08.13.14 First day of school, victorious Saints, and beautiful butterflies!

10592924_888246874536144_3531076100874874366_nSaints fever is spreading throughout the South in these weeks leading up to the regular season.  Time to get the plastic bag and tub containing all our Saints paraphenalia, clothes, signs, etc. out from under Dora.  Near the end of last season we bought our Sproley Oley tin can man to hang outside.  Since Sproles is no longer a Saint (can I say what a sad day that was!) we’re going to convert him to another Saint before the regular season gets here.  Gotta see who rises to the top during the pre-season before making that decision though!

The long awaited first Saints game of the pre-season was victoriously won last week and the second was also a victory by our Boys in Black and Gold!  We’ll be more properly attired for the game next week since Roy, me, Chip, Kim, Madisyn, Braxton and Bentley now have new Saints Socks!!!  I believe we must be Saints outfitted for every game so now we’re complete! 

Madisyn came to stay with us one day last week. After dinner we went to Baskin Robbins which Madisyn use to call the special place that Paw Paw takes her to. It’s still a special place but she definitely knows the name of the place now. They allowed me to go with them this time and what a treat it was.

She and I spent the evening on the floor making homemade Christmas gift cards for her to give some of her family this year. I’ve always loved making them for our family and friends and now that she’s old enough and getting quite crafty we can do them together!

She spent the night with us and in the morning we went shopping for Saints clothes for her (she’s now wearing a precious Saints cheer leading outfit with pompoms) and grocery shopping with Grannie (half of the things I needed are still at the store).

madisyn roses cheerleading saints

We picked up fried fish dinners at Marcus’ fund raiser and came home where Chip (her daddy, our son) was waiting for us with a bouquet of roses! While we were shopping I even got my first “Oh Grannie you embarrassed me” comment (which she properly told me in private) from something silly I did. When she left I napped for two hours which I never do. I think it’s the Madisyn after effect!

Madisyn starts Kindergarten on Thursday and it’s so terribly hard to believe it’s been 5 years since she was just a tiny baby.  I’m sure she will take the school by storm and pray that Chip doesn’t get those calls from her school I use to get about him!!! Here’s some pictures of this very special event!

10599351_824321034259392_7900065225115363511_n madisyn kindergarten madisyn kindergarten2I sure hope her school is ready for this one!!!

No house showings this week but our real estate agent posted two pictures of a butterfly visiting our lantana bushes today.  I’m looking out the RV window right now watching this very butterfly and it is so beautiful. 10440714_10152611242207486_517008494434595231_n10455320_10152458433278903_387111309761223217_n

Ya’ll have a wonderful weekend and ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

05.27.13 One month on the road and our days off!

our yard
Our side yard with some of our new yard decorations

One month ago tomorrow, May 29th we pulled out of our driveway and headed out towards this new lifestyle of RV living full time.  We visited several states on our way up north and have been settling down in Minnesota for the last almost 3 weeks.  The bare trees up here have many leaves and flowers blooming now.  The beautiful lake ice has melted and fisherman are starting to venture out to do their thing!  The guests are starting to show up at the resort a few at a time.  In a week or so it will be full all the time.  Our work has changed from totally getting everything opened up from being closed down for the winter, to meeting and greeting the guests and making their experience here a special one.  It’s also a bitter sweet experience because as nice as this is and as much as we’re learning, we’re equally missing our family and friends back home.

Our days off work start on a Sunday which we requested so that we could go to church.  We went into International Falls to First Baptist Church this Sunday.  It was a very traditional, conservative Baptist church and I loved it.  They sang wonderful hymns and had an organ and a piano. The Pastors sermon was about Gideon from the book of Judges and I was very blessed by his message. The drive however was very long so we’re praying about which of the two church’s we’ve visited we’ll regularly attend.

Wooden sign from the Gift Shop

After church we went shopping since we were in town.  I  bought two hanging plants some yard decorations and a blue metal thing to hang a plant on.  We can take everything with us wherever we go so we’ll have instant pretty garden.  We also bought food at the Country Market for the week and to host a dinner for our co-work campers on Tuesday evening.  On our way back from town we turned onto the road that brings you here which we’ve done several times before.  This time I noticed a big royrosieonfishsign that says Lake Kabetogama with a giant Walleye fish on top of it.  We passed it by, Roy stopped and said “I think you can sit on top of that fish” and backed up to it.  Well don’t you know you can, and I did.  You walk up a bunch of steps and there is this giant fish positioned to make it very difficult to get on.  Maybe not for a young person but for me it was, yet I did!  Another car pulled up and some ladies got out and one offered to take a picture of Roy and I up there.  I’m not sure that if they weren’t there I would have worked so hard to get up there and getting off, well that was another story.  Roy kept saying I can’t catch you honey, be careful!.  Well, you let two old coots loose and we’ll get into all sorts of things.  It was fun once I got up there and before I got down!  A little closer to the resort we stopped at a neat gift shop which we’d seen before but never passed by when it was open.  It’s a big log cabin with several rooms inside and a winding stairwell up to a show room on the second floor.  Kind of reminded me of Bayou Booksellers in downtown Hammond but with a more woodsy feel.  We bought a few things and saw several things we’d like to get in the future.  Found a precious pink dress for Madisyn with Lake Kabetogama embroidered on it.  Paw Paw picked out a matching bow to the complete the set.  We’re hopeful she and Chip can fly up here during the summer to visit and this is one shop she’ll love to browse through!

These are the tomato plants that Roy got as a going away present at Southeastern. Madisyn and I planted the seeds and we’ve been tending them till now they were ready to be planted in the ground.

On Monday, our second day off, we slept late (I did, Roy went fishing early) and we planted our tomato plants that are now big enough to plant, decorated the yard with the things we purchased, prepared the food for community dinner tomorrow night and grilled hamburgers on the maiden voyage of our gas grill this evening!  They were delicious and we enjoyed eating outside under the awning in the cool evening air.  Our gas grill is a Weber Q 200 which we selected because of good reviews from other RV owners and how the stand and grill fold down into a small unit that can be stored under Dora really well.  I’ll let ya’ll know how we like it once it gets broken in good.  We went through the supplies in the maintenance garage looking for ideas of what to do with the Kid’s Quest children.  I found what I think will be the perfect thing to do.  A Scavenger Hunt!  They did one several years ago and left the instructions so I retyped them and made several changes to eliminate the kids going to people’s cabins and to match the things I have available to hide!  I’ve gathered the supplies and hopefully we’re ready for next Wednesday, our first time doing it.  I also found some paint, brushes, paper rolls, stamps and sheets of paper to make some art design with if it’s a rainy Wednesday.  After dinner we went out to the dock and both of us fished for a while.  Didn’t catch anything but we enjoyed the peacefulness of the waterfront and we enjoyed each others company!

white siberian tiger for front windshieldRoy’s on the phone right now with a company that makes sunscreens for Dora’s front window and he’s ordering one for us!  It will be used in place of closing the curtains since you can see out of it but no one can see into the RV.  I like the curtains open most of the time but it gives you no privacy and this will. We picked out a design that is the face of a White Siberian Tiger.  It’s silver and black with blue eyes and will go perfectly with Dora’s black, silver and grey sides and now Dora has blue eyes like me!  If you’d like to look into getting one for your RV, the company’s website is www.heritageartltd.com.  They have lots of designs and other purposes you can use these for, like hanging one from the end of a patio so it’s not just for RVers.  Our managers, Rick and Debbie, have one which is where we first saw it.  Theirs is a Bengal Tiger and no they are not LSU fans, they picked it because the colors match their RV.

I’m finishing up preparations for our dinner tonight so I’d better stop all this and get to that!  We go back to work tomorrow.

Ya’ll come back now ya’ year!