05.09.21 An open letter to my Mama, sweet Josie Traylor, on Mother’s Day

I wrote this back in 2013, eight Mother’s Days ago. I started to write something this year and looked at older posts for pictures. I came across this and it is all so true and dear to me that I’m publishing it once again. I miss that little lady just as much today as I did when I first wrote this.

Happy Mother’s Day Mama…

It’s been five years (now thirteen years) since I was able to look into your beautiful shining eyes and hold your fragile little hands to say I love you.

It was probably two years before that time when you still knew it was your daughter Rosalyn saying those words to you.  The erosion of your mind and memories taken by that horrible disease known as Alzheimer’s was something we didn’t like to see happen but most importantly we didn’t want it happening to you.

You were one of the strongest women I’ve ever known loving your children and grandchildren unconditionally, caring for us with the last drop of strength and love you had.

So many memories flood my mind, examples of the Christian wife, mother, and friend that you were.

Your life touched so many yet you were no famous person, just little ole Josie Mae Cochran from small-town Mississippi.

Your brothers and sisters all share your same strength and love for family which is probably why I love each of them dearly.

How I miss the many visits to your home where you’d sit in your chair and I in mine where I knew I could share my innermost thoughts, desires, wishes, problems, and plans and you would always understand.

How I Granny Hen Rosieregret the times I pushed to the side your wise words of advice, determined to do things my way.

With age comes much wisdom and it can be used for good or not.  You chose to use yours for good, for the good of God’s work and His children.

I learned so much from you mama.  How to cook, how to clean the house, oh the many years I spent growing up cleaning the bottoms of the furniture so maybe one day I’d be big enough to clean the tops!

You taught me to love okra by allowing me to have one for each year I was old which made me feel it was a special treat!  You taught me about loving and caring for others with your many visits to the sick or just bringing a small gift to someone in need.

I never realized when growing up that we were not wealthy like others, my clothes were always clean and you managed to give me the things I needed.  My friends and I always knew that when we entered our house we were entering a house full of love and caring and that came from you, Mama.

I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that you are in Heaven watching over us.  Not because of the good person that you were or the good things you did for others.  None of that made you a Christian.  Your love for Jesus Christ and you obviously serving him as your Lord and Savior even unto your death are what makes me know securely that you will meet me in Heaven when my time here on Earth is done.

You taught us the importance of family and created family traditions we will always cherish.  Of all the things I am thankful for it’s that you were always there for my children, Chad and Chip, being there when I couldn’t because of work.

You convinced them that they needed to wear undershirts and even as grown men they still do.

You taught them about Jesus’ love and the importance of Him in our lives.  Chip still tells me things that you taught him and remembers so many ways you affected his life.

As you drew your dying breath our oldest son Chad and his wife was there in our family circle of prayer.

You made it possible for me to work and still know my children were taken care of by the best grandmother around.

Your life wasn’t an easy one especially when you were younger but you never gave up and taught us not to.

I owe you my strength, my sense of humor, my smile, my love for my children and grandchildren, my stubbornness, my intelligence, my determination, and my love for God.

I could write volumes about your simple specialness but I’ve shed many tears while writing this so far and know I need to stop.

Mama, I give you all the thanks in my heart for loving me, my husband and my children like only you could.  The values, morals, family traditions, love, support, and how you spent your time are what make you my precious mama and why I know there will never be another one like you.

Please continue to watch over us and give us a swift kick when you see we’re needing it and a supportive hug when that’s needed as well.

I know that your daughter Harriett, your sons-in-law Roy and George, and all your beautiful grandchildren and great-grandchildren join me in wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day. You are now joined in Heaven by my dear husband Roy who loved you so. I hope ya’ll are both aware of how much you are missed.

We love you mama.

10.08.13 Field of Dreams, Dyersville, Iowa – 02.07.20 New Field of Dreams

MLB announcedlast week that the White Sox will host the Yankees in a “Field of Dreams” game in August of 2020. The game will take place in the new stadium built next to the iconic field from the movie. There will be 8,000 seats and fans will get to the new park through the cornfields around the original field where the movie was filmed. It seems like this is going to be one game only between the Yankees and the White Sox. I can’t wait to hear more information on this.

Roy and I were there in October of 2013 and LOVED IT!!  We recently ordered two canvas arts showing two great moments we had there. They are now on our living room wall next to our TV. I love that we are decorating the walls of our home with reminders of the precious memories we have from our six years living on the road. We just ordered three canvas arts with pictures we took at the Grand Canyon for our bedroom wall! I’m really looking forward to receiving those!

Back in October of 2013 when we visited Iowa I wrote the blog post below.

The original blog post from 10.08.13 Field of Dreams, Dyersville, Iowa – Both of our sons played baseball and softball growing up,  We had a baseball field in our side yard on Hinson Road, and we loved the movie Field of Dreams.

Betcha can’t guess where we went today!!!! That’s right, to the site of the Field of Dreams movie in Dyersville, Iowa. Roy played some ball with others including an older man dressed in an old-timey baseball uniform like they wore in the movie.

We went into the cornfields and out and in and out. I’m sure we looked like silly children and maybe we were today! It’s all still exactly like it was in the movie with the exception of a souvenir stand they added.

The family who has owned the property for years just sold it and we understand the new owners plan to add more ball fields so I’m glad we got to see it in its original form. The weather was perfect and there was a nice breeze.

Anyone who loves baseball or the movie should try to make it here to see it. The admission is free!

This was a very cool moment for us walking out of the corn!

fod7 (2)Roy absolutely loved having the opportunity to play ball on that field!

fod2fod 11fod 112 fod 13  fod 15 Some of the photos from when the movie was filmed therefod sign 2 fod sign

Dora was able to pull right up to the field. I loved this part!fod1  fod3 fod5 fod6

Looking out from inside the rows of corn!fod8 fod9 fod10 fod11We’re on our way to Chicago now. We really loved the beauty and farmland of Iowa. The Mississippi River is the dividing line between Iowa and Illinois. After as much flat land as we saw on the Iowa side, it immediately became hilly and even mountainous on the Illinois side of the river. The Mississippi River here was way bigger than it was at the headwaters up in Itasca, MN but not nearly like it is in New Orleans. There was a pretty beach with a boat launch on the Illinois side of the river. At first, we saw no cornfields but now that we’re further into the state they are everywhere here too. We hope to pull into Chicago before dark. We couldn’t find an RV park that we could afford within 2 hours of Chicago so we’re heading to our old tried but true Wal-Mart. We’ve pulled off the road at a rest stop for Roy to take a little nap since we’re going pretty far today and he did play baseball earlier!  We have some tentative plans for what we’ll do in Chicago so stay tuned for the next installment of our travels!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

Currently, it was one of those times when we were both as happy as two little kids can be. Of all the places I’d love to go back to this is at the top of the list.  I’d want both of our sons’ families to join us. I can just imagine how much fun that would be seeing both boys hitting home runs out into the cornfield! Oh, how much fun our youth baseball time was! If you have a love for baseball this Field of Dreams is a definite on any bucket list!



02.16.15 Sheet rocking, hose reel and column moving!

aaa useRoy and I really like these sturdy roll up hose thingies (had to look up that word since thingy isn’t a real word but the recommended plural is thingies) and brought one with us to our new little house. Roy attached it Friday so we’re all set. He created some bolt thing made up of three or four different parts to attach to the wall without damaging the vinyl siding.


20150214_115702Madisyn spent the night with us Saturday and went to church with us Sunday morning to Trinity and not one picture was taken.  Too much playing!

Her mom picked her up after church and we went on to Lowe’s where we purchased 26 – 50 pound bags of concrete on Sunday. Roy placed them between the ditch dirt walls and the culvert outside wall to stop dirt on the side from floating away if it gets wet. More money gone into the hole, sure hope it turns out to be worth it!

Monday, February 17, 2015 – The sheet rock guys came back to put their first layer of mud on the sheet rock.  Here’s pics which may not do anything for ya’ll but I see progress in every tape and mudding!  The red X in one of the pictures is where the medicine cabinet will go.

20150216_120555 20150216_120608 20150216_120639 20150216_120647 20150216_120731 20150216_120802Roy is going to put the porch railings in between the columns, so he measured the distance this morning.  They should be the same but they weren’t.  One set was 6′ 1/2″ apart and the other was 6′ 3″ apart.  Since the railings need to be the same size and the two sets of columns should be the same distance apart, Roy’s out there right now moving the columns.  This man is so amazing and wants everything to be just perfect – guess ya’ll can see why he married perfect me!!  hahahahahaha!

20150216_120839He’s on his way now to order two six foot railings from Mayeux’s in Hammond where we got all the vinyl and aluminum outside stuff from.  Then  onto Lowe’s to buy something to attach the columns to the cement better – yes Mr. Perfection!

mardi gras crawfish and shrimp divider


Social Security wants my 1983 W2 from Alliance Federal Savings and Loan but they don’t even exist any longer so that will require a lot of digging.  They also want something from 2007 which may be a little more doable but still requires research since I only have tax returns back to 2008.

I needed Southeastern’s approval one of of the LASERS forms but the said I can’t apply for retirement disability since I’m already retired.  I have to contact their main office in Baton Rouge to ask for an exception since when I retired I didn’t know I was disabled, just knew I had brain problems which affected my ability to do my work well. Retiring then seemed  like the best way for me to relieve myself of that stress and for us to get on the road in our new lifestyle.

So I’m stuck with both avenues to disability being blocked at this time.  Hopefully when Mardi Gras is over and I can reach LASERS (yes the state basically shuts down for Mardi Gras and the day before which is Lundi Gras) and when I get the SS information we can move forward.

mardi gras crawfish and shrimp dividerThe sheet rock guys should be back tomorrow for another coating of mud so unless something thrilling happens tomorrow I won’t be writing about construction.  I have updated my 2014 Mardi Gras blog and added some 2015 photos and videos.  That will be published tomorrow morning!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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02.14.2015 For a house that wasn’t going to see construction today – WOW!!!

K9iRdEXceThis has been quite a day.  Yesterday we thought that there wouldn’t be any construction going on today.  Man were we wrong! I have to say the following in big letters, so pretend I’m standing on the roof shouting this to the world:


The transformation from yesterday to today (sheetrock and columns) make the house look much more finished and much more what we dreamed it would look like.

The sheet rock crew showed up early this morning,instead of Monday, and by the time I woke up already had the ceiling sheet rocked!  By 2 o’clock they had the sheet rock hung in the entire house!  The purple sheet rock in the pictures is where water might affect it so it’s water resistant. We can see rooms take shape and really love it even more.  All of the rooms are good size and we couldn’t be happier!

s1 s2 s3 s4 s5s6 s7The vinyl siding and columns guys game back this morning so there were trucks everywhere with every one working inside and out!  Our contractor Ronnie came to check out things before he leaves for Disneyworld with his family for a week.  Our concerns about the window header yesterday have been resolved.  We compromised.  We kept the headers which will now be painted to match the real white of the window wrapping.  Also the space between the header and the large board of wrapping will be caulked to close in that space making it all look like one piece.   I wanted the piece along the top of the window to be removed to but the header against the large board but that would cause a problem with water getting behind the header so like I said we compromised.  Floyd our vinyl siding guy is on a plane right now heading to Colorado so the “fix” will happen when he return.

Yesterday there were sticks holding the porch up, today there are beautiful columns.  I’ll say it again, I LOVE THIS HOUSE!  Sure wish the sheet rock trailer wasn’t in the way but you can see how great it’s turning out!

a1 a3ex1 ex2 ex 4Roy bought some 10 inch massive nails to nail into trees for hanging my new bird feeders on.  I just love these feeders and hope they attract lots of happy birds to come visit us!


Madisyn will be here soon so I want to wrap this up and get ready for the fun and activity we’ll have with her!  A campfire and Smores are on the agenda!!

Ya’ll have a LOVELY VALENTINES! and Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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02.13.15 Beautiful bushes, vinyl siding and wall insulation!

wondeerful day Thursday, February 12, 2015 – I went to a local wholesale nursery, where I use to work, to buy all the shrubs for the front of our house and to hide the air conditioning unit and the water well shed.  I bought 6 Encore Azaleas (they flower all summer unlike regular azaleas that only flower for less than a month.) Also bought 3 Knock Out Rose bushes, 6 Camellias and 3 Adagio Grass. The Adagio Grass is the three dead looking tall grass things on the end.  The grass plants be cut back shortly and will come out beautiful, green and luscious! All the bushes are all lined up on the RV’s patio waiting for the yard to be graded and beds prepared.  We hope to have the grading done soon which will give the freshly planted bushes a while before we leave to take hold.

20150214_13150020150213_093028 20150213_093010 20150213_092938 20150213_092933 20150213_092618While I was out I stopped at Brown’s Bakery on Highway 16 where I purchased some bavarian cream stuffed cupcakes.  Oh my what a treat that was!  I also bought some decorative bird feeders to hang on the trees, including on that is shaped like an old time camper with a pink flamingo out front.  That one will be hung by our RV patio!

20150213_092954Roy built the roof for the water well shed and installed it.  Probably not something he should have tried to do by himself but he did it well.  Tomorrow it should be painted and will be finished.

Roy is showing the removable beam and the raised roof to Ronnie. This is so that if there is a need for the well pump to come up the roof doesn’t have to be torn off but can just be raised!
An up close view of the stop Roy made so the roof doesn’t fall over to the back when it is raised. He’s is just sooooo smart!
This is a switch Roy ordered to turn on the heat light when the temperature goes below 32 degrees. It kicks off when it goes back over 37 degrees.

20150213_123815 Friday, February 13, 2015 – The vinyl siding installers came back today.  The wall insulation man also came and did his thing. Here’s pictures and a short video of the insulation guys doing their thing!

This video doesn’t exist
20150213_091155 20150213_091207 20150213_104948 20150213_094553 20150213_094630Lots of pictures of the vinyl siding guys.  They wrapped the windows with an exterior 2 x 4 wood frame which is then covered with vinyl to match the windows.  It creates a more substantial looking window than just a regular window.  Only the front four at our house are being wrapped because it ain’t cheap!  We’re leaving the shutters off because we really like the look we chose. You’ll see the process throughout the pictures and I warn I took lots of pictures of this!

Ryan our insulation guy and Floyd our vinyl siding guy!

20150213_091318 20150213_103850 20150213_103857 20150213_103931  20150213_105053 20150213_10521420150213_134358The sun is setting now and the columns are not finished so I’ll not try to take a picture of anything now, but take them in the morning and post the finished result then in the next blog. Earlier, Roy had to ask the guys to stop putting in the window headers since they are narrower than the windows and not connected to the top of the window.  They just look weird so we’ll have to wait for larger ones to come in before the whole exterior is finished.  There is a picture below that has the weird looking header installed but remember it’s going away!  I also took a picture of one of the side windows without the window wrapping so you could see the difference between regular and wrapped.   Once the columns are finished, the house exterior will be almost finished except for the correct headers and the porch railings.  Roy will be installing the railings soon.


20150213_155143 20150213_162104


20150213_170537Roy rarely just sits around lately but this morning was so cold and he didn’t want to be in the way of the workers so we built a campfire and I took a shot of him actually chillin!   There is also a picture of the flower bed I created next to the RV patio with all the little clippings I brought with us from our Wardline house!  There are regular azaleas, orange/yellow lantanas, gardenias, ferns and other random small plants!  Most are hidden right now by the pine mulched I covered them all with.  By the time we get back here later this year or next they should all be growing well.  Might even happen before we leave!  Check out the signs of green rye grass starting to FINALLY sprout!

20150213_09581700 20150213_093200 20150213_093132The sheet rock was just delivered ready to be hung, etc. etc. next week!  Yay for walls!

20150213_142157There will be no building going on this weekend but we will have a special visit from Madisyn for Valentines AND she’s going to church with us Sunday!  Yahoooooooo!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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02.11.15 Concrete is stained!

saints good morningThe concrete stainers just left and the floor is stained! They re-cleaned the floor and taped spaces where the spray might land on that it shouldn’t   Our process does not use acid but uses acetone.  Our color is a mixture of warm walnut and cowboy something to bring out the golds we want.

I’m sure we don’t need to explain why we want a Fleur de Lis in our stained concrete floor!  But just in case someone slept through the many posts where we mentioned our love for the New Orleans Saints.  That design is their logo and it’s on the front of the coffee cup in the graphic to the left.  The Fleur de Lis that Roy has (not Roy Chauvin but Roy Bankston) is too large for our small living room, so he’s getting a smaller one to fit in the diamond as you enter the door.  This means he couldn’t put the first coat of sealer on today.  They will be coming back later today to cover the floor with two layers of paper protection.  He said they will put 3 or 4 layers of sealer on when they uncover the floor nearer to house completion.

Roy is a really nice guy and answered all my questions and allowed me to video some of his work.  He also sprayed a coat of sealer under where the cabinets will be so I could see what it will look with some sealer on.  He said it will lighten up as it dries so I’ll take another picture of that area tomorrow to get a better idea.

It’s taking the internet forever to download the pictures and videos, so I may not be able to post this until Thursday morning.

These pictures do not do the floor justice.  Also without the sealer you cannot tell what it will really look like since the sealer really brings out a lot of highlights.

before stain
after 4
after 3
after 2
after  stain 1
kitchen stained

Roy Chauvin worked on the water well shed doors all day.  Never will there be a more perfect pair of doors anywhere!!

20150210_162016 20150210_170747 20150210_170759 20150210_17425720150211_144900 20150211_144909 20150211_161201 20150211_161213It’s ready for a roof tomorrow and the walls to finish getting painted!

Thursday there will be no construction other than Roy working on the water well shed.  I’m going to buy bushes nearby in Amite, for the front of the house tomorrow. Friday the wall insulation man will be here and the vinyl siding guys will make more progress on the siding.  Next week – the many phases of sheet rock which takes a few days.  The sheet rock man came today to measure everything so we got to meet him.

That’s it for today! Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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02.08.15 Fun with Madisyn, white trim and yellow siding!

wanta hangI attended church today at River Rock Church in Loranger with our granddaughter Madisyn and her mom Liz.  For those who know our past, don’t be so shocked, yes we sat together in church and the building didn’t fall down around us!!! We both know that it’s in Madisyn’s best interest for us all to get along so we try!

I’ve been to River Rock several times over the last few years.  One thing their pastor said today that I want to share love of godis “Unless you know the Love that only God can give, you really don’t know Love.  How true that is!  God’s love is so big, so unconditional, so forgiving, so uplifting, so deep, so healing. and so much more.  Agape love is the kind of love God has for us.  It’s not a romantic love but a God love! Until you’ve given your heart and your life to Him and entered into this kind of agape love there’s just no way to truly know love.

This is where our weekend with Madisyn ended when we brought her to her mama Liz at church.  We had two very special nights and a whole fantastic day playing with her yesterday.  We decorated heart shaped cookies, painted rainbows, flowers and us on a piece of roofing shingle while sitting down by the pond dipping our brushes in the flowing water, practiced skipping rocks, planted flowers near the RV patio, ran around A LOT, dug dirt from the big piles and hauled it in the wheelbarrow to the plants, watered the plants, searched for colored rocks in the ditch, watched Princess Diaries, made banana and mayonnaise sandwiches (ick!), mud pies, rolled down the hills and loved on each other a lot! She is growing up so fast and is so very independent at almost 6 years old.  We hope to have her some during the Mardi Gras holiday when they have a week off of school – more fun and exhaustion!!!!!!


My phone went dead (too many pictures) about this time so there’s only one more pictures – awh shucks!


Yesterday evening Roy and I took Madisyn to White’s Restaurant, not far from here.  We’ve never eaten there before but always hear our friends talking about how delicious all the seafood and everything on their buffet is.  Madisyn has been there before so she showed us around and picked out her snow crab claws while we filled up on fried fish, boiled shrimp, fried shrimp, onion rings, okra, boiled crabs, mushrooms, turnip greens, and on and on!  Madisyn ate well and even cracked her own crab legs and got the meat out!

Yesterday morning the vinyl siding men started their work which was interesting to see how it was coming along.  It took hours to do all the white trim work yesterday. Today they started the soft yellow (I call it banana cream color) siding. When I pulled up after church they were finishing for the day and hopefully will be back one day this week to finish it off.  Three of the sides are done about 5/6 way up and the part over the front porch is done with the octagon shaped vent set in.  I love how it looks and how the various components we chose are really coming together! The porch columns, railings, and decorative window headers will be in soon and I hope will nicely finish off the look just right.


20150208_125604 20150208_125619 20150208_125721 20150208_130156 20150207_112820The roofers didn’t put the drip edge on the storage building roof in the correct place so Roy had to do that himself on Saturday.

20150208_125856Tomorrow morning Roy Bankston will be here to start the stained cement work.  I’ve never had that before but am really looking forward to seeing how it’s done!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!love scripture



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02.03.15 Roofing, air conditioning and big shopping spree!

10428548_1089683771057896_2714292691544921573_nTuesday, February 3, 2015 – Roofing material and three roofers showed up this morning at 8 am.  Here’s some before and after pictures of the house and a picture of the storage building with it’s roof finished.


b4 b5 b6 b7  b9Roy and I spent many hours today at Lowe’s getting what we hope are the last things we’ll need to buy for the house.  Door stops, light fixtures (for both bathrooms, master closet, master hallway, laundry room and pantry, shower rods, front and rear door locks, interior door knobs, siding for the well shed, roach killer for inside the walls, cans of foam to fill up holes, dozens of light bulbs, a broom and other miscellaneous items. You wouldn’t want to see the total of all that. So many decisions made at one time wore both of us out but it’s done!

This is Roy and Ronnie unloading our quite full truck, Boots, into the storage building.  Thank goodness Roy built that building!


Here’s picture of the bathroom light fixtures.  I really like both so I wanted to show you!

guest bath lights - Copy
Guest Bath Lights
master bath light - Copy
Master Bath Lights

It’s unusual for us to hear people working after 5 but the air condition men are here installing all that. They will probably take this evening and tomorrow evening but that’s one more we can scratch off the list.  This is Cory and Tory in our living room getting ready to do the A/C work!

20150203_171942I don’t believe anyone is coming during the day tomorrow so maybe Roy and I can get some rest.

Medical update:  My neurologist ordered additional blood work to check B and D vitamins and other minerals and nutrients that I could be deficient in causing the brain atrophy.  I had the blood work done this morning (6 vials of blood…. ick) and will see Dr. Shamsnia next week for him to review that and my previous MRIs compared to the most current two.  Finally got the Social Security disability application finished.  Took several days working on it.  I’m also applying to LASERS (Louisiana Retirement) for disability through then in case I have problem getting Social Security disability due to not working in the SS system the last 10 years.


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02.01.15 Family Sunday

Sunday, February 1, 2015 – Our Sunday was full of family!  Sunday morning we worshiped with Chip, Kim and Madisyn.  Chip is a “Connect Group” leader.  Their connect groups are small groups based around a common interest of that group.  Chip’s is Softball.  The picture below is of all the Connect Group leaders in front of the church.   The church moved into it’s new building (the old Schwegmann’s building) in Hammond.  It is huge and very nicely done.

a1On Saturday Chip’s church created a video of three of their family members (Chip was one of them) sharing their testimonies of turning to God from their addictions, and how their lives have been changed forever. They showed the video during Sunday morning worship.  I’m so proud of Chip being willing to share his darkest times so that others can see the amazing work God has done in his life.  The video was great and if I can get a copy of it, I will share with ya’ll.

Chip treated us all to lunch at Cracker Barrel.  Eating out with two little ones under two years old and a five year old is quite eventful.  It sure makes Roy and I eating out alone seem quite boring!  We loved it!

a2They all followed us to Amite where we showed them the progress we made on the house and in clearing out all the brush and trees.  Here’s some pics of the little ones and big ones checking it all out!

Chip, Braxton and Madisyn checking out the path along the pond.
Chip, Braxton, Kim, Bentley and Madisyn making their way across the temporary path to the other side of the culvert.
Madisyn, Kim, Bentley, Chip, Braxton and Roy making their way down the hill.
Chip and his little buddy, Braxton
Chip and Bentley checking out the view from the rear guest bedroom window.
Madisyn crawled inside the return air space after seeing her daddy crawl in there.
Bentley and Braxton with their “Superman” rain boots Grannie Rosalyn bought them!

Braxton and Bentley are very active little guys now.  After hours of play and activity we put on the TV “Bubble Guppies”.  This is the stillest you will ever see these little ones.  They and Madisyn made themselves comfortable on the floor and for 30 minutes there was calmness and quiet in the Chauvin household!  As soon as it went off they were ready for a nap and then more fun!

a9We all watched some of the Super Bowl together which was eventful with three little ones playing around.  It rained for most of the day so we spent a lot of time inside.  They left in time to get Madisyn home for bedtime so she’d get a good night sleep and be ready for school tomorrow.

It was so wonderful to have this time today to spend with all of them.  We hope to leave here by early to mid March so time for this is growing short.  I’m certain we’re off to a good start making the most of this time.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

valentines 1 corinthians 16 14


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