04.14.20 Let’s gather at the Grand Canyon North Rim for a Virtual Vacation with the Chauvins!

Just writing the words Grand Canyon puts a smile on my heart!

What an unbelievably beautiful handiwork of God.

I still remember seeing it for the first time and it took my breath away.

This was what we saw when we walked up to it for the first time.


I could go on and on and would never be able to explain how special this place is so I’ll let the photos and videos speak for themselves.

See both rims if you can!

The North and South Rim are only about 20 miles apart but the drive goes way around the side of the mountains and through some mountains to get to the other side about 200 miles away. We drove about halfway and parked for the night in the Marble Canyon – A M A Z I N G!!!

This video is taken from where we parked and spent the night in the Marble Canyon!

I took several videos of the North Rim and narrowed it down to eight for the original blog. These are two of them.

The North Rim and the South Rim are two totally different places in most all aspects.

The North Rim is much cooler, more beautiful tall trees along the roads, not any visible animals that we saw, and can be seen in 2-3 hours at a leisurely pace and for some reason it is not at all crowded.

The South Rim is still cool but not as cool as the North Rim, not nearly as many trees but lots of bushes with flowers, several elks were seen and we only saw a portion of it in about 5 hours at a brisk pace and it is crazy crowded! Several big shuttle buses travel several different routes to all the spots where you can see different parts of the canyon.

Photos from the North Rim


20151002_153101 (Medium)This next one may look like the first view we had but it is not. It’s far away from where we started!

20151002_152556 (Medium)Grand Canyon Lodge – North Rim was absolutely beautiful inside and out 20151002_153233 (Medium)

The lodge had a wonderful outside sitting area where you could enjoy a comfortable viewing of the canyon!

20151002_155322 (Medium)There are several cabins there for those who want to stay in a cabin on the North Rim.

I loved how the view kept going on and on and on into the distance!20151002_154358 (Medium)Oh to be young and able to climb atop this rock area. We felt blessed to see what we could but that had to be super wonderful!

20151002_154407 (Medium)That was just a peek, a very very small peek at the magnificence of the North Rim. Here are links to our original posts when we visited Grand Canyon North Rim in 2015. Yes, I wrote four blog posts about the Grand Canyon’s North Rim. It is that amazing!

From Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon – I included this post because it gives lots of Grand Canyon info that would be helpful to someone planning to visit there.

The Grand Canyon North Rim

The Grand Canyon North Rim Photos – Part One

The Grand Canyon North Rim Photos – Part Two

On our next Virtual Vacation, we will visit the Grand Canyon’s South Rim which is very different than the North Rim!

Have a wonderfully blessed week!

11.04.15 Grand Canyon South Rim Photos – Part One

Wednesday, November 4, 2015 – Seems we took way more photos of the South Rim than I first thought. Here are the first of those I selected to share!

If you remember from a past post I shared that the South Rim has many more viewing sites than the North Rim 20151003_171702 (Medium)and is not as cold or as many lush green trees. Many more yellow flowered bushes were found on the South Rim and lots more animals! The crowds are huge on the South Rim with almost 10 different huge parking areas and a bus system to pick you up from your parking space and deliver you to other Grand Canyon viewing locations along the route. The viewing areas that run along the South Rim cover 10 miles, closer to 20 miles long. Here’s a graphic showing all the places you can view it from. We saw it from the three central view points. It would take a week of several hours a day to see all of the views on the South Rim.

grand-canyon-viewpoints20151003_122155 (Medium) 20151003_160228 (Medium) 20151003_125736 (Medium) 20151003_123304 (Medium) 20151003_123159 (Medium) 20151003_161351 (Medium)20151003_161225 (Medium) 20151003_161240 (Medium) 20151003_135517 (Medium) 20151003_140121 (Medium) 20151003_162032 (Medium) 20151003_122708 (Medium)20151003_131654 (Medium) 20151003_123018 (Medium) 20151003_124442 (Medium) 20151003_122655 (Medium) 20151003_131657 (Medium) 20151003_161346 (Medium) 20151003_140146 (Medium) 20151003_124223 (Medium) 20151003_125803 (Medium) 20151003_155933 (Medium) 20151003_122727 (Medium) 20151003_162831 (Medium) 20151003_124507 (Medium) 20151003_161341 (Medium) 20151003_122214 (Medium) 20151003_134615 (Medium)That wraps up part one of The Grand Canyon South Rim! Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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