10.08.13 Field of Dreams, Dyersville, Iowa – 02.07.20 New Field of Dreams

MLB announcedlast week that the White Sox will host the Yankees in a “Field of Dreams” game in August of 2020. The game will take place in the new stadium built next to the iconic field from the movie. There will be 8,000 seats and fans will get to the new park through the cornfields around the original field where the movie was filmed. It seems like this is going to be one game only between the Yankees and the White Sox. I can’t wait to hear more information on this.

Roy and I were there in October of 2013 and LOVED IT!!  We recently ordered two canvas arts showing two great moments we had there. They are now on our living room wall next to our TV. I love that we are decorating the walls of our home with reminders of the precious memories we have from our six years living on the road. We just ordered three canvas arts with pictures we took at the Grand Canyon for our bedroom wall! I’m really looking forward to receiving those!

Back in October of 2013 when we visited Iowa I wrote the blog post below.

The original blog post from 10.08.13 Field of Dreams, Dyersville, Iowa – Both of our sons played baseball and softball growing up,  We had a baseball field in our side yard on Hinson Road, and we loved the movie Field of Dreams.

Betcha can’t guess where we went today!!!! That’s right, to the site of the Field of Dreams movie in Dyersville, Iowa. Roy played some ball with others including an older man dressed in an old-timey baseball uniform like they wore in the movie.

We went into the cornfields and out and in and out. I’m sure we looked like silly children and maybe we were today! It’s all still exactly like it was in the movie with the exception of a souvenir stand they added.

The family who has owned the property for years just sold it and we understand the new owners plan to add more ball fields so I’m glad we got to see it in its original form. The weather was perfect and there was a nice breeze.

Anyone who loves baseball or the movie should try to make it here to see it. The admission is free!

This was a very cool moment for us walking out of the corn!

fod7 (2)Roy absolutely loved having the opportunity to play ball on that field!

fod2fod 11fod 112 fod 13  fod 15 Some of the photos from when the movie was filmed therefod sign 2 fod sign

Dora was able to pull right up to the field. I loved this part!fod1  fod3 fod5 fod6

Looking out from inside the rows of corn!fod8 fod9 fod10 fod11We’re on our way to Chicago now. We really loved the beauty and farmland of Iowa. The Mississippi River is the dividing line between Iowa and Illinois. After as much flat land as we saw on the Iowa side, it immediately became hilly and even mountainous on the Illinois side of the river. The Mississippi River here was way bigger than it was at the headwaters up in Itasca, MN but not nearly like it is in New Orleans. There was a pretty beach with a boat launch on the Illinois side of the river. At first, we saw no cornfields but now that we’re further into the state they are everywhere here too. We hope to pull into Chicago before dark. We couldn’t find an RV park that we could afford within 2 hours of Chicago so we’re heading to our old tried but true Wal-Mart. We’ve pulled off the road at a rest stop for Roy to take a little nap since we’re going pretty far today and he did play baseball earlier!  We have some tentative plans for what we’ll do in Chicago so stay tuned for the next installment of our travels!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

Currently, it was one of those times when we were both as happy as two little kids can be. Of all the places I’d love to go back to this is at the top of the list.  I’d want both of our sons’ families to join us. I can just imagine how much fun that would be seeing both boys hitting home runs out into the cornfield! Oh, how much fun our youth baseball time was! If you have a love for baseball this Field of Dreams is a definite on any bucket list!



03.28.17 – Insulin, eye specialist and house restoring

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 – So I got the call from my family doctor that since my blood sugar numbers have not come down, despite taking threedifferent diabetes medicines, I now have to take insulin in the form of Toujeo. I know it’s best for me but it’s not something I like – at all. I have a lot to learn now about all of this but if it does it’s job I’ll be better off. Finally, over a week later I now have my needles. Today is the day the first shot takes place!

Roy, however, got a call that his recent chest x-ray was clear and all of his bloodwork was perfect!!!!

My annual visit to see Dr. Noguchi in Baton Rouge at Retina and Vitreous Specialists went really well. The scans of the back of my eyes that were taken, show the macular hole that previously appeared to be growing was getting better! My vision is still skewed when reading words on signs but at least the health of my eye is better!!! See ya’ next year Dr. Noguchi!!

Roy just wrapped up three of the houses he’s been restoring in the Baton Rouge area. That leaves just one to go! We went by two of them on Friday and left them a thank you card and gift. I’ve seen the houses as they’ve been progressing and man do they look great! Roy gets up at 4 am to be in Baton Rouge for 8 every morning and has worked very hard to help us save some money. He’s my honey bomb!!

Easter candy making continues with the first batch of Cherry cream filled chocolate eggs. Oh my goodness, delicious! Next is mint flavored cream and marshmallow cream.

In New Orleans we call going to the grocery to buy groceries “making groceries”. Roy and I just came back from a big time “making groceries.” Every nook and cranny is now filled with some sort of food! Doing my happy dance now!

I’m giddy with excitement over a dinner that’s being planned at Tickfaw State Park with our sons and their families in a couple of weeks!!! How nice it is to have grown sons with wonderful wives to cook and make the plans!! Grandchildren fun awaits!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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3.25.17 – Sweet 16 birthday party and crawfish boil – Yes that’s how we roll in Louisiana!

Saturday, March 25, 2017 – Our oldest granddaughter Kallie turned 16 last Sunday.  Oh my!

On Saturday evening Chip and her mom Kallie threw a Sweet 16 family birthday party and crawfish boil for her.

Our time in Hammond started out at the remote control flying field where Roy got to fly, quite successfully, for a couple of hours.  I got to sit and read through some magazines that had piled up at home, while watching him fly.

We then headed to Chip and Misty’s new home for Kallie’s party. This young lady is pure sweetness with a little sass!!

Chip’s friend Tyler did the crawfish boiling and loaned Chip his crawfish eating table.  It has holes it in that you attach trashbags to get the shells off the table

Tyler our master chef! Chip played high school baseball with Tyler Lee, and Jason (who is in the second photo.)

Jason Whittington (Chip’s friend from high school), Chip and Jason’s wife Casey!Kallie, Chip’s coworker Chris and Misty

Guess who!!

This was another really fun day!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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03.23.17 What a Day!

Thursday, March 23, 2017 – What a Day!!!  Not today, but last Thursday.  When my tiny brain starts hiccuping and sputtering I can’t write. but it’s working quite well today so here I am!

My son Chip and his lovely daughter Madisyn came to visit and I had a prescription refilling break through that made me giddy with happiness!  Yes happiness is found in old age when your prescription filling goes well!

Ms. Madisyn had a little procedure done on Wednesday so she stayed home with her daddy on Thursday and they so graciously paid Grannie a smile popping visit! When that little girl puts her arms around me and gives me her special love there is nothing wrong in my world!  She couldn’t run around and play so we stayed inside and only went outside to pick roses.

This is what a peanut butter waffle looks like before the peanut butter melts at Waffle House. My favorite is blueberry but they didn’t have that!

They arrived bearing a wonderful meal from Waffle House.  Peanut Butter Waffles and bacon was mine and I ate every delicious bite!!

I showed she and Chip all the chocolate Easter candy I’ve made so far and their eyes got really big!!  Madisyn and I dipped pretzels in white chocolate and sprinkled them with heart sprinkles.  She’s such a great little helper and we had so much fun doing it.  I sent them home with a small bag of candies but I’m not sure how many were shared with Misty and Kallie!

Madisyn has these two little baby dolls that she treats like her very own real children.  They go everywhere with her (yes even the bowling alley for her birthday.)  She spent all the cash presents she got for her birthday on clothing for the babies.  They are very well dressed.  They came with her and before we could start our chocolate fun she changed the babies out of their sleeping clothes and put them in their day time clothes, propped them up on the sofa to watch us and then we got started!!!  She’s using one of her paint brushes to clean something off Mason’s eyelashes in the first photo!!!

When she spotted the rose bushes out our window, she asked if she could clip one to take to Misty so before they left we did that.  She found one for Misty, one for Kallie, one for herself and two little buds for her babies.  I taught she and Chip about the importance of snipping off the “dead head” that remains after all the rose petals fell off each flower.  They need to be snipped periodically to encourage more rose growth.  She and Chip worked on snipping until all three bushes in the front were done.  I love passing on my love and interest in growing plants of all kinds with Madisyn.  She thinks nothing of throwing a banana peel into a garden to help provide nutrients to the soil!  That’s my little gardener granddaughter!!

The bushes right in front of our house are blooming so well after being cut back drastically this winter that I have to share this pic!

Needless to say I was on top of the world after their brief visit!

Later in the afternoon I tackled researching getting our medicines in the form of individual daily (morning and evening) packs instead of individual pill bottles.  Unfortunately I take several medicines and Roy takes a few.  I have started having difficulties putting our medicines together in the little daily pill containers.  I’d seen on television companies that offer to put the medicines in a handy dandy little pouch, organized by date and time.  That way there is no potential of me making an error in our medicines.

I called my health insurance company to find out companies that offer this service.  They said I have to find a company to do that and they will let me know if they participate in my insurance.  Isn’t that so helpful!  I started looking, contacting Walgreen’s and CVS neither of which do it, and found one company.  I told them my insurance and they said I need to contact my insurance to see if they were covered.  Okay so the round and round we go started.

I decided to post something on Facebook asking friends if they know of a company.  A great lady, Sandy Beavers, said she knew someone in Amite did what I was looking for!  Ooh!! I started smiling!  We’d used Thrift Town Pharmacy in Amite a couple of times so I looked them up on the internet and saw immediately that they offer something called MedPak!  Yeah!  Bells started ringing and angels singing!  Finally progress!

I called them and yes MedPak is what they call what I was looking for – and guess what, it is a FREE SERVICE!!!!!

A wonderful lady Cherie Spring, at Thrift Town Pharmacy, talked to me for a while and let me ask all my questions.  One of our potential obstacles is whether they would do the one thing that has kept us at Walgreen’s which is mail our prescriptions wherever we are since basically live on the road most of the year.  Yes they will!!!!

Walgreen’s does not charge for shipping and they will, BUT I feel that the desperately inadequate functioning of Walgreen’s online prescription system makes it worth us changing to a local Amite company where we pay the shipping.  I’ve paid dearly mentally trying to keep up with the frequent mess ups Walgreen’s Pharmacy has caused.

Okay, Walgreen’s rant over.  Did not mean to go there but it started flowing and away I went with it!  I do love the pharmacists and pharmacist assistants at Walgreen’s.  They do not like their own online pharmacy system either.  A friend from church is a Walgreen’s pharmacist and he has personally never messed up!

So the end of all that, is that we have in our little hometown of Amite a wonderful pharmacy that offers this service which will allow me to not potentially knock off Roy or I by making a medicine mistake.  And they will mail it to us which is not a service I’ve been able to get other pharmacies to agree to.

Now the process of getting all that in place begins.  That will be interesting because all my prescriptions don’t come due at the same time.  My doctor has agreed to call in new prescriptions with refills to Thrift Town when the time comes because I don’t trust Walgreen’s to send them the correct prescription information.  I’ll let ya’ll know more when we have some experience with the service.  You or your elderly parents may be able to make good use of a MedPak type service at a local pharmacy in your area! The pictures I’ve included show what the little packs look like.

Well that wraps up my absolutely awesome Thursday last week.  Today isn’t too shabby either as I set out to spray roundup on the weeds around our property here.  Yesterday I sprayed all those weeds with pure water, forgetting to pour in sprayer the Roundup I poured into the measuring container, and left sitting there while I sprayed, and sprayed and sprayed!  Hopefully today the weeds will actually get sprayed with Roundup!  That’s just a little look into my world!

Just came in from spraying and I proudly say that today I sprayed them with weed killer!  Tomorrow I head to Baton Rouge to my macular hole eye doctor for an annual check up.

My sister, my sister’s sister in law Marilyn, and I took a photo I love at my nephew’s wedding.  Don’t know if I’ve already shared it but in case not, I love it and here it is! Marilyn, me Rosalyn and my sister Harriett!  We had so much fun that night it made me happy to see it again!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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03.10.17 What a week!

Monday, March 13, 2017 – What a week this has been!

Last Sunday was our last Sunday with Bro. Bob and Mrs. Janice Adams at Trinity Baptist Church. His health is telling him to step back. After all he’s really already retired.  We will miss both of them terribly.  Their genuine love for our church members has shown in everything they’ve done.  Thank you for your 18 months of dedication to our little church, Trinity Baptist Church! This first picture is of the two of them visiting together before the service started.

Ms. Janice has served as our church pianist and we have been blessed by so many Sundays of beautiful piano playing.

We enjoyed Dinner on the Grounds after the morning worship service.  Baptists love to cook and eat together.  Our youth building (photos below) was flooded during the floods last year and is still in the process of being rebuilt.  The amount of food we had Sunday was over the top enormous.  We could have eaten, gone back to church for a while, and then eaten again with lots left over!

We had such a crowd that many sat outside to eat!

25 different desserts!

Roy and I headed over to Madisyn’s 8th birthday party after church.  Tangi Bowling Lanes was the birthday party location.  The adults had a lane and the children had a lane.  I watched, they bowled! It’s terribly fun watching children bowl!

Madisyn and Haylee

Roy and Misty’s granddaughter Raylynn

Chip bowling

Roy getting ready to bowl

Misty watching Madisyn bowl

Friends and family

Misty’s cousin Connor was so adorable bowling!

Madisyn and her chocolate ice cream and chocolate cake!

The official lighting of the candles!

We get home from Sunday’s festivities to find my mostly new laptop wasn’t working right.  Off Roy went back to Hammond to Best Buy to have it fixed.  Out comes my back up laptop so I could finish up my weekend RVillage work.  As of today we’re still waiting to get it back.  I miss that laptop that takes such good care of me!

After a very busy Sunday I got up early Monday to drive to Hammond for blood work and a doctor’s visit.  Once those were done I got lost in the world of Hobby Lobby!!  Roy calls them Trinkets and Trash but they are my beloved trinkets!

Next was lunch with my long time dear friend Chrissie.  We go to church together and worked in the same office for several years.  She’s the only person I’ve ever been able to go on a diet with and be successful.  What a wonderful time it was catching up on a few years of all that’s gone on in our life.  Thanks Chrissie for being a dear friend and putting up with me!

Then I went by our office at Southeastern and visited with Donna and Jacqueline.  Saw lots of other friends like Andre, Lamont and Becky.  It was great, as always, visiting with those special people.

On to the grocery from there for something I’ve never had happen before.  When I checked out and got out to the parking lot to unload the groceries I realized I didn’t have some candy I purchased.  I went right back into the store and they were no where to be found.  When I got home I realized it was probably a couple of bags of food that didn’t make it.  A couple of days worth of dinner food and the candy.

Roy worked all day Saturday and Monday finishing digging the 150 foot long ditch and installing an outdoor spotlight aimed towards the pond, an indoor light and an indoor electrical outlet.

Our eight blue berry bushes are filling up quickly with leaves and tiny blooms!

The very busy Sunday and Monday lead to a difficult brain day midweek with my wonderful hubby picking up the pieces.  Thankfully a good night’s sleep Wednesday brought on a much happier and brighter Thursday.  God is so good and I feel his love for me each time this happens.  What would I do without Him and my hubby Roy!

Roy started having a pain on the side of his left foot about a week ago and it got so bad on Wednesday we went to the podiatrist.  Nothing broken or torn but the way Roy walks on that foot has affected that one point (and others as seen on the xrays) to the point where it was painful.  Dr. Allen recommended two brands of tennis shoes Asics and Saucony that could be purchased at Academy.  He said the shoes Roy was wearing were way past worn out and weren’t giving him any support.  We went over to Academy and picked out a great pair of Asics which seem already to be helping the pain and will helpfully get his foot to stay in the correct position.

Thursday may have been a better day for me but for my honey Roy it was event filled long all day.  First thing around 6:30 am on Highway 16 Roy ran into a lady’s car that pulled out unexpectedly onto Hwy 16.  She said the sunlight was in her eyes and she didn’t see him.  He came home, checked out Boots (our truck) and started making calls. The front passengers side tire blew out and the rear tire sidewall was ripped during the accident but did not go flat. Roy put our spare on the front.  One the way home he could tell it pulled badly to the right.  When he got a hold of their insurance company, thankfully State Farm, they told him all his options.  We decided what to do and they made an appointment for him at a State Farm claims office in Baton Rouge.  Before leaving for there he called Total Tires where we got Dora’s new shoes (tires) about a week ago to see if they carried the tires he’d need.  They had to order them but had them in their shop within a couple of hours. After finishing with the State Farms claims office he went to Total Tires, got two new tires including new tire rod ends and had the front end aligned.

After finishing up with all that he checked on his constructions jobs then came home.  I have to tell you  how very proud I am of how “on top” of everything he was yesterday even though the accident did shake him up.  Boots is now greatly improved and ready for when we get back on the road again!

Last week I showed ya’ll the box of candy making supplies I received.  Late last week I got started.  I forgot how fun this is and had a wonderful afternoon creating chocolate goodies for my sons and their families.   I’ll work on a few each day that time is available till they are all made.  I made a special plate of chocolate and toffee eggs for Roy to enjoy when he came home yesterday.  He gave the thumbs up on them!

I’ve made my own Christmas gift cards for a few years and decided to create my own birthday cards for my family this year. I loved doing this.  The shopping for several supplies to be used in putting together around 20 birthday cards is so much fun!  I check out every clearance area in all craft and regular stores.  Putting each one together gave me some time to think about and also pray for each person who I was making a card for.  I even addressed each envelope and put their birthday in the upper right corner where the stamp will go.   These are the cards I made for our oldest son’s children.  I’m hopeful everyone likes them and knows I love them!

End of last week till today, Monday, was fairly quiet!  I found a new program Adobe Spark to use for creating graphics like the one below.  I’m liking it a lot so far!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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02.01.15 Family Sunday

Sunday, February 1, 2015 – Our Sunday was full of family!  Sunday morning we worshiped with Chip, Kim and Madisyn.  Chip is a “Connect Group” leader.  Their connect groups are small groups based around a common interest of that group.  Chip’s is Softball.  The picture below is of all the Connect Group leaders in front of the church.   The church moved into it’s new building (the old Schwegmann’s building) in Hammond.  It is huge and very nicely done.

a1On Saturday Chip’s church created a video of three of their family members (Chip was one of them) sharing their testimonies of turning to God from their addictions, and how their lives have been changed forever. They showed the video during Sunday morning worship.  I’m so proud of Chip being willing to share his darkest times so that others can see the amazing work God has done in his life.  The video was great and if I can get a copy of it, I will share with ya’ll.

Chip treated us all to lunch at Cracker Barrel.  Eating out with two little ones under two years old and a five year old is quite eventful.  It sure makes Roy and I eating out alone seem quite boring!  We loved it!

a2They all followed us to Amite where we showed them the progress we made on the house and in clearing out all the brush and trees.  Here’s some pics of the little ones and big ones checking it all out!

Chip, Braxton and Madisyn checking out the path along the pond.
Chip, Braxton, Kim, Bentley and Madisyn making their way across the temporary path to the other side of the culvert.
Madisyn, Kim, Bentley, Chip, Braxton and Roy making their way down the hill.
Chip and his little buddy, Braxton
Chip and Bentley checking out the view from the rear guest bedroom window.
Madisyn crawled inside the return air space after seeing her daddy crawl in there.
Bentley and Braxton with their “Superman” rain boots Grannie Rosalyn bought them!

Braxton and Bentley are very active little guys now.  After hours of play and activity we put on the TV “Bubble Guppies”.  This is the stillest you will ever see these little ones.  They and Madisyn made themselves comfortable on the floor and for 30 minutes there was calmness and quiet in the Chauvin household!  As soon as it went off they were ready for a nap and then more fun!

a9We all watched some of the Super Bowl together which was eventful with three little ones playing around.  It rained for most of the day so we spent a lot of time inside.  They left in time to get Madisyn home for bedtime so she’d get a good night sleep and be ready for school tomorrow.

It was so wonderful to have this time today to spend with all of them.  We hope to leave here by early to mid March so time for this is growing short.  I’m certain we’re off to a good start making the most of this time.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

valentines 1 corinthians 16 14


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08.02.14 Oddities in looking for an online jobs – not your normal job search!

10372772_10152428449723903_4041537508783919441_nI found that the best type of work for me is work I can do online from wherever we travel.  The work I do with RVillage is perfect since it’s only 15 hours a week and can be done mostly any time of the day.  I usually tried to work 3.75 hours a day 4 days a week but if I needed other days off I’d just increase the per day hours.  I still feel blessed to have this job even though right now the number of hours I work each week is very little.  It should pick back up soon so between now and then I decided to see what else is out there as far as a “virtual” job is concerned.

Two websites that I know of featuring these types of jobs are oDesk.com and Elance.com.  I’veelance odesksigned up with both, completed my profile and searched for jobs.  There are some things that I’ve learned during this process that I’m going to share.

First is that at least half the jobs online pay as little as $1-2 per hour.  This may sound odd to us until you consider that the jobs are open to people around the world.  In the Philippines $2 an hour is top pay and most of these jobs go to people in countries like that.  Americans can’t live on that low rate of pay.  On these websites you see feedback from people who have worked for the company and what they thought about working for them.  it also shows their total pay and how many hours they worked.  Most of them show a days work for $8.  After having applied for some of these jobs and finally figuring it all out, I stopped pursuing those.  People from other countries can apply for any job, even the higher paying jobs.  Because of this there are not a whole lot of jobs paying more than $8-$10 per hour. Most of the jobs require that you state how much you are willing to do the job for so there’s always a mixture of $1-2 per hour bidders for any job.

Since I originally heard about RVillage through Workamper.com and Workamper.com is an extremely reputable RVer employment company I never had any doubts about the interview process with RVillage.  Other companies on these sites are totally unknown and there is much to be leery about.  They have a wide range of ways they use to see if you qualify for their open position.  One very unique process I went through asked the applicant to do the following:

-Download a zipped file with directions.

-First direction was to go to a specific web address which they provided to the Gettysburg address.  Find the word brave and using that as word 1 and the following word men as word 2 go to what would be word 10.  Go to the 7th letter in word 10.  Assign a number value to that letter as it would be where A=1, B=2 and so on.  My letter was R so it was = 18.

-Next go to a video on a different web page where several actors read parts of the Declaration of Independence.  You were to first Google the actor Edward Nelson and familiarize yourself with him so that when you see him in the video you will know it.  Of course I thought two of the actors was him so I had to work a little harder to narrow it down!  Once I came to him I was to skip the first time he talked by himself.  The second time he talked I was to find the 18th word (because my R equaled 18.  This required me listening a couple of time and then writing down each word he said and figuring out that the word was “the”.

-Next you went to a different website and after the web address:xxx.xxxxxxx.xx/ you were to insert your word.  If and only if you had done each part of it perfectly would you access the webpage with the next step in the process.  I did it an was terribly proud of myself!

=The next step was to post a youtube video of myself talking for 30-60 minutes about what wonderful things I could do for his company.  Once you post it on youtube and send him the url to it he’ll let you know if he wants to interview you. I didn’t create a video and that’s where I am now, not really sure I want to go that far. This is the only job process I’ve come across like this one.

It looks like these weird processes are used to see how detail oriented you are and how willing you are to stick something out.

The other, not so wild, process I did was to download a zipped file containing a Word document and a photograph.  I had to take those and put them in to a WordPress blog.  What you are reading is a WordPress blog and of course I know how to use Word and work with photographs. I did what they asked which was to copy and paste the words from document into the blog, formatting the words by bolding specific ones and making sure spacing was correct, add the photo resized to 500 x 200 from a much larger size and center it.  That sounded easy enough as this is exactly how I do a lot of my blogs, so I did it.

Only problem was that the grammar and a lot of things about the document wording were quite, quite bad.  One thing you always have to keep in mind on these virtual job websites is that since foreigners are sometimes writing the job posting their English writing is very odd so what we might immediately think as suspicious here may possibly be the translation to English so I’ve had to overlook some of that.  I don’t think this was the case with this document, however. I actually think the article needed to be taken apart and put back together in a way that provided some continuity and having a lot of spellings and grammar corrected.  I did what I could without totally redoing the article even though that was never mentioned in the instructions.  I’m thinking they may want to see if you’d catch that.

I submitted my proposal for this one (that’s what they call your application which also includes you telling them the lowest price you will do the work for – another oddity) and explained that I corrected as much as I comfortably could change in the document without totally redoing it.  Haven’t heard back from them yet!

The next blog will be about a job application process I’m in that I truly believe is an employment scam.  I haven’t found another job yet but my days are filled with going through the many different processes these people put you through and it’s opening my employment seeking eyes quite a bit.

We had a family tour our house earlier this week week and it rained before they came for the first time in two weeks.  I water every other day but can’t reach many plants who have been pitifully sagging so we just knew the rain was God’s gift so the flowers would all be perky!!  The family stayed an hour and a half and we were so hopeful we’d get an offer right away from them.  We got good feedback but were also told they are still looking at other houses.


Our Saints play their first pre-sesason game this Friday night!  I saw this picture/quote below today.  It’s me all the way and I want you to share with ya’ll!  Roy said many times he could hear me through our outside walls in our sticks and bricks house when he was outside during a game.  Can you imagine what people must think when we’re in our RV.  Roy’s right up there with me these days cheering and doing what he can to encourage and fuss at our boys too!



Last year we were in Minnesota for preseason games with very little coverage of Saints games that far north. We even watched one of the games last year over Skype watching the game on my son’s TV in Louisiana.  We’re quite pleased to have such good TV coverage here and be in Black and Gold land right now, if just for three hours this Friday night and weekly until the house sells!!!

Ya’ll have a wonderful week  – REMEMBER – God loves you!


08.02.14 Cheap Drugs – woohoooo!

dog smileYou young folks with no physical ailments or those with excellent health insurance and big incomes – you guys don’t need to know what I’m going to share.  Everyone else will probably want to!

Two of the prescriptions I take each month, Crestor (cholesterol) and Januvia (diabetes) are fairly expensive prescriptions.  My highest co-payment is $50 and each of those are every penny of that.  Since we travel I get my prescriptions sent to me 3 months worth at a time.  Three months of those two totals $300.  When you add that to the cost of three months of all my other medicines adds up to a nice little total that is more than I can afford.

When Roy got a new different, yet every bit as costly, prescription his doctor gave him a discount card so we could get it filled for only $20 a month instead of the $50.  Wow what a great deal!

That made me think that maybe some of my expensive medicines would have that same type of savings available if you couldn’t afford the actual price.  I went to both Crestor and Januvia’s website and sure enough they do.  After providing just a little bit of information I was given a discount card to print out and bring to the pharmacy.

It did take the pharmacy (Walgreen’s) a little while to process it (since it was the first time) but I will not have to do that part again for at least 12 months since it is on file now.  I now get Crestor for only $18 a month and Januvia for only $5 per month instead of $50 each prescription each month.

A lot of RVers and other folks are on fixed income and this kind of help with your prescriptions can make a huge difference with their finances.  These prescription discounts seem to be available through most drug manufacturers website under special savings or Need help paying for your prescription?   Check out all the websites for the medicines you take, you could end up saving a bundle!

We are still parked in our side yard in Hammond but have made a regular homeowner purchase this week – a riding lawn mower!  Yes we sold our fancy zero turn radius lawn mower with all the bells and whistles when we sold everything else back in early 2013.

You may remember we hired a wonderful young man to cut our grass.  Right after that my work with RVillage was cut back to very little work for a few weeks so we couldn’t afford the luxury of having someone else cut our grass and Roy started looking for a lawn mower.  We found several and went to Watson, Louisiana to look at one which we bought for only $300.  Here it is in the picture below.  It sure is not the always fun to ride zero turn radius one but it cuts very well (after buying a new belt and ordering some missing parts) and having it here allows us to cut the grass a couple of times a week to keep the yards looking inviting for potential home buyers.

blog3On the home showing front we’ve had none in a couple of weeks but we know that perfect buyer is just around the corner! I routinely run the water inside and still pull weeds and water plants every other day.  Roy climbed on top of the garage to throw and blow off all the leaves, limbs, etc. that had accumulated up there.  I blew the leaves from where they landed to a nearby flowerbed creating a lot of nice mulching around the bushes!


I am looking for either temporary work here in Hammond or another online position like the one I have with RVillage.  Applying for work to do online is an experience all in itself.  Very totally different than walking into someone’s office and meeting with them.  After having such a good experience interviewing with RVillage (they were very professional and a joy to interview with) I was very unprepared for the weirdness of other employers’ process.  I’m in the middle of a process right now that I believe is an employment scam.  I know how far not to let it go, but until I get there I’ll see where they take me.  I’m planning on a blog post about this experience soon.

We’ve kinda sorta adopted a little neighborhood dog that Roy named Dauber (Coach’s goofy assistant).  He comes to visit most days for some doggie treats and then scampers on back to wherever he came from.  We’re not planning to bring a dog with us on our journeys but if we did Dauber seems to have tickled Roy’s fancy and I think he’d be the one!

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07.24.14 His Kids Special Needs Day Camp – what a blessing!, cleaning the engine and visiting with Madisyn!

Some experiences in life stay with you. No matter how many other experiences you have in life, that one sticks in the back of your mind as a very special experience. Two years ago for just one day I was blessed to be able to help with our church’s His Kids Special Needs Day Camp. Around 20+ children from ages up to 25 came together to learn about Jesus and experience the love we, as Christians, have for them. I left there that day being blessed by their gentleness and joy. They did more for me that day than I could possibly have done for them.

Last year we were in Minnesota during the summer when they held His Kids Camp. This year, since we are home, I was able to help again.

IMG_20140721_115725_170The theme this year was SHINE. The area I worked with was crafts with Ashley and Alisa. Each child made four coasters which were four inch ceramic tiles with a shiny surface. We sprayed alcohol on each, wiped it down with cotton and then creatively dropped small drops of various colored special alcohol paint.  When we dropped the paint on the tile it spread quickly and when the children blew on the paint with straws it created special shapes.  I had fun making one before we started and could see the joy and pride in the children’s eyes when they created theirs!



Between some of the parents and caregivers being there, several of our church members and outside volunteers who work with special needs kids we had almost a one on one ratio so each child was given the attention they deserved.  There were crafts, recreation, bible study, music time and group time.  Sort of on the same order as a Vacation Bible School is set up.


Christie Williamson is the director of the camp and is a member of our church and most importantly she is my hairdresser (who of course knows all my secrets as all hair dressers do!)  She works all throughout the year having periodic His Kids activity days and during the summer His Kids Day Camp for a week.  I know she has a lot of help to make all this possible but she is amazingly creative and dedicated.  Her son Lucas is a special needs young man and she’s been an inspiration to me in her dedication to making his life what he deserves it to be.

A lot of times we take for granted all the things our kids without special needs can do.  My sons didn’t have physical special needs but were both in the special education programs at their schools.  One was gifted, which has its own set of challenges, and the other had a learning disability which he only overcame through the special techniques used by his schools and us over the years.  I’ve always thanked God for the special needs of my children since I know it brought me closer to both of them in their own way.

Again I got to spend one day there this summer and it was again a special experience!  I wanted to share about it with you all so you can pass this along.  Maybe invite someone to it next year or start one at your church.  I can imagine it is an enormous undertaking  though I know God will fulfill every need and lift you up to overcome any challenge.

horizontal lineAfter an outing to Cracker Barrel for dinner, toys and candy, we watched (our first time) the movie Frozen the other night with Madisyn.  She filled us in on what was going to happen and who was who and all.  Of course there was (as always) a bowl of ice cream in it for all of us.  She doesn’t quite fit like she use to under her Paw Paw’s arm but always makes her way to sit right next to him during ice cream time!

IMG_20140717_183022_866 IMG_20140717_213435_072horizontal lineRoy wanted to clean the RV engine since we had my brother in law George’s pressure washer.  Since it is under our bed, the bed went up and he actually pressure washed it from inside the RV.  I was not too positive that would have a good outcome but of course knowing Roy he was very careful and we got both a clean engine and no soggy bedroom!

IMG_20140719_115336_563  IMG_20140719_120327_814Sadly, there were no house showings this week.  Someone will want our beautiful pink house I just know it!

We had a fairly busy weekend doing family things (of course Madisyn was in on most of it!). We enjoyed BBQ with family Sunday after church, helping our son Chip move into his new home on Saturday, and purchasing a used riding lawnmower to cut our grass with.  My work with RVillage is very slow right now so we realized we couldn’t afford the luxury of paying to have our lawn cut. Roy started searching Craigslist and we found one, just perfect for us!  Of course it needed a few parts, some tinkering and a good cleaning but that’s Roy’s specialty!  It will pay for itself in a month of cuttings and we’ll decide what to do with it when we sell the house! I really didn’t think we’d own a lawnmower again but it is true that we should never say never!