09.06.17 Boulder and Pinedale, Wyoming

Wednesday, September 16. 2017 – After the first couple of days in Boulder, Wyoming  we pretty much stayed home to rest. We were real busy before we got here and will be busy after leaving here so rest was welcomed!   There is not as much to do here as there was last time.  Their annual big Green Rendezvous was going on then but not this time of year.  Here’s links to some of what we enjoyed here back in 2015.






One day, during this year’s visit we went back to the Pinedale Aquatic Center to float on the lazy river and soak in the hot tub.  Before that stop we walked around downtown Pinedale and hid painted rocks!!

I did find out something interesting.  At Walmart the bottles of acrylic paint that I use are 50 cents and some are 75 cents.  One of the shops in downtown Pinedale was a crafts shop.  They sold the same paint for $2.89 a bottle.  We went to the only grocery store anywhere around there and they sold the same bottle for $3.99.  I wouldn’t have started rock painting if that was what I had to pay for each one!  But without a Walmart as competition in the area they can charge what they want!

Here are some photos from the highway to Pinedale and walking around Pinedale.  First photos are of some of the llamas we get to enjoy seeing each time we drive to Pinedale.

This is some of Pinedale! Most every business has beautiful flowers out front.

Every business has a different design on the trash can out front.

I’ve never seen a fire hydrant with a bendable wire stick on it.  We think it is there so if the snow hides the hydrant the fire department can still find it???!!!

This is over the entry way to Wind River View where we’ve been for the last two weeks.  I love this iron work a lot!

The only other significant happening involves this wonderful scaled down wind mill.  It’s my birthday present – a little early.  We had a full size windmill on our property in Pumpkin Center, Louisiana.  I loved it and have always wanted a small one, so is was a very perfect present.  It couldn’t be carried in our RV all set up so Roy and I took it apart in the parking lot and it’s now stored in pieces in the RV. 

We just arrived in Ogden, Utah for two nights.  Tomorrow we’re going into Salt Lake City, Utah where we’ll be taking a trolley ride to see the highlights of places in that city.

When we went from Wyoming to Utah today you could immediately tell you weren’t in Wyoming any longer.  Wyoming has some mountains but mostly hills.  Utah is one giant mountain after another and is so beautiful.  When we traveled out west in 2015 we spent very little time  in Utah so we are making up for that this year! I took a bunch of photos and will make a blog post with them soon.

I have had a rough time this past week or so with my brain and with breathing.

I think the breathing is from being at 8,000 foot of elevation or higher for weeks.  The air is thinner. It’s been so long since I’ve needed any of by asthma medicine, I have none.  I bring water with me everywhere since that stops the asthma attacks if I drink it right away.

I had to stop taking the two very helpful brain medicines, Aricept and Namenda, since that seems to be the cause of my dizziness.  The one I’m now on (Excelon patch) doesn’t seem to be doing much.  I’ve read some of my recent blog posts and can tell my writing and thinking are not as clear as they use be.  Roy tries to read my blogs before they go out but he can’t always do that.

I love writing this blog. I always try to do research so that I can add information about the places we go to but that may not be possible all the time now.  What I’m trying to say is that I love sharing and I will continue to do so. It just may not be what ya’ll are use to.

Please lift up to God in prayer those affected already by Hurricane Harvey and those who will be affected by Hurricane Irma.  Then there is so much of the west that is suffering from so many fires.  Our nation is going through so much at one time.  I’m thankful we have a President like Donald Trump.  He loves America just like I do.  Please keep him and the government in your prayers as well. This was a cute little video about Louisianians giving hope and support to Texas in their time of troubles.  Hope you enjoy it.


Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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08.28.17 The mountains and landscape around here in Boulder, Wyoming

Monday, August 28, 2017 – Last time we were here in 2015 someone told us about this long, long rough dirt road that leads through the nearby mountains to a very beautiful Boulder Lake and dam.  We went back to see it on Saturday.  Here’s some of what we saw along the way.

This time here in Wyoming, when we saw the tree I remembered that Roy climbed way up there and stood on one of the big rocks.  I asked him this time if he wanted to do it and his answer was a very big NO!  So the photo that is above was this year and the photo below was from 2015.

  The weather here in Wyoming is so wonderful we are loving it!  The picture below is Dora at Wind River View Campground in Boulder, Wyoming.

I took this photo when we were here in 2015.  It shows so much of what this whole area looks like!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear


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08.25.17 Pinedale Aquatic Center in Pinedale, Wyoming

Friday, August 25, 2017 – Two years ago, in July 2015, Dora, Boots, Roy and I stayed at Wind River View Campground in Boulder, Wyoming.  We’re back!!!

One of the things we really enjoyed back then was going to the Pinedale Aquatic Center.

We went there again today, but this time we had company.  Sue and Lou Mathern were staying at the same RV Park here in Wyoming.  Sue and I went to high school together and have reconnected on Facebook and in our RVing life. We were all in the same RV park back in Colorado. We’re going in different directions but we’ve been able to get together a couple of times.

Pinedale Aquatic Center Lobby with the rock climbing wall

Roy and Sue in the hot tub.  Roy has been wanting to get back here to soak in this wonderful hot tub.  We all made good use of it!

Here’s a short video of Roy making his way along the lazy river.

We were the only people in the pool area for a while until a few children non-school age children and their parents showed up.  We enjoyed the lazy river and the hot tub a lot.  Sue and Lou were both super brave folks who went down the winding water slide like Roy and I did when we were here before.

Here’s Sue at the top of the slide getting prepared to slide down!

Sue and Lou left our park this morning heading north.  Roy and I will be here for two weeks.  We are planning on a good bit of down time which hasn’t happened much this trip.  It is nice and almost cold at night here around the 40 degree range.  During the day it is between 60 and 70 degrees.

We will go back to the Aquatic Center as often as we can during our time here.

Hurricane Harvey is bearing down on Texas and Louisiana.  We ask that you join us in praying for all those in the path of this unusual hurricane.  We have friends in Texas and lots of friends and family in our home state of Louisiana.


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07.16.15 The western life here in Wyoming and Playing in the pool!

WyomingCowboysThursday, July 16, 2015 – We will be pulling out of Wind River View Campground in Boulder, WY tomorrow morning after enjoying our stay here for two weeks.  This has been the  most western looking and feeling place we’ve stayed since leaving Louisiana.  The towns of Big Piney and Pinedale have provided a lot of enjoyment and entertainment for us.  The people were quite friendly and I loved seeing so many cowboy hats, big belt buckles and boots all over the place.  95 percent of the homes we’ve seen are log homes and there is an abundance of open space filled with boulders and sage brush!

Wind River View Campground has also been one of the most unusual RV parks we’ve stayed in.  We’ve never seen or 10264956_849378448410910_8817732649276395566_nmet the owner because she is never here nor is anyone here that officially manages the place.  NOTE: This changed today when the owner was here and Roy met her.  There is a very nice man in one of the RVs who has a full time job at an oil company.  He works long hours but is kind enough to act as the unofficial management person to take people’s payments and answer questions.   We’ve gotten to know him, his name is Blue, while we’ve been here and he does what he does around the park just to be nice.

There is a nice building across from us with reasonable washer/dryers, puzzles, magazines, workout equipment, and books. There is a separate log cabin style building with a large men’s and women’s bathroom complete with showers.  We’re near that also and we’ve seen many women and men, who obviously have their own bathrooms and showers in their RV, making use of those facilities.  I don’t understand that, so if any of you regular RVers do 10151131_849372505078171_5431275379438584978_n understand that please help me with that one!  Can you tell we spend a lot of time outside watching what other people are doing!!!  Last week we didn’t have time for much of that but this week has been a time for rest and getting things taken care of, so we’ve been out there a lot.

We were at an elevation of over 7000 while in Boulder.  This means we were at the same level of some clouds and this seems to have made sunsets look quite different than back in Louisiana.  I’m working on a blog post to share some of these sunsets with ya’ll.

When we leave here on Friday we are only going two hours north of here to 1960053_633679430014800_1036471047_nsomewhere in the Grand Teton and Yellowstone areas where we hope to boondock  so we’ll still be in Wyoming for 10 more days.  Boondocking in an RV is when you are not connected to electricity or a water supply or sewage.   In preparation for boondocking, we’ve been collecting large plastic jugs which I filled with water to supplement our own fresh water tank for when we are not connected to water.  We don’t want to be without our morning coffee which takes water, we drink a lot of water and we flush a lot of water!!  This means we may need more water than the tank holds.  I also have a spray bottle filled with water for cleaning counter tops during our boondocking.

10329065_896581130358967_2284159612035994648_nWe went into town to the Pinedale Aquatic Center for a dip in the pools on our last full day here.  Just got back and what a blast we had!  Us, a couple of other older ladies and a bunch of kids!!!  We went round and round the moving river numerous times, soaked in the hot tub a couple of times and went down the slide.  Yes we even did that!  Roy did it three times and I did it once.  I tried to sit up so I would go down slower but it made me lay down at some point and then I sped to the bottom so fast and into the pool before I knew it.  Once was enough for me but Paw Paw did it the third time so we could take a picture for Madisyn to see!  I really think the young lifeguards got a kick out of watching the old folks be silly!  We were there almost 2 hours and when we left my legs were quite rubbery!  Here’s some pictures of today’s adventure at the Pinedale Aquatic Center.

20150716_152442 20150716_152529 20150716_152601 20150716_152916 20150716_152939 20150716_153358 20150716_153428 20150716_153433 20150716_153622 20150716_153710 20150716_154343This is a beautiful facility with so much more to do than just swimming.  That’s all we could handle but we both had a really good time getting a little exercise and having a lot of fun!

Now it’s time to start packing everything up getting ready to head out in the morning!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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07.12.15 Green River Rendezvous Pageant and Beard Shaving!

riderendezvous_coveredSunday, July 12, 2015 – The live, historical re-enactment, called the Rendezvous Pageant, has been a Pinedale area tradition since 1936.  The community residents relive the original Green River Rendezvous of the 1800’s. The rodeo grounds come alive with bearded, buck skinned trappers and mountain men of long ago as they gallop, holler, fight, boast, and trade and barter goods. Representatives of coming civilization are also on the scene: Eliza Spaulding and Narcissa Whitman, the first pioneer women to travel over South Pass, stroll in once again. The pageant is proudly hosted by the dedicated volunteers of the Green River Rendezvous Pageant Association, who make their own historically accurate costumes, and who produce and perform the Pageant.

I feel it was an honor to attend today’s 80th annual pageant. Roy enjoyed this event much more than the tour!! The day was beautiful, cool breezes, a couple of sprinkles, and the pageant provided a lot of  fun and excitement. If you are interested in reading highlights of the script of today’s pageant read on. If not, skip this part! Pictures are below the highlights.

rendezvoushdrThe Astorians -The story of the 1811 expedition sponsored by John Jacob Astor of New York. The party is led by Wilson Price Hunt and includes explorers John Hoback, Jacob Reznor and Edward Robinson. These men are the first non-Indians to investigate the Upper Green River Valley and see its potential for the fur trade.
Green River Rendezvous-The scene is set for a Rendezvous on the Green. An American Indian pipe lighting ceremony prepares the way. A brief overview is provided of the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade of the 1800s and its dependence on the fashion of the beaver fur top hat. The Ashley expedition of 1823 brings trappers to western Wyoming.
Fort Bonneville – Capt. Benjamin Bonneville is the first to bring wagons over South Pass. He builds Fort Bonneville in 1832 above the mouth of Horse Creek, near today’s Daniel Junction, as a strategic military post. The fort lasts only a few years, but plays a role in our area’s first Rendezvous in 1833, and it provides a theatrical backdrop for today’s Rendezvous re-enactment.
he Mountain Men-The primary historical characters in the Pageant make their entrances: Kit Carson, Jedediah Smith, Joe Meek, Jim Bridger, and William Sublette.
Shoshones/Antelope Soldiers- The role of soldier societies in Native American tribes is described, and the Shoshones make their entrance with their great leaders, Chief MaWoMa, his senior wife Wadzay Weepay, and Sun Priest Quintan-Quay.
Trapper’s Bride – Jim Bridger buys Sweetgrass Woman from MaWoMa for 5 horses. The chief drives a hard bargain.
The Horse Race –Capt. Bonneville challenges the Shoshone Chief to a horse race and wisely loses.
Father DeSmet and the Prairie Mass –Father Pierre Jean DeSmet, a Jesuit, holds the first Mass between the Continental Divide and the Sierra Nevadas. It is attended by Indians as well as trappers.
American Fur Company vs. Rocky Mountain Fur Company-The wagons of the rival company trappers arrive, laden with bundles of furs. Explorers and mountain men Tom Fitzpatrick, Andrew Dripps, Lucien Fontenelle, William Drummond Stewart, Antoine Clement and artist Alfred Jacob Miller join the action. A flurry of trading ensues.
Pony Dancers –A display of horsemanship by bareback riders.
Whitman and Spaulding – Narcissa Whitman and Eliza Spaulding accompany their husbands, Dr. Marcus Whitman and Rev. Henry Harmon Spaulding. Narcissa and Eliza are the first white women to cross the Continental Divide and are harbingers of the civilization to come.
Alfred Jacob Miller offers to immortalize all the characters in a painting for his boss, Scottish aristocrat Sir William Drummond Stewart.

Below are pictures of this wonderful event.  The first picture below is the cast picture with everyone that was part of the pageant.
20150712_12493020150712_13122820150712_131656 20150712_132658 20150712_135926 20150712_142907 20150712_144107
After the event we were allowed to go out on the field and visit with the Indians, trappers, etc. Roy chose to pose with the squaws!! I posed with a priest who, when he put his arm around me for the picture, said he wouldn’t goose me!!!
We obviously have on tourist clothes. Could we stand out more!!! We really have to get cowboy shirts and hats before we go much further in this out west experience!

20150712_144617 20150712_144623 20150712_144803 20150712_14482020150712_144557

The four days of activities end on Sunday with the Rendezvous Beard Shaving. In olden times, mountain men waiting for weeks upon weeks, finally make it into town itching to rid their face of beards that have taken over their summer faces. Now they come for a traditional “Rendezvous Bear Shaving”at Stockman’s Saloon. Saloon girls step in as master barbers who shavewhatis needed and send youoffclean shaven for the season ahead.

Roy and I thoroughly enjoyed this beard shaving event. It turned out that it is an auction style thing. People bid on how much they would pay to see each person get shaved. One mans bidding went as high as $1,850. Crazy, right???? Roy and my jaws dropped when that happened! A lot of the mountain men from the pageant grew their beards out for the pageant and then get them shaved here. All proceeds go to supporting the Mountain Man Museum here in Pinedale. Everyone had a great time and we both laughed, clapped and hooted along with the crowd.

20150712_161537 20150712_162528 20150712_163318 20150712_164510 20150712_164516 20150712_165617 20150712_170330 20150712_170702 That’s the end of all our Rendezvous fun. We will be in Pinedale until this coming Friday morning. The only other thing we’ll do while we’re here is to swim and play at the Aquatic Center. Lots of resting, reading and more resting for us this coming week!! We’re off to explore the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone next!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!

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07.11.15 – Covered wagon ride, Pitchfork Western Fondue restaurant and Dancing Indians

1450267_10151955444623903_1246771444_n Saturday, July 11, 2015 – There were probably 20 events on today’s schedule for the Rendezvous.  Since I haven’t explained what their Rendezvous is, I will do that now!

This is about the original Rendezvous: The first Green River Rendezvous in our area was held in 1833. The cry 1779670_580289982108001_6143213862082352093_n“Meet me on the Green!” was a reminder and a reassurance to trappers, who spent isolated winters gathering beaver pelts, and to traders, who traveled many miles on hazardous trails. Mountain men, explorers and Indians all gathered “below the Green” to barter, sell, and swipe items such as skins, pelts, guns, trinkets and necessary provisions for the coming winter. The Rendezvous lasted anywhere from a few days to several months and was a time for trappers to cash in hard-earned furs, renew acquaintances with old friends, tell tall tales, and celebrate another year of survival with plenty of rowdy fun.

1782089_584610468342619_6222319159882081166_nThe modern day Rendezvous is a four day festival, always held the second full weekend in July where we are reminded about the lives of those in this area in the past.  Lots of wonderful foods to taste.  The skills needed by a true Mountain Man are demonstrated.  Indians show their heritage in dance. The street is closed down for a bit for street dancing. You can even see beaver skinning – which we, of course, passed on!  Rodeos are held every night, there is a parade through the town, original clothing is worn, a pageant is held (which we’ll go to) tomorrow.  I’ll share more about the pageant with pictures once we’ve experienced it.

We walked all throughout the town looking at the vendors ware and I proudly say I didn’t buy anything.  Down the main street came a covered wagon drawn by two horses.  The man offered us a ride and we hopped on. We rode through the town a bit enjoying the ride.

20150710_15535920150710_155342 20150710_155458 20150710_155731We had heard of the Pitchfork Western Fondue restaurant in Pinedale and decided to eat there this evening.  It’s all outdoors where you sit on picnic tables under big tents.  They cook your meat on a big pitch fork to your liking and deliver it to your table.  You are also served homemade potato chips, fruit salad, lettuce salad, baked potato and your choice dipping sauces for your meat.  Dessert was lemon bars or brownie and they were the best!  It was a neat experience and we left quite full! 20150710_172918 20150710_173044 20150710_173120 20150710_180152 20150710_181228We left the Pitchfork Western Fondue place to go back to the park in town where a Native American Drum and Dance Performance brought lots of folks out to sit in the small amphitheater and on a grassy hill.  They individually performed several traditional and contemporary versions of Indian dance.  Their costumes were quite colorful and some had bell like things on them that rang when they danced.  After they performed they invited everyone to join them in a circle and do a simple Indian dance with them!

20150710_18421820150710_184518 20150710_184923 20150710_185252 20150710_185756 20150710_185939  20150710_191159 20150710_191424 20150710_191901That’s it for our Friday adventure.  Saturday will be a resting day while I do some RVillage work.  We may possibly check out a nearby river to do some fly fishing!  Sunday, after church we’re going to the Rendezvous pageant which I am very much looking forward to.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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07.10.15 Rendezvous Historical Tour

11111117_495533753927536_5051377872480874947_nFriday, July 10, 2015 – Roy and I took a 4 hour bus tour of the locations where six of the most recognized Rendezvous occurred.  This is called the Rendezvous Historical Tour.

This year’s event is the 80th annual Green River Rendezvous and the historical tour took us to original fur trade sites to hear unique stories of the legendary mountain men and Native Americans who traded and settled in the Upper Green River Valley.  Led by Rocky Mountain Fur Trade historian, Jim Hardee, and two other vey knowledgeable men, Clint and Glenn.  We saw monumental attractions such as Wyoming’s second largest lake Fremont Lake, Trapper’s Point, De Smet Monument, Fort Bonneville, and the New Fork Race Track.  Transportation was provided by the local school district.  Believe me these were not the school buses I remember.  They had comfy cushioned seats, air conditioning and lights.  Kind of like riding in a Greyhound bus but for children!

I have to share that Roy was absolutely miserable on this tour.  He never has liked history having failed it three  11535908_877618135620927_2135893175470495021_ntimes when a youngun in school.  He even sent me a text message while we were on the tour that stated his history failing past, and said for me never again make him do this!  In addition, on our second stop the skeeters (tiny mosquitos) were out by the millions.  Everyone was swatting continually while the tour guide tried to share the history.  Roy has O- blood type and he says that mosquitos are attracted to him because of that.  He was so overwhelmed with these little creatures he he made an early return to the bus.  However, the bugs had invaded the bus and he spent his time the rest of the trip swatting and doing away with the little monsters.   He posted his misery on Facebook but I have to say he did a “pretty good” job of hiding his misery from the other tourists, not from me though!

life is a journeyI, on the other hand, love history and loved learning about the original settlers to the area.  The day was beautiful and in the low 60s, which is common in this area.  Yes we are in July and the high every day this week was in the 60s!

I hope you will enjoy the pictures below of our tour Thursday.   The people in the picture are those on our tour group.

We plan to participate in other Rendezvous activities on this special Wyoming weekend.  I’ll explain more about Rendezvous and other activities soon!

20150709_091600 20150709_093945 20150709_100750 20150709_101216 20150709_103004 20150709_103137 20150709_105736 20150709_105959 20150709_110004 20150709_110045 20150709_110110 20150709_120742 20150709_120757 20150709_120855 This is what Roy looked like most of the day either texting his misery to me or sharing with our FB friends!  Gotta love this guy!! 20150709_122353 We’re heading out in a bit to shop the vendors on main street, eat dinner at the Pitchfork Fondue restaurant, attend the Liar’s Contest at Trader’s Row, then the Native American Drum & Dance Performance and finally if we aren’t too tired by that time the Rendezvous Rodeo.

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07.07.15 – Down the road in Pinedale, Wyoming

pinedale-tag-4c07.07.15 – If you Google “things to do in Boulder, Wyoming” you get lots of information about the nearby town of Pinedale, Wyoming.  Boulder has 75 residents and Pinedale has 2,000 residents. It’s just a few miles from Boulder and today we drove there to explore.  Turns out it is a wonderful, pretty small town with rivers and creeks running through it.  We stopped at two of the parks in town and enjoyed the beauty in each.  This town is currently in my 10 top favorite towns in America.  I could easily live here!

20150706_120013 20150706_120137 20150706_120200 20150706_121408 20150706_121454 20150706_122900 20150706_122920 20150706_123427 20150706_123622 20150706_123756 20150706_123900 20150706_124223We drove around a lot of the area outside of the core town area and saw a beautiful lake and drove through a pretty residential area.

One thing I want to point out is the sage bushes you will see in most all our pictures.  Sage bushes grow everywhere,

Sagebrush-steppe habitat near the Greater Sage-Grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus) lek located on Bureau of Land Management, BLM, land near Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, eastern Oregon, USA, April, 2009_OR_0572along the highway, in everyone’s yards, between houses, generally in any open area.  They are so abundant that I had to find out why they are everywhere.  It looks like people don’t want to cut their grass so they let it grow.  That’s not it (but I still think it’s part of it!).

Sage bushes are needed by animals (that are abundant here) and insects.  The animals eat it during the winter when there is snow everywhere and most things die.  Insects eat them which is good since birds eat the insects all the time and in winter the sagebushes help the insects live.  The sage bushes are the silvery, grey, little greenish bushes that cover most all the landscape.   You get kind of use to seeing them everywhere and after a while it looks normal.

20150706_125247 20150706_125318 20150706_131003 20150706_131105 20150706_131147 20150706_13233420150706_134246We heard that we could go to the Pinedale Aquatic Center to swim and other things so we checked that out.  Seems that seniors like us can enjoy the whole facility for only $3 each.  If we go MWF before noon it’s free.  Since we’re not morning folks I think we’ll go for the $3 visit. We walked through a lot of the facility and are excited about going back there soon.  Here’s a picture of one of the pool areas.  We’re planning on going back one day next week and spend the day there!

20150706_133719Our big plans for tomorrow include me giving Roy a hair cut and a walk around our park!  Probably not much to take pictures of, so ya’ll get some rest for a while!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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