10.13.14 Updates, RVillage Ambassadors, upgraded RV lighting and book recommendation

SmileGodLovesYouPoster We are still enduring one of the most frustrating experiences in recent years – trying to sell or even rent our house and all the ups and downs that go with that. We had our first offer yesterday but it was low so we countered and they decided to move on. We’ve already lowered the price $10,000 so no offer will be accepted unless it’s real close to the asking price. There’s also a problem with getting the for rent listing out on MLS, but this  is being worked on. Right now only agents have been able to see it which means it is unseeable (not sure that’s a word!) to the general public that is looking for a house to rent.

While I was writing just now a man stopped by with his sonsroller coaster ride 2 and  asked to see the house.  He loved it and is bringing his significant other back in a couple of hours.  He loved the man cave garage, the surround sound system in the living room and everything else. This is such a roller coaster ride with the highs of showings and the lows of not selling coming almost daily! Just heard that the couple that saw it yesterday really like it so maybe, just maybe – oh no here goes the roller coaster ride again!

A friend from my youth, September, is having knee replacement surgery today. Please pray for her. She sent me a package this week and when I opened it up I was surprised to see fall colored leaves! She lives in New Hampshire and I’ve commented about how beautiful the pictures she posts are of the trees with their glorious color.  So she sent a little of New Hampshire to me!


The company I work for and that Roy and I love sent us our RVillage Ambassadors t-shirts and cap.  We now look more official when we visit RV parks to get them to claim their parks or when we’re telling other RVers about RVillage.  An Ambassador is a non paid position where people who have some knowledge of RVillage try to spread the word through various means.  We have meetings online to learn all the newest developments so we can explain them to others who have questions.  It really helps the small paid staff not be spread so thin trying to do it all!  Here’s our new goodies – the t-shirts do have arms, I just folded them under!


Roy wanted  to upgrade our interior lighting to 4″ LEDs for a while and I put him off as long as I could!  They are not cheap and we need 30 of them.  The picture below is after two of the three lights over one of the sofas were changed out to the new ones.  The one on the right is the old light.  What a difference these new technology bigger lights has made.  Old folks have trouble seeing details without a lot of light and this helps both Roy and I see so much better.   The ones down the center of the RV are dimable which is very helpful since when they are all on it’s like theater lighting!  I see dirt I haven’t ever seen before so we’ll have an even cleaner RV with help from our new lights.


A young woman who grew up in our church has just added published author to her long list of accomplishments.  She’s now quite ravens stormgrown up and is a wife and mom of two teenagers and one little one, all girls!  Her name is Rebecca Bankston Willoughby and her first novel is Raven’s Storm.

I was in the middle of reading the 12 Comet Clement series when her book came out but I finally got to read it and I’m quite impressed.  She writes more like a well seasoned author then a first timer!   When I started reading I could not put it down.

Here’s a little bit about Rebecca:

Rebecca Bankston Willoughby is an international award winning artist whose career began in the corporate world of commercial art. After years of traveling around the south, Rebecca settled into family life in her home town of Pumpkin Center, Louisiana with her husband Donny and their 3 daughters. With a deep love of her home state, Rebecca has chosen the fictional town of Davout, Louisiana as the setting of her first novel. She invites you to enjoy meeting the citizens of this quaint little southern town one book at a time.

Here’s a summary of the book from the Amazon website.

There are a lot of things to love about growing up in a small rural community in south Louisiana, but for lifelong resident Paige Barksdale, there is nothing she loves more than her family, her horse, … and Canan McCord. Unfortunately, only the horse and family return her love in equal portion. Even though she has finally reached the coveted status of adulthood, Canan still sees Paige as a child. Canan McCord is a man’s man, living his dreams. As VP of his father’s land management company, Canan spends his days in the woods surveying timber and heads right back out on the weekends to hunt and fish. Life is good. He even has a beautiful, accomplished girlfriend who is dropping strong hints about wanting to be promoted to “wife” — but something is holding him back from buying that ring. Something that looks an awful lot like the young, raven-haired beauty who grew up next door.  To Paige, who fancies herself in love, the ten years between them is just a number. But to Canan, ten years seems much too wide a gap for love to cross. The harder he tries to stay away from Paige, however, the more she draws him in. When attraction flames to life in a duck blind, Canan is forced to see that Paige is much more than a little girl, but as quickly as the flame ignites, he rejects the idea that they could have a future together.  As Paige comes to terms with the idea of a future without the man who holds her heart, a violent hurricane strikes the tiny town of Davout, Louisiana. As wind and rain sweep across the Bayou State, lives are lost and Paige and Canan are forced to discover who they really are–and what truly counts in life . . . and in love.

I was so happy to hear that this is just the first in a series of book set in Davout, Louisiana. I love the small town aspect of the book and how she includes her beloved LSU into the story!  Great job Rebecca and anyone interested can buy it on Amazon for your kindle at only $3.99.  I highly recommend Rebecca’s first book and look forward to many to come!

Roy has three more weeks to work at Southeastern ending October 31st so he’s into a 15 day work day countdown. We know what a blessing this has been to have this income since we’ve been home.  God’s timing is always perfect and we have to remember that always even at times like this when we’ve had to wait so long for the right buyer or renter to come along.  Very hard to do but always the right thing.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


10.02.14 House for Lease, RVillage Mobile, Book Recommendation, Family Visits!

After dozens of showings of our sticks and bricks house and no offers, we’ve decided to add leasing as an option to the real estate listing.  If you know of anyone in the Hammond area looking for a wonderful house to rent please tell them to contact us!   Roy will be running out of time that he can work in a month, so hopefully we’ll have the house rented or sold by then and can get on with our traveling life!

I try to remind myself of this everyday when it comes to selling the house!

gods in controlHere’s a link to the lease flyer.  CLICK HERE!  While this is our second choice of what to do with the house, and we’d still prefer to sell, we’ve come to realize that selling the house may not be what we’re suppose to do right now. God’s timing for things happening in our life is usually different than our timing but He always knows best.

We spent some time with Madisyn and Chip at the softball field this week.


Madisyn and her mommy came by for a visit today and of course Madisyn and Paw Paw Roy shared some ice cream!!



Now that Fall weather has finally arrived in Louisiana I can’t wait to get out and play.  Tomorrow Chip, Kim, Madisyn, Braxton, Bentley, Roy and I are going to Ms. Heather’s Pumpkin Patch here in Hammond to autumnplay!  Of course pictures will be taken and shared!  It’s not just a pumpkin patch, they have lots of activities all the children love.  Here’s the list of activities from their web page:  Pick a Pumpkin from the field, Zip line, Jumping Pillow, Tunnel Slide, Face Painting, Duck Racing, Pedal Tractors, See Cotton Growing, Hay Maze, Milk a Cow, Roll Down the Hill, Catch Mrs. Heather telling how pumpkins grow, Merry go round, Play Horse Shoes, Nature Trail, Lots of places to take pictures, Weigh & Measure your pumpkin, Bring a Picnic Lunch, Paint a pumpkin (weekend only).

finished bookI’ve discovered author Kevin George’s Comet Clement series and I’ve been enjoying it for weeks.  It’s a series of 12 books about the governments of several countries preparing for a major comet, Comet Clement, to hit the earth. The countries prepare for this in secret creating survival stations in outer space, under the water and under the earth.  It then moves on to the comet actually hitting and how the people in the survival stations lived for five years waiting for earth to get back to a livable place.  I’m on the last book now which is about how those survived make the transition to living on the earth.  Don’t know how it will end, but I’ve enjoyed this series a lot.  The plot line is quite long but I haven’t tired of it at all.  I feel I know the characters quite well now and can’t wait to see if they all have a happy ending!  Each of the books is very inexpensive (around 2.99 each) and of course I got into it from a free first book through BookBub.  I got the rest at Amazon and would highly recommend the series.  I do have to say that the editing is not perfect with an occasional word left out, etc. but doesn’t stop me from loving the series.

One last thing,  RVillage, my favorite RV company is now available on your cell phone.  rvillage mobile


Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.  Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.  Philippians 4:6-7  (NLT)

Ya’ll have a great weekend!


09.11.14 So what’s new??

dont try to face the day untilSoutheastern and LSU won their games Saturday by huge amounts.  They are both powerhouses in their conferences.  The bad news is that the Saints lost (oh how it hurts to say that word) to the Dirty Birds of Atlanta by a field goal in overtime in their first regular season game.  Our defense was rotten. They face the Cleveland Browns this Sunday and, as a loyal Saints fan, I know a 1 in the Win column is on the way for us!

We are still at zero offers on our house.  The volume of traffic through the house indicates a lot of interest yet no offers.  After much consideration, prayer and talks with our agent we’ve decided to lower the price $10,000 from the original asking price.  We’re hoping to reach a different group of home shoppers with this lower price, hoping someone will snap it up.

Roy is still working at Southeastern in his temporary position and can stay a few more weeks, Thank God!

Church softball games are one of those things for me that make me very happy!  We were treated to a church softball game this week.  My son’s church, Soul’s Harbor, has a new team and Chip is the coach.  They lost the first game but put several runs on the board so it’s a promising start!  What an amazing evangelistic outreach church softball is and I’m thankful Soul’s Harbor has started this at their church.  I miss the good old days at Trinity when we had a softball league and we all cheered and fellowshiped at the ball field together.  Here’s a picture of the new team!  Chip’s the guy with the full beard .

souls harbor team

My 60th birthday is coming up this Sunday, September 14th.  Wow the big 60!  I didn’t dread 50 because I never thought10501705_719614951418386_5147329040968202366_n of that as old.  Now I don’t really dread 60 but I do think of 60 as on my way to old (like my sister who was probably expecting that comment!!).  My sister and brother in law are taking us out to dinner Saturday for my birthday.  Hoping to spend some time with Madisyn on my birthday when we gather after church to celebrate.  Madisyn now in school full time, dance class, cheerleading class, AWANA on Wednesday nights and has very little spare time to sleep and breathe much less spend time with us. They grow up way to fast!

madisyn lessons

We’re not traveling right now so all I can do is dream about that and look forward to future times on the road when we can share our adventures with ya’ll again.

Today being September 11th is the 13th anniversary of the day terror struck the United States on our own soil.  The saying “We Must Never Forget” means so much to me.  Every year I try to watch videos of that day because I feel it is extremely important that we relive the impact of that day so we don’t forget the sacrifices so many Americans made that day and in the days afterward.  I don’t dwell on it except for on this day.  My mind can’t wrap itself around what horrible people would do this to our country.  The multitudes of young men who joined the military after that to give us renewed protection are due all our gratitude and prayers.  We are a resilient country with tremendous pride for what these folks did on September 11th and afterwards.   I worry so much about the path our country is on and pray daily to God for his continued mercy and grace on our country.

10612686_531043637041702_2658707136413585927_nAs much as many people want to remove our Christian faith from America, I for one will hold on to it with all my might.


Ya’ll have a wonderful weekend – it’s almost here – and ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear??!!


07.02.14 God’s blessings while we’re getting the house ready for sale!

blog 4The picture above says it all.  One exhausted, worn out man taking a break in front of his fan with holes and paint on his shirt and pants!  He didn’t get to do too much of this but it was nice when he did!  This post covers our last two weeks so it may turn out to be a long one.  We haven’t visited any interesting locations except inside and outside our sticks and bricks house but hope to be heading out west where we’ve planned many wonderful stops and will, of course, be sharing them with ya’ll!

Our days the last two weeks have been full from sun up till after sun down.  No more sleeping late for us for a while, though we’ve been so exhausted that we fall into bed as soon as we’re finished for the day and sleep soundly until the alarm goes off!  Our renters have moved out and we had a long list of work needed to get the house ready to put on the market.

Day after day was spent cleaning, painting, repairing, weeding and dozens of other jobs.  We cleaned all the kitchen cabinet fronts and the master vanity which is a beautiful piece of wood furniture with many many crevices and ornate woodwork and a marble top.  I used six different chemicals or blends of homemade chemicals to clean glass work (glass bath doors, vessel sink and waterfall faucet, ceramic cook top). Just a little note here when you mix baking soda and vinegar it acts like it wants to blow up which was rather frightening since I was in the house alone at the time. That did stop and after adding more baking soda it made a nice paste to scrub with.  Then there was scrubbing walls (I went through 21 magic erasers – my new favorite cleaning tool), painting walls, baseboards, banisters, stairs.  Roy painted a lot of this including the trim on the two dormers on the roof (we call them dog houses!). Then there was lots of wood floor revitalizing, pressure washing, repairing some things, buying lots of things, planting new plants, transplanting old ones, and mulching what we could.

blog 8Painting the dormer trim, see pictures below, involved Roy climbing on the metal roof after attaching a bolt to the floor inside the second floor of the house attached to a rope going out the window and tied around his waist. Because there are two windows he had to attach the bolt and rope for one, unattach it when he was finished, take it to the other room, attach and reattach that one, Reaching the top of the trim involved putting a step ladder on the roof, me going inside to the second floor and holding onto the ladder through the windows hoping I wasn’t going to let it slip and see my husband tumble down the roof.  Even if he was attached to the rope who know how he would fall!

blog2blog3Weeds were pulled from the gardens every day by the bushel full. At the end of the two weeks new weeds had already dared to grow back in some of the first gardens I weeded. This Louisiana rain sure does grow some strong weeds!  I have scratches, bug bites and I think poison ivy on 10394041_10152457151943903_3710178840653846148_nevery inch of my hands, arms, legs and feet.  I usually post pictures of most everything but you would not want to see pictures of my skin right now! I think it looks like leprosy, Madisyn says it looks like chicken pox.

We got an estimate from a professional painter for just the trim outside (not the dormers) and the walls inside.  It was a very fair estimate and probably right in line with other painters but way way over what we can afford.  Again God blessed us by putting this wonderful man who paints by day at Southeastern and has for years, into our lives.  Roy saw him painting at the office and just mentioned he could use a man like him at the house.  He said he’d stop by the next day and he did.  From noon till about 7 that night and a couple of hours the next morning he painted all the trim ceilings, columns, and windows on the front and back and the green decking  and shutters on the front porch.

What a tremendous burden that took off Roy and the amount he wanted was less than one-fourth of what the original estimate was and this guy did a perfect job! Roy painted the white trim on the sides of the house leading up to the second story peak which was very difficult but the rest added to that would have been too much.

Anyone in Hammond wanting this guys contact info please let us know.  He was a pleasure to work with and I’d highly recommend him.

IMG_20140717_143759_042 IMG_20140717_143914_110When I post cute little graphics about God’s blessings and what he can and will do it’s real, this is a perfect living example of God taking care of us because we accepted Him as our Lord and Savior and gave our lives to him.  The first weekend I had chest pains from doing so much work, being 10489924_10152472930218903_7163219169099977594_nunder so much stress and not eating properly.  Once I rested for a little bit that weekend I was better but the scope of what we were trying to accomplish was bigger than Roy, me, Chip or our finances could handle and he stepped in to ease that.  What an amazing God we serve!

Since we sold our lawnmower we went in search of someone to cut our grass and found a wonderful man to do it and his first grass cutting and weed eating made everything look wonderful.  Thanks Scott Tribble for being the wonderful Christian responsible man you are!  He’ll cut the grass for us ever 10 days until we sell the house.

Roy’s working 10 hour days at the University now (temporarily doing his old job) so I had plenty of alone time working at the house.  He was off for four days for the 4th of July holiday and took a day off work the following week so we could finish it all in fourteen days. Fourteen long, awful, draining, exhausting days.

It took 5 days of work (not full days) to pressure wash the house, garage and all our sidewalks and porches. Roy, our son Chip and I took turns with that wonderful project.

Chip helped in so many different ways and I truly believe without his help and God sending us the painter this project may have been more than Roy or my health could handle.  It was fun having Chip around and seeing him take such pride in the work he was doing.  From digging up azaleas and transplanting them for me, to hauling off piles and piles of branches, pressure washing the whole garage and carport, and more things I can’t remember, his help was a blessing! One of the best things Chip did for us was to make sure we had lunch every day and wonderful Gatorade to keep us well nourished. IMG_20140717_143853_053

We finished the last item on our seemingly never ending list a couple of days ago, Roy’s been working every day at Southeastern and I’m recovering while trying to make some headway on cleaning the RV which got severely neglected for two weeks!

The MLS internet listing pictures turned out beautiful.  I’m so thankful they used a professional photographer because she captured the house’s features in a beautiful way!  Thanks to Kelly (photographer), Tiffany and Jamie (our realtors) for doing such a wonderful job!  Check out the pictures at http://www.kw.com/homes-for-sale/70401/LA/Hammond/11337-WARDLINE-Rd/3yd-KW-8_998527.html

IMG_20140717_143811_262This is our address on Wardline Road.  I’ve always loved these tiles and wanted this picture to  remember this neat little momento of our time living in this lovely home!

We just got word that they are showing the house at 1 pm today!  Wonderful Scott came by to cut the grass just in time for him to finish before they get here.  Do you see it?  God’s timing is always perfect.

Here’s praying everyone has a restful, peaceful, recuperative weekend.  It’s forecasted to rain here all weekend so we’re going to hunker down and watch movies as much as possible.  If these folks don’t buy the house we’ll let you know when it does sell which will mean we’ll be preparing to move out west!  We might just have to buy us a couple of cowboy hats for the journey!