02.19.18 Redoing Plumbing Pipes – How Fun!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2018 – Roy took on some work in our yard this past week.  When we first built the house we planted three rose bushes in front of the concrete opening to the septic tank.  They’ve grown large and would make accessing the opening very prickly.  I cut the bushes back a good bit several weeks ago.  Roy dug all three up yesterday and moved them a couple of feet forward and planted them further apart so they can grow better. Moving the rose bushes and redoing the plumbing pipes are probably not something anyone will care about but it helps us to document when we do things!



After moving the rose bushes Roy took on another project.  The man does not know when to stop when he gets started.

When we built the house we told the septic tank company we wanted 4 inch schedule 40 pvc connecting the house to the septic tank.  After they was paid and we were off enjoying our travels we got a phone call from the renters that nasty things were backing up into the tub.  We discovered after this happened TWICE that the septic tank company didn’t put down what we requested.  They put down thin wall pvc pipe (which is what some people do use but Roy wanted something sturdier and thought that’s what we paid for and got).  The thin wall pipe made it susceptible to collapse which it did.

This first photo is the 4 inch schedule 40 PVC we originally asked for.

This is the thin wall PVC that has to come out and be replaced by the one above.  You can see the difference in the quality of pipe.

When we got the first call about the problem we learned that the pipe had collapsed.  Still not knowing it was not what we requested our contractor contacted the septic people but they didn’t want to fool with it.  He then contacted our original plumber who came back and replaced a portion of the line.  He charged us almost $1000 to replace 5 feet of pipe, which was way more than the work was worth.  We ended up paying what we thought the work was worth.  He probably wasn’t happy with us.

The second time the nasty things were backing up into the tub it was late one Sunday afternoon.  Roy got in touch with Roto Rooter who came out and ran a snake into the line to clear it.  Roy then requested that the Roto Rooter man put a camera down the pipe so he could look and see what was going on.  This allowed him to discover that sections of the pipe were way below grade and was totally filled with water even though the pipe was clog free. Roto Rooter then gave us a price of $3,500 to repair the problems.

My honey Roy, being the fix it man he is, started digging the dirt away from the thin pipe and got about 2/3 way from the house to the septic tank yesterday.  Today we purchased the 4 inch schedule 40 pvc we thought we were getting originally.  He finished digging up the dirt to the top of the pipe today.  He then used a pick ax to dig along the sides of the pipe to get deep enough to remove it.  We are now having to put it in ourselves (you know ourselves means Roy, not me).  We disliked greatly having to do this (This also means Roy!)  Don’t understand why subcontractors don’t always do what they are asked to do.

This is the old pipe going from the house to the septic tank.



This is Roy starting his second day of digging to get to the old pipe.

Taking out part of the old pipe.

After this photo was taken, Roy installed the new pipe, making sure that everything was set to grade so that the pipes would no longer hold water.  He added a couple of new sewer clean out plugs to help with future issues.  All the dirt that was dug out was put back and hopefully grass will grow over it soon! It’s all finished.  Roy cut the old pipe up and it is piled out by the street so the trash people will take it.

To show you how wonderful it is to have such a capable husband, he did all the work and the materials were under $200.  A long way from $3,500!

It will be hard to top this blog post about septic tank pipes. We spent an amazing Sunday afternoon with Chip’s family.  I think that will be next!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear.

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01.31.18 Happy Retirement Donna Methvien

Roy and I both worked for Donna Methvien at Southeastern Louisiana University’s Computing department.  She is retiring after 36 years of dedicated and loyal service to Southeastern Louisiana University.  She graduated from Southeastern and within that same year started working there!   I’m so happy I got to spend ten of those years working with her and then five years working for her.

A retirement luncheon was held Wednesday, January 31st  in her honor in McClimans Hall where her office is located.  Some photos from today’s event follow. This photo of Donna and Roy isn’t great but this is my dear friend and my dear honey so, oh well!Donna’s family – Donna’s husband, son, his wife, and their daughter and cousins from MississippiDonna and her husband Chuck in front of a Christmas tree decorated with pictures of Donna through the years!

Donna’s retirement cake could not have been more perfect for her.  Donna is a notorious user of every color of sticky note.  They are usually all around her desk so she doesn’t forget the hundreds of things she was responsible for.  This cake had edible sticky notes of all the great things she’ll get to do in her retirement, especially things she’ll get to enjoy with her grandbaby Kynsea!

Donna has taken care of planning every retirement party, going away party, office party, etc. for years and years.  I got to share with her the shopping for these things and followed her guidance in putting these events together while I worked at Southeastern.  That was always a really fun part of my job.

She has now turned that over to Cindy, Jacquelyn and Hannah who did a fabulous job honoring Donna’s time at Southeastern.   There was that amazing cake, punch, pastalya, Dr. Asoodeh’s famous salad, and dips and chips.  They had learned so much from Donna over the years that they pulled off a wonderful event honoring our dear dear friend and boss.

Here’s these girls with their fearless leader!

These tables were full of wonderful food by the time we ate.  Lots more photos of Donna’s memories were on the wall.

The invitation to her retirement event was framed and on the sign in table. The cards on the table were there for us to write things to Donna on and put in the jar.  The tables were set up in the hallway because this is where we always had our office socials.  There were lots of other places to sit and eat when these tables filled up. They had a roast for Donna with several folks sharing memories.  This is Donna’s pastor who had really interesting things to say about Donna pulling pranks!Tommy Mocsary who works for Donna in the Help Desk sharing his memories and admiration for Donna.Joe Dick who worked for Donna for many years in Network Availability shared some memories.Cindy worked with Donna longer than most of us.  Her sweet memories were wonderful to hear.

I had lots of memories with Donna and chose a few of them to share with everyone. I couldn’t take a photo while rambling on so you’ll just have to know she was very worried about what I’d say and I loved it!

Every one who shared included these three things they admired about Donna; her faith, her strength and her compassionate leadership.  No one told us to do that, it’s just how Donna is!

This is Roy and my girl Sandy whom I worked with forever before she retired from Southeastern.  We plan to live together when her husband and Roy are gone.  We’ve been planning this a while!  That’s Renee’ and Tommy behind them!

Donna and Chuck (her husband) in line to get their food!

  The many people who came to honor Donna.  Employees current and past.      

A wonderful photo show displayed lots of Donna’s work memories.


To my very dear close friend Donna Methvien.  Happy Retirement!


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05.11.17 Zip A Dee Doo Dah – Zip A Dee Ay!

Thursday, May 11, 2017 – On Wednesday Roy and I got up early (6:30 is too early for me) and set out for Hammond/Ponchatoula to take care of a bunch of stuff.  After spending five days in the hospital and a couple of days at home I was more than looking forward to getting out, just hoping it wouldn’t all exhaust me, both physically and brain wise. It didn’t!!!!!!

Dr. Robert Benson in Ponchatoula was my dermatologist years ago and I chose to go back to him to have my recent skin issues checked out.  I was concerned about what I’d find out but I knew that after having skin tears, peel offs and bursts (which is what I called these weird sudden openings in my skin) I had to find out about it and get something done.  Seems I’m just an old lady with old lady skin who tends to pick and scratch at the tears, peels and bursts as they are trying to heal.   I also hoped to get some fix for my under eye bags, creases under and above my lips.  My lips are almost non existent and the bags never get better no matter what I do.  Well again unless I have deep pockets to annually have injections and other fancy stuff done I’ll just have to keep looking old!  Not what this ole gal wanted to hear but at least I tried.

Dr. Benson gave me a prescription for a large jar of Triamcinolone Acetonide .01% to mix with neosporin and put on each of the spots (probably 20 of them right now).  He said that keeping a  band aid on each spot will improve by ten times the healing. So I am covered with ointments and band aids.  Better than the awful sore looking things that had been hanging around.  Twice a day it’s to be applied.  I love sharing helpful information with people when I learn it, so that’s one thing.

The other thing he told me to use is an over the counter product called Ammonium Lactate Lotion 12%.  He said it shouldn’t be called a lotion because it’s much more than that.  He said to put it all over my arms and hands twice a day but not on open tears, etc.  I started last night with one covering and did it again this morning.  He said that over the course of about 30 days it will improve the quality of my skin.  It was available at my local pharmacy for $7.79 and I just found it on line for $14.00 for the same size.  Go to your local pharmacy.  If this proves to be helpful to the health of my skin it will become a regular in my daily health regime.  Okay, so old lady, old skin, new products to try!  We’ll see, I’ll let you know how it does.  For less than $8, I will try this.

We left there and went over to JC Penney’s to do some Mother’s Day shopping for me!  Fun, fun, fun.  Roy is absolutely not a shopper but since he’s become my constant companion he now gets to help me pick out the things I buy which probably should have been going on all along!  I bought some sleepwear, a beautiful flowy blouse, some cool beach flip flops and a white floppy hat with tiny rhinestones on it.  Roy picked out the hat for me!  The rest he approved.  I was so happy when we got to the check out to find that everything was deeply discounted so we left there with wonderful gifts and didn’t break the bank.

Next we headed to my favorite hair stylist, Christie Williamson, at Christie’s Hair Designs in Pumpkin Center for a long over due hair cut and highlight.  I haven’t had this done since Chip and Misty were married in January of 2016.  All of my grey hair had been living out in full view for quite a while.  Having not had a proper hair style cut for over a year was desperately needed, as well as some prettier hair color.  Christie worked her magic on me and I came out of there feeling wonderful!

We headed to Southeastern to visit with my dear lady friends in the Office of Technology.  Donna, Cindy, Jacqueline and I got to visit and like I wrote on Facebook, when we start gabbing all the juicy stuff comes out! Love those ladies dearly!! We were together for years along with my buddy Sandy and it’s always a pick me up to get to see them and catch up.

By the time all this was over we headed home to Amite and ate a delicious fried seafood dinner at Mike’s Catfish Inn. I made it through a wonderful salad and half the shrimp platter, chewing everything really well and slowly.  Normally I can finish off the whole thing in record time but I’m trying hard to change my eating habits and I knew fried foods probably wasn’t a good thing to gorge on right now!

Just got off the phone with Dr. Booth, my gastroenterologist’s office.  Seems my followup endoscopy needs to be in 8 weeks, not 2 weeks.  This means that if the doctor visit with Dr. Booth and Dr. Valdes goes well and they say I’m good to leave town, we’ll be leaving May 23rd.  Dr. Booth will give me a referral to a doctor wherever we are in 8 weeks and they will send my records to them to do the endoscopy and colonoscopy.  Life on the road sometimes occurs in odd ways and this is one.

The big thing I want to say after sharing this whole day’s events is that all of this activity did not give me brain mush!!!!!!  God’s blessings continue to abound.

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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06.19.14 Frankenstein staples, Raising Canes and Godzilla!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014 – I’m sitting in the surgical waiting room while Roy is in surgery to remove some lumps from his chest and back.

I just ate a delicious meal of North-Oaks_3-1024x640baked spaghetti casserole and green beans for only $3.20. Food at North Oaks Hospital is always very flavorful and plentiful.

They took Roy back about an hour ago and I’ve been told he’s doing fine. We prayed before he went back and I know God is watching over him so there’s no need for me to sit here worrying.

The waiting room is oddly quiet and empty right now. Sitting here in the waiting room, it seems that my mind is very clear and I find myself thinking about Roy. We’ve had a lot of years of marriage, not all were great years but we didn’t gave up on our marriage and when we were wise enough to let God guide us we’ve been very happy.  I really don’t know what I would do without him. Even as recently as right before they took him back to surgery I couldn’t get internet on my phone and I needed him to figure it out for me, which of course he did! Not just for the technology loss I’d suffer, but for so much more. He does all the driving of our RV, the hooking up and unhooking of the utilities each stop we make, all the RV maintenance and finds time to keep an eye on me, love me and do lots of special things for me all the time!

Roy’s surgery went well and now, two days later, I just took the bandages off all his bo bos.  He’s got lots of staples which will come out next Thursday.  I think Frankenstein would be proud of Dr. Liner’s handiwork with all the staples!

Roy got some great news this week. He got a call from Southeastern Louisiana University that they want to hire him for a temporary (at least 3 months) full time job doing what he use to do there before he retired! That is so perfect and a huge blessing for us. We will be here at least 3 months trying to sell our sticks and bricks house so we’ll have extra income to see us through that time. Since he’ll be recovering from surgery this week, unless they find out he committed some crime during our one day stay in South Dakota, he will start at Southeastern next week. I still have my work at home with RVillage.  I may take the extra alone time I’ll have to visit with friends and family, or I may be lazy and read! Probably some of both!

We spent a wonderful Father’s Day with our son Chip and his daughter Madisyn. Our church had Donuts for Dad which Roy, Chip and Madisyn went to. We all went to raising canesSunday School and then our Worship Service. It was a wonderful day in the House of the Lord and I am thankful for our Christian family to worship with. Chip treated us to dinner at Raising Canes, a local amazing chicken place.

We’ve been able to spend a little time a couple of times this week with Madisyn.  When I go to pick her up from summer camp and see the surprise and joy on her face, it’s the best!  We asked if she wanted to go with us the the peach farm on Friday or go with her friends at camp to Tickfaw State Farm water park.  She chose the water park and then thought a bit and said “But you know I’ll be missing you all the whole day, so please bring me some peaches and nectarines”.  Guess she’s figured out how to get the best of two choices!

I went outside to pull weeds earlier and lasted about 15 minutes before my clothes were drenched – and I was in the shade.  Louisiana’s heat is one of the reasons we loved being able to live up north during the summer.  This year we can’t help being here but it reinforces in our minds that we’ll never be here for this awful heat in future years!!  The boiled crawfish, shrimp, peaches, strawberries, king cake, etc. etc. do help make up for the heat a bit!!!

We’ll let ya’ll know how our visit to Walter’s Peach Farm goes when we get home today!


033.31.14 San Diego, TX we’ve arrived!

I’m in the  middle of reading “Behind the Mask” by Elizabeth Michaels.

behind the mask

It’s very long, intriguing, well written and was FREE on BookBub.  They only offer a book Free for a few days so it probably isn’t free any longer.  I’d highly recommend it if you’re a reader like me who loves being able to pick up a good book in your free time.  It’s also book one in a series and they are all out already so yeah!!

I’m also reading “The Beloved Disciple” by Beth Moore about the life of John and his relationship to Jesus.  Beautifully written, crammed with Biblical knowledge, and holds your attention throughout.

beloved disciple

I’ve also just about finished reading (for at least the fifth time) “The Purpose Drive Life”, by Pastor Rick Warren.  TPDL is a great one to read annually as it’s messages  speak to the stage in your life you’re in differently each time.  It’s currently on sale on Amazon for only $2.99 so check it out while the price is so low.


God has blessed me with the desire to read and the time now to enjoy reading like never before.  Today’s blog post isn’t totally about books but knowing that so many of ya’ll love it I thought I’d let you know what I’m currently reading and invite you to read these as well!

We’re very close to our final destination for the next 6-7 weeks, San Diego, TX.  We’re in Alice, TX (largest city near San Diego) filling up on Diesel (again!). $300 yesterday in diesel and $125 today.  I’m sure glad we’re staying in one place for many weeks!

I’m quite delighted to see they have a Dollar Tree, Chili’s, Subway, Burger King,  and a Walmart.  Haven’t seen a church yet, though.  When we were in Kabetogama, MN for the summer the nearest town was over 30 miles away and didn’t have any of the stores they have in Alice.  We just pulled into the city of San Diego and it is about 14 square blocks large. They even have a Subway, Dollar General and a Church’s chicken.

Where we’re going to stay is out in the country from San Diego.  We should be  pulling into the ranch shortly.  I’ll write about it and share pictures with ya’ll as soon as we get settled.

Just saw a picture of Southeastern’s new Student Union and wanted to share it with ya’ll before I close!

southeastern studen tunion

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

01.09.14 You can go home again! and leave again!

Wednesday started off fasting for blood work.  Mine!  After the nice lady draining me of blood and giving me the obligatory cotton and bandage I was done with that for a while.

We told many of our church friends goodbye on Sunday and today was our good-bye day for family and some friends.

We went to Cracker Barrell for a good-bye lunch with my sister Harriett, her husband George and their granddaughter Annie.  Our pictures with Annie didn’t come out good enough to post them but she’s a beautiful young lady whom I love very much! We enjoyed delicious food, and even better fellowship. I miss my big sis when we’re on the road but we stay in touch and it’s very special when we get to see each other!


After lunch we went to Southeastern to visit our ex co-workers to tell them all goodbye.  There’s a lot of people in our old building we care about and it was nice seeing them even if it was to say good-bye.

bhelpdesk bdonnaandlane

Our last goodbye was with our granddaughter, Madisyn and her daddy (our son) Chip.  We went out to Don’s Seafood for dinner where we all enjoyed some delicious seafood.  Madisyn even at some boiled shrimp and we enjoyed ever minute we got to spend with her and Chip. Saying goodbye to them at their apartment later was hard even though we know we’ll see them when we come back through here in a few weeks going out west.  Madisyn makes our hearts smile every time we see her which makes the goodbyes harder!

bmadisynpawpawgrannie bmadisynandgrannie bmadisyn bmadisyn2 bchipmadisynpawpaw bchipmadisynpawpaw2

We’re spending today, Thursday, cleaning things, filling the tires with air, cleaning Boots our toad (truck) and making sure everything is ready to roll first thing in the morning.  We’ve been here at Berryland Campers way longer than the two weeks we thought we’d stay, more like 4 weeks now and it’s been very nice here.  I’d highly recommend it to any RVer in the area who needs a place to stay for a few nights.  They provide water and electricity and pleasant surroundings.  Even here in the winter when a lot of things are dead it’s still pretty here.

We’ll be staying at TLC Wolf River Resort in Pass Christian for a week or more.  This is the resort we visited to sign up for our Coast to Coast RV membership.  Can’t wait to be on the gulf coast in hopefully some nice weather for a while.  Maybe some nice walks on the beach are in our near future!

Here’s some pictures of fun times we’ve had while home and our new Darren Sproles tin man (we call him Sproley Ooley!) who helped the Saints win the first playoff game.  We got him at the flea market we visited with Madisyn and he’ll be traveling with us from now on.  The Karaoke picture is from Soul’s Harbor’s New Years Eve party we went to with Chip and Kim.  We did lots of fun things while home that didn’t get captured on film.  We also took care of all our medical visits and check ups.  Hammond is a wonderful place and it was wonderful being home, if just for a little while!

b new years bmadisyn and pawpaw bmandpawpaw bmandpapa bsproles bsproles43

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!

12.13.13 Touring the Abita Springs Brewery and other recent stuff!

We’ve been at Abita Springs RV Park since this past Monday.  It’s very nice with very tall pine trees.  It is mostly Class A motor homes here which is odd because it’s usually about half and half Class A and Fifth wheelers.

abs rv resort

Christmas decorations are on and around the RVs.  Our RV is decorated for Christmas with a wreath out front and a few little decorations and decorated presents on the dashboard.  Madisyn and I hung several ornaments on a decorative string across part of the inside.  That’s about all we have room for but it looks nice and we’re happy!

Roy’s right knee surgery has been rescheduled for December 30th.  His  left ankle is healing well and he should be very good to go by the 30th.  He would have been ready the week before but the doctor isn’t doing any surgeries the week of Christmas.

Our ex-daughter in law’s brother’s funeral was today and we attended it at River Rock Church in Loranger, LA.  He was killed in an accidental gun shooting while he was hunting last week.  He was only 33 and was a really nice guy and a good father to his two children and brother to his sister Liz.  The service was made even more special today when they played a video of his recent baptism in a river near y.  His pastor spoke about what a changed man Joseph was after he gave his life to the Lord.  What a wonderful witness this was to all who heard the message. Please keep Liz and Madisyn in your prayers during this very hard time.

When we left the funeral in Loranger to return to Abita Springs I looked up information about touring Abita Springs Brewery.  It was 1:15 p.m. and the website said the next tour would start at 2:00 p.m.  Perfect timing for us to stop there just in time for the tour.  It’s not a big place but they produce a lot of different types of beer.  The tour starts by everyone getting a taste of any of the several flavors they produce.  We then watched a video about how the beers are made and the processes they use.  We all lined up outside the Brewery door and went in to learn more and see where the products are all manufactured.   We were there for about 45 minutes and it was good that it wasn’t a long tour because of Roy’s ankle but he made it and enjoyed himself.

asb la pic asb brewery entrance asb 4 asb 2 asb 1 asb - roy abs rosalyn abs 3 abc visitor center

I have a temporary job now which I’ll start on Monday at Southeastern Louisiana University (where I retired from!) in Textbook Rentals where the students return their books to at the end of the semester and pick them up from when the new semester starts.  I’ll work this next week, be off for two weeks and then work for 3-4 weeks in January til the 31st.  Roy’s surgery will be while I”m off the two weeks so I’ll be able to stay home with him. We’ll be moving to Berryland Camping in Hammond for a week and then to Punkin Park Campground in Hammond for the duration of Roy’s recovery and my time working.

While we were staying at Calloway in Hammond we had a visit from Christina and Sue Picou and Sue’s grandsons Ricky (Amy’s son) and Nicholas (Christina’s son).  They are a little over a year old and walking.  We had a wonderful visit and the picture below is of me sitting with the two little guys! Also below are a couple of pictures from a visit with Kim, Chip, Madisyn, Braxton and Bentley.  We’re going to visit with them tomorrow after church and I can’t wait to gobble them up.  They are so precious!

a r r n at callowaybraxton madisyn roy bentley  kim chip

Trinity’s Children’s Choir presented their Christmas music last Sunday night and it was such a blessing to hear their beautiful voices sing about Jesus.  I could see lots of proud parents smiling in the audience as their little one’s sang their hearts out.

2013-12-08_18-34-35_382 2013-12-08_18-23-28_132 2013-12-08_18-21-19_649

Our Adult Choir is performing it’s Christmas music this Sunday morning at 10:45.  These two events are two of my biggest reasons to be happy about being home for Christmas.  I don’t think I’ve ever missed either singing in or hearing the Adult Choir sing for Christmas.  What a blessing to have such strong music talent in our home church.

The weather here has been cold and hot and cold and hot  for the last couple of weeks and here’s a graphic that shows it perfectly!


My physical therapy is on hold for now because of the temporary job and until I back to the doctor the week of Christmas.  Physical Therapy has helped but hasn’t made the pain go away all the time.   At least now I am not in constant pain and for that I’m very thankful.

We’ve discovered this wonderful local store here called Aquistapace’s.  I like cheese but usually am not nuts about cheese.  However, this place has a wonderful cheese section with more types of cheese than I’ve ever seen.  They have gouda cheese with blueberries in it and another with raspberries in it and many more different varieties of cheeses.  Even their regular white cheddar was delicious.  If you love cheeses I’d highly recommend this place.  It’s also has lots of local foods and we’re going back there today to see what we can find this time.  It is so neat to discover new places in your home state!


Our fourth seeded Southeastern’s Lions are playing University of New Hampshire in the quarter-finals of  the NCAA Division 1 Football Championship this evening at our own Strawberry Stadium.  We’ll be listening on the radio to this as it’s only on ESPN3 and we do not get that, even if we pay.  I’m so proud of our team and wish them the best this evening!

Ya’ll have a great weekend and ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!

06.02.13 Parade of boats!

We watched the movie Fargo last night which seems to be a spoof of the way people in Minnesota talk.  I wouldn’t recommend anyone watching it since there’s very graphic sex, lots of murders and filthy language.   If you’ve seen it I want you to know it’s an exaggeration of how they talk but basically that IS their accent. We watched it because of the Minnesota connection. That part was very funny and I do see the accent of some of the people up here in the accents of people in the movie.  They say a lot of yah for yes which is actually really cute.  They of course don’t say ya’ll and sometimes that has to be explained to them when I say it!

With Saturday came the arrival of guests and for the first time all cabins have occupants.  They aren’t allowed to arrive until 4 since we need the whole day until then to clean up inside the cabins and the grounds after the guests depart.  None of our motorized vehicles are allowed to run during the guests stay so things are very peaceful here.  This means that Saturdays between 8 and 3 everything is running to get it all accomplished.  Roy and I finished our morning work between 1 and 2 so we were in our home when they all arrived at 4.  There were trucks with boats attached lined up down the road as far as we could see.  It was like a boat parade on land. I didn’t get my camera out in time to take a picture of all the boats but here’s a couple of pictures showing some of the parade! 100_1293 100_1292 Two of the cabins can hold several families so there were multiple boats for these cabins.   Our guys working Saturday evenings get the extreme privilege of launching every single one of these boats.  Our dock slips are all filled and some of the guys even ventured out to fish yesterday evening in the high winds and rain.  These are serious fishermen!  Roy works on Friday evenings which is when most of them pull their boats out of the water and he’ll have the privilege of doing that!

Roy’s main job on Saturdays is to cut grass including the grass along the road leading into the resort.  First the lawn mower wouldn’t work this Saturday, and then he got it stuck having to pull it out, and then he got it all cut before the guests arrived.  And all of this in the pouring rain and a high of 45 degrees!  The weather here has been unusually cold for this time of year in Minnesota.  Most days we walk out the door to mild sunny weather with low humidity!  Yeah for a northern summer!

We had our Saturday evening meet and greet BBQ and a lot of the guests attended.  It’s a really nice time for us workers to mingle with the guests and get to know them a little better so when we see them during the week we can wave and greet them by name.

Part of the dock
A couple of the kids playing a little round of putt-putt




Rick and Jim put one of the pontoon boats (party barge) into the water today. That’s what I want to get out in the lake in.  There are four pictures of this starting with them going in front of our RVs with it and then getting it into the water.  They have exercise bike’s that go out in the water too but I’m waiting for some warmer water before trying that, just in case I fall in.  It was 31 last night and is predicted to be 32 degrees tonight.  Crazy June weather.  Our grass seed is starting to come up and before long we’ll have a real lawn to play in!

We fried the first of our fish, both Northern Pike’s, tonight and they were delicious.  Roy fried them and some fresh potatoes we cut into circles.  What a good meal and we ate it outside in the cool evening air.  Our neighbors came over and cooked some of their Northern’s with us after we cooked.  Our new induction cooktop works great for this, is easy to clean and small enough to fit on a small table for cooking.  Roy went down the road and found one of those big spools they put cable on and brought it home so we have a new table outside for cooking!  It’s wild the things you “find” that can be usable.

Roy and I left the resort for a while this afternoon and saw some of the nearby resorts and state parks.  We drove through 6-7 of them and Northern Lights is by far the nicest resort around here.  We took lots of pictures and will tell you about our adventures including the pictures tomorrow.

The screen for the front window of our RV came in but they sent us the wrong one.  They sent us the Bengal Tiger which we do like since we’re LSU fans, but the other one goes with our RV better.  They were nice when we called them and told us to keep the wrong one and they’d mail us a new correct one.  These things aren’t cheap, so I was surprised they said that but the new one is on its way to us and for now we have Mike the Tiger on our front windshield.


06.02.13 Mother’s Day present – a true blessing!

Our son Chip and his daughter Madisyn had a photography session in early May on the campus of our old workplace, Southeastern Louisiana University.  This was my Mother’s Day present and we just received the CD with the photos.  Below are the wonderful pictures of these folks who are so dear to us!  What a blessing these photographs are to both Roy and I since we are so far away from home.  Madisyn visited us many, many times at work so these pictures being taken at Southeastern’s McClimans Hall were especially cool! Thank you Chip for this wonderful Mother’s Day present!

I’ll write more later about recent things here but for now I’ll leave you with these pictures!

Ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!

Rosalyn’s old office door in McClimans Hall
Roy’s old office door in McClimans Hall across the hall from Rosalyn’s office
Chip and Madisyn in front of McClimans Hall
Chip and Madisyn by the building sign