04.30.18 The neurologist in Metairie and Teepa Snow videos

Monday, April 30, 2018 – Here goes with something you probably won’t believe. Remember the neurologist that I stopped going to a couple of years ago?? Well I have an appointment to see him May 22nd.  I know,  The neurologist in Hammond knew so very little that I won’t go to her any longer.  Dr. Shamsnia was hard to handle (I know that’s saying it mildly) when I left, but while he is so arrogant, he IS brilliant.  He also now has a 3T MRI machine in his new building.  The 3T MRI will give the latest and greatest pictures of what’s going on in my brain (or what isn’t going on!).  So I’m hoping he won’t remember who I am and I can have the 3T MRI and get those results without talking to him too much. We’ll see where we go from there!

These videos are by Teepa Snow. Teepa Snow is one of the leading educators on dementia and the care that accompanies it, in the US and Canada.

How Dementia Affects Language Skills – 30 minutes

What is Dementia starts at the beginning of this video. At 12:30 she goes on to Vascular Dementia. This is what I have from having multiple TIAs. 21 minutes

“I Am Sorry, This is Hard” plus 5 More Care Phrases – Under 3 minutes

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Some Things I Learned About Dementia

04.29.18 May you….by Millie Turley


May today, there be peace within you.

May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others.

May you use the gifts that you have received and pass on the love that has been given to you.

May you be content with yourself the way you are.

May you trust, believe and have faith with yourself

Let this knowledge settle into your bones and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise, to love and to live happily and meaningfully.

By Millie Turley in the Facebook group Christian Women United in Prayer.



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Some Things I Learned About Dementia

04.27.18 Perfect Relationships

For all of you so eager to call it quits and throw in the towel on your relationships because everything isn’t “perfect”…here is some food for thought.

Lifelong commitment is not what most people think it is.

It’s not waking up every morning to make breakfast and eat together.

It’s not cuddling in bed until both of you fall asleep, peacefully, at night.

It’s not a clean home filled with laughter and lovemaking, everyday.

It’s someone who steals all the covers.

It’s slammed doors and a few harsh words, at times.

It’s stubbornly disagreeing and giving each other the silent treatment until your hearts heal…and, then…FORGIVENESS!

It’s coming home to the same person, everyday, that you know LOVES and CARES about you in spite of (and because of) who you are.

It’s laughing about the one time you accidentally did something stupid.

It’s about dirty laundry and unmade beds WITHOUT finger pointing.

It’s about helping each other with the hard work of life!

It’s about swallowing the nagging words instead of saying them out loud.

It’s about eating the cheapest and easiest meal you can make and sitting down together at 10 p.m. to eat because you both had a crazy day.

It’s when you have an emotional breakdown and your Love lays with you and holds you and tells you everything is going to be okay…and you BELIEVE them.

It’s about still loving someone even though, sometimes, they make you absolutely insane.

Living with the person you love is not perfect…sometimes it’s hard; but it’s amazing and comforting and one of the BEST things you’ll ever experience.

By Unknown

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Some Things I Learned About Dementia

04.27.18 Two doctor visits, a new doctor and the day Rosalyn stabbed herself!

Friday, April 27, 2018 – I have no photos of any of the things I write about today.  You know that I can’t do a blog without photos so I’ve found a few that are included here and they have nothing to do with the blog!

We went to my sister’s house last week for Roy to work on their computer.  It was lovely visiting with them.  While the guys did computer stuff, Harriett and I visited out on their screened in back porch watching the blue birds and other creatures play in their back yard.

Roy and I had two followup doctors appointments last week.  One with Roy’s new retina specialist, Dr. John Curtis Creed with Ochsner in Baton Rouge.  The other with my primary care physician, Dr. Hugo Valdes at North Oaks.

On Tuesday we Roy shared with Dr. Creed that the new glasses were not making much difference in his right eye (the one that he had surgery on).  They dilated his eyes and took another set of OCTs. Dr. Creed let me look at the asteroid hyalosis that is in Roy’s eye.  It looked to me like a layer of cellophane with bubbles under it.  When Roy blinks they move all together.

We learned that even though 2 1/2 months have passed since we signed the form asking for our original doctor to send Roy’s eye records to Dr. Grenier and Dr. Creed at Ochsner, it has never been received by them.

Roy and Dr. Creed decided that removing those and having the multi focal lens replaced by a mono focal lens is what Roy really wants.  Dr. Creed, nor Dr. Grenier, do that surgery so Roy was referred to Dr. Pulin Shah with Ochsner in New Orleans.  He does difficult, risky surgeries that other doctors do not do. Roy now has an appointment for June 6th to see Dr. Shah.  We asked to be put on a waiting list for any cancellations so Roy can see him sooner.  Once Roy sees Dr. Shah we’ll decide what action to take or not take.

We finally wrote to our original family eye doctor about everything from when we first went to him about Roy’s vision until now with Roy seeing other doctors for help repairing things in his right eye that had surgery.  We sent it certified mail.

We always love shopping at Sams so there we went after the eye doctor appointment.  I think next time we want to go to Sam’s I may order on line and pick it up.  That place is so dangerous for our budget.  Everything looks so good and is so good!

Wednesday we went to Hammond for me to see Dr. Valdes about my A1C.  In case you haven’t read previous blogs, I need my A1C (blood sugar over 3 months) to go down to a 7 in order for me to have partial knee replacement surgery.  The reason is that the more normal our blood sugar is the better we will heal after surgery.  It was between 9 and 10 for a while.  Last month it was down to 8.1.  I just knew it was going to be down close to if not at 7 this time.  I thought this mostly because 4 times during the month that I took my blood sugar it was right at 90 or really close.  One time my blood sugar went down to 64 which is way to low and I could feel it.  I’ve never, that I know of, experienced low blood sugar before.  Didn’t like how it feels.

Well, when Dr. Valdes walked in with the results and said it is still 8.1, my heart just sunk.  I think I may have cheated on my sugar free diet a little more than I realized.  So from here forward I am going to listen to all the stuff we learned at the Diabetic Nutritionist at North Oaks.

We went to the play Steel Magnolia at Ponchatoula High School on Thursday night.  I wrote about how much we enjoyed it last time. After three days of going places a lot of the day, we were both so happy to get to stay home Friday and Saturday.

Wednesday of this week Roy and went into Hammond. I was going to have lunch with a very dear long time friend.  Roy was going to have some time at the remote control flying field.  On our way there I used a sharp metal finger nail file and put it away in the armrest.  I forgot about it being there and that it was sticking straight up out of the armrest.  I slammed my arm down on the armrest while talking and instantly felt an awful pain in my wrist.  I looked at my wrist and saw the pointy metal end of the nail file sticking into my arm.

I started screaming and pulled it out of my arm so fast I can hardly remember doing it.  I put my left hand on the place in my right wrist where it entered and was screaming for Roy to pull off to the side of the interstate.  He did and while still screaming my vision started going out, I started sweating profusely and I felt like I did the day I passed out when waking up and wound up in the hospital.  It was awful.  We got off of the interstate and headed towards the hospital.  About half way there I started having a lot of difficulty breathing.  I used my asthma inhaler and it helped a little.  We were going to pass in front of our doctor’s office on our way to the hospital.  We stopped there in case they could see me but all of the doctors were at lunch.  While trying to describe what happened to the receptionist, my breathing got much worse.  They said I should go straight to the hospital and not wait for a doctor there.

We went to the North Oaks Emergency Room where we were quickly seen by a nurse in triage.  They weighed me and I’m 5 pounds lighter!!  Anyway, the nurse said I probably had a panic attack.  I’ve never had one before so I had no idea what was happening to me.  We got an ER room and a doctor came in.  He looked at my tiny little wound and said someone would come in to clean it and I’d get an antibiotic prescription if it got infected. He too said it was a panic attack.  When I told him I’d never had one before and he asked if I ever had a wound before.  I said no.  Hopefully this means I won’t have other panic attacks since this was came in connection to the stab wound. We went home after the hospital.

The teeny tiny wound hurt all night but it’s gotten better throughout the day today.  The wound itself is so minor but what went on in my body after the stabbing felt so overwhelmingly awful.  I’ve known many people who have had panic attacks but I didn’t ever know what it could feel like.   I’m sorry for what all of you folks have gone through.  My experience was it felt like I was being drained of everything in my body.  It is a big bad thing.

I’m working on an updated power point presentation for Mother’s Day at church.  We have a lot of new people at our church and I am loving seeing their family photos.

Our vegetables and flower bushes are all growing well and I’ll be sharing updates next time!  Our first two cherry tomatoes and one broccoli head were ready today and I ate them in a salad.

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04.23.18 Steel Magnolias, presented by Ponchatoula High School Drama Club

Roy and I, along with Misty and Madisyn went to Ponchatoula High’s drama presentation of Steel Magnolias last Thursday evening. Kaylon Willoughby, one of our special young ladies at Trinity Baptist Church, played M’Lynn (Shelby’s mother- Sally Field’s character in the movie).  My, oh my, can that girl act!!!  All six of the actresses in the play were excellent and worked together like a well oiled machine!

This is Kaylon’s last performance at PHS as she graduates this year. Like her mama Rebecca says, “When she is a famous actress you can say you knew her when…..” The whole play takes place in Truvy’s Beauty Parlor.

Kaylon is the one with curlers in her hair in some of the photos below!  Rebecca is a professional photographer and her photos were way higher quality than any I could take so these below are here.  Plus we got to watch and hear every second of the play without worrying about taking photos!


The two cross stitch pieces on the walls at Truvy’s were from Rebecca’s family. The one that says SMILE was stitched by Rebecca’s sister Shawn when she was in high school. The Serenity Prayer was stitched by her Grandma Lola.

Near the very end of the play Kaylon had a scene where her grieving heart for the loss of her daugher Shelby just came spilling out.  We were all spellbound. In that moment I knew Kaylon is going to be something special in the acting world.

When the cast, yes there were just 6 of them, came out on stage at the end I felt like my younger sisters were up there on stage.  They all did such an outstanding job that I felt like I had been there with them all along. We couldn’t clap enough and they received a standing ovation.

We got to talk to Kaylon after the play and even take some photos of us with her.  She’ll be starting college next year and I’ve already figured out how far it is to her new school for when she is there in plays!!

This last one is of Kaylon and several of the older Trinity folks who came to see her Thursday night.

Congratulations on a job very well done, Kaylon Rose Willoughby! We’ve enjoyed seeing you in Annie and Steel Magnolias and look forward to many more in the future!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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12.08.17 Granddaughter Baptism, Ponchatoula town Christmas Lighting, Misty’s birthday, EEG/EKG, Doctor appointment, Washing house exterior, time with Chip!!!

Friday, December 8, 2017 – The last several days have been very busy for us.

Monday – We got up early and went to Dr. Greiner’s office (eye doctor) for an appointment that wasn’t Monday but was Wednesday!  We made use of our sudden free time to do some Christmas shopping and rock shopping.

Tuesday – Juliette with Alliance Neurodiagnostics put 25 sensors on my head to get the EEG and EKG started.  It took two hours for her to do that and when she left I just flat out looked weird.

Wednesday – Roy had his surgery scheduling and eye measurement appointment for his cataract removal surgery with Dr. Greiner.  Surgery is scheduled for Tuesday December 12, 2017 at 6:45 am.  We got the price for the lens implants that will allow him to see near and far without any glasses.  After we passed out they scooped us up and we signed on the dotted line!

We did some Christmas light shopping and a visit to Hobby Lobby where the lines were so long I didn’t get the things I picked out.  We went to Chip and Misty’s to rest before going out with them for the evening celebrating our daughter in law Misty’s birthday at Mi Patio in Ponchatoula.  Food and fellowship were both great!

Friday –  I wrapped up a 72-hour video ambulatory EEG and EKG to see if I am having seizures. The sensors recorded any electrical activity in my brain and I was videoed 24 hours a day for all three days when I was in the living room and in our bedroom. Hoping to get the results back soon.

Our granddaughter Madisyn sang in the 3rd-grade chorus at Ponchatoula’s Christmas Lighting.  At various places along Ponchatoula’s main street groups from schools and churches have designated times to sing.  We couldn’t stop smiling listening to all the young voices sing Christmas songs.  The whole town is lit up with Christmas lights and decorations and several locations serve cookies and hot chocolate.  Madisyn’s group sang at the Methodist Church.  Madisyn is very tall and is on the back row. You can see her better in the first picture.  What you see in the second photo is half of the choir.  There was no room for me to move around and get the whole choir.

We enjoyed some of the cookies and delicious hot chocolate (provided by the Methodist Church) after they sang. This is us in the line for the goodies!

Our oldest granddaughter Kallie made her profession of faith public by being baptized at their church The Harbor in Hammond, Louisiana. Her church gave her a shirt that says “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus.”  Amen! The joy on Kallies’s face when she came up from under the water says it all!

If you are a Christian you understand that this is the most important decision Kallie will ever make.  If you are not a Christian and don’t understand what baptism is about here’s a summary of what making a profession of faith is about and what baptism is about.

While we believe in baptism, it does not save you, just like being a good person, and doing kind helpful things does not save you.  Only giving your life to Jesus as your Lord and Savior because you believe He gave his life to save you from your sins. This is what we call a Profession of Faith.

Water baptism is a symbolic picture of what our Lord has done for us. As we are completely immersed in the water, we symbolize burial with our Lord; we are baptized into His death on the cross and are no longer slaves to self or sin (Romans 6:3–7). When we are raised out of the water, we are symbolically resurrected—raised to new life in Christ to be with Him forever, born into the family of our loving God (Romans 8:16). Water baptism also illustrates the spiritual cleansing we experience when we are saved; just as water cleanses the flesh, so the Holy Spirit cleanses our hearts when we trust Christ.

Some faiths believe in sprinkling water on the individual. Our faith believes that like Jesus and others in the Bible did, the proper form of baptism is full body immersion.

Our New Orleans Saints won Sunday’s game over the Carolina Panthers putting us at the top of the division.  We play the Atlanta Falcons on Thursday.  That will be a great one!

Monday – Our sweet son Chip has been going nonstop for almost a week now. He took Monday off work to rest but when his dad said he was going to pressure wash the rental house today, Chip came to help him. Almost 4 hours of work which helped Roy a lot. Hopefully, Chip is back home now getting some rest. Thanks, Chip, we love you!

The weather started being very rainy and much colder on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (today).  We may have snow overnight and in the morning.  That is quite unusual in Louisiana.  The temperature will drop to the low 20s the following night.  When we knew the weather was going to be this cold and wet we made a big pot of chicken, sausage, andouille gumbo, moved my rock painting inside and that’s where we’re staying until it gets nicer outside!

I’m wrapping this up on Friday and since early this morning it has been snowing quite heavily here!  I’m sure you know that the next blog post will be all about that white stuff visiting in Louisiana!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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11.24.17 What I’m THANKFUL for!

In past Novembers I posted on Facebook something I was thankful for each day of the month. I tried to work on this earlier in the month and it just didn’t happen.  Doesn’t mean I am not thankful for a lot so I’m going to share some of the things I’m most thankful for here!

Today we are having Thanksgiving dinner at our son Chip’s home with his wife Misty.  I am thankful that this young family is willing to take over this family tradition, giving Grannie a day to enjoy instead of being responsible for hosting!  Before I went to sleep last night I thanked God for all the work and cooking I knew they are doing before we all arrive there today!  Thank you Chip and Misty!

I am most thankful to God for all the blessings he has bestowed on me, and his mercy. I am terribly thankful for His Grace that I don’t deserve

I am more thankful than ever for God’s unconditional love.  God loves me even though I am a sinner, a dumb blonde, don’t deserve it and make it extremely difficult for him to love me. But he consistently and overwhelmingly loves me. I’m very thankful for the secure feeling of knowing he’s walking with me every day as a child of His.  I long for the day when I begin my eternal life in Heaven with Him and others who have given their lives to Him.

I am thankful for my husband of almost 45 years (November 25, 1972). He looks past my fat old self and  treats me like the young chick he fell in love with. He puts up with my mind slipping away with love and kindness. The saying that some things get better with age was meant for my honey Roy!

I am thankful for my church family at Trinity that has been an amazing support for my family the past 30 years since moving to Hammond.  So many of them have been my rock through really horrible times and been there to rejoice with me through the wonderful times. I thank God for the musical abilities He has given to many at our church.  Worshiping God through music and His Word at Trinity is a blessing.

I’m thankful for my oldest son who doesn’t want his name included and for our youngest son Chip. They opened the big world of motherhood to me and I thank God for them every day.

Our sons are both married to very special ladies. They have children which makes me a Grannie to six little darlings!  We’ve gone from the two of us to twelve of us including us, our sons, their wives and the grandchildren.  So much to be thankful for in those sweet wonderful faces of our grandchildren.

I’m thankful for my mama Josie Blum Traylor who went to live with God in 2007.  Her deep love and pride in her family, the family traditions she passed on, the care giving she provided my children when I couldn’t be there, her love for God and living a devoted Christian life. God gave me the mother that I needed and I miss her presence and support in my life each and every day.

I am especially thankful for my sister Harriett. Even though she is several years older than me we are very close. We are very different types of people being raised in two different generations but we were both raised by our mama and that makes us very similar in many ways. She is a giving, compassionate person who is always doing for others and I admire her a lot.

I am thankful for the pain and suffering I’ve experienced in life. It’s done many positive things for me. Once I pulled up my big girl panties and stopped whining about whatever it was, it has always drawn me closer to God. He is the one that I know I absolutely can always count on being there. Having a relationship with God has given me grounding and a strong rock to always be able to turn to.

I am thankful I have a husband who can do anything!  He can build, repair, create, figure out and fix anything!  He’s tired of doing all that now and doesn’t let his brilliance in these areas be seen too often lately but when he does I can say he’s still got it!

I am thankful that I am an American.  I have become disheartened in recent years with the direction in which our country is going and the lack of Christian values becoming more prevalent.  I see this changing with President Trump’s administration. Big thankful there!  I am thankful for our ability to freely vote and being able to freely worship without the fear of harm.

I am thankful for the Word of God, his Holy Bible.  I read it, learn from it, try to  live my life by it and as the years go by I realize how very much it is the only instruction manual a Christian needs.  I was blessed to have the privilege of teaching the Books of the Bible to 3rd and 4th graders for many years and teaching them to cherish the Word of God.  They knew this was just the first step to learning the wonders and mysteries of God’s Word.  There is nothing like hearing a sermon from The Word.  It helps me understand how to look in His Word for the answer to my life questions and to draw me closer to Him.

I am so thankful that God has allowed us to change our lifestyle and enjoy our time on the road these last five years.  The travels we’ve enjoyed and our discovery of the beautiful elements of nature around this country is indescribable.  The lack of stress, responsibility and freedom experienced living in an RV on the road is something everyone (retired or not) should get to do.

This list of things I’m thankful for has opened my eyes to the abundance of blessings God has given me, the special people in my life, my dear family members, true friends and most of all God.

Ya’ll come back ya’ hear!

11.22.17 Gratitude and Thanksgiving, by Debbie McDaniel

Gratitude and Thanksgiving
By Debbie McDaniel

“O Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord; Let us shout joyfully to the rock of our salvation. Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving; let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise! For the Lord is a great God, and a great King above all gods.”  Psalm 95:1-3

We have so much to be grateful for in this life. Each and every day. But reality is that sometimes constant life demands, struggles, and worries give more room to defeat than to a heart of thanks. Or we forget, in the midst of busyness and pressures, just to pause and give thanks, for all that God has done, and continues to do in our lives.


Sometimes it really is a sacrifice to offer praise and thanks. We may not feel like it. We’re struggling. We’re weary. Or maybe, we feel like He let us down. We think God seems distant, like he’s far away, or doesn’t really care about what’s troubling us. Painful life blows and losses might have recently sent us spiraling.

But here’s what can make a lasting difference. We have a choice, every day, to give him thanks. And with a heart of thanksgiving, we realize that no matter what we face, God doesn’t just work to change our situations and help us through our problems. He does more. He changes our hearts. His power, through hearts of gratitude and focused minds on Him, releases the grip our struggles have over us.

We’re strengthened by His peace, refueled by His joy.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Chauvin’s home to your home!


11.21.17 Who Dats Saints, Found Rocks

Our New Orleans Saints are on an eight game winning streak.  Last time I can remember this happening was the year they won the Super Bowl! Everywhere we’d go stores, homes, and workplace had signs up announcing how many wins they were at in the streak.  After losing the first two games this year it was like a winning switch was turned on and they are barreling down everyone they play against, until this Sunday.  They pulled out the win but  it was heart attack city until the last second!


Here’s excerpts from an article Mike Triplett, an ESPN Staff Writer wrote.

Saints so hot that a 15-point deficit in final minutes doesn’t stand a chance

NEW ORLEANS — If this winds up being a special season for the New Orleans Saints, they will point back to Sunday’s win over the Washington Redskins for years.

Just like 2009 all over again.

The Saints (8-2) had no business winning their eighth straight game Sunday after trailing by 15 points with less than three minutes remaining — just like those ’09 Super Bowl Saints had no business coming back from a 10-point deficit at Washington in the fourth quarter. Fittingly, the hero of that game — receiver Robert Meachem — served as the honorary captain on Sunday.

Drew Brees also had his finest moment of the year, completing 11 of 11 passes for 164 yards and two touchdowns on the Saints’ two quick touchdown drives at the end of regulation. The Saints haven’t asked Brees to be Superman during their win streak because the defense and run game have been so good, but he sure played the role when needed on Sunday. Tight end Coby Fleener also came up huge, among others, on those drives. And Kamara’s bobbling 18-yard TD catch went from a possible disaster to a thrilling moment.

It was far from the Saints’ prettiest or cleanest victory. But sure enough, two quick touchdowns, three defensive stops and a field goal in overtime led them to a 34-31 victory and kept them flying as the hottest team in the NFL (even on their worst day).

The Saint’s new running back Alvin Kamara #41 is so much fun to watch.  He’s everywhere!  Unless you are in Louisiana you may not know how spectacular our Saints are doing so little old me is broadcasting it here!

We plan to spend Thanksgiving Day with our son’s families this week at Chip and Misty’s home. They told me last night all they are making and it sounds like a massive feast!  I am bringing some things including a sweet potato casserole that they said I made last year and I don’t remember making.

I learned this week that the EEG Dr. Patricia Morgan (neurologist) ordered for me is a three day thing.  Not a 30 minute EEG in the office. The little I’ve learned about it was from the EEG company calling and telling me about it and looking it up on the internet.  They wire you up all over your head, like a regular in the office EEG.  All the leads go to a machine that records bursts and seizure events in the brain, 24 hours a day for three days.  They also put video cameras in your bedroom and living room to record any physical signs of seizures.  I won’t be able to bathe or wash my hair, and am suppose to try to not do anything strenuous, just rest for the three days.  This type of EEG captures much more than a 30 minutes or so EEG in the office would catch.  I’m pretty sure I’ll have it next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  I’ll share more about it while I’m doing it!

Roy is busy down at the pond this morning cutting down some of the smaller pine trees that have died (we think they died from the water in the pond being so high). I’ve started making Christmas themed rocks so there is red and green everywhere now!

Roy had his OCT test this week at Dr. Greiners.  While we were there I got to meet a staff member named Bailey.  Last time we were there we hid rocks and she found some and loved it.  When I called to make an appointment for Roy the receptionist told me how they loved the rocks we hid.  This visit I found that Bailey has two rocks from our last visit sitting on her desk!  I told them we hid more outside and Bailey got one while we were seeing the doctor.  I offered more to her so she could hide them were she’d like to.  She came out to the car with us and said it was okay to take her picture.  Here she is!

When we made Roy’s next appointment they were happy because that means we’ll be back with more rocks!!!

This young man, Mr. Butler, found one of our rocks at Ponchatoula High School the day of the play Annie.  We got to talking about the rock project and since he doesn’t have a computer to post that he found it, he said I could take his photo!  His wife Kay Butler has dementia and it turns out she was my Theater professor at Southeastern several years ago.  I really enjoyed visiting with Mr. Butler.  God puts great people in our lives when we least expect it!

We went into town in Amite this evening and hid about 20 Thanksgiving love rocks all over the town!  Tomorrow morning lots of businesses will be greeted with one that I hope makes them smile!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!