04.23.16 We have a lot of holes in the ground!

Saturday, April 23, 2016 –  Within 24 hours of us arriving home last Thursday Roy was digging holes in the ground!  He has a list of projects he wants to take care of while we’re home.  This was number one on the list!

When we are home, Dora is parked on the gravel pad we created for her.  Her heaviness causes the tires to sink down in the gravel which isn’t a good thing for Dora’s tires to sit on for any length of time.  Roy felt that by burying railroad ties a couple of inches inches into the dirt the tires would have a better base, for while we’re in town.

20160415_143538 (Medium)  20160415_143837 (Medium)

Roy started first by pulling Dora up to the front of our property and hole after hole was dug.  The holes actually looked like we were planning to bury someone!  But instead Roy planted railroad ties he bought from Abita Springs Lumber yard.  He bought four at first and then went back for five more a couple of days later.

The original railroad ties he buried several months ago around our RV parking pad started to move out an inch or so from the weight of the rocks being pushed against them when Dora is parked there.  I would have ignored an inch of movement but Roy saw it as a potential future disaster, so fix it he must!  I never mean to sound like I’m making fun of him but a wife finds humor in some things her husband does and I, of course, share them!

20160415_144641 (Medium)20160415_144657 (Medium)

After digging out dirt and burying one tie next to the original ties he proceeded to pull Dora forward and dig two holes, one twice as wide as the other.  The two wide railroad ties were to hold the back set of four tires on and the single railroad ties are for the jacks that are lowered when we park to level us.

20160416_125232 (Medium) 20160416_125333 (Medium)  20160416_133456 (Medium)

Our neighbor Kevin graciously offered to help Roy dig which was a lifesaver!  Not only did digging out gravel and dirt need to be done but then wheelbarrows of dirt needed to be dumped in the rear of our property where there is a hole that needed filling.  Pushing a wheelbarrow is one thing but when you have to go down a slope like we have makes it especially hard.   Thanks so much Kevin for giving of yourself to help us out!  You and Shannon are the best neighbors and renters we could ever ask for!

20160416_144901 (Medium) 20160416_144932 (Medium)

I’ll pause here before sharing with you the thrilling conclusion of this amazing tale to show you how brilliant my hubby is about moving these extremely heavy railroad ties around!  He said his dad taught him that.  Misty says our son Chip moves things around on the desk chair that has swivel legs.  Must be a Chauvin man thing!

Okay on to the good stuff!

Back to the lumber place he went, coming back with the last five (I’m really hoping it’s the last ones)!  Dora gets moved way back on the pad till her tail is hanging over the end.  This happened with all the slides out and me still in bed one morning!  I knew when I didn’t roll off the bed on the side that he didn’t go over the edge and went peacefully back to sleep!

Another large hole and one half that size was dug for the front tires and jack.

20160417_123603 (Medium)

20160417_123845 (Medium)20160417_173940 (Medium)20160418_122720 (Medium)20160418_133334 (Medium)

20160417_131305 (Medium)

One of the railroad ties was sawed into two pieces.  One piece was put at the end of the first tie that was buried so it would match the original ties length.  Same on the opposite side.

20160419_141541 (Medium)

THEN…….  Roy realized that the spacing of the two ties and the one tie in the back was off by enough that the jack didn’t sit correctly on the single tie.  Digging began and it got moved!

20160419_141516 (Medium)20160419_141532 (Medium)20160419_142545 (Medium)

That’s one project Roy could scratch off his list.  Next he goes onto several more projects which I’ll entertain you with as I find time to write!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!



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03.25.15 Dirt and gravel Pictures, part 2

10426312_614176945378946_7052261678171350103_nWednesday, March 25, 2015 PART 2 – Here’s what’s left of the dirt grading and gravel grading.  We had a load of gravel delivered to raise the RV pad, create a second parking space in front of the RV and lengthen the renter’s drive way to beyond the back of the house.

Looking down the hill to the pond. All of this area is much smoother now.
A different view of the end of the culvert by the pond. It looks so pretty to not see the culvert any longer.
Ronnie, our contractor, and Roy walking around on the newly covered culvert area.
The back yard is dressed and the renter’s driveway is lengthened.
The dozer leveling the gravel the dump truck left.
The finished full graveled RV pad. It really looked beautiful to us.
Looking at the finished parking pad from the front yard
RV parking pad and expanded parking space from the street
A different view from the right side
Front yard
Roy putting the first of the boards down for the RV to park on top of.

Here’s a couple of pics of getting ready to landscape!

The adagio grass has gone from chopped off sticks to beautiful plants ready to be in the ground!
Mulch and dirt spread out ready for Thursday’s plantings

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ here!

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03.25.15 Final dirt grading!

love of god I am behind on my blogging, so much is happening and I’m pretty worn out!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 – What a day this has been!

The day finally arrived for the final grading. That means we no longer see the infamous culvert and hope to never see it again!  The difficult to walk down back hill is now graded and much easier to navigate. The three piles of dirt in the back yard are history! The septic tank is much more covered so it’s not as obvious. The RV pad is at its correct height filled with gravel. The parking space in front of ourtoday i choose to be happy because i can RV has been doubled to accommodate visits. The driveway for the house was extended to past the back of the house to make it easier to get in the back door with groceries or whatever! The landscaping can be done, getting all the bushes off the RV patio and into the ground around the house.  The grass seed can be spread!

We moved Dora out to the street so the dozer could have room to do it’s thing.  We also sat outside with our contractor most of the day watching the work being done.  At the end of the day our pockets were much more empty but our yard looks beautiful and even.

Ronnie’s contracting work here is done now.  He’s been a fabulous contractor with his guidance and all his subcontractors.  We appreciate all the great care he took of us and the expertise he s1620975_714387978591656_942445942_nhowed throughout the whole process.  We could never have done this without him.

After that was done Roy and I went to Lowe’s and stocked up on grass seed, mucho many bags of top soil and brown mulch (never have figured out why people would buy the black or red mulch).  Tomorrow, Thursday, will be landscaping and grass seed spreading day. This is probably our last step in the whole process, other than watering the seeds every day until we leave so they will germinate and grow well.

Now to get a good renter!!

Here are pictures of some of the dirt work.  I took tons of pictures and really want to show them all.  I am including 20 pictures today in this post.  I’ll create a second post of just pictures with the rest.  Feel free to skip most if you want but I know some folks will want to see every one of them and I want to be able to look back at all of them at some point in the future.

The huge dump truck delivering the first of the dirt
One of the first loads being shoved across the culvert!
Part of the culvert covered
Roy’s plan B. In addition to these cables hooked to a long pole down in the ground there is rebarb through each stack of concrete.
The area where the electric company dug is now graded and ready for grass to grow.
Back yard being graded – the piles of dirt are still there
Back yard grading – dirt mounds are gone
Roy dragging dirt nearer to the fence side of the culvert
Ronnie and Roy checking out the dirt at the fence end of the culvert
The covered culvert from the pond end.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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03.23.15 and 03.24.15 Fresh fish, rental ad, CPAP, sweet visit, woohoo – dozer work!

1236245_422743977829505_1298705541_nMonday, March 23, 2015 – Spent all morning updating the house for rent photo album with current pictures, deleting the ads on 23 Facebook group pages and posting new ads with a link to the updated  pictures.  Here’s the current pictures (as if you haven’t seen enough pictures of this house!).  Click on the link below to go to the album:


Roy went fishing and brought in about 8 perch that he cleaned and fried for our lunch!!  What a treat to eat fresh out the pond fish!

unfried fishfried fishTuesday, March 24, 2015 –

Roy and I sat outside this morning drinking our coffee for about an hour.  The beautiful oak leaves are coming in bigger and bigger each day now.  The birds were all out chirping and making beautiful sounds.  Such a morning reminds me why we love this lifestyle.  I’m so thankful that God allowed us to do this and is with us each and every day.

Five years ago mid May of this year I’ll have been using my CPAP for sleep apnea 5 years.  That means I’m eligible10898029_10152580549741198_601716070469061758_n for new equipment.  But we won’t be here in Louisiana then (hopefully!) and our local company Life Care Medical can’t ship to us.  This means we have to find a new company to handle this who can ship to us country wide.  I began working with LINCARE this morning to make a transition to them.  They have all my information and now I’m just waiting for them to contact me with a status of getting set up with them.   Just another little thing that has to be taken care of for us to continue living on the road.  This equipment is critical in stopping me from having more TIAs so I need to make sure this is in place.  This is what my CPAP machine looks like.  This may be an older model because when I searched for pictures there were lots of other ones but this was the only one I found.  When my 5 years is up I hope to get the latest and greatest.

cpapElizabeth Halpin Smith came to visit today to bring Roy a back up drive that wasn’t working.  Of course my brilliant computer husband got it working and is transferring all the files to a new one.  We always love it when Elizabeth visits and we got to show her the new house and this beautiful land.   No pictures of our visit, just know that we both had bit smiles on our faces from her visit!

Todd Hampton, our dozer man pulled up a little bit ago and dropped off his dozer to begin work tomorrow morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   When our contractor, Ronnie, called to say Todd was on his way was a Hallelujah moment for sure. This is the very last step of work someone else does in this whole house building process.  Roy and I will be spreading centipede seed and planting all the plants we purchased when this grading is finished.  Then the grass should start growing 2-3 weeks later and finally the yard and landscaping is done!!!

We have to wake up very early so we can move Dora back out into the street so the dozer can deliver more dirt and gravel in the space Roy created with the cross ties last week. 20150324_170950Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

joshua 1 9


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03.21.15 and 03.22.15 Visits with friends and family AND all the appliances came home!

Rosalyn and Roy – we are Dora’s Explorers

Saturday, March 21, 2015 – Can’t believe it’s already mid March!

Our dear friends, Pat and Amy, and my sister and brother in law came to visit today. We’ve known Pat since I was very young when she and my mom became close friends.  Amy is Pat’s youngest after Julie and Billy.  No matter where they have lived we have remained almost like family throughout the years.  We showed them the house, had a very nice visit outside by the RV and then took the party to LaCaretta in Amite. It was wonderful to catch up on everyone’s family. Thanks Pat for the delicious lunch and to both you and Amy for a great visit!

Harriet, George, Roy, Pat Turner, Amy Turner Rowan

When we came back from lunch Lowe’s was delivering the remainder of our appliances: range, refrigerator, washer/dryer. Now our kitchen and laundry room are complete and we’re ready for someone to move in. b2  b6

Roy got these stepping stones the other day.  We will put them from the right side of the front porch to the driveway on the right side of the house.

b7Now to find the perfect renter! I have an ad going in the Hammond newspaper next Friday, Saturday and Sunday since we haven’t found a renter through Facebook.  Also going to put flyers in the local businesses.  Our goal is to have it rented by April 1st but time is slipping away so we have to crank it up a bit.

Sunday, March 22, 2015 – The Oyster Festival is this weekend in Amite with a parade and a street party. Roy and I went to it Sunday afternoon. Pics from that to 10942667_601676039933321_323597039332087737_ncome later.

I slept 15 hours Saturday night from 9 pm Saturday until Noon on Sunday.  I seem to get really worn out when visiting and trying to appear to have it all together for a period of time.  I thought I did okay Saturday with our guests but sleeping 15 hours after the visit seems to be a recovery thing.   Not real thrilled with the changes in me from this brain shrinking thing.  But I am more than thankful to still have the really good days I have.

Our property didn’t get graded today like we hoped, but Monday it might!!  We bought centipede grass seed to spread when that’s done.  Looking forward to a fully finished property and house! And a great renter!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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03.18.15 and 03.19.15 Electricity on – FINALLY, air conditioning on, floors sealed!!!!!

10172807_939981799353012_8805566607690589901_nWednesday, March 18, 2015 – Yippe, yippe, yay!  Around noon today Washington St Tammany Electric Co-op pulled into our driveway and in the street hooking up the finishing piece giving us electricity to the house. It was kind of cool watching the man get in the bucket and get lifted way up high to do his thing.  Not sure why three trucks were needed but hey we have electricity now so….. Thank you Ms. Sandra for your patience with all my calls!

20150318_123530Now the final fun begins.  We will finally be able to turn the lights on to see how they really look and will be able to see well enough inside to clean the tubs, bathrooms, inside of cabinets and everything. I loved being able to see today while I scrapped sheet rock mud out of the bathrooms and scraped the floor getting ready for the floors to be sealed. 10940436_852978264743724_6105966092457149834_n Also enjoyed the fans being on cooling down the house!

Now that we have power the air conditioner was hooked up this afternoon, another big thing!  Now it will run all night to start drying out the air and floors in the house.   The last of the money is is flowing – not much more to go!

A wonderful couple came to see the house today and someone is coming tomorrow and another is coming Saturday so hopefully soon we’ll have it rented!

Thursday, March 19, 2015 – Our stained concrete guy, Roy Bankston came this morning to put several layers of floor sealer on the stained floors and put the Fleur de Lis down.  We’ll leave it for two days to dry before moving the appliances into the kitchen and laundry room.  It needs another coat or two but that will come.

Here’s pics:

Living room floor cleaned but not sealed. I swept that floor a dozen times and never got it this clean. So happy they did!
Fleur de Lis inside front door
Looking into the kitchen from the living room
Floor in front of the breakfast bar
Living room by front door

10996561_929544167063442_2054726244523761543_nRoy finished putting down all of the cross ties yesterday and promised me he will rest today…………


Only thing left is a little wrap up for the electrician and plumber and the final dirt grading which will include covering the culvert with dirt.  Then we can plant the bushes and some grass to wrap everything up !  Whoop whoop!!

Just found out we’ll have Madisyn one night/day next week and a few days during the week after Easter!  Fun times!  We are having a couple of dear friends from Clinton, MS, my sister and brother in law coming to visit Saturday morning so it’s clean up time around here tomorrow.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

ISAIAH 40 8cooltext1838781539

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03.17.15 No electricity, railroad ties, first grass cutting of spring!

my god is biggerTuesday, March 17, 2015 – Woke up to the sun shining and thought I’d see an electric company truck out there hooking up our power – but no!  I called the nice lady at the electric company and she checked with the man in charge of making that happen and they won’t be here until Wednesday……………………  So I called our contracted and grrrrhe had to push everything back another day!

After depleting every bit of anything Roy had in his body yesterday working on the culvert he got just enough rest last night so he forgot how horrible that was.  This morning he ordered a bunch of cross ties (railroad things) to make a form around the RV.  He says it will help him with backing Dora into the spot and it will help keep the gravel where it’s suppose to be instead of in the yard.     20150317_164859I just helped him move the one in the picture above to the other side of the RV in the back to line up with the ones that’s done.  He did comment that he thinks he bit off more than he can chew with this project.  After carrying around a total of 6400 pounds of concrete yesterday and then tackling these big things, I agree.  Anyone who wants to come on out to Amite tomorrow and help Roy will be welcomed!

Here’s what it looked like after he put it into place.

20150317_1800491.5 done, only 5.5 left!  We got these at Gabriel’s Building Supply in Amite for around $12 each.  They also have them at Abita Lumber in Abita Springs for around the same price.  Abita Lumber also has some of a lower quality for a little over $4 each. If you’re working on your spring garden those might be the one’s to buy!

I took my first turn around the yard on our lawn mower as grass and weeds have been growinglady on lawn mower for a couple of weeks.  It looks much prettier now!  It’s been quite a while since I’ve had dirt and dust under my eyelids, in my nose, all in my very clean hair and every other place it gets when you cut grass and a lot of dirt! Can’t wait to have grass in the front yard.  It was all dug up early in the construction process.

Looking forward to electricity being connected tomorrow, our electrician wrapping up his work and the air conditioner being connected and turned on!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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