03.12.15 No construction so it’s a Random Day!

10559818_10152663212128945_6242561570025656958_nThursday, March 12, 2015 – Nothing to report on the construction progress.  It’s pretty much at a stand still, until the electric company runs the permanent electric lines “early next week”. Hopefully next week will be the actual wrap up week, like I thought this week would be!

We have a couple with children interested in the house, and hopefully they will come this weekend to see it.

Roy’s been under Dora, our RV, all day working on the water tank.  It hasn’t been registering the correct amount of water for a while.  The sensors inside send signals to the display board showing if it is Empty, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or Full.  When the sensors don’t work correctly it’s difficult to tell if we need water or not.  This really only is important if we are boon docking or on the road but while we’re sitting here and nothing is happening at the house he’s getting it checked out.  Right now he is doing a complete cleaning of the fresh water tank using a product we bought for that purpose.

1510447_10151916775920806_1100571717_nThe rain we’re currently experiencing hasn’t affected the culvert in the back, thanks goodness!  it’s raining pretty steady right now so tomorrow may bring a different story. Roy is waiting for the rain to be over to bring in more cement bags which he’ll use along with a bunch of re-barb he purchased for Plan B!

Social Security Update:  I received a call from Social Security in South 970771_744598568903930_792940080_nDakota yesterday morning.  They need me to complete a self employment job history which basically is moving my work for RV Friend Network from the original form I put it on to a new form.  They also need a letter from the state retirement group stating my gross monthly retirement amount.  I sent a letter to LASERS (because they wouldn’t accept a phone request) asking them to send a letter to SS with the amount.  I was able to get in touch with Dr. Noguchi (retina specialist) who is going to send SS a physicians report about my macular degeneration.  I have a phone interview scheduled for tomorrow morning with SS in Hammond to apply for SSI which the South Dakota office said I should apply for also. The man I spoke to this morning to schedule this interview said I have an open request in their system already so at least I know something has happened!

1185859_618278994910477_811051138_n-640x481I’ve decided to stop publishing my Alzheimer’s blog on a regular basis.  I have covered everything I personally know, especially the things that were most important to me to share to help someone.   Also, I previously collected a lot of material to use for the blog and somehow I’ve deleted it all and there is no trash bin to recover it from.  Since informing others about dementia is an important thing to me I will continue saving information as I see it but doing the research is more difficult for me now so I need to cut back. Getting frustrated about things I cannot do only stresses me so I will not do those things when I have control over it. I won’t completely stop publishing it, just not on a regular basis.1921889_671375599589298_561506780_n

I still do my Wacky Wonderful Wednesday blog and hope to continue that as long as I am able to.  Having encouragement and being uplifted is so important to all of us and I enjoy all the funny, heartwarming things I come across so I’ll continue with that.  If you haven’t check it out yet, please do by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page!

RVillage is now at 17,336 members and is celebrating its 1 year 10846106_10152872275506740_2206044827414185710_nanniversary today.  They are now out of Beta mode which is a huge milestone!  Any of you RVers out there who don’t know about RVillage, check them out at http://www.rvillage.com.  We are members and love this wonderful new concept which helps so much those who love to connect in their RV life.

My Kindle (the new one) started having charging issues.  We tried several chargers and it wouldn’t charge.  Roy determined it was the 1560608_735615333127471_399413712_nKindle’s port that is loose or damaged. I called Amazon yesterday to report it and get something done.  In an effort to make this story short, I’ll just say that the first man I spoke to was no help.  Both Roy and I spoke to him and were frustrated with his lack of knowledge.  Thankfully he transferred us to a real technical person, who agreed that the port is the problem so they are sending me a new Kindle and I’ll send back the non-working one. Yay for knowledgeable technical support!


We met the couple that own the property next to the last house down the street from us.  They stopped by to see our house and said they would be building on their land.  We gave them our contractor’s name and information.  They are really nice folks and it will be neat having them as neighbors when we are in town.

Unless something thrilling happens between now and Monday I’ll won’t be posting this weekend.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear

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03.10.15 Plumbing, air conditioning and a big delay in completion – grrrrrrrr

grocerygirlTuesday, March 10, 2015 –  Monday afternoon I went to the grocery. I certainly believe that grocery shopping should be declared an Olympic Sport.  First you shop, walking what seems like miles. and you exercise your mind thinking an awful lot. Then you get everything off the shelves into the basket.  Then you put everything on the check out conveyor.  Then you put all the bags of everything into the car and take out all the bags and haul them into the house (unless you have a helpful husband like mine to help with that.)  Then you take each individual item and find a place to hide it.  We hide things in the RV because there is just not enough storage to put things in one place.  We have many food items stored under the RV even. There really has to be a better way to get food into your home but as of now I don’t know what it is.  It doesn’t help any that I bought a rotisserie chicken, turnip greens and friend okra for tonight but before I left home to go to the store Roy said he was going to fr*-y fish tonight and tomorrow night.  I thought I did so good but oops!  At least the chicken and vegetables will keep.

As I was leaving to go participate in my Olympic activity I saw our plumber, Chris Wrinkles arrive with the two remaining faucets – one for kitchen and one for master bath.  Here’s Chris and his handy, dandy side kick doing their work.  Chris can be reached at 985-542-9567.  He’s from Hammond and is an excellent, friendly plumber to work with.20150309_13483720150310_13435620150310_134436Our air conditioning men came Monday evening to install the outside air conditioning unit.  We originally planned to get a 13 SEER rated unit but new guidelines as of January 1st  say we must have a 14 SEER so of course we started off over budget on that one! At least it means we’re getting the latest and greatest and it’s now in place!  It can’t be fully connected until the permanent electricity is hooked up.


Ronnie, our contractor, said the concrete stainer said the floors are sweating due to the damp weather.  He said that the air conditioning needs to run for a while before the floors can be sealed.  Don’t want to seal the floor with sweat on it!

My Roy put the glass shelves in our medicine cabinets this morning and I scrubbed up paint and dirt clumps off the floors.  Here’s a pic of the inside of the medicine cabinet.


Warning:  Big Rant Below…………..

We can’t have air conditioning without having electricity.  So I called Washington St. Tammany Electric Cooperative this morning to check on the status of the request we submitted 8 days ago.  At first no one could find a record of our request (even though I spoke to an engineer and two other people and completed the request 8 days ago).  Roy spoke to the engineer last week and was told it was out of his hands and in the construction department.  Because of this I asked to speak to someone in the construction department.  Instead I was transferred to the very nice lady Sandra McDaniel who helped me open our accounts several weeks ago.  She was able to see in her system that they mailed us a letter last Friday saying we had to pay the $300 for the work BEFORE they put us on the list.  That letter has never reached us so I asked if I could pay over the phone, which I did.  After getting the confirmation number and calling Sandra back she checked into the status.  When she called the news was that we are in line now (8 days later) and the earliest they could get to it is early next week.  I know this is not her fault and she was only passing along the bad news so I tried my best not to come unglued.  She’s been so helpful all along and I just hope that someone along the line will get something done quickly.

Not only can’t the floors be sealed until the electricity is connected but the final dirt grading can’t be done because the electric company’s work would mess that up, and the electrician’s work can’t be finished, nor the air conditioning work completely finished until then.  We had all those folks lined up this week knowing that the time period the electric company originally gave us would have been over with.  Now we have to inconvenience these subcontracts, who have been so great, by them all having to come back again.  Plus our floor sealer is going on vacation later this week.  And the appliances can’t be delivered until the floors are sealed.  It’s a confusing order of events but Ronnie had it worked out so well and now it’s all blow apart because the electric company chose to mail us a letter instead of picking up the phone and calling us, or if one of the three people I spoke to last week had told us we needed to pay in advance.  Very poor business processes and I asked Sandra to pass that along to someone who could possibly change that for other people in the future.

We were also told that Dottie (the people who mark where there are underground lines running) had to come out and that took three days.  Roy told me they already did that two days ago and that is why we have fresh new orange markings on the ground.  I called Sandra back and she said she’d check on that but also the other delay is that there are other people ahead of us.  Really??????  There wouldn’t have been people in front of us had the company handled it right. The weather was perfect this morning for their work and now we’re facing three days of rain . I’ve worked in business for over 40 years and know well that exceptions can ALWAYS be made, especially when the business’ practices caused the problem.

We have two couples who are very interested and one wants to move in this weekend if possible, so there possibly goes a tenant.

If any of ya’ll know someone high up in Washington St. Tammany Electric Cooperative please let us know so we can contact them.

Sorry for all these rants, you know this is not my usual style.  Had to vent fully somewhere and didn’t have enough space on facebook!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear

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