05.11.15 Hey Paw, Look! The River is Rising!

happy mondayThe blog post below was written Sunday evening.  Between then and now the river has risen an additional 10 feet causing the river to overflow the banks in some parts of the RV park.  Not where we are yet, but it is quite a sight.  We are packing up, unplugging and getting ready to pull out of here if it rises any higher.  I’ll be working on a blog post showing the pictures and videos of how it is now.

Monday, May 11, 2015 – It has been raining here quite often and heavy.  But that’s okay, we just change our plans accordingly. In between down pours, we decided to explore the river running through the resort from down by and in the water!  Some of these pictures may look like previous pictures of the resort but all of these were from about 15 feet below along the shoreline and in the water that is the White River running through the park.

a1  a3 a5 a6 Now I want to share some pictures of the same area from Sunday morning.  You will see only a tiny bit of rocks and shoreline in these pictures because the skies opened Saturday night and the river is several feet higher than the day before.

This one is from yesterday and the next is from this morning.
Same location, much more water and you don’t see the rocks.

20150510_143642 20150510_174809 The big circle of rocks I was sitting on in pictures higher up in the blog post are no longer visible today!

Tornadoes also seem to be quite active right now and we’re really hoping we don’t have a “What in the world were we thinking about coming here” with either a tornado or a flash flood.  At least there are at least a dozen more feet for the river to rise.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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05.10.15 – Part Two Mountain View City Park

Sunday, May 10, 2015, Part Two– We learned some sad news upon arriving back in Mountain View this trip. The man we just loved who owned Mellon’s Country Store, Pappy Mellon, has retired. We looked forward so much to seeing him again and sitting a spell visiting like we did before. The place is exactly the same but he’s not around spreading his Arkansas charm any longer.

We stopped at Mellon’s Country Store on Saturday and picked up some cinnamon hard candies for Chip and Madisyn and a bag for us. Here’s some pictures of the unique things they have there and how quaint it is out front.  The “stool sample” made me laugh out loud in the store!

20150509_160054 20150509_160226   20150509_161016 20150509_161026

We went on into town to get a feel for where things we want to see are located. We saw signs that showed the City Park was this way so we followed the sign and passed in front of the park thinking it wasn’t too much. We turned around and went back, pulling in towards the back. What we found there was amazing. This place has nooks and crannies filled with beauty you can’t imagine. The pictures below are of the amphitheater there at the back of the park. You enter it from the street level and walk down many stone steps to where the audience would sit. In front of that is a beautiful creek and waterfall running under the bridge. Walking across the bridge takes you to where the performances were held. It was all an incredible sight!

20150509_164826 20150509_164909 20150509_165000 20150509_165322 20150509_165418 20150509_165504  20150509_165704  20150509_165858 20150509_170122 20150509_170330 I couldn’t help but take several videos but none came out well.  Please use your imagination as to the waterfall sound and the streaming brook sound and us dancing around for you as we pretend to perform!  We may have to go back again when it’s sunny and spend some time sitting there enjoying the surroundings.  Plus we could make a good video and perform for ya’ll!

Ya’ll have a wonderful Sunday and come back now, ya’ hear!

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05.10.15 To all the Motherless Daughters out there

mothers daySunday, May 10, 2015 – Happy Mother’s Day to all the women who would love to be a Mom, women who are living the Mom life, Moms who have lost their precious children, and those who have lost their Moms.

To my mom, Josie Mae Cochran Blum Traylor, I love you and miss you every day. To the mothers of my grandchildren, Liz Ponder and our oldest son’s wife who he requested that we do not use their names, I wish you a special Happy Mother’s Day. You are caregivers to very precious children.

A precious young mother who lost her own mom, Jessica Stewart Lopez,  shared what’s written below on her Facebook page.  So many of us have lost our mothers and spend Mother’s Day missing their presence. happy mothers day

May 10th, 2015 Today sucks, I know. It’s going to be hard. But so is every other day since you have lost your mother. There is absolutely no love in this world like the love of a mother. There is a void that cannot and will not ever be filled, no matter what anybody tells you. You don’t miss her today any more than you will tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after that. Today, Mother’s day, is just another painful reminder that she is no longer physically here. As you watch friend’s  celebrate with their mom’s, please remember that yours is tucked away deep down in your heart where she will forever stay. As the wind blows through your hair, know that it is her gentle and loving touch. As the warmth of the sun shines on your face please remember the warmth in your mother’s heart through all of the days she had on this earth. She didn’t want to ever leave you and she still hasn’t left you. Your mother was greater than this world. I know sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair and it never will but please, please, don’t cry today, for your mother would want nothing more than to see you smile. I feel the pain within your heart as another day passes by without her. She doesn’t want you to be sad. She wants you to honor her life in the best way possible, and that way is to live it. Live it for you. Live it for her. I know it is sometimes easier said than done and sometimes words just don’t help and I know this because I lost my beautiful 48 year old mother almost two years ago when I was 24. I have come to find that the best way to heal is to remember. Remember her. Remember the sorrow, remember the love, remember everything. Talk to her, she’s always listening. And simply cherish the time you did have with her and the memories you have made. I want you to know that on this day, you are not alone. You are never alone. All of our mothers are watching over us from heaven this Mother’s Day… and every day, for the rest of our lives. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the motherless daughters out there. Today is your day too. Celebrate her, start a new tradition, live life to the fullest, and most importantly remember that even through the darkest of days, life still goes on. -Jenna Rose Lowthert

 motyhersmothers day add to blogMy amazing son Chip sent the following to me this morning.  I was quite humbled and I’m so thankful to be his mom!

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05.09.15 A stroll around Angler’s Holiday Mountain Resort – some of it!

life is goodSaturday, May 9, 2015 – Took a nice stroll around the part of this resort where the RVs are parked on Friday.  Children must still be in school because there are very few motor homes and fifth wheels here.  I didn’t go down by the water but plan to soon with Roy there with me.

I love how this place is laid out. You arrive at a higher elevation and then take this concrete curvy road and bridge down to where the RVs are parked.  The bridge looks like it’s crumbling in one place, just like it did 2 years ago, but it must be okay.  With all these heavy vehicles that go over it, it’s still standing.

Where we are located is at a lower elevation (about 30 feet lower) than the entry way, but at a higher elevation than the river/creek (about 15 feet).  The scenery from each parking space is a little different.  I liked where we parked last time and I like where we’re parked this time.  They  have cabins at the higher elevation that would make this a wonderful place for any family to vacation at.

Here’s a whole bunch of pictures of the resort, maybe more than you’d want to see. Please remember that one of the reasons we write this blog is so that we can look back at where we’ve traveled and we want to see lots of photos! These are all from the mid level where we are parked.

This is the view we see from our RV!
This is the swinging bridge. It is being rebuilt and will be finished in a few days. We’ll take a good long walk over there then.
This is the concrete path that we took to get down from the higher elevation to where the RVs park.
The concrete bridge from a different angle.

We planned to go into town today, hang out in the town square and listen to some folk music pickin but the rain chance went from 0% to 100% so Roy’s off in nap land and I’m playing on the computer watching a Mot

her’s Day movie.

Ya’ll have a great weekend, and ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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05.08.15 Today didn’t turn out as planned, but we’re happy anyway!


Friday, May 8, 2015 – Arkansas is simply beautiful.  My friend Chrissie calls it “God’s Country” and she is right.  Here’s some pictures as we drove in yesterday.  We hope to get out in our truck and see some of what’s up the mountains.  Roy watches the moonshining shows and just knows that’s what we’ll find up there!  The roads curve every which way and go up and down.  It’s a little dizzying, but pretty!

20150507_12381820150507_13290320150507_134848Same as the last time, we love this RV park, Angler’s Holiday Mountain Resort.  It is part of our Coast to Coast plan so 20682_1082049055143847_4046285985866865259_nwe pay nothing to stay here and can stay two weeks!  This really gives us time to explore this area and see everything we didn’t see two years ago.  Here’s some pictures of different places within the resort area.

I wrote the above yesterday evening and we woke up to rain so we won’t be wondering around outside taking pictures too much today.

I am, however, going to change directions here and give you a little insight into a not so fun side of RV life.    RV bloggers have been accused of only painting the pretty picture of living in an RV.  I don’t want to be one of those who only paint the pretty picture but I must say 95% of the time it’s fabulous.  Other than the20150508_130614 absolutely delicious cantaloupe, apple, banana, yogurt, kale and orange juice smoothie I made this morning, today is one of those 5% days.

While the resort we are in is full of natural beauty and serenity, we have no phone service.  grrrrrrrr…… nor do we have text messaging which would have been a great alternative.  I’ve resorted to facebook private messages and emails to let loved ones know we’ve safely arrived.   I found out neither Verizon nor ATT work down here in the valley.

When we turned the TV on upon arriving, and the satellite dish started to boot up, it gave us a warning message that our receiver’s temperature was at 141 degrees which was too hot to function.  We’ve never received that message before and since the receiver is in a location that no one would go near we never felt it being hot.   Roy put our stand up fan on the drivers seat facing the units and began figuring out what he could do about this problem. Remember 1375971_463233757124221_361199526_nhow we don’t have phone service, well that service would have been handy when dealing with this and the problems below.

When I got up this morning, before even getting my coffee, Roy walked me through what he needed to do to resolve this.  I don’t quite know how to describe what all he said but part of it is that we will remove the VHS/DVD unit which will provide more air space around the satellite receiver.  Our Blue Ray unit will show DVDs so we don’t lose that capability.  He’s checking on the fan in the Satellite Receiver and is changing out some capacitors (thank goodness for having a hubby that carries such odd things around with us). Here’s three pictures showing how he removed all the technology units and what he’s doing right now (on Friday afternoon). The rest of the equipment wouldn’t fit in the same picture but it’s all there spread out on the floor!

20150508_142919 20150508_142910

20150508_145859 20150508_153117

The second part of what my pre-coffee morning education involved was finding out we had to go into town to a Dish Satellite company.  The story about that is below:

mountain view on the map
This is where we are located in Arkansas (the picture on the right).

One of the things we have to do anytime we travel a good distance (and 473 miles is a good distance) is to contact Dish Network to give them our current zip code so we can get local channels (which also includes our favorite shows on network TV).  You do this through an online chat with them.  When Roy contacted them yesterday evening to do this they said that we had to upgrade our satellite equipment first.  He went through this with three different chatters and got the same information.  Even though one of them said they would change it we wound up having South Dakota local channels.  They picked this up from our mail forwarding address we use in South Dakota.  Roy told them where we are in Mountain View, Ark but we still got South Dakota channels.  Let me say here that Grey’s Anatomy was on last night so the emphasis was strong to get them on our TV last night but that didn’t happen.

We went into town to the local RadioShack which is also a Dish Network dealer. This really nice man (we think his name was Tony) spent a lot of jand j satellitetime with Roy figuring out the problem.  He said we did not need upgraded equipment since what we have, a Dish VIP722K was  a new model.  He felt like Dish was giving us the run around so he called them.  After going through a few people on the phone he was able to get it straightened out and we now have service.

pickin at town square
This is where a lot of pickin goes on, in front of the courthouse.
mountain view folk music capital
Mountain View, Arkansas is known as the Folk Music Capital of the World. They proudly display these banners throughout the town.

While we were there I asked the other man who worked there about local things to do and see.  He gave me a nice list and even somewhere we’ll go for Mother’s Day Dinner.  Lots of folk music played in this parts and we want to hear all of it! So, intermingled in the not so great RV day was meeting these two guys who helped us a lot and gave us some local tips to make our stay here nicer.  He also told me about two festivals they have here.  One is the bean festival in October.  They put out some big pots and cook different type of beans and you can eat free.  The funny part of the festival is the “Out House Races”.  They actually race out houses, not port a potties, but outhouses created especially for the race.  Here’s a description of the bean fest and outhouse race I found on Wikipedia:

During the last weekend of October, thousands attend the Arkansas Bean Fest and Great Championship Outhouse Races. Early Saturday morning, nearly one ton of pinto beans are cooked in large, antique iron kettles that are set up along the west side of the courthouse square. Promptly at noon, a nearly endless amount of free beans and cornbread are served to the gathered crowd. The festival continues with the famous Outhouse Race. Teams from Arkansas and surrounding states push outhouses built on wheels (similar to a go-kart) in a series of races. The overall champion receives the coveted Golden Toilet Seat Trophy. Handmade crafts and folk music play an integral part in this festival as well.

outhouse contest
This is a picture I found on the web of the outhouse races!

The man (I have got to get better about remembering their names) I talked to goes to a local Baptist church and we may go to church with him Sunday.  I think I love meeting the locals as much as anything else!  They really give us a good idea of the area from a locals perspective.

Here’s two pictures from our drive back to the resort.  I’m sure Chrissie will be smiling every time we post pictures of this wonderful place.  We also have family, John and Barbara Tate, that live a couple hours south of here.  I can see why they moved here and love living here.

20150508_124817 20150508_124839

The sun is sneaking out and I am going out to enjoy it and take some pictures while Roy’s still hard at work on the Satellite Receiver.  He absolutely has the worst part of the RV issues to deal with.  I do get lots more fun time than he does sometimes.  Other times we both just have fun and I love those days!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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