05.27.15 On our way to Oklahoma City with a stop along the way!

1774c1e604817d12570703aa7b78b4b2Wednesday, May 27, 2015 – We pulled out of Terra Starr RV Park in Checotah, Oklahoma at 9am this morning headed west to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  We’re making a stop along the way to have lunch with my long time friend from church Susan Randels Ward in Shawnee, OK about 90 minutes west of Tulsa.  We have not seen each other in at least 30 years, probably more.

Here’s Susan and I today!   20150527_125026 Susan took us into the old downtown part of Shawnee for lunch at an old local restaurant, Hamburger King.   You order on the phone that is in your booth.  I got to experience ordering that way and it was cool!  The burgers were quite delicious and it was really neat to enjoy some of their local charm.  We both really appreciate Susan taking us there!

20150527_12441320150527_12493820150527_125012On our way there we drove through Oklahoma Baptist University where Susan graduated from.  Her dad, my childhood pastor, and her mom (Bro. and Mrs. Randels as I knew them) went there also!  Beautiful old campus that has grown considerably since Susan graduated.

20150527_123013churchWe had a wonderful visit, catching up on everyone in each other’s lives.  We have so many common childhood and youth memories and couldn’t possibly touch on each of them during a short visit, but we tried hard too!

On Tuesday (yesterday) we went into Tulsa, OK and looked around.  It’s a spread out beautiful city.  We made a 262086_10151243592759706_1637841295_nstop at Sam’s Club and ate for the first time ever at a Whataburger.  Very good food!  We wanted to see a movie but of the 10 showing there wasn’t one we wanted to see.

On our way back to the RV Park we stopped at Matt and Alanna’s again.  Matt was outside working hard cutting the grass and we sat inside in the cool with Alanna and the girls.  We played and visited.  When we were here on Saturday none of the pictures we took were of Alanna or I so we corrected that and got a couple today!

Hope, Alanna and Karstyn
Rosalyn and Alanna

Until I knew exactly when we were leaving the Tulsa area, I couldn’t make reservations for travels past the park we were in.  That’s usually not a problem.  However yesterday afternoon and evening when I called multiple parks in and around Oklahoma City they were all full.  Seems the flooding and tornadoes have misplaced a lot of people into parks and brought insurance adjusters into the area. I tried RV parks, state parks, city parks, casinos and nothing.  If it was available it was well out of what we heartwant to pay. Because of that, we’ll be staying a couple of nights in a Walmart parking lot in Shawnee and one in Oklahoma City.  We don’t mind the Walmart set up, but we’ve never done it two nights in a row.

expomapTo show you how quickly RV life changes, we now have reservations for two nights at the Shawnee Exposition Center in Shawnee.  A friend (fellow RVer) who is from Oklahoma mentioned it, we called and they have plenty of openings!  We are now here parked under some nice shade trees enjoying the Oklahoma sunshine.  It’s rained so many days that I want to acknowledge the goodness of God’s beautiful sunshine!!!  We are about 35 miles from Oklahoma City and will spend all day tomorrow in the city trying to see and do all we can fit into one day!

Our recent plans were to stay in the OKC area a week and then head west to Amarillo, TX, Albuquerque, NM and up to Colorado.  Seems most of those places are having weather issues also, so we’re changing course again and going to head up toward Wichita, KS after leaving Shawnee and stay for a week at a Coast to Coast park there.  From there we’ll go west to Colorado and hope to stay at least a month in that state!

That about sums up all that’s going on and is planned.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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05.25.15 Happy Memorial Day, Oklahoma Renaissance Festival

memorial day 2Monday, May 25, 2015 – Happy Memorial Day!  My friend M’Lou Thompson put the following statement on Facebook this morning.  She said it so eloquently that I want to share here:

On this Memorial Day, as I enjoy and appreciate seeing the pictures of husbands, fathers, uncles, etc., posted of handsome young men in uniforms, it occurs to me that we always see these soldiers smiling and looking directly into cameras, and we forget for the moment, or even dismiss, that those cameras show us nothing of their actual sacrifice–the physical and emotional pain, the scars that never heal, and of course for some, the loss of a precious life. We owe them so much!

renaissance2We spent our Memorial Day enjoying the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival at Muskogee, Oklahoma about 40 minutes north of our RV park.  Since 1996, the festival features over 90 artisans and merchants, you can dine on renaissance fare, and interact with scores of dashing nobles, peasants, and regal knights. From the village to the king’s royal castle to the magical depths of the Enchanted Forest, there are dozens of locations throughout the Castle’s Kingdom for visitors to explore and enjoy. The festival is held on weekends in May and Memorial Day.

castle mapA very well constructed and planned event.  Around every corner were small structures with all manner of craft demonstrated and sold, resting places, entertainment from olden times, and renaissance related food.  Since it rained continually for the last few days the walking areas were damp but the sun shone the whole time we were there (an amazing thing right there) and the thousands of people attending the festival all seemed to have a great time.

It’s surprising to see the large percentage of visitors wearing renaissance period clothing.  Several of the small structures sold men’s and women’s clothing, corsets (!!), hats, chains and anything you’d need to dress like they did.   This was their 20th annual event and it clearly has grown into a well oiled production.  They even had people just sitting throughout talking in the old way of talking and visiting with whomever would talk to them.  One man had Roy and I individually sit with him while he made up a song using our name!


When we stopped for lunch I ordered a Rat on a Stick and Roy got a sandwich with an odd name.  The Rat on a Stick was polish sausage hand wrapped in garlic fry bread.  Yum!  I saw folks walking around with fried turkey legs and lots of old time beer steins all around!

20150525_133944I’d highly recommend this festival to anyone in the area in the month of May each year.  It’s on N Fern Mountain Road in Muskogee, OK.  Here’s several pictures of what all we saw today.  A wonderful family event for families of all ages.

20150525_125814 20150525_130535    20150525_140508 20150525_140546 20150525_141509   20150525_144419 20150525_150517 20150525_150604  20150525_150801 20150525_151728Well that was our Memorial Day adventure!  We are hoping for a good weather day tomorrow as we are going into Tulsa to see what’s there!!! Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!

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05.24.15 Rising waters AGAIN – Really??? and Pretty little Oklahoma girls!

11112503_1068530689885286_5861828055761562663_nSunday, May 24, 2015 – Good thing we love being in our RV because we’re doing a lot of that!!!!  After watching the waters rise in the river in Arkansas we hoped that would be the last we’d see of rising waters.  But noooooo, Lake Eufaula (Oklahoma) has risen well over its banks before we even arrived and is still growing! We are parked several hundred feet from the edge of the water.

Yes we do things other than watch water rise but at the present time that seems to be the only thing to do while it continues to pour down. The pictures below start on Thursday and go through today Sunday.  From what the locals say the water is a good 100 feet past Lake Eufaula’s banks and has been that way for about a week.

See the four foot tall grey RV electric pedestal near center left. Several sites past that are underwater.
Most already moved their RVs to higher ground.
The actual lake is way beyond this.
Roy looking at a different area. There are rows of RVs on both sides of four different roads leading down to the lake. If they didn’t move they are underwater.
This is how it normally is
Even if it is a mess and out of sorts now I think I’d really like this one if it was dry!!

wpid-20150523_111359.jpg1 4Today’s pictures really don’t show much more water coming on shore except in one picture.  I’ll point that out.  With the way my Severe Weather watch on my phone kept going off last night about Flash Flooding I’d have thought it was outside our RVs front door.  I’m thankful it was not.

The square wooden platform with planter on top was on very dry ground originally as was the picnic table next to it.

We did spend some dry time going to church with a young couple we know.  Matt and Alanna Traylor and their girls Hope and Karstyn now live in Oklahoma about an hour from where we are staying.  Ours sons, grew up at Trinity (our home church) with Matt.  Alanna was my student worker at Southeastern for a few years including being together on September 11, 2001.  One thing I remember about that day was Alanna printing out a scripture with Phillipians 4:6-7 and stuck it to the file cabinet next to her.  That paper stayed on that file cabinet for many years. 20150523_183846 The scripture is in the picture below.  Man did I need that scripture that day.

phil 4 6 7We went to their church, LifeChurch.tv.  They have several churches in seven US states including 17 in Oklahoma. The one in Broken Arrow has 8 services on Saturday evening and Sunday  They are also accessible globally online at lifechurch.tv.  20150523_185931I’ve never been to such a mega mega church.  I believe the sermon is broadcast to all of the churches preached by either the Senior Pastor or one of the staff.  Being from a traditional Southern Baptist church this was big different!  They told us before we went it that the music was very loud and there were ear plugs which Roy took advantage of.  This generations church is very different from ours but as long as we are all praising our Lord, I believe God is satisfied. A biblical sermon was preached from Phillipians and it was really neat to be in church with our wonderful young friends.

We went over to their house which is near the church 20150523_191210and had a great visit getting to catch up on each others lives.  The girls were a joy to be with especially since we’ve been Madisyn deprived for a few weeks.  They danced, played the violin, had a pillow fight with us and were just delightful.

Their family moved to Oklahoma so that their youngest daughter, the little violinist, could get intensive treatment for  her extremely severe allergies.  I admire them so much for not only the Christian couple they are but for being willing to uproot their lives in Florida and go to where their daughter could get the best care.

oklahoma-tornado-warning-sign-6380040I did promise Roy that I would share with ya’ll that I wouldn’t leave their home in time for us to get home before dark.  I was having to much fun talking.  But anyway, since we left much later and stopped at Walmart we wound up driving home in the pouring rain during a tornado watch.  With no roadside lights for miles and miles, lots of wind and pouring rain it was a scary experience.  Okay, honey I told everyone I threatened our very existence because I like to talk!

We are hunkered down in our RV today while I do my RVillage work and we watch television.  Tomorrow should be better and we plan to get out to do some sightseeing.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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