08.07.16 FMCA Convention in West Springfield, Massachusetts

ese-gallery-history-01Sunday, August 6, 2016 – We arrived on Tuesday morning, August 2nd on the grounds of the Eastern States Exposition, known locally as the Big E.  The Big E is a massive place with several convention buildings all being used by the Family Motor Coach Association for this Convention which RVers know as a “Rally.”

The photos below are of the main expo center and several of the buildings along the Avenue of States that are not even on the aerial photograph of the Big E.



vermont big e

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe helped Curtis set up our booth on Tuesday.  Wednesday the convention started and we worked 1 pm to 5 pm.  Thursday Friday and Saturday we worked 9 am to 5 pm.  Ours was the “RVillage” booth.  FMCA members are mostly older folks our age and much older.  Most of them have not heard of RVillage. I can say that most all of them at the Rally know who we are and a lot have signed up to be RVillagers.

We smiled, introduced ourselves and shared the RVillage love all day every day.  We truly loved every minute of it, mostly because we love RVillage.  We are beyond exhausted right now (Saturday evening) since we just left the exposition hall for the last time and are now back, enjoying our wonderful Dora who hasn’t seen much of us these last few days!

Curtis and one of our RVillage Ambassadors Jim Hollis (Jim is the FMCA Chaplain). Jim and his wife Jan were delightful to visit with.  20160806_122811

Curtis put on two RVillage seminars.  I attended this one with him and operated the computer showing the attendees all about RVillage.com.20160805_135636

A tiny bit of the the main exposition building.20160804_154700


Our RVillage booth showing my boss Curtis in one photo, Roy in another and me in one!20160804_115058 20160804_105347 20160804_105025

One of the booths adjoining ours!20160803_131534

One night we went out to dinner on the convention center grounds in an area of old New England homes in Storrowtown Village.  The restaurant was the Storrowtown Tavern.  If you’re from Hammond the inside was similar to Jacmel Restaurant with the big fireplace and old wooden floors.  I enjoyed Yankee Pot Roast and Roy enjoyed Fish (cod) and Chip.  As we walked out the restaurant door we were surprised by some wonderful jazz music being played in the Storrowtown Square Gazebo.  Everyone brings their lawn chairs and claps and taps along with the music.  20160804_174319 20160804_174146 20160804_190554 20160804_190603 20160804_190637 20160804_190706

RVillage was so well received that our booth stayed very busy through out the convention so we all needed to be there most of the time. Roy was able to attend two seminars, Catepillar Diesel maintenance seminar and the Cummins Onan Generator maintenance seminar. He learned an awful lot from these two seminars.  The Spartan Chassis seminar was the main one Roy wanted to attend but it was scheduled at the same time the seminar Curtis and I did so Roy was needed at the RVillage booth and couldn’t go to that seminar.

Other than visiting the other booths we were also able to walk through dozens of new motor homes.   FMCA is predominantly Class A motor home owners, so that is what was for sale here.  The ones inside right by us were Entegra motor homes.  The ones like ours (Fleetwood) and other brands were all around the grounds outside.  I want to share with ya’ll what some of them look like but that will come next time.  These are motor homes ranging from $200,000 to $675,000!

See ya’ll tomorrow!  Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!803a55b23f049f6011a992add4f34d7d


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12.24.14 Our Christmas 2014

LOUISIANA SNOWMANIt’s certainly been a busy Christmas season! First our home church’s Children’s Choir sang and spoke words of Christmas where Christ is center stage.  Then Trinity’s wonderful Adult Choir shared their love for the Lord through Christmas music.

We joined Madisyn, Liz, Billy and Josh at River Rock Church in Loranger last week to watch the Loranger Christmas parade, enjoying hot chocolate, jambalaya and cupcakes and a lot of pretty Christmas floats and trucks.  These small towns around Amite are wonderful family towns and this church is a special place reaching the locals for Christ.

20141216_192956 20141216_190613 Our family Christmas time with Chip, Kim, Madisyn, Braxton and Bentley was the highlight of this season.  We shared dinner together at Chip’s and then enjoyed watching the children and grandchildren open their presents.  Braxton and Bentley didn’t stop playing all evening with their John Deere dump truck and tractor.  They pushed them around everywhere.  Madisyn loved all her presents and even started on coloring the backpack we gave her.  She and Kim did a great job on the part they did that evening!  Roy and I loved the presents we got from Chip and Kim but above all else we loved the time we spent with our little family.  Kim surprised Chip with tickets to see the New Orleans Saints play the Atlanta Falcons Sunday in the Mercedes Benz Superdome.  We won’t go into how that game turned out but the experience of watching the Saints in the Superdome is unforgettable and I’m so thankful she thought to do this for him.

20141219_19491620141219_18295620141219_19161020141219_191740Last weekend we went with Chip and Kim to see the production of One Night in Bethlehem.  Calvary Christian Church and other local churches put this production on each year but this was our first time seeing it. A bus picked us up at the church and took us to the site where the production was presented. We started out in the line leading up to where the Census was taken (just like in the Bible!) followed by several tents representing various authentic aspects of Biblical times (fishing net maker, apothecary, etc.)  We even got to take home a tiny bit of Frankincense, just like the Wise Men brought to baby Jesus.  There was a waiting time for our turn to go on the journey through Bethlehem so we enjoyed hot chocolate and visiting with one another.

20141220_192702https://rosalynandroy.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/20141220_194110.jpg 20141220_192939  20141220_193510 20141220_194110 20141220_194414  They make wonderful use of an old closed Interstate rest area to stage each of the scenes in the production.  Ginormous 18 wheeler flatbeds with sides holding 60 chairs each took us on the journey from before Christ was born to his birth and a short sermon by Pastor Mike Bush at the end.20141220_21011520141220_21054120141220_211010

Sweet Madisyn was in her first Christmas play/musical at River Rock Church in Loranger last Sunday morning. It was a wonderfully done production of Jeremy the Mailman.  All of the songs were secular Christmas songs changed to Christian words.  It was very enjoyable and of course we thought Madisyn shined throughout the presentation.  One of the funniest things in the show was the two boys who dressed up like the church’s two pastors.  They are both bald and the little boys wore matching clothes and a hosiery like covering on their heads to make them appear bald.  The first picture here shows the boys next to their look a like pastors.  Afterwards we were treated to some delicious sausage chicken gumbo, turkey, potato salad and red velvet cupcakes.  This church sure eats well!!!!

madisyn pastorsmadisyn singing river rockIn between all this we’ve been picking out things for the new house, meeting with our contractor and doing a lot of yard work clearing out things.  On Christmas Eve day Roy added to the RV patio a step down so that when the concrete is poured it will be there.  Not in the original plan so he did the work himself.   We both got cortisone injections on Monday.  Roy’s was in his knee which is flaring up from the physical work he’s doing out here.  Mine was in my shoulder from what may be a small rotator cuff tear.  The shot will hopefully ease the popping sharp pain I feel when raising my arm over my head or behind me.  Us old folks got fixed up so we can keep working on clearing out the brush and small trees.

Christmas Eve was spent at our home church, Trinity Baptist, for our Christmas Eve Worship Service.  I always look forward to that service because whole families come to church together.  It’s how it’s meant to be and I’m so thankful that we go to a church that still does this.  Seeing the children gather around the last Advent candle being reminded of the true meaning of Christmas is precious to me.  Chip, Kim, Braxton and Bentley joined us there which just made our Christmas Eve perfect!

trinity christmas eve adventThis Christmas season has been filled with many blessings!

From Roy and Rosalyn Chauvin to your Family may you have the Merriest of Christmases!

happy birthday jesus


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10.13.14 Updates, RVillage Ambassadors, upgraded RV lighting and book recommendation

SmileGodLovesYouPoster We are still enduring one of the most frustrating experiences in recent years – trying to sell or even rent our house and all the ups and downs that go with that. We had our first offer yesterday but it was low so we countered and they decided to move on. We’ve already lowered the price $10,000 so no offer will be accepted unless it’s real close to the asking price. There’s also a problem with getting the for rent listing out on MLS, but this  is being worked on. Right now only agents have been able to see it which means it is unseeable (not sure that’s a word!) to the general public that is looking for a house to rent.

While I was writing just now a man stopped by with his sonsroller coaster ride 2 and  asked to see the house.  He loved it and is bringing his significant other back in a couple of hours.  He loved the man cave garage, the surround sound system in the living room and everything else. This is such a roller coaster ride with the highs of showings and the lows of not selling coming almost daily! Just heard that the couple that saw it yesterday really like it so maybe, just maybe – oh no here goes the roller coaster ride again!

A friend from my youth, September, is having knee replacement surgery today. Please pray for her. She sent me a package this week and when I opened it up I was surprised to see fall colored leaves! She lives in New Hampshire and I’ve commented about how beautiful the pictures she posts are of the trees with their glorious color.  So she sent a little of New Hampshire to me!


The company I work for and that Roy and I love sent us our RVillage Ambassadors t-shirts and cap.  We now look more official when we visit RV parks to get them to claim their parks or when we’re telling other RVers about RVillage.  An Ambassador is a non paid position where people who have some knowledge of RVillage try to spread the word through various means.  We have meetings online to learn all the newest developments so we can explain them to others who have questions.  It really helps the small paid staff not be spread so thin trying to do it all!  Here’s our new goodies – the t-shirts do have arms, I just folded them under!


Roy wanted  to upgrade our interior lighting to 4″ LEDs for a while and I put him off as long as I could!  They are not cheap and we need 30 of them.  The picture below is after two of the three lights over one of the sofas were changed out to the new ones.  The one on the right is the old light.  What a difference these new technology bigger lights has made.  Old folks have trouble seeing details without a lot of light and this helps both Roy and I see so much better.   The ones down the center of the RV are dimable which is very helpful since when they are all on it’s like theater lighting!  I see dirt I haven’t ever seen before so we’ll have an even cleaner RV with help from our new lights.


A young woman who grew up in our church has just added published author to her long list of accomplishments.  She’s now quite ravens stormgrown up and is a wife and mom of two teenagers and one little one, all girls!  Her name is Rebecca Bankston Willoughby and her first novel is Raven’s Storm.

I was in the middle of reading the 12 Comet Clement series when her book came out but I finally got to read it and I’m quite impressed.  She writes more like a well seasoned author then a first timer!   When I started reading I could not put it down.

Here’s a little bit about Rebecca:

Rebecca Bankston Willoughby is an international award winning artist whose career began in the corporate world of commercial art. After years of traveling around the south, Rebecca settled into family life in her home town of Pumpkin Center, Louisiana with her husband Donny and their 3 daughters. With a deep love of her home state, Rebecca has chosen the fictional town of Davout, Louisiana as the setting of her first novel. She invites you to enjoy meeting the citizens of this quaint little southern town one book at a time.

Here’s a summary of the book from the Amazon website.

There are a lot of things to love about growing up in a small rural community in south Louisiana, but for lifelong resident Paige Barksdale, there is nothing she loves more than her family, her horse, … and Canan McCord. Unfortunately, only the horse and family return her love in equal portion. Even though she has finally reached the coveted status of adulthood, Canan still sees Paige as a child. Canan McCord is a man’s man, living his dreams. As VP of his father’s land management company, Canan spends his days in the woods surveying timber and heads right back out on the weekends to hunt and fish. Life is good. He even has a beautiful, accomplished girlfriend who is dropping strong hints about wanting to be promoted to “wife” — but something is holding him back from buying that ring. Something that looks an awful lot like the young, raven-haired beauty who grew up next door.  To Paige, who fancies herself in love, the ten years between them is just a number. But to Canan, ten years seems much too wide a gap for love to cross. The harder he tries to stay away from Paige, however, the more she draws him in. When attraction flames to life in a duck blind, Canan is forced to see that Paige is much more than a little girl, but as quickly as the flame ignites, he rejects the idea that they could have a future together.  As Paige comes to terms with the idea of a future without the man who holds her heart, a violent hurricane strikes the tiny town of Davout, Louisiana. As wind and rain sweep across the Bayou State, lives are lost and Paige and Canan are forced to discover who they really are–and what truly counts in life . . . and in love.

I was so happy to hear that this is just the first in a series of book set in Davout, Louisiana. I love the small town aspect of the book and how she includes her beloved LSU into the story!  Great job Rebecca and anyone interested can buy it on Amazon for your kindle at only $3.99.  I highly recommend Rebecca’s first book and look forward to many to come!

Roy has three more weeks to work at Southeastern ending October 31st so he’s into a 15 day work day countdown. We know what a blessing this has been to have this income since we’ve been home.  God’s timing is always perfect and we have to remember that always even at times like this when we’ve had to wait so long for the right buyer or renter to come along.  Very hard to do but always the right thing.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!