03.12.20 Bo and Peep’s newest adventures

The last time we shared about Bo and Peep’s Adventures Peep (the female) was laying eggs and we anticipated a growing family of ducks.  Well. we are not sure why this happened but Peep never got on the eggs she laid to nest.  It was pretty awful when Roy had to throw the eggs away. She’s a pretty easy going duck and the loss of those eggs didn’t seem to bother her.

Time went by and no more eggs. Then she started popping those little things out like before at the rate of one a day! We don’t know exactly how many they are but here is her nest that I think is beautiful. We think it is around 13 eggs.

I think seeing Peep nesting is just precious. She will be sitting on her eggs for around 23 hours out of the 24 hours in a day.  When Roy let them out of their protected overnight cage this morning she enjoyed some running around time then headed back in to sit on her babies!

Bo waddles around the yard now without her which is very weird because they have always been together wherever they went! He spends some time kind of guarding her in the cage too. Roy got this close up picture by zooming in from far enough away to not disturb Peep.  Doesn’t she make a beautiful mama! We believe that Peep laying eggs and nesting and Bo being protective of her may be the explanation for some erratic behavior Bo has been exhibiting towards me lately. This doesn’t happen to Roy, just me. I cannot go out in the yard with no shoes on or non-closed toed shoes on. He pecks at them and then starts actually bitting at me on my feet, legs and wherever he can get to me.

He doesn’t always do it thank goodness.

He can see me come out the back door and he’ll fly up the hill and waddle quickly to my feet. I wear knee-high boots outside now. He doesn’t seem to care about me when I sit down to pull weeds etc. He leaves me along and will even sit down next to me! Strangest thing!

Day 1 of Peep’s nesting was yesterday, March 11th. She will nest for around 28 days which will be April 7th.  That is our oldest son’s birthday so he’ll possibly share his birthday with some of his nieces and nephews!

Well, that’s our Bo and Peep update and their most recent adventure, becoming parents. Our next planned update will be when those babies start hatching!

Ya’ll have a Blessed weekend!  In light of the concerns about the coronavirus I thought the scripture below may helpful to someone.




03.10.20 I love to pull weeds

Yes, I love to pull weeds. Now don’t go getting all crazy thinking I’ll come to your home to pull your weeds. The answer would be NO! I doubt I’d pull someone else’s weeds even if I got paid!  Well maybe I’d pull weeds at my sons’ homes but THAT’S IT!

Right now I am stretched out on our sofa resting my screaming back after spending 3 hours pulling weeds around some of our trees. When I am pulling the weeds I lay on my side propping up my head with my knuckles to get into the best position for pulling.  This makes different muscles and joints hurt than if I sat up crosslegged and pulled.  But I no longer am able to sit crosslegged! Fat people just can’t do that!

I know when I get down on the ground that I will be there for a long time and that when I am done I will be laying on the sofa with my back screaming but I do it anyway. I scoot around the grass on my bottom and wind up with a very brown bottom when I’m finished.

Not only do I love it but I am good at this weed pulling too! It is an art that I’ve honed over many years and perhaps decades. Yes I still know big words like “honed”

I love to take something that looks rather ratty and after pulling some (to a lot) weeds turning it into something that looks nice and manicured. There is the feeling of getting something done that counts.

Thank goodness for our pine trees that produce a lot of pine needles each year. I pile up a lot of pine needles around all the oak trees and pine trees. That helps a lot on the weed pulling. Not so many weeds to pull!

I don’t wear gloves or use fancy tools in my weed pulling. Every now and then I’ll need a hand shovel but that’s not often. I don’t let our weeds get strong enough roots before I yank them out of the soil!  I try as best I can to get every root up out of the ground so those little boogers cannot continue sprouting more weeds.

There is one thing that’s kinda cool about weed pulling when you the weeds are growing around things. Usually in our yard in the same place I pulled up the weeds there are a lot of St. Augustine grass runners to pull up….. and plant somewhere else!!! So today’s weed pulling produced a lot of grass runners to be planted tomorrow!

I’m finishing this up on Tuesday morning and am hopeful that the rain has ended so the grass runners can get planted. I have to make sure Victor and Nicki on the Young and Restless are doing well first!

I hope ya’ll have a Blessed week!


03.05.20 The words of Christian hymns truly never leave you

The words of Christian hymns truly never leave you. Their words and what they mean to our lives are imprinted on our hearts. No matter what amount of time has passed, when we hear the music, the words come streaming back into our minds and out of our mouths as we sing them!  I listen to a lot of hymns on my computer while enjoying creating in my craft room. Right now I’m listening to Alan Jackson sing several hymns played on Roy’s computer in his office. The volume is turned up so I can hear them in the living room.

What made me start thinking about hymns staying in our hearts was something that happened yesterday. We had one of our occasional visits from our son Chip. He brought the Alan Jackson CD “Precious Memories” with the hymns on it. We played them like we are doing right now. Chip was cooking a special breakfast for us and I started to hear him sing with the hymns. He sang every word of hymns he had not sung in church in years.

Chip was raised at our church Trinity Baptist Church where we’ve mostly sung from a Baptist Hymnal all his growing up life. As an adult, he began going to and now is a member of a non-denominational church that does not sing hymns. They sing contemporary Christian songs which I also love but they are not the old hymns. I would have thought he’d have forgotten the words of the hymns he used to sing. Not so, he could sing every word of every song we listened to.

Roy, Chip and I were singing together with the music. Chip was in the kitchen cooking, I was in the living room and dad was in his office.

The sounds of the music, our three very untrained voices, all singing praises to our Lord was a moment I won’t soon forget. I thank God for our Christian family and the love for our Lord that we all have.

The weekend is almost here, I hope you have a Blessed one!

02.28.20 Getting ready for spring blooms!

We have two large ornamental grass bushes near our driveway. They are beautiful when in full bloom but over the winter the beautiful green long leaves die off. Last year Roy cut them both back really well and they were prettier that year than ever before.

This year when Roy got to that item on his “honey do” list he did a great job cutting it back. The first photo below is of one of the bushes cut back. He did the cutting and I picked it up and piled it in our driveway. We had one chair out there and when one of us was doing our part the other one rested in the chair.

When Roy lit the pile on fire I just knew the whole house was going to go up in flames.  It did not! 

I guess that’s how things are done out here in the country.  This was about a month ago and now those bushes are shooting out new growth all over the place! It won’t be long before we can start seeing their beauty again! 

Our blueberry bushes have lots of blooms on them which I am hopeful means a productive blueberry season, FINALLY!!  I hope you can see the blooms on this one bush. They are light pink. We have eight bushes which would mean lots of blueberries!

We cut back and divided our lantana bushes so hopefully, soon we’ll have new blooms and flowers on those. One of our knockout roses died last year. We don’t know why but it was dug up and a new one planted. They have sprouted lots of leaves and should be blooming soon. The azaleas are doing well and blooming now like they do each year. Lots of our bulb flowers are sprouting all over our property.  A couple have bloomed but I’m waiting for more blooms before taking photos to share!

Ya’ll have a Blessed weekend!





02.27.20 Mardi Gras at the flying field!

This was a very unusual Mardi Gras for Roy and I. When we were younger we went to every parade we could. In recent years we’ve chosen to watch some parades on television and attend none in person. We did go to one a couple of years ago. This year we did none of that!

Several of Roy’s remote control flying buddies went to the flying field for Mardi Gras. We really enjoyed the day watching the guys flying their planes, drones, and a paraglider They all have really cool flying machines and the guys know how to fly them very well.

Our son Chip stopped by on his lunch hour from work to watch his dad fly. Being the awesome son he is, Chip took our truck to be washed and brought it back spotless!!! Thanks, Chip! Your hugs were great and we both appreciate the visit and the clean vehicle!

Roy took this picture with his drone. This is several of the attendees at the Mardi Gras flying!

Another picture Roy took from his drone of one of the guys flying his plane.

One of the flyers, Andre’, brought his paraglider and flew all around the place. I really enjoyed seeing him do that!

Rick, Andre’ and Richard standing behind Andre’s paraglider 

One of the guys, Richard has a wonderful wife Linda whom I was blessed to get to know on Tuesday. I enjoyed our one on one conversation that lasted the whole time we were there. I came away from there feeling I had made a new very special friend. She plays Sudoku which is (according to Wikipedia) a logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzle. The objective is to fill a 9×9 grid with digits so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3×3 subgrids that compose the grid contain all of the digits from 1 to 9.

I have seen these puzzles before and could never figure out what it was about. She taught me how to play and I was very excited to really catch on to this brain challenging game! Linda even gave me her big book of sudoku puzzles. Wow, how nice! I’ve been working the puzzles, slowly but surely since we got home! I look forward to visiting with her again out at the flying field soon! The picture below is of Richard, Linda, and Ron at the flying field just on a different day.

That’s it for our fun day at the flying field. It took Roy and me all evening and night to mostly recover from that much fun!

No matter how tired we were we still went to work out Wednesday at the fitness center! We are nearing the end of our third week of working out three days a week and we’re still loving it.

That’s Roy in the red shirt on one of the bikes.

I will be cooking a big pot of gumbo on the very cold day that Thursday is supposed to be. The last large bags of our homegrown okra and one of our bell pepper containers from last year’s garden will go into that gumbo! Love using our homegrown vegetables in our cooking!

Ya’ll have a Blessed weekend!

02.23.20 The Unbearable Reality of HELL, by Rev. Avery Dixon

Two weeks ago our pastor Rev. Avery Dixon preached on Hell. A lot of church congregations do not ever hear a sermon about Hell. I respect our pastor for this blunt, clear sermon he titled “THE UNBEARABLE REALITY OF HELL.’

We all would like for all our loved ones to live in Heaven when they die. However, so many are now in Hell because they did not listen when someone tried to tell them that Hell is really real. Or no one shared with them about God’s saving grace and also about the reality of Hell. Or they think they are going to heaven because they are nice to others and do good works. I want to do all I can to reach all that I can with the truth, planting the seed that will lead you to genuine salvation and eternal life in Heaven.

I’m pretty passionate about anything I write here on my blog. I am more passionate about sharing this topic and Bro. Avery’s sermon than almost anything else. I truly hope that all of our followers and anyone you can share this with will be Blessed by listening to this sermon.

God wants us to warn other people. Our pastor asked us to warn other people about the unbearable reality of Hell.

If you would like to hear other sermons that our outstanding young preacher has preached this is the link to our church’s website: https://trinitybaptistla.com/  Click on Sermons

Hell exists, it is real and I don’t want you going there. I want to see each of you in Heaven. Pass this on, please.

02.21.20 A look at what makes New Orleans’ cemeteries unique

When we went to visit Roy’s parents grave at St. Vincent dePaul Cemetery #1 this week I spent some time walking through the cemetery. I’ve always loved cemeteries with old graves in them. Of course, I took pictures throughout to share here since a lot of our followers are not from this area and have different burial places than we do. The St. Vincent de Paul Cemeteries were established in 1859 and many of the graves had death dates in the latter part of that century. This cemetery is pretty representative of most of the styles of graves/tombs in New Orleans.

One reason that our cemeteries are different is that burial plots are shallow in New Orleans because the water table is very high. Dig a few feet down, and the grave becomes soggy, filling with water. The casket will literally float.

I did some reading up on these old New Orleans cemeteries and found that the cemeteries of New Orleans are often called “cities of the dead.” Not only do the tombs look like buildings, but the cemeteries are organized with streets (and street signs) much like the cities of the living. I know that my dad’s grave is on Pecan Street in his cemetery!

Here’s an interesting tidbit. You might wonder how we can bury more than one family member in a vault, like Roy’s parents which is in the picture below? How can a tomb hold all of those coffins? According to a local ordinance, as long as the previously deceased family member has been dead for at least two years, the remains of that person can be moved to a specially made burial bag and placed at the side or back of the vault. The coffin is then destroyed, and the vault is now ready for a newly deceased family member. What happens if a family member dies within that two-year period? Generally, local cemeteries are equipped with temporary holding vaults, and the newly deceased family member is moved into his or her final resting place when two years have elapsed.

Because of the age of this cemetery and most cemeteries in New Orleans you will see both beautifully maintained burial plots/tombs/vaults and those in disrepair. There are cemeteries in New Orleans much older than this one and those are really interesting! This portion of the cemetery is dedicated to housing the bodies of Catholic Nuns. It is very nicely maintained.

The nun’s graves looking forward from the back of that area. These are less expensive burial “wall vaults.”The same rules apply about putting a newly dead body in after the one before has been dead at least two years.

These raised rectangular graves are what most graves are like in the old New Orleans cemeteries. They are called copings.  .Oddly the section of this cemetery where the priests are buried is not nearly as pristine as the nun’s burial section.

The rest of these photos I took while roaming through the cemetery.

Everyone knows Boudreaux is a famous cajun last name. I had to take a picture of this nameplate!

I don’t know if this is unusual but we have indoor burial vaults like the ones below.

We live on the Northshore of Lake Ponchatrain. Our water levels are different here so our coffins are buried in the ground. I like our cemeteries over here but have always loved the uniqueness of the old New Orleans cemeteries!

Ya’ll have a Blessed week!

02.19.20 Our day in New Orleans

Tuesday Roy and I drove the 90-minute ride to visit his parent’s graves at St. Vincent dePaul Cemetery #1 in Uptown New Orleans, Louisiana. New Orleans is where we grew up and lived the first 10 years of our married life.

It’s been a long time since we visited their graves. We set out from home at 9 am and stopped along the way to see the house and neighborhood that Roy grew up in on White Street in Metairie (the city next to New Orleans.) The street looks pretty much the same and the houses too. Other than some updates to houses and yards it could have been back when Roy and I were dating. Although it was totally renovated when it was sold after his parent’s death, we saw today that it wasn’t in the best of shape and needs a lot of maintenance.

Roy’s best friend growing up, Mike Brauninger, lived next door at this house.Looking down White Street from in front of the church next door.   Roy and I both lived in the same home all our lives.  His on White Street in Metairie and mine on Milne Street in New Orleans. When we left White Street in Metairie we went to uptown New Orleans near Soniat and Loyola. That is where Roy’s mom and dad’s graves are at St. Vincent dePaul Cemetery #1 in Uptown New Orleans, Louisiana.

Roy’s parents are the last two names on the marble stone.

His father, Theodore Chauvin 1915 – 1987

His mother, Vivian F. Chauvin 1914 – 2003  

We didn’t know if anyone brought flowers recently so we brought some pretty silk flowers for the grave. They look like something Roy’s parents would like. They are both really missed.Our morning in New Orleans included going by the home I was raised in on Milne Street. This is the I-10 exit to our home.

This is the tiny, 700 square foot home I was raised in! The empty lot to the left of our tiny home was where the house my grandmother, Mimi, lived. After Hurricane Katrina her house was torn down and our house was gutted and remodeled after being under water for two weeks.

My best friend growing up, Brenda Ellis lived in this house a block away.

Roy and I both noticed that the streets were still in deplorable condition, just like they have always been.

We ended the day shopping and enjoying some time at our favorite place, Sam’s Wholesale Club.

I took several photos while walking around the cemetery today and will share them in a separate post. New Orleans cemeteries are interesting, to say the least, so I hope you’ll check it out next!

Ya’ll have a Blessed week!


02.16.20 Chauvin Produce Company – The Seeds are Planted!

Saturday was a beautiful sunny 60-degree day at our home in Amite, Louisiana!  It was spent outside planting this year’s vegetable garden seeds in small pots.

Roy planted his creole tomato seeds a few weeks ago and they are doing very well. He planted those seeds differently than we did last year.

In past seasons I planted several seeds per pot and transplanted the healthiest plant into the garden. This year Roy planted only one seed per pot. All but two of his 18 potted seeds started growing well. He planted a fresh seed in each of those two pots and they are both doing well now.

This year he packed each pot also soaked each pot in water after packing down the potting soil. He then poked a hole about half an inch down and placed one seed in the pot covering it with dirt.

Since this seemed to work so well for his 18 tomato plants I did the same today for my 100+ plant seeds. From last year’s crop, I dried seeds for bell peppers, okra, eggplant, and cucumbers.    I might plant some of the watermelon seeds later on.

I purchased seeds for cherry tomatoes, carrots, spinach, and green beans. I did not grow spinach and green beans last year. I’ve never grown either of them so this is really new for me.  The carrots were grown last year in the garden near the pond. That location is not going to be a garden this year as it is the home of our precious Bo and Peep Ducks. The carrots are going to grow in the main garden this year.

I wrote the name of each plant on a popsicle stick.  I’m working on new rocks to identify the plant for each row in the garden. It takes the plant a few weeks of growth before I can tell them apart so the rocks serve a very important purpose.

We have four large white potatoes sprouting inside. Roy’s brother Paul brought us two mirliton plants that have nice vines already growing on them.

So the vegetable garden season has begun. At least inside it has.  The shelves and plant grow lights we purchased last year will be their home for a while now. Roy will till the soil before they begin their hardening process so they can survive outside.

So they are all lined up on the shelves and the germination process has begun!

Ya’ll have a Blessed week!