12.12.19 Two weeks of doctors and a couple of rocks

Six doctor and physical visits in two weeks for Roy.

Monday of last week Dr. Rochelle gave Roy an epidural steroid injection last Monday at the North Oaks Surgery Center in Hammond. It went well and after about a week most of Roy’s pain has subsided.  I love hiding my rocks around these doctor’s offices. This one was left at the Surgery Center and someone shared on Rosie Rocks that they found it and loved it.

Wednesday of last week Brennan Kelsey met with Roy for his initial physical therapy session at Kelsey Physical Therapy in Amite.

Friday of last week Roy and I went to our new dentist Dr. Gregory Strain, in Independence. We’ve been going every other Friday for the last six weeks having much needed dental work done. It’s all covered mostly by our Peoples Health/Medicate plan and we are taking advantage of that new benefit as much as we can! Dr. Strain and his staff are absolutely wonderful. They remember so much about us each visit even though it’s been 2 weeks since we saw them last. They have been working together for around 15 years and work like a smoothly oiled machine! They explain everything, show us exactly what’s happening for each tooth on the x-ray that needs work.

Monday Roy went to his second physical therapy session in Amite. Roy isn’t doing real strenuous PT until he sees the Vascular surgeon.

Wednesday Roy went to his third physical therapy session in Amite. One of my rocks was found there and they shared it on Rosie Rocks!

Thursday Roy met with the vascular surgeon, Dr. Gregory Eckholdt at Ochsner’s Heart and Vascular Health Center in Hammond to see if the aneurysm could be causing some of Roy’s pain. The doctor ordered a CT Scan because he says the previous tests have conflicting results about the aneurysm size. Roy will have that done on the 23rd. They will call with results from the CT Scan and schedule a return appt after if needed. Roy’s pain level is minimal (Praise God!) since he had the injection so we are hopeful it lasts until next year at least!

Dr. Eckholdt also gave Roy the okay for him to do more strenuous physical therapy exercises.

There are no doctor’s appointments Friday or Saturday, so we’re both looking forward to some downtime. Bo and Peep may be looking forward to some family time with us and that will be quite fun!

Ya’ll have a Blessed Weekend!




02.02.18 Treasured Photos – Trinity Family Picnic and Softball starring Madisyn, Cat, Jeri, Philip, Noel, Sean, Caroline, Chip, Byron B., Byron’s girls and more

In May of 2012 we had our Annual Family Picnic at Trinity.  The picnic included a softball game with our young children and some of our young adults. It was so much fun even for the spectators.  Our granddaughter Madisyn is in most of these photos but they also show lots of Trinity’s finest softball players like Jeri Bankston, Cat Davis, Noel Louviere, Byron Bankston, Chip Chauvin, Philip Bankston and their precious children.  Paw Paw Roy and  Grannie Rosalyn were big supporters and fans along with other family members and friends at the picnic.

Madisyn wanted to play but she needed a little help rounding the bases. Jeri Bankston, Cat Davis and her daddy Chip took Madisyn on their shoulders or carried her from base to base and she had such a good time!


I know, Madisyn is everywhere. I am her Grannie!  I would love to see another softball game with all of these young folks and plenty of younger ones that are now old enough to play!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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01.29.18 Treasured Photos – Trinity Softball Women, Men and Youth Teams 2002

Earlier this century Trinity Baptist Church had an amazing Softball program.  These are the three Trinity teams that represented our church at one time.

Jessica Forrest
Gay Sterken
Julie Dufreche
Jaala McGhee
Ashley Brumfield
Megan Landry
Kim Reitz
Sonya Traylor
Stephanie Smith
Shannon Tribble
Gina Jory
Lindsey Nyeki
Leanna Traylor
Deanna Traylor
Jennifer Vicknair
Kristi Hoffecker
Jerri Bankston
Michelle Hill

George Martin
Philip Bankston
Lucas Hill
Matt Traylor
Chip Chauvin
Daniel Davis
Scott Tribble
John Lefleur
Hunt Louviere
Noel Louviere
Bob Beall
Greg Effler
Steve Bourgeois

I couldn’t find the team roster for either of these two years but the youth I recognize in these photos are:

Daniel Davis
Jenni Smith
Lindsey Nyeki
Erica Willie
Chip Chauvin
Mark Whisenhunt
Megan Landry
Danielle Willie
Morgan McGehee
Amelia Brumfield
and I think J J Hill

Here’s young Tim Reitz, one (and sometimes the only) of our church members who umpired then and still umpires around the area!


Heath was our Scorekeeper

I can’t tell you how the awesome the Softball Ministry was in our life.  Such a wonderful  ministry.  Every church member player was required to attend their church a certain amount of weeks during each month.  Each team was allowed to have couple of players who were not church members.   These non church members got to see Christians having a great time in a clean and wholesome environment.   And we did have A L O T of fun! Church members from the softball teams got to know other church’s members and life long friendships were formed.

The concession stand was a flurry of activity selling burgers, hot dogs, candy and drinks.  All Trinity players gave some of their time throughout the season to work in the concession stand.

Men, women and youth and family members from other area churches all piled in to see the games played on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evening.  Three games a night!

We also had Friday and Saturday tournaments that were also so much fun!

I can no longer offer to participate in operating it but I would love to give guidance on how we did it if this ministry was ever resurrected again!  We had a web page on the church’s web site for softball.  I have numerous graphics that I’d love to share with someone when the time comes.  Please, hint, hint!

I have scaboodles of photos of Trinity children who are now adults, some with their own children.  I’m going to work on those photos soon.

If you know the names of some of the folks in the photos that I didn’t include please let me know!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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01.19.18 Treasured old photos – Julie, September, Rev. Randels, Bro. Randy

Friday, January 19, 2018 – When Roy and I decided to live in our motor home full time we knew we couldn’t keep all the photos and photo albums we had accumulated over 40 years.  We scanned and saved hundreds of digital photos. Chip and his brother have most of the actual photos we had.

I was looking for a digital photo today that was in that group (the one of Julie below).  I decided to post some of them on Facebook to share with our family and friends because that’s mostly who these photos are of.  This one Julie Turner Riley and me from around 30 years ago.  My mama and her mama, Pat Turner were friends when we all lived in New Orleans.

Here’s my friend September Davidson Hoeler who was my very close friend when we went to Lakeview Baptist Church together in our teens.  This was one of us on one of our bus rides to either Ridgecrest or Glorietta for youth camp! You can tell from the photo we were silly girls back in 1971!! September will be in more photos of my years with Lakeview Baptist youth.

A lot of our blog followers are not on Facebook and the photos may be of interest to them.  So from time to time I’ll post a blog with several of them and I’m hoping you will enjoy them.  If you are in any of them and want to have the photo just right click on it and select Save Image As and save it on your computer.

The photo below was my mama and Mr. Vivian Traylor’s wedding ceremony.  These two pastors were the only pastors I ever had, until last year.  Mama wanted both of them to officiate at her wedding and they did! Rev. J. Richard Randels, our pastor at Lakeview Baptist Church in New Orleans, is the gentleman with greyer hair.  Dr. Randy Davis is the young guy who was our pastor at Trinity Baptist Church here in Pumpkin Center (Hammond) Louisiana.  Rev. Randels officiated at Roy and my wedding back in 1972!

I think I’ll put the photos into groups and include all photos that are in a group in one blog post.  We’ll see how it all works out but it is important to me that the people in my life who are in a photo and would like to have the photo will be able to have it.  I’ll figure it out as time goes on.

My grammar is not what it use to be so please excuse me when I end a sentence with “of”, use the wrong version of a word, etc.  I enjoy writing here but being concerned about it being grammatically correct is frustrating to me now.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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01.18.18 Here we go again. Snow, snow, snow in the Deep South!

Thursday, January 18, 2018 –

Louisiana may have snow once a decade, maybe.  And usually it’s just a few snow flakes where nothing sticks and it stops quickly. We’ve had two real snow falls in the last few weeks.  The first snowfall we had between 4 to 6 inches of snow.  The one last evening and overnight left us with about an inch of snow.

The state or specific area in the state closes down and everyone is happy that there is no work, school, etc. until it melts.  We don’t have snow chains for our tires.  We have a lot of raised bridges over all the creeks, streams, lakes, rivers, etc. and they freeze up quickly causing vehicles to slip, slide and smash into each other.

Here are some of our snow photos from our home in Amite, Louisiana.

The steps going out of our motorhome!    Some of the rocks I paint were left on the table and covered with snow!

         Last time it snowed I cooked a major pot of sausage, chicken and okra gumbo.  We had two meals worth left and we’re enjoying them this time.

People like to make fun of how we handle snow here in the deep south and I found several funny or just plain cute photos on Facebook to share.


The snow melted during the day a bit and will refreeze with the lows in the teens tonight.

My right knee that needs to be replaced is not doing too well right now.  I tripped over a heater in the kitchen Monday while holding a bowl of hot gumbo.  It went everywhere and I hit several parts of me on the floor, table and who knows where.  After that the right knee feels much more unstable and painful now so we’ll make a stop at our local orthopedic doctor on Friday to get a shot in my knee.  We may be going to Tennessee to see the doctor that replaced Roy’s knee sometime soon to schedule a knee replacement for me.  I see the brain doctor Friday so I’ll be all doctored up for the weekend!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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01.11.18 Just some awesome videos, rocks, and Roy’s eyes!

Thursday, January 11, 2018 – I came across all three of these videos on Facebook today.  I normally include these in my Wacky Wonderful blog but, who knows why, I wanted you all to see these here.


Image result for old age is a gift

To all my friends and family who are “feeling” old or are just plain old. We are blessed and this short video says it all. Old age is a gift, embrace it, kick up your heels and have fun and even be silly (I’ve got that one down pat). Mentor those young folks who could benefit from your aged wisdom. We are called by God to do this. Young folks, listen to what your elders want to share with you. That means they care deeply.

I certainly don’t like the malfunctions that occur with older folks bodies, but I truly love being older. There’s nothing like the years of gaining wisdom, years of God changing us into His image, and the difference in our lives now that we are retired and have grandchildren!


You may not know it but I like popping, locking, crumping and other hip hop dances.  Every year when “So You Think You Can Dance” comes on I try to do those dances with them.  I’m sure I look ridiculous but it’s so much fun!   This video is not any of those but I love how the old lady is getting into it!


That’s it for today.

Roy had a follow up appointment with his eye specialist, Dr. Greiner, because his vision isn’t getting better like it should be one month after the cataract surgery.  Dr. Greiner agreed that it should be better by now.  The new lens has a wrinkle in it which should straighten out on its own.  The surgery scheduled for the other eye is now cancelled and Roy will go back in February to Dr. Greiner to check the progress of the first eye then.  If his vision isn’t where it should be 3 months after the surgery he’ll have the eye polished.

My two weeks of no rock painting has ended.  I decided to try out some new painting techniques and even try painting art on the rocks. I painted several rocks following step by step directions and brought some of them to the doctor’s office.

While we were at the doctor’s office we saw they had a small tree with several of my smaller rocks around it!

I’m also trying out a technique called paint pouring where you pour three or four similar colors in a cup.  Without stirring it with anything you move the cup around to where the paint is kind of mixed but not much.  You then pour it on a clean rock and it makes really cool looking rocks.  I’m going to have to do a few of these before I get it just right.

We are taking Roy out for his birthday Thursday evening with Chip’s family.  I’ll share next time about the fun I know we’ll have.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear

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07.06.17 Looking for something for the kiddos to do this summer??? Happy 36th Birthday Chip Chauvin!!!

Thursday, July 6, 2017 – Today is our youngest son Chip’s 36th birthday.  He’s getting old (ha ha) and we’re already old!! Happy Birthday Chip!

If you’re looking for something for the kiddos to do this summer and want to get them away from their video games and phones, try PAINTING ROCKS!!  I wrote recently about a lady who paints rocks and since that time I’ve gotten into it ALOT and spend time each day either looking for rocks, painting them or hiding them for others to find! I like the idea of being able to, in a subtle way, put a smile one someones face and maybe brighten their day!

For less than $15 you can put together a basic rock painting set of ACRYLIC paints. Here’s a photo of basic supplies and a few paint markers. Thanks Charlotte Emerson for letting me use your photo. She got all this, including the rocks, at Walmart.  What you see here was probably more than $15 but you absolutely can start out for that amount.

 Roy and I don’t do anything basic so our paint supplies have expanded way past that, but you don’t have to. This is our painting supplies not including the cans of spray paint!

First thing to note is that artistic skill is absolutely NOT a requirement.  I do ooh and aah at the really pretty painted ones I see, but whatever a child wants to create is just as fantastic!

I am including links to two Facebook group’s pages that have fairly detailed guidelines (remember they are not rules, just guidelines to help you get started) but if you don’t want to read all that here’s the basic guidelines as I know them:

  • Find or buy rocks from Lowes, Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, Dollar General or Walmart – if you find one out in nature, clean it really good and let it completely dry
  • Buy cheap or expensive acrylic paints, paint markers, glitter glue, glitter, stencils, paint brushes, clear spray paint and any other colors you may want.  I also use finger nail polishes that I have but don’t really like or use on my nails. Walmart has 95 cent white and black spray paints!
  • Paint your rock however you want to, being sure to add an inspiring message to either the front or the back, let it dry completely (like 24 hours) and spray two coats of clear sealer to protect the paint.
  • If you plan to post your rock to a Facebook or other group – we have a group on RVillage for RVing Rocks – you can put a message on it asking them to post a photo in that group of the rock when they find it.
  • Hide, in plain sight, your rock.  Be sure not to put it in grass that needs to be mowed or somewhere that it would be dangerous to get to.  Just use common sense in where you place them.
  • I kind of do what I want to do with mine since we’re never in the same area long with our RVing.  Just be safety conscious and have as much fun as you can with it!

There are general guidelines that people seem to be following somewhat that you can read at these three Facebook pages:

Montrose Rocks!

St. Tammany Rocks!

Culpepper Rocks!

This group doesn’t have guidelines but they are specifically for RVer’s so it’s one of my favorite groups!

RVing Rocks (for RVers – isn’t that so cool)

There are hundreds of Rock Painting Facebook groups.  You do not have to be part of a Facebook group to do this but it definitely adds to the fun!  The reason it adds to the fun is that when you leave your rock somewhere you put a photo on the Facebook group and a hint as to where it is located.  When someone finds your group, either using the hint or just stumbling upon it, they post a photo and you get to see it’s been found.  They can rehide it or keep it!  This part is especially fun for little ones so if you find a rather crude looking creation it may be from a little one so be sure to post the photo!

I shared my rock painting hobby with my nieces recently and one of them and her daughter have started painting and hiding them in St. Tammany Parish (Louisiana).  I started saving photos of rocks that inspired me in a folder on my computer.  I recommend doing that!  Not that any of my rocks will inspire you but since you know I’m all into sharing photos, here are some of the rocks I’ve painted and photos of some of the places I’ve hidden them!

Please let me know if you get into doing this and share some of your rock photos with me.  They may show up on our blog for others to enjoy!!

This first photo are all of the rocks we gathered from Weaver Creek here in Arkansas today.  They were free though the gathering of them and hauling them back to the car was pretty rough for Roy and I!  But they were free! The next two photos are of Weaver Creek where we got all of these rocks.  It was so much fun! We were exhausted afterwards, but it was fun!

I’ve already painted probably 50 rocks and these are just a few.  I’m also showing where I hid them to help ya’ll along a little!  I’m still getting use to leaving rocks in public places so there are not many of those photos yet! This first one was inspired by my sister Harriett who suggested that I put “Turn Me Over” on a rock.  I love that idea and have done a few of those!


My granddaughter Kallie painted the front of this one when we were still in Louisiana.  It was hidden at a Walmart parking lot.  



  “God Loves You” can be written on even the tiniest rock.  I may even create some Trump rocks!  If you want to spread God’s love or a Christian message this is the perfect way to do it!   Here’s a big and a small one with Smile on the front and God Loves You underneath! Get as creative as you want and sleep well in the knowledge that you may have added some sunshine to someone’s day!

If you want to see plenty of rocks other people have painted (and some really spectacular ones) go to any of the three Facebook pages I included links to above.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!  I’m going outside to play with rocks!


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06.14.17 Happy Rocks, Smiley Rocks, Patriotic Rocks, Yes ROCKS ROCK ROCKS!!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017 – We have collected large, medium and small rocks from all around the United States and have them in our garden at our home base in Amite, Louisiana.

Recently I’ve been thinking how cool it would be to paint on some of those rocks with my grandchildren.  I decided to take a shot at it, before getting the kiddies involved, keeping in mind that I am a pretty pitiful painter.  Even when painting walls more paint winds up on me and my clothing than on the wall.  I don’t have artistic capabilities but I have a love to share positive messages with others. The key in my plan is to leave inspirational messages for others to find.  If it makes them giggle, smile or out right laugh I will have accomplished something that makes me happy!

I recently posted on Facebook that I was going to do this and asked guidance from my artist friends as to which paints they recommended.  One of my FB friends, Kelley O’Connor, tagged a friend of hers, Connie Meades Ferguson.  Apparently Connie has been doing this same thing for a while on a big scale. On her Facebook page called Montrose “Rocks”!  a lot of inspiration for rock paintings can be found! Click on the Montrose “Rocks”! link to be taken to her Facebook page.

“Spread happiness, love & inspiration through the simple gesture of painting rocks & “hiding” them throughout the community for people to find. This is a community-building group meant to inspire creativity in all ages & bring kids/families back together again in a world gone completely wild.” – Connie Ferguson

This is a link to a great video about Connie’s project!


Connie’s endeavor, and her guidance of what paint supplies to purchase, have inspired me and obviously many others as can be seen by all the rock photos posted on Facebook! When doing some Google research I’ve learned this is exploding all around the country!  What a beautiful way to unite our country!

I won’t be painting the largest of our rocks.  The medium ones have the name of the state they are from written on them already, though I will be adding some cute decorative art to some of those.  The ones I will focus on painting are the smaller ones, 2″ to 6″ in size.  I collect craft supplies for Madisyn and other children that come to play.  I have several colors of glitter and other paints in those boxes.  We purchased some clear, white, black and light pink spray paint and six paint pens.  Being as inexperienced and untalented as I am artistically I thought the paint pens would make the finished product come out better!

Yesterday I got started by spraying several rocks and today I painted designs on some of them!!  Now that I’ve started I see I need some additional colors.  How can I paint anything patriotic with just white, light blue and light pink.  No, gotta be red, white and blue! Can’t paint a decent Southeastern or LSU rock with the limited colors I have.

My plan is to not only leave painted rocks around places we visit, but to place them throughout my gardens at home and in the gardens of those I love.

I’m not ready to photograph any of my rocks yet but here are just few of the ones on the “Montrose Rocks” Facebook page.

   You never know what you’re going to get when you open a blog post from Dora and the Explorers!  If this rock painting sounds like something you might be interested in I recommend going to Connie’s Facebook page and reading how she recommends you do it, including what type paint to use!

I may create my own Facebook page for myself and others to post their painted rock photos on!  If you do get into this please send me a photo of your rocks to rosalyn@selu.edu!  We will see how this develops as time goes on!   I’d love any feedback ya’ll can give me on this.  Do you already paint rocks and leave them for people to find?  Do you paint them for your own or others gardens?  I love using stickers, glitter and other creative items.  If you use some of those I would love to learn more! Also if you have rocks that you’d like me to take a stab at painting something on (something extremely simple) please get them to me and I’ll be happy to do that!

I just had a thought…… Christmas rocks for the garden!!!!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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