08.19.15 – Cottonwood City in Deer Lodge, Montana

11846591_889165267831831_2583002519265157605_nSunday afternoon I drove into town (Deer Lodge, Montana) to check out some things we didn’t see last week. Roy chose to stay home and nap! Being a small town most everything was closed on Sunday afternoon. However, the Cottonwood City was open! It’s a neat little replica of Deer Lodge in the old days. All of the buildings are furnished with items they used back then. A school house, post office, jail, chapel, gold miners house, regular western house were among the buildings I got to see.

Here are some pictures of this little town!

20150816_151425DSCN2839_zpsbebfc30d20150816_150649The School House

20150816_151958 20150816_150804 20150816_150829The school teacher lived in a room off to the side of the school house.20150816_150909 20150816_150953The all important Jail and an open coffin in front!20150816_151216Inside the Jail cell was awfully corroded but the Sheriff’s area was much nicer20150816_151251 20150816_151303The church20150816_151337 20150816_151350The Post Office

20150816_15182620150816_151442The old house complete with a man in the tub!

20150816_151837 20150816_151501 20150816_151630 20150816_151636 20150816_151654 The gold miners house20150816_151926 20150816_151936 20150816_151941When I first started seeing these tress I thought the orange things were persimmons and I got very excited. When looking at it close up it’s a bunch of little orange berries. Anyone know what this is?20150816_152743 I like to drive through the residential areas of as many towns as I can and I did that today. Here’s some houses in Deer Lodge, Montana. It’s a very clean little town.20150816_15272120150816_15231020150816_15325120150816_153204One of these days someone’s going to come out and fuss at me for taking pictures. So far I am in the clear!

Ya’ll come back now!


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08.17.15 Yay for Western States CAT!!!!!

UPDATE ON OUR TRAVELS:  Monday morning, August 17, 2015.

We pulled out of western states catour RV spot at Indian Creek Campground in Deer Lodge, Montana thinking we were headed for Spokane, Washington.

HOWEVER – Roy saw that Dora’s batteries weren’t charging and knew we must take action.  He got on the phone with a Caterpillar (our engine) shop, Western States CAT in Missoula, MT about 90 miles away.  They said to bring her in so we headed that way.  Not knowing if the batteries would give out we prayed the whole way there! God does answer prayers!

When we arrived they took us into a work bay immediately.  They determined it was the alternator that is not working at all, causing the batteries to drain.  They called around, found a new one and received it within the hour.  Thankful again that we have an extended warranty, what could have cost us several hundred only cost us $100 (our deductible).  This place is fantastic, all their employees have been more than helpful while we sat comfortably in our RV playing on the computer or watching television!!!

Scott and Cody who kept us in the loop the whole time and sent us off with a smile!  Here’s Cody!

20150817_173613 We were able to leave the same day we pulled in, go to Walmart to do some much needed grocery shopping and spend the night there.  This turned out to be just a hiccup in the big scheme of things!  It puts us behind schedule by a little bit but not enough to affect too much!

Can’t tell you how much we appreciate how quickly they took us in and serviced Dora.  Thanks Western States CAT for being a great company!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

08.17.15 – Frontier Museum and Yesterday’s Playthings – Deer Lodge, Montana

Monday, August 17, 2015 – This morning as you are reading this we are on the road to Spokane Washington.  The park we were planning to stay in was Lewis and Clark RV Park in Kamiah, Idaho.  We received word that they were evacuated due to a huge forest fire in the area.  Many buildings have been destroyed and one person died.

So our plans changed.  We will be traveling across Idaho to get to Washington where we’ll do our Walmart shopping and spend the night.  Then on to Oregon!

The last two museums we toured in this amazing small town were “Frontier Museum” and “Yesterday’s Playthings”. First was the Frontier Museum.  We entered to the strains of Happy Trails to you! 20150814_132213 (Medium)

“God created man, but the Colt made him equal” is the title on one exhibit case in Frontier Montana Museum. This is the largest collection of handguns, spurs, chaps and all the cowboy collectibles between Cody and Calgary.  The items on display are the real items used during the period of 1829 to 1900, not the props seen in the western movies.

There are over 300 handguns and rifles on display. In addition, the museum displays hats, a large spur collection, many varieties of chaps used on the frontier, horse bits, saddles, – those items a cowboy took pride in owning, and in many cases, the only items he owned.

I don’t know if she loves or has horses, but I thought of our friend Elizabeth Halpin-Smith and how she would love seeing all this.  Could be my crazy brain but if you do Elizabeth you should plan to come visit Montana!

The items on display represent Don Cappa’s lifetime collection. What an amazing thing for Mr. Cappa to share his collection with all of us to enjoy!  Come along as we travel back in time to the days of the Wild West!  This place was very well organized and displayed.  I just wish the glass didn’t reflect so much light which messes with my photographs.

20150814_133351 (Medium)This is Don Cappa in the photograph above, the owner of all this amazing stuff!

20150814_134437 (Medium)Costumes used in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show 20150814_133422 (Medium) 20150814_133318 (Medium) 20150814_133310 (Medium) 20150814_133231 (Medium) 20150814_133216 (Medium) 20150814_133205 (Medium) 20150814_133153 (Medium) The next few pictures are of Old Time Law Enforsement items 20150814_133126 (Medium) 20150814_133111 (Medium) 20150814_133101 (Medium) 20150814_133042 (Medium) 20150814_133029 (Medium)These are some gambling items from way back.  A second picture showed more but didn’t come out well!20150814_132927 (Medium)Deringers and pocket guns20150814_132845 (Medium) 20150814_132838 (Medium) 20150814_132823 (Medium) 20150814_132749 (Medium) 20150814_132702 (Medium)20150814_132603 (Medium) 20150814_132642 (Medium) These were considered Oddities, not your usual weapon!20150814_132527 (Medium)Suicide Specials were made very cheaply and sold for $1.50 to $2.00.  People who used them would say that they never knew when they were going to blow up, nearly causing the user to commit suicide.  The next two pictures are suicide specials! 20150814_132459 (Medium) 20150814_132447 (Medium) 20150814_132329 (Medium) 20150814_132321 (Medium)20150814_132629 (Medium)7347Next, we went to a neighboring museum, Yesterday’s Playthings.  I must say Roy walked in, took a look at the overwhelming amount of dolls and said he’d wait for me outside!!!

Montana’s foremost doll and toy museum features playthings dating back to 1835.  The collection of doll carriages, prams, and a bed are in pristine condition. Furniture, dishes and accessories round out the displays.

20150814_131727 (Medium)
Music in the Parlor

20111831136329The Princess Diana exhibit was really neat.  Lots of Barbie like Princess Diana dolls dressed up just like she did.  I especially love the tiny wedding gown!20150814_132009 (Medium) 20150814_132004 (Medium) 20150814_13202620150814_131927 (Medium) 20150814_131848 (Medium) 20150814_131826 (Medium) 20150814_131756 (Medium) 20150814_131714 (Medium) 20150814_131658 (Medium) 20150814_131626 (Medium)  20150814_131522 (Medium) 20150814_131140 (Medium)20150814_131209 (Medium) Yesterdays-Playthings-Museum-Deer-Lodge-MT-05222014_03620150814_131251 (Medium)I was afraid that so many museums would put Roy into Museum Overload but he survived, mostly by staying outside on the last one!

We have no plans yet for our two weeks in Idaho so we’re open to suggestions.  We’ll be in northern Idaho.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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08.16.15 – Old Prison Museum – Deer Lodge, Montana

20150814_120818 (Medium)Sunday, August 16, 2015 – Our second stop on Friday touring local museums was the Old Montana Prison which is now used as a museum.

Bands of outlaws and Vigilantes roamed early Montana Territory leaving a path of destruction and death.  In an attempt to tame the Wild West, a prison was established in Deer Lodge in 1871.  Constructed primarily with convict labor, Old Montana Prison was an active prison until 1979 when it was moved to a new site four miles west of town.  The Old Montana Prison is listed on the national register of Historic Places.

As you will see, a lot of the prison is still set up as it was when in use.  It was kind of creepy knowing we were touring where murders and other criminals were housed while incarcerated.  They gave us a booklet that walks you through the self guided tour.  Numbered markers in front of a specific spot correspond with information about the spot in the booklet.  Really well laid out.

20150814_134437 (Medium)The Gallows inside the Theatre

The Gallows inside the Theatre.; This execution scaffolding is one of few hanging gallows remaining in the United States. It’s called the Galloping Gallows because it can easily be moved from one location to another.

20150814_125731 (Medium)
Outdoor prison cells
20150814_125559 (Medium)
Rosalyn having fun at the original front gate to the prison
20150814_125550 (Medium)
Rosalyn having even more fun at the front gate to the old prison
20150814_124203 (Medium)
Inmate Mess Hall
20150814_124041 (Medium)
Prison Chapel
20150814_123439 (Medium)
General prison population lived in these cells
20150814_123411 (Medium)
General population prison with the guard in a fenced in area to the right.

20150814_122546 (Medium)

20150814_122838 (Medium)
This is one of the works of art inside a cell – freaked me out!
20150814_122642 (Medium)
One of the cells they put you in if you were a problem.

  20150814_125718 (Medium) 20150814_125405 (Medium)   20150814_124945 (Medium)      20150814_123604 (Medium) 20150814_123459 (Medium) 20150814_122801 (Medium) 20150814_122734 (Medium) 20150814_122433 (Medium) 20150814_122234 (Medium) 20150814_122103 (Medium) 20150814_122050 (Medium) 20150814_122034 (Medium) 20150814_121919 (Medium) 20150814_121910 (Medium) 20150814_121800 (Medium) 20150814_121723 (Medium)20150814_121636 (Medium) 20150814_121652 (Medium)The sign on the sidewalk below is the farthest the prisoners could go in a certain direction without being shot!

20150814_121348 (Medium) 20150814_121403 (Medium) 20150814_121221 (Medium) Some very odd artwork was found in a few locations around the prison.  Here’s pictures of some of it!

artwork 3 artwork 2 artwork 1That ended our tour of the Old Montana Prison.  Ya’ll come back now,ya’ hear!

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08.15.15 – Super COOL Montana Auto Museum – Deer Lodge, Montana

20150814_105217Saturday, August 15, 2015 – Happy Saturday everyone!  It’s beautiful here in Deer Lodge, Montana and we’re looking forward to a wonderful weekend!

The Old Prison Museum and Montana Auto Museum are both in Deer Lodge, Montana.  The auto museum is inside of the prison museum building.

Having rested for two days we’re off for another adventure to check these out!  Here’s contact information if you want to visit. Old Prison Museum, 1106 Main Street, Deer Lodge, MT 59722  (406) 846-3111

We saw the Montana Auto Museum cars first and man were they beautiful!  It is so hard to believe that in this little town there are over 150 old

mustang raffle (Medium)
We had a 1967 Mustang and this one is being raffled. Roy REALLY wants to win it!

restored cars on display.  Because of the amazing beauty of these automobiles there were a lot of pictures taken.  Today’s adventures will become three separate blog posts with the Montana Auto Museum being today’s post.

While touring the museum we met another RVing couple, Jennifer and Denny from California.  They were really nice and we enjoyed visiting with them.  Denny has a history of owning Corvettes just like we did and that was neat!  Hi there Jennifer and Denny, sure hope I spelled your names correctly.  We look forward to seeing you all again in our travels.  Don’t forget to check out RVillage.com!!

If antique cars aren’t your think please pass this blog post along to someone who loves them.  We’ve always loved them and this tour really rang our happy bell!  Hope you will enjoy coming along this adventure into the past with us!

1914 detroit electric car (Medium)
1914 Detroit Electric car
1915 Seagrave Chemical Fire Truck (Medium)
1915 Seagrave Chemical Fire Truck
1918 Ford Model T, 1 Ton Grain Truck (Medium)
1918 Ford Model T, 1 Ton Grain Truck
1926 Chevrolet Superior Coupe (Medium)
1926 Chevrolet Superior Coupe
1928 Ford Model A Roadster Pickup (Medium)
1928 Ford Model A Roadster Pickup
1928 Hupmobile Century 4 door (Medium)
1928 Hupmobile Century 4 door
1928 REO Speedwagon (Medium)
1928 REO Speedwagon
1929 Ford Model A Station Wagon (Medium)
1929 Ford Model A Station Wagon
1929 Hudson (Medium)
1929 Hudson
1930 Desoto Deluxe (Medium)
1930 Desoto Deluxe
1931 Ford Model A Closed Car Pickup (Medium)
1931 Ford Model A Closed Car Pickup
1932 Ford Model A (Medium)
1932 Ford Model A
1932 Franklin Airman (Medium)
1932 Franklin Airman
1933 Kozy Kamp Pop Up Trailer (Medium)
1933 Kozy Kamp Pop Up Trailer
1934 Chevrolet (Medium)
1934 Chevrolet
1934 Chevrolet ickup (Medium)
1934 Chevrolet Pickup
1935 Ford V-8 Phaeton (Medium)
1935 Ford V-8 Phaeton
1938 Ford Deluxe Station Wagon (Medium)
1938 Ford Deluxe Station Wagon
1941 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet (Medium)
1941 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet
1941 Packard 110 Special touring Sedan (Medium)
1941 Packard 110 Special Touring Sedan
1950 Ford Fordor Custom (Medium)
1950 Ford Fordor Custom
1950 Studebaker Champion (Medium)
1950 Studebaker Champion
1951 Chevrolet Deluxe Coupe (Medium)
1951 Chevrolet Deluxe Coupe
1951 Ford V 8 Deluxe Fordor Sedan (Medium)
1951 Ford V 8 Deluxe Fordor Sedan
1951 Packard 4 door (Medium)
1951 Packard 4 door
1955 Chevrolet Ble Air (Medium)
1955 Chevrolet Bel-Air
1957 Ford Thunderbird (Medium)
1957 Ford Thunderbird
1959 Cadillac (Medium)
1959 Cadillac
1959 Dodge Coronet (Medium)
1959 Dodge Coronet
1959 Ford Hardtop Retractable (Medium)
1959 Ford Hardtop Retractable
1959 Nash Metropolitan (Medium)
1959 Nash Metropolitan
1963 Chevrolet Corvair (Medium)
1963 Chevrolet Corvair
1965 Shelby Cobra Replica (Medium)
1965 Shelby Cobra Replica
1966 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (Medium)
1966 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
1967 Amphicar Model 770 (Medium)
1967 Amphicar Model 770
1969 Dodge Super Bee 383 (Medium)
1969 Dodge Super Bee 383 – This one Roy said he always wanted!
1970 Plymouth Cuda (Medium)
1970 Plymouth Cuda
1973 Custom Dune Buggy (Medium)
1973 Custom Dune Buggy
1978 Chevrolet Corvette C3 (Medium)
1978 Chevrolet Corvette C3
Ask Roy (Medium)
This is a visible tank – Roy knew this!!
cadillac (Medium)
Corvette Drive (Medium)
Corvette Drive Signs
Falcon Club Wagon (Medium)
Falcon Club Wagon
mustang raffle (Medium)
Thermidor Car Cooler – up close picture below
Thermidor Car Cooler up close (Medium)
Thermidor Car Cooler up close
Two 1957 Cherolet Bel Aires (Medium)
Two 1957 Chervolet Bel Aires
Two 1968 Camaro SS (Medium)
Two 1968 Camaro SS

I hope you enjoyed this abbreviated tour of the Montana Auto Museum.  There were at least 100 more cars I didn’t take pictures of.  We really enjoyed reliving owning or driving in some of these old cars as we walked along.

Tomorrow’s blog will be about the Old Prison which itself is the museum.  That tour was self guided and actually sort of creepy.  Lots of pictures of the prison to share too!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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