01.23.14 Day Three (Final Day) – RV Window Repair

Day three is our final day in the process of having our windows defogged.  We were originally told it might take five days so we’re pretty happy with how fast they did their work.

Our cardboard window coverings are a thing of the past.  In their place are beautifully clear and shiny defogged windows.  After installing them they caulked them with silicone, cleaned them, water tested them and cleaned them again to get the water spots off.

Roy can’t believe what it looks like out the drivers side window after hardly being able to see through the old foggy windows for so long!  We just discovered that the two windows over our sofas were put in the wrong (opposite) window.  The company is closed for the day now so in the morning we’ll have to get them to move them to the right window!

These people are really nice to work with.  I would highly recommend that anyone needing their foggy RV windows fixed, come here.  The price was $275 for the drivers side window and $225 for each of the other windows.  Six windows was $1542.  Lots cheaper than changing all those windows.  They are  beautifully clear now and we will enjoy our travels even more, seeing America clearly through the side windows now!

2014-01-23_12-52-08_738 2014-01-23_13-24-57_371 2014-01-23_13-50-38_267 2014-01-23_14-54-35_722 2014-01-23_14-54-50_806 2014-01-23_14-54-56_663 2014-01-23_16-20-05_289 window1window3 window2

When we paid our bill they gave us each nice t-shirts with “We Got Defogged” on them!


I cooked merlitons today and stuffed them with pork sausage and bacon! It’s been nice to stay here and have time for some good cooking.  Homemade vegetable beef soup is up next on the cooking list for this week!

They  have a nice gazebo outside our RV with benches and I’ve been enjoying reading out there during the day.  I’m reading Beth Moore’s “Beloved Disciple” right now and am enjoying learning about John.  This was a free book from Amazon offered during a short time and I grabbed up 8 of her books!

We’re leaving here tomorrow for Clermont, Florida which is about 30 miles from Disneyworld.  We’re staying there for six days and seeing all we can in that area while we’re at Bee’s RV Park!

Ya’ll have a wonderful evening, and ya’ll come back now ya’ hear!

01.21.14 Day One – Window Repair Journal

946388_561649743884436_1886688389_nWe pulled in on Monday, the 20th at Suncoast Designs in Hudson, Florida.  Checked in at the office and parked Dora for the night.

2014-01-21_10-22-29_218 2014-01-21_10-23-00_922

This morning, Tuesday, the 21st, someone came to assess the work they are going to do for us.  I was still sleeping so there are no pictures of this part! They do all their work where we are parked in our spot.  We don’t move inside, they do it right here.  That is good news because having to move in and out everyday would be a pain and this is much more “user friendly” to have work done this way.

About 9 am the first pair of guys, Joe and Jim, came to remove the window shades and take the screws out of the windows.   They were really nice and worked quite efficiently going from window to window with their process.  With the curtains removed you can really see how much fog had built up inside our windows and how badly we needed this done.

2014-01-21_10-35-37_32 2014-01-20_14-16-50_249 2014-01-21_10-07-24_177 2014-01-21_10-12-10_134 2014-01-21_10-16-04_573 2014-01-21_10-19-30_920 2014-01-21_10-19-49_637 2014-01-21_10-20-11_411They were finished in about 30 minutes and then at 11 Matthew Trusty and another employee came to remove two of the windows and cover them up with cardboard and tape.


2014-01-21_12-16-19_9 2014-01-21_12-14-40_379 2014-01-21_12-13-19_780 2014-01-21_13-14-16_207 2014-01-21_13-14-48_434 2014-01-21_13-20-05_764
A storm that was expected later in the afternoon arrived after the first two windows were removed.  We put out our awnings so the guys could continue working closing up the windows.

2014-01-21_12-12-51_206 2014-01-21_12-04-54_517After an hour downpour  they were able to continue with the work on the remaining four windows.  We originally planned to do 4 windows but after reevaluating the condition of two more of them we added those to the list.   There are five more windows in our RV but none of them looked anywhere like the ones we’re having done.  Since those five would have doubled the cost, and we are not made of money, we’re happy to get the 6 done.

The foggy windows are our number one dislike with our RV being an older model.  Roy found this company months ago and it’s taken us until now to fit it into our travels.  I hope in the next blog about our RV window repair we’ll get to share pictures of beautiful clear windows!

They give a brief tour of inside the building where they do the work of disassembling, cleaning and reassembling the windows.  We took the tour and saw the specialized equipment they use to do this work.  The tour guide said they try to do between 20 to 50 windows a day.  These pictures are from that tour.

2014-01-21_13-10-20_293 2014-01-21_13-08-22_188

2014-01-21_13-06-38_204 2014-01-21_13-06-31_748 2014-01-21_13-04-00_397 2014-01-21_13-03-16_948 2014-01-21_13-02-19_114 2014-01-21_13-01-44_601

All the old windows are out now and the 6 windows are cardboarded up.  The sun is coming back out and Sunny Florida is back to being sunny today!

Brad Kirby, a young pastor whom I admire a lot, posted this quote on his facebook page and it is so very true.  I want to share it with ya’ll.

“If you’re still breathing, you haven’t run out of chances for a fresh start with the Savior.”

That thought is way much more important than us changing our RV windows. If you take anything away from today’s blog, please spend some time thinking about that statement. If you already know Him as your Savior great, if not the Christian life is a wonderful road to walk with Him at your side!”

Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!