01.17.15 Two Chauvin men working hard… and a little hitch-itch!

aaa tucson
Coronado National Forest (yes they call this a forest!)

I am beginning to have some growing hitch-itch.  For non RVers hitch-itch is the desire and even yearning we get when we are off the road “too long” and want to get back to traveling and exploring.  We still plan to head west after the house is rented.

aa tucson 2
Life size sculptures of Wyatt Earp and “Doc” Holiday in Tucson, Arizona

I follow several blogs, a few of which are other RVers.  All of them are in the southwest right now describing the beauty they are seeing and oh, how it makes me want to be there.  I know we will and then the hitch-itch will diminish as we take to the wide open roads again.

Don’t get me wrong, we are really enjoying our time building our small house in Amite, the roads just calling!

Our son Chip joined his dad Saturday morning in raising the walls of our storage building.  Here’s pictures of their progress:

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Chip left after raising the walls to go to his church and work, so I helped hold the trusses in place for Roy to put the screws in.

Just a side note, this $998 storage building kit has now risen to over $1,500 and it’s not finished.  In case someone is thinking of buying one like this, it is well worth it but it doesn’t come with any of the flooring, no shingles or roofing materials, no paint. And of course Roy upgraded lots of things like using screws instead of the nails it came with (several boxes of screws!) and using 3 dozen more metal braces than it came with, so this building will be around many years!  He read a lot about the kit before we purchased it and was very impressed with how they constructed the walls, etc. and laughed when he read that it took someone over a week to build it.  I’d estimate he’s at least 50 hours of labor into it now, guess the other guy was right!

Ya’ll enjoy this tail end of your weekend, and ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear! proverbs 3 5to6


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01.09.15 Septic Tank Day!


I woke up this morning to equipment digging up ground.  ABC Well and Sewage arrived to put in our septic tank!  We moved Dora forward several feet but not out to the road like before.  Just enough to get her rear end out of their way!

Before he put the top of the tank onto the bottom of the tank John Pevey said to us “If ya’ll need to bury any bodies, now is the time!”  Oh my, imagine being buried in a poop tank!

If you’ve ever wanted to watch a septic tank be put into the ground, HERE’S YOUR CHANCE!!!20150109_091410a 1 a 8 a 4 a 7 a 10 a 12a 11 a 13a 15a 17 a 18 a 19 a last Dora now has full hookups and we are truly thankful to be at this point!

We made a big purchase yesterday, a new wheelbarrow!!  Yes we sold two of them when we were selling our household and garage goods but we need one now so again we’ve had to buy something we sold.  First thing we plan to do with the wheelbarrow is to move some of the good free dirt we have from the back of the property to next to our RV patio to level things out a bit.

You can also see that Roy’s made good progress on building the frame and floor of the storage building.

20150108_170820Roy and I visited our family doctor tomorrow for our annual visits.  All is well and we both got flu shots, finally, and I got a pneumonia shot and a prescription to get a shingles shot at Walgreens. Don’t want anything stopping us from this construction fun and certainly not stopping us from the real fun out west!

It’s way too cold outside to do anything so we’re calling it quits for the weekend and planting ourselves inside to watch football games!

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!


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