02.13.20 Our exercise class!

This was our exercise class today at the fitness center.

Ha ha! That really wasn’t our exercise class but it was too cute not to share!

Roy and I survived day two at the fitness center!  We tried out different equipment and worked out for about an hour! Afterward, we even walked all around Walmart. We’ll count shopping as part of our exercise time!

Ya’ll have a Blessed week!

11.06.14 Last family shindig at our sticks and bricks house!

family 1Sunday afternoon we had a banana split party with my sister’s family and our family. I’m so glad we got to do this one last time before we finalize the house sale. We’ve had Easter or Mother’s Day and Thanksgiving at our house for several years so this is one last family shindig at this location. The once little bitty children are growing up fast. Madisyn got to introduce Braxton and Bentley to her Roussel and Doyle cousins! The little boys fit right in following the bigger ones all over the place.

Annie (Dana’s daughter), Sally (Greg’s daughter) and Madisyn (Chip’s daughter)
One of the twins and Sally

We got to introduce Chip’s girlfriend Kimberly to my sister’s children and grandchildren and they got to know her some while we all chatted outside. We went inside to put our banana splits together but spent most of the day outside. It seemed a lot of us had blue on Sunday so one of the last pictures I took was of Chip, Greg and Roy all together.

Chip, Greg and Roy

Of all the days for it to be very cool in the afternoon it was on Sunday with a high of 62 and in the shade on the back porch it was cool. Fortunately for the children it was nice and sunny out in the yard where they ran and played all afternoon.


We’re looking forward to another beautiful weekend here in Louisiana and hope that ya’lls weekend is a great one as well.

Chip picked me up earlier today and I went with him to pick up Madisyn from school. She was very surprised and happy to see me (and her daddy too of course). We went by Paw Paw Roy’s office and surprised him with a visit. She loves going there and they’ve gotten to see her grow up from a toddler to now a school girl!

Roy with Madisyn sitting in his chair. She loves to be spun around in it!

I’m home now and am enjoying the beautiful sound of rain on the RV roof.thankful thursday

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

08.26.14 Here’s what happens when you put the cart before the horse! Huh????

The broker’s open house for our sticks and bricks house just wrapped up.  In total 14 agents came through so hopefully that will pick up interest in the house.  They all loved it, especially our huge garage workshop.  The right person has yet to tour it but I know they will soon!  IMG_20140826_143616_155

It’s been a whirlwind the last few days, making it difficult to focus on things I’d like to write about.  A huge mistake was made by me when I decided to check out options for what we will buy when this house sells.  We’ve toyed with just finding a lot to park our RV on when we are in town, or buying vacant land to either put a mobile home, modular home or build something to rent out, or buying something already in place to rent out.  All of the above have to have enough land for us to park our RV on when we are in town.

Our agent, Jamie, took me all over the place last week looking at vacant land.  Since mobile and modular homes are the quickest to plant on a lot that was my first option.  The land I liked best won’t allow mobile or modular homes.

Remember the saying “Don’t put the cart before the horse”?  Well I must have not have listened when they were teaching this one.   Maybe if they had said “Don’t look for a house with money you don’t have!” I’d have caught on before now.

Roy is less inclined to want a mobile or modular home but wanted a small permanent house so I started looking at land with a house.  Right away I found the perfect one, took a ride out to Tickfaw to check it out and was so excited.  Sure it needed an outside air conditioning unit, was in desperate need of a pressure washing and yes I did fall through the rear porch floor twice but other than that it was perfect.  Those little details were not the problem.  We’ve gotten use to looking past all that when looking for a house due to our two years spent flipping houses. The price was ridiculously low and we could do everything it needed. Even with the things we’d need to buy it would fall easily in the amount of profit we hope to have from the house selling.  I thought we’d make an offer predicated on us selling the house.  After calling our agent to ask her to make an appointment for us to go inside I just knew we were on our way.

48176 Robertson Rd, Tickfaw, LA 70466

Turns out it is a HUD repossessed house, so there went our idea of making an offer contingent on us selling our house.  They don’t do it that way. They accept only bids made through an authorized agent, accompanied by a letter of pre-qualification from a lender (or proof that you have enough cash to cover the sale) and several other documents.  At the time we learned this it was after banks closed on Saturday and the bidding deadline was Sunday night midnight.  The fact that we also learned it didn’t have any appliances and was missing some light fixtures wasn’t really a problem because we could just adjust our offer/bid by an appropriate amount to cover that. Of course we couldn’t meet the deadline without a letter from our bank and the bank wasn’t even open.

However, we held out some hope that the bank that was in possession of the house wouldn’t accept any of the bids that were submitted because they were too low or whatever reason. It’s an odd process when the bank is involved, not straightforward like dealing with a home owner and an agent. Roy went to see the house and fell in love with it just like I did, it was perfect and had everything we wanted.  His excitement added to mine and we were hanging on to hope of the bids not being accepted.  If this was God’s will for us, it would all work out for our good.

Several things happened on Monday that gave us some hope that the deadline had been extended.  If we could get all our stuff together quickly we could still be in the mix.  We could not get it together soon enough and then found out near the end of the day that the bank was negotiating with one of the original bidders.  If they work it out with them or one of the other bidders then the house is off the market.

This turned into a very draining experience and we’ve made the decision to stop looking until we have money in hand.  I thought it was wise to look and get a good idea of what is out there.  That probably would have been okay had we not run into the perfect one only to find out we couldn’t get it.

So we’ll sit put in our sticks and bricks side yard waiting for it to sell.

I don’t want it to take us too long once the house sells before we can start our journey out west.  But I learned through this not to jump two steps ahead of having completed the first step.  You get tripped up and boy did we!  God knows what’s best for us and this just wasn’t it.


Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!

12.22.13 Family Christmas in Southern Louisiana!

DSC_0203 manger sceneI think back to family Christmas gatherings when I was a child and remember the big family gatherings we had at my grandmother “Mimi”s house next door to ours.  Mimi’a house seemed so big to me back then, yet when we walked through it after Katrina (when it was just a shell) I saw it wasn’t as big as I remembered.  All our family gathered at Christmas and it seemed normal for her to have a shiny silver tree with a rotating light of changing colors making the tree change colors too.  Before that I remember her having real old fashioned lights on her trees with oil bubbling up and down in the ornaments.  What a fire hazard, but we knew no better and loved it. I remember every year shaving a real nutmeg to get tiny sprinkles in the cups.  I didn’t know it came in a can already shaved and I love the memory of the real stuff.  Some of the adult’s egg nog tasted different than what us kids got to drink and I didn’t know why until I was much older.  I don’t think egg nog came in a carton back then either, it was homemade and served in a crystal bowl.

When I met Roy and got invited to the Chauvin Christmas gatherings a whole new world opened for me.  Gumbo, homemade fruit cake, lots of different cookies and candies, eggplant casserole, stuffed merlitons and more!  Boy they sure knew how to lay out a spread!! I always looked forward to seeing and tasting all that good Cajun cooking his mama did!  Their living room was small and I’ll always remember the floor being full of wrapping after all the children and adults opened their presents.

Our little home is decorated inside and out for Christmas.  Might not be as much as we previously decorated in our sticks and bricks home but since we added our tiny Christmas tree I think it’s perfect!

2013-12-21_15-41-16_976 2013-12-21_15-39-43_461 2013-12-21_15-39-34_46

We had our family Christmas yesterday with Chip, Kimberly, Madisyn, Braxton and Bentley.  I baked a turkey, sweet potato casserole, green beans and artichoke casserole and rolls.  I found a Christmas king cake at Berrytown filled with bavarian cream.  Delicious!!  Everyone enjoyed opening their presents and Madisyn was especially pleased with the mini tablet we bought her.  She’s a whiz with the computer at age 4!  Braxton and Bentley already like their activity cube and will probably enjoy it more as they get older.  Madisyn also enjoyed putting on PawPaws big boot and it covered her whole leg! Roy and I enjoyed having them over in our little Christmas home on wheels!

2013-12-21_16-13-09_258 IMG_20131221_161355_101 IMG_20131221_161444_974 IMG_20131221_165506_368 IMG_20131221_182207_320 2013-12-21_17-45-11_505 IMG_20131221_170945_034 IMG_20131221_170937_350 IMG_20131221_165622_047 IMG_20131221_165542_622 IMG_20131221_165526_168 IMG_20131221_182230_316

Another important aspect of our Christmas season is always the Adult Choir’s cantata at our home church, Trinity Baptist Church.  This year’s, Bethlehem Morning, was extra special for me because of the new choir members that sang.  When Teddy Forrest, Mark Traylor and his sons Jonah Kyle and Mark Everett Traylor came out with the choir my heart was so happy.  These are special men to me and seeing them all singing in the choir just put something right in the world!  As always the choir did a beautiful job, sounding very strong, clear and every word well sung.

2013-12-15_10-39-55_164 2013-12-15_10-40-04_290 2013-12-15_10-59-52_163 2013-12-15_11-08-52_636 2013-12-15_11-33-16_208

This morning was Christmas Sunday and before the sermon we were treated to a beautiful solo by Barbara Davis.  Her voice is my favorite mostly because her love for Christ comes out so clearly whatever she sings plus she sings like an angel.  The Christmas message was exceptional.  What a difficult concept it is to understand or grasp that Jesus came to earth as a human, leaving his perfect home on high to do this.  That little boy who would grow up to be the Savior of mankind is overwhelming and true.  I hope you will join us in keeping Christmas about the birth of Christ and not just the presents and things we receive.


Merry Christmas everyone, and ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!