09.24.15 Onward towards Las Vegas, Nevada!!

By the always wonderful RVillage!

Thursday, September 24, 2015 –  We left Isleton, California this morning headed towards Las Vegas, Nevada.  It’s a pretty long drive so we are stopping about the half way point for a one night stay in Desert Palms RV Park in Bakersfield, California.

We’ll arrive in Las Vegas Friday afternoon just in time to do the Vegas Strip Friday evening.  Not…..  We’ll put off seeing a lot until Monday since I work on the weekend but depending on how things go on and catch some sights!!!

Thanks to helpful friends we have a list of Must See places in Las Veagas.  Found out there is a Hershey’s Chocolate World and an M&M Chocolate World there.  Both are near the MGM Hotel.  Roy’s hoping the price of one of Hershey’s giant bars isn’t too exorbitant  so he can get one.  I bought him and a friend of ours one several years ago for Christmas and they were $25 each then.  I can’t imagine what they are asking for them now!

Just passed a gas station that is selling Diesel for $2.67 a gallon.  That’s probably the lowest we’ve seen. It certainly makes our traveling more affordable!  Better yet, we just filled Dora with Diesel at $2.39 a gallon!!!!!

Along our drive we’re still seeing many grape vineyards and fruit orchards.  The hills and hillsides are just covered with fruit trees! Just pasted a grove of cacti growing in rows!  That’s a first for us!

09249246 Several large bins of fresh tomatoes have passed us along the way filled to overflowing!  Some have overflowed onto the side of the road even! 9245 9243

Wish I could have gotten some………….  Oh my goodness we just stopped where a bunch landed and I got a whole boat load of tomatoes!   Okay I’m going to share with you what it looked like when I picked them up.   Perhaps not my best photo op but if you know me you know I would try dumpster diving if Roy would let me.  I love free food that would go to waste if not gotten by someone!  Might as well be me!  I was  very selective and only picked out the biggest and best!  There’s plenty left for other pickers.

tomato 1tomato 2I have a full freezer shelf  from all the onions we got last trip and now I’ll have a shelf of frozen tomatoes!!  Pomegranate1We got off the interstate to mail a couple of things and on the way saw some big bushes heavy with pomegranates.  A tiny handwritten sign said Pick for Free.  So we pulled off the road and I picked 8 pomegranates.   I still haven’t eaten the one that I bought at the Farmer’s Market, so I don’t know yet if I like them,  but I’ll for sure have my fill of them if I do!!

That’s enough roadside produce picking for one day!!  Roy came out with his camera and snapped a shot of me pomegranate picking!  This is just crazy!!

rosalyn and pomegranates (Small)

After probably 100 miles plus of grape vines and fruit trees we entered an area that looks more like desert than we’ve been seeing.  Everything is dry dry and there is no green bushes to be seen.  This must be a region in more of a drought than where we’ve been.

We just pulled into Desert Palms RV Park in Bakersfield, CA for the night.  We cannot boon dock in this area as it is in the 90s so we’re connected to electricity for the night!  On to the bright lights of Las Vegas tomorrow morning!  Can’t wait to get my gawking on!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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09.23.15 – Tuesday was “Meet the Boss Day”!!

rvillage soap
RVillage has it’s own soap!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015 – Roy and I finally got to meet my RVillage boss Hillary on Tuesday!  We also got to meet Cam who works for RVillage as well!!!  I’ve worked for them since a year and a half ago and are just now getting to meet them in person!!

When I went to sleep last night I thanked God for all the blessings in our life.  I can now add meeting Hillary and Cam to the blessings God has placed in our lives.  Hillary is young enough to be my daughter and if I had a daughter I’d love for her to be just like Hillary.   I’m so proud of this young lady and the amazing work she does for RVillage.  She’s accomplished so much in her short years!  Getting to meet Cam and learn more about him was a big plus to the evening.  They grilled steaks for us and get this – you know how I don’t ever fix Roy real mashed potatoes – well Hillary did and Roy gobbled them up!!!

rosalyn hillary roy (2)
Rosalyn, Hillary, Roy
rosalyn hillary roy
Rosalyn, Hillary, Roy

Getting to their home took us up a hill, passing by many hillary ahouses hanging onto hills above and below us as we drove.  All you see from the ones below the road are their roof tops and they look like they are built in the air.  We saw one being built and the reinforcements are over the top.  I think when you buy there to build you buy a little dirt and a lot of air to build in.  That’s the only way I can describe it.  These are definitely the houses that would slide off the hill which hillary 2we’ve seen happen on TV.

Their home has so much character and obviously so much love and attention paid to it.  We enjoyed appetizers outside in this neat area they have furnished for outdoor enjoyment, all while enjoying the delicious smells of Cam’s grilling! We ate in the dining room inside and really enjoyed having a dinner at a table with them!  That’s unusual for RVers, at least it is for us!

I left feeling happier than ever to work for Hillary and Cam.  Knowing they really are good people is important to me, and tonight proved that!  They were absolutely gracious hosts and I wish them much happiness in their lives.

rosalyn cam hillary
Rosalyn, Cam and Hillary

After getting home and thinking back to the things we shared with them about our younger years I thought a lot about it.  I believe our lives have been one change after another.  It’s made us the people we are now and I wouldn’t change one thing about the wild, hairy, ups and downs of our life if I could.  Well maybe one or two things!

rosalyn and hillary
Rosalyn and Hillary!

The thing, is life isn’t always going to be what it is at the present, be ready to change and grow with each up and down that comes along.  Don’t be afraid to take a big chance in life like getting married, having kids, changing careers if need be, moving, building a new home, or best yet, living in an RV.  All those things, when you can look back on them like we can now, are important elements in our life history.   Being cautious is not bad but be willing to take the step that kind of speaks to you.  Above all, seek God’s guidance in each decision but don’t be afraid to take that step if He doesn’t stop it.

Before we left yesterday evening, we all quickly Skyped with RVillage’s Founder Curtis Coleman and that just topped off the great night!  We’ll meet Curtis in person in a couple of weeks which is another Bucket List experience we will get to check off the list!!

Since my last post we’ve been picking blackberries, going to church, going to the Farmer’s Market where we got a giant watermelon and a giant peach and other normal sized foods including a pomegranate to try out! I’m drinking pomegranate/cranberry juice now for my brain and if I like the taste of fresh pomegranate that may get added to my grocery list as well.  We will pick berries one more time before we leave for Las Vegas on Thursday morning!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!

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09.19.15 San Francisco – Part 3 – Golden Gate Park and Golden Gate Bridge

ggbvp5 (Medium)Saturday, September 19, 2015 – On Thursday we also drove to Golden Gate Park which is a beautiful big park with palms, flowers, walking paths, bicycle paths and more. We picked out a nice spot and ate our picnic lunch.

This is a map of the park.

ggp1aOne of the many entrances to the park.



ggp1 ggp4 ggp5ggpa4 (Medium) ggpa2 (Medium) ggpa1 (Medium)ggpa8 (Medium)Across the street was the Conservatory of Flowers.

ggpa7 (Medium) ggpa9 (Medium) ggpa10 (Medium) ggpa6 (Medium) ggpa5 (Medium) ggpa3 (Medium)Other groups of flowers and plants.

ggpb5 (Medium) ggpb4 (Medium) ggpb3 (Medium) ggpb2 (Medium) ggpb1 (Medium)After enjoying more of the Park we headed for the Golden Gate Bridge. We got to see more of San Francisco on the way to the Bridge. I thought the bridge would be gold but it is actually rusty red colored.

ggb1 (Medium) ggb2 (Medium) ggb3 (Medium) ggb4 (Medium)

A video we took during the drive over the bridge.

Even though it is not gold it is a beautiful sight.

There is a Vista Point on the other side where we stopped to take more pictures of the bridge and the bay.

ggbvp11 (Medium) ggbvp10 (Medium) ggbvp9 (Medium) ggbvp8 (Medium) ggbvp7 (Medium) ggbvp6 (Medium) ggbvp5 (Medium) ggbvp4 (Medium) ggbvp2 (Medium) ggbvp3 (Medium)A video of the bay and the bridge from Visa Point

I couldn’t imagine living there or anywhere in San Francisco for that matter. Trying to walk across a street that is a steep hill is crazy difficult. Drunk people couldn’t survive walking around there!

We took a different route home allowing us to see more of the area. This is our last outing into San Francisco. It’s a unique amazing city. We have seen a lot and enjoyed all of it!

We will go to Oakland next week to meet and visit with my RVILLAGE boss Hillary!!! We have talked and Skype dozens of times but never met face to face. Yay, finally!!

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09.18.15 Napa Valley wine country

Friday, September 18, 2015 – On Tuesday we followed up our Jelly Belly Jelly wpid-20150915_134158.jpgBean and In-N-Out Burger adventure with a trip to the Napa Valley.

After doing a lot of research and getting input from friends about wineries in this area we chose to go to Mumm Napa winery for a tour and tastings.  Most if not all of the wineries use to offer free tours and tastings.  Now, few have tours and all charge for tastings.   That’s why we reduced the number of wineries to visit from three to one!

Mumm Napa is located on the Silverado Trail which is one of two highways running through the Napa Valley.  We saw many wineries and vineyards as we drove up the Trail to the vineyard.  Beautiful fields of grape vines lined the highway both coming to Mumm Valley on the Silverado Trail and going home down Highway 29.

wpid-20150915_134457.jpgI am very thankful we got to go see this beautiful area which exists because of the perfect climate there to grow grapes. Defined by mountain ranges and influenced by its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, the Napa Valley enjoys a dry Mediterranean climate perfectly suited to the growing of fine wine grapes. Only 2% of the earth’s surface is covered by a Mediterranean climate.  The long growing season is marked by sunny, warm and dry days followed by cool evenings, an ideal combination for allowing grapes to ripen slowly and evenly.  Configuration of hills, exposure and elevation all work to create distinct growing conditions within the Napa Valley.

Mumm Napa is a beautiful facility with indoor and outdoor wine tasting areas.  It also has an art exhibit area which we enjoyed while waiting for the tour to start.  Our tour guide was quite knowledgeable and share a lot with us about the history of Mumm Napa and the process they go through to create their sparkling wines.

We tasted four of their sparkling wines throughout the tour and were given a wine flute to enjoy it in and to take home.  It was a good thing we filled up at In-N-Out Burger since four flutes of wine in an hour was way more than we’re use to having!  I won’t begin to try to explain the process as we learned it but will share with you these pictures taken throughout the day.

 wpid-20150915_135255.jpg wpid-20150915_135415.jpg wpid-20150915_135536.jpg wpid-20150915_140215.jpg wpid-20150915_151207.jpg wpid-20150915_151310.jpg wpid-20150915_152337.jpg wpid-20150915_152519.jpg wpid-20150915_153129.jpg wpid-20150915_153132.jpg wpid-20150915_153152.jpg wpid-20150915_153313.jpg wpid-20150915_153512.jpg wpid-20150915_153722.jpg wpid-20150915_153926.jpg wpid-20150915_155838.jpg wpid-20150915_160130.jpg wpid-20150915_160339.jpg wpid-20150915_160920.jpg wpid-20150915_161234.jpg wpid-20150915_162141.jpg wpid-20150915_162207.jpg wpid-20150915_162337.jpg wpid-20150915_162342.jpg wpid-20150915_162349.jpg

The resort we are staying at is on a peninsula between two bays which makes for a beautiful ride going and coming from here.  We’ve seen what looks to be blackberry bushes all along the side of the roads.  Today we went out and stopped at those bushes and they are blackberries.  I’ll be bringing my buckets and bags all along those bushes to get more blackberries while the getting is good.

We are going into San Francisco tomorrow to see more of the city.  Hopefully this trip to San Francisco won’t be filled with all the timing problems we experienced the first time.  We are driving in our truck so hopefully all will go well!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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09.16.15 Jelly Belly Jelly Bean Factory Tour

wpid-20150915_101505.jpgWednesday, September 16, 2015 –  We drove to Fairfield, California on Tuesday to tour the Jelly Belly Jelly Bean factory which is located at 1Jelly Belly Lane!!!!   I love those tiny confections and really enjoyed everything about this experience today.  The lobby and all hallways are amazingly cool!!  Pictures made of Jelly beans everywhere!  I took pictures of just a very few of them to share here.




SOME OF THE JELLY BEAN ARTwpid-20150915_113406.jpg wpid-20150915_104856.jpg wpid-20150915_104914.jpg wpid-20150915_104819.jpg wpid-20150915_104842.jpgwpid-20150915_101747.jpg Here’s some pictures from the actual tour of the factory.  It is an amazing place and seeing all those different colors of jelly beans was super cool!  They did 1not allow photography in the factory but I found these on the internet.  I reallllllly wanted you to see the containers filled with each of the colors.  More than way cool45292 991092035_7cecf4c74f_b 150428100409-american-factory-tours--jelly-belly-super-169 Jelly_Belly_Factory_floor Jelly_Belly_Factory-Fairfield-CA-7fce8a7551224800b1ec6fbc3c5c7ba0_c jelly-belly-2 la-trw-factory-tours-6-jelly-bellyAfter we finished the tour we did some shopping in the awesome store!!!  We had Madisyn and Chips requests and we filled those plus some.  Even found a pair of socks in pink for Madisyn that say “Whatcha mean Jelly Bean!”, a box of buttered popcorn flavored jelly beans, chocolate ones for Roy and some candy corn for me.  They sell something they call Belly Flops which are non perfect jelly beans so you can get them for much cheaper so we bought a big bag of Belly Flops for us!!

I put some of those Belly Flops in a candy jar at home and I’ve been popping them in my mouth all evening.  I’ll undo all the weight loss I’ve been working on with these things.

We went from there to a stop at our very first In-N-Out Burger in Napa. Several friends have highly recommended them and we were not disappointed.  Other than delicious food we loved the fact that they have scriptures on the bottom of the cups, and food bags!

wpid-20150915_122825.jpg wpid-20150915_122841.jpg wpid-20150915_125427.jpg From In-N-Out burgers we went on to the Napa Valley to explore and even tour Mum Napa winery!  I’ll write about that for tomorrow since this is getting long.  We did lots of walking on these tours and will be spending Wednesday resting before we head back into San Francisco tomorrow!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!


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9.13.15 San Francisco Part 1 – Fisherman’s Wharf

sfwharfsigh (Medium)Sunday, September 13, 2015 – Yesterday we explored San Francisco’s Fishermans Wharf.  What an amazing place but the day did not go as planned.  I’ll share the day as it unfolded but please know this was a wonderful experience being in San Francisco.  It was very clean, colorful and welcoming.  I have to pinch myself remembering that we are in California FINALLY!!


sf1 (Medium)Our morning at home had some delays, so we didn’t leave as early as we wanted to.  It was an hour drive from our RV resort to the Ferry.  On the drive we saw an amazing 9/11 display of American flags on an overpass on the highway.

We planned to take the San Francisco Bay Ferry from the Port of Oakland to Pier 41 in San Francisco.  I researched it (but not enough) and saw that about every 30 minutes a ferry leaves Oakland for Pier 41.  However there is no ferry (I didn’t realize that) between 12:01 and 1:35.  We arrived at 12:04 so we started the day off waiting an hour and a half for the ferry.  I enjoyed walking around the docks area in Oakland waiting for the ferry. These pictures are from that area.  sf14 (Medium) sf13 (Medium)A bowling alley right by the Bay! Next two pictures.sf12 (Medium)sf8 (Medium)Since there is a drought here all the water sculptures had no water!sf11 (Medium) sf10 (Medium) sf6 (Medium) One of my favorite pictures, right by the Bay.  The day was beautiful and clear skies! sf9 (Medium) sf17 sf18 (Medium)sf4 (Medium) I’ve never seen a black flower like the one in the second picture below!  How I wish I could have popped a leaf off to grow but, I couldn’t.sf2a (Medium)sf2 (Medium)And Roy patiently waiting for me while I explored.

sf3 (Medium)The ride across San Francisco Bay was really nice in the huge ferry we rode in.

sf19 (Medium)sf35ferry (Medium)We rode right next to Alcatraz which was really cool looking!  sf24alcatraz (Medium)sf36alcatraz (Medium)We pulled into a spot between Pier 39 and Pier 41 right at Fisherman’s Wharf.

sf20 (Medium) sf21 (Medium) sf22 (Medium) sf25 (Medium) Right next to the bay on the wharf singers, musicians, bongo players, painters, and others provided entertainment every step along the wharf. We really all that!  Very cool, happy atmosphere.

sf26 (Medium)  sf31 (Medium)sf32 (Medium) sf30 (Medium) sf33 (Medium)20150911_143207 20150911_14381220150911_143113 sf38 (Medium) sf39 (Medium) sf40 (Medium)One man sat by himself with the sign below!  I asked if I could photograph him and he said yes, so I did.  Then he asked for money for his weed and I told him no if that’s what he’d do with the money.  He just shrugged and kept smiling!  We smiled and walked on!.

sf34 (Medium)

sf43nicks (Medium)There were several large restaurants and several roadside vendors.  We were fairly determined to try  dungeness crabs as we’ve heard so much about them.  We decided to eat at Nick’s Lighthouse where they cook the food on the sidewalk and serve it to you inside in a restaurant. I described it on Facebook as we totally lost our minds when we ordered our food.  One crab was $42.95.  We couldn’t afford two so we decided to share one.  It really wasn’t much bigger than what we consider a #1 crab in Louisiana.  They served it with butter, ketchup, claw crackers and a tiny fork.  Typical utensils for eating crabs.  It was very delicious and tasted somewhat different than our sf44nicks (Medium)Louisiana blue crabs. Since we are use to sitting down and splitting a dozen crabs that one crab felt like just a snack!  The waitress told us this was the off season for dungeness crabs as the regular season is November through June and this is September.  They have to get them from Washington state or Alaska causing the price to be very high. We are very glad we tried them so we know what it’s like but unless we come back when the price is 1/4th that we won’t have any more.

sf43rcrc (Medium) sf42rcrc (Medium)

After we ate the crab we walked around and came across a chocolate shop where I got a chocolate and nut dipped banana and Roy had a chocolate and nut dipped ice cream bar!   That helped fill us up!

We walked and walked and walked around the area looking in shops and seeing the sights!  We found the end of the route for one of the cable car routes.  We were shocked sf41 (Medium)to see about 200 people in line waiting to get on one of the many cars.  I had $18 in cash and had been able to pay for everything with my bank card.  Again, we arrived a few minutes after the bank card window closed for the day so it was cash only.  Since the fee was $7.50 per person each way we needed more money than we had.  We didn’t get to ride the cable cars but we watched them manually turn around at the end and head back up the hill.

sf45 (Medium) sf46 (Medium)On the map Coit Towers did not look too far from the Wharf.  In reality it is very far and you have to climb a big hill.  As much as we wanted to see the views from up there we were so tired by that time so we chose to skip it.

Since we were getting pretty tired we headed back towards the ferry.  We THOUGHT the next ferry left at 5:50 and we had some extra time so we visited a kite and other flying things shop that we visited right after getting there earlier in the day.  We loved everything there and finally decided on a pink flamingo riding a bicycle with whirling tires!  It sticks in the ground and the wind blows it around and makes the tires spin!  Roy said we could get it for my birthday which is Monday.sf29bday (Medium) sf28 (Medium)

Happy as a little lark over the pink flamingo purchase we headed to the Ferry dock.  When we looked at the posted schedule  at the gate to the ferry ramp, we realized that earlier we looked at the weekEND schedule when the real schedule on weekDAYS had no more ferries leave until 8:05.  Over 2-1/2 hours from then….

A really nice man who was knowledgeable about the schedules and transportation in the area gave us advice.  He said there were two ferries leaving from the Ferry Building about 22 walking minutes from there.  It was 6:00 and the Ferry left at 6:25 from the Ferry Building.  He said that we could go two streets over and catch streetcar that would get us there quickly.

We almost ran there to make sure we got there before the streetcar left.  Us running is not a pretty sf49 (Medium)sight! We waited 10 minutes and it arrived.  It was mostly full already and many many people were trying to get on.  When it left that streetcar stop, the streetcar had at least 3 times the amount of people it should have had on it.  Being smashed in there like sardines we couldn’t look out the windows to see where we were and really didn’t know where we were going except to the Ferry Building which we listened for every stop it made. The driver called out the Pier number we were approaching but we had no idea what pier number the Ferry Building was on!  FINALLY at 6:23 we arrived at the Ferry Building and most everyone on the train got off there.  We ran with the crowd to the Ferry Building (again running not a pretty sight) where we were all able to get on that boat.  Our legs hurt and it took the entire boat ride back to the Oakland dock to get our breath back!

Yes there were beautiful sights along the way and yes we really enjoyed our time there but the final leg of our journey today was the clincher.  It’s been getting dark between 9-10 every night for the last several months. I didn’t realize it would get dark as early as it does here. BUT IT DID.  At 7:45 darkness set in fast.  We haven’t driven in the dark in months.  Driving on dark unfamiliar roads when you have old eyes is not a good nor safe thing to do.  We didn’t plan to do it but that’s how it went!  Roy HATED IT.  Most of the time there was no one ahead of us for us to follow their lights so we just went for it and made it the long long hour drive home safely.

This may have been our worst day travel wise, while being one of the coolest days with what we saw and experienced when things went right.  We’ve realized we won’t be able to see everything we want to unless we kill ourselves trying.  We’ve made plans for two days next week to see more things and those things don’t involve too much walking or strenuous activity.

We are going to the worship service here at the resort tomorrow morning (I love it when RV resorts have worship services!!) then shopping at Sam’s Club and picking up some Popeye’s chicken nearby tomorrow!!

We put our pink flamingo on wheels together today and he’s living with our other outdoor decorations in the yard next to Dora!

sf48 (Medium) The weather here is much cooler than it was when we were on the road the other day.  It was 106 then and in the 70s here.  I like that much better!

Ya’ll come now, ya’ hear!

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09.12.15 Driving from Northern California to the San Francisco area

CA101Saturday, September 12, 2015 – What a journey today, Wednesday, has been. We’ve been on US Highway 101 the whole way.  I didn’t drive at all but I am worn slap out! We are almost to San Francisco (over 300 miles) which was way further than we intended to drive when the day started. Along the way every 100 yards or so the road would wind and then wind again and over and over it went, all day!!!  It is 6:30 pm right now and we left at 9:30 am.

When we stopped near where we originally thought we’d spend the night it was 99 degrees.  We are boon  docking tonight and that just wasn’t going to work so Roy kept on going. Hopefully when we stop for the night the sun will have almost gone down and the heat won’t be so bad.  I cannot believe that just 200 miles south of where it was 70 yesterday it is 99 today.

Early in the day there was a lot of fog as we drove along the coastline.

e3 (Small) e8 (Small)These pictures are from a neat roadside place that sold lots of carved and other outside decorations. We stopped here for me to shop a bit. Didn’t buy anything but these adorable wood sculptures were by the road.

20150909_132802 (Small) 20150909_132704 (Small) 20150909_132656 (Small) 20150909_132650 (Small) 20150909_132639 (Small) 20150909_132609 (Small) 20150909_132558 (Small)We passed a fire on the roadside hill, that seemed to have just started and people were all over the place trying to put it out.  Here’s a couple of pictures of this.

e1 (Small)e2 (Small) Not long ago we entered the Napa/Sonoma Valley where we saw mile after mile after mile of grape vineyards covered hills and flat lands.

e12 (Small) e10 (Small) e9 (Small)We’re pulling into our Walmart RV Park (not really a park!) for the night and I am so happy to finally be stopping.   Going in to Walmart to get some roasted chicken and a vegetable so we don’t have to start the hot oven!!!

Welcome back to the south where the heat is ever present!!

DSCF6581_thumb-300x226Since I wrote this a couple of days ago, we’ve gotten settled in our RV Park in Isleton, California.  Lighthouse Marina and RV Resort will be our home for two weeks.  One thing to note here is that it is a Coast to Coast resort so our time here is free.  However, every C2C resort usually charges a utility charge to help with their electricity, etc.  It is usually $3 – $5 a day which is very reasonable.    At this park it is $11 a day which is outrageous.  I told the nice lady when we checked in that this was more than double what we’ve ever paid elsewhere.  She did not know that and probably wasn’t too concerned since we had to pay it!  It is a nice clean park with plenty of California ambiance with palm trees and pretty flowers.  It is situated on a peninsula between two bays making the last 12 miles of the drive here quite pretty.

Yesterday we toured San Fransisco and saw and experienced lots of things in our day there.  We came HH_fishermanswharf_39_675x359_FitToBoxSmallDimension_Centerhome overly exhausted so I’m happy for today when I’m home working for RVillage to recover!  I will be writing our blog post about yesterday as soon as I can!  Lots of pictures but my phone died and I used all my back up charger power before we finished the day so I’ll share what I can in pictures and you can image the rest!!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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09.09.15 Trees of Mystery in Klamath, California

trees of mysteryWednesday, September 9, 2015 – Trees of Mystery is a local attraction we kept seeing signs for on our way here.  After seeing how crowded everywhere was on the weekend we decided to go on Tuesday, hoping it would be less crowded.  It was only $11 each for old folks and it was well worth it.

There are several parts to the many acres that make up Trees of Mystery.  Paul Bunyan greeted us at the entry – he is 39 feet tall!!

roy 2roy 1tm1

Kingdom of Trees section is an easy walk through amazing specimens of Coastal Redwood, Sitka Spruce and Douglas Fir. A little Further up the hillside and still a moderately easy walk is the Forest Experience Trail.
ttt 5 candelabra treettt 5a
TOWERING INFERNO  ttt 3 towering inferno
tm19 wedding signtm20etm20btm20atm2020150908_133632
320 FOOT DOWNED TREE IS STILL SURVIVING – THE BOTTOM OF IT IS BELOWtm14 3000 years oldtm14a end of tree
tm13 seen on ripleys believe it or notOCTOPUS
tm8 upside down treetm10
ELEPHANT TREE      tm 7 elephant tree

This is the one we looked forward to the most.  It is a 1/3 mile journey through the forest tree tops in a gondola. It was an amazing thing to get an up-close downward perspective from the tops of redwood trees that measure 100s of feet in height. A total of 8 Gondola Cars continuously make the approximately 8-10 minute, 1570 foot trip up the mountain each day.  We not only got spectacular views of magnificent redwoods, but a fine mountaintop ocean vista at the observation deck at the summit as well.

ST USE 2ST USEst10 st9 st8 st7 st5 st4 st3 st2 st 1


The trail starts at the top of the SkyTrail ride and proceeds approximately a mile (mostly downhill) through the wildest section of the Trees of Mystery property.  They say it is for experienced hikers.  After having hiked quite a big already (mostly uphill) we chose not to do this one.


Just when I thought we had seen all of the place, we came across this really cool area.  Chain saw wood sculptures and carvings are scattered along the final stretch of the trail starting with Baby Paul Bunyan’s younger life (!!).  We have more pictures of this part than any other!

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ROSIE ROY KISSINGI can just hear Madisyn saying awhhhhh!!!

At the end we shopped in the gift shop for a while.  I’ve been looking for, and finally found, baby Redwoods and baby Sequoias.  We now own one of each and HOPEFULLY they will survive the drive back to Louisiana and being planted there.  They came with good instructions and a replacement guarantee within one year.

This wraps up our time in Northern California.  We head to the San Francisco area today, Wednesday.  It will take us two days to get there since we rarely travel a lot on one day and it is over 350 miles to our next stop.   We’re looking for a Sam’s Club to stay at one night so we can load up on our favorite Sam’s items.  Then we’ll settle into a two week stay in Isleton, California.   So much to do and see there before we leave the west coast!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!

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09.08.15 Gold Bluffs Beach and Fern Canyon in California

o2 (Medium)Tuesday, September 8, 2015 – Roy learned that parts of Jurassic Park 2 were filmed in Fern Canyon, an area south of here so off we went in that direction on Sunday afternoon.

We entered the park and then drove down a six mile gravel, bumpy, winding, dusty road to a big parking lot from which you can either go into Fern Canyon or go in a different direction and go to the ocean on Gold Bluffs Beach.  Both of these are within Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park.  We’ve learned that the Redwoods are not just in one location, but are all along the coast in various Forests, National and State Parks.

There was no room in the parking lot for Boots so we parked along the side of the dusty road about a quarter mile from the parking lot.  On our way there we saw the sign above that we were entering a Tsunami Hazard Zone…..

o1 (Medium) o3 (Medium)Here’s a description from the internet of Fern Canyon:  Imagine walking through a narrow canyon where the walls are completely covered by luxuriant ferns and mosses and are dripping with moisture.

That describes Fern Canyon, an unforgettable natural wonder that Steven Spielberg chose as a location for Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World.

This level trail of about one mile follows Home Creek as it courses through the forest. This modest stream has over the eons carved a deep (50 to 80 feet) canyon through the sedimentary soils. The vertical walls sprout an amazing variety of ferns (five different kinds) and other moisture-loving plants and mosses. Depending on the time of year, there is a constant drip-drip of water trickling down the canyon walls.

During summer months, foot bridges are installed over the creek to make this trail easier (and dryer), but it is generally passable year-round if one is nimble and can tolerate getting damp. o5 (Medium) o8 (Medium) o9 (Medium) o10 (Medium) o11rc fc 2rosie fc 1 o12 (Medium) o13 (Medium)On to Gold Bluff Beach!  It’s quite a trek to get to the sand and then another trek to the ocean.  Roy’s knee was hurting so he waited for me sitting on a big log in the sand, while I went to the ocean to play. oi beach 1 (Medium)o beach 2 (Medium) o beach 3 (Medium) o beach 5 (Medium)rc fc 4 rc gbb1 o beach roy (Medium)A panoramic picture of the beach and the path to the beach from where we parked.  I slipped off a log I was walking across (you can see it on the walkway) into a bunch of wet mud on the way back which was lots of fun!!!  Click on the panoramic picture to see it bigger!o beach panoramic (Medium)We’re resting today (Monday) enjoying eating watermelon, homemade gumbo and listening to some Gospel music!  Tomorrow we’ll be back top laying and hiking when we visit Trees of Mystery down the road a bit!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!

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