02.23.15 Electrical and appliance buying, Roy’s big fishing experience, hiking through the woods!

10685683_844012512323870_602757824269562937_nMonday, February 23, 2015 – The sheet rock workers didn’t work today.  Hopefully they will tomorrow, the rest of the construction this week depends on them finishing by Tuesday.  Our electrician came back today to install the outside electrical box, and the inside switches and outlets.  Our concrete stainer came today to pick up a check and said he thinks we’ll be ready for him to come in a week or so to seal the concrete.  Can’t wait to see the flooring finished!

Roy and I went to Hammond to Lowe’s today to get all the electrical conduit and other electrical materials for  him to run electricity from the house to the lift station at the septic tank.  This was not originally planned for since we didn’t know our septic tank would need a lift station until it was installed.

We also decided to add a refrigerator and washer and dryer to the appliances that will be included for the renters. These are Frigidaire appliances which will match the range, dishwasher and microwave we previously purchased.  They will all arrive next Tuesday!!!!!

20150223_120942 20150223_121002 20150223_121047Here’s a picture of Roy enjoying some fishing time by the pond yesterday.  The fish he and Madisyn caught were all  near the pond’s edge and were all small.  The pond is suppose to be very deep further out so we’re hopeful that means larger fish are in there!

In case ya’ll didn’t seen enough pictures of Madisyn visiting last week I found out that Roy had several pictures on his camera.  He and Madisyn went over the fence to track down where all the water that goes through our culvert comes from.  Some of these pictures are from their hike in the woods.  Others are from time we spent playing around the pond.

Madisyn making a sign on some shingles that tells Adults they are not allowed to cross her bridge (over the culvert). Only children can go that way, adults have to walk across on a narrow board!
Madisyn and Grannie (see our house in the background)

20150218_140543 20150218_140747  Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

 ISAIAH 40 8cooltext1838781539

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02.10.15 The start of our stained concrete process and Roy working on well pump building!

tuesdayTuesday, February 10, 2015 – Our stained concrete man needed Monday to finish up another job so he started this morning.  The vinyl guys also came today to finish up what they could while the boss is away in Colorado for two weeks!  One day this year we hope to be in Colorado so I’ll have to ask him for recommendations of places to see when he comes back.

The stained concrete guys were here early this morning.  Since live and speak godstained concrete seems to be something people don’t know a whole lot about and are interested in, I will be showing pictures and providing more description of what they are doing than I usually do.

The first thing they did was to score the concrete which makes what looks like big diamond shapes carved into the concrete leaving a 10″ space all around the rooms by the walls.  We only had the living room and kitchen scored.  The rest of the rooms will just be stained.

Next they sweep it out really good followed by wetting all the floors.  They mop them and suck up all the water and dirt with a big machine.  Then they buff the floor to remove the pencil markings and scuff marks on the floor.  They clean it again with clear water to remove everything the buffing brought up.  They leave it overnight to dry and will return tomorrow to do the staining and putting the Fleur de Lis in the cement.


The doors are locked on the house so no one accidentally goes in and disturbs all that cleanliness!!  I actually like how love in your heartit looks without any staining so there will be a lot of thinking on this going on between now and in the morning.

The vinyl guys were suppose to come back today but it’s almost noon and they haven’t arrived yet.  Hope they do, the house sure looks weird with only part of the exterior done!  Just learned they will be here Friday along with the wall insulation man.

Roy is focused today on working on the water well building.  Here’s pictures of his progress today.

20150210_120821  20150210_124330 20150210_130928 20150210_145330Roy’s gone into town to get something he needs for the well building and may work more on it this evening.  If he does I’ll include those pictures tomorrow.  When he’s finished building it he will paint it the same color as the house and the storage building.

I took a walk to the other side of the pond to see the house we’ve been watching being built.  They were putting down the wood floors.  Their walls are painted and the cabinets are in.  It’s a really nice looking house and we’ve enjoyed watching it being built across the pond these last few weeks.


Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

the joy of the lord is my strength


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02.02.15 Plumbing Monday!

Monday, February 2, 2015 – I love waking up to the sounds of construction work going on at our new house.  Our Plumber, C. Dan Wrinkles was here bright and early putting all our plumbing rough-ins in.  His son Hunter was with him shadowing his dad’s work today for school.  He was a very good helper for his dad and probably learned a lot today.  So glad they did this at our house, it was nice to meet this fine young man!

Here’s some pictures of their work here today.

a11 a12 a13 a14I remember when I first saw what the top part of a well looked like and I was shocked that such a sight was found by many many houses.  Thankfully my honey is fixing the awful look of that sitting next to the house. Roy’s out there busy AGAIN today working on a small building to surround our well.  He’s using the excess lumber we kept and came up with his own design.  He’s just too smart for his own good! He plans to finish it with the same vinyl siding that’s going on the house.

a16 a15

The roofing material will be here Tuesday (tomorrow) morning so the roofer will start then! They will also roof the storage building so that tacky plastic covering can go away!  The air conditioning will be on tomorrow’s schedule also.

The gravel Roy put at the end of the culvert by the pond seems to have survived yesterday evening’s rains.  They weren’t heavy rains but I’m hopeful they will survive that as well so we can haul more of the gravel down there to finish prettying it up.  If anyone has any excess larger rocks they’d like to donate to this area, we’d love to have them!


Now it’s time for me to go give the house another good sweeping so the air conditioner man can come into a clean house tomorrow.  Some of the a/c equipment was just delivered from Coburns!

We have the absolute best contractor.  All the work is perfectly scheduled and is going along at a great rate!  Thank you Ronnie Glover for being “Da Bomb!!”

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear

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01.24.15 Cabinets and counter tops on order…. and our new campfire pit!

weekend blessing Friday, January 23, 2015 – The rain Thursday night and this morning was heavy enough to stop the framers from working today.  It was also very cold and windy.

Roy and I headed to Hammond for our follow up cortisone shots in my shoulder and his knee.  We always wait at Dr. Chaisson’s office far too long, but today it was zip in and zip out.  Man we liked that and our body parts are feeling way better!

From there we went to Lowe’s and tried to buy a lot but came away with just four smoke alarms, rye grass to give us some greenness to the yard around the RV and lastly we bought enough stones to make a nice campfire pit.

Then we were on to the big shopping at D L Cabinetry in Hammond to put our deposit on cabinets and granite counter tops for the kitchen and two bathrooms.

EVERYTHING CHANGED From what we picked out a month ago and were absolutely sure that’s what we were going with, to what we actually signed up for today!

The granite we wanted for the kitchen was no longer available so we picked out something new.  Once we got the final quote on the kitchen cabinets we realized we could get a much better grade cabinet and still stay within thethings you want to do go do them budget. Also, we went from all of them being the same cabinet styles to having different cabinet styles for the kitchen and the two baths!  The only thing that seemed like it was going to survive from our original choices was the bathroom granite.  After changing the cabinets and their color changing we didn’t like how it went with the bathroom granite so we changed that also.  It was surprising how all that worked out.

Saturday, January 24, 2015 – Roy jumped right into building our campfire pit this morning.  Everything he does has to be just so and that showed in the time he spent on the pit.  He put the first ring together and took it apart numerous times before being satisfied.  Some of the dirt around it had to be dug out and leveled, then spread.  My big contribution was breaking up some of the big lumps of dirt and supervising his work of course!

e1 e2 e4

The cows came out to see what was going on and you can see them in the picture below.   We sat out there a long time this evening enjoying our first fire in our new pit.  Roy has made nice progress creating our own little RV park here in Amite!


We are looking forward to a visit from my sister and brother-in-law tomorrow after church.  Their first visit to our new home, can’t wait!!!

Hopefully the framing will get back in full swing on Monday and having a full week of sunshine should help us move the construction along really well this week!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

the lord is my strength


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01.19.15 Nice light yellow storage building

Roy and I shopped for a storage building for some time.  We decided upon the Heartland Rainer Gambrel Wood Storage Building from Lowe’s.  It’s a 10 x 10 building with a storage loft inside.

We bought it as a kit for $998 (plus tax and $65 delivery) instead of paying $2,000 for one already built.  As time went on we saw the total cost adding up to over $1,500.  I’ve written about why the cost is now so high so I want to show you what it took to get it finished.

We bought our four house fans today and we now have a place (other than our RV bed) to store them and the lighting fixtures we’ve been acquiring!

Since these pictures were taken earlier today I painted the bottom edge of the exterior (yes I painted some dirt too!) We are both so happy with the finished building.  Love the storage space, the loft, the color and Roy especially loves that all that is finished!  When we get the felt paper, shingles and door lock it will really be finished!

On to more tree and bush cutting/cleaning out tomorrow and HOPEFULLY the framer will start Thursday!


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09.11.14 So what’s new??

dont try to face the day untilSoutheastern and LSU won their games Saturday by huge amounts.  They are both powerhouses in their conferences.  The bad news is that the Saints lost (oh how it hurts to say that word) to the Dirty Birds of Atlanta by a field goal in overtime in their first regular season game.  Our defense was rotten. They face the Cleveland Browns this Sunday and, as a loyal Saints fan, I know a 1 in the Win column is on the way for us!

We are still at zero offers on our house.  The volume of traffic through the house indicates a lot of interest yet no offers.  After much consideration, prayer and talks with our agent we’ve decided to lower the price $10,000 from the original asking price.  We’re hoping to reach a different group of home shoppers with this lower price, hoping someone will snap it up.

Roy is still working at Southeastern in his temporary position and can stay a few more weeks, Thank God!

Church softball games are one of those things for me that make me very happy!  We were treated to a church softball game this week.  My son’s church, Soul’s Harbor, has a new team and Chip is the coach.  They lost the first game but put several runs on the board so it’s a promising start!  What an amazing evangelistic outreach church softball is and I’m thankful Soul’s Harbor has started this at their church.  I miss the good old days at Trinity when we had a softball league and we all cheered and fellowshiped at the ball field together.  Here’s a picture of the new team!  Chip’s the guy with the full beard .

souls harbor team

My 60th birthday is coming up this Sunday, September 14th.  Wow the big 60!  I didn’t dread 50 because I never thought10501705_719614951418386_5147329040968202366_n of that as old.  Now I don’t really dread 60 but I do think of 60 as on my way to old (like my sister who was probably expecting that comment!!).  My sister and brother in law are taking us out to dinner Saturday for my birthday.  Hoping to spend some time with Madisyn on my birthday when we gather after church to celebrate.  Madisyn now in school full time, dance class, cheerleading class, AWANA on Wednesday nights and has very little spare time to sleep and breathe much less spend time with us. They grow up way to fast!

madisyn lessons

We’re not traveling right now so all I can do is dream about that and look forward to future times on the road when we can share our adventures with ya’ll again.

Today being September 11th is the 13th anniversary of the day terror struck the United States on our own soil.  The saying “We Must Never Forget” means so much to me.  Every year I try to watch videos of that day because I feel it is extremely important that we relive the impact of that day so we don’t forget the sacrifices so many Americans made that day and in the days afterward.  I don’t dwell on it except for on this day.  My mind can’t wrap itself around what horrible people would do this to our country.  The multitudes of young men who joined the military after that to give us renewed protection are due all our gratitude and prayers.  We are a resilient country with tremendous pride for what these folks did on September 11th and afterwards.   I worry so much about the path our country is on and pray daily to God for his continued mercy and grace on our country.

10612686_531043637041702_2658707136413585927_nAs much as many people want to remove our Christian faith from America, I for one will hold on to it with all my might.


Ya’ll have a wonderful weekend – it’s almost here – and ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear??!!


08.18.14 Westward Ho – What to Seeeee?????? Recommendations wanted!

Friends have asked about where we will be going when we leave here and the answer is still west. Whether it’s south west, mid west or north west depends on the time of year we head out.  That’s mostly because we want to go where nice weather is after being in the heat of the south these last few months.  Our idea of nice weather is more on the cool side so the path is not determined yet but we know we want to see every state out west, so some planning is needed.

I’ve accumulated information and have narrowed down some of the things we want to see to these in the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming.


Doesn’t mean we don’t want to visit other states in that area(North Dakota, Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska), just that I haven’t gotten that far in my research.  Since we’ve been sitting pretty in our side yard for the last while, I’ve had time to dream of our out west adventures, so I started with these.

What I need now is input from you guys who have been to these places, or know of even more “must see” places in these states. Any recommendations about best times to go to a specific place (day of week, time of day), places to eat, side trips to take will be appreciated.  We need all the help we can get since we’ve never been to most of these states (except for business trips flying in and out of a city).  I’m sure I don’t have all the best places on my list and want to make sure when we do this, we do it right.  We may be gone a year this time and are not even sure we will see everything we want to!

If you had a favorite RVing park please let us know that too.  We’ll be trying to stay within our Coast to Coast RV park system with Passport America being our backup but it’s very helpful to hear from others who have stayed someplace specific.  Also any RVillagers with experience in these states, please let us know your favorite parks and places to see!

Here’s our list – so far!

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

Wave in Coyote Buttes North of the Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness, Arizona

Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon in northern Arizonawest

Tombstone, Arizona

Boot Hill Cemetery and the Bird Cage Theater, Arizona

Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum outside of Tucson, Arizona

Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona

Painted Desert, Arizona

Kartchner Caverns State Park, Arizona

Monument Valley, Arizona

Avenue of the Giants scenic road in Redwoods State and National Park, California

Death Valley and Dante’s View, California

Channel Islands National Park, California

Redwoods National Park, California

Yosemite National Park, California

Point Lobos State Reserve in Carmel, California

San Francisco’s Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz Island, California

San Diego Zoo, California

Getty Center in Los Angeles, California

Ghost town of Bodie now Bodie State Historic Park, California

Big Sur Coast Highway, California

Sequoia National Park, California

Western town of Ouray, Colorado

Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, Colorado

“Old West” mining town of Silverton, in the San Juan Mountains, Coloradowest scemoc rpite

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

The Sawtooths, the Bitterroots, Craters of the Moon, Shoshone Falls, Idaho

Glacier National Park, Montana

Sun Highway in Glacier National Park a scenic drive, Montana

The Missouri Breaks, Montana

White Sands National Monument – New Mexico

Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

Chaco Canyon New Mexico

Four Corners (Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico)

Rhyolite, a ghost town, Nevada

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

The Sierra Nevada’s, Nevada

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Mount Hood, Oregon

Multnomah Falls, Oregon

Crater Lake, Oregon

Mount Rushmore National Memorial, South Dakota

Badlands, South Dakota

Bear Butte, Harney Peak, and the Black Hills, South Dakota

Arches National Park, Utah

Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Utah

The Cascades, including Rainier, and Mt St. Helens, Washington

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Grand Teton National Park and Hidden Falls in Grand Teton’s Cascade Canyon , Wyoming

Sand Creek and the Devils Tower, Wyoming

Wind River Range, Wyoming

west going out west

RVillage has almost 10,000 members now!   We are hoping 10,000 happens around Labor Day!

A series of books I’m reading right now is about time travel. I’ve read four of the books and am now reading book 5 of the 7 books in the Out of Time Series by Monique Martin.  There’s romance, great writing and we’ve visited the 1850s, 1900s, 1920s in America and Europe.  I read books 4-6 first and went back to get 1-3 and that worked quite well. I’m hooked and love seeing where Ms. Martin takes the adventures of Simon and Elizabeth next! They are cheaper in a box set of 3 and I got the second three for free through Book Bub.  That offer’s over but if you’re a Book Bub follower look for it if they do it again!

This week is only starting but I pray it’s a great one for all of ya’ll!


Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

06.19.14 Frankenstein staples, Raising Canes and Godzilla!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014 – I’m sitting in the surgical waiting room while Roy is in surgery to remove some lumps from his chest and back.

I just ate a delicious meal of North-Oaks_3-1024x640baked spaghetti casserole and green beans for only $3.20. Food at North Oaks Hospital is always very flavorful and plentiful.

They took Roy back about an hour ago and I’ve been told he’s doing fine. We prayed before he went back and I know God is watching over him so there’s no need for me to sit here worrying.

The waiting room is oddly quiet and empty right now. Sitting here in the waiting room, it seems that my mind is very clear and I find myself thinking about Roy. We’ve had a lot of years of marriage, not all were great years but we didn’t gave up on our marriage and when we were wise enough to let God guide us we’ve been very happy.  I really don’t know what I would do without him. Even as recently as right before they took him back to surgery I couldn’t get internet on my phone and I needed him to figure it out for me, which of course he did! Not just for the technology loss I’d suffer, but for so much more. He does all the driving of our RV, the hooking up and unhooking of the utilities each stop we make, all the RV maintenance and finds time to keep an eye on me, love me and do lots of special things for me all the time!

Roy’s surgery went well and now, two days later, I just took the bandages off all his bo bos.  He’s got lots of staples which will come out next Thursday.  I think Frankenstein would be proud of Dr. Liner’s handiwork with all the staples!

Roy got some great news this week. He got a call from Southeastern Louisiana University that they want to hire him for a temporary (at least 3 months) full time job doing what he use to do there before he retired! That is so perfect and a huge blessing for us. We will be here at least 3 months trying to sell our sticks and bricks house so we’ll have extra income to see us through that time. Since he’ll be recovering from surgery this week, unless they find out he committed some crime during our one day stay in South Dakota, he will start at Southeastern next week. I still have my work at home with RVillage.  I may take the extra alone time I’ll have to visit with friends and family, or I may be lazy and read! Probably some of both!

We spent a wonderful Father’s Day with our son Chip and his daughter Madisyn. Our church had Donuts for Dad which Roy, Chip and Madisyn went to. We all went to raising canesSunday School and then our Worship Service. It was a wonderful day in the House of the Lord and I am thankful for our Christian family to worship with. Chip treated us to dinner at Raising Canes, a local amazing chicken place.

We’ve been able to spend a little time a couple of times this week with Madisyn.  When I go to pick her up from summer camp and see the surprise and joy on her face, it’s the best!  We asked if she wanted to go with us the the peach farm on Friday or go with her friends at camp to Tickfaw State Farm water park.  She chose the water park and then thought a bit and said “But you know I’ll be missing you all the whole day, so please bring me some peaches and nectarines”.  Guess she’s figured out how to get the best of two choices!

I went outside to pull weeds earlier and lasted about 15 minutes before my clothes were drenched – and I was in the shade.  Louisiana’s heat is one of the reasons we loved being able to live up north during the summer.  This year we can’t help being here but it reinforces in our minds that we’ll never be here for this awful heat in future years!!  The boiled crawfish, shrimp, peaches, strawberries, king cake, etc. etc. do help make up for the heat a bit!!!

We’ll let ya’ll know how our visit to Walter’s Peach Farm goes when we get home today!


05.12.14 Good bye San Diego, Texas!

2014-05-12_16-39-09_396 Our time in San Diego, Texas has come to a close and we are now on our way to Victoria, TX.  We originally planned to leave Tuesday morning, but after hearing today’s weather forecast with a possibility of thunderstorms we decided to leave today.  The 9 mile caleche road we had to travel to leave MEW Ranch becomes gushy and difficult to drive on when wet.  It’s just now recovering from the storm three nights ago but would be impossible for us to drive on if we waited until after today’s possible storms and tomorrow’s definite storms so off we go!

We said our goodbyes to the Morgans who thanked us for doing a great job here while they were gone.  They gave us a little metal Eiffel Tower which I will display proudly on our bedroom display shelves. We told Bow and Willie, the dogs, bye, hooked Boots up to Dora and down the road we went.

We didn’t mention this before now but while we were there 2 chickens, 4 peacocks and 1 guinea died.   One of the peacocks that died was the big daddy peacock with beautiful feathers.  We were considerably worried when the deaths started to happen but shared it with the owners when we communicated.  They were very kind and didn’t send us away and when they returned they said it was all caused by chicken fleas.  A couple of chickens died before they left from fleas. so we suspected it but didn’t know for sure until they came home.   That was our traumatic experience while on the ranch!!

Today was my first experience driving Dora.  It may have only been down the long 9 mile icky road and I didn’t go over 15 miles per hour and only passed one other car on the road but I did it!  I may take a turn on the interstate soon to get that experience too!


We are headed to Victoria, TX to Lazy Longhorn RV Park for the next three days.  We’re hoping it’s some cooler there since we’ll be 2 hours north.  On Thursday we go 2 more hours north to Willis, TX where we’ll stay for 10 days and hopefully more.

Ya’ll have a great evening, and ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!