03.04.15 Part Two – The cabinets arrived a day early, porch railings and microwave!

z2High temperatures here in Amite on Thursdays was 81.  High temperature on Friday will be in the low 40s.  Wish it would level off somewhere in between for a while!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015 – We were having a hard time getting the cabinet/counter top folks to commit to Thursday for delivery and installation.  They surprised us by bringing the cabinets on Wednesday.  That was a BIG surprise and the electrician was just finishing up so we scrambled to clean up and get the space ready for the kitchen cabinets and the two bathroom cabinets to go in.  The electricians and cabinet men finished their work Wednesday evening and these pictures are from then. The cabinet men did not have the crown molding for top of cabinets so the counter top men will bring that Thursday.

Espresso cabinets for both bathrooms
Family room full of cabinets and the electricians finishing up.
Cabinet installers working in the kitchen
Light fixture in master bathroom
Pendants over kitchen bar
Dark Carmel kitchen cabinets installed up close

20150304_15004720150304_164519 20150304_164717   20150304_164947 Late this afternoon Roy and I installed the microwave oven!  It’s the same design and brand as all the other kitchen appliances.  Here’s a look!

20150304_174022 20150304_174901On Thursday the granite counter tops will be delivered and installed. The finishing plumbing items: toilets, fixtures, etc. will be delivered Thursday and installed Friday.

What we have left to finish the house is:
Toilets, sinks and tubs all hooked up to water – Friday
Install closet shelving in closets, laundry room and pantry – Friday/Saturday
Air Conditioning outside unit installed – Monday
Pick up of porta potty – yeah!!! – Monday

Some time next week:
Stained concrete floors sealed and fleur de lis installed
Appliances delivered and installed
Underground electrical service to the house
Permanent electricity to house hooked up with meter installed
Trim work completed – after cabinets are installed
Paint touched up
Final grading of land including filling in around and on top of the back culvert and additional gravel in several places
Planting bushes around house

We should be ready for someone to move in around March 15th.  I’m going to start advertising it tomorrow as soon as I have pictures of the kitchen with counter tops on!

Ya’ll come back now, ya hear!

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03.04.15 Light fixtures – yipee! BIG SURPRISE NEWS and HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY MADISYN

our days are for his praise Tuesday, March 3, 2015 My job today was to clean the exterior doors and to scrape and clean all the windows inside and out.  For once I’m glad we only have 7 windows!   I was surprised to find not much sheet rock and paint on the windows but they were nasty so they got a good cleaning.  Each ifyoure going to rise you might as well shinewindow took at least 4 cleanings and will probably need another before the house construction is finished.

Roy’s job was to sweep out the house, finish up installing the exterior door locks, and place all the boxes of light fixtures in the correct room.  He laid them out, along with enough bulbs for each fixture. I can’t wait till they are all installed!

 20150303_121436 20150303_121444THEN he started shoveling more mud which he says was going to end up in the pond but he wanted to shore up the entry to the culvert, just in case another flood occurs before he implements Plan B.  He explained Plan B to me but I think we’ll wait and let pictures describe it when it happens.

20150303_132234Wednesday, March 4, 2015 – Madisyn Ann Chauvin’s 6th birthday has arrived!  We won’t see her today but I’m sure the day will be filled with specialness for her!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADISYN!

Our electrician, Jerry Joiner, and his helper are here today installing the light fixtures.  Here’s some early morning pictures of their progress.

20150304_09295820150304_093130 20150304_093102 20150304_093051 20150304_093023  Later in the day I checked in on Jerry and these pictures are of the rest of the fixtures installed.

All closets, pantry and laundry room have these LED lights
Round LED light for kitchen
1 of 5 smoke detectors
Kitchen bar pendant lights and kitchen LED light

Even though I don’t have pictures of the bathroom light fixtures yet (and they are my favorite fixtures), I am wrapping up this blog post because you’ll be reading for days if I shared the BIG SURPRISE NEWS for the day in this one.  Check back next time to find out!

Ya’ll come back now, ya hear!

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03.02.2015 Thanks to all of you – AND – The dam broke again!

First I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who reads our blog.  Our stats are soaring through the roof!  Golly gee whilickers! Don’t know exactly what you’re liking, just that lots of people are reading it!

sorrow and despairMonday, March 2, 2015 – My husband Roy is currently in a state of devastation over the severe flooding around the culvert this morning. I didn’t do all the work he did but I’m coming up a close second. The video below says it all.


You probably won’t see this as Sorrow and Despair but we are feeling that way right now. The 40 loads of dirt and 26 additional cement bags Roy put at the opening of the culvert nearest the pond went washing away this morning from the force of this morning’s rain.  The water is going in the culvert and ALL AROUND THE RIGHT SIDE OF IT.

Bags of concrete, chunks of concrete, sheet rock, nails and everything else that was shoved along the right side of the culvert are gone.  Most everything on the left side is still there since the heavy flow didn’t break through on the left side.  It is about the saddest sight we could see this morning.

So much work and so much effort gone.  Lots of pictures following from later in the day when things slowed down. You can see a huge difference between the rush of water earlier and what’s going through it now:


A ball near the top left, a cup and paper from somewhere after the storm. Can’t see our sheet rock, nails, cement bags, etc. They must have sunk or are at the other end of the pond.
Beautiful pines with water droplets!
Much later after Roy transferred the six remaining cement bags from the right end to the left end whee the water goes into the cement.

20150302_12370320150302_124038  20150302_123752  20150302_123918

Roy’s brilliant mind is probably formulating a Plan B for the culvert issue but I don’t dare ask him about it now.  We have to get through this mourning stage before I dare do that!  He has already moved the remaining cement bags from the pond end to the woods end to create a larger barrier.  We’re anticipating rain most of the week so hopefully this will take care of that or at least reduce the possible damage.

Our wonderful painters, Toxey Koehn, and his crew are finished up all the painting the can do for now.  Now I get to go in there and clean up the floors real good and set out all the lighting fixtures so the electrician, Jerry Joiner, can install them early Wednesday.  Some of our budget overage is due to us picking out the light fixtures we wanted instead of the ones in the budget…… Once he has the lights installed the Washington St Tammany Electric Cooperative will come out and connect permanent electricity to the house.

Later in the week the cabinets, counter tops and air conditioning unit will be installed.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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03.01.15 Birthday Happy to Madisyn!

west2Sunday, March 1, 2015 – Grannie and Paw Paw were called in to keep Madisyn over night so her mom, dad and Kim could decorate and get everything ready for her 6th birthday party.  So we played, snuggled, slept and took her to church with us.

We played outside while there was still light on Saturday.  I also took pictures of the newly cleared area on our land next to the pond. Now that Roy’s built a partial bridge over the culvert he was able to ride the lawnmower over there and cut back a lot of brush.

b1 b2 b4This is a close up of one of our medicine cabinets.  It has beveled glass on the front, a beautiful black frame and mirrored insides with glass shelves.

b7A look at the fresh paint job from the living room into the kitchen.  They will be back Monday to finish things up. b6 Here Madisyn is with several other children during the special children’s time in the worship service with our pastor Dr. Randy Davis.

20150301_110833Next are pictures of her “Under the Sea” Ariel birthday party at our son Chip, her daddy’s, home.  There were a lot of wonderful under the sea decorations and delicious food outside but I somehow didn’t take one picture of that. 20150301_133300 20150301_133310 20150301_134704  20150301_134849 20150301_151140   20150301_152035This ends our Birthday Happy celebration for sweet Madisyn!  This has probably been the first day we did not go into the house once.  When we returned this evening both of us crashed for at least two hours.  We’re watching our favorite show “Once Upon A Time” and then going to crash again.  Take a lot for two old folks to recover from a 6 year old’s birthday party!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear

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02.28.2015 Painting and visiting!!

relaxing saturdaySaturday, February 28, 2015 – Bye Bye February!  Tomorrow we will welcome in the month of March, one of my favorite months because of new flower blossoms, new leaves on trees and more 70 degree days!

Our painting trio are back today making great progress.

20150228_123311 20150228_123327  20150228_123402 20150228_123413 20150228_123557Got a call from the counter top people that the counter top we chose was unavailable.  It was suppose to be put aside for us when we gave them the deposit three weeks ago but it wasn’t.  However they offered to give us 3 cm granite in the same design instead of the lesser expensive 2 cm granite we chose at the 2 cm price!!!  The 3 cm is available in a beveled edge instead of the bull nose edge.  That’s okay too!  We are hopeful the cabinets and counter tops will begrowing old together installed next Thursday.

My sister Harriett and Brother in law George are on their way to see us right now.  Then Madisyn will be here over night so I am trying to finish this before all the fun begins!

Madisyn is staying the night with us tonight and going to church with us tomorrow so that mommy, daddy and Kim have time to decorate and get everything prepared for her birthday part tomorrow.  Plus it will make it all a surprise for her when she sees it tomorrow for the first time.  It is absolutely wonderful to see the three adults working together on something benefiting Madisyn.  The little girl deserves that and I am proud of all three of them for making this happen.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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02.27.15 Building a house is a piece of cake!

734401_833048396710692_1983591327_nWell this is the second time writing today’s blog.  The first one was finished complete with pictures and it disappeared.  Sure hope I remember everything I wrote in that one, it was good!

Friday, February 27, 2015 – Yep, building a house is a piece of cake, with the right contractor and subcontractors that is!  After a slow start due to holidays, rains, and other delays our house has gone up fast.  We are now within a week or two of the house being completed!! Thanks to Ronnie Glover, Cory Glover and all our subs!

A really nice and friendly trio of painters were at the house bright and early and started by prepping everything by filling nail holes and caulking corners and edges.  As we left I can hear them in the house spraying the ceilings!!!!! Here’s a couple of pics of their earlier work.

c10 c9We took Dora (our RV) to Amite to fill her up with propane.  We also stopped at the gas station to fill up with diesel while it is still $2.39 a gallon. Dora’s now full and happy. We also stopped at Walmart to pick up 5 items and came out1016835_1100500646642875_783139052894355040_n with 50. Just wanted fruit to make a fruit tray for Madisyn’s birthday party but we wound up buying almost enough food for us for a week. I’ve been having trouble finding our truck when I go shopping but today Dora in all her big glory was there for me to easily find!

Had a wonderful phone visit on a dear friend, Pat Turner, whose husband Bill died of Alzheimer’s and her neighbor was just diagnosed. I believe she is going to share my Alzheimer’s blog with the husband, who is very new to all this. If you know of someone my blog would help please share this link with them. https://rosalynsalzheimersblog.wordpress.com/

1377629_609944762377739_2100035853_nWhen we came home from our trip to town the painters were leaving for the day. They painted all the doors, all the ceilings and the walls in the master bedroom, closet and bath. I was so tickled to see color on the walls. They will be back tomorrow and can’t wait to see it finished! Here’s pictures of today’s painting.  Roy and I really like painting the ceiling the same color as the walls and you can see that here.  The ceilings still look lighter even though they are the same color.

c11 c7 c4  c6We didn’t think the living room and kitchen ceilings were painted until we moved around some and could tell it was.  The last picture above shows this.

Our vinyl man, Floyd Fayard came this afternoon to finish caulking the work he did last week.  I showed him the new bench Roy made for down by the pond since Roy used the ends of the front porch columns to make the bench legs from.  Here’s pictures of the bench.

c3  c1Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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02.25.15 Interior doors, trim work and remaining work list

wednesday blessingsWednesday, February 25, 2015 – The ceiling was insulated this morning – no pictures of that!

The trim man and our contractor, Ronnie, were here early too!  I didn’t go over to the house until noon, it is way too cold and rainy. When I did I was amazed to see all the doors hung, the attic stairs installed and the window seats installed.  Still needs baseboards and crown moulding and the living room window framing isn’t finished.  It is wonderful to see the finishing touches starting now.  I love the doors we chose.  They are not the regular rectangular shaped panels but have a more country feel to them.

None of the doors or trim work are painted yet.  The color of the doors now look light grey but they will all be white when painted. Painting will start tomorrow – goody, goody!  Hopefully by Monday it will all be painted and the other finishing items will go in next week and the following week.

Guest bedroom closet and entrance door
Attic stairs
0Guest bedroom closets
Mr. Joe cutting trim on the front porch
Bedroom door
Living room window – trim not finished
Pantry door on the left and laundry doors on the right – Little Joe in front!

We still have a whole page of items to be completed before it’s totally complete but we’re very close.For those who are in the midst of construction or are considering it and are wondering what’s left here’s the list, not necessarily in the order they have to be done:

Stained concrete floors sealed and fleur de lis installedcheck list
Interior painting
Install cabinets in granite counter tops in kitchen
Install cabinets and granite vanity top in bathrooms
Install closet shelving in closets, laundry room and pantry
Electrical fixtures installed
Underground electrical service to the house
Permanent electricity to house hooked up with meter installed
Outside air condition unit installed and hooked up
Toilets, sinks and tubs all hooked up to watergeting things done
Pick up of porta potty – yeah!!!
Medicine cabinets installed
Trim work completed – after cabinets are installed
Final grading of land including filling in around and on top of the culvert and additional gravel in several places
Planting bushes around house

These are exciting times in our house construction.  If you’d like to come visit and check it out, please do.   Any day (except Sunday all day this week) any time.  We’re here and would love to show you our cute cottage before it’s occupied and we can’t!

Just got the call from the Roseland Permit Office that our septic system passed inspection and I can get our permit showing it’s completed!

Tuesday, February 26, 2015 – Our electrician came back today to do some more work.  The cabinet/counter top rep came to take final measurements now that the sheet rock is completely finished.  The trim man finished his work this morning putting up the crown molding and window trim.   That’s it for Thursday’s construction.  Painting will start Friday!!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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02.23.15 Electrical and appliance buying, Roy’s big fishing experience, hiking through the woods!

10685683_844012512323870_602757824269562937_nMonday, February 23, 2015 – The sheet rock workers didn’t work today.  Hopefully they will tomorrow, the rest of the construction this week depends on them finishing by Tuesday.  Our electrician came back today to install the outside electrical box, and the inside switches and outlets.  Our concrete stainer came today to pick up a check and said he thinks we’ll be ready for him to come in a week or so to seal the concrete.  Can’t wait to see the flooring finished!

Roy and I went to Hammond to Lowe’s today to get all the electrical conduit and other electrical materials for  him to run electricity from the house to the lift station at the septic tank.  This was not originally planned for since we didn’t know our septic tank would need a lift station until it was installed.

We also decided to add a refrigerator and washer and dryer to the appliances that will be included for the renters. These are Frigidaire appliances which will match the range, dishwasher and microwave we previously purchased.  They will all arrive next Tuesday!!!!!

20150223_120942 20150223_121002 20150223_121047Here’s a picture of Roy enjoying some fishing time by the pond yesterday.  The fish he and Madisyn caught were all  near the pond’s edge and were all small.  The pond is suppose to be very deep further out so we’re hopeful that means larger fish are in there!

In case ya’ll didn’t seen enough pictures of Madisyn visiting last week I found out that Roy had several pictures on his camera.  He and Madisyn went over the fence to track down where all the water that goes through our culvert comes from.  Some of these pictures are from their hike in the woods.  Others are from time we spent playing around the pond.

Madisyn making a sign on some shingles that tells Adults they are not allowed to cross her bridge (over the culvert). Only children can go that way, adults have to walk across on a narrow board!
Madisyn and Grannie (see our house in the background)

20150218_140543 20150218_140747  Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

 ISAIAH 40 8cooltext1838781539

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02.16.15 Sheet rocking, hose reel and column moving!

aaa useRoy and I really like these sturdy roll up hose thingies (had to look up that word since thingy isn’t a real word but the recommended plural is thingies) and brought one with us to our new little house. Roy attached it Friday so we’re all set. He created some bolt thing made up of three or four different parts to attach to the wall without damaging the vinyl siding.


20150214_115702Madisyn spent the night with us Saturday and went to church with us Sunday morning to Trinity and not one picture was taken.  Too much playing!

Her mom picked her up after church and we went on to Lowe’s where we purchased 26 – 50 pound bags of concrete on Sunday. Roy placed them between the ditch dirt walls and the culvert outside wall to stop dirt on the side from floating away if it gets wet. More money gone into the hole, sure hope it turns out to be worth it!

Monday, February 17, 2015 – The sheet rock guys came back to put their first layer of mud on the sheet rock.  Here’s pics which may not do anything for ya’ll but I see progress in every tape and mudding!  The red X in one of the pictures is where the medicine cabinet will go.

20150216_120555 20150216_120608 20150216_120639 20150216_120647 20150216_120731 20150216_120802Roy is going to put the porch railings in between the columns, so he measured the distance this morning.  They should be the same but they weren’t.  One set was 6′ 1/2″ apart and the other was 6′ 3″ apart.  Since the railings need to be the same size and the two sets of columns should be the same distance apart, Roy’s out there right now moving the columns.  This man is so amazing and wants everything to be just perfect – guess ya’ll can see why he married perfect me!!  hahahahahaha!

20150216_120839He’s on his way now to order two six foot railings from Mayeux’s in Hammond where we got all the vinyl and aluminum outside stuff from.  Then  onto Lowe’s to buy something to attach the columns to the cement better – yes Mr. Perfection!

mardi gras crawfish and shrimp divider


Social Security wants my 1983 W2 from Alliance Federal Savings and Loan but they don’t even exist any longer so that will require a lot of digging.  They also want something from 2007 which may be a little more doable but still requires research since I only have tax returns back to 2008.

I needed Southeastern’s approval one of of the LASERS forms but the said I can’t apply for retirement disability since I’m already retired.  I have to contact their main office in Baton Rouge to ask for an exception since when I retired I didn’t know I was disabled, just knew I had brain problems which affected my ability to do my work well. Retiring then seemed  like the best way for me to relieve myself of that stress and for us to get on the road in our new lifestyle.

So I’m stuck with both avenues to disability being blocked at this time.  Hopefully when Mardi Gras is over and I can reach LASERS (yes the state basically shuts down for Mardi Gras and the day before which is Lundi Gras) and when I get the SS information we can move forward.

mardi gras crawfish and shrimp dividerThe sheet rock guys should be back tomorrow for another coating of mud so unless something thrilling happens tomorrow I won’t be writing about construction.  I have updated my 2014 Mardi Gras blog and added some 2015 photos and videos.  That will be published tomorrow morning!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

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