10.18.14 Q: Guess who has a new tiny washer/dryer! Guess whose A/C units are broken! A: Us and Us!

pumpkin rvNOTE:  This is a blog post that probably only current or future RVers will find interesting.

I’ve written before about our tiny washer/dryer combo  a few times when we’ve (actually Roy) needed to pull it out for servicing. It was a Splendide Model 2000S.  It’s extremely heavy and the limited space in an RV makes it more difficult to remove than a normal washer or dryer. There is no room in the little hole it lives in to reach over, under or on either side to get to anything. Two access areas are cut into the side wall of the closet so you can at least look in the back or fit one arm in there to try to work. 2000

Recently it started having “issues” again and one thing after another started breaking. First it was the handle that you open and close the door with. Then it was the detergent/fabric softener dispenser. Roy did what he could to repair those things but when the heat stopped blowing during the dryer cycle we declared it dead and in need of a replacement.

All of those things would be rather cheap to replace in a regular washer/dryer, but as with everything in an RV, these parts made specifically for an RV washer/dryer were highly overpriced. To replace the little door handle, which is plastic and maybe 4 inches high and 3 inches across, cost $90.00 A new detergent/fabric softener dispenser was $115.00. Don’t even want to say how much the price would have been to purchase a replacement for the heating element. Add to that the back-breaking labor of removing it to fix it, and the fact that part after part are failing, we decided to finally give in and relaxing saturdaypurchased a new one.

Washing clothes, during the week it took the new machine to get here, was just washing, no drying. Clothes came out wet and were hung up to dry wherever I could, all around the RV.  Shirts, pants, underwear, whatever all hung up to dry.  What a sight that was, no company that week! I’m thankful I could at least wash but I’m very glad that week is over.

Friday (yesterday) when Roy got off work our son Chip came over to work. Together they removed the old washer/dryer and installed the new one. Thank goodness for a strong son and husband!  The new model is a Splendide 2100XC.  It has a bigger capacity than the old one. While it does shake some when its drying it doesn’t sound or feel like a 747 is landing in the bedroom like the old one did. Since it’s 10 years newer than the old one it’s got lots of new features the older one didn’t like pre-wash, extra rinse, and low spin.

Now we have replaced the bed, the washer/dryer, the toilet and the ceiling lights since we bought it two years ago.  The RV is almost 10 years old so it is probably good that is all we’ve had to replace, so far!!!

The old washer/dryer going out!

20141017_144843_AndroidThe new one coming in!

20141017_15000120141017_16161820141017_161644While Roy was taking a nap on Thursday evening after work  I started to smell an electrical burning smell. I got up and could tell it was coming from the bedroom in the back. On my way to waking up Roy, a loud sizzle cracking sound coming from the ceiling went on for about 10 seconds. The sound was over before I got Roy awake but there was smoke in the bedroom which he could see. He checked everything inside that he could since it was dark outside by this time and getting on the roof of an RV at night is not something you do.

When I woke up Friday I noticed that the air condition in the living room and the one in the bedroom area were not running. They were on but the compressor wasn’t running. By the time Roy came home at 12:30 (he works half days on Fridays) the temperature inside the RV was 90 and it was in the low 80s outside. When I showered and dried my hair it was dripping wet in 20 minutes.

I am so thankful that the night time temperatures have been in the 50s this week because it was quite nice sleeping with the windows open Thursday night. Roy climbed on top of the roof Friday to check out the a/c problem after installing the washer and dryer with Chip.  Parts in the bedroom area air conditioner were fried. The front living area air conditioner had stopped for some reason.  Roy spent a lot of time on the roof trying to figure out what was wrong and to look into our options. Last night’s weather was just a wonderful as the night before so we slept with the windows open. If this was two weeks ago we’d have sweat all night, or slept on the carpet in the sticks and bricks house bedroom or taken Chip up on his offer for us to sleep at his house.  Instead we got to sleep at home!

Today brought a different set of air conditioning issues and options and I’m going to stop here with this story. Roy is out looking at pricing for options since replacing both air conditioners is quite expensive. When he returns and we know what it will take to be cool during the day again I’ll share!  I have a brilliant husband so I know he’ll come back with something promising!!!

Life in an RV is different and on occasion challenging, like this week!  We might have many, many uneventful RV related weeks before the next thing happens.  Let’s hope so!

Ya’ll have a wonderful weekend and ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!1893_714383375258783_1610695350_n


08.18.14 Westward Ho – What to Seeeee?????? Recommendations wanted!

Friends have asked about where we will be going when we leave here and the answer is still west. Whether it’s south west, mid west or north west depends on the time of year we head out.  That’s mostly because we want to go where nice weather is after being in the heat of the south these last few months.  Our idea of nice weather is more on the cool side so the path is not determined yet but we know we want to see every state out west, so some planning is needed.

I’ve accumulated information and have narrowed down some of the things we want to see to these in the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming.


Doesn’t mean we don’t want to visit other states in that area(North Dakota, Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska), just that I haven’t gotten that far in my research.  Since we’ve been sitting pretty in our side yard for the last while, I’ve had time to dream of our out west adventures, so I started with these.

What I need now is input from you guys who have been to these places, or know of even more “must see” places in these states. Any recommendations about best times to go to a specific place (day of week, time of day), places to eat, side trips to take will be appreciated.  We need all the help we can get since we’ve never been to most of these states (except for business trips flying in and out of a city).  I’m sure I don’t have all the best places on my list and want to make sure when we do this, we do it right.  We may be gone a year this time and are not even sure we will see everything we want to!

If you had a favorite RVing park please let us know that too.  We’ll be trying to stay within our Coast to Coast RV park system with Passport America being our backup but it’s very helpful to hear from others who have stayed someplace specific.  Also any RVillagers with experience in these states, please let us know your favorite parks and places to see!

Here’s our list – so far!

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

Wave in Coyote Buttes North of the Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness, Arizona

Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon in northern Arizonawest

Tombstone, Arizona

Boot Hill Cemetery and the Bird Cage Theater, Arizona

Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum outside of Tucson, Arizona

Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona

Painted Desert, Arizona

Kartchner Caverns State Park, Arizona

Monument Valley, Arizona

Avenue of the Giants scenic road in Redwoods State and National Park, California

Death Valley and Dante’s View, California

Channel Islands National Park, California

Redwoods National Park, California

Yosemite National Park, California

Point Lobos State Reserve in Carmel, California

San Francisco’s Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz Island, California

San Diego Zoo, California

Getty Center in Los Angeles, California

Ghost town of Bodie now Bodie State Historic Park, California

Big Sur Coast Highway, California

Sequoia National Park, California

Western town of Ouray, Colorado

Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, Colorado

“Old West” mining town of Silverton, in the San Juan Mountains, Coloradowest scemoc rpite

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

The Sawtooths, the Bitterroots, Craters of the Moon, Shoshone Falls, Idaho

Glacier National Park, Montana

Sun Highway in Glacier National Park a scenic drive, Montana

The Missouri Breaks, Montana

White Sands National Monument – New Mexico

Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

Chaco Canyon New Mexico

Four Corners (Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico)

Rhyolite, a ghost town, Nevada

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

The Sierra Nevada’s, Nevada

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Mount Hood, Oregon

Multnomah Falls, Oregon

Crater Lake, Oregon

Mount Rushmore National Memorial, South Dakota

Badlands, South Dakota

Bear Butte, Harney Peak, and the Black Hills, South Dakota

Arches National Park, Utah

Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Utah

The Cascades, including Rainier, and Mt St. Helens, Washington

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Grand Teton National Park and Hidden Falls in Grand Teton’s Cascade Canyon , Wyoming

Sand Creek and the Devils Tower, Wyoming

Wind River Range, Wyoming

west going out west

RVillage has almost 10,000 members now!   We are hoping 10,000 happens around Labor Day!

A series of books I’m reading right now is about time travel. I’ve read four of the books and am now reading book 5 of the 7 books in the Out of Time Series by Monique Martin.  There’s romance, great writing and we’ve visited the 1850s, 1900s, 1920s in America and Europe.  I read books 4-6 first and went back to get 1-3 and that worked quite well. I’m hooked and love seeing where Ms. Martin takes the adventures of Simon and Elizabeth next! They are cheaper in a box set of 3 and I got the second three for free through Book Bub.  That offer’s over but if you’re a Book Bub follower look for it if they do it again!

This week is only starting but I pray it’s a great one for all of ya’ll!


Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

05.17.14 Humble Country Crawfish Festival

Our brief stay at Lazy Longhorn RV park in Victoria, TX was very nice.  We didn’t unhook Boots and stayed at the park for three days.  Work was pretty busy while we were there but I did have one evening where I was able to spend 2 hours reading by the pool. It was a small park compared to some we’ve stayed at but it was well laid out with concrete pads and streets and nice grassed areas between.  Lots of palms and oleander bushes dotted the landscape.  It was a Passport America park and we only paid $15 per night.

2014-05-15_10-10-38_250 2014-05-15_10-11-26_848  2014-05-15_10-12-09_242

We left there Thursday morning and traveled through Houston to Willis, TX.  Houston has to be the largest city I’ve ever been in.  Since I couldn’t tell where Houston ended and the suburbs began. it seemed to go on forever.  Willis is about 50 miles north of Houston.  We’re at Bishop’s Landing which was previously known as Castaways.  Bishop’s Landing is a Coast to Coast park. We have a nice view of Lake Conroe with lots of shade trees all around so we’re enjoying sitting outside here a lot!  Roy made friends with a squirrel and started feeding him peanuts so the squirrel started coming close enough to take the peanut out of his hand!

2014-05-15_15-33-03_921 2014-05-15_15-36-22_482 2014-05-15_15-48-47_84 2014-05-15_15-50-29_113 2014-05-18_12-13-46_779On Saturday we ventured away from Dora for a Crawfish Festival in Humble, TX.   It was held at Humble Civic Center which is a huge place where they must hold rodeos because the floor was made of dirt.  They sold crawfish for $6.50 a pound with a small piece of corn and half a small potato. I’m pretty sure they cook it quite differently than we do.  They put something like red pepper or other seasoning on it which made it pretty hot and it doesn’t taste like it’s cooked in salt water.  They had a lot of vendors selling arts and crafts items along with a few amusement rides and lots of good music.  It took us two hours coming and going because the traffic was so awful.  Roy says we will never come back through Houston since it seems to always be like this.

2014-05-17_13-35-32_28 2014-05-17_13-42-06_551 2014-05-17_13-43-17_519 2014-05-17_13-47-38_347 A huge tree was laying across one of our neighbor 5th wheelers when we got here.  They say it fell last Friday and the neighbors thought a tornado was coming through with the sounds it made.  No one was in the rig at the time.   This Friday we sat outside and watched the big equipment and saws come in to remove the tree.

2014-05-16_13-31-22_898 2014-05-16_15-19-20_455 2014-05-16_16-41-53_584This morning we went to the resort’s Worship Service in the club house.  The preacher was an older gentleman whose preaching reminded me of Mr. Vivian Traylor’s preaching later in life.   We enjoyed a great message and singing (out of an old Baptist hymnal) with the other RVers there.   I really like it when a resort hosts a Worship Service but so few have them.

We’ll be in Willis until Saturday.  Not sure where we go from here.  We may be going straight back to Hammond if our renters move out early June but if they stay through end of June we’ll be heading to Arkansas.  For now we’re quite happy being in this pretty park and enjoying the shade trees outside where it feels cool all day!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!



02.16.14 The Chauvin’s are back in the web design business, RV style!

564268_612914368730902_94775613_nWe are still going to the ranch in Texas to work but we have another opportunity to share with ya’ll.  This one has been in the works for several weeks and until I was absolutely 100% sure we were hired I just couldn’t share it.  But now I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve had a few on-line interviews with the company throughout this process.  I’ve never had an on-line interview so these were a first for me.  Sitting on my bed with a pillow and my computer on my lap, barefoot and smiling I went into each interview or meeting praying that if this job was God’s will for my life he would sell me to the CEO, and if it was not His will, I’d know that He knows best and I’d understand.  I’ve danas scripturehad such a peace come over me before each interview or meeting and managed not to make a fool out of myself each time.  I thank the people who knew about this and prayed for me during that time. God does listen to our prayers. When the possibility came about of Roy being a part of the company as well, that was an extra blessing on top of the original blessing!

We will not start for a week or two which is nearer the time the company’s website will unveiled.  The company is RV Friend Network. They have a website which tells about the company.  It’s http://www.rvfriendnetwork.com.  You can get some idea of the concept by checking that out.  There are some YouTube videos on this site that tell you a little about the concept I will share more about later.

The actual website that RV Parks and RV guests will use is http://www.RVillage.com.  What’s there is just a nice picture for now but it will be much much more when the completed project is unveiled.  I should be participating in Beta testing which will be going on this next week.

I have a blog post written and ready to tell ya’ll about this new concept in RV living and will post that as soon as the RVillage.com website goes live.

Roy will be a web ad creator, making the ads that go on each RV park’s RVillage webpage.  The ads are specific to RVers needs such as RV Repair, animal care, pet grooming, dentist, urgent care, RV sales, local restaurants, entertainment, etc.  All ads are specific to the locations where the RV parks who sign up are located.  My job, while it will also involve creating web ads, will be coordinating the work of the web ad creators, checking it out and getting the ad posted on the web.  The ads are where the company will make it’s money since it’s free for RV parks and RV guests.

It will take a good while for this concept to be sold to RV Parks and RV guests 1157474_10151830473676718_420032324_nnationwide so if you are an RVer and are not told that the park you’re in is an RVillage park, be sure to ask if they are.  Getting the name out there will greatly help the salespeople when they come in to sign up the park!

Can I tell you how absolutely perfect this work is for our RV lifestyle??!!  First of all the business is all about RVing and most important is that it allows us to work in our RV from whatever location we travel to.  It’s only part time (though I’m sure it will require more time up front) so it still leaves us plenty of time to explore each place we travel too or rest like retired people are suppose to!

This means we can go places like the ranch we were just hired to work at in Texas and when we’re done with the work we’re hired for there, we’ll spend our time either traveling or working on the online job.  Lots of freedom, traveling and an income!!

When I post the information about the company and what it does, that will answer any questions you may have. I’ve promised the company I will not post the information blog until they go live on the website.  Since that’s coming soon there won’t be much waiting!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!

02.15.14 San Diego here we come!!!

317699_10151224848864706_705595368_nSan Diego, Texas that is!  We may end up in San Diego, California this year but for now our first stop going west will be in this San Diego.

Bill and Ann Morgan are the owners of South Texas Hunting Service in San Diego, Texas.  Their ranch sits on 700 acres where they run a hunting service. Roy and I were just hired this morning to be caretakers at this ranch from April 6 to May 14. We’ll be feeding the animals (chickens, peacocks, guineas, cats, dogs),  watering the plants in the greenhouse and cutting some grass. I’ve dreamed of having a greenhouse and now I get to spend time taking care of the plants in one for a few weeks. We are very excited about this opportunity to play on a farm (after we’ve done our work of course) and explore the southern part of Texas for a while!

Bill said there is plenty of open space for Roy to fly his helicopter and plane.  He just ordered the plane so this will give him plenty of time to learn how to fly it well!  They have a golf cart we can drive around the ranch to see it all.   After being along the coast the last few months where everything is pretty much close together it will be a treat to be headed to the wide open west.  We also may finally get to use our bow and arrows we’ve carried all around the country with us!

San Diego, Texas is between Corpus Christi and Laredo, Texas.  It’s not far from the Mexico border so we’ll have an opportunity to go there if that turns out to be a safe thing to do.

If anyone has ever been in that area and knows of places we should visit while we’re there (within about 100 miles of there) let us know! Also anything to see between Hammond, Louisiana and Corpus Christi, Texas.

Between now and then we have another week here in Alabama, a few weeks stay at our home park with Coast to Coast, TLC Wolf River Resort in Pass Christian, then home for Madisyn’s 5th birthday party and we’ll head out west for several months.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!!

02.13.14 Time to take a poll – please participate!!!

Hi everyone!

I have a good number of followers to the blog and a lot who check it out through Facebook.  At this point I’ve written over 150 blog posts and want to take a poll now so I  know what ya’ll do like and what you don’t like.

Please send me an email to rosalyn@selu.edu with your comments, likes and dislikes.  Here are some questions to guide you in your comments.

  • I include a lot of pictures in most posts.  Do you like or dislike that?  Should they be smaller or larger pictures or are they just the right size now? Should I decrease or increase the number of pictures?

  • I write often and I find that when I don’t write often my posts are very long because I’m trying to catch up.  Would you prefer that I write less often long posts or more often shorter posts or is how I do it now fine with you?

  • I write mostly about our travels but from time to time I write about topics important to me that are not travel related.  Do you like the travel posts or the other posts the most or do you like the balance I have now?

  • I write like I talk which is not the most professional way to write but it’s what I know.  Do you think I should professionalize my writing or is it okay like it is?

  • What topics would you like me to write about or are you interested in something in my life (on the road or off) that you’d like to know about?

  • We’ve found that the cost for RV life has exceeded our expectations.  We have been making ends meet most of the time with help from the savings, which are quickly dwindling.  We think that adding a DONATE button (through PayPal or via check) to our blog might help us keep the blog and our travels afloat.  Whether you would or could donate, what do you think about the idea of us doing that?

  • This is not one that your answers will change but I’m curious about it.  Does my proclaiming my Christian beliefs bother you or does it make you more likely to read my blog?

  • Do you think I need to give more details about the RV parks we stay in? Some bloggers grade the parks they stay in, would you like me to do that? I’ve been writing about the ones I like and not writing about the ones I didn’t care for (and the second category is very small in number) so do you think that would be the best way to keep writing about RV parks?

  • Would you like to see some posts about the maintenance, repair and customizations that we’ve (I should say Roy has) done on the RV?  Roy would be the one sharing this information with me typing it up so I’m hoping your answers and possible encouragement in this regard would give him the boost he needs to do this or stop me from bugging him to do so!!

  • I write about our travels, our lives, RV related things and RV parks.  Should I write more about any category than I am now?

  • What has been your least favorite blog post and any reasons you feel that way?  What has been your most favorite blog post and any reason you feel that way?

  • I add graphics I find on the internet to some of my blog posts if I think they communicate my message or my thoughts in a graphical way.  Do you like or dislike them?

If I’ve missed asking a question that you might want to comment on please feel free to tell me what you think.  I thrive on your comments to blog posts and they are lost of times what keeps me going.  Please respond to this post and please comment on anything I write about in the future.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

02.11.14 Not working at Disney and free Valentine’s cards

happiest place on earthEarly on in our travels I wrote about our desire to work at Disney World and have been asked by a few friends if we applied when we were in Florida.  I want to share with you that we decided not to pursue a Disney job.

We’ve loved our many visits to Mickey’s World and the surrounding parks, however our last visit told us we are not at a place in our life to work there.  Our reasons are very simple:

–We’ve seen as much of it as we want to see, as many times as we want to (unless of course if Chip makes a ton of money and wants to bring us back there someday to help with the little ones!).

–It costs around $1,000 in diesel for us to go to Disney and back to Louisiana which far outweighs the free passes we’d get for working there.

–Between working in Minnesota at the Resort and working one week at Southeastern’s Textbook Rentals I realize my optimum working environment involves sitting at a desk and working on a computer and not the strenuous life of a Disney worker!

So that’s, that!

We are in Robertsdale, Alabama for the next two weeks at Wilderness RV Park.  We drove into Spanish Fort and Daphne, Alabama today to go to Walgreens, the bank and see what the areas is like.  We stopped at a food pantry I’d like to volunteer some time at.  If they want me I’ll let ya’ll know how that goes!

valentines-day-6Roy and I have discovered a really cheap way to give greeting cards to each other.  We’re almost always together now and we don’t have an opportunity to shop for a card alone.  We started picking out a card for each other when we’re in Walgreens.  When we’ve found just the right one we then let each other read theirs.  We give each other a kiss and put the cards back in the rack!!!  No money spent but we’ve expressed to each other our feelings for whatever occasion. Talk about money saving!!! You should have seen the sweet Valentine’s card he showed me today!!!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

02.08.14 Scrumpdeliumptious simplified recipe RV size pot of GUMBO!


In my previous sticks and bricks house life, when I cooked gumbo it was always two gigantic pots worth.  Too much work to not have plenty to freeze.

Since we now have reduced room for cooking and reduced freezer space, I’ve worked diligently to reduce my gumbo size to work in our now tinier lifestyle.  We’ve been in colder weather this winter than normal so I’ve cooked gumbo more often than before. I also wanted to simplify the preparation needed to make a gumbo since my original took two days to prepare.  It took at least four pots of gumbo experimenting on quantities, ingredients, preparation method, etc. before I’ve settled on what Roy and I consider to be a perfect pot of Gumbo befitting a Cajun couple living on the road.

Here’s my recipe:


1 cooking hen – I like using a hen since the meat holds together much better than a chicken piece does in the prolonged gumbo cooking

2 lbs. sausage sliced – either half Andouille sausage (if you like a little hotness in your sausage) and half regular smoked sausage or 2 lbs. regular smoked sausage

bag of frozen chopped okra – you choose the size bag you like

32 oz. chicken broth container (or 32 oz. of the liquid you cook the hen in, I prefer the commercially prepared broth)

24-30 oz turkey broth container (or you can use the same amount of the liquid you cook your turkey bones in)

bag of frozen chopped onions (a container of fresh chopped onions if available)

bag of frozen chopped seasonings (celery, bell pepper, onion)

jar of chopped garlic  – use 2 tablespoons full out of the jar

bags of frozen onions and seasonings, and chopped garlic saves lots of time

Salt and Pepper to taste

4 T Zatarains Gravy and Roux powder (I heard my very Cajun mother-in-law cringe from Heaven as I wrote that!)

simplified roux


Get everything ready to combine in the pot as follows:

Cook the hen in a pot of salted water until half cooked.  Take it out, let it cool some and cut it in half.  Freeze half of the hen for your next pot of gumbo.  Take the remaining half and debone it putting the meat and bones to the side.  I put the leg and thigh bones in the gumbo since they are not completely picked of meat and the meat left on them cooks and can be removed from the bone before serving the gumbo.  I also put the skin in the gumbo since it adds a lot of flavor.

Just be sure to dip the skin and bones out before you serve it!

Reserve 32 oz. of the juice you cooked the chicken in or use a 32 oz. container of chicken broth.

Cut  your sausage down the center length wise and then slice it up and put to the side.

In a separate pot cook your okra in water, salt and vinegar.  The vinegar is very important as it cuts the sliminess from the okra.  When cooked about half way drain and rinse.  There will be no vinegar flavor if you rinse it.

If you’re not a fan of already cut onions, cut your own and have them ready for use as soon as the roux is made.

Now you’re ready to start putting your gumbo together and get it cooking!

In an 8-10 quart cooking pot, pour 2 cups of water and 4 T. of the roux powder.  Stir over medium heat for a few minutes  – not for many, many minutes like a normal roux takes.  Add your bags of onions and seasonings and 2 T of chopped garlic (either fresh or from a jar).  Stir till your seasonings are wilted.  Add the chicken broth and turkey broth and stir.  Add the sliced sausage and chunks of chicken to the mixture.  Add some salt and pepper at this point but not much until  it’s cooked for an hour or so and you can tell what it really needs.  Do not add the okra until about 30 minutes before you’re ready to remove it from the heat.  It will cook away and Roy doesn’t like that!!

Mostly I cook according to what Roy likes, so there may not be any reason for including an ingredient or cooking something a specific way other than knowing what Roy likes!

This is a simpler to prepare, smaller quantity gumbo without losing any of the flavor of the lengthy process, bigger quantity gumbo.  It allows me to cook gumbo more often, share more of it with others and not wipe me out like the old method did.   I’ve learned to use these cutbacks in cooking spaghetti sauce also.  It’s amazing how the powdered roux gives the pot of food the same needed flavor that the regular roux does with only 1/10th the effort and it eliminates all the oil from the roux.

RVers, I hope this simplified RV gumbo recipe works for you. I’m thinking my friends who still live in a sticks/bricks house would love to try this also since  they know now that these cheats work well and your food still tastes like you spent all day on it!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

02.08.14 Cypress trees, swamps, two baptisms and Roy’s new toy in Marianna, Florida

We are staying at Arrowhead Campgrounds in Marianna, Florida, until Monday.  They are a Passport American campground so it is not free to us, but it is 50% off since we’re Passport America members.  On my morning stroll I made my way over (not far at all) to the water front where I discovered many beautiful Bald Cypress trees and a swamp like pond.  I think that if it has cypress trees in it, it’s a swamp.  The cypress trees were covered with Spanish moss making the scene just beautiful.  Here’s some pictures of the area.

2014-02-08_11-36-26_146 2014-02-08_11-33-30_934 2014-02-08_11-31-31_686 2014-02-08_11-28-01_205 2014-02-08_11-25-19_501 2014-02-08_11-26-58_158 2014-02-08_11-27-01_947

We went to church this morning at Eastside Baptist Church.  Beautiful music, two baptisms and a dynamic sermon from Hebrews 2. Two beautiful new believers in Christ publically proclaiming their decision.

We’re really enjoying attending worship serviceis all around the country.  Our world was so confined to Pumpkin Center and the Hammond area.  It’s such a joy to see red barnJesus’s message preached and songs sung in praise of Him all around as we travel.

Being in a building, known as a church, with others that I will see in Heaven makes them no longer strangers but Brothers and Sisters in Christ and what a blessing that is.  This particular church was very welcoming and the pastor did something unusual today.  He gave presents to each of the Church’s staff members to show them how much he personally appreciates them.  I thought that was a beautiful gesture.

The preschool choir sang at the beginning of the Worship Service and they were so precious singing their hearts out for the Lord that I had to snap a photo of them to share!

Roy has a new toy, a remote control helicopter, that he took out yesterday to fly for the first time.  Roy and his toys have always been an interesting part of our lives!  This isn’t the first flying toy, just one of many in the past, and I’m sure it won’t be his last!  I enjoyed watching him practice and get it flying.  Fun times!

helicopter helicopter 4 helicopter 3 helicopter 2

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!