05.18.19 Kallie Girl’s Ponchatoula High School Graduation – Part Two, the Party

On Saturday, the day after our oldest granddaughter Kallie’s graduation ceremony, a graduation party was thrown in her honor!  The location was Kallie’s daddy Ronnie Barnes and step mama Dee Dee Barnes home in Ponchatoula.  They have a back porch perfect for the band to set up and play. Also, a large open carport where we all sat to eat and enjoy the festivities! Misty and Chip and the Barnes really did it up nice!  I hope it is a memory Kallie will take with her as she goes off to college and in the future!

Kallie playing her daddy’s drums.  WordPress is causing the video to stretch larger than it should.  I couldn’t get it to shrink enough to make it clear but this is such a precious thing seeing Kallie playing her daddy’s drums I left it in and hope you won’t mind.

The band playing at Kallie’s graduation party

Here’s where the party food production took place!

Paw Paw Roy loves his sweet Kallie Girl!

Misty and Chip had a photo book made for Kallie of photos taken each year of her life.  Kallie is reading the beautiful card that went with that gift. Misty’s love for her daughter spilled over in a few tears in the last of these three photos. Class of 2019 GuestbookKallie and her bestie Madi!

Paw Paw Roy, Misty the Proud Mom of a 2019 Graduate and Daddy Chip

Kallie’s little Sissy Madisyn and Daddy ChipMadisyn, Alaina, Grannie Rosalyn and Kallie GirlMama Misty and her daughter Kallie enjoying some dancing! The Master Griller was Dee Dee Barnes brother

Kallie’s cousin DJ Redden and Dee Dee’s other brother!

Daddy Ronnie Barnes playing with his band for Kallie’s party 

Some of the party attendees enjoying the music and visiting!

Kallie’s Great Uncle LC HooverMisty’s Uncle Dennis Mumphrey and precious little Cali were quite a cute dancing couple!DeeDee Barnes joined the cute couple dancing!

I feel certain everyone had a great day.  Lots of kids swimming in the pool, lots of old and young ones eating delicious food and visiting.  Kallie’s now graduated from high school and will be on to college next year at Southwest Mississippi Community College in Summit, MS.  We love you Kallie Girl!  Go make us proud!






05.14.19 Kallie Girl’s Ponchatoula High School Graduation – Part One, the Ceremony


Our oldest granddaughter, Kallie Barnes, graduated from Ponchatoula High School on Friday evening.  I‘m thankful that the next graduation will be 7 to 8 years from now as this one stirred up a lot of emotion in my heart!  Ponchatoula High School is in Ponchatoula, Louisiana.  It is where both of our sons graduated from lots of years ago. They are 37 and 40 years old so it’s been almost 20 years. Wow, they are old!!!! I’m not but they are!!


Back to Kallie! I tend to get sidetracked and go down memory road. Friday night at Southeastern Louisiana University’s University Center we were blessed to see this precious young lady graduate.  A big milestone for any young person.  These are some photos from the big event!

Kallie in her beautiful white dress for under the graduation gown!

Kallie and her bestie (from childhood to present) Madelyn Crowley. Madelyn goes by Madi in real life! Yes, they are pretty inseparable! They even plan to go to Southwest Mississippi Junior College together, majoring in Nursing!

Kallie’s cousin DJ Redden, her mom Misty Chauvin, her stepdad Chip Chauvin, cousin Haylee Perrotto and little sister Madisyn Chauvin waiting for the big event to begin!

Kallie’s nieces Raylynn, Alaina, her sister Stephanie Barnes and Stephanie’s boyfriend Travis Hahn. There were other relatives there supporting Kallie, I just didn’t get their picture!

The Ponchatoula High Orchestra

After all the graduates marched in the Pledge of Allegiance was said by all in attendance.  We are proud to live in an area where this is still respected.

The Senior Choir sang a combination of classical and hip hop music

The big moment arrived when the seniors lined up to receive their diplomas!  Here is Kallie waiting in line for her turn!

Drum roll please!!  The PHS Senior Kallie becomes PHS Graduate Kallie!

Only a mama (Misty) could get this picture, picking her daughter out of the hundreds of graduates!

And in our area prayer is still a respected moment.  This was taken right before they prayed. A student gave the closing prayer and I know God was smiling!

All Ponchatoula alumni in the audience participate in the Alma Mater.  The video pans to Chip participating with his finger held high!  I love this part of the ceremony, the graduates are all so proud to graduate from such an excellent school!


 Ponchatoula Alma Mater

Ponchatoula, Alma Mater, we love to sing thy name in praise,
And we cherish pleasant memories of all our happy days.
We love thee dear old Alma Mater fair
In our heart’s a song for you we share
Through the ages sing the praises of dear ol’ Ponchy High.

And the most fun moment of the night when the graduates celebrate and throw their caps in the air!  This is always a special moment in any graduation and this was Kallie’s graduation’s special moment!

A few photos were taken after the graduation outside the University Center with Kallie’s mom Misty Chauvin, her Dad Ronnie Barnes, and her cousin DJ Redden

After graduation we all went to Don’s Seafood for an after graduation dinner.  The food was delicious and the family visiting was even better! All the young girls want a place on Paw Paw Roy’s lap. They let me in the picture too!

Sweet Alaina got Paw Paw Roy to take a picture with her inside Don’s!  Stephanie’s girls have claimed Roy who is Kallie’s Paw Paw as their new Paw Paw!

Madisyn and her Paw Paw.  I couldn’t decide which photo I liked best so here is Roy hugging on his granddaughter Madisyn Ann Chauvin.  Grannie and Madisyn

I planned to include Kallie’s Graduation Party in this blog post.  I changed my mind and it will be in a blog post all its own.

Ya’ll come back now for Part Two!

01.16.16 Chip and Misty Chauvin

12496486_10207150887963097_663317686061302264_oSaturday, January 16, 2016 – This was the day Chip married Misty and they became Chip and Misty Chauvin.

Misty, the stunningly beautiful Bride
Chip, the dashing and charming Groom
Madisyn, the adorable Flower Girl
Kallie, the elegant, lovely Maid of Honor
Roy, the dashing and husband Best Man
Rosalyn, well she came along for the ride!!!

That’s our family!

Chip and Misty were wed at Soul’s Harbor Church in Hammond Louisiana followed by the reception at AMVETS in Springfield, LA.  I selected a few photos to share.  They were taken by others and me so they are mostly not professional photos but they certainly captured some nice moments!



12508805_10208827547032940_2245045656470865454_n 20160116_17434720160116_17480820160116_175132



WEDDING RECEPTION12376401_10208684696336188_5376386469267553358_n 12494671_1232378276790311_535813297544704684_n 12507554_876348922483207_6988975740174934026_n 12522920_876348729149893_3352529638120719109_n 12523011_876348775816555_6829501545475702756_n 20160116_181514 20160116_182738 20160116_183636 20160116_184537 20160116_19270120160116_201153 20160116_202549 12523064_876349062483193_4412369657477699580_n 12549029_10208827268705982_797346170232935575_n 12552790_876349232483176_391211038262249606_n  12553101_1232378576790281_1028520926291189593_n 12565491_10206723388417662_5442858259046429165_n 12573193_10208831369808507_2324840323635263501_n 12593990_1224649224218886_7198571092416951771_o


Off to Tennessee (eastern Tennessee) they went as we went off to Tennessee (western Tennessee – far far away from the newlyweds) for Roy’s full knee replacement surgery.  More on this long awaited surgery in our next blog.

20160116_201100Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Chip Matthew Chauvin!  Thanks to everyone who came to the wedding to give their support to this wonderful young couple.  Big thanks to everyone who lent their assistance to making this a beautiful night for them.

I love sharing these great times in our life and our families life and am very thankful that Chip is okay with me sharing their joy with you!

There may be more photos once the ones from the real photographers release theirs, so there’s more to come!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!