get enough photos of Annie, she was a bridesmaid.20161105_201706

The groom Joseph’s little brother John and beautiful cousin Sally!

14947438_10211151238839997_1109619519907414931_nChip came to visit us in Amite on Wednesday.  He and Roy installed new headlights on Boots our truck.  Chip and Misty gave them to Roy for his birthday earlier this year.  They make such a big difference to the look of the truck but it will make a huge difference when we’re driving at night.


Our lawn mower needed some maintenance which included Roy and I pushing it up the hill from down by the pond to near the compressor is so Roy could fill the tires and begin some of the maintenance.  We made a pretty good team on the not at all easy project of pushing!  What a picture that would have made.  Roy’s outside working on the maintenance part now.  That man never stops working.  20161117_114522

Things are changing for Roy and I work wise (income producing work) and when it all works itself out I’ll share what I can!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

This scripture shouted out at me because of some recent trials.  God loves me and with Him in my life there is always JOY in my heart and life.


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11.15.16 Judge Jeanine: ‘This Wasn’t an Election, It Was a Revolution’

A lot of these news reporters are new to us but since starting to watch Fox News during the election (the only non biased station) I’ve come to like the thinking of Judge Jeanine.  When I heard her give this report this week I knew I wanted to share it with you all. I’ve had so many thoughts since last Tuesday reflecting back on the campaign and when I heard this I heard alot of my thoughts.


Judge Jeanine: ‘This Wasn’t an Election, It Was a Revolution’

Judge Jeanine Pirro gave an emotional Opening Statement last night on Donald Trump’s stunning victory in the 2016 election.”They told you you didn’t matter, that if you supported him you were probably uneducated, small-minded and irrelevant, you were beneath them,” Judge Jeanine said.

“Even though we felt forgotten, alone and beaten down, we all came home, because this wasn’t an election, it was a revolution.”

At 10:32 a.m. today I received a phone call from President-elect Donald j. Trump who has known me since my time as a county court judge and elected district attorney. He stated that he looks forward to beginning the process of making America great again and thanks justice and all its viewers for their support.

I am honored to have had the privilege to speak with both the president-elect and his beautiful wife, future first lady Melania, as America embarks on this special journey.

And it’s been one amazing, wild, unpredictable ride.

You’ve been with me the whole time – thank you for that.

Now I told you from the beginning to strap in, that it would be a revolution – indeed it was.

Within the first moment of President-elect Donald trump’s victory speech he showed how elegant he was by congratulating Hillary Clinton.

And not surprisingly he reached out to Mitt Romney, and spoke with Jeb Bush and John Kasich… Republicans who worked hard against him… As well as offering to be a president to all– even those who violently opposed him.

And as for the campaign itself… They told you you didn’t matter, that if you supported him you were probably uneducated, small-minded and irrelevant, you were beneath them.

That if you wanted closed borders – a nation state – you weren’t Christian enough, not American enough, not big hearted enough.

That if you didn’t see racism in every cop who walked the beat you probably were a racist yourself.

That if you used the term Muslim jihadist instead of terrorist you were an anti-religious bigot.

Truth and honesty had no place in their politically correct society.

If you opposed sanctuary cities where the protection of illegal criminal immigrants was the law you were a hateful bigoted xenophobe. They simply knew better than you.

They tried to convince you that ObamaCare was great when all the while your deductible and premiums were sky rocketing.

That the economy wasn’t that bad, yet you had to work two and three jobs to get along. Jobs that shipped overseas didn’t matter to them because they were part of the global economy.

She even called you deplorable, irredeemable and not America. If you didn’t support her, you probably hated women and were backward. They tried to convince you a lie wasn’t a lie if it came from her mouth.

The media– so corrupt that they shared debate questions with her to give her the edge– tried to beat you down by repeatedly telling you it was useless to even show up at the polls.

And even though the president of the United States did his best on the eve of the election to trash him and mock him as a joke and unfit, bringing out out Jay-Z, Springsteen, Beyoncé, Gaga… It didn’t matter.

In spite of it all we all, even though we felt forgotten, alone and beaten down, we all came home because this wasn’t an election– it was a revolution. We came home to where our forefathers in their genius had always planned back to America…

Back to who we are… Back to the constitution…

And yes Mr. soon to be ex-president Obama we can now proudly cling to our guns, our religion…

And now our new President-elect Donald J Trump.


Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!



11.11.16 Thank You To All United States Veterans For Your Service




We all know men and women who have served or are serving now in our military.

I hope you all join me in saying a big


Thank you soldier for your time spent away from your family serving our country and preserving our freedom.

Thank you soldier for laying your life on the line by serving our country and preserving our freedom.

Thank you to those who were able to share God’s love and saving grace with those in foreign countries while you served.

I especially thank those soldiers who served in the Vietnam War and were never thanked properly by those you were fighting to protect.

Thank you to my son, who served in Iraq.  I am quite proud and thankful for his military service  and desire to share the Word of God with the Iraqis.

To all the men and women I know that have serve, you are all Heros in my eyes.

veterans day blessings


veterans day 1


Below are a couple of videos I thought were especially appropriate to convey my appreciation for all Veteran’s service.  Look at the faces of these young men and women as they train, as they prepare to leave their loved ones, as they serve and as they return.  These are our true American Heros.  They are short videos so take a break and be reminded of their service and sacrifice.

The last video is not necessarily just for Veterans but when I stumbled across it I thought it was something that young and old parents might want to gather their children around the computer to watch and listen to.  Too many of our American traditions are being compromised and Red Skelton’s Pledge of Allegiance is important for our children to hear and learn from.

Click on each picture to connect to the video.

 SO GOD MADE A SOLDIERso god made a soldier


When I heard the last few sentences it gave me chills.  We must always keep God in every part of our American life.

red skeltons pledge of allegiance


thank a veteran

11.10.2016 The God Factor

Billy Graham’s son, Franklin Graham whom I admire as a Godly man, wrote the four paragraphs below.  When President Elect Donald Trump won the Presidency on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning I knew the power of Prayer and God was all over this but he says this so much better than I could.  Here’s Mr. Graham’s statement.

Did God show up? In watching the news after the election, the secular media keep asking “How did this happen?” “What went wrong?” “How did we miss this?” Some are in shock. Political pundits are stunned. Many thought the Trump/Pence ticket didn’t have a chance. None of them understand the God-factor.

Hundreds of thousands of Christians from across the United States have been praying. This year they came out to every state capitol to pray for this election and for the future of America. Prayer groups were started. Families prayed. Churches prayed. Then Christians went to the polls, and God showed up.

While the media scratches their heads and tries to understand how this happened, I believe that God’s hand intervened Tuesday night to stop the godless, atheistic progressive agenda from taking control of our country.

President-elect Donald J. Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence are going to need a lot of help and they will continue to need a lot of prayer. I pray that President-elect Trump will surround himself with godly men and women to help advise and counsel him as he leads the nation. My prayer is that God will bless America again!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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10.29b.16 Mississippi Gulf Coast – Week Two 03.28.16 to 04.03.16

Published originally on Monday, April 4, 2016 – Our last week on the Mississippi Gulf Coast was great!

Last week started with news of our granddaughter Kallie being in a serious ATV accident on Sunday evening. She was thrown from the ATV after it hit a telephone pole, was in the hospital for the evening and has been recovering since. Nothing broken but lots of bruises and she was on crutches for a few days. We went back to Ponchatoula and visited her on Wednesday. She was doing really well by then and could get around without the crutches mostly. Her daddy plays the drums so we asked her to show us her skills on the drums which is what you’ll see in the picture.

20160330_170829 (Medium) While we were in town we ate at our favorite Hammond Chinese buffet, China Palace.

Roy doesn’t like to get out and about as much as I do so there are times he stays home and I go!

On Monday I spent some time shopping on the Beach where I found a wonderful Goodwill, Sears and Dillards! Edgewater Mall is an old, but newly renovated Mall that I remember shopping at as a child with my sister and brother-in-law! I came back refreshed from my shopping with a new summer wardrobe, most of it from Goodwill so it was very low in cost!!

On Tuesday I went to the beach to read and enjoy the sun, water, waves, birds and the sounds of children playing and families laughing together! It was a beautiful sunny day even if the winds were pretty strong on the beach. I tucked everything in, sat in my lawn chair, put my hat on with lots of suntan lotion on my skin and read taking a break from time to time to enjoy watching the birds and the families playing! Here’s some photos of the beach and the birds.

20160328_120302 (Medium)

20160329_154420 (Medium)20160329_142444 (Medium)20160329_150627 (Medium)20160329_142130 (Medium)20160329_150418 (Medium)20160329_150124 (Medium)20160329_152908 (Medium)20160329_141930 (Medium)20160329_150001 (Medium)Panoramic picture of the coast beach – click on it to see it full size20160329_153626On my way home I took a longer route where I could see some of the beautiful mansions on the Gulf Coast. The coast is around 30 miles long so these are just a few of the homes to see. Maybe 1/3 of the original homes before Katrina have been rebuilt. Some cities were more destroyed than others. Pass Christian, where we are,

20160329_154521 (Medium)20160329_154602 (Medium)20160329_160331 (Medium)20160329_160321 (Medium)20160329_154656 (Medium)20160328_120236 (Medium)20160329_154738 (Medium)

Thursday evening was the Bomb Diggity Best!!! We were told about the All You Can Eat Dungeness crabs on the buffet at the Treasure Bay Casino. After having experienced the disappointment and high cost of eating one Dungeness crab in San Francisco we said yes sir, that is for us! Here’s a link to the San Francisco crab eating experience so you’ll know what I’m talking about! The picture of the one crab we ate there is pretty far down that day’s blog post but check it out and read about that experience! San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf

We paid $42.95 plus tax for one very lite (we call them kites in Louisiana, they are only partially full) that we split between us in California. Here on the Gulf Coast we ate 5 overly full crabs (Dungeness are bigger than most blue crabs), a few pounds of boiled crawfish, lots of fried fish and fried shrimp and delicious deserts for $47.00 for both of us at the All You Can Eat Buffet. Treasure Bay is not the most upscale, thrilling place we’ve visited but the food more than makes up for it and the place is quite clean. They give a 15 percent Senior discount so if that applies to you be sure to ask for it.

We ate for TWO HOURS and made ourselves stop before we couldn’t walk out! Here’s some pictures of our dinner at this newly discovered favorite eating place on the coast.

20160331_160610 (Medium)

20160331_162515 20160331_161958 (Medium) 20160331_162002 (Medium) 20160331_162016 (Medium) 20160331_172755 (Medium)A very odd and cool ceiling light fixture at Treasure Bay!20160331_180548 (Medium)Couple of pictures of the beach in Biloxi on our way home!20160331_155747 (Medium) 20160331_160043 (Medium) 20160331_160248 (Medium) 20160331_160329 (Medium)Friday, the skies opened and rain poured and poured and poured all day. We didn’t go anywhere and enjoyed the sound of rain on the roof!

Saturday, see the Iron Magnolia Antiques Post

This Sunday we went to church at First Baptist Church of Bay St. Louis, MS. We do not normally go to Bay St. Louis but it is a really lovely area. Here is a picture of the wonderful choir at the church and some of the beautiful homes along the water there!

20160403_104911 (Medium)403bb7f4-f12d-495f-97ea-d62b3ce62be020160403_114441 (Medium)20160403_114345 (Medium)20160403_114337 (Medium)20160403_114331 (Medium)Sunday Chip, Misty and Kallie came to visit us before we leave here. We went back to the Dungeness Crab buffet one last time! Here’s some photos of us walking through the RV resort we are in and along the beach in Biloxi! Knowing we won’t see our wonderful family for a while is sad but they are all in a good place and doing well! We are so thankful we’ve had this time at home to get to know Chip’s new wife, Misty, and his new step daughter, Kallie! We’ve had special visits with them each time we’ve gotten together.

20160403_125206 (Medium)20160403_142524 (Medium)20160403_142922 (Medium) 20160403_142752 (Medium) 20160403_142649 (Medium) 20160403_142606 (Medium) We left the Mississippi Gulf Coast this morning after taking some final Mississippi photos of Dora and Boots on the beach! We are at Wilderness RV Resort in Robertsdale, Alabama for the next two weeks. This is an okay park where we only pay $2 per night because we want 50 amp electricity. We are about 35 miles from both Mobile and Pensacola so we’ll be visiting both while we’re here!

20160404_123606 20160404_123511Here are links to previous blogs about stays in this area, They are in date order:






Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!


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10.29.16 Iron Magnolia Antiques in Pass Christian, Mississippi originally published 04.02.16

20160402_140856 (Medium)October 29, 2016 – I visited Iron Magnolia again this week. If you’re in the area this is a cool place to browse around.

Chip and his family are coming to stay with us tonight and WE CAN’T WAITTTTT!!!!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2016 -WARNING! WARNING! My photos today are not great, but at the bottom you’ll find a link to their website where you can get a better idea of what’s here to fall in love with at Iron Magnolia Antiques!

Roy and I went out today to pick up prescriptions at Walgreen’s in Long Beach. On our way back to the RV park we passed by Iron Magnolia Antiques. We’ve driven by here several times but this time stopped. I would not think they had so very much to see until we started looking around. All sorts of outdoor decorations can be found in the large yard around the shop. We loved one in particular but found it wasn’t for sale! My dear friend Cindy LeBlanc would love this place and probably buy a lot so I hope she reads today’s blog post!

OUTSIDE IN THE YARD20160402_134115 (Medium) 20160402_134311 (Medium)The boy and the girl going down the slide below is the one we loved!20160402_134426 (Medium)20160402_140623 (Medium)20160402_140728 (Medium)

ShopFrontInside the two houses that are connected you can roam and see sooooo much wonderful stuff! My photos didn’t come out as well as I wish they did BUT you can check out lots of great photos on their website. They only show a tiny bit of what’s in there. From outside I never would have believed there would all of this inside! The owner, Linda Ladnier was very nice and showed me some things I missed. I have to say that if we still had a house I would have left there with an empty pocketbook and a full trunk!! I’ll share her contact information so you’ll know where to find this great place if your on the Gulf Coast.

Like I said at first these photos are not great so I hope you’ll go to the website to see more!20160402_135003 (Medium) 20160402_135835 (Medium) 20160402_140101 (Medium) 20160402_140220 (Medium) 20160402_140400 (Medium)20160402_140354 (Medium)

Here’s their information:

Iron Magnolia Antiques and Collectibles
6030 Menge Ave.
Pass Christian, MS 39571
Ph: (228) 918-6468
Hours: 7 days a week, 12 – 5

Great directions are available on the website!! www.IronMagnoliaAntiques.com
Owner: Linda Lanier

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!

truck for scripture picture bowed downcooltext1838781539

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10.27.16 Mississippi Gulf Coast – Week One 03.21.16 to 03.27.16

Thursday, October 27, 2016 – We have gained several new Dora and the Explorer blog followers since earlier this year. I want to share how great the Mississippi Gulf Coast is with these new folks so the next few days I’ll share previous blogs here. If you’ve read them before take some time off, if not I hope you enjoy them!

Thursday, March 31, 2016 – We arrived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast on Monday, March 21st. Here’s a bit of what we did and saw during week one.

The trip here and our place at TLC Wolf River Resort

20160321_134813 20160321_134823 20160321_143735 20160321_143951 20160321_150126 20160321_150136 20160321_182646

The Mississippi Gulf Coast20160323_124031 20160323_124044 20160323_124054 20160323_124228

Lookie, Diesel is lower than Regular!20160323_124403

One missing puzzle piece just drove us bananas!20160325_104539

So Roy searched high and low. How can anything get lost in a 400 sq. foot home! Between the sofa and the dining area under some packing boxes was one little puzzle piece. What a man I am married to!


And now the puzzle of the Grand Canyon is complete. I can’t bring myself to take it apart so a week later it is still together waiting for someone to want to take it to their home!20160327_132510

One afternoon we went to the Biloxi Visitors Center to tour it and to watch a 50 minute documentary on Biloxi and Katrina.

20160325_15013420160325_15015020160325_135234 20160325_135340 20160325_135348 20160325_135454 20160325_135708 20160325_135749

Jim Cantore, from the Weather Channel in part of the film.20160325_143600

A car under a 18 wheller.20160325_143606

One of the casinos that was lifted up and moved across the highway from its original location.20160325_143704

Some of the amazing wooden art sculptures made from Katrina damaged trees from the coast.20160325_144938 20160325_144946 20160325_145235 20160325_145713 20160325_150035 We found this great place in Biloxi where you can get crawfish to go. We picked up some crawfish, corn and potatoes and took them back to the resort and enjoyed eating them outside on our picnic table. This is our first, and maybe last crawfish of the season so it was quite important for us to have some!20160325_152901 20160325_161403

Two other RVillagers who are at our park are Henry and Sonja Jones. We contacted them RVillage and went to see them one evening. We got to know them and enjoyed some fun talking and visiting!20160325_194933

Saturday the Easter bunny was seen hopping (actually riding on a golf cart) around the resort and then having an Easter Egg hung under the big oak tree with a bunch of children!20160326_110350 20160326_110406

Roy cooked some hamburgers one evening. We ate them on toasted french bread! Yum!20160326_143537

Madisyn and Kallie’s Easter baskets. They each got new girl’s Bibles and several other goodies!20160327_115727That wraps up week one on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We’ve ridden up and down the beach several times but haven’t sat on it yet, that will be the second week!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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10.24.16 Mississippi Gulf Coast – Fall 2016

Monday, October 24, 2016 – Well here we are back on the Mississippi Gulf Coast at our home park in the Coast to Coast System, TLC Wolf River RV Resort. They are all decorated for Halloween and the grassy areas along the river are again just beautiful.

20161021_144718 20161021_144555 20161021_144406 20161021_144002 20161020_100648

It does not matter how many times we come here, when we turn on to the Beach road which is Highway 90, I just start snapping pictures. It is so beautiful I am taking pictures like we’ve never been there before. Friday evening we decided to go to Treasure Bay Casino in Biloxi, our favorite dungeness crab buffet with many other seafoods and just downright comfort foods. The ride there was just beautiful.

20161021_154231 20161021_155935 20161021_160955

The food was delicious!

Dungeness Crabs and Snow Crabs

20161021_161847 20161021_161851

Hot boiled shrimp!20161021_161916

Fried Okra, Creamed Spinish, Frog Legs (gag…..) and something I think Mussels which is weird here in Louisiana.20161021_161921

Roy picks the meat out of his crabs and fills up these cups pouring clarified melted butter over them. In the second photo he put the crabmeat on top of some fresh baked fish for a delicious combination!!!20161021_171552 20161021_172041

We ate so much that we took a walk out to the pool to rest there before heading home. They have a pool where one end seems to have no end. It is really beautiful and I enjoyed checking it out!


20161021_175821 20161021_175843

The ride home was even more beautiful. As the sun was setting, the gulf water was a brilliant light blue, the sky was amazing pink and the sun going down to the right had a golden glow.


20161021_181815 20161021_181801 20161021_181630

We haven’t previously gone out on the coast at that time of the evening, but after seeing this amazing site it may be a frequent drive for us to take!

We lit our first campfire of the cool weather season yesterday while we bundled up outside. We watched LSU have their way with Ole Miss and a pot of peanuts was cooking!


Roy went to Hammond today to take care of some errands and to get in some remote control flying time. I stayed home to work. Chip, Misty, Madisyn and Kallie met him at the flying field for a joyous reunion. Grannie did get to Skype with everyone. Roy’s cousin Chris Fox was there and let Madisyn fly using a buddy system (that’s what Roy calls it). Here’s a picture of Chris, Madisyn and Roy all holding controllers flying.


You know when you start seeing pictures of Madisyn we are getting close to home! She grows way too much when we’re gone.

Roy and I enjoyed the beautiful cool morning and evening here today. We spent most of the day outside working on a difficult puzzle of Rosie the Riveter! Our old eyes see the subtle color variations much better out in the daylight!!! We’re going to the beach tomorrow to play! More on that later!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!



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