08.02.17 Focus on the Family and Garden of the God’s – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Wednesday, August 2, 2017 – Two years ago we traveled for several months through the western states on a different travel path than we are going this year but we are again staying at Colorado Heights Resort in Monument, Colorado. After staying in non Coast to Coast parks for a week on our way to Monument it made us really appreciate Colorado Heights Resort which is a Coast to Coast park. The weather here is so perfect that we’ve slept every night with the windows open and most of the day the windows are open and the air conditioning is off. We are surrounded by mountains and I couldn’t be in a happier place! This was one of our first sightings of mountains and it even got better from there!

Colorado Heights Resort

There are a few things we saw the first time that we will be seeing again. We did not see Focus on the Family the first trip, but we did see Garden of the Gods. Today we went to both of those!

These were hidden at the Focus on the Family property.

If you do not know what Focus on the Family is, here’s a little summary: Focus on the Family has long been a global Christian ministry dedicated to helping families thrive. They provide help and resources for couples to build healthy marriages that reflect God’s design, and for parents to raise their children according to morals and values grounded in biblical principles.

They produce a half hour radio program, in the studio below, which began airing in 1977 and is now aired daily on 2000 radio stations in the US.


Focus on the Family welcomes visitors to the ministry’s Welcome Center in Colorado Springs. There, guests can become better acquainted with the ministry via a self-guided walking tour of that building, as well as have fun with their children in the Kid’s Korner play area and Whit’s End Soda Shoppe.

The Welcome Center has had more than three million guests walk through its doors since its opening in 1994, and is located next to the on-campus bookstore. Learning about the history of their ministry was very interesting but I have to admit the kids play areas was lots of fun! I especially loved their bookstore and bought a few things there!

An exterior view of the slide at Kids Korner.Downstairs in the Welcome Center, young visitors were having a great time newly expanded Kid’s Korner. One of the main attractions is A-Bend-A-Go, a three-story corkscrew slide that’s 76 feet long.

KYDS Radio is where a child can record his or her voice on an actual Adventures in Odyssey episode written just for KYDS Radio. They get to take home a complimentary CD ! They wouldn’t let me in. I think I was too tall! Couldn’t be my age!!

From there we went to Garden of the Gods’ to see that amazing and natural creation of the one and only God. Last time we were in Colorado I wrote about our visit to Garden of the God’s. The rmountainous rocks are still the same rocks they were then so here’s a link to that visit. 2015 visit to Garden of the Gods The first part of that blog post was our visit that year to the Olympic Training Center. If you don’t want to see that just scroll down to the Garden of the God’s info and pictures!

A couple of things were different this time. They have a new place there called the Trading Post. It is a super gigantic gift shop that was lots of fun to stroll through.

The other thing that was different was that the last time we went through the park one time. This time it wound up being three times around. Their sights for which way to when coming to a fork in the road. A clear sign that said “Exit” would have been quite helpful. It started storming somewhere near the end of our first time around and we couldn’t even see the signs so around we went again. Then near the end of the second time around the skies cleared up and when we came to another Y in the road I told Roy to go one way which turned out to be the way to go around the park again! Finally Roy decided not to listen to me and turned a different way than I thought he should and guess what We Got Out!!! It felt more like we’d been around four times but three is bad enough to admit to!!

This rock below was left by me outside the Trading Post.

When it was found the finder posted a picture of it on Facebook!

That particular saying was funny and people liked it. so I’m gong to make another with that same saying on it! I absolutely love painting and hiding these rocks. My hands are usually covered in paint, mod podge and glue and it takes time to do this. The positive comments I’ve gotten and the happiness that children are getting from finding them makes it all worthwhile. Mom’s have shared with me how much finding one meant for their child and one lady shared with me how stressed she had been and that the saying on the rock lifted her spirits. God absolutely uses a simple thing like a painted rock to speak to someone in need.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!


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07.30.17 Treasure Lake RV Resort, Perry State Park and Russell, Kansas

Sunday, July 30, 2017 – In Branson, Missouri we stayed at Treasure Lake RV Resort for 10 nights.  In Ozawkie, Kansas we stayed at Perry State Park for two nights.  In Russell, Kansas we are staying at Fossil Creek RV Park for three nights.

Treasure Lake RV Resort is the biggest RV park we’ve ever stayed in.  When we first began RVing we stayed here two days and just spend 10 days this year. They have 588 sites on 340 acres. They have indoor and outdoor swimming pools. The mini golf course, walking and biking trails are really well cared for. Here are some photos of the resort.


Perry State Park is a Kansas state park located in Jefferson County, near Ozawkie, Kansas, United States, 20 miles northeast of Topeka Kansas. The state park features camping, a beach, hiking and a fishing and boating area.  We only had 30 amp electricity.  Roy says we won’t go back there because of the flying bugs!  There were also dozens of seagulls and geese roaming and flying around!

On our way to Russell, Kansas we started seeing the very cool wind turbines all along the highway.


Fossil Creek RV Park is a very small older Passport America park in Russell, Kansas.   No real amenities other than a laundry room.  Barely anyone here most of our three days here.  It is very quiet here and we are conveniently located in Russell to the city.  One unique thing about this city is that in the residential areas in town the streets are made of bricks.  Very charming.

We hid several of my painted rocks around town at the Post Office, two city parks, and a few retail businesses.

Here’s the only photo I have of the RV park here.  We’re under some shade trees, get excellent television and internet and we have 50 amp electricity, water and sewage!  Its in the mid 70s here today so as far as good things those are very good for us!

We’re leaving Kansas tomorrow for one night in Sutton, Colorado and then two weeks in Monument, Colorado at Colorado Heights RV Park.

I just saw this video on Facebook and was in tears of laughter while watching it.  I’m putting it in my Wacky Wonderful Wednesday but you guys got to see this too!  I’ve heard the song before but I think it’s the visuals that make it great!  Just wait till the 7 Deacons get savedl………………….  Enjoy!  The Mississippi Squirrel Revival!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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07.26.17 Keeter Center, Downtown Branson, Missouri and they found some rocks!!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 – We pulled out of Treasure Lake RV Resort this morning and are headed to Perry State Park in Kansas for a couple of nights.  Our actual destination is Monument, Colorado which is a 13 hour drive.  We’re breaking that long drive up into three overnight stays along the way. This starts our big change in travel plans, a decision we made to get out of the extreme heat we’ve been in by heading straight to the Colorado mountains!!!
Last week we visited College of the Ozarks where you can find the Keeter Center. Its a massive facility that looks like a log cabin inside and out.
This is where we bought some homemade ice cream.  Here’s what they say about the College Creamery.  The process of making our special ice cream begins before the sun rises, when College of the Ozarks® students milk 60 Holstein, Jersey, and Guernsey cows at the W. Alton Jones Campus Dairy. Once the milk is collected, students pasteurize, bottle, and deliver it to The Keeter Center, where another group of hard-working students turn the farm-fresh cream into Nettie Marie’s Homemade Ice Cream, named to honor W. Alton Jones’ wife, Nettie Marie. Farming and the use of farm-raised products has always been a part of the College’s 110-year heritage that allows students to work, instead of paying for their education. Enjoy the fresh dairy ice cream made daily by our Hard Work U. students.
I had a blackberry cobbler cone of ice cream and Roy had Raspberry something.
The bakery sells delicious student made pastries!
 They have a gift shop featuring an array of handcrafted student-made products such as: stained glass, fruitcake and jellies, pottery, handwoven baskets, textiles, sausages, and milled grains.
There is a restaurant, Dobyns Dining Room, where students grow the food, cook the food and serve it in the restaurant. Here’s their description of Dining. Whether it’s a casual lunch, intimate dinner for two, or an elegant private dinner party for sixty, our culinary staff of students offer something for every taste! Your Branson dining experience will be enhanced by student entertainment Thursday through Saturday evenings, and Sunday during our award-winning Brunch, featuring a wide range of musical talent from our campus. For the sweet tooth anytime of the day, our bakery will satisfy any desire with pastries, cookies, and a variety of coffee and specialty drinks.

There is also a  Conference Center at Keeter Center.

And Mabee Lodge. Here’s their description of the Lodging. A night in the Mabee Lodge ensures sweet dreams. Fifteen elegantly appointed suites await you, with personalized service. Enjoy a night stay in our student-run Lodge, with award-winning accommodations. Whether you are looking for a relaxing romantic getaway or a family-friendly vacation.I n your room, you will find complimentary student-made amenities with personalized cold beverages. In the evenings our student staff will perform a turndown service that includes fresh milk from the W. Alton Jones Campus Dairy, homemade turn down cookies, fresh ground coffee, Pacific Sea bath salts, and Hard Work U. robes. The following morning you will be greeted by our wait staff with your ‘complimentary continental breakfast, delivered at the time of your choice. When checking into the lodge, all children thirteen years and younger will receive a Hard Work U. bracelet, allowing them to get complimentary ice cream from our Nettie Marie’s Creamery.

On Monday we strolled through what I think of as Downtown Branson.  We went to the post office to pick up some mail and put in the mail our granddaughters birthday present.  It was too hot to do much exploring but we did get to go through Dick’s 5 and 10 which is a unique place with gifts you won’t find anywhere else, one-of-a-kind collections spanning generations, toys from yesteryear, items for the home, games, hobby supplies, sewing, an aisle of the quirky and fun and so much more.   Here’s a link to their website in case you’re looking for something unusual or from the past, pretty sure they have it!

We also went through a cool store, Peter Engler Designs.  Hand carved items all around the store.

There was a lady there, Mary Bowman who carves these Santa ornaments and several other things right there in the store!

Roy found him a new buddy!  He costs $22,000 and took 5 years to carve!

I discovered Life Time Candles at this shop and fell in love.  Too expensive for me, but if I was rich I’d get one for everyone I know, they are that cool!

As we hopped from shop to shop trying to get out of the heat I hid about a bunch of rocks on benches and street light posts.

Before we got back home two of the rocks had been found and they posted the find on Facebook! Barbara said:  “Found in Branson Mo at Ripleys…rehiding tomorrow!!! 💖💖💖”

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Image may contain: one or more people
 Ashley said : “We had found a rock today in Branson MO!!! Bringing it back to the STL with us!! 😊😊😊”
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, food
Image may contain: one or more people and text

I know this has been long but it’s one of those times that I don’t want to forget about where we’ve been so I write about it! We are within one hour of reaching Perry State Park. Yay!  Roy hurt his back this morning as we were getting ready to leave so please pray for him as he is our driver and a good guy!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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07.25.17 Change of travel plans

Tuesday, July 25, 2017 – As much as I like to plan our travels at least a month or two ahead so that we have a good idea of where we’re going, sometimes everything needs to be changed around.  This is one of those times!

We just spent 9 hot, hot days here in Branson with our air conditioners running over time and only getting the interior temperatures down to 83.  Being outside for just a short time is unbearable since the temperature is 98. Because of this we realized that doing Route 66 right now would be just too much heat for too long, not something we’d enjoy.

We’ve changed our travel plans so that Rouge 66 is traveled in much cooler months such as October and November!  Here’s our original travel plan. This path starts in Branson and went west along Route 66 out to Kingman, AZ and Las Vegas before heading up north towards Yellowstone.

Roy pointed out that they look almost the same but our new travel plan is almost backwards from the original.  We head west to Colorado and then north to Mount Rushmore, then Yellowstone and back down through Colorado to Route 66 (going in the opposite direction than the original plan) and on home.  I’m looking into something right now that would make the path from Boulder, Wyoming down to Route 66 change.  There are several national parks in Utah, Arizona and Colorado that we’d like to see so time permitting they will be added and the path will change!!

Of course this is not necessarily the exact path we will take.   It mostly was created based on the places we really want to see but where we stay to get to see those things may cause the route to change.  And if we learn of something we hadn’t thought about that we must see it will change with that!

We leave here Wednesday morning headed to Perry State Park in Ozawkie, Kansas for two nights, then to Russell, Kansas for three nights, Stratton, Colorado for one night.  These are all Passport America parks.  We’ll then go to Colorado Springs, Colorado for two weeks! We don’t usually do just one, two, three night stays but that’s what we needed to do so we could go from Treasure Lake (where we are now) which is a Coast to Coast park to the park in Colorado Springs, Colorado which is also a Coast to Coast park.

I hope ya’ll will be following us as we head to cooler areas.  Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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07.23.17 Ralph Foster Museum at College of the Ozarks in Missouri

Sunday, July 23, 2017 – I wrote last week about our awesome visit to a most unusual college,  College of the Ozarks.  Here’s a link to that blog post if you missed it.  https://rosalynandroy.com/2017/07/19/23434/

The first place we stopped at was the Ralph Foster Museum.  Can’t really say I know a lot about Ralph Foster but the museum with his name was great!  His interest in The School of the Ozarks prompted him to turn this vast collection over to the School’s Museum. Because of his abiding interests and generosity, The School of the Ozarks Board of Trustees voted to rename the Museum the “Ralph Foster Museum” in the mid-1960’s.

The primary focus of the Ralph Foster Museum is to collect, preserve, interpret and exhibit items relating to the Ozarks region. One of the more famous exhibits is the original vehicle used in the television series “The Beverly Hillbillies.”

In addition, visitors will find antiques, weapons, dolls, natural history and other items from around the world. There are three very large floors of exhibits but I’m only going to share those that got our attention.  First was a lot of stuffed mountain animals.

Help He’s Getting Me!!

Polar Bear This is a real elephant ear that is painted on.  Roy says that’s what I should take up now instead of painting rocks!! Not LSU’s Mike the Tiger but a really cool guy! Time Recorder invented in 1888.  To record an employees starting and stopping time, they positioned a pivoted pointer arm around to their own number, and pressed it into a guide hole thereby printing the exact time next to their number onto a shehet of paper on the inside and ringing a bell with each punch. This time recorder does not have its pivoted pointer arm.

Doctors office from the past.  It looks like one from my younger days – oh my how old I am.

Miniature Circus

Popcorn Machine used at Jewell Theatre (Home of the Ozark Jubilee)

1911 International Tractor

1894 Steam Engine

1862 Gatling Gun

There was so much to see on all three floors.  What an amazing museum on this so cool college campus!

As we were leaving I hid these rocks outside of the museum  I’ve started adding a typed note to the bottom of each rock asking them to post a picture of it on RVing Rocks which is a Facebook Group.  The second one below was found and the finder posted a picture!  It is so neat to see how happy kids are when they find a rock!  This is the note I glue to the back.  I created notes in various sizes because there are big rocks and then there are much smaller rocks!  This picture is the back of the second photo above was which was hidden at Ralph Foster Museum.  Julie posted this pic and said: Found this rock at College of the Ozarks near Branson, MO. At first she posted a photo of her son holding it up with the front of the rock showing.  She must have decided not to post her sons photo so she switched it out with this one.

This one was found at Branson Hobby Center.  Melodi said on Facebook: My son Christopher Nivens found this rock at his dad’s work, Branson Hobby Center. We are new to the group and followed the instructions on the back of the rock.

This one was found at Dixie Stampede.  Susie said on Facebook:  My granddaughter was SO excited to find her first rock at Dixie Stampede! I had just introduced her to rocking this week! Thank you!

This one was found at:  Ashley said on Facebook:  Found this gem at the post office in Branson, Missouri yesterday and it looks like it has traveled all the way from Louisiana! I couldn’t think of a better place to rehome it than my local Post Office in Bixby, OK! 💗

 Ya’l come back now, ya’ hear!


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07.21.17 Dixie Stampede in Branson, Missouri

Friday, July 21, 2017 – Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede is called “The World’s Most Visited Dinner Attraction!”   And we got to see it yesterday evening!

At Dixie Stampede you can celebrate the American Spirit with inspiring world-class performances. We saw a powerful performance featuring many magnificent horses and a cast of top-notch trick riders in a 35,000 square foot arena. We loved the friendly North and South competition which I am proud to announce “The South WON”!!.  There were horse riding stunts at top speeds, spectacular special effects, phenomenal musical productions all while we enjoyed a mouth-watering four-course family feast!  Here’s a photo I found and a list of the huge amount of food that is served.

Four-Course Feast Includes:

  • A Mouth-Watering Tender Whole Rotisserie Chicken
  • Delicious Hickory Smoked Barbecued Pork Loin
  • Dixie Stampede’s Original Creamy Vegetable Soup
  • Scrumptious Homemade Biscuit
  • Hot Buttered Corn on the Cob
  • Tasty Herb-basted Potato
  • Dixie’s very own Specialty Dessert
  • Unlimited Pepsi®, tea or coffee

The food was delicious, the entertainment spectacular and Roy and I both enjoyed wearing our cowboy hats!

Here’s some photos we took before the show:

One of the many horses in the show.  They are kept in very nice stalls like this one along the walk way going inside. Rosalyn and the Colt of Many Colors!!!The act before the main show in the Carriage RoomEverything on the menu is eaten with your fingers – no utensils!  This shows the North side of the arena.  We were on the South side!

This was one of the waiters serving the whole rotisserie chickens!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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07.20.17 Moses at Sights & Sound Theater in Branson, Missouri

Thursday, July 20, 2017 – Tuesday night we enjoyed the musical production of “MOSES” at Sight & Sound Theater in Branson, MO.   We’ve seen two other Sight & Sound productions in years past and as always this was a high quality show! They tell spectacular Bible stories, brought to life on a panoramic stage. Sight & Sound takes theater to a whole new level. Every show is an epic experience with a meaningful message. Where edge-of-your-seat action meets heartfelt drama.

Sight & Sound’s unique theater experience begins with a 2,000 seat auditorium, a 300-ft stage that surrounds the audience on three sides, state-of-the-art technology and live animals. Each production is intricately created—from the finely-stitched costumes to the grand staging of massive sets. Meticulous attention is given to every detail as they magnificently come together to transport you right into the heart of the story.  The singing part of the play was so outstanding I don’t have a word for it!

This is their Mission Statement:

Our purpose is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ and sow the Word of God into the lives of customers, guests and fellow workers by visualizing and dramatizing the scriptures, through inspirational productions, encouraging others and seeking always to be dedicated and wise stewards of our God-given talents and resources.

They do not allow photos or videos to be taken during the production so most of what I have below were grabbed from the internet.  If you ever have the opportunity to attend one of the spectacular productions, jump on it!!  It’s not cheap but when you leave at the end you are glad you paid what you did for the opportunity to be so blessed!

These are my photos:

My favorite scenes were Moses and the burning bush, the parting of the Red Sea and Passover.  Two times Moses’ Shepard staff turns into a snake while proving he was sent from God.  that was awesome!! These photos are from the internet~

This scene of God speaking to Moses at the burning bush was phenomenal! The scenery is so big and so real looking that when the voice of God spoke to Moses it felt like we were really there when it actually happened!   None of these photos show the scenery on the sides of the auditorium or the animals, soldiers, other actors using the aisles as part of the stage and flying in from the air!  You also don’t see the non-human actors includes cattle, sheep, goats, dogs, parrots, a rat, a skunk, camels, horses and donkeys.   Even though the story of Moses takes place in the Old Testament, Jesus does indeed make an appearance. It’s all amazing!

We just went to Dixie Stampede this evening so I’ll be sharing all that soon, along with what we saw at Ralph Foster’s Museum and the Keeter Center at College of the Ozarks! We will be here through next Wednesday so who knows what all we’ll get into before then!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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07.18.17 College of the Ozarks – Hard Work U – What’s it about?

Tuesday, July 18, 2017 – We usually get out the day after arriving in an area to see what there is to do and see! Monday we drove around Branson, Missouri with a short list of places to check out. We usually discover before we arrive in an area the attractions we want to check out. College of the Ozarks was not anywhere on our radar, but we both loved it (especially the homemade ice cream) and would recommend it as a must see place on your itinerary when in Branson, Missouri!

We started out at Branson Hobby Center where Roy picked up a couple of things he needed for his remote control plane. We left a painted rock there when we arrived! The hobby center is not in Branson but is in neighboring Hollister, MO.

I found the perfect place to leave one of my painted rocks! Sure hope it makes someone SMILE!!

Also in Hollister, MO is an amazing college called College of the Ozarks which I want to share with you all. It is also known as Hard Work U. This is a most unusual college. Their description from their website says it all:

Christian values and character, hard work, and financial responsibility comprise the fundamental building blocks of the “Hard Work U” experience. At a time when there is much talk about what is wrong with the nation, College of the Ozarks exemplifies what is right with America.

C of O is committed to its founding mission of providing a quality, Christian education to those who are found worthy, but who are without sufficient means to obtain such an education. Instead of paying tuition, all full-time students work campus jobs to defray the cost of education. Upon complete participation in the Work Education Program, the College guarantees to meet the entire cost of education for students, allowing them the opportunity to graduate debt-free. The College openly discourages debt by not participating in any federal, state, or private loan programs and leads by example through having no institutional debt of any kind.

In case you read through that quickly and didn’t catch the main point, it is: Students do not pay tuition. They all work on campus to help defray their expenses.

These students make things to sell and provide services. Making things like: fruit cakes that looked delicious, jellies and jams, daily making homemade ice cream which we enjoyed and was delicious. They grow huge amounts of vegetables and raise cattle and hogs for milk and meat. All of this is served in the on campus restaurant which is prepared and served by students learning cooking. Students do all of the landscaping and maintenance. The College of the Ozarks has developed a series of unique attractions that not only draw in visitors and revenue, but also provide plenty of positions that students are able to fill, many of which embrace a back-to-the-land, farm-to-table, or historical aesthetic. There are also students serving art gallery assistant or a variety of positions in construction (from electricity to heating and air to painting).

As we drove through the campus we saw students working all over the place. The landscaping was meticulously perfect and students were seen planting flowers, pulling weeds, irrigating, and watering in groups. We went into two buildings and all we saw were students working. We have student workers at Southeastern but it is no way like a student worker at College of the Ozarks.

I do not know the guidelines they use for determining which students can go there and which cannot. To learn more about this absolutely awesome academic opportunity check out their website: https://www.cofo.edu/

I’ve found so much information about this unusual college that I couldn’t possibly share it all here. I did find two articles that cover most of it and here are the two links.

Hard Work U: College of the Ozarks, Part One

Hard Work U: College of the Ozarks, Part Two

Visitors are invited to visit this campus and the many public attractions there. The two buildings we went through were the Ralph Museum and the Keeter Center.

I’ll write next about what we saw there, I just wanted to introduce you to this quite unusual and beautiful College we discovered!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!



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07.16.17 The good and the bad of our travels so far – by Roy Chauvin

Sunday, July 16, 2017 – Today’s blog is written by Roy Chauvin

We always seem to write about all the good things that we see and that happen while living and traveling around in our motor home. Well today I am going to tell you about some of the problems we have encountered in the last few week. And a really fun opportunity I’ve had while here!

We are members of Coast to Coast Resorts, a system of RV resorts throughout America. We joined this great organization years back when we first purchased our motor home. As members we can stay virtually free at Coast to Coast parks across the US for up to two weeks at a time. To keep within our budget, we take full advantage of this organization. Generally when we head out on a new adventure one of our first stops is in Mountain View, AR where we can venture out to enjoy some very talented music picking and singing in the Town Square where local musicians come and form groups to play and entertain the crowds. This along with perusing the local shops makes for a very interesting outing. There are also many beautiful sights to see and clear water streams running throughout the Mountain View area. So here is where it starts. The usual Coast to Coast RV Park we have stayed at in the past was having a special event. During special events Coast to Coast members cannot make reservations so this forced us to look elsewhere. We found another Coast to Coast park located in Shirley, AR which is located about 40 minutes outside of Mountain View so we booked our reservations. Don’t get me wrong as this is a very nice park. It was taken over by a new owner about 3 years ago and they have worked very hard to make it really a nice place to stay. But being 40 minutes away with very winding and steep roads has limited our trips and the amount of time we were able to visit Mountain View.

Those that know me also know that I like to fly radio controlled airplanes. On the plus side, the Lake Area Fun Flyers Squadron’s RC field is less than 5 miles away and they graciously allowed me to use their beautiful air field. (More on that later.)

Hitch Pin

While getting settled into the park, I noticed that the hitch pin that holds our TOAD (the truck we tow behind the Motor Home) was missing the lock that holds it in place. I’m not for sure how that happened but the pin on one side should have fallen out and may have cause big problems. The Lord must have been looking out for us as the pin was still in place with no lock to hold it in. I had to purchase new hitch pins so that when we leave the truck will be safe behind us.

Air Conditioner Blowing Motor

The next night I started hearing a squealing noise coming from the rear air conditioner. I tried to ignore it but as you know that was not going to fix the problem. Later that evening as the air conditioner cycled on and off, the blower motor refused to work and I was forced to turn the rear unit off. The next morning I climbed up on the roof and took the cover off of the AC unit and sure enough the blower motor was locked up. I managed to get it free enough to run but only if I turned it by hand after the power was on. I set the rear AC to High Fan cool so that the motor would run constantly without cycling off. I know that if it turned off that it would not start again without some persuasion. I ordered a new blower motor that day and had it shipped to me at the RV Park. It arrived here very quickly in about 4 days. Now I am out in the direct sun and heat changing the blower motor. It took a couple of hours but once again both AC units are up and running.

I went to the RC flying field and met several of the members all of which were very friendly and welcomed me as one of their own. I got to fly my plane several times and on many different days. (More on that later.)

Rosalyn and I decided to do a little exploring so we headed out in “Boots” our truck to visit the nearby towns of Clinton, Shirley and Fairfield Bay. We had an enjoyable time but somewhere along the way I manage to get a 4 inch nail in the tire. As luck would have it the nail did not penetrate the bottom of the tire but it went through the sidewall which meant that it was not repairable. I put the spare on and a tire shopping we will go.

Back in January, I purchased 2 new tires for the front of my truck. Thank goodness that the punctured tire was in the rear. As members of the Family Motor Coach Association I get a very good discount on Michelin tires but it require me to purchase them at a Michelin Advantage Dealer. I decided that it would be best to replace both the rears tire that match the front tires. I found a dealer in Batesville, AR about an hour drive from the RV Park. I gave them a call and of course they did not have the tires I needed in stock but were able to get them in the next day. That worked out good for us as we planned to visit family members who live in Cherokee Village. Batesville is in the direction of Cherokee Village about half way. We headed out the next day to Batesville and had the tires replaced at the Ozark Tire Center. They were very nice and professional. They got the tires installed very quickly and we were soon on our way to Cherokee Village to spend some time with family members that we haven’t seen in quite awhile.

Now back to the Lake Area Fun Flyers Squadron (LAFFS) flying field. I mentioned that I met several of their members and that they all were very nice and friendly. What I did not mention is their beautiful planes they brought to the field and how fantastic they were able to fly those planes.

I am very thankful to have met them and how they all welcomed me. Most of the time we flew starting about 1:00 in the afternoon. I decided to go to the park around 4:00 pm this past Wednesday when the temperature had a chance to cool down some. I suffer from essential tremors which causes my hands and fingers to shake making it very difficult at times to have full control of my RC plane. Normally I fly my using my thumbs on the radio to control the plane. Today I wanted to try something different by using my thumb and finger in a pinching fashion to control the plane in an effort to cut down on the shaking. This turned out to be a big mistake and I wound up losing the plane in the top of the trees.

I went home to get Rosalyn so she could help me. With a lot of persistence and a fishing pole with a weight on the end, I was able to shake the branch it was in and got the plane to fall a few feet but not all the way. The fishing line I was using was not strong enough and keep breaking on me. Then finally the fishing rod popped in half and cut my arm in the process. I temporally fixed the pole and tried many more times until it turned dark and I could not see anymore and was forced to leave it in the tree overnight.

When I got back to the RV I changed clothes and headed out to Walmart in Clinton, AR. I purchased more weights as all the ones I had were lost when the line keep breaking. I also bought a spool of 50lb SpiderWire. When I got home I fixed the pole with epoxy and replaced the old line with the new SpiderWire line.

The next day was the day that we planned to get Boots some new tires and visit family in Cherokee Village, AR. We planned on leaving at 10:30 am. I woke up very early and left about 6:30 am to attempt again to get my plane out of the tree. After about 8 more casts, I finally managed to get the line over the correct branch and the new SpiderWire line allowed me to shake the branch pretty hard without breaking. My plane FINALLY fell out of the tree and I was able to be underneath it to break the fall. I retrieve my plane virtually unscathed. However, the main landing gear which just snaps into place had pulled out and is still in the tree somewhere. I will have to order a $7.00 landing gear before I can fly my plane again. I made it back to our motor home about 8:30 am with plenty of time to get ready for a fun filled day of long driving.

We both very much enjoyed our visit with Barbie and Johnny Tate at their home in Cherokee Village, Arkansas.  We’ve known them for almost 30 years meeting them when we first moved to Pumpkin Center.  Maybe even when we were still living in Metairie.  Sally and Eddie use to live down the road from us on Hinson Road and John is Sally’s son. Barbie’s mom Shirley lived quite near us in Pumpkin Center and all the families just made us part of their family when we moved there.  Her step dad at the time helped us city folks take a stab at growing vegetables.  I think that lasted one year but we appreciated them helping us!  We love them dearly and they are as family to us as family can be without being blood related.   Barbie and Johnny (who are known outside of the family as Barbara and John)  have a beautiful home on a lake which we really enjoyed getting to see.  We’ve been friends on Facebook through all the time they’ve lived in Arkansas and us in Louisiana.  We’ve seen lots of upgrades John has done to their home and it was fun getting to see it all in person.  We wound up staying longer than we had planned since we were having such a good time. It was great to see them again. By the time we got back to the Motor Home that night I was dead tired and slept till noon the next day.

Rosalyn’s Note: Today, Sunday, we are leaving Arkansas after being here for three weeks!  We are headed to Branson, Missouri where we’ll stay for 9 days!  Because it is unbearably hot right now and will be that hot, if not worse, along Route 66 right now, our travel plans past Branson have changed.   The plans still include Route 66, just not now. Once we decide exactly what the new plan will be I’ll share!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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