01.26.20 Roy’s back door project

Roy started this “back door project” sometime in October of last year because the bottom of both sides of our back door had rotted and the baseboard next to it was rotted as well. There is no covering over the back door so rain hits the door and was somehow getting in. This blog post about the “back door project” has been a work in progress since October also. After the project got started Roy’s back started hurting and everything stopped.

He dug out the rot on both sides of the door and replaced it with epoxy that was thick like vaseline and would not rot. He replaced the entire door frame with a non-rot PVC composition frame. Replacing the door itself would have cost around the same but the wooden part of the door would have rot again so this helps us have a non-rot back door.  Roy is so smart and so diligent. He purchased a router to create a mortise for the hinges and door latch faceplate and then fit them into the new frame. 

The interior and exterior wood frames are all new. Roy added an aluminum drip cap on the exterior bottom of the door to help keep the rain away from the bottom of the door.

Finalizing this blog post this evening has taken every bit of brain that Roy and I both have to write this. Neither of us could remember what things are called. At one point just now it came down to either me killing Roy or me laughing till I cried because it’s so frustrating and something that should be so simple has become a horribly hard thing to do. I put my computer down and started working on it again Sunday afternoon.

Here are pictures taken during the process.

Day one – the door was removed!

The door side bottom before Roy dug out the rotten wood

The door side bottoms after Roy dug out the rotten wood 

Roy filled up the hole where the rot was with the special epoxy.

The epoxy before sanding

The epoxy after sanding, before painting

After painting, looks just like brand new! 

Roy using his router to dig out PVC to create one of the mortises for the faceplate.

It’s been so long since I put these pictures in this blog post that I don’t really know why they are here but Roy’s working on the door in the pictures so here they are!

The original door frame was removed and replaced with a new  PVC composite door frame that won’t rot!

After a “slight pause” in work before getting done on the back door, Roy completed the “back door project” this week.

This is the only help I provided, other than staying out of Roy’s way and asking him to please get it finished! I touched up the paint around where the old door frame was.

The top of the door frame is nailed down here in this photo. The refrigerator was moved out of its little home for this part. 

The new baseboard and interior door trim are complete! Halleluja! 

And alas the project is complete. Roy got a couple of new tools to use in this project and we have a very solid weather proofed back door that will last for many years to come! Thank the Lord! A happy Chauvin home has a finished reconstructed back door in it!

Now on to the next thing on my “honey do” list!


01.21.20 Peep is expecting!

Our sweet girl duck, Peep, started laying baby duck eggs, one a day for the last four days!  Yay baby ducks!! Here is egg number 1!

I guess she’s actually not expecting like we think of it but she’ll have babies sometime in February! I contacted the wonderful couple that gave us Bo and Peep to learn more about this baby duck process.

Peep is the smaller of the two in the photo below. Bo is the daddy with the grey head.

We don’t know how many eggs she will lay but I just found out that Mama Peep’s mom laid over 20!  Mama Peep will start sitting on the nest of eggs full time when the last egg is laid except for taking eating breaks.

We will start counting the number of days from when the last egg is laid so we will know when 28 days from the last egg being laid is. 28 days is approximately when they will start hatching.

28 days after the last egg is laid we need to separate Bo, the daddy, from Peep and the babies. He may get aggressive and hurt or kill them. That’s kinda weird but I guess ducks aren’t like human daddies who love and protect their young.

I’ll let ya’ll know as things progress with this new adventure!


Last night OUR Louisiana State University TIGERS won the National College Football Championship!

The final score was 42 to 25.

The team they beat was the Clemson Tigers.

Clemson’s record this year was 14-0 and LSU’s record this year was 14-0. They both deserved to be in this game.

LSU won last night and their record for the 2019 is now 15-0!

Congratulations LSU Tigers!

You unquestionably earned this trophy. Enjoy being better than the best

Nothing bad to say about Clemson. They played hard, gave it their all and should walk away with their heads held high.

My Facebook Wall this morning blew up with nothing but LSU winning pictures. I am sharing a few here for those few people who did not spend all yesterday evening cheering, yelling, panicking, and cheering even more.

The LSU Band is known as ” The Golden Band from Tigerland.” Here they are creating the outline of Louisiana and our Fleur de Lis!

LSU Cheerleaders and Mascot singing our national anthem on the sidelines.  

A young man we know, the handsome blonde in the front row, was at the game with his dad and got on ESPN in this picture!  

This may be my favorite with all the confetti on the ground after the game and our Tiger mascot creating a snow angel in it! Our President, Donald J. Trump and his amazing wife Melania Trump were on the field before the game and enjoyed it in one of the box suites! The applause they received showed how Americans truly love our President and his wife!

The National Championship game was held this year in New Orleans in the Mercedez Benz Superdome.

Our dear friend Henry at the game. Oh, how I would have loved to be there. It was however, perfect getting to watch it from the comfort of our living room couch!

The beautiful purple and gold confetti let loose after LSU won the game.

LSU’s coach Ed Orgeron is fabulous and perfect for a Louisiana team.

He was born and raised in Larose, Louisiana and always wanted to be the LSU football team coach.  His talking is so thick with cajun accent that there is no doubt where that man came from. We all couldn’t have been happier for him last night. He was an unlikely choice as LSU’s coach and man did he prove those who hired him right! Congratulations Coach O!

And certainly deserving of major credit is our Heisman winning Quarterback, Joe Burrow! He earned that title again last night with his determination and accuracy throughout the whole game.

Thank you LSU for the wonderful education you provided our oldest son that he uses to very well support his family. His wife is also an LSU graduate so we have a lot to be thankful for from LSU. Yes, it is an excellent educational institution, they don’t just play football!

Last night winning the National Championship put the cherry on top of a year that made LSU fans happy! Families all around Louisiana and beyond gathered together to watch the game and eat some gumbo or crawfish or just plain eat. We do that every week when the Tigers are playing! Louisiana is so unique in our culture, language and more but we are loyal and proud people. I’m proud today to be from this wonderful state where our flagship university brings home the National Championship trophy!

I am very thankful that my brain came out of its downward spiral and I was able to really enjoy this win! For those who have been concerned, I have been doing much better and really enjoyed the sunshiny day outside here in Louisiana today!

Ya’ll have a Blessed week!





12.27.19 The Legend of Ed Orgeron, by “Papa Heaux”

No photo description available.

The thunder rumbles in Death Valley
A storm has arrived this you know
This storm brings bright lightening to rally
And the storm’s name is “Coach O”

LaFourche is the bayou on which he was born
To parents named BaBa and CoCo
They saw a special light in this one they adorned
A young Prince who we now call Coach O

Making a life in Galliano he drove a shrimp boat
And he grew to be the man that we love so
With that gravelly Cajun voice from deep in his throat
He became the King who we call Coach O

He took a group of cub Tigers under his paw
And breathed fire deep into their souls
He turned them into scrappers and fighters without flaw
This Papa Cat who we call Coach O

He conquered this country with fire and with storm
With a handsome young quarterback named Burrow
Making strength and love forever his norm
Not afraid to show tears is brave Coach O

This man is a hero to the people of Luzianne
A symbol of pride to people I love and know
But against the LSU Tigers no one can stand
As long as they’re lead by Coach O

You see him on the screen after he’s just been tried
And you know its not just for show
When he says GEAUX TIGERS he makes you swell with pride
This tower of a man named Coach O


Ya’ll have a Blessed Weekend!

08.29.14 Our Football Teams – Saints, Lions, and Tigers

If you’re new to our blog we want to catch you up on where we stand with our favorite teams now that it’s FOOTBALL SEASON!!  You’ll see them below and a little about why they are our favorites.

saints girlThe New Orleans Saints have been in my life since Junior High when the whole city voted on the name of the team.  We watched as the team grew in power and as they plummeted to being the Aints when everyone wore bags on their heads in shame at their horrible performance.   We got past that and the team started making us proud again.  There is a saying something to the effect of that the mood of the City of New Orleans is directly connected to whether the Saints win or lose. Something happened over the years that made Saints fans be loyal whether they lost or won or what happened.  The year they went to the Super Bowl was the happiest season in the history of the Saints.  Saints fans are ferocious, deeply loyal and over the top with our Game Day apparel.  I’ll collect some pics of this and share later in the season.

slu our team The Southeastern Louisiana University Lion’s are our hometown University team.  Chip and I graduated from Southeastern.  Roy and I worked at Southeastern for ages.  Southeastern football didn’t exist for many years when the state went through a budget deficit and was brought back several years ago.  it’s taken a while for the team to break out and make themselves known but last year they did.  And they did it big time.  Fall on Southeastern’s campus is now filled with the sounds of a band playing, people cheering, green and gold pride banners everywhere and a deep love for our school.  When football first came back to Southeastern the spirit level was low, it took time to grow and man has it.  School apparel and pom poms fly off the store shelves and they are starting to receive the respect they deserve.  Some of their games are starting to be shown on television which is a major treat!! The team has earned all this love and accolades by being the 2014 Southland Champions and are No. 3 in the FCS coaches poll for the current season.  I hope we can attend a game while we’re here in Hammond and show our Lion’s Pride!!  Lion Up Ya’ll!

lsu fanaticOkay what do you say about LSU Tigers football. I grew up an LSU fan, my oldest son graduated from LSU and one of my favorite memories in life was going to a home game with my oldest son and his friend Greg Blanchard.  We sat in the student section and while you may have to put up with some crazed, possibly tipsy students it’s the best place to sit.  The atmosphere is electric and rarely does anyone sit down the whole game.  We try to watch all LSU games but never again have I been to one in person.  That one experience will last a life time.  They are a powerhouse that teams cringe when they see on their schedule and fans are devoted to.

Football season in the South is one bright light in our extended stay in Hammond.  Sure we can watch them (not always) on TV from elsewhere but the atmosphere here is very much a part of the experience.

New Orleans Saints, Southeastern Louisiana University Lions and the Louisiana State University Tigers!  Our Teams!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!