07.30.17 Treasure Lake RV Resort, Perry State Park and Russell, Kansas

Sunday, July 30, 2017 – In Branson, Missouri we stayed at Treasure Lake RV Resort for 10 nights.  In Ozawkie, Kansas we stayed at Perry State Park for two nights.  In Russell, Kansas we are staying at Fossil Creek RV Park for three nights.

Treasure Lake RV Resort is the biggest RV park we’ve ever stayed in.  When we first began RVing we stayed here two days and just spend 10 days this year. They have 588 sites on 340 acres. They have indoor and outdoor swimming pools. The mini golf course, walking and biking trails are really well cared for. Here are some photos of the resort.


Perry State Park is a Kansas state park located in Jefferson County, near Ozawkie, Kansas, United States, 20 miles northeast of Topeka Kansas. The state park features camping, a beach, hiking and a fishing and boating area.  We only had 30 amp electricity.  Roy says we won’t go back there because of the flying bugs!  There were also dozens of seagulls and geese roaming and flying around!

On our way to Russell, Kansas we started seeing the very cool wind turbines all along the highway.


Fossil Creek RV Park is a very small older Passport America park in Russell, Kansas.   No real amenities other than a laundry room.  Barely anyone here most of our three days here.  It is very quiet here and we are conveniently located in Russell to the city.  One unique thing about this city is that in the residential areas in town the streets are made of bricks.  Very charming.

We hid several of my painted rocks around town at the Post Office, two city parks, and a few retail businesses.

Here’s the only photo I have of the RV park here.  We’re under some shade trees, get excellent television and internet and we have 50 amp electricity, water and sewage!  Its in the mid 70s here today so as far as good things those are very good for us!

We’re leaving Kansas tomorrow for one night in Sutton, Colorado and then two weeks in Monument, Colorado at Colorado Heights RV Park.

I just saw this video on Facebook and was in tears of laughter while watching it.  I’m putting it in my Wacky Wonderful Wednesday but you guys got to see this too!  I’ve heard the song before but I think it’s the visuals that make it great!  Just wait till the 7 Deacons get savedl………………….  Enjoy!  The Mississippi Squirrel Revival!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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06.08.15 Next to nothing happening in big old Seibert, Colorado

hello mondayMonday, June 8, 2015 – We will  be here at Shady Grove until early Saturday morning. We have very little internet sometimes, there is nothing within 1-1/2 hours of us to go see so I will not be writing my blog until we move onto our next stop. There are also no mountains where we are so as far as I’m concerned we haven’t reached the Colorado I looked forward to. The town we are in has a population of 186 and the one next door’s population is 101! Makes Hammond, Louisiana look like a metropolis!!1970497_639427536106656_872681581_n

I’ve been researching what to do as we move on and there is so much ahead of us. We probably need this week of rest just to get ready for it. So far it includes white water rafting and riding a couple of trains around to see the sights.

In the meantime, I’m catching up on my cooking and we are cleaning everything inside and out of Dora and Boots as best we can. I’m also working on organizing my computer files that get pretty messed up as I create things and say I’ll put 1970900_10152129760108773_764938210_nthings were they belong later. This alone could take all week!

Well ya’ll be good while we’re sitting still and if you can’t do that, at least stay out of trouble!

psalm 27 1

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06.07.15 So long Kansas, Hello Colorado, Buffalo Bill and an Auction!

1236501_422437521193484_750384437_nSunday, June 7, 2015 – We saw no tornadoes overnight Friday night, whew! There were 5 that touch down to the east of us a bit. The temperature was in the 60s with a nice breeze which allowed Roy and I to sleep like logs, and actually over sleep till 10 am this morning!

Our drive this morning to Seibert, Colorado Friday morning was only two hours long (but as usual took us 4 hours). This was nice after Roy driving a lot of hours yesterday so that we wouldn’t have to drive so far today. We took two nice long breaks yesterday which I guessed helped him keep driving. One thing about driving in this wind in Kansas is that when another RV or 18 wheeler goes by us in the opposite direction and is close to us, it does something to the suction in our front window and sounds like they are crashing into us. A bit frightening. When Roy moved closer to the side of the road it was much better. He said it was 20121_648833955246578_3406114187214131376_nvery difficult driving in that.

The time changes to Mountain Time in Colorado so we are now one hour behind our Louisiana folks. In Louisiana it’s 4:00 pm, here it is 3:00 pm.

There are two things I want to share today. One is our stop at the Buffalo Bill Cultural Center and the second is an Auction we just went to.

The Buffalo Bill Cultural Center has two bigger than huge statues on the premises! One is of Buffalo Bill on a horse shooting a rifle at the other statue of a buffalo. You can see how big they are compared to us in the pictures. There was an information station outside which I took pictures of since it contained lots of information about Buffalo Bill.

We didn’t know about the Buffalo Bill place, but saw a sign along the highway and thought we’d check it out. It’s amazing how these little places have such wonderful history to share!

20150605_165439 20150605_165322 20150605_165245 20150605_165209We stopped at the Colorado Welcome Center and came away with over a foot high of information about things to see. I love those Welcome Centers!

20150606_124150  20150606_130121We’ve arrived at Shady Grove RV Campground in Seibert, Colorado. It has only 30 RV spots and most are people who live here. We have great Satellite here but almost zero internet from time to time, which is a problem since I need to work this weekend. Good thing I did most of my work while we were on the road earlier. Roy climbed on top of the RV and attached an antenna but it‘s not helping any.

We saw that down the road about a block from here there were a bunch of people gathered around a tent. Then we 11557_652916588091084_3757973259288634135_nsaw an Auction sign. We asked about it and it’s an estate sale where they are selling everything. If we had a house Roy would have scooped up on many things. It kind of looked like when we sold our house and his tools and equipment except in Auction form! They had a professional auctioneer and lots of people were there. I think I like garage sales better because if you see something you can get it at a garage sale. If you see something you want at an auction you have to wait (possibly several hours) until they get to that item.  It was cool actually hearing the auctioneer do his speedy talking!

There are no mountains around here that we can see.  Wish there were!!  Ya’ll have a great week.  If we can’t publish our blog posts we’ll save them up!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


06.06.15 Dalton Gang Hideout, Meade, Kansas

saturdaySaturday, June 6, 2015 – Along our travels in Kansas we stopped in the pretty little city of Meade to see the Dalton Gang Hideout. We pulled Dora and Boots up in front and went in to visit!

20150605_12284220150605_11520920150605_11530720150605_115421You enter through the gift shop (of course!) which was the original barn. Then travel to the house through the underground stone tunnel which was originally a dirt and beams 3 foot high tunnel when used by the Dalton Gang back in the late 1800 to get to the barn and hide out in the loft.  The 95 foot long tunnel was reconstructed to make it passable for the average person in 1940.  Each room in the old house is set up like it was back in the 1887 with period clothing, artifacts and furniture.  These pictures are from the house that the Dalton Gang’s sister lived in and they visited to hide out. Also the tunnel going from the house to the barn.  20150605_115715   20150605_120024 20150605_120043 20150605_120110     Above the tunnel is a museum with lots of cool stuff.  Most of it has nothing to do with the Dalton Gang but it’s all about the time period in the late 1800s.  I especially loved the school books and the piano.

20150605_120940  20150605_121030   20150605_121122 20150605_121203 20150605_121317 20150605_121412Out back of the house, tunnel and museum is a mocked up old west town.  We of course posed for pictures!

20150605_122141 20150605_122153 20150605_122236 20150605_122257 20150605_122329While we were there we also toured another house, not part of the Dalton Gang museum.  It is said to be one of the first Sears Roebuck Catalog mail order houses. It too was set up just like back in the day with each room just like it would have been when people lived there.  I looked up these types of houses and they sold for under $1,000 which probably was expensive back then.20150605_122854  20150605_123146 20150605_123215 20150605_123316  20150605_123457 20150605_123530   20150605_123643Thus ended our walk through homes back in the olden days.  Very nice little stop off the highway.  It’s only $5 for the museum, house and tunnel.  The Sears Roebuck house is free and you just walk your way through.

From the time we left the RV park in Halstead until Colby Kansas we have seen many many miles of nothing but wheat fields (I think it’s wheat!) and open land.  It is crazy how much of nothing there is out here.  The towns have mostly been tiny except for a couple and the oil wells plentiful!

We did our grocery shopping for the week and are spending the night at Walmart in Colby, Kansas which is two hours from our destination of Seibert, Colorado.  It’s nice and breezy and well below the hot temperatures we’ve been seeing!!!!  Whoop, whoop!  Good sleep tonight at Walmart!!! We’re in tornado territory and AGAIN under a tornado watch here.  Go away tornados!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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06.05.15 COSMOSPHERE – Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center, Hutchinson, Kansas

Friday, June 5, 2015 -Before we leave Kansas I have to comment about the wind here.  It’s crazy ridiculous.  I thought it was just the first day here, but every day has been over 25 mph winds.  Last night we even had 50 mph gusts, the RV was just a swaying! The weather people report it like it’s normal, guess it is. Today’s gusts were in the mid 30 mph.  I had such a hard time functioning outside that I could just imagine if you let a little child go outside untethered they may fly away.  I’m quite serious about that statement.  I sat outside to get some sun earlier this week and before I could get any tan going I got windburned.  Other than that it’s been sunny the entire time we’ve been here which was quite a welcomed relief after the days and weeks of dalton gang hideoutrain until now.

While ya’ll are reading this on Friday morning, we are back on the road again in Dora, heading to Meade, Kansas where we’ll be visiting the Dalton Gang Hangout and spending the night. This will end our stay in Kansas.

cosmosphereOn Wednesday after we left Strataca, we went not far away to COSMOSPHERE – Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center. The Cosmosphere has four venues: The Hall of Space Museum, The Justice Planetarium, The Carey Digital Dome Theatre, and Dr. Goddard’s Lab, which is a live science presentation. The 105,000-square-foot facility now houses the largest collection of Russian space artifacts outside of Moscow, and the second largest collection of space artifacts in the world, second only to the National Air and Space cosmospherefront of building Museum in Washington, D.C.

Spacecraft and aircraft on exhibit here include Apollo 13, a Blackbird SR-71 spy plane, a flown Vostok spacecraft, a Sputnik, space suits & tools, items that have been on the moon. The Cosmosphere is the permanent home of Liberty Bell, the Mercury 7 capsule that was recovered from the bottom of the ocean and restored at the Cosmosphere.

Pictures of a few things we saw at the Space Museum.



20150603_180331APOLLO XIII ODYSSEY  20150603_175845 LEVA BOOTS20150603_175523 LUNAR MODULE 20150603_175313 20150603_155052

MARS EXPLORATION ROVER 20150603_144709 APOLLO XII 20150603_144603 20150603_142154 20150603_142020Pictures from the Planetarium – no pictures could be taken during the show so this was the dome before the show and the entry way.  Two very interesting films about space travel, past and future and a cool display and explanation of the stars in the sky that night.  Learned a lot about star constellations and where some of the planets are located.

20150603_15004920150603_144512Pictures from Dr. Goddard’s Space Lab show.  Dr. Goddard was responsible for a lot of discoveries that lead up to the making of rockets.  We learned a lot during the demonstration and explanation process. The smoke on the ground in two pictures was liquid oxygen.  It was used in the demonstration show and since ours was the last show for the day she treated us to seeing this!  We sat at the back of the room during the demonstration and were very glad we did.  Things went boom!

20150603_163306 20150603_163258 20150603_161301 20150603_161134 Here’s pictures from the digital dome theater.  Again pictures could not be made during the documentary about progress being made towards getting to Mars and future improvements to the International Space Station. These two pictures wee shown on the dome before the documentary began so I snuck a couple of pics! It’s a huge dome shape screen that made everything we saw all the more amazing!

20150603_165754 By the end of today Roy and I had absorbed way too much knowledge and our eyes hurt from looking at so much!

We  usually try to see free or not very expensive places.  Doing both of these in one day was a bit over our usual budget but it was very much worth it.  Being seniors helps with the price and if you saw one of these places you got $5 each off the price of the other.  That helped!

Well this old couple is ready for a little down time after all this excitement today!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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06.03.15 Not Dorothy’s Kansas – Strataca and Cosmosphere

not_dorothys_kansasWednesday, June 3, 2015 – Two little old folks went off to the town of Hutchinson Kansas to learn lots and see plenty!

First we visited STRATACA, also known as Kansas Underground Salt Museum.  STRATACA is located in Hutchinson, Kansas about 20 minutes from our RV park. It is built within one of the world’s largest deposits of rock salt and provides the opportunity to go 650 feet beneath the Earth’s surface.  It is the only salt mine accessible to tourists so we were really excited to get to go down there and check it out.

Salt produced here is called rock salt, and about 500,000 tons is mined each year. It is principally used for industrial purposes and for de-icing stratacahighways. When finely ground, it is used for feeding livestock. It is not used for table salt or other purposes requiring a very pure type of salt.

Connected to STRATACA, Underground Vaults and Storage is a large facility that is known 20150603_100421for storing a vast number of original Hollywood movies, as well as millions of documents and items from all over the world in a secure and environmentally conducive environment.

After watching a safety video we put on our safety hard hats!  We rode an elevator (they call it a hoist) down 650 feet where we did a self guided walking tour through an immensely large salt cave. Watched several short videos along the way about the various steps in salt mining.  The videos were each shown next to the equipment and an actual site where that step was done. We road the Salt Mine Express around part of the underground mine and then were toured around on a tram.  Lots and lots of learning to be had here! We came away with a fist size chunk of salt and some small chunks of salt to send to Madisyn.

Here’s some pictures of our adventure in the salt mine!

The hoist we went down 650 feet. Took 90 very very long seconds to get down there – in pitch dark!

20150603_103044 20150603_103152 20150603_103356 20150603_104713 20150603_104800 20150603_104931 20150603_105117 20150603_105419 20150603_110758 20150603_110815 20150603_11161209kansasundergroundsaltmuseum1 train-ride

Underground Vaults and Storage seem to be part of the Salt Mines.  Old movie films, movie props, personal documents and other items are stored here.  Part of the salt mine tour included being able to walk through part of the storage and seeing some of the items.

20150603_113204 20150603_113218 20150603_113301 20150603_113350 20150603_113411 20150603_113443

The four photos below are of a sign above a case and a case that is holding an actual original edition of the New York Herald newspaper from the day after Abraham Lincoln was killed.  I tried to get some up close so you can read it.

20150603_113519 20150603_113612 20150603_113630 20150603_113732 20150603_113852 20150603_113919 20150603_114031 20150603_115857 20150603_115919 20150603_115936 20150603_120005 20150603_120013Really old Technicolor movie reels20150603_120034 20150603_120728 20150603_120846 20150603_121128The street you come in on to get to Cosmosphere is E Avenue G.  The green street sign on the ceiling is where the street is located 650 feet above.  I had to keep reminding myself we were so far down under the ground!20150603_121221A red salt vein running through the ceiling  20150603_121705 20150603_121832 20150603_124327We really enjoyed this experience and all we learned.  I’d highly recommend it if you’re in the area.  Today’s adventures have again turned into a two day post.  Too many pictures for one post!  Tomorrow I’ll share about our fun and adventures at the COSMOSPHERE – Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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06.02.15 Riverfest in Wichita, Kansas

riverfest wichitaTuesday, June 2, 2015 – We went into Wichita today expecting to see a big event in Riverfest.   It’s probably a whole lot better on the weekend but the Monday activity was very sparse.  A lot of food vendors, a bunch of kids games in the Kid’s Corner, a Ferris Wheel and that’s it.  We received a brochure with a map so we knew where everything was and we went to all of it.  There was also a list of events for each day in the brochure, and the Monday list wasn’t very long.

Like I said I’m sure the weekend is much much better but they have it open during the week so I think there should be more going on.  We arrived at 2 pm and since there wasn’t much to see we stayed until 4 just walking around and looking at the city.  There was music planned for 6 but we don’t wait too well so we didn’t!

We enjoyed seeing the city of Wichita.  It is a very pretty and clean city.  Many of the building’s architecture are very unique.     The pictures below are ones I took of the area we covered as part of Riverfest.  We got in a lot of walking.  The city is way bigger than what we saw but I was thankful for the exercise we got!

20150601_151518  20150601_151736 20150601_152724 20150601_153926 20150601_155424We did do three really cool things.  One was riding the Ferris Wheel!  Took several pictures from up high and you can see the city well from that vantage point.

20150601_145232 20150601_145329 20150601_145137 20150601_145041 20150601_145012  20150601_144742The second cool thing was that we both posed for pictures for Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce and got free bottles of the sauce for doing that.  They emailed us the pictures they took and they are below too.

roy sbr sweet baby rays

20150601_150149 20150601_150333The third cool thing was that this old girl got to participate in the children’s Make Art in the Park.  There was a very long table with lots of crafts going on and little children sitting around doing them.  There was an open spot and I asked if it was just for kids and they sweetly said it was also for the kid at heart! It’s fun to get to be a kid again sometimes!

On our way home we saw this cool set up on the side of the road and took a couple of pictures

20150601_163453 Halstead, Kansas  – The Biggest Little City in Kansas!20150601_125239

Me in front of the Halstead Kansas Post Office getting ready to mail a goodie package to Madisyn!20150601_124611That’s about all the excitement we could stand for today so I’ll wrap it up here! I’ll write again after we visit Strataca and Cosmosphere in Hutchinson on Wednesday.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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06.01.15 Spring Lake RV Resort

995667_482037838538229_1160544368_nMonday, June 1, 2015 – Here’s some pictures we took while we drove around the Spring Lake RV park yesterday.  It’s a very large park, called the largest RV park in Kansas.

Since we are parked in the back of the park (see below) we don’t see much of the beautiful part of the park up front so we drove there!

1  3There are geese that roam free!

4 6A wooden bridge over the front pond that leads to a large patch of grass with picnic tables!  Several empty RV spots by the pond and the Welcome Center.

11   7  9 (2) 13

We wish we were parked up there and are not sure why they put so many people in the back and not in the front. We’re enjoying our time here wherever we are parked.  The sunshine we’ve now had the last three days is such a welcome relief from the clouds and rain of the past weeks!

See you guys later when we come back from playing in Wichita!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear

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05.31.15 Around the park and beyond!

1488991_10151893528555806_1792714610_nSunday, May 31, 2015 – We are currently staying at Spring Lake RV Park in Halstead, Kansas. The sun is finally shining where we are, after seeing clouds for many many days while in Arkansas and Oklahoma.

If you’ve been following us very long you may remember how I loved the wildflowers growing near us while we ranch sat the Morgan’s ranch for two months a year ago.  We have several of them here and we made a little arrangement in a small glass to enjoy.  God’s little beauties He gives us at the most random times!

Yes we have one of every color available of the solar hula dolls and we have a New Orleans Saints one too!

We barbequed yesterday evening and Roy caught a picture of me resting by Dora.  I was so relaxed I almost fell asleep.  Roy also flew his helicopter for a while but then it landed on the other side of the fence.  He’s so smart, he worked the helicopter a little bit at a time up and over the fence!    20150529_173931 20150529_185732 20150529_185813  20150529_190549  20150529_190719Our plans for what we’ll go out to see while in Kansas are all around the Wichita area.

hqMonday we’ll be going to the Wichita River Fest, a major, huge, big festival around parts of downtown Wichita.  It sounds great and we’re happy to be here while it’s going on!


Wednesday we’ll go to Hutchinson, Kansas to see the STRATACA Underground Salt Museum – A Journey Into The Dark – a subterranean adventure 650 feet below the earth’s surface.  While in Hutchinson we’ll also visit the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center. cosmosphere Both sound like great experiences we haven’t had before so Dora’s explorers are ready!!

As always, I’ll share our experience at these places with you guys!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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