04.06.20 Rosie’s Flowers of Spring

God gives us this beautiful time called Spring. He allows us to be blessed by seeing the tiny blooms of flowers that were hiding all Winter.

Those vivid bursts of color will bring me joy all summer, especially when hummingbirds and butterflies zoom in for a taste of nectar.

When we moved to Amite our property was like an empty slate waiting for us to dig, plant and pretty up! We wanted to make the front of our property where people pull into our driveway as welcoming as possible. The guy wires already there presented a bit of a challenge but we’ve tried to fancy it up with our metal art, a big rock from Arkansas and pretty daffodil bulbs.

This was taken a month ago when the daffodils were blooming for the first time in a couple of years. Since then there are no more flowers and the metal flower has been repainted. I am so happy I got this picture when I did. This and the next two photos are what you see when you come to visit us and we really hope you will come visit at some time in the future!

A lily near the top on the right, small ground cover sneaking out and a new spider plant greet our visitors we do not have lately!Both mailboxes are surrounded by some of the lilies that were planted last year. I hope our mail lady likes them!

The following photos are not grouped by location like they probably should be. They are from the front and the back and each side and the middle of our property in no certain order!

Looking up from our hammock at the sprouting oak tree leaves. Two of my favorite things to do. One is swinging in the hammock and the second is watching the big oak trees every day from the time they start sprouting new leaves until they are filled and everything is beautiful!The little groundcovers were hidden under the pine needles to protect them from freezes. They been uncovered and are growing really nicely!The azalea bushes we planted last year are happily sprouting new leaves and flowers!These lilies were the original ones that I separated and planted all around our property last year. They are all starting to bloom now! These are some of the creeping daisy groundcovers that were protected over the winter by pine needles.  A couple of weeks ago all you would see here was pine needles, now the green vines of creeping daisies are bursting with growth! In about a month there will be little yellow flowers all over there.Lantanas get cut down to the ground at our house so it takes a while for them to make it back to a nice busy plant. Plus we divided them this year. There was nothing here but short branches not too long ago and now the bushes are back!  A much smaller version of their soon to be giant bush selves but they are already starting to bloom a bit!One of the new lantana bushes with its first bloom!

Our cacti sit there all year looking prickly and strange for this area of the country. Every now and then a beautiful flower will bloom and I happened to catch it on the day it bloomed!The white daisy gift from our friend Ellen last Easter was planted and is coming back nicely this year!  Anyone coming to visit that brings me a daisy plant will be a friend for life!Three years ago we bought two mums in the fall. They have rebloomed every spring and fall since then! One is purple and the other is yellow. The purple is full of tiny blooms getting ready to burst open but not quite yet!Our grass plants that Roy cut all the way down a few months ago are now sending new shoots out all over the place.  They will get much larger but they are starting to grow real nice! Our refurbished Billy the Cow now lives next to them greeting everyone who comes to visit, well when people actually visited!

These red knockout roses just burst out with buds and flowers this past week. The spider looking plants were tiny when we planted them last year after dividing a few into many!

Last fall we planted small pieces of plants around one big oak tree and other places around what we call our picnic area. Most survived the winter and are sprouting out now. This picture doesn’t pick up a lot of them but they are there!  As are our new Happy Spring Ya’ll rocks!

.Look at all the lilies around the other big oak tree in our picnic area. From the time they were planted in the fall they multiplied a lot and there are a couple starting to bloom!

This azalea bush was the only one that we transplanted from our son Chip’s home to our home last fall when they planted all new bushes. It was just a bunch of branches until a couple of weeks ago but now it’s got leaves coming out all over it!

More of the tiny plants coming back to life and the pansies that regrew after the ducks or other creatures enjoyed eating them last fall!

We name each of our garden areas and for a while, this one was our Jesus Circle because our wooden cross was in that garden. The cross was moved elsewhere but the garden still keeps that name! This is one of my favorite gardens. It holds two of the small bay leaf plants that were originally Roy’s mama’s plant. It also contains different flowers that we love.  It also covers the concrete covers to our septic tank!!!

More of the transplanted lilies. This group was planted there to help hide the utilities pole that we used for Dora and our renter uses for his RV.

The water in our much-loved pond has begun to go down some which is always something that begins in the spring. I know that blueberries are not flower plants but I am so overly excited that they are producing I just had to share again here!  They won’t be edible for a while but this sure looks promising!

I hope your Tuesday is a blessed one!


04.04.20 God’s fingerprints are on all His amazing creations

God’s fingerprints are on all His amazing creation and flowers are no exception…

These pictures of beautiful flowers are pictures my friends let me use in this blog post. Pictures of their beautiful early spring blooms! Thanks, ladies for letting me include these today! My friends’ names are below their pictures

In a couple of days, I’ll be sharing the flowers at our home that are starting to bloom and make us very happy!!

Caren Cox
Nancy Duvic
Gay Sterken
Nancy Duvic
Nancy Duvic – Love this metal art flower!
Nancy Duvic
Nancy Duvic
Jeri Bankston
Jeri Bankston
Jeri Bankston
Jeri Bankston This is bottlebrush
Johnnie Whisenhunt
Johnnie Whisenhunt
Johnnie Whisenhunt
Johnnie Whisenhunt
Johnnie Whisenhunt
Lynn Anderson
Rebecca Willoughby

Well that left me with a smile on my face! I hope it did that for you as well!

08.20.19 Flowers, flowers, flowers at the Chauvins!

We have so many pretty flowers around our property on Rohner Road in Amite.  A while back I took a few pictures of plants blooming their prettiest and have included them with the more recent ones taken today. The majority of our flowers were transplanted from our home in Hammond when we moved here.  This year many of those plants were divided and planted in different locations around our property.

Look at the butterfly buzzing around this lantana plant   We have six oak trees on one side of our property.  I transplanted creeping daisy vines and vinca vines around each tree. I hope to improve each of the oak tree flower beds next year. This group of oak trees had a Hosta plant added to the group.  Our renters had a beautiful one and allowed me to take a clipping which I’m growing here now. The hammock is hanging from two oak trees with new creeping plants and lilies around each of them.  The new chimes make this a wonderful place to rest! This tree is one of the two the hammock is hanging from.  There is a lot of shade here so all the flowers planted around there are taking a while to grow.  There were a dozen or so lilies blooming here earlier in the year. They’ve been cut back and will bloom again next spring! Our eight blueberry bushes previously lived here.  They were dug up about a year ago and are planted along side the house.  Planted where the blueberries were are two azalea bushes and two lantana bushes plus lots of the creeping daisies.  The two silver urns have strawberry plants in them.   Lots of medium size rocks painted with several states name on them outline this new garden space.Roy’s grape vines are doing okay but have not begun to produce anything.  This is where all of the creeping daisies and vinca vines came from.  I cover the creeping daisies and vinca vines with pine straw every winter. They come through the pine straw as they start to grow every year and wind up like this.  My friend Pam Smith gave me the creeping daisies years ago and they are one of my favorite plants. The lantana and azalea bushes were dug up from along the fence.  Since we don’t live next to this anymore I wanted to have something pretty to look at our of my bedroom window so those plants were moved to where I just showed you.  These ferns were being smothered by the creeping daisies in the garden above so they are now living next to the concrete patio and are starting to grow nicely.The lilies alongside the concrete patio. They were so crowded that a lot of them were transplanted to other places on the property.  Still a lot remaining to bloom next year.

Flowers and Lillies are growing at the base of both mailboxes.    The Lillies have been cut back for the winter.  It takes a while for the vinca vines to take off but they are starting to show up real well.

Earlier in the summer creeping daisies and vinca vines were planted around the septic tank covers.  The first picture was after a month of growth.  The second was taken today about 2 months later.

The blueberry bushes are flourishing in their new location with more sunlight!

This is at the base of our huge pine tree by the road.  In a couple of years, the little flowering vines, plants, and lilies will make a beautiful welcome to those coming to visit.    The rose bushes and camellias are growing bigger and get cut back when needed so they fit within their designated area.  I’d like to expand the area they are in so they can grow more. Roy’s kind of in charge of the work to do that so we’ll see if that wish of mine comes true! Last fall these adagio bushes were cut back as much as we could.  The first photo is after they started coming back.  The second photo is today.  I don’t think these two bushes could be any prettier.

While we traveled out west we collected cactus from a couple of places and are enjoying the beautiful flowers that the bigger cacti grow.  The smaller ones in the blue bowl are soft cacti and make a yellow flower when they bloom.      The varigated liriope was one of this years transplants.  From one big bunch elsewhere I got six transplants!  The red bush roses are doing really well.

A sweet friend, Ellen, gave us a daisy plant for Easter.  Once the daisies stopped blooming it was planted in the garden and is starting to spread out.  Can’t wait to see the daisies there next year!  So that’s the flowers around our property. Writing this helps me know next year what’s going to grow in each place since several of them die back in the winter.  I don’t remember well and this helps me.  I hope you enjoy it as well! If anyone loves the creeping daisies plant and wants some, let me know.  I obviously have enough to share!

I hope to share next time how our vegetable and fruit gardens are doing. Evert thing is in a period of transition but is still doing really well!

Ya’ll have a Blessed week!



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06.02.17 One last look – well not really!

Friday, June 2, 2017 – This was originally put together the day before I was taken to the hospital by ambulance on Thursday, May 4th for the bleeding ulcer. We thought we were leaving to see Route 66 on Monday, May 8th. But no, we’re still home enjoying all the beauty we are blessed to live in on Rohner Road in Amite. Here’s the blog as I wrote it that day with a few little updates.  I ask a couple of questions about blueberries and satsumas.  If you have knowledge about that please let me know!!

One last look around Chauvin’s RV Resort in Amite, Louisiana before getting back on the road.

This is truly the nicest and prettiest RV Resort we have ever, or will ever stay in! I walked around the property Saturday snapping some photos of our flowers, our relaxation area, fruit trees and pond. While I love sharing this with ya’ll, it’s actually for us to look back on while we’re gone so we don’t forget how wonderful “home” is!

Roy getting ready for one last ride at home on his shiny new mini motorbike!

Roy dug dirt out from under our storage building. it seems to need this about once a year since every rain pushes dirt down the hill under the storage building.

He took four wheelbarrow loads up the hill, near the house, and spread it out hoping to help grass grow in that space. It’s been wonderful being home a little longer into the spring this year and getting to see our flowers bloom and bushes grow. These photos are from the areas immediately around our motor home we are blessed to enjoy every day.


On our way down to and next to the pond are our blueberries, figs, satsumas and other beautiful space.  We have a total of 5 blueberries growing on our 8 bushes.  Pretty sure that’s not right.  Any tips on growing blueberry bushes that produce more, please pass them along.  We have not seen birds eating them so I don’t think that’s the problem.  They may not be getting as much sunshine because of the abundance of oak trees in that area.  Is that the problem????  UPDATE:  Good news is we’ll be here when those 5 ripen!!!

One of the newest amenities at Chauvin’s RV Resort – our lovely hammock! This may not look like much but it is a wonderfully peaceful addition! From here on I was walking away from where our RV, Dora, lives down towards the pond.  

This was transplanted from the side of the house and is coming out great!

The older fig tree and the one passenger hammock.

The younger fig tree.

The three satsuma trees.  There is only one satsuma on those three trees.  What do they need to produce more or is it just not time for them to start making fruit? Looking back up towards the house and our motor home from the side of the pond.

I’ll probably be out taking more pictures when we finally do get to get back on the road in late June!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!


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03.09.16 Family fun, Fruit Trees and Bushes, Turtles, Funny faces and more Family Fun!!

10609531_725296917519717_2835040610141353746_nThursday, March 9, 2016 – What a fun afternoon we had with our family this past Sunday!  Family times are meaning more and more to me as I grow older and this was a great one!

On Saturday Roy and I picked up the fruit trees and bushes we ordered and four beautiful knockout rose bushes! Getting them home was one thing but deep, wide holes needed to be dug to put them in……….. Two old folks, one with a healing knee and the other not strong enough just didn’t cut it! So our wonderful son Chip and his family came to the rescue!!! While everything has now been in the ground a few days we are expecting strong winds and heavy storms the next two days so we’re waiting until after that to dress them up with mulch and take photos of that.

We stopped at Lowe’s after church to pick up mulch, peat moss, fruit tree fertilizer spikes, some pretty cactus and whatever else we could find.  What we found was our new Turtle!  A concrete turtle  which is now proudly walking out of the pond in his new home!



20160306_144034 (Medium) 20160306_144039 (Medium) Kallie even pitched in with digging the holes!  Yay for our strong new granddaughter!! 12717808_10207043992432562_7699069705957337977_n  12806257_10207043993032577_4101209079089110733_n 12821498_10207043993432587_6207760038471693581_n

Here’s Chip and his new daughter Kallie!


After the holes were dug and they went home I crawled around on the ground filling in the holes around the plants with peat moss and dirt.  The bushes in these two pictures are the blueberry bushes. We should have a great crop of blueberries, satsumas and figs as the trees and bushes mature.  We have 8 blueberry bushes, 2 fig trees and 3 satsuma trees.  Our own little orchard!! I suggested we get a sign that says Chauvin Orchard, Roy just rolled his eyes!!20160306_165410 (Medium)

20160306_165425 (Medium)

These are the knockout roses that will replace the azaleas we originally planted that didn’t make it!  They are now surrounded by all the tulips that are starting to shoot up tall and will be blooming soon!


After all the hard work we all had some fun time with SnapChat a phone app that adds disguises to your photo.  I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in a long time.  We took many photos but in honor of the Easter bunny the first ones I’m sharing are us as bunnies!  Chip was working hard while we played around with this so the only one of him is a bit odd to say the least!


10553380_10207043991112529_306915559320078800_n 12795352_10207043993832597_7425386995732453502_n 12805821_10207043990192506_2307633825803520692_n 12821342_10207043995552640_595488048029768617_n12801352_10207043994792621_5797944411001937584_n12821352_10207043993912599_8302598407407897412_n

Yesterday we had a wonderful visit with my friend Susan Taylor. Roy’s working on her computer and we were due for a good visit. She is one of the most amazing women I know. Her heart is so big and she is so giving. All while having cancer. My daily prayers is that God will give Susan a miracle.  I am confident that many many people are praying for her to continue being with us as long as possible. I’ve asked for prayers for Susan before and they are still needed. I only wish you could know her too! Here’s she and I yesterday before she left. 20160308_161253 (Medium)

Our plans for the first month of our travels are shaping up. We have our reservations made at TLC Wolf River in Pass Christian, MS for two weeks March 21 to April 4th. Then on to Robertsdale, Alabama (near Mobile) for two more weeks from April 4th to April 18th. Chip’s family is planning to visit with us while in Pass Christian and if any of ya’ll would like to make the short drive there we’d love to have you join us for a visit!

We’re gearing up for Roy’s family’s gathering at the St. Patrick’s Day parade Sunday in Old Metairie.  On Monday Roy and I went by  the location we will meet at for the parade.  Old Metairie is full of older homes and several new homes since Katrina.  The area look great!  This is the home Roy grew up in and his buddy Mike’s home next door.



The location we usually meet use to be in front of Muhleisen’s Funeral Home.  They’ve torn down the funeral home and it is one huge empty lot now.  We are going to drive our RV down there on Saturday so we’re set up and ready for Sunday.  If you’re in the area and want to meet up with us, we’ll be on the corner of Metairie Road and Ridgelake!  Picked up some St. Patrick’s Day tee shirts at Walmart today and some other goofy things to wear!

Across the road and the big lot where we’ll enjoy the parade! Metairie Road is a semi major road in what is considered Old Metairie.


That’s all that’s happening in our life right now!  Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!




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