11.14.13 We have landed in Hammond, LA!

Just a quick note that we are now back in our hometown, Hammond, Louisiana! I’ll write about the tours we took in Kentucky before leaving there Tuesday morning when we settle down here some. The blogs are written, I just need to put the pictures in.  Probably this evening when we get settled at Jellystone Campground in Robert, Louisiana or tomorrow.

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Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!

08.16.13 A fishing we will go, current reading material and our post October 1st plans!

Roy and I decided to take advantage of one of the benefits of working at Northern Lights Resort.  That being able to use of one the resort’s boats for free!  We chose the 60 hp Crestliner.  All of our previous fishing experience has been in the Gulf of Mexico or Lake Ponchatrain or our own little fishing pond on Hinson Road.  There are huge rocks in the lakes up here that make navigating a little interesting to say the least.  We had none of that to deal with in the Louisiana waters.   While you can drive the boats up here at full speed some you have to be always aware of rock dangers which kept me a little on edge.    We went out a ways to some small islands and fished around them.  Roy caught two fish, a Northern Pike and a small mouthed bass.  I brought my kindle and finished up a really good book I’ve been reading and worked on my sun tan.  I’m tanner now than I can remember in years.  It’s so much cooler up here that it’s a pleasure to stay out in the sun so you tan easier. It was 75 degrees at 1 pm today which is perfect in my book!  We filled up the boat with gas when we returned and had only used .727 gallon so you can tell we didn’t go way far away but it was a nice few hours in the sun getting to enjoy God’s beautiful country up here.  Roy didn’t feel like cleaning his fish so he released them.  Before we left to go fishing we set out two big Northern’s to defrost from the freezer.  We enjoyed them and french fries when we returned home after fishing.  Kinda, sorta, a little like, maybe like eating our fresh caught fish.  Well they were delicious anyway.

fishing roy catching northern
Roy catching a Northern Pike
fishing roy rosalyn
Roy and I all dressed up like Minnesota Fishermen!
fishing roy small mouth bass
Roy’s little small mouth bass
fishing roy
Roy fishing just off shore of Potato Island

I’m working on a 3D Butterfly puzzle right now in our downtime.  We’re heading to International Falls in a little bit to do some shopping and catch a movie.  A new author I’ve discovered is John Gilstrap.  The first books I read of his were the Jonathan Graves Thrillers.  I’d think these are books any guy would love but I found them fascinating and kept ordering them for my Kindle once each one was read. The Jonathan Graves Thrillers are about a privately owned Hostage Rescue Team with connections to the FBI Director and a brilliant computer operator.  They handle rescues that the government wouldn’t be able to because of rules and such governing their actions.  Each one is different and fascinating!  Gilstrap has other books I’ve read that are not part of that series and are fascinating also.

My retirement checks have finally started to come in, tiny as they are.  Beware Louisiana Retirees, if it seems to be taking a long time to get your retirement checks call and check on it.  I waited almost 4 months and it was only when I called did they catch a problem with my checks not being released.  They were very apologetic and made it okay quickly but I got the feeling if I had not called LASERS I would have continued to not get paid.

We now have 47 followers to our blog who get emails when something new is posted.  The blog has had as many as 167 views in one day and as little as 5 in another day!  It’s been enjoyable writing about our adventures and recently I started reading from the beginning of our adventures (all 98 posts).  I’m glad I did this because it’s been comforting to read the progress we’ve made and experience again the things we’ve done along the way.  We don’t plan to do to many other things during our time up here in Minnesota but our time driving back down south should be interesting and make for lots of blog posts!  We’re starting to lay out a driving map of where we want to go when we leave here and are open for suggestions of what to see along the way.  The plan right now is to go down into Iowa, then Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and not sure from there.  We have plans to tour the Winnebago and Fleetwood RV manufacturing plants in Iowa and Indiana but that’s all that’s definite so far.  We do plan to stay a while in each state but want to be near Louisiana for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  That gives us almost 2 months for traveling which should be fine.

Our work week kicks into gear big time tomorrow when most of ya’lls weekend is starting!  Ya’ll enjoy your weekend, and come back now, ya hear!!

06.04.13 Sunday afternoon drive to the Lake Kabetogama Visitor’s Center

This was a fake person in a boat fishing so we stopped and I stood in front and here I am!
Roy showing off in front of the Visitor’s Center

Sunday afternoon was beautiful and Roy and I set out to see some of the area nearby.  We went to the Lake Kabetogama Visitor’s Center.  It was closed so we couldn’t go inside and get information but we had a wonderful time touring the area and seeing a different part of this neck of the woods than we see everyday.  It’s still Lake Kabetogama but a good distance from the part we look at everyday.  They have a covered pontoon boat that takes people on tours of the water around here.  We plan to do that one of our days off that they are open.  It’s a four hour boat ride that sees some of the local “hot spots!”.  We walked out on the peninsula and as far around as we could get.  All of the views were beautiful and I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.   royonpeninsulavc   rosalynlakekabvcpeninsual

05.13.13 What’s down the road toward the lake?

Roy looking through the woods standing on one of the last snow banks on the roads.

After church yesterday Roy and I took a walk off the Resort grounds toward the largest part of Lake Kabetogama.  It was a beautiful sight with the ice mostly all melted, and the houses along the road were all beautiful log cabins with one having an eagle carved out of a tree along their driveway.  I’ll be posting some pictures of the resort this week including one of me cleaning a Caribou Deer head.  We survived our first day of work and are really loving living here!

One of the neighbors down the road had an eagle carved out of a tree. The detail was remarkable.
Side view of the eagle with Roy admiring it!
Roy, Annie and Russ playing music around the fire pit Annie and Russ made yesterday!
This is where we’re parked with the other workampers and their RVs, our home away from home!
This is the maintenance garages where the boats are stored, the guys workshops and the girls cabin necessities storage. The owners have a nice apartment over the garages and the office is there.
Roy looking out at the lake we hope to be fishing in soon!!!!!