03.03.16 Flowers blooming, Roy’s knee (and other parts), and grass growing!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Last weekend on Sunday we traveled in our truck to Roy’s knee doctor, Dr. Lawrence Schrader in Cordova, Tennessee.  We again stayed in the Hyatt there, enjoying their amazing breakfast buffet trying to eat some of everything they offered!

After the much bigger than normal breakfast buffet we headed over to Dr. Schrader’s office to find out how Roy’s knee was doing.


All we could see was the outside of his knee but Dr. Schrader could look inside!  They took x-rays and we met with Dr. Schrader to hear that Roy’s recovering well, great bending of his knee and overall great!  He is still slightly swollen which is normal at that stage.  Roy got a cortisone shot to help with that swelling and cut back on the residual slight pain he’s having. Here’s Dr. Schrader with Roy’s new xrays and those from before the surgery.  We again highly recommend him if you need knee surgery, whether partial or whole!

20160229_103250 20160229_103318

Roy said the shot worked great and he’s in little to no pain now!!!  When we got home he also passed the kidney stone we’ve been waiting on for over a week!  Yay for Roy finally feeling himself again!

Our 1,000 plus flower bulbs I planted a couple of weeks ago are now starting to bloom.  Most of them have made their way up out of the ground and are on the verge of blooming.  One little white one bloomed today!!!  So happy to know we will get to see the blooms before we get back on the road again on the 21st of this month. I love checking on them everyday to see how they are doing.  Just a tiny example of why God’s world is so amazing!


So now we have flowers shooting up all over.  Roy moved on to spreading lime and then fertilizer all over the property so the grass will grow well this year.  He was feeling so good when we got back from Tennessee that he bought a spreader (yes we had one and sold it when we sold everything) and spread lime and fertilizer everywhere!

20160301_135650 20160301_135638

Hopefully by the time we come home in several months the grass will be covering more of the property than it is now!

As I sat down by the pond this afternoon feeding the fish I was amazed watching them eat the feed.  Here’s a little clip of video I shot.  This is one of my favorite things about living here, the pond!

Our church’s adult choir will present their Easter music two Sundays, the first is Palm Sunday, the 20th of March.  We will wait until after that to get out of Dodge!  EC

Our plan for traveling this year will start March 21st when we will leave Amite for TLC Wolf River Resort in Pass Christian, Mississippi for a two week stay there.  That is our home park in the Coast to Coast system and we love staying there.  We’ll travel along the Gulf Coast after that and when we hit Jacksonville will turn northward along the east coast all the way to Maine.  No specific plans for that yet but it will all be new to us so we are really looking forward to it.  As always, we are open to ya’ll sharing things to see.  We’ve had several recommendations already but would always love more!

March 11, 2012, Float in the annual Metairie Road St. Patrick's Day parade with riders throwing cabbage, toys and Mardi Gras bead. St. Patrick's Day celebrations kick off early in Metairie Louisiana, with the annual Metairie Road St. Patrick's Day Parade.We have a few family gatherings before we leave so you know what future blog posts will be about.  Madisyn’s 7th birthday, a Chauvin family gathering at Metairie’s St. Patrick’s Day parade and then Kallie’s 15th birthday!!

If you are a Chauvin family member and didn’t get invited through Facebook please know you are invited and welcome.  We’re meeting on the corner of Ridgelake and Metairie Road on Sunday, March 13th at 11:30.  Bring your chairs, food, drinks and join the fun!  We use to do this every year since Roy’s parents lived two blocks off Metairie Road so this will be a reunion of sorts!

I do believe that is all I have to share for now! Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!