08.11.17 Santa’s Village at the North Pole in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Friday, August 11, 2017 – On our way back down the mountain from seeing Pike’s Peak on Tuesday we saw that the North Pole was open and the sun was starting to come out.  We only had about an hour there before they closed but we went in and rode the rides we could while they were open.

These are the beautiful mountains that surround this special place.

More wacky mirrors  Looking down from the gondola

While our time was limited we walked way to the back of the park and climbed up what felt like a mountain to get to where the Santa Clause Zip Line ride was.  That was my favorite ride last time and this time.  You are carried in his sleigh backwards really high and then shot back down the zipline to the beginning.  The ride acts like it’s not going to stop but it goes past the stop point and does stop!!!

I found a YouTube video that shows most of this amazing park from the air.  Near the end they show the Santa Clause Zip Line in action.

This is really a wonderful place for children and adults like us.  Here is a link to our last visit here in 2015 if you’d like to see more about it.  That particular blog also shows the Cog Railway we rode to get to the top of Pike’s Peak.  Having gone up there both ways last time we knew we liked driving it better.

Santa’s Workshop at the North Pole

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06.19.15 Riding on the COG Railway, Cave of the Winds and the North Pole!

its who you go withFriday, June 19, 2015 – What an ambitious day we took on today!  We set out at 6:50 am which is way before we usually wake up!  Our reservations were for the 8:00 train.  The town of Manitou Springs is a unique, quaint town loaded with charm.

pikes peak train depotFirst stop was the Pike’s Peak COG Railway.  No driving for Roy and clear skies this trip!  We met two nice guys from Ohio who sat across from us!  The path we took on the train ride was 95 percent different than what we drove in our car.  Lots of different sights from our first driving trip, but the snow was still on the ground near the Summit.

At the Summit,we DID NOT venture out into the snow where we sunk the last time! We tried the Pike’s Peak donuts.  The only donuts made at an altitude of over 14,000 feet. They were very good.  You can see Roy enjoying them in one of the pictures below!

Following are pictures from our train ride up, at the Summit, and our ride down the mountain.

20150619_08162920150619_08443120150619_093139 20150619_084739 20150619_084838 20150619_085032 20150619_085815 20150619_085847 20150619_090431 20150619_093445 20150619_093449 20150619_093526 20150619_094712 20150619_094726 20150619_100348 20150619_101044 20150619_101244 20150619_102546 20150619_102638 20150619_102946(0) 20150619_103556 20150619_105235 20150619_105623 20150619_110459 20150619_114708This is a panoramic picture of the view from the Summit.  Click on it to see it full size.  Then click your browser’s back button to come back to the blog post.

20150619_093750From there we drove over to nearby Cave of the Winds.  The road up to the Cave of the Winds begins directly across the highway from where you come down from Pike’s Peak.  We only drove up to their parking lot and saw the different views from there.

Following are a couple of pictures we took from there:

20150619_115018 20150619_114914 20150619_114750 20150619_114708 20150619_114705 Santa-2011-0121-300x255Our last stop, and the most strenuous, was visiting the North Pole Colorado Santa’s Workshop, a Christmas themed family amusement park..  This is a huge 25 acre amusement park with several rides for us old children and many rides for the littler children.  Several shops and food places too.  We rode on the Ferris wheel, Santa’s Sleigh zip line, Candy Cane Coaster, Sky Ride, the Paratrooper and the train.  The admission here is $21 per person but since we are both 60+ we got to enjoy it all FREE!!!

The following are pictures we took throughout the park and from the air during the Sky Ride.

20150619_135400 20150619_135250 20150619_135240 20150619_131825 20150619_131332 20150619_131258 20150619_131059 20150619_131007 20150619_124149 20150619_124110 20150619_123823 20150619_123642 20150619_123031 20150619_122800 20150619_121209 20150619_121046 20150619_120448

We purchased a large snow snow globe with Santa’s feet sticking out at the top and his head at the bottom in his red Santa suit.  The snow in the globe circulates constantly because of a little fan at the bottom.  We decorate the dashboard at Christmas and thought this would make a great addition to our current decorations.

To say that after this very busy week we are quite exhausted would be an understatement.  I’m looking forward to some down time this weekend when I  can spent a few hours working!   Wow, working is way easier than all this sightseeing.  It’s getting hot here in Colorado now and we really felt it today.

On Monday we have tours scheduled at the Denver Rockie’s baseball Coors Field and the Denver Bronco’s Mile High football stadium.  I’ll probably wear my Atlanta Braves Jersey and some New Orleans Saints apparel to spice up the day!  The high Monday is suppose to be in the mid 90s.  Eek! Too much like the southern heat…….

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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