03.26.18 Treasured Photos from Trinity Baptist’s May 2012 Mother’s Day Presentation

Monday, March 26, 2018 – These precious Treasured Photos are from a Power Point presentation at Trinity Baptist Church shown on Mother’s Day in May 2012! The Moms and their children and/or grandchildren are identified in these photos.  Some of these precious ladies are no longer with us so prepare your heart for when you see them.

Feel free to save any of your family’s photos to your computer by right clicking on it and choosing Save Image As!  I know today isn’t Mother’s day but I included the first slide from the original presentation.


Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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03.24.18 Treasured Photos from Trinity Baptist’s June 2009 Father’s Day Presentation

Saturday, March 24, 2018 – These precious Treasured Photos are from a Power Point presentation at Trinity Baptist Church shown on Father’s Day in June 2009! The dads and their children are identified in these photos.  Some of these great men are no longer with us so prepare your heart for when you see them.

Feel free to save any of your family’s photos to your computer by right clicking on it and choosing Save Image As!  I know today isn’t father’s day but I included the first two slides from the original presentation.


Well that’s it folks, I hope you enjoyed these wonderful memories of some of Trinity’s dads and their children and grand children!  The next Treasured Photos post will be of the photos from the Mother’s Day Power Point presentation in 2012.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!

Image result for father and son scripture quotes

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03.15.18 Treasured Photos – Paw Paw with Madisyn in her spot

Thursday, March 15, 2018 – Ever since Madisyn was a tiny little baby she’s had a special spot under her Paw Paw Roy’s right and left arm.  Whether they are eating ice cream (a mandatory ritual in our home), visiting, sleeping or watching the Braves on TV, she’s always had her spot.  Here are some photos of this specialness between Madisyn and her Paw Paw Roy. As she’s gotten older  that spot under his arm hasn’t been big enough so they just sit side by side.  I love the special spot in his heart that he has for our granddaughter.



Now Roy has Madisyn on one side and Kallie on the other side!

Here’s hoping for many many more moments for Roy with his grandchildren!  Our other son does not want his family’s photos shared, but we love them too!

Ya’ll come back, now ya’ hear!

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06.23.16 Olde Mystic Village, Seaport and Sea View Snack Bar in Mystic, Connecticut

i_love_new_england__32594.1378922315.1280.1280_1Thursday, June 23, 2016 – We left Connecticut this morning on our way to New Hampshire and Maine which means I’m catching up now on what we did this week while in Connecticut.

After touring the USS Nautilus on Monday we went to the Olde Mystic Village.  At the Village you can stroll the beautiful lanes and enjoy shopping in distinctive buildings designed to represent a New England Village of about 1720.  There were picturesque settings of flowers, trees & duck ponds that surround you as you relax and unwind. There are many benches and rest areas to catch your breath, unwind, enjoy the beautiful surroundings and let your mind slip pleasantly back to another era. Roy patiently strolled with me as I shopped and enjoyed all this Village had to offer! Their address is 27 Coogan Blvd, Mystic, Connecticut.

20160620_170021 20160620_150522

These are for my niece, Dana, who loves nautical decorations.  You would have absolutely loved this particular shop.  So much of the shopping around here is nautical stuff!20160620_151549 20160620_151938 20160620_152334 20160620_153916 20160620_153924Some additional photos I got off the internet.  I’m having glare problems with my photos so a lot of mine did not come out.

1.1220140800.1-1-olde-mystic-village-470x314 3010155509_e5132ccbef-470x313 GGtoo-store_image yos

Munson’s was a cool shop that made delicious looking chocolates.  We can’t ship chocolates right now (heat… melting)  so we bought some lobster shaped gummis for our granddaughter Kallie!

20160620_154417 20160620_154052

Slices of pizza made from chocolate!!20160620_154057 From here we drove through Olde Mystick seeing the seaport where we stopped at the Sea View Snack Bar.  This was no snack we had there, it was a full blown meal! We’ve heard about Lobster Rolls from some of our friends and found this to be one of the top places in the area for delicious lobster rolls.

Where we eat chicken salad in Louisiana, they eat this similar food with lobster instead of chicken.  And it is served on a nicely toasted bun that looks like a hot dog bun but tastes way better!  They served it with french fries and a soft drink for $20 each.  A bit pricey for a snack shack but like I said it was a full blown meal and was quite delicious.


20160620_163207 20160620_163232 20160620_163403 20160620_163548 20160620_163724

Not only was the lobster roll delicious but we had the company of a very friendly seagull as we ate our lobster rolls by the sea!

20160620_163700 20160620_163653 20160620_163413 20160620_163134

And here’s Boots in Mystic, Connecticut!20160620_163200

I love cemeteries, Roy does not, so I capture shots when I can.  This one was very cool!


02-newport-jury-2006-award-gdapThis wrapped up a beautiful day of exploring in Connecticut.  On Wednesday we went into Rhode Island to the incredible Ocean town of Newport.  So many amazing photo opportunities that it will take me over night tonight to go through them all!

My new Kindle Paperwhite was waiting for me at the Post Office in Mystic this morning (Wednesday) so I’ll be back to my avid Kindle reading self!  After crunching my regular Kindle Paperwhite, I’ve been reading on my Samsung phone for the last two weeks until we could get to a place where I could have the new one delivered General Delivery.

We’re hoping our new extra phone batteries reach us at our next stop in New Hampshire so we’ll be set for more photos in the next few weeks in New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, New York, Philadelphia and Massachusetts. Can you imagine how much my phone/camera batteries are put through with all the photos we take and how much we depend on the GPS when we’re on the road.

I truly love New England.  It is everything I thought it might be.  If I could move my family to Connecticut and could afford to live here I would!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!



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06.17.16 Orange County Choppers in Newburgh, NY

OCC-complex-wideJune 17, 2016 – A place we didn’t realize is in southern New York is Orange County Chopper.  Paul Teutel Junior and Paul Teutel Senior (known as Senior) use to have a television show Roy simply loved and watched every single episode.

Their address is: 14 Crossroads Ct, Newburgh, NY 12550.  Tours 4 times a day on weekdays and 2 times a day on weekends.  It was $5 for us to get in but I don’t know if we were considered seniors giving us a reduced price.

At some point while driving around this area earlier in the week I saw that we drove through Orange County and that made me wonder if this is where OCC was located.  We looked it up and it was!!!  It was maybe 40 minutes from here so we planned to go today and to the site of the Woodstock Festival in nearby Bethel, NY.

The tour was short but fascinating. When you walk in you are in a combination retail https://i0.wp.com/www.ride-ct.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/OCC-sign.jpgshop full of t-shirts, tank tops, ballcaps, and everything OCC!   Several of the famous OCC bikes are on display there.  Many of the bikes we watched being built on their television show.  Here’s some of those bikes and the retail shop.


20160616_135228NEW YORK GIANTS BIKE 20160616_135425 20160616_135457

NEW YORK YANKEES BIKE20160616_135511





christmas bike

SPIDERMAN BIKE20160616_141913 20160616_141954 20160616_142015

DON’T KNOW WHAT THIS IS BUT IT WAS COOL!20160616_142039 20160616_142125

THE RETAIL SHOP20160616_143000


Right here I have to tell you that we saw, met and took photos with Paul Sr.  I have to say, that when the show started I wouldn’t watch it because Paul Sr. was so mean and had such a filthy mouth.  As the show progressed Paul Sr. became much nicer and stopped all the cursing so I watched it the last couple of seasons.  I was thrilled to meet him and I could almost hear Roy’s heart thumping from the other side of Paul Sr. To actually be walking through the place where their genius motorcycle creations were made was great.  Here are some photos of the shop that became so famous on the television show.






20160616_140130 20160616_141101 20160616_140930


PAUL SENIOR’S OFFICE20160616_14025120160616_14015220160616_140143

PAUL TEUTEL SENIOR WORKING ON A BIKE AND POSING FOR PHOTOS!20160616_141721 20160616_140545 20160616_140531 20160616_140513 20160616_140511

Paul Sr.’s nephew works there doing a lot of the metal work for the shop.  He stopped working and visited with us for a bit even telling us a joke!  The young girl who did the tour was very knowledgeable and it made for a great experience.


There is a bowling alley and pool room attached to the retail shop. It’s all under the same roof.


Just past that is the Orange County Cafe.


Here’s some photos of us outside the place after our visit.

20160616_143249 20160616_143157 20160616_143139 20160616_143323

Down the street is Paul Jr’s place which was closed for renovations.  We took some photos here too!

20160616_145220 20160616_145105

Next I’ll share our time spent visiting the Woodstock Festival site in Bethel, NY. Peace, Love and Music!!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!



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06.06.16 Fish Art Galleries on Tybee Island, Georgia

Monday, June 6, 2016 – On Sunday, on our way back from Tybee Island we some some crazy cute gift shops.  We stopped and shopped! The one we spent the most time in was Fish Art Galleries, 1209 US Hwy 80 East in Tybee Island, GA. It’s all metal art using all sorts of odd parts and pieces.

20160605_175517 (Large)20160605_174048 (Large) 20160605_174113 (Large)

These two ladies with hats below were $789.99 EACH!!!  20160605_174136 (Large) 20160605_174226 (Large) 20160605_174335 (Large) 20160605_174408 (Large) 20160605_174438 (Large)

The pink part of this was originally an old ladies hairdryer!  20160605_175413 (Large) We made some small purchases, leaving those luscious expensive ladies (above) behind.  Some other things we saw in the area are below.

20160605_173748 (Large) 20160605_173957 (Large)

Hand painted stepping stones20160605_174004 (Large)

Next door to Fish Art Galleries was a super cool tiny vintage camper, Sweetie Pie, that sold snowballs.  They were closed, shucks!

20160605_173908 (Large)

That’s it for our shopping on Tybee Island!  Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear?!


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06.05.16 The beach at Tybee Island, Georgia

tybee island welcomeSunday, June 5, 2016  – About 30 miles from our RV park is Tybee Island, Georgia.  Very much a beach community and very different from Hilton Head Island.  Tybee Island has a population of 3,000.

The three mile long beach had many folks on it today.  Children playing, Roy sitting and watching and me playing!! Playing in the ocean was fun and I collected some seashells for my collection.

This is the first time we’ve had to pay to park at a beach.  It was $2 tybee-island-mapan hour and automatically charged us for two hours.

20160605_162253 (Large)The walk to the beach was again a blue walkway.  I did get Roy off the walkway this time and onto the sand.  Moaning and groaning he settled himself on one of the swings (picture below) and watched me play!

Swing_lighthouseSome photos of Tybee Island beach.  First photo is of some of the beautiful homes that face the ocean.

20160605_170139 (Large) 20160605_170040 (Large) 20160605_164027 (Large) 20160605_163940 (Large) 20160605_163826 (Large) 20160605_163754 (Large) 20160605_163744 (Large)
A wedding on the beach!20160605_163448 (Large) 20160605_163402 (Large) 20160605_163358 (Large) 20160605_162717 (Large) 20160605_162600 (Large) 20160605_162414 (Large) 20160605_172936 (Large)I’ve never seen one of these Hurricane Storm Surge Elevation signs before, even in Louisiana. 20160605_173449 (Large)2389672ed5f8fff89c94475e72a54f99

Before the rains came we enjoyed a bite to eat at the North Beach Bar and Grill.  Really neat place!

20160605_172802 (Large) 20160605_172808 (Large) There is a lighthouse on this island that we would have toured had it not started to rain.  Here’s a photo I got off the internet of the Historic Tybee Island Light Station.


Tomorrow the rain will continue so we will head back to Savannah Tuesday to see more of this amazing city and to eat at Paula Dean’s restaurant there. Really looking forward to that.

On our way home from the beach yesterday we saw some crazy cute shops.  We stopped and I’ll write about that adventure next!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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06.04.16 Savannah, Georgia’s Riverfront

savannah signSaturday, June 4, 2016 – We are resting at home today!  The heat is awful and we’ve been on the go for a few days.  We’ve changed our travel plan going forward (yes AGAIN!) so reservations had to be cancelled and new ones made.  Our aim is to get out of this heat (90 degrees) and go as far north as we’ll go during the heat of the summer. We will be traveling to Maine, stopping one night every 200 to 250 miles along the way there.  We have a 5 day reservation in Connecticut before we reach Portland, Maine.

Making reservations up north is iffy at best.  Seems most parks only accept 35 foot or shorter RVs.  Dora is 39 foot. There are zero Coast to Coast parks in 3 of the states and very limited in other.  This is the first time we’ve run into this.

Passport America hasn’t been much help either,  so we’ve got a two week period after leaving Maine that we’ll be boondocking in the Adirondack Mountains in New York and upper Vermont mountains.

We’ve joined Boondockers Welcome using a 50 percent discount we got for being an RVillage Gold level member BDWNewLogoTagso it was only $12.50 for the year!  In Boondockers Welcome other RVers who have a place we can park for a day or so offer it on the website . If we want to stay we work it out through email.  A lot of the hosts have electrical hookups available which is the big plus!

Yesterday, Friday, we drove into Savannah to see the part of Savannah along the Riverfront.   Drove in over the Savannah River bridge, the Talmade Memorial Bridge.

20160603_143121 (Large) 20160603_143132 (Large) 20160603_143137 (Large)

After finding a parking spot we walked towards the riverfront.20160603_154225 (Large) 20160603_154846 (Large) 20160603_154947 (Large) 20160603_155002 (Large) 20160603_155055 (Large)

River Street runs along the river, and is made of cobblestones.  There use to be a streetcar that went up and down the street and we were looking forward to riding it.  We learned that it was no longer working.  20160603_155121 (Large) 20160603_155318 (Large) 20160603_155412 (Large)

This is a beautiful memorial to all of the soldiers from this county (Chatham) who served in World War II.

20160603_155538 (Large) 20160603_155638 (Large) 20160603_155716 (Large) 20160603_155742 (Large) 20160603_155806 (Large)

After checking things out a bit we boarded the Savannah Belle Ferry, a free boat ride up and down the Savannah River.

20160603_160204 (Large) 20160603_160255 (Large)

20160603_162512 (Large) 20160603_160523 (Large) 20160603_160746 (Large) 20160603_161203 (Large) 20160603_161634 (Large) 20160603_161800 (Large) 20160603_161828 (Large)

In a life where we had unlimited funds Roy wants to own this yacht!!20160603_161917 (Large) 20160603_162022 (Large) 20160603_162031 (Large)

The Savannah Belle Ferry’s deckhand Kevin.20160603_162306 (Large)

After a fun ferry ride we walked all along River Street visiting the shops, eateries, and candy shops.  One of the candy shops gave us samples of their cinnamon pecans and their still warm pralines.  Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!  The Savannah Blues, Jazz and BBQ Festival was going on and we enjoyed the music and the smells of BBQ cooking.  Several vendors were set up along the festival site.

20160603_162457 (Large) 20160603_163021 (Large) 20160603_163656 (Large) 20160603_163834 (Large)

A local music radio station had a booth where you could spin the wheel and win something.  Roy won a $5 Wendy’s gift card and I won a photo with the radio station girl!20160603_164114 (Large) 20160603_164453 (Large)

Some of the shops along River Street20160603_164726 (Large) 20160603_165020 (Large)A nice couple offered to take our photo together in front of the River Street Inn20160603_165259 (Large) 20160603_165304 (Large)Roy said the sign on top is us!!

20160603_172447 (Large)

20160603_172616 (Large)

These really old steps are the only way back to the rest of Savannah.  I’m proud we made it! 20160603_172822 (Large)

20160603_172736 (Large)

We’ll be back in Savannah on Monday to explore some of the historic town squares (there are many) and eat at Paula Dean’s restaurant where we have reservations at 3 pm. Can’t wait!

Tomorrow, Sunday, we are headed to Tybee Island in the afternoon to play on the beaches there!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!



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06.03.16 Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

hilton headFriday, June 3, 2016 – So I’ve been thinking of words to describe Hilton Head Island, SC.   It is a tropical paradise.  A mix of Hawaii (what I think Hawaii is like!!) with its tropical flowers, landscaping beauty and beaches, Disney world with the layout and amazing condominiums, beach houses and hotels, and Old South charm.  As you drive around you don’t SEE all the the numerous big businesses, because they landscaped it with just a sign for the business (a very nice sign) by the street and a row of bushes, plants, trees blocking the sight of the business.  Roy didn’t like that part, he wanted to see the businesses.  I liked it.

Hilton Head has a population of approximately 40,000 which doesn’t include the thousands of tourist that visit there.  We drove around through the island for a while and landed at Sea Point Resort where we paid $6 to gain entrance to that area.  Inside that area are amazing homes and rentals.  There are so many palms and other trees that there is shade everywhere.  People were walking, jogging, and bicycling all over the place.

20160602_175311 (Large)20160602_175359 (Large)

Vacation Homes in Hilton Head Island SC - The Vacation Company_full

Disney’s Hilton Head Island ResortHilton-Head-Island-Resort3

20160602_165215 (Large) 20160602_165151 (Large)

We found a parking space (very hard to find one) and walked around a bit till we got to the lighthouse in Harbour Town.


It is a great old lighthouse with 130 plus stairs inside to the top.  Lining the walls on the way up the stairs were lots of photos, signs of how high you are, information about the lighthouse and surrounding area.


20160602_164918 (Large)

20160602_165616 (Large)

20160602_170336 (Large)20160602_170254 (Large)

20160602_170513 (Large)

20160602_170656 (Large)

When we reached the top there is a beautiful view as we walked around the lighthouse exterior.

20160602_171806 (Large)20160602_171749 (Large) 20160602_171042 (Large) 20160602_171035 (Large) 20160602_171031 (Large)Walking down the stairs was much easier than going up!  We wandered all around the area seeing lots of the beauty of this island.   20160602_165450 (Large) 20160602_165433 (Large) 20160602_165419 (Large) 20160602_165358 (Large) 20160602_164933 (Large) 20160602_173012 (Large) 20160602_173142 (Large) 20160602_173515 (Large) 20160602_173626 (Large) 20160602_173736 (Large) 20160602_173904 (Large) 20160602_173910 (Large) 20160602_181146 (Large) 20160602_181354 (Large) 20160602_181440 (Large) 20160602_181445 (Large)

These pictures are from our walk to and at the beach.  Beautiful, beautiful!  Plenty of benches, swings for us old folks, shower rooms for those with sandy parts and a really neat blue non sandy walkway to the Ocean!20160602_181542 (Large) 20160602_181614 (Large) 20160602_181704 (Large) 20160602_181759 (Large) 20160602_181904 (Large) 20160602_181930 (Large) 20160602_181934 (Large) 20160602_181956 (Large) 20160602_182022 (Large) 20160602_182144 (Large) 20160602_182428 (Large) 20160602_182458 (Large) 20160602_183245 (Large)So that wraps up our adventure to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina.  Traveling around here we’ve gone back and forth between South Carolina and Georgia, which is kinda cool!  Next we’re going into the city of Savannah to explore some of the downtown during the Savannah Blues, Jazz and BBQ festival and take a ride on the Savannah Belle Ferry up and down the Savannah River. We’ll go this weekend to Tybee Island to enjoy more of the beaches, this time we’ll wear our swimsuits and play a bit!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!



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