04.04.15 – Chauvin/Roussel family Easter gathering

easter he is risenSaturday, April 4, 2015 – We met Chip’s family at my sister Harriett’s house in Madisonville for our Easter Family gathering. That’s what the filled plastic eggs were for.

Madisyn, as always, loves to play with her cousins Sally, John and Annie. They just get back to playing like there hasn’t been months since they’ve seen each other. We had a little men Easter egg hunt and an older kids Easter egg hunt with everyone having a great time.

We ate pizza, fruit salad, regular salad, chips and dips, chocolate covered strawberries and desserts. Great food and family fun. I love visiting with my niece Dana and nephew Greg and their families. Very happy we are home at this time to be part of the gathering. WARNING: A LOT OF PICTURES ARE BELOW. I cut out half but there’s still a lot!

The cooperative picture taking part of the family! Brooke, Joseph, Annie, Roy, Eric, Greg and Nancy
Do we eat good or what!!!
Dana, John, Harriett, Brooke, Joseph, Annie
Paw Paw Roy wearing a tiny hat!
Greg’s daughter Sally, Chip’s daughter Madisyn and Dana’s son John
My sister, Harriett and brother in law George. We were at their house today.
My brother in law George with his son Greg’s daughter Sally
My niece Dana’s sons Joseph and John
Bigger kids easter egg hunt – Madisyn, Sally and John
Dana’s kids Joseph and Annie playing hula hoop  20150404_141613 20150404_141644  20150404_151524 20150404_154848

We are back home now, resting up (recovering actually!) from a wonderfully fun family day.  Easter Sunday is tomorrow.  Our only plans for tomorrow are to go to church to Worship our Lord and give thanks for Christ’s death on the cross which paid the price for our sins.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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04.01.15 A little catch up! and a new For Lease sign!

this was my computer etchasketchWednesday, March 1, 2015 – A new For Lease sign is now in our front yard courtesy of our wonderful agent, Jamie Johnson.  We gave it all we could to try to rent it on our own but still don’t have a renter.  Jamie will make that happen….. no pressure Jamie!

20150401_154224Since last Wednesday and now we’ve been sort of busy.  We bought and sprinkled grass fertilizer and Centipede seed, watering everyday and waiting for something to grow!!.

Thursday evening we took Madisyn and Chip with us to eat at Whites.  All you could eat crawfish was on the buffet.  Our first crawfish of the season!  Roy bought a couple of king crab claw scissors and we got to use them for the first time.  Madisyn eats so well when we go there and that’s always a good thing.

Madisyn spent Thursday night with us and Friday morning we played outside a good bit before her mom came to get her.  Here’s some pictures.  As always even if she’s here for just a few hours we take at least a photo per hour!

20150327_10460620150327_105720 20150327_110657 About two years ago Roy bought Madisyn a big girl watch.  It was too big and she wasn’t ready for it so we kept it.  During this visit Paw Paw gave her lessons on how to read it using big and little hands.  We practiced with her while she was here and since it now fits her (almost) she left with it on her wrist.

20150327_092112  20150327_093320

Here’s a picture of the stepping stones Roy put down leading to the front door from the driveway.

20150330_124713This Friday we’re having a visit with Roy’s sister Linda and his niece Ashley.  Haven’t had a good visit with Linda in a while so we’re both looking forward to it.

Saturday we are going to  my sister Harriett’s with our family for Easter.  Egg hunt, pizza and salad!  I love how unconventional our family has gotten with its holiday celebrations!  Harriett and I are too old to do all the big cooking we use to and I’m good with that!

Ya’ll have a great week before Easter!

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Wacky Wonderful Wednesdays published on Wednesdays

Some Things I Learned About Alzheimer’s published randomly