05.20.15 Bits and pieces

1654376_826105987457633_4996957998919480494_nWednesday, May 20, 2015 – Today is our getting ready to travel day.  We’ll be leaving here at day break tomorrow if Roy has his way.  Since he’s the driver he’ll probably have his way!

Here’s an update on some bits and pieces of our RV life!

Since the Memorial Day weekend is coming up there is a lot of activity going on at the park we’re in, Angler’s Holiday Mountain Resort in Mountain View, Arkansas.  Grass cutting, untying and putting in place all the picnic tables that were secured during the flooding.  The swimming pool is finally open after days of cleaning and prepping.  It’s too cool today for us to take advantage of that.

We have more than enjoyed our stay here.  The serenity and quiet during the time we were the only RV here was quite welcome.  People have been arriving each day and it’s still a wonderful place to stay.  It is one of the Coast to Coast parks that is also open to the public so if your travels take you near here I’d highly recommend staying here.

Our granddaughter Madisyn graduated from Kindergarten last week and has been accepted in the accelerated madisyn k gradprogram at the elementary school she will attend next year!  Here’s her precious graduation picture.  We love this little girl sooooo much!

Since I shared the amazing marriage proposal between my son and his girlfriend I think I need to tell you that they are no longer engaged.  I won’t elaborate, just leave it at that.

There was another flash flood advisory here this week.  The river rose quite a bit covering the rocks and almost covering the bridge.  Still not nearly as high as it did last week, whew!!!

We’ve been without Verizon service since we’ve been here as we are down in a 1610767_772414849471661_6821691071225407594_nvalley.  I’ve been told that ATT doesn’t have service here either.  We can only talk when we are in town which has posed an interesting challenge but we’ve gotten through it.  Roy looked into Hangout on our phones which may be the answer when we’re in situations like this.  If any of ya’ll use Hangout please let us know about it and how it works for you.

One of the calls I needed to make in town was to return a call from Dr. Greiner’s office (eye doctor) to get the results of the OCT test I took before leaving Hammond.  My optical nerve is in good condition!!!!  Yay!

We encountered a first in our travels when I heard from the next RV park that we’re going to that they don’t take reservations.  They have a first come, first serve policy.  It’s Terra 1901663_10152793302612556_8002597669606840967_nStarr Park in Checotah, Oklahoma.  I’ve never heard of that before.  They said they have plenty of open spots so we should be okay.  I sure hope so!

I think that’s all I need to update on and this will be our last post from Arkansas. As always I hope that more and more of you will join us on this unbelievable ride living in an RV full time!

Our next post should come from the wonderful state of Oklahoma!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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05.19.15 Blanchard Springs Caverns and Recreation Area

11188423_1439095226405371_4762796609265941417_nTuesday, May 19, 2015 – On Monday we went to Blanchard Springs Caverns in the Ozark National Forest.  The forest covers 1.2 million acres, mostly in the Ozark mountains of northern Arkansas. You’ll find the tallest mountain in the State, Mount Magazine, and Blanchard Springs Caverns, an incredible, living underground cave with a constant 58 degree temperature!  My kind of place!!

This is a “living” cave where glistening formations like stalactites, stalagmites, columns, and flowstones are still changing.  These crystalline formations are the result of minerals deposited by dripping water.

We went on the Dripstone Tour which takes you through two huge 11262011_10155526479280035_7414516686294206177_nrooms filled with an incredible variety and number of crystalline formations – sparkling flowstone, towering columns, delicate soda straws. This shorter, easier trail takes you almost half a mile one-way through the Caverns.

The other tour available at this time of year is the Wild Cave Tour which involves climbing very steep slopes, crawling on hands and knees, and passing under low ceilings and you must be in good physical shape.  We chose the easier Dripstone Tour for obvious reasons!!!

Here’s some pictures from our tour.  The last picture is from their website because it shows a much bigger area of the caverns than my camera does!

20150518_145411 20150518_145920 20150518_151225  20150518_152051 20150518_154045 20150518_154644   blanchard cavernsIn the recreation area outside around the cavern you can stroll on the paved trail to where Blanchard Springs gushes as a waterfall from the hillside, see the picturesque rock bluffs and enjoy the crystal clear streams. You can also trout fish in nearby Mirror Lake.  They may be on our list of things to do on our next visit to this beautiful area.

This is the waterfall from Mirror Lake.

20150518_16305020150518_163104FlowersPinkSpinsDividerOver the weekend we went back to hear more mountain music in the park.  The musicians change day to day and what we heard over the weekend was different than what we heard during the week.  Here’s a picture of one of the groups playing.  We sat in the Donnie Smith bench, which is just beautiful by the way, and tapped our feet happily.  Didn’t hurt that we had these giant ice cream cones from across the street to enjoy during the music.

wpid-20150516_185514.jpgYa’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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