06.05.21 May 30 – June 5, 2021 old folks luncheon, seafood gumbo, Thanks Leanna, I love God, plumbing problems, homemade Wendy’s frosty, BUNN tea urn, Buddy and Benny, pulling weeds, Buddy’s vet visit, blueberries, Roy’s email, my selu.edu email, haircut, second tomato, new pots for plants, and more!

My love for my God has grown so much lately and I have to give him Praise and all the Glory for what He has done in my life. This was originally the last sentence in this post but it is the most important sentence so I moved it to the top. My relationship with God is the only thing that has kept me from sinking into a deep depression since Roy died. I’ve learned to give Him all my pain and sorrow and ask for joy and peace. He always provides.

We’ve had problems with our plumbing here at our home in Amite since we first moved in. Roy tackled it a few years ago by replacing the underground pipes with bigger, more sturdy pipes and creating two access points to get into the pipes when they get clogged up on their way to the septic tank.

What a lovely way to start off this week’s blog post! Chip worked and worked and worked on it but finally figured out that the septic tank needs to be emptied. That is not a cheap adventure but we had an appointment on June 10th to get that done. Last Friday Chip figured out that the electricity was turned off to the system and that was the cause of our recent problems. Now that it’s turned on we can cancel the appointment! Yay!

Sunday – I drove myself to church and back and even stopped at Walmart to get the last ingredient I needed to make seafood gumbo. I don’t remember ever making seafood gumbo before so I got my friend Leanna’s recipe so I’m sure it will be great! And it was especially after it deepened its flavor overnight. Thank you so much Leanna Traylor. I’ve found a new favorite meal!

I bought an ice cream maker a couple of months ago. Chip made a version of Wendy’s chocolate frosty ice cream!

I’ve tasted the ice cream and had a bowl of the gumbo and I do believe I love both! We are thinking that gumbo with shrimp, chicken, and sausage (with okra of course) would be a nice new gumbo tradition. We’ll see how that turns out! The ice cream has been in the freezer which we watched Beetlejuice and Evan Almighty. Both good old movies!

The BUNN tea urns that I wrote about last week now have pretty flowers in them!

Both Buddy and Benny (I’m changing Bennie to Benny and I just hope he doesn’t care!) had a bath and had their hair blown dry and they stretched out for a good nap feeling all handsome and snazzy!

Monday  The gumbo does taste better the next day. My friend Cindy V came over to visit and we had a nice, though all too short, visit!

Seems like some of my best photos lately are of me sprawled out on the grass.  The grass and the Gravel are supposed to, in my mind, form a straight line but they don’t so I have to make them be straight by pulling weeds and grass and adding gravel along the edge. When Chip posted this picture on Facebook he wrote, “My mom lives for God and pulling weeds.” Someone noticed the baseball bat on the ground… Perhaps that’s how I landed there!

Tuesday – Chip took Buddy to the vet since his cough has come back once the steroids ran out. He’s back on steroids again, got his nails clipped and has his dental cleaning and the little eye skin removal scheduled for next Monday morning early.

I picked four cups of blueberries off the bushes today. Last year I didn’t bake anything with them but this year I am determined to do that.  A blueberry pie is planned for those blueberries. UPDATE: The blueberry pie was sooooo delicious!

We had a long and hard rain today. As always I hear the plants and grass singing the Hallelujah chorus!

Wednesday – Found out that I really will have to change my rosalyn@selu.edu email address as it will no longer exist at Southeastern due to some data security thing they are doing. If you’re not a current student, faculty, or staff your account will be deactivated sometime this Summer.  I’ve created a new one at rosalynchauvin1@gmail.com. Please use my rosalyn@selu.edu until around July 1st as the new one has a couple of kinks that need to get worked out.

I closed Roy’s email account, roy@rchauvin.com, today which set off my heart hurting and tears. I haven’t had to deal with things like that in a while.

Thursday our church, Trinity, had a Senior Adult Luncheon today. I drove myself there and did really well! Here’s a link to the post I wrote about the fun time we had. I did some shopping in Hammond since I was there and drove myself back home!

I am working slowly to be more independent and truly want to get back to having a settled, more normal life. I hope you all can see that in my writings about my life now.

Friday  I got my hair cut, a bit shorter this time.  Seems to be a trend and I love it! Do not ever expect my hair to ever look like this when I am fixing it! Harriett, am I looking more like you?

Benny and Buddy are learning to live with each other and are so precious! 

Buddy is sharing his bowties with Benny! We had some seafood gumbo juice leftover and some cooked drumsticks in the freezer. I pulled the chicken off the bones and added it to the seafood gumbo juice and it was delicious! I love experimenting like that!

Saturday was supposed to be a family day at the baseball field in Baton Rouge. The rain made them cancel the games. I miss my little ones in Baton Rouge so much and was really looking forward to seeing them and visiting with their mom and dad. Next Saturday there are games so I’m hoping we can see them for those.

I enjoyed my coffee and breakfast out on the patio and listened to some gospel music out there. Several days ago Chip made me 8 cheese omelets and I’ve been enjoying them one each morning since they do not cause my blood sugar to go up!

Our second tomato from my one tomato plant! I picked three cups of blueberries off the bushes today.

Yesterday I bought pots for two plants and this morning I worked on replanting those in the new pots this morning.

That wraps up this week in Rosalyn’s life!

05.30.21 May 22 – 29, 2021 Church, plants, planting grass, pulling weeds, moving bulbs, Roy’s truck, squirrel sightings, DISC in Covington, low blood sugar, white trellis cleaning, Bennie joins the family, neurologist visit, BUNN tea urns, and floating in the pond!

This week started on Sunday when we went to Sunday School and Worship Service at our church, Trinity Baptist. I’d love to have ya’ll join us there on Sundays to learn more about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Find out what all the fuss is about and how much we love being Christians.

I usually spend a lot of time making my blogs make sense, in good order and as cleaned up as can be. I will still try to do that somewhat but it’s getting harder so please forgive whatever errors or mistakes I make!

Sunday – I did not feel well before we left for church last Sunday. This not feeling well was having trouble breathing, feeling bloated and something else I don’t remember. Chip recommended that I take a sip of water and then burp. I did that several times and started feeling well enough to get on the road to church.

My Sunday School class moved to a bigger classroom and we almost filled up this bigger room. Isn’t that great!

I had to sit down during a couple of hymns that were sung during our worship service but felt fine otherwise.

After church, we went to Lowe’s for me to do some browsing and I came out having purchased a few flower plants and some new cucumber seeds. Two plants that I’ve never bought before.  The first plant is a pink guara and the second is a lavender plant.

This one I’ve had before and loved it.  It is a Mandevilla vine-like plant. Buddy likes getting in as many pictures as he can!

I think these new plants will mostly be planted in the garden I can see from my bedroom window. That’s always been the plan to be able to view lots of flowering plants from that window where I hope to eventually have a comfy chair facing that window where I can relax and enjoy the beauty.  Right now my blueberry bushes that are right outside that window are starting to pop some big beautiful blueberries. I love it and love this aspect of our beautiful property.

I don’t know if you noticed but I am having a difficult time remembering to say “my” this or that instead of “our” this or that. Roy was the other part of “our” and I am trying to get used to just “me” so I type whatever comes to mind when that happens. That’s hard to do when I was part of an “our” for 47 years.

Several daffodil bulbs were stuck under a large boulder by the road so Chip moved the boulder and I dug up the 8 bulbs there. I replanted them between the knock-out rose bushes by the front porch.  Next year we will have daffodils growing between the rose bushes in the early spring! I crawl around on the ground getting from place to place while doing all the work.

Monday – I went to my friend Cindy Vernon’s home to play in her yard some more pulling up weeds. I forgot to mention in the last blog that she worked on her herb bed while I pulled weeds last week. She gave me a bag of fresh clipped oregano and a bag of fresh clipped rosemary. She also gave me some oregano plants that I planted in one of my pots outside. The bags and plants she gave me smell sooooo good! I can’t wait to use them in my cooking!

Cindy’s home is quite unique. You can see it in the photo below of me and the garden I finished weeding today. Three sides of the house are underground. Only the front is above ground. It’s a very large house and when you’re inside you don’t realize you are underground. I love it!

Tuesday – The man who bought Roy’s truck was going to come here for us to go to a notary for something having to do with the truck’s title. They got hit with a tire that blew off an 18 wheeler so they had to turn around and go home and will come to do that on Friday.

I decided to clean the white trellis that the grapevines grow up. I also planted some new cucumber seeds there to have more since the seeds I planted by the house didn’t do well and the only one that is growing is pretty pitiful looking.

I placed the flowers I bought where I think they should go to see how they do before planting them.

When we were living in Dora our motorhome, I always enjoyed watching the squirrels around here gather and eat in the middle of the front yard where the birdhouse is.  A couple of weeks ago Chip put up on the birdhouse pole a white swing that I ordered. We are putting bird feed in it and corn on the cobs to attract squirrels. We don’t see them but they are eating the corn and some pretty birds are eating the seed..

Chip went over to Cindy V’s house to cut her grass today so she wouldn’t have to do it since she recently had surgery.

Wednesday – Look what I saw out my bedroom window when I got up this morning. There were two of them and when this one was finished his snack they scurried up the big pine tree. Absolutely what I wanted this feeder for!

My blood sugar went down to 55 today and thanks to my Dexcom I was notified of that. I was busy doing little things around the house and started to feel weak at the same time the monitor told me it was low. I ate/drank some maple syrup and some cinnamon sugar. Right now it is back up to 86.  I know this is not good but it was really nice to get to drink something so sweet and it be okay!!

Our neighbors asked us today if we would like to have their Maltese dog, one year old Bennie. I was quite shocked and delighted. He’s such a sweet dog and is already Buddy’s friend. They are not home enough to give him the attention he needs.  They love him and since he will right next door when he lives here he can go visit whenever he wants to. Having had Samson, Misty’s teacup Maltese living here for a while and loving that cute little ball of white hair so much we are very excited about expanding our Chauvin household to welcome Bennie Chauvin!  I actually think one of Roy’s uncles name was Bennie Chauvin!

Not quite sure how this is going to turn out with Benny. He slipped out of his harness/leash a couple of times Friday and we couldn’t get him to come back. I tried a few times and Chip tried many dozens of times to get him to come back. As soon as he sees us he takes off running for his life. We didn’t torture him or anything but he runs away from us like we did!. He will not come back. We’ve seen him several times so we know he’s okay, but cannot catch him. His family, our neighbors, are away for the weekend so we’re hoping we can figure out some way to keep him here so he can start being our precious Bennie.

A little update: Benny is now home with us! Both he and Buddy got a bath and are happy little men!

Thursday – Chip took me to my neurologist Dr. Zapata in Hammond to get the result of the Neuropsych testing I had about a month ago. You may remember that was done in Baton Rouge and I only learned from the Neuropsychologist that I’ve had a significant decline from the last testing in 2015. Here’s a link to what we learned at today’s visit. Neuropsych testing results

Friday – Cindy V picked me up and we went to Dirt Cheap for a big shopping spree! I bought a 5 cent USA necklace in red and blue! I am quite the big spender!  After that Chip and I went with the man who bought Roy’s truck to have my signature notarized for the title and some other paperwork about the truck. I was kinda concerned about the fact that the truck was in Roy’s name but he’s not here to sign the title over to the buyer.  It wasn’t a problem at all since the Notary said that as long as the “next of kin” can sign for it that is legal. The man who bought it put a new engine in it and already has it sold! I did some shopping at Walmart after that and got some red, white, and blue flowers for my Patriotic summer decorations.

Saturday was a great day. Spent time in the yard pulling up dead grass runners and planting healthy grass runners where the dead ones were.

These two stainless steel BUNN tea urns were given to us by the couple that previously rented our house from us. I’ve been using them for plants down by the fence line. I decided to move them up to the patio a few days ago and today new plants were planted in them as well as plants from other pots.  I like them better where they are now!

Chip, Buddy, and I went tubing around our pond today and really enjoyed it. This may have been my biggest adventure since we lived on the road and had an adventure every other day then! Chip bought a tube a few days ago and ventured out to discover what all could be seen from the water. I bought a tube yesterday and got in for my maiden voyage today going from almost one end of the pond to our end just relaxing and enjoying the views from the pond. There was no breeze today so we had to paddle using our hands/arms to go forward or just stop and enjoy the beauty in one place. Buddy doesn’t have any work today and enjoys it too!

This is Chip and Buddy floating around yesterday.

We just enjoyed a good old springtime rain soaking! That’s the end of this week!

From previous weeks that I forgot to include then:

I forgot to include in my last post that a lot of what contributed to me working too much included that on Saturday I spent 6 hours straight picking rocks out of the front yard, pulling up weeds and grass runners, and replanting the runners after cleaning and snipping them into a place where the runners were needed in the side yard and replanting several daffodil bulbs. Something killed two areas of grass in an area around 3 feet across in both the left side yard and the right side yard. The dead grass had strong roots and took me twice as long to dig up as the new runners took the plant. If I didn’t pull up the dead grass it would affect the new ones trying to establish themselves. We have no idea why the grass died that was there. All around it in both places are healthy thick grass.

I forgot to share in my last blog that Cindy Vernon took me with her to her surgery follow-up appointment in Covington.  How I could forget that when I wrote about last week I don’t know. Well, I do know how, I have dementia but it is those big chunks of forgotten events that are very irritating. There were statues in the waiting room that were so cool I’m going to share them all in another post.

Here’s one of the statues just to tempt you to want to see more! Two different views of the same statute.

Cindy V and I ate a delicious lunch at Cracker Barrell and enjoyed shopping there! Thanks, Cindy for inviting me to tag along and for buying me lunch!

I’ve got to find some way to not feel like I need to share every single thought that comes to find about each day’s events.  I hope I do!