03.24.20 Kids LOVE painting and hiding rocks! All the skinny on how to do it!

I absolutely LOVE rock painting! If you know me you know this is a passion of mine! Sitting in my rock room painting rocks and listening to Christian gospel music puts me in my absolute best “Happy Place!”

If you have kiddos at home while schools are closed and throughout the summer rock painting is a great way to help them pass the time! Even my 5 year old granddaughter makes some really nice rocks! Since no one should be hiding rocks right now, the kids and you can hide them in your yard! They will enjoy it all from painting to hiding! If they don’t hide them, they can let them collect and hide them in the community when we all get back to our normal lives!

Some of the rocks I got recently at Smith’s Landscaping in Ponchatoula!

Rock painting awakens creativity in my brain. It’s simple to do and I love that I can reach out to others about God’s love and saving grace, and put a smile on someone’s face, spreading joy, and possibly brightening their day.

My friend Nancy sent me a picture like this in case of these adorable “chicks” I’d like to do these. I loved the idea and these little guys are my creations!

I’ve stopped hiding rocks until the virus spreading is over so please do the same with your children. No rocking hiding, just lots of painting and creating!

Lately I’ve gotten into decoupaging by applying napkins and wrapping paper to glass plates and trivets. I’ll write about that soon.

It’s a whole different thing than rock painting although I do a bunch of rock decoupaging as well.

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If you have questions about any of this please let me know in a comment. I’ll answer as soon as I can.

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Our faith in God is getting us through this. We know that He is in control and whatever comes our way He will be beside us all the way. Do you have this assurance that comes through salvation making God your Lord and Savior of your life? I hope so, if not ask me. I’d love to share what God has done in our lives and how he’s walked with us through the valleys and the mountain top experiences.

Have a Blessed week!


11.17.18 New Rocks!!

Saturday, November 17, 2018 – My inventory (yes using a big word considering it’s about rocks) of rocks has dwindled to where I have been using big rocks from our driveway and road!  Living in the country on a gravel road does have it’s benefits! I prefer a little larger rock for my painting creations.

My son Chip and his beautiful wife Misty came through for me and added some new inventory to my rock pile!  On Chip’s day off he took me to Smith’s Landscaping in Ponchatoula and helped me gather many, many rocks.  64 pounds worth.  Here’s photos of me at Smith’s so very happy!

Here’s the first four rocks I painted with these rocks.  Smith’s Landscaping also paints rocks.  When we were there they were working on some strawberry rocks and were selling a bunch of Santa Claus rocks.  I loved their Santas so I tried my hand at copying the Santa rocks.  Mine are above here and theirs are in the second photo below.

Anyone wanting to purchase for me some rocks please go to Smith’s Landscaping and help me out! A girl can hope, right??

I believe I’ve finished painting the rocks for my rock village.  My grandchildren have contributed to the village.  I have it all on the dresser in our bedroom and hope to set it up this week.  I’ll share when that’s done.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

07.10.18 Watermelon, Blue Bell, figs, chicken breast and burgers, homemade french fries, bedroom set, two birthdays, rock painting and frozen avocados!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018 – Last Sunday after church, we stopped at the Robert (small town) Supermarket.  Not only was Blue Bell ice cream on sale for $4.55 but giant watermelons were only $6.88.  They have been up to $12 each lately for the really big ones.  We bought two watermelons and two containers of Blue Bell! There are other supermarkets like the Robert one in Loranger, Bedico and the one in Ponchatoula is called Bohnings!  I’m pretty sure they all have the same specials.

One of my quirky habits is feeling the need to share with everyone when I find something I think is cool. I want everyone to know all the cool things in life, so I share it, even if it is about where to find a great price on Blue Bell ice cream and giant watermelons!

My dear friend Donna Methvien has several fig trees at her house.  She invited us to come pick some!  Big eyes, big smile, yes that was me!  We picked and picked and picked and came home with an abundance of figs!  I learned how to freeze them whole and did that with about half of them.  A week later all of the fresh ones were eaten and I’ve started on the frozen ones.  I just let them defrost in the refrigerator and they taste like fresh!  Figs are one of those foods that the first bite takes me back to my childhood. For those outside of Louisiana the tree below is a medium size fig tree.  The two fig trees we have growing are much, much smaller.  The ones I picked from as a child were about twice this size since they were at least 50 years old!

Our youngest son, Chip’s family invited us over for a 4th of July BBQ.  Everything was so delicious!  Misty even made homemade french fries. We watched the Ponchatoula fireworks display from Chip and Misty’s front yard.  We avoided all the crowds and got to see the fireworks perfectly!

Since we are starting from scratch furnishing our home we’ve been looking for bedroom furniture. We recently found a king size bedroom set on Facebook’s Marketplace.    

Here’s Roy rebuilding the chest of drawers after we found lots of problems with it when getting it home! When we picked up the set, all of the drawers were taken out of the chest of drawers.  We figured it was to make the unit less heavy when carrying it down the steps from the second floor apartment.  Found out later it was because all of the rails underneath each drawer was worn out and didn’t work.  Also the stops that prevent a drawer from going in too far were all missing.  The hinges on the center door at the top were glued in.  Yes people really do that! After $50 in parts Roy has it in great shape now!   If I didn’t really love that piece of furniture and didn’t have a husband as talented as mine it would have wound up on the curb.

We don’t have nightstands and are on the look out for something that will match or come close to matching the set. Also no bedspread, rugs  and decorations but the bedroom set is a good start!

Chip’s 37th birthday was Friday, July 6!  We joined his family at the new Golden Corral in Hammond for birthday dinner.  We all really enjoyed the food and the family fun.  Plus Grannie and Paw got to spend some time with our sweet granddaughters! Kallie is our family’s selfie Queen!

Saturday we went to Roy’s sister Linda’s great grandson Nathan’s 10th birthday.  We haven’t seen Linda’s family in quite a while.  It was wonderful having time to visit and catch up on things with them.  Nathan’s birthday cake was amazing.  The party theme was ahoy matey and his cake had an edible ship on top and edible treasure map!  The whole cake was edible and delicious!!

I’m back to rock painting and have really enjoyed the rock painting room in our new house!   

This is my set up for rock painting.  Lots of rocks both small and large in various stages of painting!

A sweet young friend of ours took these rocks below on a vacation and has already hidden a couple along their travels!

I have to share this video and information I recently learned.  See, it’s that quirky habit I can’t shake. How many of you have purchased avocados and couldn’t eat them in time before they started going bad.  I never ever would have imagined that you could freeze avocados and they would be like fresh avocados when they defrost.  Once I found out about it I shared it on facebook and found that people I know have been doing theirs like this already!  Check this out!

Natasha Labarriere-Mueller wrote on Facebook:  So on my trip to Costco to stock up on avocados (on sale), I had a TON of people comment on the amount I had. I replied to all with “well I’m going to freeze them”…. and BOOM the shock factor hit and their eyes lit up so by the end of the trip after explaining it to everyone by the avocados, everyone in line with me, the cashier and the lady at the door. I’ve come to the conclusion so many people don’t know about this….they do not brown, they do not lose their texture, they come out perfect when thawed… and last up to 4 months in the freezer so here it is for all that care to know!


  Cut the avocados in half and remove the pits!

Put them into a freezer gallon zip lock with the cut side down.  Stick a straw down in it and suck out all of the air like she shows below.

I think that about catches up the goings on in our lives!  I had a good brain day when I put this together.  I wait for the good days and then write or share a lot!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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