05.27.16 Madisyn’s last two softball games

Friday, May 27, 2016 –  This week Madisyn played her last two softball games.  Before Thursday I think they only won one game.  Thursday they won their last game and they won it big.  All the girls played good, some played great, they scored, they stopped the other team from scoring, lots of fun!

Whether Madisyn plays softball again next year we don’t know.  Right now she says no, but time will tell.  She’s on to cheerleading from here.  This was her first year playing softball.  Some of the girls have played for 3 years and some are older than she is.  She learned as the season went along and did really well for a first-timer!

Here are some pictures of their last two games and pictures of them receiving their medals and awards. A couple of videos at the end will wrap it all up!


Playing behind first base

20160525_182158 (Medium)

Playing catcher20160525_182744 (Medium) 20160525_182747 (Medium)


20160525_183337 (Medium)

Behind first base20160525_183800 (Medium) 20160526_175052 (Medium)

At bat – our little leftie!20160526_180636 (Medium)

On second ready to go to third20160526_180801 (Medium)

Some of the loyal supporters!20160526_184310 (Medium)

The girls after the game – what a bunch!20160526_184555 (Medium) 20160526_184703 (Medium) 20160526_184917 (Medium)


Paw Paw, Grannie and Madisyn

We love you little girl!


This  brings to an end our time spent back in Louisiana while Madisyn played softball.  They may not have won a lot of games but they had fun, she learned a lot and we all created memories!

Friday and Saturday are being spent picking the last blackberries, soaking our fruit trees and bushes with water, picking up from outside all our decorations and plants that travel with us.   Roy cut down a couple of pine trees that aren’t doing well living in the water since the water level is so high constantly lately.   Roy’s been working on a small pink computer for Madisyn.  It will be ready Saturday so we’ll take it to Ponchatoula and will tell Chip, Misty and Kallie good bye then.  We’ll put away the BBQ pit, all our lawn chairs and tables, and say good bye to the cows.  We will head out on Sunday morning early going east.

Ya’ll come back now!!

softball scripture


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05.26.16 Madisyn, Grannie and Paw Paw fun times!

Happy Wacky Wednesday! – Nope it’s not Wednesday and this is not that blog.  This was Madisyn’s contribution to today’s blog.  She posed for all the photos as her other contribution!

thursday 10Sunday May 22nd to Wednesday May 25th, 2016 – We got to spend Sunday evening to Wednesday evening with that little spitfire which we lovingly call Hurricane Madisyn!

We crawled under the fence and picked blackberries, went fishing, fed the fish, did lots of crafts, went girlie shopping, to the movies, watched Daddy Chip play softball, ate pancakes topped with bananas every morning, ice cream topped with strawberries and served over sliced bananas every night, and lots more fun stuff!  FamilyFun

We even had a wonderful visit from my sister Harriett and brother in law George.  They brought Madisyn an art project which she created while they were here.

The following photos depict quite well the wonderful time we had with our little pixie!!

I want it known that I do a ton of things with Madisyn that no one ever takes pictures of so therefore Paw Paw is in most pictures, not sweet Grannie.

Ice cream with strawberries and bananas.  That makes it healthy, right??


Madisyn and I tried our hand at Oragami and on step 2 of 16 we could go no further.  When Madisyn went on to doing some cross stitch, Paw Paw conquered the Alice in Wonderland Oragami figure. The rest of the Oragami figures are stored till we all grow older!

20160523_165531 20160523_165259


Checking out the pond, planning a day of fishing!

20160523_162255 20160523_161647 20160523_161646 20160523_161118

Blackberries we snuck under the fence and picked!!!20160523_151619

Feeding the fish is quite an exciting thing to do.  We purchase catfish food and throw it into the pond by the cup full.  20160522_190100      20160522_190100

 Mini pancakes smothered with bananas!!!20160525_101508

Goofy child taking a selfie!20160524_215849

She was pretending that her pretty hat was her graduation hat and she threw it in the air like graduates do!20160524_190431

Her big purchase from Charming Charlies was a purple striped umbrella.  It did not rain but she loved prancing around with it and posing for pictures!20160524_190428 20160524_190140  20160524_190046  20160524_185745

At the Angry Birds movie she saw one of her classmates from this year, and we just had to sit them!!20160524_164237

Madisyn and Paw Paw fishing



20160524_130057Madisyn caught a pine tree! 20160524_131922

20160524_130255 20160524_130405

The first of several nice fish Paw Paw caught!20160524_131705


20160524_154518 (Large)

Chip is playing first base at the game we took Madisyn to.  It was wonderful getting to see him play ball again!  We have promises from Misty that she’ll send videos while we travel!

20160523_201837 (Large)

One of Chip’s hits,  I know Madisyn will want to watch this one again!

One our way back to Ponchatoula to give this precious one back to her parents.  Sad but we had some great times these past few days!

20160525_131235 20160525_131140 20160525_130948

We returned Madisyn to her parents at her softball game yesterday evening after enjoying a yummy dinner at the Chinese restaurant in Hammond.  She got a great hit in the game, and made it to second base.  Now our little darlin’ is back home and our home is so quiet.  We’ve cleaned up so there isn’t pink and glittery everywhere now.  We will miss her as we travel but are so happy to have been blessed by having her snuggle and love with us for a few days!

Tonight is her last softball game and we’ll have front row seats for that!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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05.21.16 This past week in Chauvinland!

Week of May 16 to May 21, 2016 9 Tuesday morning we attended Madisyn’s awards celebration at Tucker Elementary in Ponchatoula, Louisiana.  A room full of first graders and lots of parents, grandparents, etc.  Madisyn had a total of eight of us there for her.  Chip, Misty, Roy, me, Liz, Artie, Ms. Jackie, Mr. Danny!  That little girl is really loved!  They sang songs with hand motions, a nice year in review video was shown and they all handed out a rose to their mamas!  Each child was given the awards they earned and a special one from the teacher.  Madisyn received the Taylor Swift Award for demonstrating creativity by thinking of new ideas and solutions.

Here are some of the photos we took.

13256525_871628826297170_5606809786106629410_n 13254111_871628906297162_7702818923828793419_n 13240674_871628816297171_242245687128720170_n

Madisyn’s teacher Ms. Falcon13241317_871628729630513_6285629498239832425_n

20160517_090514Wednesday morning we attended Kallie’s Junior High awards and graduation from Ponchatoula Junior High.  Kallie too was quite well represented for this event.  She received two awards.  One for having a B average in Louisiana Studies.  One for Outstanding Academic Performance in Science.  And she is just cute as a button!!

Here are some of the photos we took. First is a panoramic photo.

20160518_090157 20160518_104904 20160518_090227Kallie and Grannie Rosalyn


After Kallie’s graduation, we stopped at the Hammond Hobby shop for Roy to do some remote control plane shopping and he found the one he wants.  It’s much smaller and will help him learn better.


We then headed to Sam’s to load up for getting back on the road on the 27th.  Sam’s is always fun for us!

Thursday we went to the Hammond remote control flying field where Roy tried out his new plane.  After some lessons from Mr. Bill and his cousin Chris, he flew the plane himself for quite a while and did really well!  He’s going to go back on Saturday to the flying field. I will rest up at home getting ready for Hurricane Madisyn to land at our house Sunday evening for a few days!

Chris’ dad Junior Fox and Roy’s mother Vivian Fox Chauvin were brother and sister!  Chris is one of thirteen children of Rosemary and Junior Fox.  Two wonderful people whom we loved dearly.

Bill with Roy flying and Wayne watching

bill roy wayne

Roy flying and Chris watchingroy and chris

After the flying we went to Madisyn’s softball game.  I’m pretty sure they’ve still only won one game but they have fun.  Madisyn got a good hit and scored a run so she was quite happy.  We got to visit with Misty and Chip during the game so it was a good day and evening!

Roy and Madisyn after the game.  Chip trying to get in on the photo with his fingers!

roy and madisyn

Our little leftie Madisyn at bat with that pink bat and monogrammed helmet!!!  If nothing else, she makes a fashion statement!

madisyn at bat

Roy and Chip trying to look tough!roy and chip

roy and chip at ball field

Friday we rested and Roy drove in the late afternoon to Baton Rouge to pick up our drivers side outside rear view mirror that we had re-chromed. More on that another day.

I took photos of some of our 25 cent flower bushes and our fruit trees.  All are flourishing and producing well!




Milkweed plants20160520_131930

From our old house – they never ever looked this beautiful there20160520_131741


That’s it for this fun filled week in Chauvinland!

We have several full days planned for this weekend and next week.  When we settle down a bit I’ll write again.

amite to gettysburgOur travel plans are firming up now!  Since I discovered that RV parks on the East Coast fill up quickly I decided to make reservations along the route through the end of July.  We do not usually make reservations too far in advance but we had to so we did!  We start out in Savannah, GA; then on to Myrtle Beach, SC; then on to Williamburg, VA; then on to Washington DC and finally middle of July to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  These are where the parks we’ll be staying at are located.  Not necessarily all the locations we’ll visit.  I’m still missing someplace to stay July 1, 2, 3 between D.C. and Gettysburg, but other than that, we’re reserved up!  As always I appreciate recommendations on what to see around these areas.  We’ve received some already and they are now in our travel plan but can always use more!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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05.17.16 A day at the flying field!

img0017Saturday, May 14, 2016 – Roy went earlier this week with our brother in law, George to the Tangi RC Flyers Association flying field in Hammond, where George is a member. George has been building and flying remote control planes since I was a little girl so I estimate he has about 60 years of experience. He has several planes, they are all magnificent and perfect in detail.

This is George and one of his planes from the day they went together.

20160512_103445 20160512_103456 20160512_110659

When Roy was younger he built and flew his own for several years. His niece’s husband, David, brought them home to do some repairs on them years ago and we’ve never seen them since. I don’t remember any of this but unfortunately Roy does and it still hurts.

He bought a new one a couple of years ago which has traveled with us several thousand miles, boxed up in our closet!! He finally put it together but after so many years of not flying, and wise advice from George and Roy’s cousin Chris Fox, he’s going to put it back in the box for now. He’s asked for a smaller one for Father’s Day so we’ll be smaller plane shopping soon! Once he learns to fly a smaller one well he can start moving back up to the size he really wants to fly.

Here’s the bigger one that lives in our closet!!!


On Saturday the flying association had a WWII flying show which Roy and I went to. It was a beautiful day and we really enjoyed seeing all the planes fly. There is a nice large covered area with tables for people to sit out of the sun. They sold BBQ burgers, chips and soft drinks. I, of course, snapped picture after picture, way more than I am sharing. If you’re a remote control plane enthusiast you will enjoy all the pictures, if not just look at what you want!

20160514_100410 20160514_100449 20160514_100605 20160514_100611 20160514_100653 20160514_100835 20160514_101342 20160514_105930 20160514_110530 20160514_110540 20160514_110615 20160514_110636 20160514_110653 20160514_111252 20160514_114040 20160514_114056 20160514_121018 20160514_121123 20160514_121136 20160514_123042 20160514_123113 20160514_123144 20160514_123157 20160514_123302 20160514_123334 20160514_123438 20160514_123732 20160514_123825 20160514_125601 20160514_125935 20160514_130802

If you are interested in learning more about their club the web address is: http://tangirc.com

A link to the map showing the flying area is at http://tangirc.com/map.html

We’ll be looking for flying fields when we get back on the road so Roy can practice with his new plane often! I enjoyed watching so it will be something we can do together while traveling!

When we got home, I started feeling terrible, went to bed and have almost been in bed ever since. Slept 15 hours Saturday night and 14 hours Sunday night. I am mostly just worn out and really tired.

Hoping to get better by tomorrow morning when Madisyn’s school Award Celebration will be held, and of course we’ll be attending! Kallie has Jr. High graduation on Wednesday so it’s up early and out two days in a row so Grannie needs her energy!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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