05.26.16 Madisyn, Grannie and Paw Paw fun times!

Happy Wacky Wednesday! – Nope it’s not Wednesday and this is not that blog.  This was Madisyn’s contribution to today’s blog.  She posed for all the photos as her other contribution!

thursday 10Sunday May 22nd to Wednesday May 25th, 2016 – We got to spend Sunday evening to Wednesday evening with that little spitfire which we lovingly call Hurricane Madisyn!

We crawled under the fence and picked blackberries, went fishing, fed the fish, did lots of crafts, went girlie shopping, to the movies, watched Daddy Chip play softball, ate pancakes topped with bananas every morning, ice cream topped with strawberries and served over sliced bananas every night, and lots more fun stuff!  FamilyFun

We even had a wonderful visit from my sister Harriett and brother in law George.  They brought Madisyn an art project which she created while they were here.

The following photos depict quite well the wonderful time we had with our little pixie!!

I want it known that I do a ton of things with Madisyn that no one ever takes pictures of so therefore Paw Paw is in most pictures, not sweet Grannie.

Ice cream with strawberries and bananas.  That makes it healthy, right??


Madisyn and I tried our hand at Oragami and on step 2 of 16 we could go no further.  When Madisyn went on to doing some cross stitch, Paw Paw conquered the Alice in Wonderland Oragami figure. The rest of the Oragami figures are stored till we all grow older!

20160523_165531 20160523_165259


Checking out the pond, planning a day of fishing!

20160523_162255 20160523_161647 20160523_161646 20160523_161118

Blackberries we snuck under the fence and picked!!!20160523_151619

Feeding the fish is quite an exciting thing to do.  We purchase catfish food and throw it into the pond by the cup full.  20160522_190100      20160522_190100

 Mini pancakes smothered with bananas!!!20160525_101508

Goofy child taking a selfie!20160524_215849

She was pretending that her pretty hat was her graduation hat and she threw it in the air like graduates do!20160524_190431

Her big purchase from Charming Charlies was a purple striped umbrella.  It did not rain but she loved prancing around with it and posing for pictures!20160524_190428 20160524_190140  20160524_190046  20160524_185745

At the Angry Birds movie she saw one of her classmates from this year, and we just had to sit them!!20160524_164237

Madisyn and Paw Paw fishing



20160524_130057Madisyn caught a pine tree! 20160524_131922

20160524_130255 20160524_130405

The first of several nice fish Paw Paw caught!20160524_131705


20160524_154518 (Large)

Chip is playing first base at the game we took Madisyn to.  It was wonderful getting to see him play ball again!  We have promises from Misty that she’ll send videos while we travel!

20160523_201837 (Large)

One of Chip’s hits,  I know Madisyn will want to watch this one again!

One our way back to Ponchatoula to give this precious one back to her parents.  Sad but we had some great times these past few days!

20160525_131235 20160525_131140 20160525_130948

We returned Madisyn to her parents at her softball game yesterday evening after enjoying a yummy dinner at the Chinese restaurant in Hammond.  She got a great hit in the game, and made it to second base.  Now our little darlin’ is back home and our home is so quiet.  We’ve cleaned up so there isn’t pink and glittery everywhere now.  We will miss her as we travel but are so happy to have been blessed by having her snuggle and love with us for a few days!

Tonight is her last softball game and we’ll have front row seats for that!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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04.25.16 Chauvin Family Fun!

13083290_10153612372207029_1035924775327657336_nMonday, April 25, 2016 – Madisyn played two games this week, won one and lost one!  She thinks they win them all and for now that’s a good thing!

One of the teams they played against wore red long baseball pants with red and white striped socks.  Sort of looked like they should be in a Christmas movie!!  Madisyn has been playing right behind first base these last two games and is doing a really good job backing up first.

Madisyn is the center girl


Daddy Coach Chip by the dugout gate and Madisyn getting ready to bat20160421_180212One of the players on the other team with their cute red and white outfits!20160421_180423

Madisyn on first base!20160421_181231 That’s the softball fun we had as a family this week.  On Saturday Chip, Kallie and Madisyn (Misty had to work) came to visit us in Amite and we went fishing down at the pond.  Here’s some photos and videos of our fun! Chip and I got to visit which was great while the others fished!

20160423_123529 (Medium) 20160423_123300 (Medium) 20160423_123218 (Medium)20160423_123215 (Medium) 20160423_131457 (Medium) 20160423_130036 (Medium)

20160423_124805 (Medium) 20160423_124638 (Medium) 20160423_124230 (Medium)

The weather right now is sooooooo perfect, beautiful clear skies, light breeze, highs in the 70s and the humidity is low! We are enjoying spending every minute we can out on our RV patio under the awning!  Roy just finished putting in an outdoor television in one of our outside compartments and I’ll share that soon.  I just saw one of the fig trees has little figs starting to form!!!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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01.17.15 Two Chauvin men working hard… and a little hitch-itch!

aaa tucson
Coronado National Forest (yes they call this a forest!)

I am beginning to have some growing hitch-itch.  For non RVers hitch-itch is the desire and even yearning we get when we are off the road “too long” and want to get back to traveling and exploring.  We still plan to head west after the house is rented.

aa tucson 2
Life size sculptures of Wyatt Earp and “Doc” Holiday in Tucson, Arizona

I follow several blogs, a few of which are other RVers.  All of them are in the southwest right now describing the beauty they are seeing and oh, how it makes me want to be there.  I know we will and then the hitch-itch will diminish as we take to the wide open roads again.

Don’t get me wrong, we are really enjoying our time building our small house in Amite, the roads just calling!

Our son Chip joined his dad Saturday morning in raising the walls of our storage building.  Here’s pictures of their progress:

a sb a sb2 a sb3 a sb4 a sb5 a sb7a sb6 a sb8 a sb9

Chip left after raising the walls to go to his church and work, so I helped hold the trusses in place for Roy to put the screws in.

Just a side note, this $998 storage building kit has now risen to over $1,500 and it’s not finished.  In case someone is thinking of buying one like this, it is well worth it but it doesn’t come with any of the flooring, no shingles or roofing materials, no paint. And of course Roy upgraded lots of things like using screws instead of the nails it came with (several boxes of screws!) and using 3 dozen more metal braces than it came with, so this building will be around many years!  He read a lot about the kit before we purchased it and was very impressed with how they constructed the walls, etc. and laughed when he read that it took someone over a week to build it.  I’d estimate he’s at least 50 hours of labor into it now, guess the other guy was right!

Ya’ll enjoy this tail end of your weekend, and ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear! proverbs 3 5to6


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12.31.13 Reflecting on God’s Blessings in 2013

new yers 2014Happy New Years to everyone!  My New Year’s resolution is to travel more – I think this is one we’ll keep!

What a year of blessings 2013 has been.  It hasn’t all been blessings but I am choosing to write off the bad things. I’ve forgiven those who have hurt me, prayed for them and now it’s time to put them in the past. The blessings below are just some of what God has provided for us this year but I do want to share these.


-Living in Northern Minnesota for the summer with its magnificent beauty, perfect weather and a new culture for us to learn about.  Living with the loons, chipmunks, lots of wild blueberries and raspberries all near the beautiful lake that is Lake Kabetogama.

-Making friends with Russ and Annie Johnson in Minnesota.  We worked together, shared fun times and we plan to visit them in Florida very soon!

-Making friends with Nichole and  Ron Aschliman’s family in Indiana.  They blessed us so much by inviting us to their home and farm for dinner and fellowship.

-Seeing so many of God’s creations around the USA this year.

IMG_20131009_132931_274 fod7 (2) IMG_20130904_135204 fishing roy rosalyn minn roy rose twins  rickspic4Being able to take a nap on occasion when others in my pre-RV life were at work.

-Being able for the first time in my life to read and read and read whenever I wanted to

-Being able to spend countless happy moments with my husband Roy in our adventures.

-Being able to come back to Louisiana for Thanksgiving and Christmas and re-connect with those who matter most to us.

-Seeing my son in a wonderful relationship with his girlfriend Kimberly. We are looking forward to seeing what their future holds knowing they are both dedicated to following God’s will in their lives.

-Meeting and getting to know Kimberly’s twin sons, Braxton and Bentley and cuddle and kiss on them.

-Reconnecting with our precious granddaughter Madisyn. Spending time getting to enjoy the growing young lady she is puts a smile in both our hearts.

-Being able to attend different churches throughout the United States and learn about their beliefs, experiencing different worship styles and fellowshiping with other Christians from those different churches.

-Establishing a new hometown in Madison, SD which oddly enough is similar to our real hometown of Hammond, LA

-Receiving personally autographed pictures of Drew Brees!

-Being able to help at Kabetogama Methodist Church’s Vacation Bible School

-Finding our wonderful real estate agent Jamie and her getting a contract to sell our rental house before it ever went on the market – full price and a cash sale too!

-Our son Chip taking care of emptying the rental house, doing repairs inside and outside, going to the Act of Sale for us and much more!

-Jamie also finding a renter for our own sticks and bricks house and finding them to be wonderful renters since then.

-Living in an area for several weeks where the Amish live and getting to see them up close, even doing laundry with them.  Learning about their lives and developing a respect for them.

-Worshiping God again in our home church.  Hearing our choir sing for Christmas was a highlight of our return to Louisiana.

horizontal line

Each of the places below were blessings as we discovered parts of our beautiful country.

Vince Schute Bear Sanctuary in Minnesota where we watched bears in their natural habit quite up close

Soudan Ore mine a mile below the surface in Minnesota

The headwaters of the Mississippi in Itasca State Park in Minnesota

The Corvette assembly plant and national museum in Kentucky

Eating Chicago deep dish style pizza for the first time in Chicago

Seeing pro MLB Louisville Slugger baseball bats being made in Kentucky

Learning about cheesecake making at Eli’s Cheesecake Company and winning our own whole cheesecake in Chicago

Saw a Minnesota Twins game in Minneapolis

Visiting Soldier Field in Chicago

Visiting Wrigley Field in Chicago

Visiting a bank that Jesse James robbed decades ago in Indiana

Attending our first ever Callithumpian parade in Decatur, Indiana and a 4th of July parade in International Falls, MN

Seeing hundreds of miles of corn fields along all of the highways and in any available planting space throughout 3 states

Floating down an underground river in Lost River Cave in Kentucky

Touring both the Winnebago RV and Fleetwood RV manufacturing plants learning more about how these huge moving homes are put together.

Touring the South Bend Chocolate company in Indiana and sampling some of their goodies

Walking the 500 stairs in Mammoth Cave in Kentucky and surviving!

Experiencing a great deal of awe at the Field of Dreams in Iowa

Met Dr. Schnell who treated Roy’s hurting knee in Minnesota

Getting to experience the glorious changing of leaf colors while the new cold weather traveled south with us!

Toured Lake Superior from the water on the Vista Cruise Fleet in Duluth, Minnesota

Toured Duluth, Minnesota by land on the North Scenic Railroad

Toured the Great Lakes Aquarium in Duluth, Minnesota

Took an amazing pontoon boat adventure in the freezing cold in Voyageurs National Park to the Kettle Falls Hotel and Restaurant and the Ellsworth Rock Garden

Ate at the amazing Lambert’s Restaurant in Branson

Saw the production of  Joseph (from the Bible) at Sights and Sounds Theatre in Branson

horizontal line

I am exhausted just listing all that and yet we did that all since May of 2013.  This change of lifestyle has been a huge leap of faith for both of us but looking back on all we’ve seen, done and experienced this year makes me certain it’s the right thing for us to be doing. We’ve learned and done so much and experienced so many adventures that I love writing my blog about and hope to continue to do so!

We’ve stayed in town for the holidays long enough to be here during Mardi Gras king cake season and are enjoying one right now.  We hope to leave Louisiana next week sometime and are starting to make plans for seeing and doing more adventurous things as we continue our travels in 2014.

horizontal line

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Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

05.17.13 A look back at our first week and God’s blessings

8665554140_0d1097fdd2_zI’ve posted pictures but haven’t written much this week mostly because I’ve been too exhausted at the end of the work day to think straight much less write coherent sentences for others to understand!!  Posting pictures usually is the time consuming part of the blog but it’s also a fairly mindless process, lots of clicking and waiting!   Now that it’s Friday after work and there’s four days off ahead of us I will probably share with ya’ll this weekend about the glorious world God created in the North.  I learned that these Minnesotans are not the rude, snooty Northerners we think of in the South.  These are the friendly, kind, caring Northerners.  Whew what a relief and a blessing!

Our first week consisted of a lot of work!  There are three couples work camping and one couple that are the managers.  The men got the whole outdoors ready and the ladies got the cabins ready.  The owner Tom was here for some of the week so we got to know him a bit.  He’s a really friendly guy who works very hard around here.  He’s owned it for 12-14 years and he has good reason to be proud of this place.  His wife Pat is not here now but we met her when we first arrived.  I understand she was an interior designer which really shows in all the cabin decorations.  There is a model airplane about three feet long hanging from one of the cabin ceilings that I know my brother in law George would love to have!

Roy quickly became a handyman since he can fix, repair or create anything.  The grass was cut, leaves blown away, all the deck (each cabin has at least one big deck, mostly around a couple of sides) furniture was cleaned and arranged, the exterior of the cabins were cleaned, the docks were put out (they float), and the paddle boat and water exercise bikes were put out.  I know I missed a lot of what the guys do especially since the rest of the guys were here for two weeks before we arrived.  There are four wheelers, John Deere Gator wagons and the guys go whizzing around in those which is really helpful since they carry loads of things from the maintenance garage to the cabins and all around constantly.  We’re planning to take one of the four wheelers down a trail nearby one evening or weekend.

The ladies deep clean all the cabins top to bottom and the top can be very high in a lot of them.  Every square inch is sanitized and boy do they shine when we work our way out of the doors.  Most of this isn’t done each week but I’d sure feel comfortable staying in any one of the cabins knowing how thoroughly they have been attended too.  There were 12 beds in the one we mostly finished today.  That’s 12 mattress pads, 12 fitted and flat sheets, 12 blankets (it’s the North), 12 comforters, 15 pillows, 15 pillow protectors and 15 pillow cases.  And that’s just one cabin!  I cleaned 5 bathrooms myself this week.  None were too bad since they are cleaned before they are closed up for the winter and the guys check the toilets for critter visitors before the girls come in!

Every Saturday the guests leave and new ones arrive.  That is the busiest day of the week for everyone because so much needs to be done before the new guests arrive.  Once I’ve experienced a Saturday turnover and have recovered from it I’ll share the experience with ya’ll.

We’re all outside planting grass seed around our RVs this evening in preparation for the next few days of rain.  We’ve always planted St. Augustine sod so this grass seed planting is new to us.  We have a place next to our RV that I plan to make into a flower garden to make our little plot a pretty yard!  We put our new table outside and will probably crack out the new BBQ grill to cook steaks on soon.  Do I sound like I’m loving this!!!?? Wherever Roy and I can be together we will make our home, this is truly a blessing from God.

After the grass seed was spread and raked I turned around and Roy is rolling and carrying these 75 pound rocks and placing them into a circle to form our own fire pit!!  I helped gathering many small to medium rocks and before long it was finished.  Roy then started to shovel out some of the dirt creating a neat fire pit! Then one by one most of our neighbors and the resort owner Tom came over to help us get it started.  They all have experience and we’re new to this.  An organization from town that employees disabled people to make these fire starter things is going to sell them at the resort and we got some of those to start our fire.  They worked beautifully.  The guys started splitting wood and showing us how to pile it up so the fire would breathe and burn.  They were all so friendly and helpful.  Soon we were all seated around the campfire visiting, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows.  We stayed out there until after 10 pm having a blast!

Tom has done a great job providing each of us with a good bit of space for our little home sites, clearing out behind them and providing us with the grass seed.  He helped us a lot with the campfire and visited with us all for a while.  You can tell when talking to him that he truly loves this place and seeing his visions become reality through the years has given him much pleasure.  I can’t wait for the guests to arrive, he’ll really be in his element then!  I already respect him as an employer and as a man and that is a nice thing to look forward to having in our lives.

I’ve written way too much so I’ll stop now.  We’re enjoying our new lives tremendously but miss our son and granddaughter just as much.  We got to speak to them on the phone, through only God’s doing, a little while ago and that will keep us going for a while.  Thanks for reading about our journey!  I have several pictures to include but time is short so I’ll do that later!

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear! – I just peeked out the back window and saw that Tom and Russ were delivering to us four nice logs for future burning.  We are so blessed!