05.08.14 Update from San Diego, TX where it actually rained (a little)!

10247458_630365407033657_8044946759335763879_nWe woke up yesterday to a light, light rain and on the news that evening you’d have thought it had really rained a lot.  I don’t think it rains very often here so they talk about rain coming a week away, on every evenings news!  This morning we also had some sprinkles for over an hour and can’t wait till tonight’s weather news to see what they call that!  It may rain (sprinkle!) tomorrow too and thank goodness because the grass is looking a little dead.  I’ve watered the whole yard every other day but its been so hot and I guess that’s not enough.    I water all the plants every day so they are doing fine.  My sweet hubby took care of my plant watering this morning so I could do my RVillage work early instead of later.  After 41 years I can say I’ve raised him well!!!

rainy_day_scrap-58The rainy day picture looks absolutely nothing like rain here has looked, I was just being wishful!

A couple of weeks ago I posted some pictures of the oil drilling down the street.  Just a week later we went by there again and this is what we saw.  Bill, Jr. said they do the preliminary work which is what we originally saw, move out (which is what is in the picture below) and sometime in the future they will come back and put a real oil pumper on it.

oil  drilling gone


The ranch owners come back Saturday evening and we are planning to leave here Tuesday morning heading north!   It’s not definite yet but we want to go back to Mountain View, Arkansas for a few weeks.  The two blog posts I wrote while we were there are shown below so you can see what we originally liked about it and why we’re going back.  Also, when it was 106 here the other day I checked their weather and it was 63 so that makes them a prime place to help us get out of the heat!

https://rosalynandroy.com/2013/05/01/mountain-view-arkansas-holiday-mountain-resort/    and      https://rosalynandroy.com/2013/05/02/763/

Another reason we are going to that location is in case we need to go back to Louisiana end of June to get the house ready for selling.  Mountain View is 10 hours from Hammond but it’s not as far away as the 24 hours away we’d planned to be by that time.   We will be going through San Antonio and Austin on our way to Arkansas and plan to see the sights in those old cities.

My job with RVillage continues to go well.  My assignments change as time goes on which really keeps things fresh.  I’m really loving working from the RV and even in my gown when I want to!  The number of RVillagers has now grown to:

6953We are inching towards the 7000 member mark.   Because of a change in the process of requesting ads to be made, Roy’s work has decreased a lot, but he’s done such good work that they are paying him more for the work he does do.   I’ve also gotten great feedback on how pleased they are with my work.  It’s nice to know my contribution is making a difference and I hope to be helping this great new concept grow all I can for quite a while.

When we get back on the road and are staying in RV parks I will be meeting with the RV Park owner or manager to sign them up with us so that will be a new element where I can help.  Roy will probably do this also and may do it instead of me.  You’d probably never think of Roy as a social person unless you know him well.  However, he sees how great this company is and really wants to share with RVers and parks so he does just that!!!  My little social butterfly, coming out of his cocoon!

There’s something exciting brewing in our house right now and as soon as it’s ready I’ll be sharing with ya’ll.  Until then, ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!!



05.04.14 All you know what just broke out!

I planned to tell ya’ll here about our trip to Corpus Christi but that will wait for a bit.

Roy and I were just sitting in the RV watching an LSU baseball game on TV and all of a sudden the RV started shaking and making a horrible sound we’d never heard before.  It lasted for a few seconds.

I looked out the side window and saw Bill, Jr’s lawn chair flying across the yard and then it all stopped.  We ran outside and everything was real still with the only sign of damage being our the slider top cover.  That is a little awning that operates with the slide that covers the top of the slide when it’s extended. That’s all that is damaged.

Bill, Jr. was outside and said it was a sudden wind storm.  This must be a tiny little bit of what a tornado must feel like.

Roy’s outside standing on top of the ATV working on it now.  Hopefully he’ll be able to fix it. 2014-05-04_14-26-21_455 The frightening feeling has me a bit shook up right now so I think I’ll end this blog.  We are physically fine and the RV is fine except for the awning.  Just our nerves are a little unraveled!


I know God’s taking care of us! Please pray this weird weather stops out here at least while we’re still here!  They think this is normal but then we think hurricanes are normal so go figure!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

04.09.14 Road runnnnnnnnnnner……… whoosh………….!

1978852_294507440699312_163807793_n We keep seeing road runners on the ranch but they are so fast we never get a picture.  Today I managed to get two very pitiful pictures of them!  You’ll have to click on the pictures to enlarge them enough to see them and even that’s not a good picture! It’s so cool to be in road runner territory!  This is what it looks like when standing still – photo was obtained from a website about road runners!

roadrunnerThe pictures below are my none too great attempt at capturing one with my camera from a far distance using a zoom.  It may look like a small stick or even a big dot but that IS a road runner in both pictures.


Click on the photos to enlarge them enough to see the tiny speck on the road that is a roadrunner!


It was a beautiful breezy warm day for riding around the ranch. I picked some of the purple flowers shown below for our RV.  Roy took us off the road to get an up close look at this flowering yuca (I think that’s what it is).


Rough, rough riding today especially the off road trip!  It is about as bad for my neck as all those rides in Disneyworld were! That’s why they make muscle relaxers and pain patches for us old folks who still want to live like kids!1912092_830267696988762_655833202_n


Yesterday’s RVillage.com total membership was around 4500. Today it’s inching close to 5000! Businesses are signing up almost every day to advertise on RVillage.com.  Since our work comes from advertisers we love this growth

We just came in from a evening ride around the ranch as the sun is setting.  Check out this beautiful Texas sunset!

sunset3 sunset1 sunset

Okay, final decision on the ya’ll vs. y’all issue. Y’all might be the correct spelling but my brain keeps typing ya’ll so ya’ll is what it will be!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!

04.05.14 Around us in our little world! Completed version!

I’ve been asked what it looks like right around where our RV is parked, so here’s a view of the area around us in our little world from two different angles.

2014-04-05_12-34-57_779 2014-04-05_12-33-20_579

And a picture of Mr. Bill the ranch’s owner and one of their dogs Bo, or maybe it’s Beau.  The more I get to know him the more I see that Roy is very much like him.  They get along well and I’m a little sad they’ll be leaving us, but on to Europe they will go! The second picture is Mr. Bill, coming to our RV for a visit. We enjoy his visits!  He even brings us eggs and a head of cabbage the other day!  I cooked the cabbage last night and it was delicious.

mr bill and bo sat mrbill in atv at rv

We are parked away from the Morgan’s home in an area surrounded by:

The hunter’s lodge (rented out to hunters who do not come in an RV)


A giant campfire pit (kind of like the ones we built when we stayed in Minnesota, but this one is on mega steroids)!




The storage type building where we do our laundry

MEW WASHING ROOMTwo heavy metal buildings:

One for feed storage


One for cold storage of the hunter’s kills.

Outside the cold storage is a big metal hanger where  they hang the deer or hogs there for cleaning.   There is a MEW RANCH sign built into this metal hanger with big spotlights on top.  I believe that most of the hunting is done at night so the spotlights probably come in quite handy!

mEW SIGN AND STORAGE 2014-04-05_12-31-16_184

The pasture and pond where the cows hang out in the evening.

MEW COWS  2014-04-03_12-37-58_319

Roy sitting outside our RV on a nice evening this week.


The Texas State Flag that Mr. Bill is so proud of!  He really loves being a Texan!!

morgan house from our rv

Mr. Bill’s son, Bill Jr., lives next to us and is a really great guy.  He’ll be here while Mr. Bill and Ms. Ann are gone, so we’ll have some company!

I said in a previous post that I believed the crippled trees were the Texas State Tree, the Pecan Tree.  I was totally wrong!  They are the Arizona State Tree, the Palo Verde.  My dear husband looked into it and pointed out the error to me.  Aren’t husbands so good at that??!!

I updated our map of the states we’ve visited to include Texas.  Here it is!

visited states map march 2014


Ya’ll have a great weekend, and come back now, ya’ hear!

04.03.14 Riding around the Ranch!

2014-04-03_13-01-01_220Mr. Bill let Roy and I take his ATV out for a ride around the ranch and what a beautiful sight it was!  It is overwhelming to me that such beauty is growing in this hot, dryness!  Around every corner of the trail was another beautiful scene.  This is early in the growing season and I can’t wait till the bushes and flowers are in full bloom.  Many of these bushes are highly desired by garden centers who sometimes come here to dig them up for resale!

Names like Blackbrush Acacia, Big Bend Bluebonnet, Common Canyon Daisy, Texas Mountain Laurel, Prairie Fleabane meant nothing to be but we saw them all today while on our ride. I have grown Creeping Lantana with a beautiful lavender bloom in Louisiana but haven’t seen it in abundance like it is in the wild here!

Get ready for a lot of pictures taken from our ride.  We saw some of their hunting blinds (which are named after famous hotels), wild hog and deer feeders, tons of amazing cactus, beautiful bushes just starting to bloom and lots of wildflowers down the middle of the road, on the side of the road and in the beautiful meadows!  The big meadow is where Roy will be flying his airplane and helicopter (if the wind ever dies down!).

We saw their cow, bull and calf up close, the pond and a big hill called Look Out Mountain!  Gotta love Mr. Bill’s clever naming of things around here! These last things are right next to our RV as you can see in the pictures!  So very cool to look out our window and watch the cows grazing by the pond.  Last summer was Minnesota lakes and this year it’s Texas meadows!  Loving this RV life more and more!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

2014-04-03_13-40-35_684  2014-04-03_13-39-06_349 2014-04-03_13-38-29_897  2014-04-03_13-36-08_937 2014-04-03_13-34-47_78 2014-04-03_13-21-19_471 2014-04-03_13-23-20_768 2014-04-03_13-24-22_204 2014-04-03_13-28-08_459 2014-04-03_13-28-21_400 2014-04-03_13-28-51_587 2014-04-03_13-30-49_349 2014-04-03_13-20-44_938 2014-04-03_13-20-22_986   2014-04-03_13-18-07_404 2014-04-03_13-15-26_743 2014-04-03_13-15-00_430 2014-04-03_13-02-42_510 2014-04-03_13-03-09_751 2014-04-03_13-05-15_501 2014-04-03_13-06-20_405  2014-04-03_13-08-03_799 2014-04-03_13-12-06_768 2014-04-03_12-52-06_781  2014-04-03_12-53-31_516 2014-04-03_12-53-35_537 2014-04-03_12-53-43_567 2014-04-03_12-54-50_304 2014-04-03_13-01-01_220 2014-04-03_12-51-37_298 2014-04-03_12-50-20_13 2014-04-03_12-49-55_928 2014-04-03_12-49-46_171 2014-04-03_12-48-59_213 2014-04-03_12-47-56_991 2014-04-03_12-46-03_715 2014-04-03_12-37-13_787 2014-04-03_12-37-58_319 2014-04-03_12-41-49_716 2014-04-03_12-43-39_444 2014-04-03_12-45-37_647


04.01.14 Texas is hot, dry, and very very different!

Texas is hot, dry, and very, very different!  Haven’t seen a pine tree in days.  Lots of trees look crippled.  One of the pictures below shows a little of that.  There are beautiful fields of wildflowers and lots of green, yellow and grey bushes!  Everyone we’ve met or spoken to has been very nice.  Southern nice!  We are in southern Texas and since I have Texan friends I have to acknowledge that this is just our story about southern Texas.  As time goes on I hope to see more of what makes up this huge state and share that with ya’ll.

I also have to say a BIG thank you to Ann and Bill Morgan for hiring us to stay here while they travel to Europe in a couple of weeks.  Without this opportunity we wouldn’t get to stay in this part of Texas for an extended time and experience what they love about living here.   Thanks to them also from our readers who are experiencing the adventure with us!

As we drove the last leg of our journey towards the MEW Ranch yesterday along the 9 mile dirt road it took us about 35-40 minutes to go those 9 miles.  Can’t take a moving house down a dirt, extremely bumpy, road very fast so slowly we made our way.  We saw nothing but bushes and dirt road the whole 9 miles.  The best way I can describe the road is that in Louisiana when they are getting ready to resurface a road they grate the road and dirt beneath down to a rough surface and you see the ground that was grated lined up on the side of the road.  Imagine 9 miles of that!  Only thing is that here they are not going to lay anything over it.  That IS the road!  Roy said it will not be as bad when we’re driving on it in our truck, whew!!

white road condition
A sort of up close look at the 9 mile road we traveled to get to the ranch. As close as I could get from inside the RV!
white road
Looking down the dirt road – many miles long!
windmill crippled trees
Loved the windmill and these are some of the crippled trees. I have to get more close up shots of some. They look like they grew for a while – hit something, grew around it and then hit something else and grew around that. I know our Oak trees grow oddly and this is a similar oddity!

We did come across a few signs  on other ranch’s entry gates along the way so we knew there was life out there somewhere!!  Mr. Bill was very nice helping us out on the phone letting us know what to look for along the way.

A ranch down the road before you get to us!
Another ranch down the road


When we finally came to the MEW ranch sign and pulled in, we saw another long road leading to what we hoped was going to be their house!  We kept driving and finally saw the house and there was Mr. Bill standing on the front porch awaiting our arrival!  We got out of Dora and went to their house where we met Bill’s wife Ann.  We went inside and visited with them for a while.  Bill has dozens of deer heads mounted on their walls and even a rhinoceros head on a bedroom wall.   How I wish I had my camera with me when we saw that!  Hopefully I’ll get another opportunity to capture all that for ya’ll to see!

Mr. Bill took us in the monster golf cart like vehicle to where we would park our RV and briefly showed us the chickens, peacocks, and green house that we’ll be taking care of.  They don’t leave for a couple of weeks so we’ll have plenty of time to learn our responsibilities and make friends with the precious dogs they have.   We’re parked a good distance from the house which gives us privacy yet we’re close enough to be able to walk there to take care of things.   Roy went for a ride this morning in the monster vehicle this morning to see the property (I was still sleeping!) and saw a bobcat, a rabbit and a huge rattle snake.  The snake didn’t survive the visit – thank goodness!

mew sign
The MEW ranch sign by the road.
inside ranch
A much prettier view once we pulled into the ranch! Yeah for civilization!
The official MEW Ranch sign!
View of the Morgan’s house from the entry road! Yeah again!!

This 700 acre hunting ranch has been in their family since 1850, he’s the 4th generation to live here!  It’s called MEW Ranch (Mew is Mr. Bill’s grandfather’s name) and the website for South Texas Hunting Services is http://www.southtexashuntingservice.com/index.html

If you go to the website you can see pictures of some of the animal kills and information about where we are staying.   A lot of the pictures are taken right next to (within 10-15 feet) where we are living.  We’re parked next to two big freezers where I think they store the animals killed by the folks  who come here to hunt.  Behind those two freezers are two portable buildings, one of which is a laundry room where we can do our laundry.

mew hook up
This is where we are parked and hooked up, taken from inside the RV before we parked.
morgan house from our rv
The Morgan’s house from our RV spot. Notice the Texas flag!!! Wonder if they’d notice if we put a Louisiana flag in its place while they’re gone! Hi Mr. Bill!!!! Just kidding!!!
view out rv window
Our view our the front windows of our RV. There is a long road ahead which we’ll make our way down one day! Not on foot, however!

I panicked yesterday when we arrived and our phone reception was almost nil.  The internet reception was soooooo slow I had flashbacks to when I first started working at Southeastern and waiting for the homepage to come up took close to 15 minutes.  Now a days the browsers don’t wait that long before they time out so within minutes we knew we were in trouble.  Not only do I love to connect with folks back home through Facebook and email we need it for our job with RVillage! Since you’re getting this blog post you know we must have figured something out.  By “we” I mean Roy, my terribly talented husband who works out all the technical difficulties we run into while living on the road.  Roy has our mifi placed in the square foot area where we get 2 bars of reception so we do have internet now. Now he’s on to trying to get local channels so we can watch TV!

Yes it is hot, yes it is dry, yes we are totally isolated but imagine the time we have now for spending time with God along with reading, working and just plain old peaceful living!   We’ll spend some time exploring out here, learning the culture, finding a church to call home for a while, and enjoying the quiet and peace! Everything here is green so there must be rain and the breeze in the evening yesterday was very refreshing.  This traveling does require a lot of adjustments and aggravations, but the experiences greatly out weigh the adjustments and aggravations!

We are here in this place, at this time, for a reason – now we go along the journey as it unfolds before us!   Roy will be flying his plane and helicopter, we can get our bow and arrows out from under the bed and make use of the target range here.  As we learn more about this new place we call home we’ll share with ya’ll so you can go on the journey with us!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear – p.s.  We went out today for a while and will share with ya’ll about that tomorrow – see ya next time!