02.14.21 Wacky Wonderful Valentine’s Day

I originally put this together in 2015 when my love, Roy, was very much in my life. He’s still my love in a different way, just now he’s in Heaven. I hope you enjoy all these cute little Valentine’s Day stories, pictures, and videos! Rosalyn

2016 10906537_1604347783120091_4539154180240295955_n valentines 1 corinthians 13 valentine_divider_09

valentines love is a gift

When you say I love you, know you are making and building an emotional contract that doesn’t have a witness.

When you say I love you, you must know you are willing to share with someone your inner part.

When you say I love you, be willing to change to someone else’s personality.

When you say I love you, know you are willing to live with two hearts.

When you say I love you, know you are willing to share dreams, happiness, sadness, jokes and your future.

Love is a way to graduate in life characterized by happiness, sadness, pain, dreams and tears.

Love is a gift.

Love is you.

Feelings are not love, because feelings are what grow and things that grow have an end.

The heart is not where love resides, because love comes from conscious being where God intervenes.

Love is not a decision you take alone because love is a decision that includes God.

Imagination is not love because it’s something that doesn’t exist.

Build love, build yourself, be love.

valentine_divider_0910-ways-to-lovevalentine_divider_09WATCH THIS ONE OF A KIND LOVE STORY!
We love because He first loved us 1 John 4:19

The scriptures in this beautiful video are somewhat paraphrased, but I can assure you that the overall message is truly God’s Love Letter to His Children – Christians. It’s called The Bible – God’s Holy Word. If you don’t know him as your Father and want to know more about His amazing love and grace I urge you to open your Bible or ask me for one. Your life will be forever changed!

valentine_divider_09VALENTINES hearts by door valentine_divider_09VALENTINES hug poemvalentine_divider_09THE FORK
Click on the photo below to watch the video!

the forkvalentine_divider_09valentines love never fails

valentine_divider_09valentines pigletvalentine_divider_09 VALENTINES withdrawal and depositARE YOU GIVING FIRST OR TAKING? By Ron Carpenter

The Bible teaches us a lot about the relationships in our home,
about how wives are to submit to husbands and husbands are to love your wives,
children obey your parents,
parents don’t exacerbate your children and provoke wrath.
It goes on to instruct us outside the home as well,
when it says employees and employers should honor each other as unto the Lord…
This entire section (Ephesians 5) is giving us insight and admonishing about what mutual submission, with the right perspective and the right heart, looks like.

It touches on all these relationships, but if you break it down, in essence it‘s talking about mutual submission throughout. In other words, God is not asking or calling for any relationships to be one-sided. God wants equity in your relationships, and a relationship starts breaking down when one person is making more withdrawals than deposits.

Here’s what happens when one person in a relationship starts making more withdrawals than deposits: What happens to your ATM machine if you deposit a thousand dollars in the beginning of the month, and you pull twelve hundred out? By the time you get to the two hundred its got to either kick your overdraft in gear (which you pay a price for), or it’s going to be negative two hundred or when you drained the one thousand. Either way, it’s saying, “this account is empty, you’ve taken too much and not put enough in.” A lot of marriages today are shocked when they find themselves coming up against ‘account empty’ as if it’s unfair to not be able to make a one-time deposit and then withdraw, withdraw, withdraw, take, take, take.

What’s happening? Simply put, you’re trying to withdraw way more than you’re willing to first put into the relationship. That’s not how God began His relationship with you. He loved us so much, He gave (His only begotten son). So God started the relationship with you by loading up your account so high, He put something in you that was so big and so valuable, you could never out give His giving. When I have a lot of good days in a row and a string of successes, I can weather the storm of a bad day, a bad decision, a bad experience, because the good, the successes, outweigh the failures and disappointments.



valentine_divider_09thGOD’S BEAUTIFUL WORLD!

valentine lakevalentine white treesvalentines back roads livingVALENTINES leavesvalentines pink flowersvalentines rocksvalentine_divider_09VALENTINES 1 JOHN 4 19 KJV

Reach out to someone in need this week!

Let others see Jesus in you this week!

Be His light in the darkness this week!

Have a Blessed Week!

01.04.21 Christmas decorations, Chris Taylor, House decorations, Car repairs, Buddy chasing cars

All of the Christmas decorations and the trees are now put away. I’ve accumulated more decorations this Christmas season than would fit in my big red Christmas container so another one was purchased and it is full! I plan to create more ornaments during the year for next year’s tree.

Chip took the big outdoor tree apart and put each of the three parts in the attic with lots of ornaments still on them.  I would never have thought to do that but it worked great!

With this beginning of the new year I am hopeful that I can move forward with my life. I’m sure grief from the loss of my best friend Roy will continue to hang on but I am slowly changing and God is walking through this with me.

I am having a hard time knowing what day of the week it is lately. I keep thinking every day is Monday. Christmas and New Years haven’t messed me up before this year.  I watch the news and the weather forecast where they show the days of the coming week but I forget it as soon as I see it,  I know when it is Sunday because I go to church (online) but still I’m confused. I have a special clock that tells me what day of the week, etc. that it is but I still think it’s Monday even though the clock clearly says SUNDAY AFTERNOON 1:06 pm  January 3, 2021.

I attended the funeral Saturday of a wonderful young man whom I’ve known all his life. Chris Taylor died at age 26.  He was an active duty soldier in the U. S. Army stationed at Fort Hood in Texas.  He was at home in Hammond on his Christmas leave when he died. The funeral was a beautiful celebration of Chris’ life and the fact that we know he is in Heaven with his Lord. We sang hymns, his dad spoke, his youth minister Derek spoke and our pastor Avery Dixon spoke at the graveside service.

His young wife Taylor and his dad David along with his aunts, cousins, step mom and others will miss Chris in their lives. He was honored with a military funeral including the 21 gun salute.

Chris was in my 3rd and 4th grade Sunday School class many years back in 2005. This is the young boy Chris, that I remember learning the Books of the Bible and participating in what we call Bible Drill.  Katie Arbour, Jennah Russell and Chris Taylor are with me in the photo

Trinity’s Bible Drill Team – April 3, 2005

I felt honored to be able to attend Chris’ funeral today. I will always remember him fondly.

While I was in Hammond Saturday I went to Hobby Lobby and enjoyed spending time there shopping for some home and outside decorations. Roy called Hobby Lobby Trinkets and Trash but he knew how much I love that store! They have Christian music playing and I just love that while I’m shopping!

One of the things I was going to purchase was a large size mason jar filled with seashells, some of them the color blue I have in the living room. When I went to check out it was not on sale so I put it back. I just finished creating my version of that and when it’s completely done I’ll share with ya’ll.

One of the walls in my bedroom has been empty since we moved in almost 3 years ago.  I wanted the first thing I’d see when I woke up to be our family portrait we took two years ago. It all finally came together and my roomate (!) son Chip hung up the canvas print. He also applied on the wall next to that the beginning and end of Psalm 23rd which was Roy’s favorite scripture.  Roy’s flag is now in a case and is on the dresser on that wall.

After church this morning Chip has been outside working on issues my new to me car Nelly has. And she has them no more!  Thanks Chip for doing your best to help me and to make your dad Roy proud!

Roy’s truck should go up for sale sometime later this week.

If anyone has a recommendation for how to stop a dog from chasing cars down the street, please share! Buddy is doing it more and more and I don’t want him to get hurt or have the car’s driver affected, so I need to figure out how to stop him.

I am looking forward to a quiet week with only a dental cleaning appointment on Thursday.  Now that New Years is behind us I am hopeful someone will call me back from the three neuropsychologists that I’ve called about having my brain testing updated.

I hope each of you have a very blessed week, Rosalyn




01.01.21 I cannot find my bowl of oatmeal

I cannot find my bowl of oatmeal which was my breakfast on Thursday. I ate half of it and lost the rest. I checked everywhere two or three times including many places it should not be hiding like the pantry or laundry room. If it got packed in a box of Christmas ornaments well that won’t be pretty.

ALAS, the mystery was solved after I went to bed last night. Keep reading to find out how that happened and you will also see what living in my little dementia world is like.

I had to lead with that though my intention was to share with ya’ll what a wonderful day Wednesday was but the lost oatmeal is a big sign of how today is going!

Thursday was better than a great day. I got a lot accomplished, the windy breeze was wonderful (other than knocking the outside Christmas tree over). The wind blowing cool air through the house was more than great.

I worked on some Christmas decorations that I wanted to improve before putting them all away for the year. I removed all of the twine hangers and replaced them with colored ribbon that I hope will add more color to the tree. I probably spent 5 hours in my “rock room” creating, painting, fixing, and more.

The coffee table (in the picture) had water spots on it from recent rain that blew up under the patio.  Chip said that he heard that using mayonnaise on it would restore it.  This is the beautiful table after 4 coats of mayonnaise.  It is beautiful again! That was part of the really good day!

During the good day I emptied one of my shelving units and plan to sell it as a vegetable/plant seed growing unit since it has plant growing lights under each shelf. It has a timer that worked perfectly with the lights earlier this year for growing Roy’s little seeds into healthy plants ready for planting outside. The unit will be for sale soon. I’m trying to figure out how much we had invested in it so I’ll know how much to ask.

No, the laptop is not included!

Other really good things happened but I can’t remember them at the moment.

Yesterday, however, hasn’t gone well. Not knowing where my oatmeal is now is only the first part.

I needed to get more of my diabetic testing supplies.  For those who don’t have diabetes, testing supplies include lancets (that poke your finger to get blood), test strips (that pull the blood up to be measured by the testing machine. I don’t remember where I got them last but I knew it wasn’t my pharmacy since they told me that when I needed the lancets last time.

I went to the Peoples Health Medicare website and couldn’t figure out who to contact about having a company send them to me every three months like I use to have it before we started living on the road in Dora. I couldn’t find anything specific for that but I called a couple of companies I found on their site. Neither company had someone answering the phone that spoke clear English and didn’t know what I was talking about. I did catch the words “your local pharmacy” once so after getting nowhere I called Thrift Town to get the supplies.

Most people don’t understand that when talking to someone with dementia you need to include verbally things that you would normally think someone would just understand. My conversation with the young man at the pharmacy went array when he kept saying that I could buy the supplies over the counter. Somewhere in the conversation, he must have thought that I understood that a prescription is needed for these supplies. He must have also thought that I understood that since I didn’t have a prescription on file, I’d need to have my doctor send a prescription. Most people may have understood but I couldn’t see why he thought I should get it over the counter.

Having a conversation where I can say things like “animal” instead of specific things like “dog or cat” but having to understand someone or use correct descriptive words just flattens my brain every time.

I’m not sure all of that makes any sense to anyone but all that left me crying from not understanding and from not being understood.   I contacted my doctor via My Chart (which I can handle well most of the time) and asked them to send a prescription. I am sure I won’t hear from them until next year (ha ha!). Such a simple thing as ordering the supplies should never have been that hard.

More not good things happened and lucky me can’t remember them right now. My brain has good and bad days, sometimes just a bad hour or two. I texted Chip yesterday morning to pray for this bad brain day I was having. He always does pray when I ask.

None of this may sound like a big deal but it is to me when I’m trying to accomplish one simple task and it doesn’t go well or it takes forever to figure out.

Buddy was getting out all morning mostly because I’ve been going in and out packing up Christmas decorations. I don’t mean to but I leave the door open and out he goes every time. He’s also started chasing cars down the street. He’s getting more comfortable with the surrounding area here and goes to visit the cows across the street or dips his ears in the pond water.

Since all that Christmas involved is over with I hope to spend some time working on stopping those habits.  He’s so good about coming to me when I clap my hands so that’s good. I cannot clap my hands normally since I have that Dupuytren’s contracture making my hand cup-shaped.  I have learned that I can clap by slapping the top of my hand with the other hand.  Buddy is such a good sweet dog and understands and obeys many commands.

I am losing all of my thoughts that I wanted to share. It all just goes away and my thinking stops.

But I did have a revelation about my bowl of oatmeal while in bed for the evening reading Still Alice by Lisa Genova.  Alice has Early Onset Alzheimers and  is searching for something she lost. I think she doesn’t even know what she’s searching for. This search of hers was way more drastic than mine was but in the second to last paragraph, end of the third line, you will see what made my brain click and think that just maybe that’s where my bowl of oatmeal could be.

I jumped out of my bed and shouted “I think I know where my oatmeal bowl is.” Buddy was running behind me and Chip was coming out of his room and was so shocked by me saying what I was kind of shouting, and being in the hall in the middle of the night.  I opened the linen closet door and there was my bowl of oatmeal sitting up high on a shelf. I think I put it there when I was searching for my diabetic testing supplies earlier and never thought of that place when I was searching through the house.

I fixed a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries from my own bushes for my breakfast this morning, the first day of the year 2021 and at it all sitting in one place. It was delicious. Buddy was standing guard making sure I ate it all this time!

I’m hoping the rest of 2021 goes as well as this morning is going.

I have been writing a blog post for years on the last day of the year recapping our life during each month of the past year. I didn’t do one this year as I don’t want to have to write about September 2020 when Roy passed away.  Our life was happy and good every month of the last years since I started blogging in 2012 and I enjoyed writing the recap that I titled “Reflections of God’s Blessings.” It was not a blessing to have Roy die even though I know that it is part of God’s plan for both Roy and my lives. Because of this deep grief, I just can’t write more about 2020.

I am looking forward now to what the future holds in my life. My God is in control, and I am so thankful for that.

Buddy, Chip, and I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

12.26.20 A different kind of Christmas without Roy

Things have been kinda the same yet very different this year without my honey Roy at our family’s Christmas gathering. My Christmas blog post has always been my favorite to write each year. This year many tears flowed while writing this post, and lots of missing Roy has made this a very different kind of Christmas.

Chip, Buddy, and I really looked forward to Christmas Eve when our family gathered to eat, open presents and fellowship together, then attend Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship Service together at our church in Hammond.

I’ve been telling Buddy how he would have really loved his Paw Paw Roy. I probably wouldn’t have gotten Buddy if Roy was still around.

Our Christmas Eve was a very special afternoon and evening. I kept the menu simple: BBQ Beef on a bun, fruit salad, chips and dips, and 3 desserts.

My precious grandchildren, sons, and daughter in law could not have brought me more joy and love. My Grannie heart was so happy.

One of my Christmas gifts to my sons was a photo memory book from Shutterfly with photos of them, their children and Roy throughout the years. One of the photo memory books almost didn’t make it here before Christmas but I found out what an amazing company Shutterfly is and it made it just in time!  They both loved the gift and spent some time looking at all of the photos I picked out. Creating those books brought on a couple of days full of tears and sadness which I couldn’t share with anyone because I didn’t want to ruin the surprise. 

Here’s the front of both books.

Their family also both received an amazing hand made cutting board with Chauvin embossed on it. They were made by my pastor and I absolutely love both of them.

The extremely cold weather kept us inside. Chip had a tall outside heater that we now have at my house on the patio. The only time we all went outside we were huddled around the heater. While outside our family got to see all of the ornaments on my big tree that is on the new patio.

 Some of the ornaments my grandchildren previously made for me, all the ones I made this year involving some of Roy’s small things (Roy’s small calculator he used when he installed carpet back in the day, and ones my friend Cindy gave me are now on the tree. I shared a few of those ornaments in a previous post.  I added some artsy, crafty bling to some of the plain ornaments, decorated some seashells, some computer CDs, and hard drive disks. I plan to make more of these CD disks and hard drive disk decorations this coming year for next year’s Christmas tree.

Two of the grandchildren gave me the ornaments they made for me. My present from Chad’s family was two beautiful glass ornaments. One in the shape of a heart with a picture of their four children on one side and the other with all of our names, Roy, Rosalyn, Chad, Chip, Amy, etc. What an absolutely perfect gift for my grieving heart. 

The backside of those ornaments.

Chip’s gift to me was having Buddy’s teeth cleaned. We both are enjoying the clean breath Buddy now has!

People have been saying this first Christmas would be difficult without Roy. I really didn’t grasp what that would mean or feel like. I know now that the sadness and loneliness I have felt is what that’s all about.  Being without half of our original family, Roy and me, made my heart hurt. However, the joy of having all of our family around me helped on Christmas Eve. This past week a couple of days were just total loneliness that I haven’t really experienced before. I miss my partner in crime so much. This is my new sidekick who I appreciate so much. Chip and I before everyone arrived on Christmas Eve.

The very best part of our family gathering on Christmas Eve was all of us going to church together. My favorite part of that was signing with my middle granddaughter singing Christmas hymns. I sat down and she stood up so we were on the same level.  She is normally very soft-spoken and a bit shy but when she sang praises to our Lord her little voice was clear and beautiful.  After the service, a couple sitting two rows ahead of us commented on her beautiful singing.  Chip took a photo of our family all sitting together last evening at church. I loved that he did this. Here is the photo.  Look at my sweet littlest grandchild holding onto the arm of her older cousin Madisyn. So sweet.

Well, Buddy and I have gone around all day, Christmas Day, with a jingle bell necklace around our necks. And I got to eat more of the desserts we didn’t finish off yesterday. 

All of our Christmas’ going forward will be different since Roy will not be with us in person. I know he is in the children and grandchildren that came from our love for each other. He will always be with us in that way.

I hope that your Christmas was a blessing to you, just as the gift of Baby Jesus was a blessing to those of us who are his children.

Merry Christmas to all of you, Rosalyn



07.06.20 Happy Birthday to our son Chip Matthew Chauvin!

This was originally published last year. We love this big baby boy of ours so ! Happy 39th birthday Chip Chauvin! Happy Birthday to our son Chip Matthew Chauvin who was born on this day in 1981 at 8:56 pm a healthy boy of 8 pounds born to a young dad of 30 and mother of 26.. Today is Chip’s 38th birthday.

Chip, you’ve made us proud, you’ve made us quite crazy😉, and we love you now more than ever! We celebrated his birthday on July 4th complete with fireworks!

Here’s some pictures of Chip throughout the years.


granniepictures016 tbt little chipChad &06

   chip5fishchipchip3MVC-004S1098c chiptruk2DIGITAL CAMERA  chipsr


Have a great and special day Chip! Love you, Mom and Dad!

08.26.19 Chauvin Produce Company – In Transition to the Fall Garden

Gardening is difficult when the weather is as hot has it has been.  The high today was in the high 70s so right after church today I spent several hours crawling around and working in our main vegetable garden. Pulling weeds has been difficult because the garden was so full. All weeds and dead leaves are now gone!  They will come back though! 😦  Many of the vegetables really needed tying up higher to the tall stakes and that was done today. Dirt gets washed away exposing the roots as time goes on so each plant got a fresh mound of dirt over the roots.

A lot has changed since I wrote last and we are transitioning to the Fall garden now.

While I worked in the garden Roy spent the whole afternoon assembling a square picnic table for family and friend gatherings.

My husband doesn’t do anything half way.  He could have assembled the picnic table and bench and walked away.  But these concrete squares are to go under each corners legs so it doesn’t sink into the ground and get uneven.  I’m already planning how to make that area down by the pond into something pretty where we’ll like to visit! It’s pretty far from the house but has a beautiful view of the pond!

Now to the garden. One thing we’ve learned is that we are either really not good at growing watermelons or the locations we’ve planted them in is no good.  We’ve had at least a dozen watermelons start to grow on the vines.  All but three withered up and died.   Two of the three are little and round, about two week old watermelons.  One got fairly large before we discovered it had been either eaten into or somehow went bad.  We’ve both agreed this may not be something we grow again next year.  After cutting off the bad part of the fairly large one, it was quite delicious.  I think we’ll get about three bowls full of watermelon from that one. I’ll leave the vines growing just in case a miracle happens and we get another nice size one!

We are proud that we grow okra really well.  Every day I cut at least one nice size okra from each plant.  Now that new branches are growing from near the bottom and okra are growing from there we have maybe 3 okra pods to pick from each plant.  I’ve shared okra, frozen sliced okra, cooked smothered okra, pickled okra, and boiled okra.  Every way I’ve fixed them has turned out great. The top of the okra plants are now around 7 feet tall.  I have to bend them over a lot to reach the top to snip off the okra pods!  Two of the plants have grown all the okra they are going to grow so I’ve cut them down to just above where the new bottom branches are growing. My smothered okra recipe will be included in the next blog post.

These tall scrawney okra plants are great producers.  You can see the yellow flower at the top and a flower near the bottom on the same plant where the new crop have started.

This one small okra plant is a different variety I tried this year from seed.  It’s the only seed of that variety that actually turned into a plant. It took longer to start producing but about a month ago it started producing an okra pod each day. These are some of the lower branches that are now producing okra.A pot of smothered okra and a pot of fresh potatoes

Bell peppers are another vegetable we grow well.  I’ve stuffed dozens of bell peppers. I also chopped up a lot of bell peppers and froze them.   I don’t know if it is our soil or the type of bell pepper seeds we grew we’ve grown but they don’t seem to get as big as the ones in the grocery.  They are however very tender and quite delicious! They are still producing quite a few in what I call their second season. This is a vegetable we will grow again. My stuffed bell pepper recipe will be included in the next blog post.

All of the sweet potatoes have been dug up.  The first batch stayed in the house for two weeks and then the storage shed for two weeks after digging them up.  They are now ready to cook.  Their shape is not always like the ones in the grocery. However, I’ve watched several videos about growing sweet potatoes and have found that other people have funky shaped sweet potatoes in their home gardens just like mine are. The second batch lived inside for a couple of weeks and have just been placed in the storage shed for the next two weeks.  I’ll let ya’ll know how the first batch of sweet potatoes tastes when they are cooked.  We’ve agreed we won’t be growing sweet potatoes anymore.  A lot of work and a lot of space for not many results.

This is the first batch that are ready to cook.

The second batch that will be ready after spending a couple of weeks in the warmth of the storage shed.  Aren’t they the weirdest shape things!?Our cucumbers are still producing. We’ve picked around 60 decent sized cucumbers so far. About a dozen cucumbers were yellowish in color as they grew.  They were delicious even though the cucumbers were yellow-skinned.  I’ve planted seeds three times since this planting season started.  The vines are sometimes strong and sometimes weak.  I learned I’m not great at pickling the cucumbers.  They get very soft though they taste okay.  I’ve fixed them a couple of different ways.  It’s a lot of work for something that doesn’t turn out great.

Roy’s new creole tomato plants are all producing at least one, some more.  Can’t wait for one to get ripe and taste it!

The original two rows of tomatoes are down to one plant! That one plant has one tomato on it and when that ripens we’ll pull it up.

The two rows above where those tomatoes grew will be planted with the cauliflower, broccoli, and brussel sprout plants that are almost ready to go in the garden.

The corn seeds planted about a month ago are growing well and most all have corn on them.

+The mirliton vines have been difficult to grow.  They do not make millions until August but so far we have no militon vegetables on the vines.  While the vines right now look okay and strong, during their growth they’ve been weak and then strong and then weak looking.  We were really hoping this would go well since we both love stuffed mirlitons and have such fond memories of Roy’s mom growing them in their garden.

Our fig trees are really weird.  These are a few of the figs still on the tree.  They are all still green.  Sometimes one will ripen and something eats part of it right away.  Most of them haven’t gotten anywhere near ripe. They have received a good soaking every day so we don’t know if something is wrong or if they are just late producers! 

The yellow onion crop was pretty small and the onions themselves were small.  I planted 100 yellow onion sets (tiny onions) and this is about half of what it produced. The largest ones are about tennis ball size.

We’re using the green tops of the onions on our baked potatoes tonight!

Our eggplants have done well.  The first group produced nice sized eggplants.  The second group produced mostly small ones.  Once they got about baseball size they fell off the bush.  If I didn’t get them off the ground the same day they rotted quickly.  The smothered eggplant casseroles turned out very tasty.  My smothered eggplant recipe will be included in the next blog post.

I love mangos and want to try growing them.  I found a video showing how to do that and am trying it!  The picture below shows the bottom half of a 2 liter bottle. The two baggies contain two different mango seeds.  I’ve always thought the seed was what was inside the mango that had lots of hair on it.  Come to find out that the actual seed is inside of that hairy thing.  The video said to gently dig out the seed and wrap it in a wet towel, then put it inside a zip lock bag for ten days.  At the end of the ten days you remove the papertowel wrapped seed from the baggy.  It is suppose to have a nice root growing on it.  You then add rocks and dirt to the empty bottle and plant the seed in it.  As the plant grows you put it in a larger container about every year.  Who knows if this will go well but it is too easy not to try!

The photo below shows the seeds wrapped up and the bottle cut in half. Here is a link to the video that taught me how to do this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AV_J1ihtia8

The artichoke plant has not produced an artichoke but is still living so we’ll see how that does! If it’s not dead, it still has potential!

We’ve had so much rain, that continues this week that the garden has often been overflowing with water.  The seedlings are ready to plant but I’m waiting until the flood is over!

The fall garden will include cauliflower, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, tomatoes, bell pepper, eggplants and okra. We’ll get a break in our gardening once we have our first freeze here.  I don’t know which vegetables can withstand the freeze but we have very few hours each year where the temperature is below freezing.

Ya’ll have a Blessed week!



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08.20.19 Flowers, flowers, flowers at the Chauvins!

We have so many pretty flowers around our property on Rohner Road in Amite.  A while back I took a few pictures of plants blooming their prettiest and have included them with the more recent ones taken today. The majority of our flowers were transplanted from our home in Hammond when we moved here.  This year many of those plants were divided and planted in different locations around our property.

Look at the butterfly buzzing around this lantana plant   We have six oak trees on one side of our property.  I transplanted creeping daisy vines and vinca vines around each tree. I hope to improve each of the oak tree flower beds next year. This group of oak trees had a Hosta plant added to the group.  Our renters had a beautiful one and allowed me to take a clipping which I’m growing here now. The hammock is hanging from two oak trees with new creeping plants and lilies around each of them.  The new chimes make this a wonderful place to rest! This tree is one of the two the hammock is hanging from.  There is a lot of shade here so all the flowers planted around there are taking a while to grow.  There were a dozen or so lilies blooming here earlier in the year. They’ve been cut back and will bloom again next spring! Our eight blueberry bushes previously lived here.  They were dug up about a year ago and are planted along side the house.  Planted where the blueberries were are two azalea bushes and two lantana bushes plus lots of the creeping daisies.  The two silver urns have strawberry plants in them.   Lots of medium size rocks painted with several states name on them outline this new garden space.Roy’s grape vines are doing okay but have not begun to produce anything.  This is where all of the creeping daisies and vinca vines came from.  I cover the creeping daisies and vinca vines with pine straw every winter. They come through the pine straw as they start to grow every year and wind up like this.  My friend Pam Smith gave me the creeping daisies years ago and they are one of my favorite plants. The lantana and azalea bushes were dug up from along the fence.  Since we don’t live next to this anymore I wanted to have something pretty to look at our of my bedroom window so those plants were moved to where I just showed you.  These ferns were being smothered by the creeping daisies in the garden above so they are now living next to the concrete patio and are starting to grow nicely.The lilies alongside the concrete patio. They were so crowded that a lot of them were transplanted to other places on the property.  Still a lot remaining to bloom next year.

Flowers and Lillies are growing at the base of both mailboxes.    The Lillies have been cut back for the winter.  It takes a while for the vinca vines to take off but they are starting to show up real well.

Earlier in the summer creeping daisies and vinca vines were planted around the septic tank covers.  The first picture was after a month of growth.  The second was taken today about 2 months later.

The blueberry bushes are flourishing in their new location with more sunlight!

This is at the base of our huge pine tree by the road.  In a couple of years, the little flowering vines, plants, and lilies will make a beautiful welcome to those coming to visit.    The rose bushes and camellias are growing bigger and get cut back when needed so they fit within their designated area.  I’d like to expand the area they are in so they can grow more. Roy’s kind of in charge of the work to do that so we’ll see if that wish of mine comes true! Last fall these adagio bushes were cut back as much as we could.  The first photo is after they started coming back.  The second photo is today.  I don’t think these two bushes could be any prettier.

While we traveled out west we collected cactus from a couple of places and are enjoying the beautiful flowers that the bigger cacti grow.  The smaller ones in the blue bowl are soft cacti and make a yellow flower when they bloom.      The varigated liriope was one of this years transplants.  From one big bunch elsewhere I got six transplants!  The red bush roses are doing really well.

A sweet friend, Ellen, gave us a daisy plant for Easter.  Once the daisies stopped blooming it was planted in the garden and is starting to spread out.  Can’t wait to see the daisies there next year!  So that’s the flowers around our property. Writing this helps me know next year what’s going to grow in each place since several of them die back in the winter.  I don’t remember well and this helps me.  I hope you enjoy it as well! If anyone loves the creeping daisies plant and wants some, let me know.  I obviously have enough to share!

I hope to share next time how our vegetable and fruit gardens are doing. Evert thing is in a period of transition but is still doing really well!

Ya’ll have a Blessed week!



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08.07.19 The Peanut Butter Story, Author Unknown


This is a true story. It is a story of God and His Faithfulness in ALL things.


During a season of my life when I was a single mother and struggling financially, one of my daughters came and asked what might seem like a simple request. She said, “It’s been a while since we’ve had any peanut butter. Could we get some?” I told her I’d see what I could do about that and she went off to bed.

Well, I remember laying on the couch and crying like a baby because I knew there was no money to buy peanut butter with. I had a good old fashioned pity party. I cried out to God and told Him how unfair it was that my children had to do without such a simple request over circumstances that were not their fault. I told Him I felt ashamed to question Him and complain when we certainly had not gone hungry. Many friends and church family had been faithful to help us. God had shown His faithfulness time and time again.

I told Him it surely would be nice to be able to go to the store and get not only our needs but also a few “wants”, like peanut butter! I cried myself to sleep feeling like a failure as a mother. (The peanut butter was just the straw that pushed me over the edge of much financial stress)

The next morning I got up to go run the Meals on Wheels route that I worked that summer. I took one of the girls with me every day so I would have some special time with the daughter who went for that day. The same one went with me that day who had asked about the peanut butter.

We got to one of the houses and the sweet little lady who lived there asked if I could wait a minute after we had given her the meal. She went into her house and came back with a can in her hands. She then preceded to say “I went yesterday to get my commodities and they had this can of peanut butter in my box. Well, I don’t buy peanut butter because it gives me “the gas”. I love it but it sure doesn’t love me! Well, I kept thinking about this can of peanut butter in my cabinet last night and I got up and ate a spoon full. Let me tell you – that spoon full of peanut butter kept me up all night! When I got up this morning, I thought, I’ve got to get that stuff out of my house! Then I thought about you and your little girls coming by here every day. I don’t want to offend you by offering you an opened can with a spoon mark in it, but I figured kids all love peanut butter. Would you mind having this can of peanut butter?”

I’m sure she wondered why I was crying before she could even finish her question! Absolutely, we would love to have such a precious gift! In that moment it was more valuable than a can full of gold! Sure, a can of gold would have bought a house full of groceries, but not the lesson my children and I learned that day and that we have never forgotten.

God does hear our prayers, He hears our heart cries. He hears a little girl say “can we get some peanut butter” when there’s no money to buy it.

That little lady could have given us a loaf of bread or a bag of potatoes. But it would not have been the miracle that God wanted us to have. It would have been appreciated but not something that I would remember so vividly 20 years later.

My God is an awesome God and He cares about me personally. He cares about you too. Bring your needs and your concerns to Him. He will show you how big, and loving, and able He is.

I’ve just always felt bad that the poor little lady had “the gas” all night to get our miracle to us!

  • Author Unknown


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