05.03.15 Great times during our Last weekend in Louisiana!

mondaySaturday, May 2, 2015 – We had a wonderful visit with my sister Harriett and brother in law George. We haven’t visited like this for a few weeks and it was nice to do it one last time before we leave town.  We even walked up and down our road searching for blackberries.  We got a lot!

I’ve been making smoothies every day with fresh blackberries, yogurt, assorted other fruits and kale.  My friend Susan told me about Kale being so nutritionally great.  It tastes bitter if eaten raw but in a smoothie you don’t taste any bitterness and you get all that nutritional value added to the rest of the smoothie.  I’m trying hard to plump up my brain and hopefully this will add to my other efforts!  Try out the kale in your smoothie, it’s great!

I did more of my RVillage work Saturday before and after our visit with my sister.  I only work weekends so my whole week is free.  I kinda like that!

Sunday, May 3, 2015 – Drove to Hammond to go to church with Chip at Soul’s Harbor Church.  A very interesting love in your heartpreacher, Jonathan Suber, preached today.  He had a lot of good things to say in his message.  One was that we tend to live for the next big thing in our life.  He encouraged us to see the wonderful things that are going on in our life now and thank God for those things.  I may not have said it as well as he did but it really made me stop and think about it.

We then headed to pick Madisyn up in Loranger.  Their church, River Rock, was doing community service at a near by trailer park having a worship service there and a cookout for the trailer park residents.  We got to enjoy some of their delicious cooking and the most amazing large M&M oatmeal cookies.  We came home after that and we all took a two hour nap!  Madisyn was exhausted from a very busy weekend so we took the opportunity of her napping for us to sneak in a nap also!

Trinity’s family picnic was at Camp Living Waters this year.  They have a large in ground pool and a major big super slide.  Madisyn had a blast going down the super slide 12 times and spending some time swimming in the pool.

pool 3 slide 1

no app for this
This will be us in just one more day!!!!!

We got to have some nice visiting with several church friend and enjoyed hamburgers, French fries, baked beans and dessert.  Madisyn’s mom Liz came to pick her up and we headed home.

Today Monday is a nice quiet, go no where day!  After a very busy last few days this is very welcome!  Our schedule for Tuesday is very busy so we’re really enjoying this peaceful day quite a bit!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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04.30.15 to 05.02.15 Blog catch up

1606912_904740969542983_2116462016312778720_nThursday, April 30, 2015 – The day is just beautiful, as was yesterday.  Cool weather and plenty of sunshine.  After the deluge of rain we got this past week it is a welcome change and a nice way to spend our last few days in Louisiana.  Today’s countdown day is number is six.  That’s six days until we become Dora’s explorers again!  We have reservations in Mountain View, Arkansas for two weeks and will head over to Oklahoma for a week or so.  The states we’ll visit after that are Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming.  Not sure where we’ll head after that but that’s the plan for now!

I’m went today to visit my friend Susan Taylor that I’ve asked prayers for.  Please continue to pray for her.  She is now in hospice since her cancer has moved to her brain. There is nothing further they can do so she made the wise decision to bring hospice in so she’ll have the best quality life she can have.  She was having a great day and looked wonderful.  She’s a very strong Christian and has been such an inspiration to all of us during her trials.  Her daughter Julie was also there so I was blessed by visiting with these two outstanding ladies.

After our visit I finally got my hair cut.  It’s a short bob now!!! It’s grown and grown this last year but I wanted it 18697_1428317237483170_7965880918481279577_nshort again before we get on the road again.

A big event today was hearing from Hillary with RVillage that they need me to work for them again.  It’s just a few hours on the weekends but that’s perfect for me.  I’ve got a lot of catching up to do because they’ve expanded the site so much since I worked for them last.  Remember, if you’re an RVer please please check out rvillage.com.  It’s free to join and your RV lifestyle will benefit greatly from being a member!

Friday, May 1, 2015 – Went to see my favorite doctor, Dr. Eric Greiner, my regular eye doctor.  He is at the opposite end of the spectrum from my neurologist.  When he comes in to see me, he 1377049_818114291571312_5866173629546384386_nis so prepared to meet with ME.  He always remembers things about me and even if it just came from reviewing my chart quickly before he came in that’s fine.  At least he walks in the room ready to address my needs.  The retina specialist eye doctor I saw in Baton Rouge sent him a note that my pressure was high and they called me to come in before we left town.  That’s why I was there.  While my pressures were okay today he said it’s been 5 years since I had an OCT so I need another one before leaving town.

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a non-invasive imaging test that uses light waves to take cross-section pictures of your retina, the light-sensitive tissue lining the back of the eye.

He also told me that if anything happens while I’m on the road, to let him know and he will hook me up with someone around me that can take care of me.  Dr. Naguchi in Baton Rouge said the same thing so I’m very confident about getting care for my eyes while we’re gone.  It’s wonderful to have doctors who are willing to work with our lifestyle.  After my not good doctor experience a couple of weeks ago it was a healing time for me to spend time in the presence of a doctor who cares.  I really had not expected to be seeing him before we left but I’m very glad I did.

Our new renters have started moving into their new home!  Happy Dancing going on in the Chauvin RV!!!

Had some RVillage training with Hillary and Roy and I set out to do our periodical Sam’s shopping.  Went in thinking 1559840_10203090630734763_294273035_nwe’d spend $100, came out spending over $300.  We’re stocked up really good for a while and even found place to store it all, though we are bulging at the seams!

Saturday, May 2, 2015 – I started my RVillage work and like previously it is fun work.  I’m thankful that my working helps the full timers not have to stay connected to the website on the weekends giving them some free time.  They all have put in 1000% since last year when the site went online.

My sister and brother in law are coming to visit in about an hour so I’d better get busy with straightening up this place!  It’s gotten hotter the last couple of days which makes it so perfect that we’ll be heading north to cooler temperatures in only 3 days!!!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



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04.27.15 Trinity’s Women Singing Praise, and excerpts from Singing Loud in Church!

Monday, April 27, 2015 – We’re in count down mode now!  Not including today, we have nine days until we get back on the road!

sing praiseYesterday, Sunday, was Women’s Day at our home church Trinity Baptist.  Our church’s tradition is that on Women’s Day the whole choir is women and I got to sing in it!  I love singing in the choir and don’t get to do it regularly any longer because of my asthma.

We practiced before church and I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to be singing with all these omen I love and have known forever.  That’s the song we sang too, Forever!  It’s by Chris Tomlin. Below is a picture of us ladies singing praises to our God!

 womens choir Here’s the words from the beginning of the song.

Give thanks to the Lord our God and King
His love endures forever
For He is good, He is above all thingsmaxresdefault
His love endures forever
Sing praise, sing praise
With a mighty hand and outstretched arm
His love endures forever
For the life that’s been reborn
His love endures forever
Sing praise, sing praise,
sing praise, sing praise
Forever God is faithful
forever God is strong
Forever God is with us

hqdefaultMy beautiful friend Barbara Davis lead the choir in this song and the congregation in other hymns we sang.  Here she is singing a solo called the Compassion Hymn.  As a little side note:  If you read our blog post about trying to buy an RV in Conroe, TX in 2012, Barbara is the wonderful banker I talked about who helped us know something was wrong!  Wow, an excellent banker and she has the voice of an angel!

barbara croppedI’ve always loved hearing Barbara sing and was so happy she shared with us like she did on Sunday.  Ashley Traylor Louviere, whom I love to hear sing also, sang the solo part in Forever. What a true blessing it was for me to hear both of these ladies worship their Lord through song.  Ashley’s daughter Landry is the little girl standing on a chair in the front row!

colorful-music-notes-wallpaper-Vector_music_0000020An article I read the other day was titled  Why You Need to Sing Loudly in Church by Keith Getty.  I want to share two excerpts from that article since the wording about this subject paralleled my feelings about singing in church so well.

Here are just five of the many reasons we should all sing passionately in church this Sunday:

1. We are commanded to sing.

We are called to sing — indeed, the Scriptures command us more than 250 times to sing. It’s hardly one of those “controversial” issues that is hard to ascertain precisely what scripture is saying. It’s not a choice. It’s not dependent on “feeling like it.” It’s not our prerogative.

Throughout biblical history, in every place and circumstance — in victory and defeat, in celebrations and festivals, in death and mourning — singing was second nature for people of faith. Indeed, the largest book of the Bible — Psalms — is itself a songbook that explores the range of human experience and interaction with God through singing.

In the New Testament, Paul tells the early churches to get together and sing. In Ephesians 5, he reiterates the call of old to engage with each other in the singing of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, making music from the heart.

5. Singing bears testimony to our faith.

How we sing, if we sing, how passionately we sing — our singing itself — is a witness to those looking on. There is no choice in the matter. In the level of our engagement with the songs and participation in the singing, we testify to the joy of an excited believer or betray the chill of a disinterested spectator.

In the New Testament, we read of Christians gathered together who so passionately expressed their faith together in song that the people looking on thought them to be drunk because that was the only explanation for their uniformed experience.

Ultimately, those who may feel they are on the outside looking in will, from the deepest part of themselves, respond to authentic and passionate singing to discover the truth held in the God songs we sing.

*   *   *

As we head to church on Sunday — as overworked dads, stressed out mums, grandparents struggling with health, and young people looking for wealth — we can, with integrity and relief, go with repentance and thanksgiving to the One who has created us, forgiven us and who lives within us. How can we not sing?

If you’d like to read the entire article, click here.

 Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

isaiah 40 31cooltext1838781539

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04.26.15 Sleep Apnea Testing 101

sunday 11Welcome to Sleep Apnea testing 101! If you’ve never had a sleep apnea test, here’s the skinny on it!

I had my five year sleep apnea re-testing Friday night and have written about it below the information from the hospital that follows. If you’ve never had a sleep apnea test (or sleep study) I hope to take some of the mystery out of it for you. Here’s how important it is. I didn’t take action when my husband told me, at least a year before I had my first sleep apnea test, that I was periodically not breathing (for up to 45 seconds) throughout the night. Because of my putting off getting tested, and also my not regularly using my CPAP once I got the machine, I had multiple TIAs during the nights causing several lesions in my brain where information can’t pass through now. When oxygen is not getting to your brain while you sleep, multiple problems can happen WHICH COULD BE AVOIDED.


Avazak.ir-Line28The following is information from our local hospital’s Sleep Disorders Center telling you some about what they do.

North Oaks Sleep Disorders Center provides clinical services and treatments for patients who may show symptoms of a sleep disorder. The Center’s sleep evaluations are designed to:

  • Diagnose sleep disorders
  • Assess and discuss treatment options for sleep disorders.

Each one of our four soundproof, hotel-style bedrooms has an adjustable, queen-sized bed, recliner and a private, full bathroom. Your bedroom is furnished with a ceiling fan, night lights, a thermostat for you to control room air temperature and a television with a DVD/VCR player.

What Is A Sleep Study?

You may need a sleep study, or polysomnogram, which measures your bodily functions during sleep, to determine if you have a sleep disorder.

What is a Sleep Disorder?

If problems sleeping regularly interfere with your daily life, you may have a sleep disorder. Most common sleep disorders can be treated if correctly diagnosed. The most common signs of a sleep disorders include:

  • daytime sleepiness
  • trouble falling asleep
  • heavy snoring
  • uneven breathing
  • morning headaches
  • night time chest pains
  • heavy use of sleeping pills
  • waking up a lot during the night.

Avazak.ir-Line28SLEEP APNEAIf your spouse is telling you that you snore loudly or you stop breathing throughout the night or you are really tired during the day you may have sleep apnea. If you are noticing these things with your loved one, get them to their doctor to have a sleep study done ASAP. I’m no specialist but I personally have had sleep apnea for a while. I’ve learned enough to know how important it is that you get tested as soon as possible.

This past Friday evening I arrived at the sleep lab around 8 pm with my pillow and sleeping gown. The staff member who buzzed me in was the same person who did my original sleep study five years ago. His name is Nick. He showed me the room I’d be sleeping in. Here’s pictures of it.


20150424_203008There are four separate sleeping rooms there, all sound proof and comfortable. There are cameras on the wall monitoring everything. Nick asked me to fill out some papers – a Sleep Questionnaire. I changed into my gown and followed Nick to sensorsanother smaller room where wires galore were all laid out.

Here he put patches connected to wires all over my face, scalp, neck and legs. There is also a little wire with a monitor up my nose (like they use when they give you oxygen in the hospital). HOWEVER, it did not feel like all that was on me. I didn’t feel anything in my scalp, legs, face or nose and it didn’t stop me from sleeping. I almost included an actual picture of me all picked up like the dummy on the left but it may have gotten burned into your brain and I’d rather you not live forever thinking I ever looked like that!

I went back to the bedroom and crawled into bed. From his monitoring room, Nick spoke to me through a speaker on the wall of the bedroom. He calibrated the sensors by having me look up and down, look sideways, blink my eyes, move my feet a certain way, make a snoring sound and some other things. Then he told me good night and that was that.

I won’t give details of my specific nights experiences because everyone’s is different. Generally, once you’ve slept enough time for them to see and hear what they need to (about half the night) they wake you up and if the first part of the night indicates you need a CPAP they will put one on you to wear the rest of the night. After all those hours of the sleep study they’ve gathered a lot of information. They wake you up, you get unplugged, dressed in your regular clothes and home you go.

You want to make this as normal experience as possible, so bring with you whatever you have with you when you go to sleep normally. I always wear ear plugs, so I brought them. I always read for a while before going to sleep so I brought my Kindle. I drink water during the night so I brought my cup and they gave me water. Having my own pillow helped me feel like I was at home. Whatever you need, bring it. They do not care, so bring it.

About a week from now my primary care physician will get the sleep center’s report. My CPAP will be recalibrated with the amount of air they determine I now need. Right now I’m at a 7. Can’t wait to see what my new number is!

I hope I’ve gotten across the message that this is serious. It’s not just loud snoring, it can be causing a serious medical condition. DO IT! I know I showed this graphic above but it’s so important I’m showing it again.

SleepApnea_chartIf you have any questions that I can answer from my experience, let me know!

ephesians 2 10cooltext1838781539

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04.25.15 Madisyn changed our plans, planting sod, bank’s credit report checking

things to do todayFriday, April 25, 2015 – All good plans are meant to be changed and ours are changed!  Just when we thought our plan was to leave on Monday, May 4th we found our our granddaughter has other plans for us.  Madisyn’s end of the school year program is being held at the high school the evening of May 5th so we will not be leaving until the morning of May 6th!  She specifically requested that we stay for that, so of course we are!

I have to share something we learned Thursday, in case it may affect you in the future.  We wanted to be nice and open a checking account at our renter’s bank so they could make their rent payments in the account at their own bank.  We previously did this for other renters at our bank but since there is no branch of our bank in Amite we thought this would be better for the renters.  We arrive at their bank in Amite ready to open the account.  The nice lady helping us tells us that since we have never had an account there they will need to run a credit report on us which affects our credit rating.  Wait,beautiful day god made it WHAT??????  Roy and I look at each other and our well laid out plan for the day suddenly stopped.  I recently had my credit score take a hit when they ran our credit report for a loan we were “thinking” about applying for.  It dropped our scores by 30 points just from that one inquiry.  Sure we wanted to be nice but not if it involved having a lower credit score.

We called our renter and he said no problem, use your bank.  Thank you nice new renter! We went to our bank and asked the question “If we were new customers would they run the credit report?” and she said “Yes.”  This seems to be something they are all doing.  When we told our real estate agent about this she was floored.  How crazy is this?  I understand doing it for a loan but who cares if I pay my bills if I’m giving the bank my money.   I understand they have to protect themselves against  bad customers, but I don’t see a credit report as the way to do it. Maybe I’ve been out of banking too long to understand this but I wanted to let everyone know in case you run into this same thing.  It’s everywhere!

blessed is nation whos god is the lordOkay, and here’s definitely a God thing that happened today.  Yesterday I closed our construction checking account.  After finding out we didn’t need to open an account at a different bank we went to our bank, as I said above.  On the way to our bank I said that I wish I hadn’t closed our construction checking account yesterday because we could have used that one since we already had checks printed and all.  When we got to the branch in Independence, and asking about the credit report issue, I asked about reopening the closed account.

The very helpful bank representative looked up that account.  She’s says it’s overdrawn.  What??? Turns out that I closed it the day before everything had cleared.  Discovering, while sitting at her desk, that I had written a check at the grocery from the wrong account a few days ago I was just slightly embarrassed.  Roy’s rolling his eyes and has a smirk on his face and I’m holding my breath waiting for him to scream or burst.  He did neither because, wait for this, the check trying to clear kept the account open!!!!!!!  So I didn’t have to open a new account or order checks!  Thanks to the mistake I made several days ago our banking efforts that day finally went very smoothly.

God is always hoovering in and around our lives but he’s been so obviously taking care of us recently that I have to share that.

This morning Roy picked up half a pallet of grass sod at Simpson Sod.  That much sod weights 1500 pounds so we used Chip’s neighbors trailer to haul it.


We started by laying about 40 of the 3 foot by 1 foot pieces of sod around the storage building, the back door slab and the front of the house by the stepping stones.

20150424_095732  20150424_101651The remaining 40 something pieces was cut into 20 to 30 pieces each and planted.  That’s around 1000 pieces that need dirt dug up, planting and putting the dirt back. Oh my goodness, what a chore that was.  We worked until late in the afternoon and had to stop with about 250 squares left.  We could not go anymore.  Chip helped us for several hours, thank goodness!   I appreciate more than I can say all the help he’s given us during the new house building.

be grateful annvI tend to wallow in the dirt when gardening or grass planting.  Since our yard has been a sloppy mess for a while, I had dirt from toe to head and it took two showers to get most of the dirt off.

I had my five year sleep apnea testing Friday night and will write about that in my next blog post.  If you’ve never had one I hope to take some of the mystery out of it for you.  Here’s how important it is.  I didn’t take action when my husband who told me, at least a year before I had my first sleep apnea test, that I was not breathing periodically throughout the night.  Because of my putting it off and also my not regularly using my CPAP once I got it I had multiple TIAs during the nights causing several lesions in my brain where information can’t pass through now.  When oxygen is not getting to your brain while you sleep multiple problems can happen WHICH COULD BE AVOIDED.  More on this subject next time!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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04.24.15 The year long wait is over! We’re making plans to take The Scenic Route!

west scemoc rpiteThursday, April 23, 2015 – The year long wait is over! Our departure date is planned for Monday, May 4, 2015 and we are in countdown mode now. It was a highlight of my day yesterday when I made reservations for two weeks to stay at Angler’s Holiday Mountain Resort in Mountain View, Arkansas from May 5 to May 19! We only got to stay there two days last time and can’t wait to enjoy it longer and explore that area before we head over to Oklahoma!

Yesterday, getting ready to hit the road, Roy moved all his tools out of the new storage building back into his truck bed. His truck bed is our garage while we are on the road. He put new blades on our lawnmower, cut the grass, and got it ready to send over to our son Chip’s house. The new renters have their own lawnmower so Chip now has a lawnmower to cut his grass with while we are gone. He’s happy!

He also dug out an area around the storage building to plant St. Augustine sod. The rain splashed the dirt  up on the building, making it really ugly and I’m sure it’s not good for it either.

20150422_183251 I finished up a few minor things in the house yesterday – cleaning toilets, putting some wax on a patch of floor and other little things. I removed all the cleaning supplies stored in the pantry and the house is locked up ready for the new folks to start moving things in. The For Lease sign is down and our agent is coming to remove the lock box from the front door!

Tuesday morning I went to Metairie to see my Neuropsychologist about retesting. I’ll be writing about that on my other blog if you want to read it. Here’s the link https://rosalynsalzheimersblog.wordpress.com/2015/04/23/some-things-i-learned-about-dementia-04-24-15/

Tuesday evening Chip and Madisyn came to eat and visit with us. He brought the Popeye’s and I made some banana pudding. I could eat banana pudding every day. We sat with them down by the pond, as we’ve been doing more of lately; enjoying the beauty of the area we created out there by putting in the culvert and covering it with dirt and grass. It’s been nice to have time, not designated for house building, to enjoy this beautiful property we have.


Tomorrow, Friday, we pick up a half pallet of St. Augustine Sod from Simpson Sod in Covington, and will be busy all day 10710782_789561357751592_2777229256040985242_nplanting that. If anyone is off work and wants to help give, us a holler!

We planted centipede seed a month ago and some of it is starting to come up. We’re just not confident it will cover the yard so we’re investing in more sod. We’ll cut it into smaller squares and plug as much of the house and RV’s yard as we can. We’ll be putting it down solid around those areas to keep the dirt from continuing to splash up onto the exterior walls of the house and the storage. We’ll make what we’re getting go as far as we can! That should be our last act of finishing off the house.

I want to ask for continued prayers for my friend Susan Taylor.  As she put on Facebook this morning: “Due to some headache issues, I’m having an MRI this morning to be sure the cancer hasn’t metastasized to my brain. I know the God of Angel Armies goes before me, and I would appreciate your prayers.”  Thank you all in advance for your prayers.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

I will praise him psalm 28 7


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04.20.15 Renting or selling a house is Not for the Faint of Heart, but We Have Renters!

10325522_10152436276118903_1909418304734190750_nNo, I’m not sharing bloody gory pictures! Renting or selling a house is definitely Not For The Faint of Heart!  Round and round and round you go. Monday, April 20, 2015 – We have real live renters! A fully signed lease and their move in date is May 1st (next Friday). You know our story about the most recent attempt at selling our house on 11337 Wardline Road.  At least that was successful and I’m very thankful it’s over with! I was going to share the long winding path it took to get to having real live renters, with a fully signed lease.  Then I thought, who really cares about all that. We’re finally at this point and that’s what matters. The short version is that we tried to rent it ourselves by posting the information and pictures on overwhen we pray 20 Facebook groups and putting an ad in the newspaper. Lots of interest, but no signed lease. We did our best, but decided the wise thing to do was to turn it over to our award winning real estate agent, Jamie Johnson. She came through, as always, and brought us some lookers and finally the winning couple! Since the couple’s move in date is next Friday, we are now in “getting ready to get back on the road” mode. Lots of things to get accomplished before we actually leave. Several things have to do with our RV so hopefully I can get Roy to share that technical stuff for you RVers who read this, and would like to learn from this. 10344782_10152006363346577_4902687707157234486_nWe give all the Glory to God for bringing us to this point and are so thankful for His constant care and love.  If you have to wait and wait and wait on an answer from God always know that His timing is not (almost ever) the same as our timing.  We’ve been waiting for over a year to get back on the road.  God kept us here for His reasons which are always for our good. I will share in a future blog post where we’ll be headed since it’s changed recently due to the timing of our departure.  Stay tuned! Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

zephania 3 17


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04.16.15 RV closet seasonal switch – brick garden border and pretty roses!

1897026_749015948443915_622098082_nThursday, April 16, 2015 – The culvert is still in place!!!  Just thought I’d throw that in!

Roy went to Lowe’s this morning to buy enough garden border bricks for the flowers beds around the front of our house.   We did not plan to do this, but rains over recent days have eroded the dirt and mulch we so lovingly formed into a garden.  One of the plants had no dirt around its roots since the dirt washed away so badly. It will just get worse if we don’t do this.

Garden bricks done on the right side!
After the flower bed bricks were laid down! No more mulch and dirt everywhere!!
Knock out roses that were just sticks a couple of months ago! I love these!


Our closet inside goes from about 6 inches to the left of the picture to the outside wall on the left where the window is. The space to the left is filled with shelving which is very helpful.

A little RV life information for those interested or beginning to live in an RV: In an RV there is generally little closet space.  We have much more space than normal, yet it’s only half of what we need to hold all our winter and summer clothing, so we rotate it all twice a year. We can hang around 12 shirts and 5 pair of pants for each of us, plus a coat, robe and well-worn, or stained work clothes.

Switching out the winter clothes we don’t need for the summer with the warmer weather clothing, and vice versa, can be a multiple day event.  That event occurred yesterday.  I put on my Return to Bruno CD by Bruce Willis and knocked it out in one day.

The off-season clothing is stored in Rubbermaid containers under the RV in the storage areas.  The in season clothing is in the closet.

All the clothing inside the closet that is going outside has to be checked for stains and washed if necessary, buttoned and folded up before placing in the containers.

My mama taught me that stains will grow if the clothing with stains 1779670_580289982108001_6143213862082352093_non them is stored without removing the stains.  Was she right, don’t know but if my mama said it, it must be true, so I do it that way!

Along the way I always throw out a few things that are just trash pile material.  I had most of a large garbage bag of throw away things this year.

All the clothing in the storage bins that will be used in the upcoming season are taken out of the containers, unrolled, sniffed for freshness then washed or hung up.  All the ones that came out yesterday were too wrinkled for wearing so they will all be washed over the next few days.  They got hung in the closet, so there’s not piles of clothes sitting around the bedroom waiting to be washed.  Now for the week long washing marathon in our tiny washer/dryer!

If you’ve just recently starting reading our blog you haven’t seen the RV we call home.  Here’s pictures taken in 2012 of Dora our RV.  Most of it still looks like this except that we’ve added stuff to it along the way!


Tomorrow we’ll go back to Lowe’s to buy more St. Augustine sod if they have it.  They only sell it on Friday’s so we have to wait till then.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

2 corinth 5 17cooltext1838781539

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04.14.15 Rising waters but the culvert is still there!!!

Palindrome+WeekTuesday, April 14, 2015 ( 04/14/15 )Did you know that every day this week can be written backwards and still be the same date? Madisyn and I say “Cool Beans” about things like this!

We have had a tremendous amount of rain the last few days and it will continue for several more days.

The good news is that – Our famous culvert is still standing! Yay for Roy’s brilliant engineering and God’s loving care!

The bad news is that the water in the pond has risen to a level that several of our pine trees are in the water and the legs of our white bench are in the water. The water is about halfway up the height of the interior of the culvert. Not sure what will happen by the end for he week but for today it is not over the culvert!!! Here’s some pictures of the water level.

The bench was around 3 feet up on the shore. Now the left leg is in the water.


The tree farthest away, in the middle, is several feet out into the water now. It use to be well up onto the shore.
You can see the trees and bench in the water and the water halfway up the height of the culvert earlier today. It was higher later today.

I had a nice day Monday visiting with work friends, seeing my primary care doctor, a fantastic visit with my son Chip and a fun trip to the grocery scooping up on all sorts of fruit and other brain healthy foods! Absolutely exhausted after all that but very happy to have visited with friends and loved ones. Not one picture was taken the whole day, can you believe that!

Roy had a nice day to himself, though he 1654376_826105987457633_4996957998919480494_nworked on the clean water tank most of the day.

My primary care doctor is requesting all my records from my neurologist so that while we’re traveling I will know they are in better hands. I’ve removed the blog posts from this blog regarding my brain. They will be accessible soon at Some Things I Learned About Alzheimer’s which I am renaming Some Things I Learned About Dementia. That is a more appropriate place (as my sweet husband pointed out) for me to share that type of information. A link to the Dementia blog is at the end of this post.
1782340_10152014034961961_524337757_oMy son Chip, is just the BOMB!! We had a wonderful visit where we actually got to talk to each other. Usually we briefly speak on the phone and when we’re together there are always others around. It was really nice to have a face to face talk with my little rug rat!

The one thing I didn’t get to do yesterday was visit with my friend, Susan Taylor who has cancer.  She was having a lot of pain and had to go to bed to deal with it.  Susan has one of the most positive spirits I’ve seen and is always helping others even while she’s dealing with cancer.  I ask that all of you pray for Susan that her pain will subside but also that God will take this cancer from her body.  If she knew you were hurting, she’d be one of the first to be praying for you, so please pray for her, often.

Today’s plan was to organize everything in all the closets and cabinets in the RV. I made about 5% progress on that before getting very side tracked taking care of paperwork, scanning and putting groceries away. Then I switched over to working on my blogs but there is still hope for the organization to be worked on in a bit or tomorrow!

The rain has stopped here and may not come back until late tomorrow so if you’re gonna get outside now is the time to do it!

Thanks for reading today!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!
psalm 92 1


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