10.08.13 Field of Dreams, Dyersville, Iowa – 02.07.20 New Field of Dreams

MLB announcedlast week that the White Sox will host the Yankees in a “Field of Dreams” game in August of 2020. The game will take place in the new stadium built next to the iconic field from the movie. There will be 8,000 seats and fans will get to the new park through the cornfields around the original field where the movie was filmed. It seems like this is going to be one game only between the Yankees and the White Sox. I can’t wait to hear more information on this.

Roy and I were there in October of 2013 and LOVED IT!!  We recently ordered two canvas arts showing two great moments we had there. They are now on our living room wall next to our TV. I love that we are decorating the walls of our home with reminders of the precious memories we have from our six years living on the road. We just ordered three canvas arts with pictures we took at the Grand Canyon for our bedroom wall! I’m really looking forward to receiving those!

Back in October of 2013 when we visited Iowa I wrote the blog post below.

The original blog post from 10.08.13 Field of Dreams, Dyersville, Iowa – Both of our sons played baseball and softball growing up,  We had a baseball field in our side yard on Hinson Road, and we loved the movie Field of Dreams.

Betcha can’t guess where we went today!!!! That’s right, to the site of the Field of Dreams movie in Dyersville, Iowa. Roy played some ball with others including an older man dressed in an old-timey baseball uniform like they wore in the movie.

We went into the cornfields and out and in and out. I’m sure we looked like silly children and maybe we were today! It’s all still exactly like it was in the movie with the exception of a souvenir stand they added.

The family who has owned the property for years just sold it and we understand the new owners plan to add more ball fields so I’m glad we got to see it in its original form. The weather was perfect and there was a nice breeze.

Anyone who loves baseball or the movie should try to make it here to see it. The admission is free!

This was a very cool moment for us walking out of the corn!

fod7 (2)Roy absolutely loved having the opportunity to play ball on that field!

fod2fod 11fod 112 fod 13  fod 15 Some of the photos from when the movie was filmed therefod sign 2 fod sign

Dora was able to pull right up to the field. I loved this part!fod1  fod3 fod5 fod6

Looking out from inside the rows of corn!fod8 fod9 fod10 fod11We’re on our way to Chicago now. We really loved the beauty and farmland of Iowa. The Mississippi River is the dividing line between Iowa and Illinois. After as much flat land as we saw on the Iowa side, it immediately became hilly and even mountainous on the Illinois side of the river. The Mississippi River here was way bigger than it was at the headwaters up in Itasca, MN but not nearly like it is in New Orleans. There was a pretty beach with a boat launch on the Illinois side of the river. At first, we saw no cornfields but now that we’re further into the state they are everywhere here too. We hope to pull into Chicago before dark. We couldn’t find an RV park that we could afford within 2 hours of Chicago so we’re heading to our old tried but true Wal-Mart. We’ve pulled off the road at a rest stop for Roy to take a little nap since we’re going pretty far today and he did play baseball earlier!  We have some tentative plans for what we’ll do in Chicago so stay tuned for the next installment of our travels!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

Currently, it was one of those times when we were both as happy as two little kids can be. Of all the places I’d love to go back to this is at the top of the list.  I’d want both of our sons’ families to join us. I can just imagine how much fun that would be seeing both boys hitting home runs out into the cornfield! Oh, how much fun our youth baseball time was! If you have a love for baseball this Field of Dreams is a definite on any bucket list!



02.11.15 Concrete is stained!

saints good morningThe concrete stainers just left and the floor is stained! They re-cleaned the floor and taped spaces where the spray might land on that it shouldn’t   Our process does not use acid but uses acetone.  Our color is a mixture of warm walnut and cowboy something to bring out the golds we want.

I’m sure we don’t need to explain why we want a Fleur de Lis in our stained concrete floor!  But just in case someone slept through the many posts where we mentioned our love for the New Orleans Saints.  That design is their logo and it’s on the front of the coffee cup in the graphic to the left.  The Fleur de Lis that Roy has (not Roy Chauvin but Roy Bankston) is too large for our small living room, so he’s getting a smaller one to fit in the diamond as you enter the door.  This means he couldn’t put the first coat of sealer on today.  They will be coming back later today to cover the floor with two layers of paper protection.  He said they will put 3 or 4 layers of sealer on when they uncover the floor nearer to house completion.

Roy is a really nice guy and answered all my questions and allowed me to video some of his work.  He also sprayed a coat of sealer under where the cabinets will be so I could see what it will look with some sealer on.  He said it will lighten up as it dries so I’ll take another picture of that area tomorrow to get a better idea.

It’s taking the internet forever to download the pictures and videos, so I may not be able to post this until Thursday morning.

These pictures do not do the floor justice.  Also without the sealer you cannot tell what it will really look like since the sealer really brings out a lot of highlights.

before stain
after 4
after 3
after 2
after  stain 1
kitchen stained

Roy Chauvin worked on the water well shed doors all day.  Never will there be a more perfect pair of doors anywhere!!

20150210_162016 20150210_170747 20150210_170759 20150210_17425720150211_144900 20150211_144909 20150211_161201 20150211_161213It’s ready for a roof tomorrow and the walls to finish getting painted!

Thursday there will be no construction other than Roy working on the water well shed.  I’m going to buy bushes nearby in Amite, for the front of the house tomorrow. Friday the wall insulation man will be here and the vinyl siding guys will make more progress on the siding.  Next week – the many phases of sheet rock which takes a few days.  The sheet rock man came today to measure everything so we got to meet him.

That’s it for today! Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

psalm 61 2


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02.10.15 The start of our stained concrete process and Roy working on well pump building!

tuesdayTuesday, February 10, 2015 – Our stained concrete man needed Monday to finish up another job so he started this morning.  The vinyl guys also came today to finish up what they could while the boss is away in Colorado for two weeks!  One day this year we hope to be in Colorado so I’ll have to ask him for recommendations of places to see when he comes back.

The stained concrete guys were here early this morning.  Since live and speak godstained concrete seems to be something people don’t know a whole lot about and are interested in, I will be showing pictures and providing more description of what they are doing than I usually do.

The first thing they did was to score the concrete which makes what looks like big diamond shapes carved into the concrete leaving a 10″ space all around the rooms by the walls.  We only had the living room and kitchen scored.  The rest of the rooms will just be stained.

Next they sweep it out really good followed by wetting all the floors.  They mop them and suck up all the water and dirt with a big machine.  Then they buff the floor to remove the pencil markings and scuff marks on the floor.  They clean it again with clear water to remove everything the buffing brought up.  They leave it overnight to dry and will return tomorrow to do the staining and putting the Fleur de Lis in the cement.


The doors are locked on the house so no one accidentally goes in and disturbs all that cleanliness!!  I actually like how love in your heartit looks without any staining so there will be a lot of thinking on this going on between now and in the morning.

The vinyl guys were suppose to come back today but it’s almost noon and they haven’t arrived yet.  Hope they do, the house sure looks weird with only part of the exterior done!  Just learned they will be here Friday along with the wall insulation man.

Roy is focused today on working on the water well building.  Here’s pictures of his progress today.

20150210_120821  20150210_124330 20150210_130928 20150210_145330Roy’s gone into town to get something he needs for the well building and may work more on it this evening.  If he does I’ll include those pictures tomorrow.  When he’s finished building it he will paint it the same color as the house and the storage building.

I took a walk to the other side of the pond to see the house we’ve been watching being built.  They were putting down the wood floors.  Their walls are painted and the cabinets are in.  It’s a really nice looking house and we’ve enjoyed watching it being built across the pond these last few weeks.


Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

the joy of the lord is my strength


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02.08.15 Fun with Madisyn, white trim and yellow siding!

wanta hangI attended church today at River Rock Church in Loranger with our granddaughter Madisyn and her mom Liz.  For those who know our past, don’t be so shocked, yes we sat together in church and the building didn’t fall down around us!!! We both know that it’s in Madisyn’s best interest for us all to get along so we try!

I’ve been to River Rock several times over the last few years.  One thing their pastor said today that I want to share love of godis “Unless you know the Love that only God can give, you really don’t know Love.  How true that is!  God’s love is so big, so unconditional, so forgiving, so uplifting, so deep, so healing. and so much more.  Agape love is the kind of love God has for us.  It’s not a romantic love but a God love! Until you’ve given your heart and your life to Him and entered into this kind of agape love there’s just no way to truly know love.

This is where our weekend with Madisyn ended when we brought her to her mama Liz at church.  We had two very special nights and a whole fantastic day playing with her yesterday.  We decorated heart shaped cookies, painted rainbows, flowers and us on a piece of roofing shingle while sitting down by the pond dipping our brushes in the flowing water, practiced skipping rocks, planted flowers near the RV patio, ran around A LOT, dug dirt from the big piles and hauled it in the wheelbarrow to the plants, watered the plants, searched for colored rocks in the ditch, watched Princess Diaries, made banana and mayonnaise sandwiches (ick!), mud pies, rolled down the hills and loved on each other a lot! She is growing up so fast and is so very independent at almost 6 years old.  We hope to have her some during the Mardi Gras holiday when they have a week off of school – more fun and exhaustion!!!!!!


My phone went dead (too many pictures) about this time so there’s only one more pictures – awh shucks!


Yesterday evening Roy and I took Madisyn to White’s Restaurant, not far from here.  We’ve never eaten there before but always hear our friends talking about how delicious all the seafood and everything on their buffet is.  Madisyn has been there before so she showed us around and picked out her snow crab claws while we filled up on fried fish, boiled shrimp, fried shrimp, onion rings, okra, boiled crabs, mushrooms, turnip greens, and on and on!  Madisyn ate well and even cracked her own crab legs and got the meat out!

Yesterday morning the vinyl siding men started their work which was interesting to see how it was coming along.  It took hours to do all the white trim work yesterday. Today they started the soft yellow (I call it banana cream color) siding. When I pulled up after church they were finishing for the day and hopefully will be back one day this week to finish it off.  Three of the sides are done about 5/6 way up and the part over the front porch is done with the octagon shaped vent set in.  I love how it looks and how the various components we chose are really coming together! The porch columns, railings, and decorative window headers will be in soon and I hope will nicely finish off the look just right.


20150208_125604 20150208_125619 20150208_125721 20150208_130156 20150207_112820The roofers didn’t put the drip edge on the storage building roof in the correct place so Roy had to do that himself on Saturday.

20150208_125856Tomorrow morning Roy Bankston will be here to start the stained cement work.  I’ve never had that before but am really looking forward to seeing how it’s done!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!love scripture



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01.24.15 Cabinets and counter tops on order…. and our new campfire pit!

weekend blessing Friday, January 23, 2015 – The rain Thursday night and this morning was heavy enough to stop the framers from working today.  It was also very cold and windy.

Roy and I headed to Hammond for our follow up cortisone shots in my shoulder and his knee.  We always wait at Dr. Chaisson’s office far too long, but today it was zip in and zip out.  Man we liked that and our body parts are feeling way better!

From there we went to Lowe’s and tried to buy a lot but came away with just four smoke alarms, rye grass to give us some greenness to the yard around the RV and lastly we bought enough stones to make a nice campfire pit.

Then we were on to the big shopping at D L Cabinetry in Hammond to put our deposit on cabinets and granite counter tops for the kitchen and two bathrooms.

EVERYTHING CHANGED From what we picked out a month ago and were absolutely sure that’s what we were going with, to what we actually signed up for today!

The granite we wanted for the kitchen was no longer available so we picked out something new.  Once we got the final quote on the kitchen cabinets we realized we could get a much better grade cabinet and still stay within thethings you want to do go do them budget. Also, we went from all of them being the same cabinet styles to having different cabinet styles for the kitchen and the two baths!  The only thing that seemed like it was going to survive from our original choices was the bathroom granite.  After changing the cabinets and their color changing we didn’t like how it went with the bathroom granite so we changed that also.  It was surprising how all that worked out.

Saturday, January 24, 2015 – Roy jumped right into building our campfire pit this morning.  Everything he does has to be just so and that showed in the time he spent on the pit.  He put the first ring together and took it apart numerous times before being satisfied.  Some of the dirt around it had to be dug out and leveled, then spread.  My big contribution was breaking up some of the big lumps of dirt and supervising his work of course!

e1 e2 e4

The cows came out to see what was going on and you can see them in the picture below.   We sat out there a long time this evening enjoying our first fire in our new pit.  Roy has made nice progress creating our own little RV park here in Amite!


We are looking forward to a visit from my sister and brother-in-law tomorrow after church.  Their first visit to our new home, can’t wait!!!

Hopefully the framing will get back in full swing on Monday and having a full week of sunshine should help us move the construction along really well this week!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

the lord is my strength


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01.19.15 Nice light yellow storage building

Roy and I shopped for a storage building for some time.  We decided upon the Heartland Rainer Gambrel Wood Storage Building from Lowe’s.  It’s a 10 x 10 building with a storage loft inside.

We bought it as a kit for $998 (plus tax and $65 delivery) instead of paying $2,000 for one already built.  As time went on we saw the total cost adding up to over $1,500.  I’ve written about why the cost is now so high so I want to show you what it took to get it finished.

We bought our four house fans today and we now have a place (other than our RV bed) to store them and the lighting fixtures we’ve been acquiring!

Since these pictures were taken earlier today I painted the bottom edge of the exterior (yes I painted some dirt too!) We are both so happy with the finished building.  Love the storage space, the loft, the color and Roy especially loves that all that is finished!  When we get the felt paper, shingles and door lock it will really be finished!

On to more tree and bush cutting/cleaning out tomorrow and HOPEFULLY the framer will start Thursday!


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09.11.14 So what’s new??

dont try to face the day untilSoutheastern and LSU won their games Saturday by huge amounts.  They are both powerhouses in their conferences.  The bad news is that the Saints lost (oh how it hurts to say that word) to the Dirty Birds of Atlanta by a field goal in overtime in their first regular season game.  Our defense was rotten. They face the Cleveland Browns this Sunday and, as a loyal Saints fan, I know a 1 in the Win column is on the way for us!

We are still at zero offers on our house.  The volume of traffic through the house indicates a lot of interest yet no offers.  After much consideration, prayer and talks with our agent we’ve decided to lower the price $10,000 from the original asking price.  We’re hoping to reach a different group of home shoppers with this lower price, hoping someone will snap it up.

Roy is still working at Southeastern in his temporary position and can stay a few more weeks, Thank God!

Church softball games are one of those things for me that make me very happy!  We were treated to a church softball game this week.  My son’s church, Soul’s Harbor, has a new team and Chip is the coach.  They lost the first game but put several runs on the board so it’s a promising start!  What an amazing evangelistic outreach church softball is and I’m thankful Soul’s Harbor has started this at their church.  I miss the good old days at Trinity when we had a softball league and we all cheered and fellowshiped at the ball field together.  Here’s a picture of the new team!  Chip’s the guy with the full beard .

souls harbor team

My 60th birthday is coming up this Sunday, September 14th.  Wow the big 60!  I didn’t dread 50 because I never thought10501705_719614951418386_5147329040968202366_n of that as old.  Now I don’t really dread 60 but I do think of 60 as on my way to old (like my sister who was probably expecting that comment!!).  My sister and brother in law are taking us out to dinner Saturday for my birthday.  Hoping to spend some time with Madisyn on my birthday when we gather after church to celebrate.  Madisyn now in school full time, dance class, cheerleading class, AWANA on Wednesday nights and has very little spare time to sleep and breathe much less spend time with us. They grow up way to fast!

madisyn lessons

We’re not traveling right now so all I can do is dream about that and look forward to future times on the road when we can share our adventures with ya’ll again.

Today being September 11th is the 13th anniversary of the day terror struck the United States on our own soil.  The saying “We Must Never Forget” means so much to me.  Every year I try to watch videos of that day because I feel it is extremely important that we relive the impact of that day so we don’t forget the sacrifices so many Americans made that day and in the days afterward.  I don’t dwell on it except for on this day.  My mind can’t wrap itself around what horrible people would do this to our country.  The multitudes of young men who joined the military after that to give us renewed protection are due all our gratitude and prayers.  We are a resilient country with tremendous pride for what these folks did on September 11th and afterwards.   I worry so much about the path our country is on and pray daily to God for his continued mercy and grace on our country.

10612686_531043637041702_2658707136413585927_nAs much as many people want to remove our Christian faith from America, I for one will hold on to it with all my might.


Ya’ll have a wonderful weekend – it’s almost here – and ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear??!!


08.13.14 First day of school, victorious Saints, and beautiful butterflies!

10592924_888246874536144_3531076100874874366_nSaints fever is spreading throughout the South in these weeks leading up to the regular season.  Time to get the plastic bag and tub containing all our Saints paraphenalia, clothes, signs, etc. out from under Dora.  Near the end of last season we bought our Sproley Oley tin can man to hang outside.  Since Sproles is no longer a Saint (can I say what a sad day that was!) we’re going to convert him to another Saint before the regular season gets here.  Gotta see who rises to the top during the pre-season before making that decision though!

The long awaited first Saints game of the pre-season was victoriously won last week and the second was also a victory by our Boys in Black and Gold!  We’ll be more properly attired for the game next week since Roy, me, Chip, Kim, Madisyn, Braxton and Bentley now have new Saints Socks!!!  I believe we must be Saints outfitted for every game so now we’re complete! 

Madisyn came to stay with us one day last week. After dinner we went to Baskin Robbins which Madisyn use to call the special place that Paw Paw takes her to. It’s still a special place but she definitely knows the name of the place now. They allowed me to go with them this time and what a treat it was.

She and I spent the evening on the floor making homemade Christmas gift cards for her to give some of her family this year. I’ve always loved making them for our family and friends and now that she’s old enough and getting quite crafty we can do them together!

She spent the night with us and in the morning we went shopping for Saints clothes for her (she’s now wearing a precious Saints cheer leading outfit with pompoms) and grocery shopping with Grannie (half of the things I needed are still at the store).

madisyn roses cheerleading saints

We picked up fried fish dinners at Marcus’ fund raiser and came home where Chip (her daddy, our son) was waiting for us with a bouquet of roses! While we were shopping I even got my first “Oh Grannie you embarrassed me” comment (which she properly told me in private) from something silly I did. When she left I napped for two hours which I never do. I think it’s the Madisyn after effect!

Madisyn starts Kindergarten on Thursday and it’s so terribly hard to believe it’s been 5 years since she was just a tiny baby.  I’m sure she will take the school by storm and pray that Chip doesn’t get those calls from her school I use to get about him!!! Here’s some pictures of this very special event!

10599351_824321034259392_7900065225115363511_n madisyn kindergarten madisyn kindergarten2I sure hope her school is ready for this one!!!

No house showings this week but our real estate agent posted two pictures of a butterfly visiting our lantana bushes today.  I’m looking out the RV window right now watching this very butterfly and it is so beautiful. 10440714_10152611242207486_517008494434595231_n10455320_10152458433278903_387111309761223217_n

Ya’ll have a wonderful weekend and ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

08.02.14 Oddities in looking for an online jobs – not your normal job search!

10372772_10152428449723903_4041537508783919441_nI found that the best type of work for me is work I can do online from wherever we travel.  The work I do with RVillage is perfect since it’s only 15 hours a week and can be done mostly any time of the day.  I usually tried to work 3.75 hours a day 4 days a week but if I needed other days off I’d just increase the per day hours.  I still feel blessed to have this job even though right now the number of hours I work each week is very little.  It should pick back up soon so between now and then I decided to see what else is out there as far as a “virtual” job is concerned.

Two websites that I know of featuring these types of jobs are oDesk.com and Elance.com.  I’veelance odesksigned up with both, completed my profile and searched for jobs.  There are some things that I’ve learned during this process that I’m going to share.

First is that at least half the jobs online pay as little as $1-2 per hour.  This may sound odd to us until you consider that the jobs are open to people around the world.  In the Philippines $2 an hour is top pay and most of these jobs go to people in countries like that.  Americans can’t live on that low rate of pay.  On these websites you see feedback from people who have worked for the company and what they thought about working for them.  it also shows their total pay and how many hours they worked.  Most of them show a days work for $8.  After having applied for some of these jobs and finally figuring it all out, I stopped pursuing those.  People from other countries can apply for any job, even the higher paying jobs.  Because of this there are not a whole lot of jobs paying more than $8-$10 per hour. Most of the jobs require that you state how much you are willing to do the job for so there’s always a mixture of $1-2 per hour bidders for any job.

Since I originally heard about RVillage through Workamper.com and Workamper.com is an extremely reputable RVer employment company I never had any doubts about the interview process with RVillage.  Other companies on these sites are totally unknown and there is much to be leery about.  They have a wide range of ways they use to see if you qualify for their open position.  One very unique process I went through asked the applicant to do the following:

-Download a zipped file with directions.

-First direction was to go to a specific web address which they provided to the Gettysburg address.  Find the word brave and using that as word 1 and the following word men as word 2 go to what would be word 10.  Go to the 7th letter in word 10.  Assign a number value to that letter as it would be where A=1, B=2 and so on.  My letter was R so it was = 18.

-Next go to a video on a different web page where several actors read parts of the Declaration of Independence.  You were to first Google the actor Edward Nelson and familiarize yourself with him so that when you see him in the video you will know it.  Of course I thought two of the actors was him so I had to work a little harder to narrow it down!  Once I came to him I was to skip the first time he talked by himself.  The second time he talked I was to find the 18th word (because my R equaled 18.  This required me listening a couple of time and then writing down each word he said and figuring out that the word was “the”.

-Next you went to a different website and after the web address:xxx.xxxxxxx.xx/ you were to insert your word.  If and only if you had done each part of it perfectly would you access the webpage with the next step in the process.  I did it an was terribly proud of myself!

=The next step was to post a youtube video of myself talking for 30-60 minutes about what wonderful things I could do for his company.  Once you post it on youtube and send him the url to it he’ll let you know if he wants to interview you. I didn’t create a video and that’s where I am now, not really sure I want to go that far. This is the only job process I’ve come across like this one.

It looks like these weird processes are used to see how detail oriented you are and how willing you are to stick something out.

The other, not so wild, process I did was to download a zipped file containing a Word document and a photograph.  I had to take those and put them in to a WordPress blog.  What you are reading is a WordPress blog and of course I know how to use Word and work with photographs. I did what they asked which was to copy and paste the words from document into the blog, formatting the words by bolding specific ones and making sure spacing was correct, add the photo resized to 500 x 200 from a much larger size and center it.  That sounded easy enough as this is exactly how I do a lot of my blogs, so I did it.

Only problem was that the grammar and a lot of things about the document wording were quite, quite bad.  One thing you always have to keep in mind on these virtual job websites is that since foreigners are sometimes writing the job posting their English writing is very odd so what we might immediately think as suspicious here may possibly be the translation to English so I’ve had to overlook some of that.  I don’t think this was the case with this document, however. I actually think the article needed to be taken apart and put back together in a way that provided some continuity and having a lot of spellings and grammar corrected.  I did what I could without totally redoing the article even though that was never mentioned in the instructions.  I’m thinking they may want to see if you’d catch that.

I submitted my proposal for this one (that’s what they call your application which also includes you telling them the lowest price you will do the work for – another oddity) and explained that I corrected as much as I comfortably could change in the document without totally redoing it.  Haven’t heard back from them yet!

The next blog will be about a job application process I’m in that I truly believe is an employment scam.  I haven’t found another job yet but my days are filled with going through the many different processes these people put you through and it’s opening my employment seeking eyes quite a bit.

We had a family tour our house earlier this week week and it rained before they came for the first time in two weeks.  I water every other day but can’t reach many plants who have been pitifully sagging so we just knew the rain was God’s gift so the flowers would all be perky!!  The family stayed an hour and a half and we were so hopeful we’d get an offer right away from them.  We got good feedback but were also told they are still looking at other houses.


Our Saints play their first pre-sesason game this Friday night!  I saw this picture/quote below today.  It’s me all the way and I want you to share with ya’ll!  Roy said many times he could hear me through our outside walls in our sticks and bricks house when he was outside during a game.  Can you imagine what people must think when we’re in our RV.  Roy’s right up there with me these days cheering and doing what he can to encourage and fuss at our boys too!



Last year we were in Minnesota for preseason games with very little coverage of Saints games that far north. We even watched one of the games last year over Skype watching the game on my son’s TV in Louisiana.  We’re quite pleased to have such good TV coverage here and be in Black and Gold land right now, if just for three hours this Friday night and weekly until the house sells!!!

Ya’ll have a wonderful week  – REMEMBER – God loves you!