10.24.13 Decatur, Indiana – our extended stay

559984_648823128471254_1388615469_nAfter all the hope and anticipation of getting to leave Decatur today, we’re still here and may be for a while.  The hose we picked up in Fort Wayne yesterday had a wrong size flange on it so it won’t fit.  They contacted the hose company and by the end of today we knew that they can’t get the fitting we need.  It’s closing time now and tomorrow is a new day and they will investigate further.  Tomorrow is also Friday so if a miracle doesn’t happen between now and 3 pm tomorrow we’ll be staying the weekend and who knows how long into next week.  We cancelled our week’s reservations at the RV Resort in Kentucky and told them we’d call back when we were on our way!

We had a squeak in the RV that the technicians noticed when they drove her so some of our time spent in the maintenance building today was them rocking Dora side to side to help them find the squeak.  Turns out a bolt in the firewall was loose and once they tightened it the squeak stopped.  Very thankful to them for taking care of this to make our ride quieter. 

At least we purchased a Monopoly game and movies yesterday and have lots of food to cook in my new induction pot!  We’ll have to get out and visit some more of the surrounding small towns while we’re still here.  Good thing Roy and I have a good marriage and can handle the close quarters situations like this bring!

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!