10.04.13 Bye, bye Minnesota – Iowa here we come!

1239871_424507554319814_426618956_nToday we said goodbye to Minnesota.  Since we’ve spent so much time there this summer we probably won’t return anytime soon.  It is such a beautiful state and we are very thankful to have been able to spend time there.  Here’s pictures of our comfy little home spot in the Camping World’s parking lot.  It’s interesting how, after you get use to all this, it doesn’t feel odd to live in a parking lot. 

622868_10100682660470244_447986675_o 857873_10100682660150884_1859925415_o

One of the things that we purchased from Camping World while we were there is cord that allows us to plug into 2-30 amp outlets to get the 50 amps we need to have full power.  Since all parks don’t have 50 amp sites this is a great way around that. 

We stopped at Northfield, MN where we strolled down the  streets of the little town until we came to First National Bank where Jessie James and his brother and 6 other men tried to rob the bank in 1876.  The bank is still set up like it was back then and we got to walk through it, go in the vault, see the paper ledgers they kept back then of people’s accounts.  We watched a video of an annual reenactment they do of the robbery.  The robbers hopes were to get $300,000 but they only came away with $26.  Jessie James and his brother were the only ones that lived through the shoot out surrounding the robbery and the search for them afterwards.   The city is very quaint and historic looking. I loved the sign made out of pieces of license plates outside a shop called MAKESHIFT ACCESSORIES.  We stopped at a garden center on the way and took some pictures since it looked so harvesty.  We also stopped at the Quality Bakery for donuts but they wouldn’t let me take pictures of the inside of their shop.  It was really cool looking on the inside but all we could take pictures of was outside so of course I did. 

Welcome to Northfield, MN
This was on the sidewalk and I don’ have any idea why or what it mea!
Garden Center in downtown Northfield
Garden center in downtown Norhfield, MN
Unique store sign in downtown Northfield, MN
The bank in Northfield that the James brothers robbed
Jesse James and his brother – they don’t look anything like I imagined!

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Traveling down the backroads in Northfield we came across a wind turbine which I took a picture of.  Later we came across about 20 in one place and couldn’t get my camera out in time.  We also saw a neat Christmas tree farm with hundreds of baby Christmas trees growing.

2013-10-04_12-14-09_736 2013-10-04_12-14-18_464 2013-10-04_13-45-11_896

Our Garmin GPS is turning out to be very handy and helpful.  It alerts us to traffic problems, weather problems and when we’re coming up to a state line.  It also knows when an overpass is too low for us to go under and changes our path accordingly.  Knowing when the state lines are coming up can better prepare me to take pictures of the states welcoming signs.  The picture of our entry into Iowa wasn’t too clear but we’re here now and that’s what matters..


After our visit to Northfield, we headed to Forest City, Iowa where the Winnebago Manufacturing Plant is located for a tour to see how that brand of RVs are made.  Being new at this travel planning I forgot (when we decided to stay an extra day at the luxurious Camping World spot) that they only have tours Monday through Friday at 9 am or 1 pm and we’re going to arrive there betweent 3:30 and 4:00 so we called them and they said it is okay for us to stay there hooked up for the weekend and take the 9 am tour.   

winnebago vc

We’re here in Forest City now and settling into our weekend home at the Winnebago factory.  We may decide to skip the Monday tour and leave before then.  We’ll see how we feel as time goes on! 

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

10.03.13 On the road again and not really going anywhere!

Since I wrote my last blog I’ve received emails and private facebook messages from people who workamped and had horrible experiences that they left and went to really good experiences.  Seems that the bad experiences are not nearly as prevalent as the good ones and that encourages us for the future.   I wrote about Russ and Annie leaving early in the season. I was incorrect in staying that they were fired.  They actually quit before they were fired.  When you’ve had enough, you’ve had enough.  Russ wrote to me with several examples of problems they encountered with the management that did put up red flags for both them and us but they left and Roy and I chose to stay and try our best to work within the circumstances we found ourselves.   Since I said we’re putting this behind us I won’t include what he shared but it all supported our feelings. 

In the middle of the night (1:30 am Tuesday morning) Roy discovered we had no water.  That means our fresh water tank was dry even though the gauge showed it was half full.  Since we are not hooked up to water we are living on our stored water and there was none! He woke me up and off we went in search of water in the middle of the night.  During the day there is so much traffic on the roads and it’s much easier to get around at night.  We found a gas station not too far away that was closed and we pulled in and filled up.  After having so much fun doing that in the middle of the night we both slept until 11 am on Tuesday.

We spent two nice nights in the parking lots of Walmart and Sam’s Club. Walmart has signs posted saying no camping or over night staying and I took a picture of us parked next to it. We found out that this is something the city did and is not a Walmart rule.  Since the city can’t come on their private property to ticket you, it’s okay to park there.

duluth no parking sign
Wal-Mart parking lot sign


It was so cool at night that we left all the windows open and it was really nice waking up this morning to the sounds of ducks quacking as they swam around in the pond next to Sam’s.   We hopped in our truck Boots and headed towards downtown Duluth to see Roy’s orthopedic doctor for a cortisone shot in his knee. That went well and here’s a picture of Dr. Schnell giving Roy his shot.  He should be all fixed up for our trip back south.

duluth roy shot
Dr. Schnell giving Roy his cortisone shot
duluth roy outside
Outside the doctor’s building in downtown Duluth

We’ve pulled into Camping World in Rogers, MN (near Minneapolis) Wednesday evening and found out they have electrical hookups we can use overnight and they have water and a dump station.  I don’t know if all Camping World’s have this but it’s neat finding out that so many places allow RVs to stay overnight and even some that provide hookups for free.

On our way here the skies were clear and the traffic was fine (until we neared Minneapolis) and Roy and I both said this is the life we’ve been waiting for.  Being on the road and seeing more of our country than one place.  We both feel so free now and much, much less stressed.  Not gonna look back, just forward for whatever God has in store for us!

Things seem to be going well with the sale of our rental house.  The home inspection and the termite inspections went great and we should be having the act of sale on the 15th

Since we’ll be staying here tonight with electrical hookups we’ll stay in and enjoy the cool AC and television all evening.   We’ve decided to stay here today and tonight before heading out to give us some down time to rest and take care of a few little things.  It’s really nice to be able to change plans as we want to and not be tied to a time schedule. 

duluth houses 2
Duluth house
duluth houses
More Duluth houses


Tomorrow, we’ll head out to see Northfield where Jesse James robbed a bank and then head to the Winnebego Manufacturing Plant for a tour and overnight stay there.  That’s the plan for now, always subject to change!

05.09.13 We’ve arrived in Kabetogama, MN!!!!!

We have arrived at Northern Lights Resort in Kabetogama, Minnesota where we will work until October 1st.  We’ve met the folks we’ll be working with and the owners of the Resort and had a little time to look around some.  The lake is starting to thaw and I was told that when it was frozen solid the ice was about 30+ inches thick.  There are some snow banks remaining in a few places and along the road as we entered. There is even snow built up next to the sandy beach.  What a contrast! And there are deer hoof marks in the sand from where the deer have walked! Everyone has been very gracious and very nice since we drove in.   I’ve taken several pictures but want to check with the owners before I post any of them to be sure it’s okay with them for me to do that.  I so wish this place was closer to Louisiana, so you guys could see it for yourself.

Our Verizon phone service only works when standing on a rock next to a telephone pole a good ways away from our RV.  Roy said it’s about 250 to 300 feet from our RV.  Needless to say we won’t be talking too much on the phone!  And when we do we’ll get some good exercise! Our family can reach us in an emergency through the resort office but everyone else should send us an email at Rosalyn@selu.edu or roy@rchauvin.com to communicate or text us on our cell phones.

We just ate our dinner of raw broccoli and dip, triscuits, cheese and summer sausage.   We sat on the floor, served it on the coffee table

Welcome to Minnesota!
Welcome to Minnesota!
Rosalyn enjoying the rushing Big Fork River!
Rosalyn enjoying the rushing Big Fork River!
Roy playing funny!
Roy playing funny!
My he man hubby!
My he man hubby!
This is such a rough life!

and gobbled it up!  A great way to end this beautiful day.  It is 8:54 here now and the sun is just going down.  Tomorrow night we’re all getting together for a chili dinner.  Can’t wait to get together with our co-workers and get to know them better.

These are some pictures we took not far from the resort on our way here today.  This beautiful river was just waiting to be photographed!  The snow is actually still piled up next to the roads in Northern Minnesota.  I got to play with some this evening at the resort.  I’m glad we made it here before it all melted to at least get to see it!  I’ll write more tomorrow and post pictures if I can.  We don’t have to start working until Monday so we’ll have some time to explore and learn about this area some.  Hope everyone has a wonderful evening!

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!