08.28.17 The mountains and landscape around here in Boulder, Wyoming

Monday, August 28, 2017 – Last time we were here in 2015 someone told us about this long, long rough dirt road that leads through the nearby mountains to a very beautiful Boulder Lake and dam.  We went back to see it on Saturday.  Here’s some of what we saw along the way.

This time here in Wyoming, when we saw the tree I remembered that Roy climbed way up there and stood on one of the big rocks.  I asked him this time if he wanted to do it and his answer was a very big NO!  So the photo that is above was this year and the photo below was from 2015.

  The weather here in Wyoming is so wonderful we are loving it!  The picture below is Dora at Wind River View Campground in Boulder, Wyoming.

I took this photo when we were here in 2015.  It shows so much of what this whole area looks like!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear


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08.25.17 Pinedale Aquatic Center in Pinedale, Wyoming

Friday, August 25, 2017 – Two years ago, in July 2015, Dora, Boots, Roy and I stayed at Wind River View Campground in Boulder, Wyoming.  We’re back!!!

One of the things we really enjoyed back then was going to the Pinedale Aquatic Center.

We went there again today, but this time we had company.  Sue and Lou Mathern were staying at the same RV Park here in Wyoming.  Sue and I went to high school together and have reconnected on Facebook and in our RVing life. We were all in the same RV park back in Colorado. We’re going in different directions but we’ve been able to get together a couple of times.

Pinedale Aquatic Center Lobby with the rock climbing wall

Roy and Sue in the hot tub.  Roy has been wanting to get back here to soak in this wonderful hot tub.  We all made good use of it!

Here’s a short video of Roy making his way along the lazy river.

We were the only people in the pool area for a while until a few children non-school age children and their parents showed up.  We enjoyed the lazy river and the hot tub a lot.  Sue and Lou were both super brave folks who went down the winding water slide like Roy and I did when we were here before.

Here’s Sue at the top of the slide getting prepared to slide down!

Sue and Lou left our park this morning heading north.  Roy and I will be here for two weeks.  We are planning on a good bit of down time which hasn’t happened much this trip.  It is nice and almost cold at night here around the 40 degree range.  During the day it is between 60 and 70 degrees.

We will go back to the Aquatic Center as often as we can during our time here.

Hurricane Harvey is bearing down on Texas and Louisiana.  We ask that you join us in praying for all those in the path of this unusual hurricane.  We have friends in Texas and lots of friends and family in our home state of Louisiana.


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08.23.17 Wall Drug in Wall, South Dakota

Wednesday, August 23, 2017 – I’ve heard about Wall Drug in South Dakota. Like a lot of things what I thought it would be like is very far from it.  I thought it would be like a big Walgreens. There is some of that but Wow, it is so much more.

Before you even get there you are treated to seeing mile after mile of what my parents generation called Berma Shave signs.  Here’s a couple that I took pictures of and one with many of them in one photo.  They are really cute and some are funny. This first photo shows the legal miles per hour on this stretch is 80 mph! The popularity of these signs grew to the point where people would ask for copies of them to take home.  Eventually, signs promoting Wall Drug started to appear in Europe.  These signs are now scattered throughout the world.

Wall Drug is so big that they have signs all around showing you “You are Here” because getting lost in there is quite possible.

Beginning as a small pharmacy in a small town (the town population at the store’s founding in 1931 was 231), the wife of the store’s owner had what was, at the time, a revolutionary idea. The store would capitalize on the new tourist rush towards Mt. Rushmore and offer travelers free ice water. Without the benefit of coolers or bottled water, this stroke of genius caught on with travelers, and the store’s popularity grew exponentially.

Today, Wall Drug is a dizzying shopping center occupying several blocks of space.  Still serving up free ice water and coffee for a nickle, it also boasts many tacky souvenir shops, amusement park like games, a splash park, 400 seat restaurant (where you can order Buffalo and something delicious called Sour Cream and Raisin pie), a chapel where weary travelers can worship, and a six foot jackalope (that’s what I’m sitting on in one photo).  Those are some of the things you’ll see in the photos below.  What Roy’s eating in one photo is a Buffalo burger.

There is no way to have an order in which the photos should be arranged.  At any one time we had no idea where we were in the maze of stores. We went through each of the stores in the front, then there is an outdoor play area and behind that another group of shops.  Roy got a gold panning pan and I got some goodies for the grandchildren.

  Roy kept sitting down next to these fancy ladies! I found an old gold miner to chum up to! Brave old me climbed up on top of this “Jackalope” with people watching to see if I was going to make it up and down!  I made friends while there with some of God’s creatures!This old miner tried to talk Roy into going gold mining with him!Another one of those Roy kept sitting down next to! This display depicts Wild Bill and Doc Holliday playing poker.  These guys played some great music and were animated.The coffee is only 5 cents and always has been.  Roy is eating a buffalo burger but you can’t see it!

They have always offered Free Ice Water and we had some!Some of the shops and eateries in the front huge building.     I can confidently say we’ve never been anywhere like Wall Drug.  If you are ever in the area around Mount Rushmore be sure to hop on over to Wall Drug, you’ll be glad you did!

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08.22.17 Sturgis, South Dakota home of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Tuesday, August 22, 2017 – Saturday Roy and I went to nearby Sturgis, South Dakota, home of the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally where over 500,000 cyclists gather each year.

Motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world flock to this town during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.  Motorcycle traffic to and around South Dakota typically increases as early as two weeks before the official start date of the event and continues for as late as two weeks after the conclusion.

It’s Biker Heaven…Each year, Sturgis’ Main Street becomes a sea of motorcycles, leather and denim, not to mention, people.

Roy and I rode through the very quiet, very empty town after all of the biker’s had gone home.

The biggest businesses were Saloons.  We stopped at this one to see their gift shop and restaurant and found that only the bar was open.   I took the photo of me pointing to the Budweiser sign kind of as a joke.  We don’t know exactly what all the bikers do while they are in Sturgis but saloons and restaurants were all big and stood out. I sneaked a picture of some bikers at the bar while we were looking at all the biker clothing.  In the gift shop there were these three very unique bicycles.  We don’t know anything about them, just that they are motorized and look cool!

My wonderful hubby Roy always loves staging funny photos.  He took his mini motorcycle off the back of our truck and posed here for a photo.  We posted on Facebook that he was riding his “Hog” in Sturgis!  He knew our son Chip, and our friend Kevin would get a kick out of seeing Roy on his “hog” in Sturgis.  Our friend Leanna said his hog looks more than a piglet. She’s a funny one!! On Sunday afternoon we went to check out what Wall Drug is all about!  I’ll share about that next time!

When this blog post is published Tuesday morning Dora, Boots and her Explorers will be on our way to Casper, Wyoming which is the halfway point in our drive to Boulder, Wyoming where we will stay a week or two.  We originally planned to go back to Yellowstone National Park next, but since we have already been there and there are a lot of new places in Utah we want to see we’re changing our travel plans.  We are as far north in the US as we will go this year.  From here on we will be going south towards Route 66 seeing as much as possible along the way there!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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05.08.13 My hometown – Madison, South Dakota

Bruce Springsteen sang the song “My hometown” and that kept running through my mind as we drove through the little town that is now “our hometown”.  If you’re driving up I-29 in South Dakota take exit 109 and hang a left, go down about 20 miles and you’ll enter the wonderful little town of Madison.  They don’t know how to spell their town name right, but they’ve been spelling it that way for so long we’ll just let it slide!  We discovered that Dakota State University is in Madison, which means we’ve moved from one college town to another college town!  We took a couple of pictures there also.  Hope you enjoy this little scenic tour of “our new hometown!”

Lake County Courthouse in Madison
Madison Public Library
A big old building on the Dakota State University campus
One of the entrances to Dakota State University in Madison
The offices of My Dakota Address where our mail will be forwarded from

madison4 madison6  madison9 madison10  madison12

Welcome to Madison sign – we caught it on the way out of town so it’s last!

05.07.13 We’re now South Dakota residents :) goodbye Louisiana residency :(

Twas a sad and emotional day today turning in our treasured Louisiana drivers licenses and getting our shiny new South Dakota licenses.   Kind of felt like we are turning our backs on the state of our birth.  Still more shedding of our Louisiana connections tomorrow when we register our vehicles, register to vote and change our auto insurances to South Dakota.    We would have gotten all that finished today if I hadn’t slept until 11:30…………….  Don’t remember when that happened last!  Roy was up and working on things at 7 am and checked a few times to make sure I wasn’t dead and finally at 11:30 he shook my leg until I woke up.  Don’t know how much longer I would have slept if he hadn’t woken me.

If you are reading this to learn about RV life for your own use please note that you’ll need two forms of identification other than your driver’s license to get your SD drivers license.  In our case we used our passports and our social security cards.  Unfortunately we were in Madison, SD (about 45 miles from Sioux Falls where Dora is parked) when we found this out.  This meant we had to drive back to Sioux Falls to get our passports and social security cards out of the safe.  At least the driver’s license place was in Sioux Falls so we took care of that today.  We’ll drive back to Madison tomorrow to take care of the rest.   Terry at My Dakota Address had all the forms and filled them out so we’d be ready at the Drivers License office and she’ll take care of registering our vehicles in SD.  We’ve found a State Farm agent in Madison where we’ll stop after we’re finished at My Dakota Address.

We are using our Minnesota address, 10176 Bay Club Drive, Kabetogama, MN 56669,  until around September 1st and then we’ll switch to our permanent mail forwarding address which will be 110 E. Center Street, #2301, Madison, SD 57042.  These people don’t know how to spell Madisyn properly but we’ll give them a pass on that!

pink roadWe’ve done a lot of driving today and we both agree we really like what we’ve seen of South Dakota.  It is very clean and everyone has been very nice to us.  The long stretches of highway we drove had open fields as far as you could see on both sides.  I wondered as we drove along who it would feel to live in one of the very few homes we saw along the way.  We’re use to having neighbors semi close by and most of these folks would have to travel miles to see their neighbor. The road between Sioux Falls and Madison was pink in color (see the picture) Just another part of our USA to learn about!  The little town of Madison reminded me somewhat of downtown Hammond and the surrounding areas looked like Old Metairie where Roy grew up off Metairie Road.

Mini Sodas

We stopped at a Wal-Mart and Roy took a picture of some “mini sodas” which he thinks is like Minnesota so I’m including one of his pictures here!

It’s now Wednesday and we’re getting ready to head back to Madison to complete our transition to South Dakota residency.  I plan to take some pictures of the town and will post them in the next blog.

Have a great Wednesday and Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!