01.25.19 Saying Goodbye to Dora

Image result for when things come to an endFriday, January 25, 2019 – The day has come when Dora pulled out of her driveway for the last time. At 6:30 am, her new daddy Patrick left here with Dora headed to the west coast to her new home where she’ll meet her new mom and family!

Here is a video showing our last look at her.  Bye sweet thing!

Yesterday, Thursday, Chip (our youngest son) drove us to the New Orleans airport where we met up with Patrick who had flown in here from California. We were early and his plane landed early! We liked him from moment one. Chip took us all out to eat at Dot’s Diner on Williams Blvd. in Kenner. I had a delicious philly cheesesteak! It was big I brought some home!

Next, we went to our friend Ron’s home (he’s a notary) to sign our agreement and have it all notarized.  Here we are at the Big Moment! Thanks Ron for always being a great friend!

We made our way across the lake to our home showing Patrick all the swamps along the way!  He then got to meet Dora face to face.  I gave him my short tour of Dora. I look rather worried in the second photo below.  I wasn’t but maybe that’s my serious look! When Roy made it home he and Patrick spent hours going over all of Dora’s functions and systems.

This should be our last blog post under the Dora and the Explorers theme.  In a few days the site will be down while I get the new look and new theme in place.  It will look totally different but the address will always be rosalynandroy.com and if you are currently a follower you will continue to be a follower.

A follower is someone who receives an email whenever a new post is published.  To sign up to follow us, look on the right side of the page below all of the list of months and years.  You’ll see an RVillage graphic and below that you’ll see where you can enter your email address.  Be sure to respond to the email they will send you and you’re set.

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03.28.17 – Insulin, eye specialist and house restoring

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 – So I got the call from my family doctor that since my blood sugar numbers have not come down, despite taking threedifferent diabetes medicines, I now have to take insulin in the form of Toujeo. I know it’s best for me but it’s not something I like – at all. I have a lot to learn now about all of this but if it does it’s job I’ll be better off. Finally, over a week later I now have my needles. Today is the day the first shot takes place!

Roy, however, got a call that his recent chest x-ray was clear and all of his bloodwork was perfect!!!!

My annual visit to see Dr. Noguchi in Baton Rouge at Retina and Vitreous Specialists went really well. The scans of the back of my eyes that were taken, show the macular hole that previously appeared to be growing was getting better! My vision is still skewed when reading words on signs but at least the health of my eye is better!!! See ya’ next year Dr. Noguchi!!

Roy just wrapped up three of the houses he’s been restoring in the Baton Rouge area. That leaves just one to go! We went by two of them on Friday and left them a thank you card and gift. I’ve seen the houses as they’ve been progressing and man do they look great! Roy gets up at 4 am to be in Baton Rouge for 8 every morning and has worked very hard to help us save some money. He’s my honey bomb!!

Easter candy making continues with the first batch of Cherry cream filled chocolate eggs. Oh my goodness, delicious! Next is mint flavored cream and marshmallow cream.

In New Orleans we call going to the grocery to buy groceries “making groceries”. Roy and I just came back from a big time “making groceries.” Every nook and cranny is now filled with some sort of food! Doing my happy dance now!

I’m giddy with excitement over a dinner that’s being planned at Tickfaw State Park with our sons and their families in a couple of weeks!!! How nice it is to have grown sons with wonderful wives to cook and make the plans!! Grandchildren fun awaits!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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3.25.17 – Sweet 16 birthday party and crawfish boil – Yes that’s how we roll in Louisiana!

Saturday, March 25, 2017 – Our oldest granddaughter Kallie turned 16 last Sunday.  Oh my!

On Saturday evening Chip and her mom Kallie threw a Sweet 16 family birthday party and crawfish boil for her.

Our time in Hammond started out at the remote control flying field where Roy got to fly, quite successfully, for a couple of hours.  I got to sit and read through some magazines that had piled up at home, while watching him fly.

We then headed to Chip and Misty’s new home for Kallie’s party. This young lady is pure sweetness with a little sass!!

Chip’s friend Tyler did the crawfish boiling and loaned Chip his crawfish eating table.  It has holes it in that you attach trashbags to get the shells off the table

Tyler our master chef! Chip played high school baseball with Tyler Lee, and Jason (who is in the second photo.)

Jason Whittington (Chip’s friend from high school), Chip and Jason’s wife Casey!Kallie, Chip’s coworker Chris and Misty

Guess who!!

This was another really fun day!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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03.23.17 What a Day!

Thursday, March 23, 2017 – What a Day!!!  Not today, but last Thursday.  When my tiny brain starts hiccuping and sputtering I can’t write. but it’s working quite well today so here I am!

My son Chip and his lovely daughter Madisyn came to visit and I had a prescription refilling break through that made me giddy with happiness!  Yes happiness is found in old age when your prescription filling goes well!

Ms. Madisyn had a little procedure done on Wednesday so she stayed home with her daddy on Thursday and they so graciously paid Grannie a smile popping visit! When that little girl puts her arms around me and gives me her special love there is nothing wrong in my world!  She couldn’t run around and play so we stayed inside and only went outside to pick roses.

This is what a peanut butter waffle looks like before the peanut butter melts at Waffle House. My favorite is blueberry but they didn’t have that!

They arrived bearing a wonderful meal from Waffle House.  Peanut Butter Waffles and bacon was mine and I ate every delicious bite!!

I showed she and Chip all the chocolate Easter candy I’ve made so far and their eyes got really big!!  Madisyn and I dipped pretzels in white chocolate and sprinkled them with heart sprinkles.  She’s such a great little helper and we had so much fun doing it.  I sent them home with a small bag of candies but I’m not sure how many were shared with Misty and Kallie!

Madisyn has these two little baby dolls that she treats like her very own real children.  They go everywhere with her (yes even the bowling alley for her birthday.)  She spent all the cash presents she got for her birthday on clothing for the babies.  They are very well dressed.  They came with her and before we could start our chocolate fun she changed the babies out of their sleeping clothes and put them in their day time clothes, propped them up on the sofa to watch us and then we got started!!!  She’s using one of her paint brushes to clean something off Mason’s eyelashes in the first photo!!!

When she spotted the rose bushes out our window, she asked if she could clip one to take to Misty so before they left we did that.  She found one for Misty, one for Kallie, one for herself and two little buds for her babies.  I taught she and Chip about the importance of snipping off the “dead head” that remains after all the rose petals fell off each flower.  They need to be snipped periodically to encourage more rose growth.  She and Chip worked on snipping until all three bushes in the front were done.  I love passing on my love and interest in growing plants of all kinds with Madisyn.  She thinks nothing of throwing a banana peel into a garden to help provide nutrients to the soil!  That’s my little gardener granddaughter!!

The bushes right in front of our house are blooming so well after being cut back drastically this winter that I have to share this pic!

Needless to say I was on top of the world after their brief visit!

Later in the afternoon I tackled researching getting our medicines in the form of individual daily (morning and evening) packs instead of individual pill bottles.  Unfortunately I take several medicines and Roy takes a few.  I have started having difficulties putting our medicines together in the little daily pill containers.  I’d seen on television companies that offer to put the medicines in a handy dandy little pouch, organized by date and time.  That way there is no potential of me making an error in our medicines.

I called my health insurance company to find out companies that offer this service.  They said I have to find a company to do that and they will let me know if they participate in my insurance.  Isn’t that so helpful!  I started looking, contacting Walgreen’s and CVS neither of which do it, and found one company.  I told them my insurance and they said I need to contact my insurance to see if they were covered.  Okay so the round and round we go started.

I decided to post something on Facebook asking friends if they know of a company.  A great lady, Sandy Beavers, said she knew someone in Amite did what I was looking for!  Ooh!! I started smiling!  We’d used Thrift Town Pharmacy in Amite a couple of times so I looked them up on the internet and saw immediately that they offer something called MedPak!  Yeah!  Bells started ringing and angels singing!  Finally progress!

I called them and yes MedPak is what they call what I was looking for – and guess what, it is a FREE SERVICE!!!!!

A wonderful lady Cherie Spring, at Thrift Town Pharmacy, talked to me for a while and let me ask all my questions.  One of our potential obstacles is whether they would do the one thing that has kept us at Walgreen’s which is mail our prescriptions wherever we are since basically live on the road most of the year.  Yes they will!!!!

Walgreen’s does not charge for shipping and they will, BUT I feel that the desperately inadequate functioning of Walgreen’s online prescription system makes it worth us changing to a local Amite company where we pay the shipping.  I’ve paid dearly mentally trying to keep up with the frequent mess ups Walgreen’s Pharmacy has caused.

Okay, Walgreen’s rant over.  Did not mean to go there but it started flowing and away I went with it!  I do love the pharmacists and pharmacist assistants at Walgreen’s.  They do not like their own online pharmacy system either.  A friend from church is a Walgreen’s pharmacist and he has personally never messed up!

So the end of all that, is that we have in our little hometown of Amite a wonderful pharmacy that offers this service which will allow me to not potentially knock off Roy or I by making a medicine mistake.  And they will mail it to us which is not a service I’ve been able to get other pharmacies to agree to.

Now the process of getting all that in place begins.  That will be interesting because all my prescriptions don’t come due at the same time.  My doctor has agreed to call in new prescriptions with refills to Thrift Town when the time comes because I don’t trust Walgreen’s to send them the correct prescription information.  I’ll let ya’ll know more when we have some experience with the service.  You or your elderly parents may be able to make good use of a MedPak type service at a local pharmacy in your area! The pictures I’ve included show what the little packs look like.

Well that wraps up my absolutely awesome Thursday last week.  Today isn’t too shabby either as I set out to spray roundup on the weeds around our property here.  Yesterday I sprayed all those weeds with pure water, forgetting to pour in sprayer the Roundup I poured into the measuring container, and left sitting there while I sprayed, and sprayed and sprayed!  Hopefully today the weeds will actually get sprayed with Roundup!  That’s just a little look into my world!

Just came in from spraying and I proudly say that today I sprayed them with weed killer!  Tomorrow I head to Baton Rouge to my macular hole eye doctor for an annual check up.

My sister, my sister’s sister in law Marilyn, and I took a photo I love at my nephew’s wedding.  Don’t know if I’ve already shared it but in case not, I love it and here it is! Marilyn, me Rosalyn and my sister Harriett!  We had so much fun that night it made me happy to see it again!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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03.10.17 What a week!

Monday, March 13, 2017 – What a week this has been!

Last Sunday was our last Sunday with Bro. Bob and Mrs. Janice Adams at Trinity Baptist Church. His health is telling him to step back. After all he’s really already retired.  We will miss both of them terribly.  Their genuine love for our church members has shown in everything they’ve done.  Thank you for your 18 months of dedication to our little church, Trinity Baptist Church! This first picture is of the two of them visiting together before the service started.

Ms. Janice has served as our church pianist and we have been blessed by so many Sundays of beautiful piano playing.

We enjoyed Dinner on the Grounds after the morning worship service.  Baptists love to cook and eat together.  Our youth building (photos below) was flooded during the floods last year and is still in the process of being rebuilt.  The amount of food we had Sunday was over the top enormous.  We could have eaten, gone back to church for a while, and then eaten again with lots left over!

We had such a crowd that many sat outside to eat!

25 different desserts!

Roy and I headed over to Madisyn’s 8th birthday party after church.  Tangi Bowling Lanes was the birthday party location.  The adults had a lane and the children had a lane.  I watched, they bowled! It’s terribly fun watching children bowl!

Madisyn and Haylee

Roy and Misty’s granddaughter Raylynn

Chip bowling

Roy getting ready to bowl

Misty watching Madisyn bowl

Friends and family

Misty’s cousin Connor was so adorable bowling!

Madisyn and her chocolate ice cream and chocolate cake!

The official lighting of the candles!

We get home from Sunday’s festivities to find my mostly new laptop wasn’t working right.  Off Roy went back to Hammond to Best Buy to have it fixed.  Out comes my back up laptop so I could finish up my weekend RVillage work.  As of today we’re still waiting to get it back.  I miss that laptop that takes such good care of me!

After a very busy Sunday I got up early Monday to drive to Hammond for blood work and a doctor’s visit.  Once those were done I got lost in the world of Hobby Lobby!!  Roy calls them Trinkets and Trash but they are my beloved trinkets!

Next was lunch with my long time dear friend Chrissie.  We go to church together and worked in the same office for several years.  She’s the only person I’ve ever been able to go on a diet with and be successful.  What a wonderful time it was catching up on a few years of all that’s gone on in our life.  Thanks Chrissie for being a dear friend and putting up with me!

Then I went by our office at Southeastern and visited with Donna and Jacqueline.  Saw lots of other friends like Andre, Lamont and Becky.  It was great, as always, visiting with those special people.

On to the grocery from there for something I’ve never had happen before.  When I checked out and got out to the parking lot to unload the groceries I realized I didn’t have some candy I purchased.  I went right back into the store and they were no where to be found.  When I got home I realized it was probably a couple of bags of food that didn’t make it.  A couple of days worth of dinner food and the candy.

Roy worked all day Saturday and Monday finishing digging the 150 foot long ditch and installing an outdoor spotlight aimed towards the pond, an indoor light and an indoor electrical outlet.

Our eight blue berry bushes are filling up quickly with leaves and tiny blooms!

The very busy Sunday and Monday lead to a difficult brain day midweek with my wonderful hubby picking up the pieces.  Thankfully a good night’s sleep Wednesday brought on a much happier and brighter Thursday.  God is so good and I feel his love for me each time this happens.  What would I do without Him and my hubby Roy!

Roy started having a pain on the side of his left foot about a week ago and it got so bad on Wednesday we went to the podiatrist.  Nothing broken or torn but the way Roy walks on that foot has affected that one point (and others as seen on the xrays) to the point where it was painful.  Dr. Allen recommended two brands of tennis shoes Asics and Saucony that could be purchased at Academy.  He said the shoes Roy was wearing were way past worn out and weren’t giving him any support.  We went over to Academy and picked out a great pair of Asics which seem already to be helping the pain and will helpfully get his foot to stay in the correct position.

Thursday may have been a better day for me but for my honey Roy it was event filled long all day.  First thing around 6:30 am on Highway 16 Roy ran into a lady’s car that pulled out unexpectedly onto Hwy 16.  She said the sunlight was in her eyes and she didn’t see him.  He came home, checked out Boots (our truck) and started making calls. The front passengers side tire blew out and the rear tire sidewall was ripped during the accident but did not go flat. Roy put our spare on the front.  One the way home he could tell it pulled badly to the right.  When he got a hold of their insurance company, thankfully State Farm, they told him all his options.  We decided what to do and they made an appointment for him at a State Farm claims office in Baton Rouge.  Before leaving for there he called Total Tires where we got Dora’s new shoes (tires) about a week ago to see if they carried the tires he’d need.  They had to order them but had them in their shop within a couple of hours. After finishing with the State Farms claims office he went to Total Tires, got two new tires including new tire rod ends and had the front end aligned.

After finishing up with all that he checked on his constructions jobs then came home.  I have to tell you  how very proud I am of how “on top” of everything he was yesterday even though the accident did shake him up.  Boots is now greatly improved and ready for when we get back on the road again!

Last week I showed ya’ll the box of candy making supplies I received.  Late last week I got started.  I forgot how fun this is and had a wonderful afternoon creating chocolate goodies for my sons and their families.   I’ll work on a few each day that time is available till they are all made.  I made a special plate of chocolate and toffee eggs for Roy to enjoy when he came home yesterday.  He gave the thumbs up on them!

I’ve made my own Christmas gift cards for a few years and decided to create my own birthday cards for my family this year. I loved doing this.  The shopping for several supplies to be used in putting together around 20 birthday cards is so much fun!  I check out every clearance area in all craft and regular stores.  Putting each one together gave me some time to think about and also pray for each person who I was making a card for.  I even addressed each envelope and put their birthday in the upper right corner where the stamp will go.   These are the cards I made for our oldest son’s children.  I’m hopeful everyone likes them and knows I love them!

End of last week till today, Monday, was fairly quiet!  I found a new program Adobe Spark to use for creating graphics like the one below.  I’m liking it a lot so far!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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03.07.17 Only in Louisiana – Crawfish Pardoning Ceremony

Tuesday, March 7, 2017 – This is a first, even for Louisiana.  A Crawfish Pardoning Ceremony!   Too cute to not share with those around America who don’t know how cool it is to live in Louisiana.  We take crawfish eating very seriously so pardoning even one is quite a big deal.  Crawfish season brings months of family and friends gathering together to enjoy eating them and making wonderful memories.  I hope you enjoy this video.  It’s 16 minutes long, so be prepared to shake your head, laugh and smile!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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03.04.17 Soap Suds, stolen debit card, Easter chocolates, and stuff!

Saturday, March 4, 2017 – After living in our motor home for over four years and washing clothes in our Splendide Washer/Dryer combo unit every day, I finally got the right detergent.

splendideAbout a year after getting our new Splendide I started hearing sudsing while it was washing and while it was drying. And, the dryer started taking longer to dry.

Amazing hubby Roy looked into it and found I was using too much liquid detergent. I use 2 tsp!!!!!

Also the unit does not have a lint filter so that was building up and slowing down the drying. After researching the problem, Roy found the fix was a combination of cleaning cycles followed by vacuuming out the washing/drying drum several times.

He also learned that the best detergent to use in our little unit is a very low sudsing powder detergent made by………….. Splendide! Here’s a pic of the small box we bought, with the small bowl I’m keeping a ready supply in along with a small measuring cup. The maximum amount I should use is the lowest mark on the tiny cup. What you see in the cup is all that it takes to wash a full load and I just love it!


No excess sudsing and the clothes are drying quicker! We’re still learning things everyday about our RV life!

This past week my bank debit card information was stolen. I still have the card but somehow someone got enough information to chargecredit-card-thief over $600 worth of things to the card. I rarely get up first thing in the morning and check our bank account but I did on Wednesday and found four charges against my card that I knew I didn’t make. I immediately sent our wonderful banker Barbara an email about it. She closed my debit card right away and called me. I also got a call from the Whitney Fraud department letting me know they suspected something wrong with the purchases. Within an hour all the money was back in my account and the charges were rejected back to where they came from.

I am so thankful that we bank at an institution that takes such good care of their customers. Again, thanks to Barbara Davis and the fraud department at Whitney Bank. Of course I forgot my debit card was cancelled and just tried to use it at Dollar General. DENIED!!! Thank goodness for having another credit card on me. What would a girl do without a way to spend money!

20170303_140658Years ago my friend/neighbor Gerry and I would get together and make homemade Easter chocolates for our children. Over 30 years have passed since then but I decided to do it again. First let me say this is absolutely not a cost saving thing to attempt. So many supplies are needed. Foil wrappers in multiple colors, sucker sticks, sucker clear wrappers and ties, several molds for making different designed eggs, peanut butter cups and suckers. Then there is the dozen or so bags of milk chocolate, white chocolate and various colors of chocolate discs, fillings for some of the eggs, colorful decorations for some of the eggs and I think that is it. Next week I’ll be working on making these cool concoctions for my grandchildren and of course my husband who is eyeing it all while drooling!

My hubby Roy is ALWAYS working on something. When we built the house and he built the storage building we did not run electricity to it. He is now doing that so we can have lights and a plug in there. He’s hand digging a 150 foot long trench to lay the wiring in.


Okay here’s one of those “What were we thinking” moments. Roy saw this hammock stand at a job site and bought it. We ordered what we thought would be the perfect hammock for the stand. I love swinging in a hammock so this has been a desire to have for quite a while.


Here’s Roy taking the hammock out of it’s bag.20170228_150819

And here is Roy laying in the hammock while his back and butt lay on top of the bottom of the metal frame! I tried it first and it did the same thing. We raised the height of the hammock as much as we could but there will be no swinging in this hammock by us two big kids! Not sure what we’ll do at this point but it looks mighty tempting sitting out there by the pond!20170228_172600

My most recent puzzle undertaking. Donuts in all flavors. I only lost two pieces in the course of putting it together and I didn’t eat one donut!20170303_135208

The three rose bushes in the front yard are really blooming away. I love these first blooms of spring! 20170304_132843

The fig trees are full of leaves – yay!!


Our precious granddaughter Madisyn Ann Chauvin turns 8 years old today!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADISYN! Her bowling birthday party is tomorrow so you know where we’ll be!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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Monday, February 20, 2017 – Getting Senior Discounts is one of the delights of my life!  I look for them everywhere and have enjoyed so many it’s exhilarating!  Just this weekend we got to ride the New Orleans streetcar for only 60 cents, a deep discount from the normal $1.25!!  We get into all National Parks absolutely free and have taken advantage of that every time!

Retail Me Not came out with this great list of 30 plus Senior discounts so I wanted to share it with ya’ll!.

Remember: Always confirm ahead of time that your local venue honors a specific senior deal. In fact, we suggest asking everywhere, from utility companies and airlines to hotels and even your alma mater, about what, if anything, they do for seniors. Hey, you put in the time, so why not?

Senior Discounts to Enjoy Today – they may not offer it to you so be sure to ask for it!

AMC Theatres
Tuesday is Senior Day for anyone 60 and older at select AMC locations. The discount varies by theater.

America the Beautiful Senior Pass
If you’re 62 or older, you can pay just $10 for lifetime admission to over 2,000 national parks and federal recreation sites. Bonus: At areas that charge per vehicle, the Senior Pass admits all passengers in your car. At places that charge per person, you and three adults get in for free.

Bealls Outlet
If you’re age 50 or over, save 15% off your entire purchase every Monday by presenting your One Card at checkout.

Customers 55 and up enjoy exclusive in-store savings on the first Tuesday of every month.

Best Western
Not only do those 55 and older get 10% off their room rate, but many Best Westerns offer “mature guests” (their words!) extras like early check-in, late checkout, a complimentary room upgrade or continental breakfast.

Big Boy
Take 10% off your total check if you’re at least 55 years of age.

British Airways
AARP members get up to $400 off flights to Europe, Asia, Middle East or Africa on British Airways.

Cici’s Pizza
Most locations offer senior citizen discounts, but deals vary, so contact your local store for more information.

Every Cinemark theater offers a different senior discount and on a different day, so check your local theater box office for pricing and participation.

Check out Denny’s 55+ menu catered specifically to seniors. AARP members get 15% off.

Dunkin’ Donuts
Other fast-food restaurants have nice perks for seniors, but Dunkin’ Donuts’ is admittedly hard to beat. You get a free doughnut with your purchase of a large or extra-large coffee just for being you.

El Pollo Loco
Ages 60 and up get a 10% discount—maximum savings of $1.

Golden Corral
Take advantage of the restaurant’s early bird senior discount. Specials vary by location, so check with your local spot for details.

Seniors age 55 and over receive a 20% discount every Wednesday at participating locations.

Why not leave the driving to someone else? Those 62 and older receive 5% off unrestricted passenger fares.

With your AARP discount code, you can save up to 25% off a rental car. Now you can afford to upgrade to a snazzy little number next time you’re on vacation.

Order off the special 55+ menu, featuring smaller portions at lower prices every day.

Shoppers 60 and older get 20% off of their total purchase.

Go ahead and take the e-reader plunge. AARP members get 10% off of up to two Kindles, including the Fire HDX and Paperwhite.

Every Wednesday, Kohl’s knocks 15% off your bill if you’re 60 or older.

New York Philharmonic
Many performance events offer senior citizens discounted tickets, including the famous New York Philharmonic. Attendees 62 and older may purchase $10 tickets on the day of select performances, excluding Friday matinees and Saturday-evening shows. (Always call ahead to check availability.)

Show your AARP membership card to get crafty at 10% off!

Outback Steakhouse
Present your AARP membership card and receive 15% off of your entire check, excluding alcohol.

Rite Aid
With the wellness65+ program, you get a free blood pressure screening and a pharmacist consultation to discuss your medications and immunizations. You’re also eligible for 20% off non-prescription purchases on the first Wednesday of every month.

Royal Caribbean        
Kick back and relax. Royal Caribbean offers deals and steals on the high seas for travelers 55 and older.

Many gyms and fitness centers have special classes for older members, but see if you’re eligible for SilverSneakers. This perk, which is open to adults (65 or older) who use certain Medicare or other health plans, allows free access to more than 12,000 fitness centers, gyms, YMCAs and Curves.

Southwest Airlines
If you’re over 65, you’re eligible for senior fares (fully refundable) and perks, including early check-in.

Tanger Outlets
My godmother is obsessed with this one. Save on already-good prices at Tanger Outlets with a free coupon book, available at the on-site Tanger offices. It includes 20% discount offers from many of the stores like Rockport, Eddie Bauer, Easy Spirit and Harry & David.

Toys R Us
Stock up on goodies for the grandchildren. Monday through Thursday, get $5 off purchases of $25 or more when you show your AARP card.

Verizon Wireless
Don’t use your cell phone 24/7 but still want to have one? Verizon has a plan for customers 65 and older that includes fewer minutes and a lower monthly rate.

Urban dwellers who rely on public transportation but want an occasional set of wheels should check out the car-sharing company Zipcar. AARP members join for $40 (versus $72) and get $40 in free driving credit.

Here’s a link to their page https://www.retailmenot.com   For additional senior deals, check out their senior discounts page.

I hope ya’ll are enjoying my beginner attempts at creating graphics using scriptures from God’s Holy Word!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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02.23.17 It’s Carnival Time in New Orleans and the Chauvin family had so much fun!

Friday, February 23, 2017 – Last Saturday the Chauvins from Amite went with the Chauvins from Ponchatoula to uptown New Orleans.  Why??? Because It’s Carnival Time!!!  That’s the song heard all over during the Mardi Gras season in New Orleans.

My long time friend Chip Saunders helped me greatly figure out the best way for us to get to and see the parade.  There are so many people that go if you don’t have a friend along the route or within several blocks of the route that is willing to let you park in their driveway you are out of luck.  Because of that we decided to park far away from the parade and ride the St. Charles street card to the parade. We drove to St. Charles and Broadway parking about a half block from the St. Charles streetcar line.

Streetcars in New Orleans date back to 1893 and travel along four major streets (The St. Charles Avenue Line, the Riverfront Line, the Canal Street Line, and the Loyola Avenue Line.)

We have what’s called Neutral Grounds in New Orleans which is where the streetcar tracks run.  It’s the raised grassy/concrete area between streets going in different directions. The picture below with the Broadway street sign shows the tracks the street cars run on.

16831895_10209955735744325_4652787990223360861_n 20170218_132232 20170218_131947 20170218_131931 20170218_132308

Here are some pictures of us on the streetcar enjoying the beautiful day and the beautiful ride!

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While riding the streetcar along St. Charles Avenue to where it had to stop because of the parade, we enjoyed seeing all the people walking to the parade as well as many of the gorgeous homes lining St. Charles Avenue.  20170218_153715 20170218_153402 20170218_153327 20170218_153303

We got off the streetcar at St. Charles and Cadiz which is two blocks from the corner of Napoleon and St. Charles.  The parades started a few blocks down Napoleon and turned the corner onto St. Charles Avenue.   Three parades followed this route Saturday.  First was the Krewe of Ponchartrain, second the Krewe of Choctaw and last was the Krewe of Freret.  These are all different groups of people and different floats.  We stayed for the first two parades and had a lot of fun!  These photos are just a few of the sights we saw!  Madisyn worked her way through the crowds to get a great first row spot right behind the barriers.

20170218_151255 20170218_151204 20170218_150843 20170218_150611 20170218_144448 20170218_143520 20170218_143238 20170218_135923 20170218_135733 20170218_135504 20170218_135101 20170218_134331 20170218_134242

We saw the children of a friend of ours from Hammond (Nancy Waldo) at the parade on Napoleon.  Eddie, Erin and Melissa Rantz grew up at our church Trinity and were with their dad at the parade.  Haven’t seen them in years so it was nice to visit and catch up.

Here’s the map that shows the route these parades took.  More parades were taking place in other places around the New Orleans Metropolitan Area that day and every day until Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, February 28th.  parade-route

The St. Charles streetcar line follows the route shown below.  You can see we got on at stop C and off at stop F.  Some of the most beautiful homes are along the route from F to J but we had to stop at F to see the parade.


Our ride back to the car on the streetcar was delightful.  This driver saw we were old and gave us the Senior Discount.  The regular $1.25 fare was reduced to 30 cents each!  Old age does have some perks! The driver invited Madisyn and a couple of other children to join him at the front while he drove the streetcar.  They really enjoyed that!  Madisyn looks a bit odd because she had vampire teeth in her mouth!

20170218_153722 20170218_153604 20170218_133026 20170218_133351

Loyola University and some beautiful homes were at the corner where we got off the streetcar to go home.20170218_133758  20170218_132417This is Madisyn who is shielding her eyes from the sun.  Wanted you to see all the beads she was wearing around her neck. That’s vampire blood in her hands!  The vampire teeth and blood, the bow headband that lights up and the pink monkey tucked inside the beads were all from the parade!


We took a ride down memory lane on our way home showing Kallie, Madisyn and Misty where Grannie grew up in New Orleans and where Daddy Chip lived when he was a baby and little boy.  Fun, fun!  We then drove down Canal Blvd. to show them all where Roy and I were married and where Chip and our oldest son went with us to church when they were little boys before we moved to Hammond.  Lakeview Baptist Church is now  Harbor Community Church.  They flooded and were pretty much destroyed during Katrine.  It’s taken years for them to recover but it looks amazing.  We couldn’t go in so I took one picture through the front door.


20170218_161528 20170218_161442 20170218_161359 These are some of the pictures we took three weeks after Katrina when the waters receeded.  That’s me looking in through a busted out part of the stained glass. It is so amazing to see what it looks like now.




I know that kinda went from woohoo Mardi Gras to ugh Katrina.  But New Orleans has history and is recovering slowly but surely.  The fact that this church was able to survive when no one lived anywhere near it for months is a blessing God gave the congregation.  This was the church I grew up in and was married in.  Lots of great history there!

If you would like to learn more about Mardi Gras krewes here are links to the two we saw.

Krewe of Choctaw – started in 1939

Krewe of Ponchartrain – started in 1975

Ya’ll come back soon, ya’ hear!



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