03.07.15 Counter tops and cabinets, finished – FINALLY, door knobs, decorative support

10347163_653517461420721_8854790786897803348_nSaturday, March 7, 2015 – FINALLY the counter tops and cabinets are finished being installed and we are happy with them.  The crown molding was installed today and the door that was hinged on the right is now hinged on the left.  We’ve paid them in full and are happy to have that behind us.  This was the only part of the construction part where we chose who to buy from, all the rest were Ronnie’s usual subcontractors.  This was the only part that we had problems with.  The end result we’re happy with, just getting them to correct all the things they did wrong, along with them NEVER, not once, showing up when they were suppose to, added to a huge communication barrier because of them being Chinese and not speaking much English, was a PAIN!

20150307_173418 20150307_173451Roy installed the decorative wood supports under the breakfast bar.  After finding out that the studs weren’t where the original pictures showed they were, Roy made some adjustments to get them spaced properly.  This is something that I did a lot of research to see what I’d like it to look like and I think what Roy came up with is perfect. The molding behind them is not painted yet.

20150307_163746He also installed most of the door knobs today.  They are not exciting to look at so I’ll just show a couple!

20150307_163830 20150307_163846I swept the house out again, took boxes to our burn pile and washed out the tubs (love the running water).  There is972257_10152339361507851_8272374854981013667_n a good bit of sheet rock mud stuck to the tubs but that will wait until we have lights and I can see better what I’m doing.    Monday I’ll be spending a good bit of time giving the wall corners and around the door baseboards a good cleaning so that all of the paper bits are up and any construction dust is cleaned away before the floor is sealed.

Roy still has the inside of the medicine cabinets to put together, window screens to install, bathroom towel holders and rings to install and the last of the door knobs.  I think he has more than that but he’s off to burn the last couple of days trash pile so I can’t ask!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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03.06.15 Counter tops, stained concrete floors, plumbing and closet shelves!

1460959_706920356015238_2028737586_nI got exhausted just writing in the title all the things happening today!  It still near freezing today in Southern Louisiana!  There was ice all over the yard this morning but the sun is shining so it feels nice now.

Roy and I ate at La Caretta Mexican restaurant in Amite last night where we enjoyed their delicious cuisine and really enjoyed their live music playing oldies all evening.  Lots of fun and good food made for a wonderful evening out!

Friday, March 6, 2015 – The counter tops guys did not have the cabinet crown molding on their truck. We also didn’t like how they did one piece of quarter molding at the base of the cabinets.  They are 1484218_10151983538281704_859739670_nsuppose to bring those and install them in the next couple of days.

The counter tops were finished yesterday and holes drilled for the faucets and soap dispenser. The pictures were taken after yesterday’s blog post but before they wrapped up their work.  We LOVE the counter tops and how they look!  Only thing better would have been if they were free!

20150305_172241 Okay, all of the above was written yesterday evening.

Ha Ha No need for that today!

Today brought with it a slew of issues.   One cabinet hinges on the wrong side causing the door to open into the edge of the microwave.  There was no wood under the counter top over the dishwasher for the plumber to attach the dishwasher to.  The back splash  behind the sink is cracked.  Not where a seam would be, but a real crack.   they attempted to fix it but made it look worse so it was not acceptable. Underneath the front of the bar is a real rough chipped out.  We learned that trying to talk to Chinese workers is like talking to a brick wall, so the store rep is coming out today to see it all and discuss corrections to all the issues. Thank goodness we’ve only paid for half of their total.  At least we’ll have that remaining amount to get them to fix everything and make it right.

The counter top guys drilled four holes for the faucet and soap dispenser behind the sink.  When our wonderful plumber Chris Wrinkles set the faucet set up in the space, the handle turning it on and off banged into the bar top edge.  The best option was to install it without the piece on the bottom so he could adjust where the handle so it doesn’t hit the bar top edge.  10345759_789278814424137_3185991251744409715_nHowever, this makes two unnecessary holes show up.  After much discussion Chris worked with Rachel at Coburn’s (great lady, great company) to come up with a different faucet.  After a couple of calls and text messages about options we chose one that will work.   We ordered the new one.  It will be here Monday and Chris will come back to install it then.  Just a bump in the road, but on top of the other issues this morning it kind of put a damper on the day.  If you have plumbing needs, Chris Wrinkles is the guy to call!

I can’t tell you how smoothly this construction has gone so far with hardly any problems.  I think that trend ended!

We now have toilets installed, tub fixtures installed and running water in the tubs and toilets now.  Yeah for running water – the porta potty can go and will be picked up Monday!!!!!

20150306_125759 20150306_125812 20150306_125826Our stained concrete guys removed the covering from the floor this morning.  We still can’t tell what it will look like since it’s not sealed and lots of dust remains even after a good sweeping. It’s nice to be able to look at flooring instead

of paper covering now.

20150306_130124 20150306_12594320150306_113128Roy purchased decorative supports for under the breakfast bar.

The counter top/cabinet workers came back this afternoon to correct all the problems which included replacing the entire back splash behind the sink under the breakfast bar.  They also smoothed out some rough spots in different places and added a strip of wood for the dishwasher to be screwed into. They ran out of time so they didn’t install the trim or change the door around.

20150306_125645Our closet man, Martin Balisteri with Quality Closets Design and Installation) met with us with us chosing what we wanted for each closet, linen closet, pantry and laundry room.   He had lots of options available and he carries his inventory with him as you can see from one of the pictures.  He did his work very efficiently, left no trash (very important to me) and wrapped it up in no time at all.  Plus his price was right.  I highly recommend any one needing this to give Martin a call.

20150306_133251 20150306_133209 20150307_094920 After realizing the decorative bars Roy got for under the breakfast bar were too big we made another trip to Lowe’s in Hammond to purchase smaller ones.

The advertisement to rent the house started yesterday and we’ve already received a couple of inquiries, no appointments set yet but at least it’s started!  Here’s a link to the facebook photo album I created for the photos we selected to use for advertisement.  You’ve probably seen them all but now they are in one place.


Ya’ll come back now, ya hear!

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03.05.15 Granite counter tops, back splashes and sinks – Ta Da!!

im pretending to be here beach Thursday, March 5, 2015 – Shiver, shiver is all I can say about the weather here today. I’m staying inside the RV as much as possible today!

There is so much going on at the house for the next few days it feels like one of those houses that is built in 7 days!

The granite counter tops for the kitchen and both bathroom and under mount sinks are being installed today. The plumber will install toilets, faucets, etc. tomorrow. The stained concrete crew will remove the covering from the flooring tomorrow also (sealing the floors doesn’t happen prayFriday). Either tomorrow or Saturday the closet shelving guy will be here to take care of that in the closets, pantry and laundry room!

Sure hope each of those crews comes at different times! Let’s see how it goes!

Right now the money is just flowing out.  I checked our construction account and every day two or three sizable checks go through.

Sure hope today is the last day we see this for our flooring!

20150305_143526The counter tops are installed with back splashes and the crown molding for the cabinets is installed too.  When I 11034181_10101388058162614_4800682364405514984_nsaw it all coming in I was so happy.  After only seeing a 4 inch by 4 inch sample piece for so long and not really knowing what the whole thing would look like, I admit I was a little nervous about it.  Just like the stained concrete floors, we’ve not seen it sealed so we haven’t really seen how it will look.

So far all of our choices blend well.  The marble has browns in it that match the pendants and the dark maple cabinets.  It also has some golds that blend well with the walls.  It also has some greys in it that don’t match anything but we like the addition of that in the mix!  The bathroom granite has more black spots that go great with the espresso (black) cabinets and medicine cabinets.

Here’s pictures from throughout the process today!

Guest bathroom granite counter top and under mount oval sink
Installers holding up the main sink piece of granite
Kitchen counter tops just laying there!


Beveled edge of the 3 cm kitchen counter top we got in place of the bull nose 2 cm top.

Roy purchased Levolor horizontal white wood blinds for all the windows and is installing them as I am writing. Here are pictures of one finished and one he’s just started on.

20150305_16060820150305_161348It’s 4:30 and I’m going to wrap today’s post up.  More pictures tomorrow from when they finish the counter tops today.

Ya’ll come back now, ya hear!

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03.04.15 Part Two – The cabinets arrived a day early, porch railings and microwave!

z2High temperatures here in Amite on Thursdays was 81.  High temperature on Friday will be in the low 40s.  Wish it would level off somewhere in between for a while!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015 – We were having a hard time getting the cabinet/counter top folks to commit to Thursday for delivery and installation.  They surprised us by bringing the cabinets on Wednesday.  That was a BIG surprise and the electrician was just finishing up so we scrambled to clean up and get the space ready for the kitchen cabinets and the two bathroom cabinets to go in.  The electricians and cabinet men finished their work Wednesday evening and these pictures are from then. The cabinet men did not have the crown molding for top of cabinets so the counter top men will bring that Thursday.

Espresso cabinets for both bathrooms
Family room full of cabinets and the electricians finishing up.
Cabinet installers working in the kitchen
Light fixture in master bathroom
Pendants over kitchen bar
Dark Carmel kitchen cabinets installed up close

20150304_15004720150304_164519 20150304_164717   20150304_164947 Late this afternoon Roy and I installed the microwave oven!  It’s the same design and brand as all the other kitchen appliances.  Here’s a look!

20150304_174022 20150304_174901On Thursday the granite counter tops will be delivered and installed. The finishing plumbing items: toilets, fixtures, etc. will be delivered Thursday and installed Friday.

What we have left to finish the house is:
Toilets, sinks and tubs all hooked up to water – Friday
Install closet shelving in closets, laundry room and pantry – Friday/Saturday
Air Conditioning outside unit installed – Monday
Pick up of porta potty – yeah!!! – Monday

Some time next week:
Stained concrete floors sealed and fleur de lis installed
Appliances delivered and installed
Underground electrical service to the house
Permanent electricity to house hooked up with meter installed
Trim work completed – after cabinets are installed
Paint touched up
Final grading of land including filling in around and on top of the back culvert and additional gravel in several places
Planting bushes around house

We should be ready for someone to move in around March 15th.  I’m going to start advertising it tomorrow as soon as I have pictures of the kitchen with counter tops on!

Ya’ll come back now, ya hear!

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